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Not many people know that you can sell hair and earn quite a sum of money. It is an extra means of
earning on the side every now and then with something that is so natural. In order to sell your hair, you

have to be well prepared for it. This article is all about the basics on how to start this little business on the


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This is a list of things that are important to consider in the selling of hair:

       You will need to grow your hair to longer than 25 centimeters for you to be able to sell it.

        The hair must be “virginal,” which means that has not been dyed, curled, or treated in any

        unnatural way.

        Aside from the standard, there may be specifications that the client wants so don’t forget to take

        note of that.

        The amount that you can earn depends on the color, length, and the quality of your hair. There

        are clients who offer about 100 until 2000 US Dollars or more based on the type of hair they


        If you have just found out the fact that selling hair is possible, it is best to prepare it and give it

        more time and attention before you decide to cut and sell.

        Almost always the clients will be paying you through an internet account. Learn more about how

        customers who buy hair normally pay the sellers. Other buyers pay through money order or


       Always ensure that you have a trustworthy buyer before you cut your hair and ship it away. Many

        online sell sites can help you to confirm the credibility of a client.

       In preparing to cut your hair, it is best to plait it before you do, or at least tied into a ponytail to

        keep it together.

        The cut hair must be placed in a padded mailer or a sealed bag. Always get the verification code

        that confirms the customer has received your package.

        Look for a site online that specializes in marketing hair. Chat with others who have experienced

        selling their hair in the past to learn from them.

        Write a detailed description of your hair such including how you cared for it.

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