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					               The Aquarian Theosophist
Volume II, No. 8                                                            June 17, 2002

            The Ninth Wave of Common-Sense
                                                   to formulate a self-consistent theory to

            Scientists will … be driven out of     support it.
    their position not by spiritual, theosophi-
    cal, or any other physical or even mental            Prof. de Paor stumbled into this
    phenomena, but simply by the enormous          field in 1998, when he solved a mathe-
    gaps and chasms that open daily and will
    still be opening before them, as one dis-      matical problem posted on the Internet
    covery follows the other, until they are fi-   related to the behavior of a particular
    nally knocked off their feet by the ninth      self-excited dynamo driving a series
    wave of simple common sense. (The Se-          wound motor. On meeting the problem’s
    cret Doctrine, I, 620)
                                                   author, he learned of its true origin in
           The following four articles are         geodynamo theory and was sufficiently
     like footprints of the World Soul as it       intrigued to embark on a search for the
     moves through the pages of history
                                                   elusive self-consistent theory. Inspira-
     leaving sparks of light in minds re-
     ceptive to such.
                                                   tion eventually came in the midst of a
                                                   bout of flu, at 3:30 a.m. on 19 February
                                                   1999, when he suddenly had a clear vi-
                                                   sion of the Earth with its solid inner core,
   The Mysteries of the Earth’s                    liquid outer core and mantle, and two
   Magnetic Field & Sunspots                       orthogonal currents flowing within. Sub-
                                                   sequent analysis convinced him that this
       The story behind a solution to one          idea of orthogonal currents, coupled by
of Einstein’s ‘five great unsolved prob-           the Hall Effect, was the breakthrough he
lems in physics,’ the Earth’s magnetic             was seeking. [Continued on pg. 2]
field, will be unfolded in the 2002 Kelvin
Lecture by Annraoi de Paor, Professor of                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
Electrical Engineering at the National
University of Ireland, Dublin.                     [Our TOC is wired now, thanks to Christina. Click on
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      The directional property of the              The Ninth Wave of Common-sense                        1
magnetic compass has been known since                 Earth’s Magnetic Field & Sunspots                  1
antiquity, but was thought to be caused               Unraveling a Health Mystery                        2
by the stars until 1600, when William                 Cycles of Creation                                 3
Gilbert showed conclusively that the                  Anomalies Hint at Magnetic Pole Flip               7
Earth is a magnet. However, in spite of            Magnetical Adventures                                 8
contributions by such eminent scientists           Interchange on Vibration, Time & Motion              11
as Ampere and Kelvin, it took many                 Mindfulness                                          12
years to develop a satisfactory explana-           The Global Village                                   17
tion for the cause of the magnetism. In
                                                   Point out the Way — XIX                              20
1919, Joseph Larmor suggested that
                                                   The Coffee Klatch                                    25
magnetic fields might be generated by
self-excited dynamo action in swirling             Dnyaneshvari — XIX                                   28
fluids in the Earth’s core. His idea was           Three Questions                                      30
taken up by others, but nobody was able            The Whole System is Rotten                           32
                                                   On the Lighter Side                                  32
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8     June 17, 2002                        Page 2
      Since his original discovery, Prof.       nal solution. Such an increase in size,
de Paor has used the same theory to ex-         Coghlan notes, may help the particles
plain the 11 year optical, 22-year mag-         become biologically active.
netic cyclic of sunspots. For the diagram
of Prof. de Paor’s vision with fuller in-             These findings echo the claims
formation in his own words go to page 8,        made by French immunologist Jacques
“Magnetic Adventure.”                           Benveniste, who in 1988 argued that a
                                                highly diluted solution that once con-
  Unraveling A Health Mystery                   tained antibodies could still activate hu-
                                                man white blood cells because the “im-
                                                print” of the antibodies remained. Ben-
                                                veniste, though, says he’s not convinced
                            BY Jack Armstrong   that the new findings completely explain
      Ever since German physician Sa            his claims, because the solutions were
muel Hahnemann introduced homeopa-              not as diluted as in his experiments.
thy in the late 18th century, skeptics have
challenged the idea that diluting a rem-               Other scientists, such as chemist
edy can make it more potent. Homeopa-           Jan Enberts of the University of Gronin-
thy is based on the idea that “like cures       gen in the Netherlands, are more skepti-
like” and that administering a highly di-       cal. Enbers admits that the new findings
luted form of the substance causing the         are “surprising and worrying,” but argues
illness will stimulate the body to recover      that they are hardly conclusive. “It’s still
its health. But recent research by two          a totally open question,” he says, “To say
chemists in South Korea has confirmed           the phenomenon has biological signifi-
the seemingly counterintuitive bases of         cance is pure speculation.”
homeopathy and sparked a renewed de-
bate over the controversial approach to               Still, Enberts and others believe
healing.                                        Geckeler and Samal are on to something
                                                new. “It doesn’t prove homeopathy, but
       German chemist Kurt Geckeler and         it’s congruent with what we think and is
his colleague Shashadhar Samal were             very encouraging,” says Peter Fisher of
creating fullernes (a type of molecular         the Royal London Homeopathic Hospi-
structure) and found that the molecules         tal. “The whole idea of high-dilution
began clustering together in “untidy ag-        homeopathy hangs on the idea that water
gregates” when they were diluted in wa-         has properties which are not understood.”
ter. Investigating further, they were
amazed to discover that the size of the              That mystery, thanks to Samal and
particles had actually increased as they        Geckeler, may now be much closer to
diluted them even further, a phenomenon         being solved. (Utne Reader, May-June
never before observed in chemistry. “It         2002)
was      completely     counterintuitive,”
Geckeler told Andy Coghlan in New Sci-
entist (Nov. 10, 2001).
      Geckeler performed the same ex-
periment with various molecules, includ-
ing sodium chloride, and found the same
surprising results: When they were di-
luted, the molecules formed aggregates 5
to 10 times the size of those in the origi-
The Aquarian Theosophist,        Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                         Page 3
                                                anyone taking a hard look at the physics of
                                                the big bang. That's because when every-
Cycles of Creation                              thing in your equations goes to infinity, the
16 Mar 02                                       equations are meaningless. Physics breaks

O     UR Universe may be stuck in an
      endless loop of death and rebirth.               That doesn't rule out a cyclic Uni-
                                                verse. But the singularity is like an opaque
It's an old idea, says Marcus Chown, but
the strange power of nothingness has            curtain, preventing a view through the big
given it a new lease of life                    bang to earlier times. With the singularity
                                                in the way, it makes no sense to talk about
WHAT happened before the big bang? If           any continuous existence. If the Universe
some physicists are to be believed, the         passes through a singularity, everything
question is about as meaningless as asking      gets scrambled in the breakdown of phys-
what is north of the North Pole. But others     ics. Nothing in the new universe can be
don't give up so easily.                        affected by what happened before, so the
                                                previous cycle might as well not have ex-
       According to two cosmologists, be-       isted. This was very discouraging, and
fore the big bang there was another big         people abandoned the idea of a cyclic Uni-
bang, and before that, another. "If we're       verse.
right," says Neil Turok of the University of
Cambridge, "the big bang is but one in an              Its rebirth has come about because
infinite series of big bangs stretching back    physicists are now convinced that Ein-
into the eternal past" and into the eternal     stein's theory of gravity breaks down at the
future.                                         big bang. It's all because of quantum me-
                                                chanics, which seems to impose a funda-
       What Turok and his colleague Paul        mental fuzziness on things. Quantum the-
Steinhardt of Princeton University are          ory is usually applied to particles of matter,
advocating is a new version of an idea that     but many physicists think it must affect
dates back to the 1920s. Back then the          space-time too. The implication, they say,
Russian physicist Alexander Friedman, the       is that nothing can collapse to a point.
father of the big bang idea, realized that if   Instead there is a minimum size for any-
the gravity of all the matter in the Universe   thing. The Universe may once have been
is powerful enough, it could stop the ex-       pretty amazingly small, but it wasn't infini-
pansion of the cosmos and turn it around.       tesimal, so its temperature and density
The Universe would then carry on con-           weren't infinite. "The Universe may not,
tracting down to a "big crunch". If both        after all, have begun in a singularity," says
expanding and re-collapsing universes are       Turok.
permitted, it's a simple step to imagine the
one changing seamlessly into the other.               Over the past decade or so, this idea
From the big crunch the Universe would          of space-time fuzziness has encouraged
bounce or rebound in a new big bang and         some physicists to think about what hap-
the whole cycle would begin again.              pened before the big bang. But on its own,
                                                it doesn't prove there was anything, or give
      It was a popular idea until the 1960s,    any hints about what that was.
when Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking
scuppered it. Using Einstein's general the-           Then last year, Turok and Steinhardt
ory of relativity, which explains gravity as    came up with the first part of their new
a warp in space-time, they showed that the      theory. It builds on what are called brane-
big bang must have started in a singularity.    world scenarios, an outgrowth of the idea
A singularity is a point of infinite density    that extra dimensions in space are needed
and temperature, and it's a big problem for     to explain the fundamental forces of na-
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                          Page 4
ture. To explain why we experience only        bumps in it to turn into galaxies and galaxy
four of these dimensions, physicists have      clusters.
come up with the peculiar idea that the
matter and non-gravitational forces of our            In this basic model, there's still no
Universe are stuck firmly to a four-           cycle. Just a phase of approaching, empty
dimensional island, or "brane", floating       branes before the big bang.            Then
within a higher-dimensional space.             Steinhardt and Turok asked themselves,
Whereas most of the extra space dimen-         what could pull the branes together before
sions are supposed to be rolled up much        their collision? That something can only be
smaller than an atom, it may be that one of    the vacuum in between them, says Turok-
them is relatively large, and we simply        because there's nothing else there.
don't see it because it is the exclusive
                                                     The vacuum, as it turns out, changes
realm of gravity ( New Scientist, 29 Sep-
                                               everything. "The vacuum is like a spring
tember 2001, p 26) .
                                               between the plates, or branes," says Turok.
       "The brane-world scenario suggests      Within our Universe it appears to be gen-
a possible explanation for the big bang,"      erating a repulsive force-the so-called
says Turok. Branes have their own mass,        cosmological constant-which is driving
so a moving brane has an enormous              apart the galaxies. An attractive force
amount of kinetic energy. And if our           would seem to be incompatible with that.
brane collided with another brane, this        But it turns out that even while there is a
kinetic energy would be liberated, he          repulsion along the space dimensions in-
thinks. "This could have created the fire-     side each brane, there can also be an attrac-
ball of the big bang and ultimately all the    tion between the branes along the fifth
matter we see in today's galaxies and          dimension.
                                                     Turok's team is considering a num-
       Turok and Steinhardt, who devel-        ber of possible mechanisms that might be
oped this idea with Justin Khoury of           behind this force. One suggestion is that
Princeton University and Burt Ovrut of the     there is a charge imbalance between the
University of Pennsylvania, call it the "ek-   two branes that creates an attractive force
pyrotic" universe, from the Greek for "born    between them. "We don't have a complete
out of fire". They have thought through        theory in which this could be calculated,"
several colliding-brane scenarios, some        Turok says. "Our scenario is more of a
involving three branes. But what they've       guide as to how things could work."
ended up with is a relatively simple sce-
                                                      He believes that today, the spring is
nario, in which two four-dimensional
                                               still being stretched, but in the far future it
branes approach each other along a fifth
                                               will reach its maximum extension. Once
dimension. Turok and his colleagues call
                                               that happens, the branes will begin to ac-
them "boundary branes" because they form
                                               celerate towards each other until they col-
the ultimate boundaries of the Universe.
                                               lide again.
      "What we have done is explore what
                                                      So in the new picture, the oscillation
would happen if one brane passes through
                                               occurs only along the fifth dimension. It
the other," he says. They found that the
                                               happens like this: two branes are pulled
kinetic energy of the colliding branes is
                                               together by the vacuum, and collide. In-
converted into heat energy within the
                                               side both branes a huge amount of energy
branes when they collide with each other,
                                               is released, and the branes expand (if you
effectively conjuring real particles out of
                                               can imagine an infinite rubber sheet being
the vacuum. What's more, it naturally pro-
                                               stretched out, it's a little like that). We
duces a Universe that is smooth on the
                                               brane-bound creatures call this event the
largest scales, but has small lumps and
                                               big bang.
The Aquarian Theosophist,        Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                              Page 5
As the branes expand and cool, matter and       universe can have oscillated for ever.
galaxies form. The galaxies drift apart and     "Such a universe is more aesthetically
age. After a while, the gently repulsive        pleasing than a big bang universe since the
vacuum inside the branes makes this ex-         question of what happened before is no
pansion accelerate, so the galaxies fly apart   longer a nagging problem," says Turok.
faster still. The end looks bleak.              "The Universe has been around for ever.
                                                There was no beginning."
But meanwhile the two branes have moved
apart and then been pulled back together              Stars, galaxies and life may therefore
by the attractive vacuum in between them.       have existed in previous cycles of the Uni-
They rush towards a collision once more,        verse. But, if the cycles are all identical,
and a new big bang overwhelms both uni-         wouldn't such endless repetition be mind-
verses.                                         numbingly dull? Turok and Steinhardt
                                                think not, because random events will
So from the perspective of someone stuck        change the details each time1. You won't
on the brane, space-time just keeps on ex-      get the same galaxies, planets and people
panding, though the expansion is given          each cycle. "Just because the cycles repeat
repeated pushes by successive bangs-that        does not mean the events in each cycle are
is, brane collisions. In other words, from      identical," says Turok.
the off-brane perspective, we have some-              More speculatively, he points out
thing more like the traditional cyclic uni-     that the extra rolled-up dimensions might
verse, yo-yoing back and forth. Mean-           vary their sizes between cycles. The sig-
while, from the brane perspective, we have      nificance of this is that the fundamental
an altogether different kind of cycle in an     forces are suspected to be manifestations
eternally expanding Universe.                   of the sizes of these extra dimensions.
                                                "The laws of physics could change from
      This overcomes another big problem        cycle to cycle," says Turok.
with the old-style cyclic universe. In each
cycle, stars radiate heat into space, but              If the physical laws can change, they
these cyclic models involve closed uni-         might be driven ever closer to some par-
verses, so each bang is hotter than its         ticular set, what physicists call an attractor.
predecessor. Looking backwards in time,         "If we are lucky, we might find that the
then, the cycles get progressively cooler.      sizes of the extra dimensions home in on
The inescapable conclusion is that the cy-      particular values," he says. "We might then
cles must have begun at some time in the        finally have an explanation for, say, the
past. "But simply pushing the origin of the     mass of the electron."
Universe back before the big bang is not
very aesthetically pleasing," says Turok.              Obviously,      both    Turok     and
"This is another reason why the cyclic          Steinhardt are excited by all these possi-
universe was seen as unsatisfactory."           bilities. Reactions from their colleagues are
                                                more mixed. "At the moment I have an
      The new cyclic universe avoids this       open mind on the ekpyrotic universe and
problem. After the branes have passed           its latest oscillating version," says Tom
through each other, the spring of the vac-      Kibble of Imperial College in London.
uum is in compression and causes the
space of the branes to expand for a long        1
                                                  A universe with seven principles, guided from
time. That dilutes the heat from stars so       within-without could hardly be called dull,
that the patch of space that experiences        especially if one remembers the working agent of
                                                the Absolute — Karmic Law. There is an inner
each new bang has essentially the same          technology in the human frame yet to be tapped.
temperature as the previous cycle. Conse-       The vanity of ignoring proofs hoary with ageless
quently, all cycles are the same and the        repetitions in favor of sense-data is becoming more
                                                obvious as the cycle progresses. — EDS
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                         Page 6
"There is no doubt an element of hype          thought they'd picked up the faint micro-
here, but I think they are right to be ex-     wave glow of pigeon droppings on their
cited."                                        radio telescope.
      Their most outspoken opponent is                But it turned out that you don't need
Andrei Linde of Stanford University.           a cycling universe to explain it, only some
"This is mostly hype," he says. He thinks      kind of big bang. And ironically, Wilson
the whole model is unnecessarily compli-       was a supporter of the steady-state theory,
cated, like the epicycles that medieval as-    in which the Universe had been in exis-
tronomers used to describe the orbits of the   tence for ever. So for at least two years
planets in our Solar System.                   after their serendipitous discovery, neither
                                               Penzias nor Wilson publicly admitted what
      But if Steinhardt and Turok are right    they had found was the smoking gun of the
after all, the future is less bleak and more   big bang.
dangerous than we have been told. Some
cosmologists suggest that, because the
galaxies are now accelerating apart, the
                                               Baptisms of fire
future holds nothing but an ever emptier,            For 20 years, cosmology has been
cooler Universe. Now we have an alterna-       dominated by one theory that seems to
tive to look forward to: an almighty sur-      explain all sorts of features of our Uni-
prise, one day, when we and our fellow         verse. The theory, called inflation, postu-
universe come together and collide once        lates a super-fast expansion in the Uni-
more in a spectacular finale. And who          verse's first split second. Now it has a ri-
knows what will emerge from the fire?          val: Neil Turok and Paul Steinhardt's ekpy-
                                               rotic model, the idea that the big bang was
                                               caused by two colliding universes.
                                                     Before inflation came along, nobody
                                               could explain why far-flung parts of to-
                                               day's Universe are at roughly the same
                                               temperature. This was a puzzle, because in
                                               the simple big bang model these regions
                                               would never have been close enough to
                                               exchange light signals, so there would
Smoking gun                                    have been no chance for heat to flow be-
                                               tween them and even out the temperatures.
       In the early 1960s a team led by
Robert Dicke and Jim Peebles of Princeton            The inflation theory is based on the
University predicted that if the Universe is   idea that the Universe we see now came
oscillating, it should be aglow with left-     from a tiny region of the big bang. This
over heat radiation. That's because if each    region is so small that all parts of it could
cycle is to start out the same, something      once have been in contact. In the ekpy-
must destroy the heavy atoms built up in-      rotic universe, this uniformity is explained
side stars in the previous cycle. In effect,   in a similar way. It suggests the huge en-
there must be something wiping the slate       ergy liberated in the collision generates a
clean-and that could only be heat.             super-fast expansion just like inflation.
      Just such a relic, the cosmic micro-           Both theories can also produce the
wave background radiation, was discov-         seeds of galaxies. In inflation, quantum
ered soon afterwards. Dicke's team was         fluctuations produce some slightly denser
beaten to the discovery by Arno Penzias        regions, which are magnified by the vio-
and Robert Wilson, two astronomers at          lent expansion of inflation. In the ekpy-
Bell Labs in New Jersey, who for a while
The Aquarian Theosophist,             Vol. II, #8     June 17, 2002                           Page 7
rotic universe, the quantum fluctuations                            Further reading:
occur on the brane's surface as little hum-
mocks that are tugged on and magnified by                 •    :    "The    ekpyrotic  universe:
the gravity of the approaching brane. "It is                   colliding branes and the origin of
                                                               the hot big bang" by Justin
possible to reproduce inflation's greatest
                                                               Khoury,     Burt    Ovrut,    Paul
successes with a non-inflationary mecha-                       Steinhardt and Neil Turok, (
nism," says Steinhardt.                              
      And according to Turok, the ekpy-                   •    "From big crunch to big bang" by
rotic universe does more. For instance, it                     Justin Khoury, Burt Ovrut, Nathan
provides a far more satisfactory framework                     Seiberg, Paul Steinhardt and Neil
for the kind of dark energy in the Universe                    Turok (
that is pushing the galaxies apart. This                       th/0108187)
vacuum energy is an integral part of ekpy-                •    Paul Steinhardt's website is at
rotic cosmology, and is required to bring                      einh Neil Turok's website is at
the branes together and cause the big bang.          
In other cosmologies it just has to be con-                    000
jured out of nothing.
                                                      Marcus Chown
      "If the basic components hold true
then I believe that we have finally devised            From New Scientist magazine, vol 173
a model that is more compelling than infla-                issue 2334, 16/03/2002, page 26
tion, something I would never have
thought to witness, let alone take part in,"
says Steinhardt. This is praise indeed since
Steinhardt was one of the founding fathers            Anomalies Hint at Magnetic
of the theory of inflation.                                   Pole Flip
      Crucially, the ekpyrotic universe
                                                      19:00 10 April 02
makes a prediction that inflation does not.                                      From New Scientist
And it's a prediction that could be checked                      
in the near future. Inflation magnifies all
space-time fluctuations, so the Universe                    The Earth's magnetic poles might
today should be awash in a sea of primor-             be starting to flip say researchers who
dial gravity waves. These gravity waves               have seen strange anomalies in our
should affect the temperature variations of           planet's magnetic field.
the cosmic background radiation. The
effect is subtle but might be detectable by                 The magnetic field is created by the
the European Space Agency's Planck space              flow of molten iron inside the Earth's
probe, due for launch in 2006.                        core. These circulation patterns are af-
                                                      fected by the planet's rotation, so the
      The ekpyrotic universe predicts no
such gravity waves, so if Planck and
                                                      field normally aligns with the Earth's axis
Planck's successors see none, it will be              - forming the north and south poles.
some support for the idea. A sign, per-                     But the way minerals are aligned in
haps, that the Universe truly is ruled by an          ancient rock shows that the planet's mag-
endless cycle.1
                                                      netic dipole occasionally disappears alto-
                                                      gether, leaving a much more complicated
    If we add the guidance of intelligent Karmic
    Law to the “endless cycle” the paradigm gains
                                                      field with many poles all over the planet.
    immensely. The Mechanics of sense-date can        When the dipole comes back into force,
    get us to a sophisticated squirrel cage, but it
    takes help from the next plane up to open the
                                                      the north and south poles can swap
    door.                                             places.
The Aquarian Theosophist,             Vol. II, #8     June 17, 2002                         Page 8
      The last reversal happened about                mercifully left one of the pages with no
780,0001 years ago, over a period of sev-             writing on it.” He wrote on it “In a hole in
eral thousand years. Now Gauthier Hulot               the ground there lived a hobbit.” Thus was
from the Institute of Earth Sciences in               born one of the great sagas of English lit-
Paris and his colleagues think they have              erature. Little did I realise that, only five
spotted early signs of another reversal.              months later, similar examination weari-
                                                      ness would lead to the greatest intellectual
                                                      adventure of my life so far.
South African anomaly
                                                            In late May 1998, after a wearisome
       They used data from the Ørsted                 day in the office marking BE scripts, I
satellite to study strange variations in the          needed respite before walking home. I
Earth's magnetic field. In particular, one            turned on the computer and browsed the
large patch under South Africa is point-              Internet under ‘Liapunov Stability The-
ing in the opposite direction from the rest           ory.’
of the Earth's field and has been growing                    A few home pages were perused
for hundreds of years.                                with jaded eyes. Then I clicked idly on a
      The anomalies have already re-                  link in one of them and immediately I was
duced the overall strength of the planet's            awake. The newsletter of a British group
                                                      of physicists appeared and a problem
magnetic field by about 10 per cent. If
                                                      posed by Raymond Hide, Professor Emeri-
they continue to grow at the same rate,
                                                      tus of Physics at Oxford. It concerned the
the Earth's dipole will disappear within              dynamics of a self-excited, Faraday disc,
just two millennia.                                   homopolar dynamo, driving a series-
      But Ørsted is the first satellite to            wound motor, described by three nonlinear
take a snapshot of the Earth's magnetic               differential equations.      Professor Hide
                                                      asked if anybody could prove what he had
field for 20 years, and such scant data
                                                      spotted in numerical exploration and in a
makes it difficult to predict future shifts.
                                                      hard-wired electronic model: that when
      "We can't really tell what will hap-            one of the parameters approached a critical
pen," says Hulot. "But we speculate that              value, chaos disappeared from the dynami-
we're in an unusual situation that might              cal behaviour. This seemed at first glance
be related to a reversal."                            to be a problem in electrical engineering,
                                                      except for the rider that a proof could have
         Journal reference: Nature (vol 416, p 620)   geophysical and astrophysical significance.
                                   Nicola Jones       That unexpected twist made me suspect a
                                                      practical joke — astral bodies and all that
                                                      — and I almost closed the page there and
                                                      then. Fortunately, however, a combative
MAGNETICAL ADVENTURES                                 instinct had been aroused.
                           by Annraoi de Paor                I printed out the problem and rumi-
      At Christmas 1997, my daughter                  nated on it over the next few weeks. When
Eilín gave me The Hobbit Companion, by                the last marks had been handed in, I went
David Day, which described how J.R.R.                 for it in a big way. It was extraordinarily
Tolkien, correcting exams in Oxford in                difficult but I eventually solved it and was
1930 found that “one of the candidates had            transported into a state of ecstasy. The key
                                                      lay in a stability theorem published in 1963
                                                      by the Romanian, V.M. Popov.
  Close to the date occultism gives for the sinking
of Atlantis, saying that “the ends of the world got
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8      June 17, 2002                                      Page 9
       I sent an email to Professor Hide,         him that Robert Boyle (1627-1691) and I
asking him for his ‘snail mail’ address, so       had both been born in County Waterford.
that I could send him my solution. A few
afternoons later, he phoned me at my labo-               Raymond Hide told me that so far
ratory in the National Rehabilitation Hos-        nobody had managed to erect a satisfac-
pital to say that he was astonished and           tory, self-consistent theory on Larmor’s
would love to meet me. He insisted that I         suggestion. He gave me many papers on
write up my solution and submit it to the         the subject to study. So I did, as summer
European Geophysical Society journal,             turned to autumn and to winter and 1998 to
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, where          1999. In February 1999 I had a bout of flu
it appeared in December 1998.                     and my wife Mary took refuge in our spare
                                                  room. So I went to bed alone in a terrible
      I visited Oxford in July 1998. There        state, on the night of 18 February1 1999.
I learned that the “geophysical and astro-        Eventually I fell into a shallow sleep. At
physical significance” referred to planetary      exactly 3:20 a m on the morning of Friday,
and stellar magnetism and that the dynamo         February 19, 1999 - a moment I shall never
involvement followed a suggestion in 1919         forget - I shot bolt upright in bed and ex-
by Joseph Larmor (1857-1942) that, some-          claimed “My God, I’ve got it!”
how, magnetic fields in such bodies might
be generated by self-excited dynamo ac-                 In my mind, animated and in col-
tion in swirling interior fluids. Joseph          our, was a vision as intense as ever
Larmor was Irish. Born in Magheragall in          granted to any mystic. It was a cross-
Co. Antrim and educated at Cambridge, he          section through the Earth with the inner
became a Professor in Galway for five             solid core, outer liquid core and mantle
years before returning to Cambridge and           blazing red, and two orthogonal electric
succeeding another Irishman, George               currents, one in black and the other in
Stokes, in the Lucasian Professorship of          blue, flowing within.
Mathematics once held by Isaac Newton
                                               Albert Einstein       Orthogonal       currents
and now by Stephen Hawking.                    was fascinated
                                               by the earth’s (flowing at right angles to each
                                               magnetic field
                                               and ranked its other) were something nobody
                                               explanation as
                                               one of the five
                                                              had conceived of in this con-
                                               greatest un-
                                               solved problems
                                                              text. I immediately saw that
                                               in physics.    coupling them, as an orthogo-
                                                              nal axis energy converter, was
                                                  the Hall Effect, discovered in 1879 by
                                                  Edwin Hall (1855-1938), then a postgradu-
                                                  ate in Physics at Johns Hopkins University.
                                                         I contemplated this vision for about
                                                  fifteen minutes, turned on the light,
                                                  grabbed my laptop computer and called up
Annraoi de Paor in teaching mode with             a Swedish package, SIMNON. I typed in
research student David Burke at the               equations to describe the processes so viv-
engineering laboratory in the National            idly presented, ran the simulations, ex-
Rehabilitation Hospital                           plored them and then suddenly hit on the
                                                  mode in which they self-excited and gen-
      Raymond Hide was amazed when I              erated the geomagnetic field.         Over-
told him that Larmor was Irish and even           whelmed, I collapsed back onto the pillow
more so when, on his showing me a plaque          at 4:20a.m. convinced that I had solved a
commemorating the discovery of the fa-
mous Boyle’s Law in the late 1650s, I told        1
                                                      February 18th!! — an interesting coincidence! — EDS.
The Aquarian Theosophist,        Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                                 Page 10
problem which had puzzled physicists            the solid inner core (like Saturn’s rings),
since William Gilbert (1558-1603), court        about the axis of relative spin. This is the
physician to Elizabeth the First of England,    blue current (and it was also blue in my
pointed out that the Earth is a magnet in       vision). The Hall effect acts also in an-
his great Latin book De Magnete published                                  other way. The blue
in London in 1600. Books and papers on                                     current           interacts
geomagnetism regularly mention that Al-                                    with the magnetic
bert Einstein was fascinated by the earth’s                                field to produce a
magnetic field and ranked its explanation                                  voltage opposing the
as one of the five greatest unsolved prob-                                 black              current,
lems in physics.                                                           through              which
                                                                           energy is extracted
       The following attempts to give a         from the black and injected into the
non-mathematical account of my theory,          blue.[Center arrow pointing left is blue, all others are
illustrated by a frame from a video of the      black.]

vision, prepared by my former PhD student
Tomás Ward and his artist friend Aidan
Rafferty.                                       Visualization of Annraoi de Paor's vi-
                                                sion of magnetic currents in the earth
      1. The Earth’s solid inner core is ro-
tating relative to the mantle, about the              5. The blue current magnetizes the
Earth’s magnetic axis. (This is not coinci-     Earth. It reinforces the initial flux. Pro-
dent with the geographical North-South          vided that the angular velocity of the solid
axis. In a detailed mathematical paper,         core is adequate, regenerative action en-
submitted to an international journal, I        sues, currents and flux increasing until
have analysed that misalignment, based on       limited by resistances in cores and mantle,
gravitational, buoyancy, centripetal and        and also by the angular velocity of the
Magnus forces). For long after the fateful      solid core.
morning I had no confirmation of the pos-
tulated relative rotation, but have now               6. The threshold value of angular
found it in the literature on Seismology.       velocity for self-excitation is independent
                                                of the Hall Coefficient and the resulting
       2. The rotation produces a circula-      currents are inversely proportional to the
tion of the liquid core about the axis of       Hall Coefficient.
relative spin.
                                                       7. The energy to sustain the currents
       3. Given an initial downward mag-        comes from the spinning of the solid core
netic flux, which can be produced by ther-      relative to the mantle. In the absence of
mal agitation currents (Johnson/Nyquist         energy inputs, the whole field pattern must
noise), a dynamo electromotive force is         be slowly dying. I have considered two
produced in the moving fluid. This drives       energy sources but further possibilities
current out from the solid core, across the     would occur to physicists. One is turbu-
liquid core into the mantle. This is the        lence in the liquid core (driven ultimately
black current shown on the video frame (it      by heat produced by nuclear reactions in
was actually black in my vision). It splits     the solid core) and the other is collisions of
in the mantle, half going north, half south,    large asteroids with the Earth. Either of
returning to the solid core along the axis of   these could reverse the relative rotation of
relative spin.                                  solid core and mantle, and thus reverse the
                                                field, in line with inferences from geologi-
      4. Through the Hall Effect, the black
                                                cal studies.
current interacts with the downward mag-
netic field to produce a voltage driving
current around the liquid core, encircling
The Aquarian Theosophist,        Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                                            Page 11
       8. Both currents vary with time.          carrying plasma off the surface of the Sun
The blue current governs the main dipolar        and that if these settle back unbroken, they
field and the black interacts with it to pro-    are surrounded by tubes of magnetic flux
duce time-varying declination, which has         which drive out the surrounding plasma
to be corrected for by navigators. I have        and lock on in a metastable state, giving
been able to get close matches between my        sunspot pairs.
equations and observed patterns of dip and
declination at London, Palermo and The                  11. At the instant indicated in the
Cape of Good Hope over the past 400              video frame, the sunspot pairs have a po-
years. With the help of two undergraduate        larity such that, as observed from Earth,
students, Michael Wren and Thomas                the leftmost member presents a north mag-
McHugh, I am studying other sites and            netic pole in the Sun’s Northern hemi-
results are very encouraging.                    sphere and the rightmost member a south
                                                 pole. The opposite situation holds in the
       For several weeks after that first        Sun’s Southern hemisphere at that instant -
night I slaved away nightly until about          leftmost a south pole and rightmost a north
4a.m. working out all the consequences of        pole. This is observed spectroscopically,
the vision, trying to find the fatal flaw. I     using the Zeeman Effect.
knew that if I published anything errone-
ous the good reputation built up through               12. The black current reverses peri-
patient contributions to many fields over        odically. Its period is 22 years. The 11-
many years would be destroyed. Eventu-           year optically-observed density of sunspots
ally, I decided to place my work before an       depends on the magnitude of the black
old friend, Professor Denis O’Sullivan of        current and the 22 year cycling of mag-
the Dublin Institute for Advanced Physics.       netic polarity on its direction.

       Denis was very excited and did two              13. Application of Ampere’s Cir-
things. Firstly, he asked me to prepare a        cuital Theorem indicates that the peak
public lecture to take on a tour of Ireland      magnetic flux density at the centre of a
under the auspices of the Institute of Phys-     sunspot should increase monotonically
ics in Ireland, of which he is Chairman for      with diameter. This is observed spectro-
1999-2001. Secondly, he asked if I were          scopically.
familiar with Sunspots, discovered by
                                                        14. Since particle emissions from
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) in 1609 to the
                                                 the sun increase in sympathy with sunspot
fury of orthodox theologians. I knew little
                                                 activity, I suggest that the black current
of them and Denis explained that they have
strong magnetic fields. He suggested that I
                                                                Interchange on Vibration, Time & Motion
see if my theory could throw any light on       Just some thoughts on illusion and sound. I feel I can understand the
their origin, and he gave me some papers        illusion of this plane when I think of the question: Does a tree make a
to study. Several hours later, I augmented      sound when it falls in the forest with no being to hear it? I for one say
                                                no. There is no sound because what we call sound is our way of
the eight points above with the following.      interpreting vibration
                                                Sure, he's right, I think. A vibration, ergo Sound, is cyclic.
       9. Since the Sun has a core rotating      Cycles are produced by the movement of bodies, whether
                                                they be stellar or human or atomic, etc --- thus we get the
relative to the outer regions (the convec-      illusion of time. How we experience the movement of bodies
tion zone and photosphere), I propose that      is tied to our state of consciousness, so ultimately Time is
                                                tied to changes in our state of consciousness. The state of
the same system of orthogonal currents          consciousness waxes or wanes according to how big the circle
flows in it as I have derived for the Earth.    of identity (and therefore responsibility) becomes.
                                                I think ___‘s definition of a cycle is rock-bottom in
      10. The black current is responsible      practicality: "A cycle is evidence of a Cause." Dzyan folks
                                                tell us there's "not one angula (finger's breadth) of void
for Sunspots. I propose that bubbles of         space in the entire universe, thus IMMORTALITY never gets
turbulence rising through convection zone       out of the NOW despite the fact we give fancy names to
                                                changes of state--- like "birth," "death," "sunrise," "sunset,"
and photosphere lift filaments of current-      "manvantara," "pralaya," "soul-less," "soul-ful," etc.
The Aquarian Theosophist,                 Vol. II, #8   June 17, 2002                        Page 12
modulates the intensity of the underlying               succeed in keeping them in check and fi-
turbulence.                                             nally eliminating them. Even if these un-
                                                        desirables are not fully brought under con-
       Annraoi de Paor DSc, PhD,                        trol by such means, they will carry with
Chartered Engineer, is Professor of Elec-               them the impact, that is the recollection, of
trical Engineering, National University of              a repeated resistance against them, and this
Ireland, Dublin.                                        will weaken them in cases of their reap-            pearance. If we may continue to personify
[Journal of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland]    them, we may say that they will no longer
                                                        feel to be unopposed masters of the scene,
     THE POWER OF                                       and this diffidence of theirs will make it
     MINDFULNESS                                        considerably easier to deal with them. It is
                                                        the power of moral shame (hiri-bala) that
An Inquiry into the Scope of Bare Attention             has been mustered here as an ally, and it is
 and the Principal Sources of its Strength              methodically strengthened by these simple,
                                                        yet subtle psychological means.
                             Nyanaponika Thera
                     BUDDHIST PUBLICATION SOCIETY              The naming and registering extends
                                  Kandy 1968 Ceylon     of course also to noble thoughts and im-
                         Part II                        pulses which will be encouraged and
                                                        strengthened by it. Without such deliber-
                                                        ate attention to them, they may often pass
       The appearance in the mind of unde-
                                                        unnoticed and remain barren, while a clear
sirable and ignoble thoughts, even if they
                                                        awareness of them will stimulate their
are very fleeting and only half-articulate, is
an unpleasant experience to one’s self-
esteem. Therefore such thoughts are often                      It is one of the most beneficial fea-
shoved aside, unattended and unopposed.                 tures of Right Mindfulness, and in particu-
Often, also, they are camouflaged by more               lar of Bare Attention, that it enables us to
pleasing and respectable labels which hide              utilize for our progress all external events
their true nature. Thoughts disposed of in              and all inner processes of mind. Even the
either of these two ways, will increase the             unsalutary can be made a starting point for
accumulated power of ignoble tendencies                 the salutary if, through the device of ‘nam-
in the subconscious. Furthermore, the pro-              ing’ or ‘registering,’ it becomes an object
cedure adopted will weaken one’s will to                of detached knowledge.
resist the arising and the dominance of
mental defilements, and it will strengthen                    In several passages of the Satipatth-
the tendency to evade the issues. But by                āna Sutta the function of “naming” or
applying the simple method of clearly and               “bare registering” seems to be indicated
honestly ‘naming,’ that is registering, any             through formulating the respective state-
undesirable thoughts, these two harmful                 ments by way of direct speech. There are
devices, ignoring and camouflaging, are                 not less than four such instances in the
excluded, and their detrimental conse-                  Discourse:
quences on the structure of subconscious-
ness and on our conscious mental effort,                (1) “When experiencing a pleasant feel-
are avoided.                                                ing, he knows, ‘I experience a pleas-
                                                            ant feeling,’ etc.”;
      Calling those ignoble thoughts, or
one’s shortcomings such as Laziness, by                 (2) “He knows of a lustful (state of)
their right names, will arouse in one’s                     mind, ‘Mind is lustful,’ etc.”;
mind a growing inner resistance and even
repugnance against them, which may, well
The Aquarian Theosophist,        Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                        Page 13
(3) “If (the hindrance of) sense desire is      will have a longer-lasting impact if one
    present in him, he knows, ‘Sense de-        reacts to it by resentment, anger, or by at-
    sire is present in me,’ etc.”;              tempts to suppress it.
(4) “If the enlightenment factor Mindful-              Again and again man will meet with
    ness is present in him, he knows,           situations in life where he cannot force is-
    ‘The enlightenment factor Mind-             sues. But there are ways of mastering some
    fulness is present in me,” etc.             of the vicissitudes of life and many of the
                                                conflicts of mind, without an application of
       In conclusion, it may briefly be         force, by non-violent means, which may
pointed out that the tidying-up and the         often succeed where attempts of coercion,
naming of mental processes is the indis-        internal or external, have failed. Such a
pensable preparation for fully understand-      way of non-violent mastery of life and of
ing them in their true nature, which is the     mind is Satipatthāna.
task of Insight (vipassanā). These func-
tions, exercised by Bare Attention, will              By the methodical application of Bare
help in dispelling the illusion of compact-     Attention, being the basic practice in the
ness (ghana-vinibbhoga) of mental proc-         development of Right Mindfulness, all the
esses; they will also be helpful in tracing     latent powers of a non-coercive approach
their specific nature or characteristics, and   will gradually unfold themselves, with their
in noticing their momentary arising and         beneficial results and their wide and unex-
disappearing.                                   pected implications. Here, in this context,
                                                however, we are mainly concerned with
2. The Non-coercive Procedure                   benefits for the mastery of mind and for
                                                progress in meditation that may result from
       BOTH the world surrounding us and        a non-coercive procedure. But we shall
                                                also throw occasional side glances to the
the world of our own mind are full of un-
                                                repercussions on every-day life. It will not
wanted experiences and frustrations, of
                                                be difficult for a thoughtful reader to make
hostile and conflicting forces. Man knows
                                                more detailed application to his own prob-
from his own bitter experience that he is not
strong enough to meet and conquer in open
combat, each one of these antagonistic               The antagonistic forces that appear in
forces around him and within him. He            meditation, and are liable to upset its
knows that, in the external world, he “can-     smooth course, are of three kinds: —
not have everything as he wants it,” and
that, in the inner world of his mind, pas-          1. external disturbances, as noise, etc.;
sions and impulses, whims and fancies, are
often victorious over the voices of duty,           2. mental defilements (kilesa), includ-
reason and higher aspirations.                         ing lust, anger, dissatisfaction,
                                                       sloth, etc., which may arise at any
       Man knows further that often an un-             time during meditation;
desirable situation will even worsen if ex-
cessive pressure is used against it. Thus           3. various incidental stray thoughts,
passionate desires may grow in intensity if            surrender to day-dreaming, etc.
one tries to silence them by sheer force of            The occurrence of these distractions
will. Disputes and quarrels will go on end-     is the great stumbling block for a beginner
lessly and grow fiercer, if they are fanned     in meditation who has not yet acquired
again and again by angry retorts or by vain     sufficient dexterity to deal with them effec-
attempts to crush the other man’s position      tively. To give thought to those disturbing
entirely. A disturbance during work, rest or    factors only when they actually arise at the
meditation, will be felt more strongly and      very time of meditation, will be quite in-
The Aquarian Theosophist,         Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                       Page 14
sufficient. If caught unprepared in one’s        the full cognizance and sober acceptance
defence, one will struggle with them in a        of the fact that those three antagonistic
more or less haphazard and ineffective           forces or disturbing factors are co-
way, and with a feeling of irritation which      inhabitants of the world we live in,
will form an additional impediment. If           whether we like it or not. Our disapproval
disturbances of any kind and an unskillful       of them will not alter the fact. With some
reaction to them occur several times during      of them we shall have to come to terms,
one session, one will feel utterly frustrated    and concerning others — the mental de-
and irritated, and may have to give up fur-      filements — we have to learn how to deal
ther attempts at meditating at least for the     with them effectively until they are finally
present occasion.                                conquered.
       In fact, even meditators who are                 1. Since we are not the sole inhabi-
quite well informed by books or teacher,         tants of this densely populated world, there
about all details concerning the subject of      are bound to be external disturbances of
meditation are often lacking in instruction      various kinds, as noise, interruption by
how to deal skilfully with those varieties of    visitors, etc. We cannot always live in
disturbance mentioned above. The feeling         ‘splendid isolation,’ ‘from noise of men
of helplessness in face of them is the most      and dogs untroubled,’ or on ‘ivory towers’
formidable initial difficulty for a beginner     high above the crowd. Right meditation is
in meditation. Many have accepted defeat         not escapism; it is not meant for providing
at that point, abandoning prematurely any        hiding places of temporary oblivion. Real-
further effort in methodical meditation.         istic meditation has the purpose of training
As in worldly affairs so in meditation,          man’s mind to face, to understand and to
one’s way of dealing with the “initial diffi-    conquer this very world in which we live
culties” will often be decisive for success      and which also includes numerous obsta-
or failure.                                      cles to the life of meditation.
       When faced by inner and outer dis-               2. A Satipatthāna Master, the Ven-
turbances, the inexperienced or unin-            erable U Sobhana Mahāthera (Mahāsi
structed beginner will generally react in        Sayadaw) of Burma, said: “In an unliber-
two ways: he will first try to shove them        ated worldling mental defilements are sure
away lightly, and if he fails in that, he will   to arise again and again. He has to face
try to suppress them by sheer force of will.     that fact, and he should know these defile-
But these disturbances are like insolent         ments well, in order to apply again and
flies: by whisking — first lightly and then      again the appropriate remedy of Satipat-
with increasing vigour and anger — one           thāna. Then they will grow weaker, more
may succeed (or not) in driving them away        short-lived, and will finally disappear.” To
for a while, but mostly they will return         know the occurrence and nature of defile-
with an exasperating constancy, and the          ments is therefore as important for a medi-
effort and vexation of “whisking” will           tator as to know the occurrence of his no-
have produced only an additional distur-         ble thoughts.
bance of one’s composure.
                                                        By facing one’s own defilements one
      Satipatthāna, through its method of        will be stirred to increase the effort to
Bare Attention, offers a non-violent alter-      eliminate them. On the other hand, by
native to those futile and even harmful          trying to avert one’s glance when they
attempts at suppression by force.                arise, out of a false shame or pride, one
                                                 will never truly join issue with them, and
      A successful non-violent procedure         always evade the final and decisive en-
in mind — control has to start with the          counter; and by hitting blindly at them,
right mental attitude. There must be first       one will only exhaust, or even hurt, one-
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                                Page 15
self. But by observing carefully their na-     a part of the Contemplation of Mental Ob-
ture and behaviour when they arise in          jects (dhammānupassanā)1. It is a charac-
one’s mind, one will be able to meet them      teristic of Right Mindfulness, and one of
well prepared to forestall them often, and     its tasks, to relate the actual experiences of
finally to banish them fully. Therefore        life to the truths of the Dhamma, and to use
meet your defilements with a free and open     them as opportunities for its practical reali-
glance! Be not ashamed, afraid or discour-     sation. Already here, at this preliminary
aged!                                          stage devoted to the shaping of a correct
                                               and helpful mental attitude, we have the
       3. The third group of intruders dis-    first successful test of our peaceful weap-
turbing the meditator’s mind are the stray     ons: by understanding our adversaries bet-
thoughts and day dreams which may con-         ter, we have consolidated our position
sist of various memories and images of the     which was formerly weakened by an emo-
recent or remote past, including those         tional approach; and by transforming these
emerging from subconscious depths;             adversaries into teachers of the Four Noble
thoughts of the future: planning, imagin-      Truths we have won the first advantage
ing, fearing, hoping; the casual sense. per-   over them.
ceptions that may occur at the very time of
                                                      If mentally prepared by a realistic
meditation, often dragging after them a
                                               view of these three factors antagonistic to
long trail of associated ideas. Whenever
                                               meditation, one will be less inclined to
concentration and mindfulness slacken,
                                               react at once by irritation when they actu-
stray thoughts or day dreams will appear
                                               ally arise. One will be emotionally in a
and fill the vacuum. Though they seem
                                               better position to meet them with the non-
insignificant in themselves, they are,
                                               violent weapons of which we shall now
through their frequent occurrence, a most
formidable obstacle not only for the begin-
ner, but in all cases when the mind is rest-          There are three devices of countering
less or distracted. Like the mental defile-    disturbances which should be applied in
ments, they will be entirely excluded only     succession whenever the preceding device
when, at the stage of holiness (Arahatta),     has failed to dispose of the disturbance.
perfect mindfulness has been obtained,         All three are applications of Bare Atten-
keeping unfailing watch at the door of the     tion, differing in the degree or intensity of
mind. But it can certainly be achieved         attention given to the disturbance. The
that, even for long continuous periods of      guiding rule here is: to give no more men-
meditation, these invaders are kept at bay.    tal emphasis to the respective disturbance
                                               than actually required by circumstances.
      To all these facts about the three
kinds of disturbing factors full weight must          1. First one should notice the distur-
be given and the facts must be fully ab-       bance clearly, but lightly; that is, without
sorbed by our mind, if they are to shape       emphasis and without attention to details.
our mental attitude. Then, in these three      After that brief act of noticing, one should
disturbing factors, the truth of Suffering     try to return to the original object of medi-
will manifest itself to the meditator very     tation, and one may well succeed in it if
incisively through his own personal ex-        the disturbance is weak by nature, or one’s
perience: “Not to obtain what one wants,       preceding concentration of mind was fairly
is suffering.” Also the three other Noble      strong. If, at that stage, we are careful not
Truths should be exemplified by reference      to get involved in any “conversation” or
to that very situation. In such a way, even    argument with the intruders, we shall, on
when dealing with impediments, the medi-       our part, not give them a reason to stay
tator will be within the domain of Satipat-
thāna: be will be engaged in the mindful           See “The Way of Mindfulness” by Bhikkhu Soma
                                                   (3rd. ed., Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy), p.
awareness of the four Noble Truths, being          52, last para of the Section on Breathing.
The Aquarian Theosophist,        Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                       Page 16
long; and, in a good number of cases, the       external or internal cause for attending to
disturbances will depart soon, like visitors    it has ceased, or one may even retain it for
who do not receive a very warm welcome.         that session of meditation, if it proves
That curt dismissal of them may often en-       satisfactory.
able us to return to our original meditation,
without any serious disturbance to the                If there is, for instance, disturbance
composure of mind.                              by persistent noise, we should give to it
                                                our undivided attention. But we should
      The non-violent device is here: to        take care to distinguish it well from any
apply Bare Attention to the disturbance,        reaction of ours concerning it, e.g., by
but with a minimum of response to it, and       resentment, which likewise should be
with a mind bent on withdrawal. This is         clearly recognized in its own nature,
the very way in which the Buddha himself        whenever it arises. In doing so, we shall
dealt with inopportune visitors, as de-         have undertaken the Contemplation of
scribed in the Mahāsuññatā-Sutta (Majjh.        Mind-objects (dhammānu-passanā), ac-
122): “ . . . with a mind bent on seclu-        cording to the following passage of the
sion . . . and withdrawn, his conversation      Discourse: “He knows the ear “and
aiming at dismissing (those visitors).”         sounds, and the fetter (e.g., resentment)
Similar was Sāntideva’s advice how to           arising through both.” If the noise is in-
deal with fools: if one cannot avoid them       termittent or of varying intensity, one will
one should treat them “with the indifferent     be easily able to discern the rise and fall
politeness of a gentleman.”                     (udayabbaya) in its process, and to add, in
                                                that way, to one’s direct insight into im-
       2. If, however, the disturbance per-     permanency (aniccatā).
sists, one should repeat the application of
Bare Attention again and again patiently              The attitude towards recurrent men-
and calmly; and it may well be that the         tal defilements, as thoughts of lust, rest-
disturbance will vanish when it has spent       lessness, etc., should be similar. One
its force. Here the attitude is: to meet the    should face them squarely, but distinguish
repeated occurrence of a disturbance by a       them from one’s reaction to them, e.g.,
reiterated ‘No,’ by a determined refusal to     connivance, fear, resentment, irritation.
be deflected from one’s course. It is the       In doing so, one is making use of the de-
attitude of patience and firmness. The          vice of “naming,” and one will reap its
capacity of watchful observation has to be      benefits which have been outlined before.
aided here by the capacity to wait and to       In the recurrent waves of passion or rest-
hold one’s ground.                              lessness one will likewise learn to distin-
                                                guish gradually phases of “high” and
      These two devices will generally be       “low,” their “ups and downs,” and may
successful with incidental stray-thoughts,      also gain other helpful knowledge about
day-dreams, etc., which are feeble by na-       their behaviour. By that procedure, one
ture, but also the other two types of dis-      again remains entirely within the range of
turbances, the external ones and defile-        Satipatthāna, by practising the Contem-
ments, may yield quite often.                   plation of the State of Mind (cittānupas-
      3. But if, for some reason or other,
                                                sanā) and of Mind-objects (dhammānu-
they do not yield, one should now turn          passanā), i.e., attention to the Hin-
one’s full and deliberate attention to the      drances).
respective disturbance, accept it as an               This method of transforming distur-
object of knowledge, and transform it thus      bances of meditation into objects of medi-
from a disturbance of meditation to a le-       tation, as simple as it is ingenious, may be
gitimate object of meditation. One may          regarded as the culmination of non-violent
continue with that new object until the         procedure. It is a device very characteris-
The Aquarian Theosophist,              Vol. II, #8   June 17, 2002                             Page 17
tic of the spirit of Satipatthāna, by making                We are a very friendly group of students
use of all experiences as aids on the Path.          with various religious and philosophical back-
In that way, enemies are turned into                 grounds. Our goals are to discuss and under-
friends, because all these disturbances and          stand the universal truths of Theosophy.
antagonistic forces have become our                        On Wed. nights we are studying, The
teachers; and teachers, whoever they may             Ocean of Theosophy by W.Q. Judge, and on
be, should be regarded as friends.                   Sunday mornings we're discussing Isis Un-
                                                     veiled by H.P. Blavatsky and Light On The
      We cannot forgo to quote here from             Path by Mabel Collins.
a noteworthy little book, which is a mov-
ing human document of fortitude and                       We structure our meetings so that any-
practical wisdom acquired by suffering: it           one who is visiting for the first time will feel
is The Little Locksmith by Katherine But-            comfortable and easily follow along.
ler Hathaway : —                                            Most topics include: The Absolute,
          I am shocked by the ignorance and          Karma, Evolution, Reincarnation, Universal
   wastefulness with which persons who               Truths and Eastern/Western esoteric philoso-
   should know better throw away the things          phies. Meetings are free and all are welcome.
   they do not like.
                                                            Our address is: 2700 S. Tamiami Tr.
          They throw away experiences, peo-          Suite #14 (we're moving to Suite #11 in Octo-
   ple, marriages, situations, all sorts of things   ber), Sarasota Florida, and our phone number
   because they do not like them. If you throw       is: 941-312-9494.
   away a thing, it is gone. Where you had
                                                           Please feel free to call Bob Waxman if
   something you have nothing. Your hands
   are empty, they have nothing to work on.          you need any additional information.
   Whereas, almost all those things which get
   thrown away are capable of being worked                 United Lodge of Theosophists
   over by a little magic into just the opposite                 Theosophy Hall
   of what they were, . . . But most human                     77 W. Encanto Blvd.
   beings never remember at all that in almost                Phoenix, Arizona 85003
   every bad situation there is the possibility of
   a transformation by which the undesirable              Telephone (602) 256-6384
   may be changed into the desirable.                  Email:
               [TO BE CONTINUED]
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   The Aquarian Theosophist,               Vol. II, #8     June 17, 2002                                       Page 18
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Apr 28      3 Great Ideas: How Should We Treat Others       June 9 — Have Animals Souls?
May 5       White Lotus Day: A Tribute to H.P.Blavatsky
May 12      Occult Knowledge                                June 16 — Krishna – Buddha - Jesus
May 19      Ideals for a New Age (talk)
                                                            June 23 — U.L.T. Day
May 26      On Astral Bodies
June 2      Globes Rounds and Human Races (talk)            June 30 — Western Psychology and Oriental Psychology
June 9      Have Animals Souls? I
June 16     Have Animals Souls? II Do Animals Suffer?
June 23     ULT: Its Origin and Mission
June 30     Is Theosophy A Religion                                     THEOSOPHY
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 A monthly study class that introduces simple                Wednesday 2 to 4 pm — Antwerp
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 the cosmos and universal laws such as karma                Saturday 1:00 to 3 pm — Long Beach
 and reincarnation.
                                                           First Saturday of every month (May 4th,
 Attending the class will also help with                                June 1st, etc.)
 familiarity and use of the Sanskrit terms
 commonly used in Theosophy.
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 concepts and their ramifications.                                 Kungsgatan 16 A, Malmö
 Free discussion is encouraged to search for
 the keys and meanings within the texts.                    DHARMAGRUPPEN                              Höstterminen
 The Aquarian Theosophist,           Vol. II, #8     June 17, 2002                                  Page 19
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The Aquarian Theosophist,                    Vol. II, #8        June 17, 2002                             Page 20
June 2                                    Elementals            ter, it must be noted, is fourth state mat-
June 9        Bhagavad Gita Study Group — Chap. XI
              — followed by Theosophy School for Kids
June 16       Theosophical Home-Building
June 23       U.L.T. Day                                               Don't you think half our troubles
June 30       Theosophical Symbols                              come, first, from not finding out what the
                                                                exact Theosophical statements are on
   POINT OUT THE WAY                                            any, subject, and secondly, from trying to
                         XIX                                    explain to ourselves what we understand
                                                                this, that, or the other to mean? A thou-
 Point out the Way is subtitled: “The Three Fundamentals and    sand and one statements are made about
 Questions Answered at an informal Ocean Class.” John
 Garrigues conducted this class in the early 1930’s at the      the astral body, or about anything else,
 U.L.T. in Los Angeles. It was taken down stenographically      and unless we try to get at what H.P.B.
 and published by The Theosophical Movement, Mumbai,
 India. The series ran from January, 1951 through July, 1954.   means in using such-and-such a word or
                                                                words, we have only a hazy idea of the
           [Continued from Vol. II, Issue #7]                   philosophy. The whole purpose of the
                                                                Ocean class is to assist us all to get clean
                     Chapter V                                  and clear and correct perceptions of what
     II.       The Astral Body, Astral Substance                the Teachings are, and then, having
                     and Human Birth                            found out what the Teachings are, to try
Question: Why is the term “astral                               to assimilate those in terms of our own
body” used? Why not use another one of                          understanding. This is the great object of
the terms suggested by Mr. Judge on p.                          our work.
41 (p. 38 Am.Ed.)?                                              Question: When an Ego assimilates all
Answer:      Astral bodies are composed                         the experiences in Devachan and is ready
of astral matter, whether it is the astral                      for rebirth, the parents have prepared the
body of this, that or the other form.                           way for him to come; is the astral body
There is mineral matter, coming from                            already formed before physical concep-
below up — the first state of matter.                           tion?
There is vegetable matter — the second                          Answer:         The Theosophical answer is,
state; animal matter — the third state;                         Yes.
and astral-matter — the fourth state.
There are bodies composed of all three                          Question: Or does it start to form im-
and all four. We think of matter as solid,                      mediately after physical conception?
liquid and gaseous, but that is not the
meaning that Theosophy gives to it.                             Answer:      Conception is the union of
Solid, liquid and gaseous are all merely                        fourth-state matter on this plane, with the
sub-states of mineral matter. The confu-                        fourth-state matter on the higher plane on
sion comes, perhaps, because there are                          which-the Ego is living. The process is
seven planes of perception. We are see-                         exactly analogous to that by which water
ing physically on the fourth plane of per-                      is formed when Hydrogen and Oxygen
ception, counting from above down, or                           are fused by a spark.
from below up.                                                  Question:       Refer to the top of p..44
Question: How can we call astral sub-                           (bottom of p. 40 Am. Ed.), where it says: —
stance the fourth stage of matter?                                         At the present time the model for the
                                                                   growing child in the womb is the astral
Answer:     Page 737, Vol. II, of The                              body, already perfect in shape before the
Secret Doctrine states that “Astral mat-                           child is born.
The Aquarian Theosophist,          Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                       Page 21
If that be so, how can astral substance be        mere material for the imagination to
the model for the physical?                       work on. Perhaps another way to help us
                                                  to get at this is this: take our bodies, or
Answer:        The point is that the astral       any other body; it can be affected by two
body, even in the living man such as we           kinds of forces we know. It can be af-
now are, is not a physical thing in our           fected, first of all, by what we call me-
sense of the word "physical." We use the          chanical forces, and we know also that
word "magnetism" and the word, "elec-             all these forms can be affected by what
tricity," but we think of both of them in         we call chemical forces." Now, think of
other terms than those of matter or sub-          imagination as a force, of memory as a
stance, whereas electricity and magnet-           force, of will as a force, of feeling as a
ism are substantial. So, for us, the easiest      force, and we understand that our bodies
way to begin thinking about the astral            can be affected by our feelings. Don't we
body in anything like true terms of the           all know that? Don't we see the distortion
imagination, is to think of it as a form of       of the face, the change in the movement
force rather than as a form of matter. It         of the heart of a man who is angry, or
is the force-body; it exists as a pattern         who is envious, or who is full of love?
before conception, but before it exists as        You can tell a man's thoughts by looking
a pattern, it exists in idea. Every one of        at his face, providing you know how to
us has an idea of form and, as a matter of        read that kind of script; but no man can
fact, our idea of form or body is con-            think in the body and not affect his body.
stantly changing; but we have more than           So, thinking of these things as forces, we
an idea of body — we have an ideal of             can understand that there is a state of
the body we would like to have. So the            substance that is affected directly by the
primary form, the actual germ of the Ego,         will; there is a state of matter that is af-
is in fifth-state matter, but it is seed, it is   fected directly by thought; there is a state
an idea. Then egoic "imagination" modi-           of matter that is affected directly by feel-
fies the memory of the body last had.             ing, in just the same way that the matter
       What is here spoken of as ethereal         we know is affected chemically, me-
form — although Mr. Judge says it is that         chanically, or electrically — and all the
ethereal form which exists after death —          rest becomes easy. But if we try to think
must, if it exists after death, have also         of these things in the terms of matter as
existed before birth. So we have the              we know it, and we are in danger of do-
form as it exists in memory, the form as          ing that, we are just as foolish as if we
it exists in idea, and the form as it exists      were to try to deal with things as we see
in egoic "imagination;" then we have a            them in dreams. We see in dreams; we
combination of these three. The Ego's             touch, we taste, we smell; but dreams
own astral body — that is of electrical           have no sense in physical terms.
and magnetic substance — combines                 Question: How about the persistence
with the corresponding substance on the           of the scar?
plane of matter that we know.
                                                  Answer:      Whenever a man gets a
Question: You spoke about the form                wound, he gets a shock from it. So does
of idea and the form of imagination. Just         his flesh; so does the astral body. It is
what is the difference between the two?           just as when we get a hard jolt amongst
Answer:     Let us take an analogy, and           our friends, and change our relation to-
compare a block of marble with the                wards them; so, the shock to the psychic
sculptor's mental picture. Ideas are the          nature of a tree is such that the new
                                                  physical lives which enter are not of the
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                       Page 22
same texture, not of the same grade, as              Suppose a man were let down from
the lives which were there, and we have a      a balloon into a village of savages in
scar. The greater the shock physically,        darkest Africa. He would immediately
astrally, psychically, mentally — the          form likes and dislikes amongst the na-
longer enduring is the scar.                   tives. Either there are miracles, or that
                                               repulsion and affinity is a form of mem-
Question: A lobster who has broken             ory. You can't have an affinity for a
off his claw, will grow another. Why           thing you know nothing about; you can't
have we lost that power?                       have a repulsion towards a thing you
Answer:        The lobster has no imagina-     never had anything to do with. How
tion. His is a borrowed body, and if he        could you? These are forms of memory.
loses a claw, he has no memory of the          There are many more forms of memory
loss, but he has plenty of claws left; so,     than personal memory.
other forces operate than those which          Question: How can the matter of two
work in us. The model is still there, only     planes mix? For instance, how does an
it is another kind of astral model because     invisible astral arm move a visible tangi-
it is on the lower plane of psychic or vital   ble concrete object?-(pp. 47-8) (p. 44
nature and undisturbed lives fill up the       Am. Ed.)
model. But notice the immense change
in us: when we lose a limb the change is       Answer:       Remember that the matter
mental; we can't even imagine it growing       — matter of every kind — is but the pro-
on again. The law of growth begins in          jection of an image into the visible
imagination.                                   "here.'' Suppose there were a book on
                                               the table, as there is, and a good medium
Question: Why does the lobster have            were here, or an adept; we could see the
that power of growing another claw,            book, without physical contact, picked up
which none of the other animals have?          and moved, say, and deposited on the
Answer:       The lobster is part of an or-    chair. How is it done? Behind the physi-
der of life which belongs to a former          cal book, the visible book, is an astral
Manvantara and which is accidentally           book; the adept or the medium would
present in this one.   It is under the         simply be dealing with the astral book.
laws of a period of evolution that for us      He lifts the astral book, and that's all
is long, long past.                            there is to it. The moment that there is
                                               direct contact of astral, with astral, our
Question: Does the body we have now            laws of gravity no longer apply. We can
resemble the body we had in the last in-       see how that is with, say, a gas. We
carnation?                                     know that the characteristic property of
                                               what we call solid matter is centripetal; it
Answer:       0f course it does, unless        tends to cohere around a center; and yet
there are miracles. We know our friends        we know also that this same solid matter
from our foes — and we know our foes,          — the very same particles in it — when
too, so far as that is concerned. How          some change goes on to which we give
comes it that we know them? We have            the name of heat, is at once converted
natural affinities for people the moment       into another state altogether, that of a
we see them, or natural repulsions, or we      gas. The characteristic property of a gas
are utterly indifferent — and all this; the    is the exact opposite of the characteristic
first time we ever saw them!                   of a solid, yet the lives in the gas and the
                                               lives in the solid are the same lives.
                                               Take ice; there is substance — visible,
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8   June 17, 2002                      Page 23
touchable. Apply heat (which is but as-       to the mother. How is the father drawn
tral fire) to it, and at once those same      to the ego? Is it through his astral, also?
lives are freed from the centripetal force    During the period before birth, is the
and are in a neutral state; the particles     mother affected by the incoming ego? Is
move freely amongst themselves. Apply         there any connection after conception of
still more heat and those same lives be-      the incoming ego with the father?
come centrifugal.
                                              Answer:       The statement has several
Question: If the senses apply to the          times been made in Theosophical teach-
astral body, were they developed on the       ings, that the route to birth for the de-
astral plane?                                 scending ego is through the mother. We
                                              know that is true physically. It is also
Answer:        Yes, and no. No, not as the    true, necessarily, astrally, and is usually
astral plane is treated in Chapter Five;      true all up and down the line. Yet, at our
and yes, as we are accustomed to think of     stage of evolution, it is not possible for
them. The Secret Doctrine tells us that       there to be virgin birth, immaculate birth,
the elements were developed one by one        although every religion and every people
— that refers to the cosmic elements,         have traditions of immaculate birth in the
symbolized for us under the names of fire     past and prophecies of immaculate birth
or ether, air, water, and earth — and that    to come some time in the future.
a new sense, which means only an
agency of action, was developed step by             Now, taking these statements
step with the development of each new         which relate the incoming ego specifi-
element. There is the explanation of the      cally to the mother — that is, directly to
changes in the constituent particles of       the mother — it is a natural and would
matter or monads or atomic lives — fiery      seem to be a correct inference that the
lives in the solar system, as specified in    ego is not connected with the father in
the footnote of the S.D. on pp. 205-6,        the same way. The father's attraction is
Vol. I.                                       towards the mother; the mother's attrac-
                                              tion is what draws the ego. If this line of
      In the beginning, matter, as we         thinking is correct, the father's connec-
know, was in a wholly different state.        tion with the incoming ego is indirectly
From what we can see of a nebula, there       through the mother; the mother's connec-
is light, there. Now, regarding a nebula      tion with the descending ego is direct;
as the second stage in the development of     and that is illustrated in all religions.
a solar system to come, there is a sense
already developed there. What is that               The question is also asked: Is the
sense? Well, we can call it the sense of      mother affected by the incoming ego?
sound but, applied intellectually, it means   Well, ask your own mother, if she is liv-
the sense of touch, of contact, the sense     ing. Talk to a woman who has had three,
of unity. If you use the word "astral" in     four, five or six children, and she knows
the sense of the pure development of the      that, while the process of ante-natal life
elements — not what we have been do-          — its stages — are the same, no matter
ing with those elements for the last 18       how many children or who has them, her
million years — then the development of       own physical, psychical and emotional
the elements was astral, probably psy-        states varied enormously with each of the
chic.                                         different births. Isis Unveiled is full of
                                              statements as to the effect of the incom-
Question: It is said that the astral form     ing ego on the mother, astrally, psychi-
of the incoming ego is attracted or drawn     cally and physically, and of the possible
The Aquarian Theosophist,         Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                                  Page 24
effects of the mother on the incoming            stances, and the father has his part in
egos, astrally, psychically and physically.      those factors and circumstances — not
It would be possible for the mother and          the same part that the mother has, al-
the father (the father sheltering the            though sometimes it may be even a
mother) to provide a fit tabernacle for the      greater part. After the ego is here, gets in
incoming ego, although that ego itself           command of the body — and this, I
might be relatively of low grade. Or, it is      think, is what lies behind this
within the mother's power to provide a           question — there may be far more
poor tabernacle for the incoming ego,            intellectual affinity, let us say, far more
although that ego might be one of very           affinity of tendency and of interest, be-
high grade.                                      tween the incarnated ego and the father
                                                 than, there is between the incarnating ego
       It is a matter, first, of thought, will   and the-mother. This might be, and often
and feeling on the part of the mother, and       is, the case — but it is not so as a rule. In
a matter, secondly, of her knowledge and         coming into-incarnation, the ego comes
understanding of the mysteries of trinitar-      via the mother, thus making the relation
ian birth — because not just father and          of the mother more immediate and direct
mother, but father, mother and the ego           than the relation of the father.
are all concerned in the birth. Finally, it
is a question of the relation of the father             Now, carry this question a little
and of the community at large, its atti-         further. All through life the mother gen-
tude toward motherhood, its understand-          erally will—even for the grown son,
ing and care and provision for the mother        maybe a man with children of'-his own-
to be.                                           will, to the day of her death, sacrifice for
                                                 her own children. If any of us get in
Question: Why do we so often find the            trouble, and our mother and father are
father and child in perfect harmony with-        both living, whom do we go to? Do we
each other — mentally and spiritually —          go to Father and say, “I ran into another
the mother being out of accord entirely?         car," "I got into a fight and hurt some-
Answer:       As a matter of fact, observe       body," or "I took money from the till to
the relation of father, mother and chil-         gamble on a horse. . ."? No — we go to
dren; you will find that, as a rule, no such     Mother. Why? Sometimes because
accord exists between the father and the         the mother's identity with us, her connec-
children as exists between the mother            tion with us, is far more profound than
and the children. The mother, according          the father’s, and for that reason her com-
to the teachings of Theosophy, has a far         passion for us is greater than that of the
                                                 father. This was put long ago by Lord
.more direct and continuous relation with
the incarnating ego than the father. The         Byron: —
father's initial relation to the incoming              Man's love is of man's life a thing apart;
ego may be but momentary; that of the                  'Tis woman's whole existence.
mother lasts not only through the many           On the other hand, many mothers are
months before the child is born, but also        over-indulgent, and will sacrifice, for
during the period of nursing and helpless        their children's sake, all manner of
infancy, Not until the ego is seated in the      principles and every consideration of
body does the father begin to have such          justice and equity; in such cases, the
direct relations with the incarnated ego.        child-seeks “protection" and "forgive-
Now, it is quite true that the ego, al-          ness" from the mother, instead of facing
though drawn, to the mother, is drawn by         Karmic consequences on his own.
a conjunction of factors and circum-
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                     Page 25
Now, the basis of all relationship is          ory, you may call it, about objectivity or
the love that is born between the              manifested existence on every plane.
two who are related, and on that basis it
is perfectly clear that mother-love is of-            What is that theory? That actually
ten far deeper, far more inclusive, far        all is Life; that, although what we see
more enduring and direct bond than fa-         around us is named "matter," it has no
ther's love — not that it should necessar-     existence in and of itself, being a con-
ily be so, but it generally is so.             densation and an effect of something
                                               which preceded it; that the real basis of
Question: What is the difference be-           matter consists simply of what we may
tween the highest being in the world and       call Monads, in the cosmic sense, but not
the lowest being in the world?                 in the human sense. What is a Monad? It
                                               is a conscious center of energic force in
Answer:      It is not a difference in es-     the One Life. Today, 60 years after-
sence, one is just as spiritual in his ori-    wards, we have the present scientific the-
gin, in his destiny, in his essence, as the    ory of the constitution of matter which
other,- and yet we know that tremendous        bears exactly the same relation to the
differences exist between members of the       theory laid down by Mr. Judge that a
human kingdom — let alone between the          dead body bears to a living one. Every
human kingdom and the other kingdoms.          statement made by Mr. Judge can be
There is an intimate relationship between      found in a modern text-book on physical
intelligence — that is, acquired ex-           science. The difference in the two theo-
perience — and the instrument.                 ries is that Western occultism — that is,
Question: 0n p. 40 (p. 37 Am. Ed.),            modern science — regards these centres
reference is made to the fact that the cell    of energy as dead, as inanimate, moved
is not a material thing, and three or four     by some unknown extraneous force,
lines further on Mr. Judge refers to the       whereas Theosophy regards them as in-
fact that there is no physical cell. Now,      herently self-energizing.
is there such a thing as a physical any-
Answer:        We all realize that some
things are objective to our sense percep-        THE COFFEE KLATCH
tions; in other words, Life can be looked
at in its various forms and manifestations     Coffee Maker: The day is overcast
either with spiritual sight, or with intel-    and sales should be brisk if Radical
lectual sight, or with the eye of sense.       Sam does not drive my level-headed
Now, as a matter of fact, what we call         folk away. I see him coming now!
"physical" matter is Life as seen-from the     We need to consign him to a cave
sense point of view, the point of view of      somewhere and make it illegal for
the five senses. It might help us in this      him to “save us.”
discussion of the cell, to consider that the
Ocean was written in 1893, five years          Radical Sam: You are mumbling as
after The Secret Doctrine was published        usual. I want your freshest strongest
(in 1888), and that both in The Secret         coffee, I been up late studying the
Doctrine and in The Ocean — which is           middle-east.
but a key to the Secret Doctrine — there
is clear enunciation of the occult doctrine    Student: Sam, you’re barking up a tree
of the basis of all manifestations, the the-   in the hopes that there’s a hive called
The Aquarian Theosophist,           Vol. II, #8   June 17, 2002                           Page 26
“Solution” there. Are you sure there is a           time the name was used was in 70 A.D.
hive called “Solution” in that tree? The            when the Romans committed genocide
buzzing you hear may be a hornet’s nest!            against the Jews, smashed the Temple and
                                                    declared the land of Israel would be no
Listen to this:                                     more. From then on, the Romans prom-
=============================                       ised, it would be known as Palestine. The
                                                    name was derived from the Philistines, a
The following was written by an Arab-               Goliathian people conquered by the Jews
American journalist, Joseph Farah, who              centuries earlier. It was a way for the
seems to be the lead man in the Internet-           Romans to add insult to injury. They also
based conservative paper,                           tried to change the name of Jerusalem to
WorldNetDaily.                                      Aelia Capitolina, but that had even less
**********************************                  staying power.
       "I've been quiet since Israel erupted             Palestine has never existed — before
  in fighting spurred by disputes over the          or since — as an autonomous entity. It
  Temple Mount. Until now, I haven't even           was ruled alternately by Rome, by Islamic
  bothered to say, "See, I told you so." But        and Christian crusaders, by the Ottoman
  I can't resist any longer. I feel compelled       Empire and, briefly, by the British after
  to remind you of the column I wrote just a        World War I. The British agreed to re-
  couple weeks before the latest uprising.          store at least part of the land to the Jewish
  Yeah, folks, I predicted it.                      people as their homeland.
       That's OK. Hold your applause. Af-                There is no language known as
  ter all, I wish I had been wrong. More            Palestinian.    There is no distinct
  than 600 people have been killed since the        Palestinian culture. There has never been
  current fighting started. And for what?           a land known as Palestine governed by
       If you believe what you read in most         Palestinians.    Palestinians are Arabs,
  news sources, Palestinians want a home-           indistinguishable      from     Jordanians
  land and Muslims want control over sites          (another recent invention), Syrians,
  they consider holy. Simple right?                 Lebanese, Iraqis, etc.
                                                         Keep in mind that the Arabs control
        Well, as an Arab-American journalist        99.9 percent of the Middle East lands. Is-
  who has spent some time in the Middle             rael represents one-tenth of 1 percent of
  East dodging more than my share of rocks          the landmass. But that's too much for the
  and mortar shells, I've got to tell you that      Arabs. They want it all. And that is ulti-
  these are just phony excuses for the riot-        mately what the fighting in Israel is about
  ing, trouble-making and land-grabbing.            today. Greed. Pride. Envy. Covetous-
  Isn't it interesting that prior to the 1967       ness. No matter how many land conces-
  Arab-Israeli war, there was no serious            sions the Israelis make, it will never be
  movement for a Palestinian homeland?              enough.

      "Well, Farah," you might say, "that                 What about Islam's holy sites? There
  was before the Israelis seized the West           are none in Jerusalem. Shocked? You
  Bank and Old Jerusalem."                          should be. I don't expect you will ever
                                                    hear this brutal truth from anyone else in
        That's true. In the Six-Day War, Is-        the international media. It's just not po-
  rael captured Judea, Samaria and East Je-         litically correct.
  rusalem. But they didn't capture these ter-
  ritories from Yasser Arafat. They cap-                 I know what you're going to say:
  tured them from Jordan's King Hussein. I          "Farah, the Al Aqsa Mosque and the
  can't help but wonder why all these Pales-        Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem represent
  tinians suddenly discovered their national        Islam's third most holy sites."
  identity after Israel won the war.                     Not true. In fact, the Koran says
       The truth is that Palestine is no more       nothing about Jerusalem. It mentions
  real than Never-Never Land. The first             Mecca hundreds of times. It mentions
The Aquarian Theosophist,           Vol. II, #8   June 17, 2002                               Page 27
  Medina countless times. It never men-           atmosphere is boisterous. No wonder
  tions Jerusalem. With good reason.              he has trouble paying his light bill!
  There is no historical evidence to suggest
  Mohammad ever visited Jerusalem. So             Collected Lady in Center Booth:
  how did Jerusalem become the third holi-        Ethics is a people project. Politics
  est site of Islam?
                                                  represent the personality of a people.
       Muslims today cite a vague passage         The soul of a nation makes more
  in the Koran, the seventeenth Sura, enti-       sense, but it’s very poor as a dot-com
  tled "The Night Journey." It related that       I.P.O.! [Initial Public Offering]
  in a dream or a vision Mohammed was
  carried by night" from the sacred temple        Smart Aleck: Thanks!                   I consider
  to the temple that is most remote, whose        myself dumbfounded!
  precinct we have blessed, that we might
  show him our signs...." In the seventh          Man with Moustache: Soul things
  century, some Muslims identified the two        run quietly, like underground rivers,
  temples mentioned in this verse as being        but they make long-lasting changes.
  in Mecca and Jerusalem.
                                                  They often look insignificant at the
       And that's as close as Islam's connec-     time of issue but they have a destiny
  tion with Jerusalem gets — myth, fantasy,       written in their origin. This advice in
  wishful thinking. Meanwhile, Jews can           a single-sheeter coming out of Phila-
  trace their roots in Jerusalem back to the      delphia looks like one of those quiet
  days of Abraham.                                activities with enormous potential:
        The latest round of violence in Israel               In the last issue [They are in their 2nd
  erupted when Likud Party leader Ariel              issue], the relationship between freedom and
  Sharon tried to visit the Temple Mount,            independence was examined. As a working
  the foundation of the Temple built by              definition, independence was characterized
  Solomon. It is the holiest site for Jews.          as self-determination in the conduct of ac-
  Sharon and his entourage were met with             tion. We noted that independence is an es-
  stones and threats. I know what it's like.         sential quality of all expressions of freedom
  I've been there. Can you imagine what it           and that independence is secured by the in-
                                                     dividual and collective willingness to follow
  is like for Jews to be threatened, stoned
                                                     a bedrock of self-evident principles. ….
  and physically kept out of the holiest site
  in Judaism?                                                There is a difference between the
                                                     Thinker and what is generally called mind.
       So what's the solution to the Middle          The Thinker is gifted with the capacities of
  East mayhem? Well, frankly, I don't                freewill, free choice, and self-determination
  think there is a man-made solution to the          in thought and action. The Thinker can
  violence. But, if there is one, it needs to        change every opinion, attitude, idea and
  begin with truth. Pretending will only             feeling that presently characterizes its mind,
  lead to more chaos.                                and continue to be the same individual
                                                     Thinker. … [Yet] the thinker is not truly in-
       Treating a 5,000-year-old birthright          dependent until it is freed from the influence
  backed by overwhelming historical and              of desire. The self-determining Thinker is
  archaeological evidence equally with ille-         using desire as an instrument. The self-
                                                     asserting Thinker is very often being led by
  gitimate claims, wishes and wants give             desire. ….
  diplomacy and peacekeeping a bad
  name."                                                     The tendency towards personal self-
                                                     assertion is held in check by our storehouse
Man lurking in side-booth: Why                       of moral instincts, intuitive glimpses, warn-
this squabbling about politics. I was                ings of conscience, and clear-seeing into the
                                                     fitness of actions and the value of things.
hoping for a peaceful cup of java.
                                                     [Theosophical Independence, Issue 2, April
Coffee Maker should be stricter! The                 2002.]
The Aquarian Theosophist,               Vol. II, #8   June 17, 2002                        Page 28
Solemn Student, scratching his                        (the Receiver of sacrifice, Who removes
head: The problem with humans,                        bonds), residing in the body. Please tell
especially as they get older, they tend               me how men can know You at the time of
to lose their wings, and forfeit their                death, while having full control over their
aspirations at the 5-and-dime store of                hearts.
puppy dog tails and yesterday’s
                                                             Shri Krishna answers: Brahman is
hopes. We should burn into our con-                   that which keeps the container in the form
sciousness Martin Luther King Jr.’s                   of the physical body constantly full in spite
comment in 1963:                                      of its many rifts. Brahman is Omnipresent
     “We will have to repent in this generation not   and is the quantity contained in zero.
  merely for the hateful words and actions of the     Brahman is finer than the material, which
  bad people but for the appalling silence of the
  good people.”
                                                      constitutes the sky and space. Brahman is
                                                      thus unknowable. Brahman is impalpable
                                                      and unreachable by worldly knowledge of
                                                      science. Knowing no birth, though in the
                                                      body, nor death, Brahman is self-existent
                                                      and eternal. This is the supreme knowl-
                                                      edge of Self (Adhyatma Dnyana). Like
                                                      clouds of different colors coming in the
                                                      sky apparently from nowhere, there begin
                                                      to appear formations of the universe due to
                                                      the feeling of ego and other illusive
                                                      changes from pure formless Brahman. It
                                                      is, as it were, on a smooth field, the sprout-
             DNYANESHVARI                             ing of ego, yielding fruits in the form of
                                                      the universe. From the very beginning in
                                                      every form of creation will be found the
    [The Dnyaneshvari is mentioned many               seeds of Brahman and a continuous proc-
     times by Madame Blavatsky, always in
     glowing terms. The following rendition is
                                                      ess of existence, involving innumerable
     extracted     from     Manu     Subedar’s        individuals. From this original Brahman
     translation. The great Sage, Dnaneshwara         many original impulses give rise to many
     Maharaj sang this work to his people             creations. But all the while, there is only
     when he was quite young. He did it in
     their native language, Marathi, about 700
                                                      one Supreme Brahman everywhere. He
     years ago. It is his commentary on the           appears as many. How the distinction be-
     Bhagavad Gita.]                                  tween various forms arises, it is impossible
                                                      to know. Even if the creation can be called
          [Continued from Vol. II, #7]                illusive, countless individuals appear
                                                      therein. An attempt to reach the origin
                Chapter VIII                          would lead to nothing. In the original
       Arjuna says to Shri Krishna: O                 there is no author. In the end, there is no
Lord, you have used various expressions               motive and yet between these, there is a
which are not clear to me. I do not know              spontaneous growth from past cycles. This
what you call ‘Brahman,’ what is ‘Karma’              is called ‘Karma,’ and leads to every activ-
(process of creation), and what is                    ity. ‘Adhibhuta’ as existence is as unreal
‘Adhyatma’ (Supreme Self), what is to be              as the appearance of the clouds in the sky
regarded as ‘Adibhuta’ (the perishable                and their disappearance—that which is not
creation), and what is ‘Adhidaivata’ (indi-           discovered to be true when closely exam-
vidual self undergoing joy and sorrow,                ined, which can be seen only through the
etc.). Even by a mental effort, I am unable           five elements and whose name and form
to understand, what you call ‘Adhiyadna’
The Aquarian Theosophist,        Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                       Page 29
disappear, when these elements are de-          come merged in Self. They install them-
stroyed.                                        selves on the seat of experience in the par-
                                                lor of discrimination and have no thought
       The human being is the ‘Adhidaivat.’     outside it. With the establishment of unity
He pursues the objects of senses created        within and without, the outward bonds of
through illusion. He is the tree, which         the five great elements drop off. If the
gives shelter to birds in the form of desires   consciousness of life has thus gone while
at the time of death; a part of the Supreme     living, where is the sting of death? The
Self, he experiences, as in dreamland, joy      experience of Brahman is for such unshak-
and sorrow under the control of the sleep       able at the end. They are crystal pure, as if
of egoism. Residing in the body made of         the juice of the realization were poured
five elements, what is called in this indi-     into the mold of unity and filled up to the
vidual self (Jiva), is itself the               extent of eternity and the whole of it
‘Adhidaivata.’ ‘Adhiyadna’ is Myself,           washed in the ocean of equanimity. When
who restore order in the village of the         a vessel full of water sinks deep in water,
body. Adhibhuta and Adhidaivata are also        the water cannot go out of it, even if the
as much a part of the Supreme Self, as gold     vessel is broken. The snake is not hurt in
that has been mixed with alloy is still gold,   throwing off the skin. Nor is the man un-
though inferior. It is this screen of igno-     comfortable when he removes his clothing
rance, which causes this distinction, like a    on account of heat. Similarly, what is the
transparent slab placed on a knot of hair       apprehension, where there is a feeling that
appearing cracked, but being seen as un-        even if the physical body is destroyed,
broken when placed on the same hair             Brahman is not only imperishable but can
combed out straight. When egoism is de-         be realized. Therefore, remembering Me
stroyed, the unity is established and in the    at the time of the end, they drop the body
experience of this unity reside “I,” who am     out and reach Me. The ordinary rule is that
the ‘Adhiyadna.’ I have told you before,        a human being attains that which has been
that every worshipping (Yadna) arises out       dominating his mind, when death is ap-
of action and the presiding deity is really     proaching. He cannot avoid it like a poor
One, that is Myself, who am the resting         frightened beast, running blindly very fast
place of all living beings, the only source     falling into a well. Whatever is therefore
of the bliss of Brahman. The proper way         uppermost at the time of death, that is the
of performing worship (Yadna) is to secure      condition one reaches after death without
fuel in the form of renunciation and with       fail, just as dreams derive their substance
this to burn the senses, and to throw in this   from the longings and strivings, which
fire, from time to time, materials in the       agitate one’s heart during waking hours.
form of passion. The place off worship is
this world and the body is the candle. Self-          Therefore, at all times, Arjuna, think
control is the seat of fire, which is kept      of Me. Whatever you see with your eyes
alight by means of incantations in the form     and hear with your ears, or think with the
of Yoga practices. To control the mind          mind, or utter with your speech is outside
and of the breath creates the unclouded         and inside, nothing but Myself. When you
light of knowledge. Everything is then          begin to feel this, you will know Me eve-
burnt in this knowledge and only the final      rywhere. Then there is no death. When the
ashes, which emerge form this worship, is       body is destroyed and then you need not be
the true form of Self (Brahman). This is        afraid to fight. Be assured, that if you will
‘Adhiyadna’ proper. When knowledge              firmly direct your mind and intelligence
destroys illusion, knowledge alone sur-         towards My form, you will reach Me. If
vives.                                          you have any doubt that this could be ac-
                                                complished, then in the first instance you
      Like a house having space inside it-      must try. It is by constant effort that the
self being located inside space, they be-
The Aquarian Theosophist,         Vol. II, #8     June 17, 2002                         Page 30
Yogi controls his mind. Even a lame man,          again, said that however attentive the King
if he were assiduous, might go to the top of      might be to what was going on, it was im-
the hill. Therefore, O Arjuna, whether this       possible for one man to decide correctly
body survives or dies, let your mind dwell        the right time for every action, but that he
on God and wholeheartedly try to reach            should have a Council of wise men, who
Him by practice. What is wanted is to link        would help him to fix the proper time for
the mind to one’s Self. Then it does not          everything.
matter whether the body exists or does not.
A river that joins the ocean does not turn               But then again others said there were
back or even worry about what is going on         some things which could not wait to be
behind it. It becomes the ocean. When the         laid before a Council, but about which one
mind becomes Brahman, all activities              had at once to decide whether to undertake
cease and supreme bliss is the result.            them or not. But in order to decide that
                                                  one must know beforehand what was going
              [TO BE CONTINUED]                   to happen. It is only magicians who know
                                                  that; and, therefore in order to know the
     Three Questions                              right time for every action, one must con-
                                                  sult magicians.
                                  L EO T OLSTOY
                                                         Equally various were the answers to
      IT once occurred to a certain king,
                                                  the second question. Some said, the peo-
that if he always knew the right time to
                                                  ple the King most needed were his council-
begin everything; if he knew who were the
                                                  lors; others, the priests; others, the doctors;
right people to listen to, and whom to
                                                  while some said the warriors were the most
avoid, and, above all, if he always knew
what was the most important thing to do,
he would never fail in anything he might                 To the third question, as to what was
undertake.                                        the most important occupation: some re-
                                                  plied that the most important thing in the
       And this thought having occurred to
                                                  world was science. Others said it was skill
him, he had it proclaimed throughout his
                                                  in warfare; and others, again, that it was
kingdom that he would give a great reward
                                                  religious worship.
to any one who would teach him what was
the right time for every action, and who                All the answers being different, the
were the most necessary people, and how           King agreed with none of them, and gave
he might know what was the most impor-            the reward to none. But still wishing to
tant thing to do.                                 find the right answers to his questions, he
                                                  decided to consult a hermit, widely re-
       And learned men came to the King,
                                                  nowned for his wisdom.
but they all answered his questions differ-
ently.                                                  The hermit lived in a wood which he
                                                  never quitted and he received none but
       In reply to the first question, some
                                                  common folk. So the King put on simple
said that to know the right time for every
                                                  clothes, and before reaching the hermit’s
action, one must draw up in advance, a
                                                  cell dismounted from his horse, and, leav-
table of days, months and years, and must
                                                  ing his bodyguard behind, went on alone.
live strictly according to it. Only thus, said
they, could everything be done at its proper             When the King approached, the her-
time. Others declared that it was impossi-        mit was digging the ground in front of his
ble to decide beforehand the right time for       hut. Seeing the King, he greeted him and
every action; but that, not letting oneself be    went on digging. The hermit was frail and
absorbed in idle pastimes, one should al-         weak, and each time he stuck his spade
ways attend to all that was going on, and         into the ground and turned a little earth, he
then do what was most needful. Others,            breathed heavily.
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                       Page 31
      The King went up to him and said: “I     hermit had. But the blood would not stop
have come to you, wise hermit, to ask you      flowing, and the King again and again re-
to answer three questions: How can I learn     moved the bandage soaked with warm
to do the right thing at the right time? Who   blood, and washed and re-bandaged the
are the people I most need, and to whom        wound. When at last the blood ceased
should I, therefore, pay more attention than   flowing, the man revived and asked for
to the rest? And, what affairs are the most    something to drink. The King brought
important and need my first attention?”        fresh water and gave it to him. Meanwhile
                                               the sun had set, and it had become cool.
     The hermit listened to the King, but      So the King, with the hermit”s help, car-
answered nothing. He just spat on his          ried the wounded man into the hut and laid
hand and recommenced digging.                  him on the bed. Lying on the bed the man
                                               closed his eyes and was quiet; but the King
      “You are tired,” said the King, “let     was so tired with his walk and with the
me take the spade and work awhile for          work he had done, that he crouched down
you.”                                          on the threshold, and also fell asleep -- so
                                               soundly that he slept all through the short
      “Thanks!” said the hermit, and, giv-     summer night. When he awoke in the
ing the spade to the King, he sat down on      morning, it was long before he could re-
the ground.                                    member where he was, or who was the
                                               strange bearded man lying on the bed and
      When he had dug two beds, the King
                                               gazing intently at him with shining eyes.
stopped and repeated his questions. The
hermit again gave no answer, but rose,               “Forgive me!” said the bearded man
stretched out his hand for the spade, and      in a weak voice, when he saw that the King
said:                                          was awake and was looking at him.
        “Now rest awhile — and let me work a         “I do not know you, and have noth-
bit.”                                          ing to forgive you for,” said the King.
      But the King did not give him the              “You do not know me, but I know
spade, and continued to dig. One hour          you. I am that enemy of yours who swore
passed, and another. The sun began to sink     to revenge himself on you, because you
behind the trees, and the King at last stuck   executed his brother and seized his prop-
the spade into the ground, and said:           erty. I knew you had gone alone to see the
                                               hermit, and I resolved to kill you on your
      “I came to you, wise man, for an an-     way back. But the day passed and you did
swer to my questions. If you can give me       not return. So I came out from my ambush
none, tell me so, and I will return home.”     to find you, and I came upon your body-
                                               guard, and they recognized me, and
       “Here comes some one running,”          wounded me. I escaped from them, but
said the hermit, “let us see who it is.”       should have bled to death had you not
                                               dressed my wound. I wished to kill you,
      The King turned round, and saw a
                                               and you have saved my life. Now, if I live,
bearded man come running out of the
                                               and if you wish it, I will serve you as your
wood. The man held his hands pressed
                                               most faithful slave, and will bid my sons
against his stomach, and blood was flow-
                                               do the same. Forgive me!”
ing from under them. When he reached
the King, he fell fainting on the ground             The King was very glad to have
moaning feebly. The King and the hermit        made peace with his enemy so easily, and
unfastened the man”s clothing. There was       to have gained him for a friend, and he not
a large wound in his stomach. The King         only forgave him, but said he would send
washed it as best he could, and bandaged it    his servants and his own physician to at-
with his handkerchief and with a towel the
The Aquarian Theosophist,       Vol. II, #8    June 17, 2002                         Page 32
tend him, and promised to restore his prop-
erty.                                              The Whole System is Rotten
      Having taken leave of the wounded            “There are good and bad priests in
man, the King went out into the porch and       Buddhism, just as there are among the
looked around for the hermit. Before going      Christians. I detest the sacerdotal caste, and
away he wished once more to beg an an-          always distrust it, but I have absolutely
                                                nothing against the single individuals who
swer to the questions he had put. The her-
                                                compose it. It is the whole system for which I
mit was outside, on his knees, sowing           have a horror, just as every honest man has,
seeds in the beds that had been dug the day     who is not a hypocrite or a blind fanatic. The
before.                                         majority are prudent and keep silent; as for
                                                me, having the courage of my opinions, I
      The King approached him, and said:        speak and declare exactly what I think.”
                                                                             — H. P. BLAVATSKY
     “For the last time, I pray you to an-
swer my questions, wise man.”
      “You have already been answered!”
said the hermit still crouching on his thin
legs, and looking up at the King, who          On The Lighter Side
stood before him.
     “How answered? What do you
mean?” asked the King.
       “Do you not see,” replied the hermit.
“If you had not pitied my weakness yester-
day, and had not dug these beds for me,
but had gone your way, that man would
have attacked you, and you would have
repented of not having stayed with me. So
the most important time was when you
were digging the beds; and I was the most
important man; and to do me good was
your most important business. Afterwards,
when that man ran to us, the most impor-
tant time was when you were attending to
him, for if you had not bound up his
wounds he would have died without hav-
ing made peace with you. So he was the
most important man, and what you did for
him was your most important business.
Remember then: there is only one time that
is important -- Now! It is the most impor-
tant time because it is the only time when
we have any power. The most necessary
man is he with whom you are, for no man
knows whether he will ever have dealings
with any one else: and the most important
affair is, to do him good, because for that
purpose alone was man sent into this life!”
                                                               [Credit: Utne Reader, May-June 2002]

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