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					                Vol. 2, No. 4                                          TIDEWATER COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                                                  August 2007

                                           America’s Anniversary Gardens
                                             come to Hampton Roads
             Baby Games
                                          T    aking a unique role in Jamestown
                                               400th Anniversary celebrations,
                                          TCC planted commemorative gardens
Interacting with children prepares        on each of its campuses and in front
PTAs for the work ahead / page 2
                                          of Chesapeake’s City Hall on April 28.
                                          With the help of dozens of volunteers
                                          including Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts,
                                          the red, white and blue gardens came to
                                          life under the direction of horticulture
                                          faculty member Tracy Breiger and
                                          students who designed each garden.
                                               “Our Jamestown ancestors would
         Black History Shared
TCC celebrates the rich contributions
                                          be amazed with the food and f lowers
of African Americans / page 3             Virginians grow today,” says TCC
                                          President Deborah DiCroce. “With
                                          TCC’s unique design and installation
                                          of America’s Anniversary Gardens, we’re
                                          proud to offer a living commemoration
                                          of our country’s first pioneers.”
                                                                                              Volunteers devoted a Saturday morning to planting thousands of plants in gardens on each TCC campus.
                                          Please see page 2                                   To see a photo slideshow, visit, under Multimedia Features.

      Veterans Serving Veterans
On-campus services prepare veterans       Necessary nurses: Addressing                                                                            Honoring Virginia Tech victims

                                          high demand and tight supply                                                                            T
for careers after the military / page 4                                                                                                                 CC shared in the grief
                                                                                                                                                        and sadness of the April
                                                                                                                                                  16 Virginia Tech tragedy
                                                                                                                                                  with college-wide memorial
                                                                                                                                                  services, candlelight vigils, moments of silence,
                                                                                                                                                  counseling and creation of an e-mail address to
                                                                                                                                                  collect notes for the Tech community.
                                                                                                                                                     President Deborah DiCroce launched the
              UVA Bound                                                                                                                           college’s response with an eloquent letter to
Glynis Pegram overcomes obstacles,
                                                                                                                                                  the TCC community posted online on the
makes her way to UVA / page 6
                                                                                                                                                  day of the tragedy. Noting the massacre of 32
                                                                                                                                                  Tech students and faculty as a “senseless act
                                                                                                                                                  of violence,” she wrote, “Our thoughts and
                                                                                                                                                  prayers go out to the University’s faculty, staff,
                                                                                                                                                  and students.”
                                                                                                                                                  Please see page 5

          A Solid Foundation
TCC alum Clay Dills learns to build
a quality life with education / page 6    Instructor Kera Gwebu (top) engages nursing students (left to right) Tiffany Cuevas and Teresa Nilsen
                                          in patient care practice with one of TCC’s human simulators.

                                          A   s Virginia’s population continues to
                                               grow, the healthcare of its citizens relies
                                          more than ever on an adequate supply of
                                                                                              nurses. According to the Virginia Partnership
                                                                                              for Nursing, that supply is forecast to drop
                                                                                              significantly for the Commonwealth by the
                                                                                                                           Please see page 5

                                          Virginia Beach provost invested Norfolk’s new provost invested
     Hispanic Heritage Highlighted
Walter Tejada and TCC’s own
share their life stories / page 8                                                                                                                 FOUR YEARS AGO, SHE
                                                                                                                                                  BECAME A TCC ALUM…
            YOUR TCC                                                                                                                              On May 11, nearly 1,200 students
                                                                                                                                                  joined the thousands of TCC alumni
                                                                                                                                                  who have graduated with degrees or

          2,400                                                                                                                                   certificates since the college’s founding
                                                                                                                                                  in 1968. President Deborah DiCroce

      STUDENTS                            President DiCroce invests Virginia Beach            President Deborah DiCroce invested Alex
                                                                                                                                                  proudly presented one of TCC’s stellar
                                                                                                                                                  graduates, Virginia Del. Terrie Suit (’03

     GRADUATED                            Provost Quintin Bullock while College Board
                                          Chair Dorcas Helfant-Browning hands him a
                                                                                              Kajstura in a ceremony held May 1, handing
                                                                                              him a ship connoting leadership of the
                                                                                                                                                  AS), to give the commencement address.
                                                                                                                                                  Suit, like so many TCC alumni, went

      2006-‘07                            model ship, symbolic of his role.                   Norfolk Campus.                                     on to Old Dominion University to earn

                                          I                                                   H
                                             n the spirit of an “academic rite of passage,”         onoring TCC’s newest provost in a             a bachelor’s degree. In her speech, she
           For stories:                      TCC President Deborah DiCroce invested                 ceremony on May 1 at the TCC Roper            advised grads to “be responsible” – to              Virginia Beach Provost Quintin B. Bullock           Performing Arts Center, President Deborah           get involved in their communities, to
                                          in a public ceremony held March 28 at the           DiCroce formally invested Alex J. Kajstura as       vote and to see the world beyond their
                                          Virginia Beach Convention Center.                   head of the Norfolk Campus.                         home cities.
                                                                       Please see page 4                                   Please see page 5
2                                                                                TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007

                                                       I N N O V A T I V E                                      T E A C H I N G
                                        Babies in labs enrich PTA students’ experience
        abies at play – moving, squatting,            show the student what to do to make this           above and beyond other programs because it
        tumbling, playing catch and even              happen,” adds May. “We also bring special          helps our students learn, making them much
        eating snacks – may not seem like a           needs children into the lab and talk about         sought after by employers.”
learning laboratory, but for physical therapist       the importance of home programs for some              Laboratory work accompanies just about
assistants (PTA) in training, every movement          children. We show parents how to play with         every class in the five-semester curriculum.
provides a world of understanding.                    their babies to increase function.”                “Our work involves monitoring movement,
    “Some of these students don’t have                    “These labs are so beneficial. The professor   and this is only possible by working with
children of their own, or even younger                is teaching as she works with the babies,          real bodies,” adds Basinger. “In our labs, we
siblings, so we bring babies into the labs so         giving us a real insider’s view into treatment,”   work with the very young, as well as with
they can see normal development,” explains            adds Patti Calkins-Hunter, a second-year           adults with illness and disabilities, and with
                                                                                                                                                               In Bunny May’s physical therapist assistant lab,
Bunny May, clinical coordinator for the               student who plans to complete her next             the elderly.”                                         students learn normal movement patterns by
physical therapist assistant program and a            clinical rotation in pediatric home care.             The program also requires students to              watching her “play” with 14-month-old Kenneth.
pediatric physical therapist. “By learning                As physical therapist assistants, these        complete three clinical rotations, each four
normal movement patterns, grasps and gaits,           students will soon be giving treatments to         to six weeks in length. “We’re really proud           easier to visualize these lessons, rather than try
students will more easily recognize problems          improve function, relieve pain and promote         to be the only PTA program in Virginia                to learn from a book,” adds Colleen Pounds,
developing once they are in the workplace.”           healing for patients of all ages. “We’ve had       with a 100 percent ultimate pass rate on              a PTA student who plans to practice home
    During these “baby” labs, students are            100 percent employment with our graduates,         the national licensing exam,” adds Basinger.          health care when she graduates this May.
taught how to work with young children and            easily, for the past five years,” notes Melanie    “And our labs and clinicals certainly play a              “It’s all about getting students comfortable
how to get them to move. “Since we can’t ask          Basinger, PTA program director and a               big part in that success.”                            working in the clinical setting,” says May.
the baby to lift her leg or bend her elbow, we        licensed physical therapist. “We probably go          “This training is absolutely beneficial as it is   “The more hands-on work we do, the better.”

                                                      Faculty artists display
                                                      recent works at the VAC
                                                                                                         Three students selected for
                                                                                                         All-Virginia Academic Team
                                                      F   aculty artists presented some of their
                                                          best works during the 37th annual TCC
                                                      Art Faculty Exhibition, held this winter in        C     elebrating    academic     excellence
                                                                                                               and community involvement, TCC
                                                                                                                                                               service. Slusher graduates with a 3.95
                                                                                                                                                               GPA and plans to pursue a bachelor’s
                                                      the Visual Arts Center (VAC) galleries.            recognizes three students selected for the            in management as well as a master’s of
                                                         Twenty-five faculty members displayed           All-Virginia Academic team: Marcella                  business administration at Old Dominion
A FESTIVAL OF FILM . . .                              recent drawings, paintings, pottery,               M. Slusher, Charles P. Carrington and                 University. She plans to become a contract
TCC and the Simon Family Jewish                       photographs, and works in glass, computer-         Christopher W.D. Williams.                            specialist within government service.
Community Center partnered for the                    generated imagery and mixed media.                    Placing among top community college                   All-Virginia Team member Charles
second year to present the 14th Annual                Participating full-time faculty included Ed        students in the nation, Marcella M. Slusher           Carrington has attended more than
Virginia Festival of Jewish Film at the TCC           Francis, Ed Gibbs, Robert Hawkes, Rosemary         earned her place on the All-USA Academic              18 schools, moving
Roper Performing Arts Center this January.            Hill, Corinne Lilyard-Mitchell, Craig Nilsen,      Third Team. Slusher, a military spouse and            throughout the nation
More than 2,200 people attended the                   T. D. Siegmund and Rhonda Todoroff.                mother of four, began her higher-education            with his family. He
showings of nine movies. TCC faculty-led                                                                 journey in 2001, enrolling alongside her              came to TCC’s Virginia
panel discussions followed several showings.                                                             eldest child at TCC’s Chesapeake Campus               Beach Campus to
Below, shown standing, former U.S. soldier                                                               to pursue an associate degree in business             pursue a double major
Norman Kozak, who helped liberate prison                                                                 administration. While attending TCC,                  – an associate degree
camps in Europe, broke down as he shared                                                                 Slusher was employed full-time by the                 in applied science for
what he saw as “unbearable cruelty,” adding,                                                                                                                   automotive technology and in business
“we must not forget.” With him are TCC                                                                                                                         administration. He’ll complete both
faculty panelists Leah Hagedorn, Tom                                                                                                                           programs by the end of summer 2007.
Ellis, Rachel Ankney, Stanley Barger and                                                                                                                       He maintains a 3.3 GPA while working
Marshall Ellis, who spoke following The                                                                                                                        full-time as an automotive technician,
Devil’s Arithmetic. Above, faculty members                                                                                                                     as well as volunteering with youth at
Naamen Wood, far right, and Anne Parrella                                                                                                                      his church and at the Foodbank of
led another panel discussion with rabbis              RH, Robert Hawkes
                                                                                                                                                               Southeastern Virginia. A Phi Theta Kappa
                                                      Lambs II
Arthur Ruberg and Israel Zoberman                     Silverpoint with watercolor, 2006, 8 x 10 inches                                                         member, Carrington won two scholarships:
following Blood and Tears.                                                                                                                                     the Hampton Roads Automotive Dealer
                                                         During the opening reception, Terry                                                                   Association and the Mary Ferrell Flickinger
                                                      Jones, provost of the Portsmouth Campus,                                                                 college-wide scholarship. Carrington
                                                      announced those works selected to be                                                                     plans to earn bachelor’s and master’s
                                                      included in the college’s permanent art            Fleet and Family Support Program on a                 degrees in business administration from
                                                      collection, including: Leaves, a glass piece by    Navy-wide initiative to improve customer              ODU while wrestling and playing other
                                                      Ed Francis; Propulsion, a triptych of Type C       focus. She also serves as president of                sports. Ultimately, he hopes to operate
                                                      prints by Ed Gibbs; and Bits and Pieces II,        Phi Theta Kappa’s Zeta Lambda chapter                 multiple automotive businesses.
                                                      an oil painting by Corinne Lilyard-Mitchell.       and over the last year has contributed                   A native of Portsmouth, Christopher
                                                                                                         more than 300 hours of volunteer                      W.D. Williams rounds out TCC’s All-
                                                                                                                                                               Virginia Team members. A former Coast

                                                                                                                                                               Guardsman, Williams enrolled in the
                                                                                                                                                               Norfolk Naval Shipyard Apprentice

                                                                                                                                                               program while pursuing an associate
                                                                                                                                                               degree in engineering
Continued from page 1                                                                                                                                          at TCC. A peer
                                                                                                                                                               tutor at the Portsmouth
   Each TCC America’s Anniversary                                                                                                                              Campus, Williams also
Garden boasts a different red, white and                                                                                                                       participates in church
blue “palette” of annuals, perennials,                                                                                                                         and campus charity
trees and shrubs. TCC students grew                                                                                                                            drives and coaches Little
the annuals in the college’s greenhouses.                                                                                                                      League baseball. He
Garden designs, shapes and sizes                                                                                                                               holds a 3.7 GPA and is a Phi Theta Kappa
varied, with most measuring over 160                                                                                                                           member. He plans to pursue a bachelor’s
square feet.                                                                                                                                                   degree in civil engineering at ODU,
                                                                                                                                                               with the goal of working in government
Landscape design students presented their garden                                                                                                               service as a civil engineer. Williams works
designs to campus provosts after researching                                                                                                                   full-time and balances his schooling
and rendering illustrations of Jamestown
                                                                                                                                                               with family responsibilities; he is
commemorative gardens. Here, students review
plans with instructor Tracy Brieger: left to right,                                                                                                            married with two children. He’s also an
Ed Shelton, Josh Mistler, Brieger, Kathy Elliot and                                                                                                            active member of his church, New Mt.
Alma Byne.                                                                                                                                                     Joy Family Worship Center.
                                                                                 TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007                                                                                                      3

Paralegal power; program comes to Norfolk                                                                                                                       Bobots in tug of war
T     o meet the growing needs of area
      attorneys, TCC has expanded its
paralegal studies program to the Norfolk
                                                         “Many firms no longer hire entry
                                                      level employees without some type
                                                      of certification,” adds Lupton. “TCC
                                                                                                                                                                P   erspiration beaded on furrowed brows,
                                                                                                                                                                    hands clenched and unclenched, and
                                                                                                                                                                a hush fell in the Advanced Technology
Campus. The college’s highly successful               graduates are sought after because they                Regional Cisco Academy turns 10...                 Center courtyard on April 3 . . . before mini
paralegal studies program, now in its                 have the knowledge needed to be effective              TCC was recognized this year as one of the         “monster” contraptions dueled, two by two
25th year, is housed at the Virginia Beach            in the legal firm.”                                    first institutions to offer Cisco networking       in the sand, roped together in a tug of war
Campus and offers associate degree as                    TCC’s paralegal courses are taught                  curriculum around the globe during a TV            – and the teachers called, “May the best
well as certificate curricula.                        exclusively by attorneys from the field.               web cast produced by Cisco Networking              “bobot” win!”
   Providing intensive legal training, the            “Paralegals, by definition, work for                   Academy. College faculty, Virginia Beach
program includes trial preparation and                attorneys; by having them teach our                    public school representatives and industry
discovery practice, ethics for the legal              classes, students gain real-world insight              supporters gathered to celebrate this 10-
assistant, legal writing, legal research,             into the work ahead,” explains Harris. “In             year milestone.
family law and criminal law. Linda Harris,            private practice, I worked on civil rights,                 Shown here are John Nelson, Cisco
TCC’s coordinator of disability services              disability and family law. I saw a real need           instructor at Virginia Beach public schools;
and an attorney, is teaching the first                for a program like this one.”                          Carroll McGillin, national initiatives
Norfolk class, an introduction to paralegal              With the program taking root in                     manager, Cisco Networking Academy;
and family law. Additional courses will be            Norfolk, Harris has added two adjunct                  Gregg Tennefoss, TCC information
added as the program grows.                           instructors from Legal Aid. “We’re                     systems technology professor; Quintin
   “We use paralegals extensively in my               fortunate to have professionals from the               Bullock, provost of the Virginia Beach
firm,” says Everett Lupton, an attorney               community who are excited to teach                     Campus; Marilyn Peacock, TCC Norfolk               TCC captured the bobots “tug of war” competition
                                                      paralegal classes at TCC.”                                                                                in photos and video for the news site,,
with Rutter Mills in Norfolk and a                                                                           interim dean of business, social sciences
                                                                                                                                                                under Multimedia Features.
paralegal studies adjunct instructor at                                                                      and public services; Pat Konopnicki,
the Virginia Beach Campus. “Under an                                                                         director of technical and career education,           Teams of students from Virginia Beach
attorney’s supervision, they prepare files,                                                                  Virginia Beach public schools; Don                 high schools and TCC’s engineering
draft pleadings and handle client matters.                                                                   Mendonsa, TCC information systems                  program pitted their bobots against one
With so many firms in the downtown                                                                           technology professor; Roberta Cool,                another, fighting to pull a vehicle over “the
area, it’s certainly a good fit bringing                                                                     former TCC Virginia Beach dean of                  line in the sand” in a 15-second duel.
paralegal studies to Norfolk.”                                                                               information technology and business; and               The design contest, held by TCC’s
   One of the top 50 jobs for salary and                                                                     Michael Taylor, principal, ATC, Virginia           Engineering Club, tests student skills
job prospects in the nation according                                                                        Beach public schools.                              at many levels – from building their
to Money magazine and,                                                                                 Preparing hundreds of professionals           vehicles to specific criteria, to networking
paralegals earn a median income of about                                                                     to excel in the workforce, TCC’s academy           and learning from each other, to good
$40,000 (U.S. Department of Labor)                                                                           offers multi-level training for a broad            sportsmanship. The high schools and
and have an expected job growth rate                  Linda Harris, an attorney and TCC’s coordinator of     range of professional positions – from             TCC partner on a number of engineering
of 29 percent over the next 10 years                  disability services, teaches the first Norfolk class   Cisco Certified Networking Associate to            projects each year, utilizing the technology
(                                       in paralegal studies.                                  Cisco Certified Networking Professional.           and expertise at TCC and the ATC.

          Black History Month 2007 – Photo Essay
         Celebrating Black History Month, TCC hosted a wide assortment of activities,
    including performances, workshops, lectures and entertainment on each campus. The
 community was invited to celebrate the rich and diverse contributions of African Americans.

                                                                                                             Students at TCC experience traditional African music and dance though a performance by the MaTunde
                                                                                                             Sakill African Dance and Arts Ensemble.

A highlight event – Dr. Velma Scantlebury, director of transplantation at the University of South Alabama
and the first African American woman transplant surgeon in the United States, shared her life story, while
encouraging education as an important investment. Shown here, Dr. Scantlebury (left) talks with Kathryn
Barrett, WVEC-TV’s medical editor, and TCC respiratory therapy professor Jennifer Ferguson.

                                                      TCC and the Urban League of Hampton Roads
                                                      present a public celebration of Black History          Howard Manly, former director, Field Activities
                                                      Month featuring a keynote address by Maurice           Division, Air Force Systems Command, and           Steve Ambrose blasts the saxophone during a
Queen Sheba performs her original, award-winning      A. Jones, vice president and general manger of         concurrently, deputy commander, Contingency        performance of the American Jazz Ensemble, a group
slam poetry, demonstrating a powerful new art         The Virginian-Pilot. The event included musical        Operations Group for JCS worldwide readiness       that uses music, song and narrative to embrace
form. Audience members join her in a dance of         offerings and the presentation of the Urban            exercises, discusses the important contributions   the life story of Louis Armstrong, one of the most
self expression.                                      League’s Silver Star Awards.                           of the Tuskegee Airmen.                            famous jazz musicians of the 20th century.
4                                                                                  TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007

                                                    Veterans serving veterans
    For many who serve the nation in the              President Franklin D. Roosevelt and proved               Each year college officials certify more            answering phones, handling paperwork and
armed forces, the GI Bill is their ticket             to be one of the most significant pieces of           than 5,000 veterans for educational benefits.          assisting veterans as part of the TCC Veterans
to higher education. But obtaining those              legislation ever produced by the United               And with seven different categories and                Affairs team. “Our work-study students do
educational benefits and keeping on track             States government. Labor experts at the time          numerous sub-categories in the current GI              everything short of advising students,” adds
isn’t always easy with deployments, reservist         noted that following the establishment of the         Bill and a state plan for Military Survivors           Parzynski.
call-ups, and job and family obligations.             GI Bill, veterans turned out to be the best           and Dependent Education, the process can
    The staff at each of TCC’s four campus            educated and trained in the nation’s history          seem overwhelming.
Veterans Affairs offices understands the              (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs).
pressures veterans face as they work toward           The overwhelming success of the original
degrees while also preparing for life after           bill made subsequent extension virtually                “We walk veterans through the system
the military. As retired veterans, they’ve all        automatic. The current education plan, the               and show them how it works. And in the
been there.                                           Montgomery GI Bill, offers many programs,                end they’re pleased that someone was
                                                      some with benefits for military reservists,              there to help.”
                                                      including those activated after 9-11.                                               - Mike O’Tool
    “We all talk the talk, because we’ve been
                                                          TCC has fully staffed Veterans Affairs
     in their place.”
                                                      offices on each campus, helping veterans from
                              - Mary Parzynski
                                                      every branch of service and eligible spouses              “We walk veterans through the system
                                                      and children navigate the administrative              and show them how it works. And, in the
    “We all talk the talk, because we’ve been         process required to obtain benefits from the          end they’re pleased that someone was there
in their place,” says Mary Parzynski, TCC             U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).            to help,” says Mike O’Tool, a retired master           VIRGINIA BEACH: After losing her father when she
                                                                                                                                                                   was young, Miasia Menifee decided to use benefits
Veterans Affairs (VA) certifying official at the      “These veterans are all like me. They gave            chief with 30 years of Navy service and the
                                                                                                                                                                   from Virginia’s Military Survivors and Dependents
Chesapeake Campus and the first African               a significant portion of their lives to serve         VA certifying official at Norfolk Campus for           Education Program to get through college. “I’ve
American female to retire as a chief petty            their country and, in return, they earned an          more than a decade.                                    always wanted to go to college and this plan has
officer with over 20 years of service in the          education. I’m here to make sure they get it,”            “The process is very intense because               helped me realize that dream,” Menifee says.
U.S. Coast Guard.                                     says Austin Keeth, the VA certifying official         regulations change, benefits are added and             “More importantly, working here I’ve gained a
    The Servicemembers’ Readjustment Act              at the Portsmouth Campus and a retired                meticulous record keeping is required in our           whole new family.” Menifee plans a career in the
                                                                                                                                                                   education field and hopes to ultimately serve as a
of 1944, commonly known as the GI Bill                lieutenant with 27 years of service in the            work. . . . Serving veterans is of the utmost
                                                                                                                                                                   school principal. Menifee, part of the team serving
of Rights, was signed into law in 1944 by             U.S. Coast Guard.                                     importance to me, because I have served.               veterans at the Virginia Beach Campus, chats here
                                                                                                            Every day we have the chance to make a                 with mentor and friend Emanuel Chestnut.
                                                                                                            difference by providing quality service to all
                                                                                                            who come through our doors,” adds retired                  Veterans are referred to TCC’s Veterans
                                                                                                            Navy senior chief Emanuel Chestnut, a TCC              Affairs offices by word of mouth and through
                                                                                                            counselor and VA certifying official at the            the military’s Transition Assistance Program,
                                                                                                            Virginia Beach Campus.                                 the week-long course designed to prepare
                                                                                                                These benefits come with a sort of legal           active duty service members to transition
                                                                                                            contract and include guidelines to follow.             to civilian status. “Before veterans leave the
                                                                                                            Once veterans are certified into a specific            service, it’s best if they come to us to discuss
                                                                                                            program, TCC staff provide academic                    benefits. At that time we urge them to
                                                                                                            counsel to ensure veterans stay on track.              establish residency in Virginia; that way they
                                                                                                            “When using these benefits, students can’t             don’t have to wait a year before beginning
                                                                                                            waffle their way through the process,” adds            their educational program at in-state tuition
                                                                                                            O’Tool. “We keep them focused and make                 rates,” Keeth explains.
                                                                                                            sure all classes work into their degree track.”            It has been calculated that during the
                                                                                                            And to keep their benefits current, veterans           lifetime of the average veteran, the U.S.
                                                                                                            must also maintain a 2.0 GPA.                          Treasury receives two to eight times as much
                                                                                                                                                                   in income taxes as it paid out in GI Bill
                                                                                                                                                                   educational benefits (DVA). “We all love
CHESAPEAKE: A can-do Marine with 30 years of service, retired Gunnery Sgt. Leonard Tuckett has                                                                     what we do everyday because we have the
served his country well. In his last assignment he worked with a joint task force to identify and recover                                                          opportunity to make a lasting difference in
the remains of missing service members in Cambodia and Vietnam. “The Marines have a saying that                                                                    veterans’ lives. These students become like
no soldier shall be left on the battlefield, and it was my honor to be able to bring some of our missing                                                           your children – no matter their age,” adds
home,” he says. Tuckett is still involved with the Marine Corps League-Chesapeake detachment,                                                                      Chestnut. “They come in and are frightened
serving as judge advocate. He also works with the Wounded Marine Program, helping injured Marines
                                                                                                                                                                   by the process, and as you work with them,
returning from Iraq. As a TCC work-study student at the Chesapeake Campus, he serves veterans by
                                                                                                                                                                   you see them grow. When they cross that
helping them stay on track. “This is just about the best job I could have.”
                                                                                                                                                                   stage at graduation, it’s just so rewarding.”

Virginia Beach provost                                Quintin Bullock listens to
                                                      speeches at his March
Continued from page 1                                 28 investiture. His
                                                      family joined him from
    With TCC board members, faculty and               Texas for the event, and
                                                                                                            PORTSMOUTH: A former Air Force medical
staff, city and community leaders, family and         can share it with friends
                                                                                                            technician, Vanessa Lopez never planned on going
friends in attendance, Provost Bullock spoke          via TCC’s news site,
                                                                                                            to college. “When I couldn’t find a job, I decided
                                            ,       under
of his plans for the campus, while praising                                                                 to continue what I learned in the military and turn
                                                      Multimedia Features.
faculty for their expertise and commitment.                                                                 those skills into something marketable,” Lopez
Already known for his partnership-building                                                                  explains. She is studying nursing and working
success as provost of the Norfolk Campus,                Speakers included Mayor Meyera                     in the Veterans Affairs office at the Portsmouth
                                                                                                            Campus. “I enjoy working hands-on and helping
Bullock noted his interest in continuing to           Oberndorf, College Board Chair Dorcas                 people feel better. I’m excited about the future and
expand TCC’s partnership with the Virginia            Helfant-Browning, Virginia Beach Public               see the world opening up for me.”
Beach City Public Schools. “Most recently,            Schools Deputy Superintendent Sheila
the college expanded dual enrollment                  Magulla, Virginia Beach Vision President                 Special services are available for those
                                                                                                                                                                   NORFOLK: As a convoy commander, Ernest Corral
offerings in mathematics, science, social             Robert Goodman Jr., Hampton Roads                     who need rehabilitative counseling and                 has spent a lot of time ensuring the safety of troops
sciences, humanities, languages and                   Committee of 200+ Men leader George                   tutorial reimbursement. “We’re the one-stop            and supplies on treks across the desert in Iraq. As
emergency medical services,” he said. “All            Crawley and Robin Browder, associate                  shop for the educational needs of veterans,”           an Army reservist, he is called to the front lines to
of these new initiatives are in response to           professor of English and the longest-                 adds Chestnut. “If necessary, we refer them            give others a break. “I’ve loved serving my country,
Hampton Roads’ community needs.”                                                                            to vocational rehabilitation counselors and            first on active duty, and now in the reserves. It’s
                                                      serving faculty member at the Virginia
                                                                                                                                                                   kind of a family thing, with my grandfather, father
     Dr. Bullock also cited facilities growth,        Beach Campus.                                         even find and pay for a tutor to help them in          and uncle serving in the military before me,”
with construction of the Science Building                Particularly reflecting Bullock’s devotion         a weak academic area.”                                 Corral says. “The sacrifice is that it’s been tough
and planning for a new 65,000 square-foot             to the college’s mission, student leader Jessica         Each campus office also houses DVA-paid             getting my education. I’m back here now, hoping
state-of-the-art Regional Health Professions          Watkins noted his car as the last to leave the        work-study students, giving veterans and               to complete my associate degree before getting
Center to enhance TCC’s response to                   parking lots, saying, “We, the student body of        their dependents job opportunities while               called overseas again.” Corral works as a work-
                                                                                                                                                                   study student in the Veteran Affairs office at the
critical shortages in the healthcare sector of        Virginia Beach, welcome and thank Dr. Bullock         they pursue a degree. More than 20 work-
                                                                                                                                                                   Norfolk Campus.
Hampton Roads’ workforce.                             for his whole-hearted dedication to us.”              study students currently work for the college,
                                                                           TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007                                                                                                      5

Nurses                                                                                               TCC Navy culinary Literary Festival – 2007
Continued from page 1                                                                                student served
year 2020, when Virginia is projected to                                                             President Bush
experience a 36 percent deficit in the number
of nurses required by healthcare employers.
    To address this pressing need, TCC has
re-shaped its nursing program – which
                                                                                                     C     ulinary Specialist Second Class Michael
                                                                                                           Kelly can namedrop, nonstop, the
                                                                                                     people he’s fed – important people. Like
                                                 President Deborah DiCroce congratulates nursing
graduated 72 students this year – and            students at their May 10 pinning ceremony.          the President of the United States. Like
committed new resources to continued                                                                 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and
growth and development. “With the                now if students need to repeat a course, they       Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. Not
Beazley Foundation’s generous donation of        don’t have to wait until the next academic          to mention talking about his collection of          Native American Author Sherman Alexie used humor
$1.4 million to fund a new nursing school,       year.” To meet enrollment demands, two              Christmas photos with the Bush family, now          to describe how limiting life is on “the res” and his
                                                                                                                                                         wish that people continue to strive for equality. The
we are equipped to do our part to train          additional full-time faculty members have           proudly displayed at his parents’ home.
                                                                                                                                                         noted author and filmmaker also paid tribute to the
qualified nurses for the workforce, well into    been added to the program, bringing total              As part of a team of cooks at Camp David         slain at Virginia Tech.
the future,” says TCC President Deborah          nursing faculty to 12.                              for the past three years, Kelly prepared meals
DiCroce, noting the college also has
partnerships with all the region’s hospitals.
                                                     This year the college has also added more
                                                 advanced technology to the program, with
                                                                                                     for the president, his staff and guests. Trained
                                                                                                     for presidential service by a master chef from
                                                                                                     the Culinary Arts Institute, Kelly remains
                                                                                                                                                         T    CC’s sixth annual Literary Festival
                                                                                                                                                              focused on the 400 years since
                                                                                                                                                         Jamestown, reflecting the growth of diversity
The Beazley School of Nursing will open in       simulation work included in the curriculum
2008-09 on the new Portsmouth Campus,            for every course. “Our lab work gives               modest, saying TCC’s Navy culinary class            since the hard-pressed pioneer landing.
in the city’s Victory development.               students hands-on training with simulated           has added to his skills, readying him to feed       The April 16-19 series featured a keynote
    “With a critical need for nurses at all      life-threatening situations,” adds Bell. “By        hundreds of sailors aboard ship.                    address by author Sherman Alexie, a panel
levels – from certified nurse assistant to       working with high-tech human patient                                                                    discussion of the chamber opera Pocahontas,
LPN to RN to master’s degree – TCC’s             simulators, we make critical-care training a                                                            and campus presentations by Robert Brown,
role is more crucial than ever, ” adds Mike      risk-free learning experience.”                                                                         Natalie Diaz, Evan Eisenberg, Queen Sheba
Summers, TCC vice president for academic             To date, the nursing program has added                                                              and Jeff Hewitt.
and student affairs. He notes that education     three advanced human patient simulators                                                                    The college’s commemoration of
for diverse career opportunities can increase    that move, breathe, blink, talk and have a                                                              the Jamestown anniversary continued
nurse retention, offering advancement and        pulse and heart rate. Program plans include                                                             with sponsorship of the world-premiere
                                                                                                                                                         performance of the chamber opera,
fresh duties, from hands-on practical nursing    adding pediatric and neonatal simulators,
                                                                                                                                                         Pocahontas, on May 19 in the TCC Roper
to supervising and teaching roles.               giving students the opportunity to practice
                                                                                                                                                         Performing Arts Center. The operetta,
    Working in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s      on many age levels.                                                                                     produced by the Virginia Arts Festival (VAF)
offices, nursing homes, hospices, adult day-         “Focusing on the career ladder for today’s                                                          and Virginia Opera, was composed by Linda
care centers and schools, nurses make up one     nurses and preparing graduates for further                                                              Tutas Haugen. TCC partners with VAF for
in four of the workforce, according to the       baccalaureate study is key,” says Summers,                                                              each season at the Roper Performing Arts
Virginia Initiative for Nursing Education.       “especially as Virginia’s nursing workforce                                                             Center, including bringing world-renowned
As the largest healthcare occupation in the      nears retirement age.” The median age for                                                               performers, such as the Royal Shakespeare
country, registered nurses hold about 2.4        practicing nurses is about 45 years, and 53            Yearning to “go places again,” Kelly has         Company, to the area.
million jobs nationwide (U.S. Department         years for nursing faculty (Virginia Partnership     opted to return to sea and get back to the
of Labor).
    Among steps to address the shortage,
                                                 for Nursing).
                                                     “Preparing nurses to assume management
                                                                                                     Navy life he signed up for right out of high
                                                                                                     school from a small Texas town. “I really
                                                                                                                                                         Norfolk provost
TCC has launched courses in eight-week           roles and expanding their skills are essential,”    missed the sea – but Camp David was                 Continued from page 1
segments, adding more ways to meet               adds Gwen Carr, dean of TCC’s health                awesome, a great experience that I’ll always            Before an assemblage of TCC board
requirements. “We’re hoping that this new        professions division. “To ensure quality care       remember,” says the tall, soft-spoken sailor. A     members, community and city leaders, faculty,
course structure will aid retention rates,”      for the Commonwealth, we must invest                new graduate of TCC’s Navy culinary class,          staff and friends, Provost Kajstura praised
notes Denise Bell, nursing program head.         now in nursing education recruitment                Kelly took the course to be certified as a cook     the college for its progressive leadership and
“Our courses are offered sequentially, so        and training.”                                      on the USS Enterprise.                              strategic growth. Noting how honored he
                                                                                                        But, that’s just one step in his Navy career     feels to serve as provost, Kajstura spoke of his
Nursing grant to advance LPNs to RNs                                                                 plan – a plan                                       career, his family, his upbringing in Poland
                                                                                                     that       started                                  and memories of life behind the Iron Curtain.

W       ith the pressing need for nurses on
        the Eastern Shore, TCC has been
awarded a three-year grant to give nursing
                                                 the opportunity to take our program to the
                                                 next level.”
                                                    Implementation of TCC’s LPN to RN
                                                                                                     him in basic
                                                                                                     engineering for
                                                                                                                                                         Today’s technology – and freedom – allow
                                                                                                                                                         his parents to see photos of the ceremony on
                                                                                                     his first tour of                                   TCC’s web site.
professionals the opportunity to move up         program began in September 2006, with
                                                                                                     duty, but with an                                       A lifelong educator known for partnership
the career ladder. In its initial years, the     the first students enrolling in the summer
                                                                                                     option to choose                                    building, Kajstura has served at five
LPN to RN Academic Bridge program will           2007 session. Because many students are
add 50 new registered nurses to the area’s                                                           a different path.                                   community colleges in three states. In his
                                                 already working professionals, they’ll meet
healthcare system.                               in a fully-equipped classroom at Shore              “I guess being                                      speech, he cited key goals for the campus,
    Through a U.S. Department of Health          Memorial Hospital, where they have access           pretty good with                                    including strengthening links to Norfolk
and Human Services grant, TCC and its            to computers for distance learning and              the mechanical                                      public schools, businesses and associations,
partners – Eastern Shore Community               human patient simulators for clinical work.         side of things just works well in cooking,”         building academic programs and working
College (ESCC) and Shore Memorial                “Students are excited about this opportunity        he explains.                                        closely with faculty on strategic initiatives.
Hospital – will receive $702,005, 47.5           because we’ve streamlined the process,                 Kelly must love it; he just re-enlisted              “I welcome the
percent of the total project cost of $1.4        enabling qualified LPNs to earn their RN            for six more years and says he’ll aim for the       opportunity        to
million, over a three-year period. The partner   certification in one year,” adds Freeze.            rank of master chief. First, though, he plans       add to the success
institutions will provide the remainder of                                                           to get an associate degree to enhance his           and growth of this
the project’s cost through in-kind support,       “Critical career-bridge programs like these can    opportunity for promotion. Online classes,          campus. With our
including faculty and administrative time          become models to relieve healthcare shortages.”   accessible from anywhere in the world, will         excellent faculty
and use of labs and classrooms.                                      – Vice President Mike Summers   serve him well, he adds.                            and teamwork, the
    The LPN to RN project extends TCC’s                                                                                                                  Norfolk Campus
commitment to increase the number of                                                                                                                     will forge new connections and reach new
registered nurses in the region and adds to          “We’ll also employ special strategies to        Honoring Virginia Tech victims                      goals,” Kajstura said.
the long-established nursing partnership         ensure student success, like training sessions      Continued from page 1
                                                                                                                                                             Speakers at the ceremony included Mayor
with ESCC. Begun in 1986 with a special          on technology, brown bag sessions focusing                                                              Paul Fraim, College Board Chair Dorcas
                                                                                                                                On       April     19
state appropriation secured under President      on study skills, and teaching guides to aid                                                             Helfant-Browning, Norfolk Public Schools
                                                                                                                            TCC held memorial
DiCroce’s tenure as Portsmouth Campus            in the transfer from the LPN to RN role,”                                                               Superintendent Stephen Jones, Downtown
                                                                                                                            gatherings and candlelight
provost, the ESCC/TCC nursing program            notes Freeze. Students will also be paired
                                                                                                                            vigils to honor the          Norfolk Council Chair Stephen Fuschetti,
graduates 8 to 15 students each year.            with registered-nurse mentors to personally
                                                                                                                            slain. During both           Norfolk Campus Student Government
    Noting the value of the new grant,           help them with questions and concerns.
                                                                                                                            events, TCC students,        Association President Juanita Henderson, and
TCC’s Jeanine Freeze says, “We are one               “Critical    career-bridge      programs
                                                                                                                            faculty, staff and           Helena Krohn, associate professor of history
of only two schools in Virginia and one          like these can become models to relieve
                                                                                                                            community members            and a past chair of the campus faculty senate.
of five community colleges nationwide to         healthcare shortages,” says Mike Summers,
receive awards under the Nurse Education         TCC vice president for academic and student                                read poems, spoke of
                                                                                                                            Tech friends, alumni         Norfolk Campus Provost Alex Kajstura can
Practice and Retention program.” Freeze, a       affairs. “And grant funding from the U.S.
                                                                                                                                                         share his investiture with his parents in Poland
nurse practitioner who directs the ESCC/         Department of Health and Human Services             and their families and quietly commemorated
                                                                                                                                                         thanks to today’s video and online technology.
TCC cooperative nursing program as well          plays a key role in providing technology            the lives lost. At noon on April 20, across its     His speech and photo slideshow are a “click”
as the grant project, adds, “This is a very      training and up-to-date equipment – like            campuses, TCC held moments of silence in            away on TCC’s news site,, under
sizable grant for our area and it gives us       human patient simulators.”                          outdoor gathering spaces.                           Multimedia Features.
6                                                                            TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007

May graduate beats learning                                                                                                                            TCC grad builds a
challenge; heads to UVA in fall                                                                                                                        life in architecture
                                                                                                                                                       C     lay Dills had a rocky start with college

M      ay 11 marked a milestone for Norfolk           That injury may have been the cause of                                                                 life. He went from major to major, never
       native Glynis Pegram, who joined               a long-undiagnosed disability, one that                                                          finding anything to get excited about. He
1,200 other students crossing the stage during        led her to drop out of school at 14. In the                                                      flunked out of both TCC and Old Dominion
TCC’s commencement program. Pegram                    following years she got pregnant, married                                                        University – all before turning 21.
has earned a hard-won associate degree from           and took years of abuse before divorcing                                                            Enjoying the surf scene and working
TCC, where she runs the SI (Supplemental              and struggling with a range of jobs – from                                                       for Wave Riding Vehicles (WRV) at the
Instructors) program at the Norfolk Campus.           bowling alley attendant to dressmaker to                                                         oceanfront, Dills was unsure about what to
She also heads to the University of Virginia          working with a tax preparer – all without                                                        do with the rest of his life. “I still remember
this fall to pursue a bachelor’s degree in            even a General Education Diploma (GED).                                                          the day my counselor at ODU gave me a form
anthropology and women’s studies.                     She also survived childhood abuse and adult     Glynis Pegram beams before TCC’s graduation in   and told me to put a check in the box for my
                                                                                                      May, knowing her UVA dream comes to fruition     major. I was stunned. They were essentially
   Today, she is a model example of a                 bouts with cancer, which she met with a “will
                                                                                                      this fall.
community college success story, but her life         to survive and make a difference,” Pegram                                                        asking me to choose a career path, and I just
wasn’t always on that track.                          quietly says.                                       TCC’s work with a national initiative        had no idea what to do,” Dills recalls.
   In fact, her life has been an amazing series           Finally, her own children, now adults,      for student success, Achieving the Dream,           At WRV Dills excelled and began using
of challenges that began at age four with an          persuaded her to get her GED and go to          helped shape processes that assisted Pegram      his drawing skills to design a line of men’s
injury that put her in a coma for months.             college. One of her sons candidly advised       all along the way – from instructors trained     wear. “Things started to turn around for me
                                                      her she needed to “get a life” apart from her   to spot developmental students in trouble,       when I realized that I wanted to use my skills
                                                      children. She enrolled at TCC to change her     to counselors primed to work with such           to build things. Growing up with a father
                                                      life and devote herself to something new.       students, to the tutors who helped her           who is an architect, I sort of rebelled against
                                                          Pegram placed into developmental            through the math classes that almost kept her    the idea of following in his footsteps. It was
                                                      courses at TCC. At first, afraid and            from an education. Now a tutor herself, an       only as I got older that I became excited
                                                      intimidated by her inability to comprehend      SI (Supplement Instructor) for TCC in math       about doing that work,” Dills recalls.
                                                      the subject matter, she would actually vomit    and English, she oversees other SIs.                Dills turned to TCC to get back into
Both TCC alumnae, Norfolk Campus writing lab          during math class. Her professor and others         With her study methods firmly embedded,      college. “I really needed a second chance. I
head Ellynne Woodson (right) and supplemental         at TCC recommended counseling, where            Pegram moves on to UVA in August, focused        had to get top grades to be accepted by an
instructor head Glynis Pegram will become UVA         at last she was diagnosed with a learning       on a goal of nurturing women’s success           architectural school; and while it sounds
students this year. Pegram heads to Charlottesville                                                                                                    simple, TCC gave me that chance,” Dills
                                                      disability. She cannot comprehend writing       around the world. “I’ll miss my family and
and Woodson plans to enter UVA’s Bachelor of
                                                      and, especially, numbers without primary        my students here at TCC, but I hope they’ll      says. “I needed a college with professors and
Interdisciplinary Studies program delivered at
TCC, in part so she can continue her work at the      senses – hearing, seeing and touching –         see themselves taking a similar path someday,”   administrators who would help me refocus
writing lab.                                          engaged simultaneously.                         she says.                                        and support me all the way. The people there
                                                                                                                                                       gave me a renewed vigor for my future and
                                                                                                                                                       shot me off in the right direction when the
                                                                                                                                                       timing was finally right.”
Technology grants to fuel learning in 21st century                                                                                                        Transferring to Virginia Tech with a 4.0
                                                                                                                                                       GPA, Dills excelled and graduated first in
                                                                                                                                                       class. His studies included a year at The

F    or close to a decade TCC’s Instructional
     Technology and Learning Grants have
fueled innovation in the college’s use of
                                                      expanded her technology to voice-recording
                                                      software Wimba, and shares her work with
                                                      people who saw the AP story and contact her
                                                                                                      and the installation and training on this
                                                                                                      second generation version of the software,
                                                                                                      hardware and accompanying sensors for
                                                                                                                                                       Cooper Union School in Manhattan.

instructional technology. Broad in depth              for help.                                       chemistry laboratory work. The funds will        “...TCC is a really good enabler and you can
and scope, the projects cross disciplines and                                                         support revision of existing lab modules and      launch from there.”
often build on previous projects and rely on                                                          the perfection of two new experiments.                                                    - Clay Dills
                                                      Science on the Spot
collaboration for success. For the current
                                                  One of the cornerstones of biology is the
academic year, $100,000 was awarded to
                                                  scientific method. In order to prove facts          Radiography Outreach                                “As an adult student, it was sometimes
support 10 projects.                                                                                                                                   tough going,” Dills adds. “But the Norfolk
                                                  and gain reasoning skills, there must be a          Kim Utley, radiography program head, was
                                                                            hypothesis      to        awarded $19,835 to help prepare students         Foundation gave me a scholarship when I
                                                                            test, a method of         on the Eastern Shore to become certified         really needed it and provided important
                                                                            experimentation           radiographers. Previously there has been no      connections with the American Institute
                                                                            and results that          avenue for these residents to receive formal     of Architects.”
                                                                            can be measured.          education in radiography, with the result that      Dills now works with his father designing
                                                                            And the results           they have been trained on the job. Through       school additions, home renovations, multi-
                                                                            must be repeatable        this grant, TCC purchased equipment to           million dollar homes, marine terminals and
                                                                            under the same            facilitate distance learning and to support      more. “The practice is very challenging, and
                                                                            conditions.     To        the faculty’s development of online courses      I enjoy the work. It’s great to see something
                                                                            give students more        to be delivered to the region.                   you design come to life in a constructed
                                                                            opportunities to                                                           project.” Dills and his firm also work with
                                                                            work with lab                                                              the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing
                                                                                                      Mimio Interactive
                                                                            experiments,                                                               Authority to provide architecture services for
                                                                                                      This grant enables any whiteboard to be
                                                                            Cameron Russell,                                                           those with limited incomes.
                                                                                                      transformed into an interactive whiteboard.
                                                                            biology instructor,                                                            Back in the classroom, this time as
Students Lindleigh Whetstone (left) and Kathleen Thomas listen to a                                   Kelly Gillerlain, assistant professor of
                                                                            was       awarded                                                          an adjunct faculty member for Hampton
Spanish lesson on their TCC-issued iPods.                                                             business, received $1,916 to install 2 mimio
                                                                            $6,433 to add                                                              University, Dills shares his professional
                                                                                                      interactive devices. When used with a
                                                  computer software to the college’s science                                                           expertise with budding architecture students.
                                                                                                      computer and multimedia projector, the
Ipods for Learning                                networks, enabling students to replicate            ergonomic mimio mouse stylus can be used
                                                                                                                                                           “It’s all a blur to me now,” Dills adds,
Reaching out to the tech-savvy generation, hands-on experiments with the click of                                                                      “but what I know is that TCC is a really good
                                                                                                      like a cordless mouse to click, drag and
Kathy O’Connor, associate professor of a mouse. This non-web-based software                                                                            enabler and you can launch from there.”
                                                                                                      drop a variety of computer applications and
English/foreign language, was awarded includes experiments for general biology,
                                                                                                      documents directly on any whiteboard, up
$10,900 to incorporate iPods use in her microbiology, anatomy, physiology and
                                                                                                      to 4’ by 8’ in size. This technology works
Intermediate Spanish classes. The grant genetics. It also includes digital microscope
                                                                                                      well for front-of-the-class teaching, enabling
enabled her to purchase 25 iPods to be images of tissues with labels and informative
                                                                                                      professors to control PowerPoint slides, Excel
loaned to students for the duration of the text. The grant also funded training for all
                                                                                                      spreadsheets, Word documents, browse
semester and included downloaded listening biology faculty in the use of the programs
                                                                                                      educational websites, navigate interactive
comprehension and pronunciation exercises and applications.
                                                                                                      CDs and annotate and edit slides directly on
for two semesters of Intermediate Spanish.            Computers have become vital to the              the board.
Of the students who accepted the iPods, the workings of the modern chemistry laboratory.
majority doubled their listening practice To keep pace, TCC outfitted its chemistry
time for required class activities.               labs at the Virginia Beach Campus with              Color Management
   When an Associated Press reporter LabWorks in the late ’90s. The software, for                     Not a simple process, color management           Clay Dills designed his home with livable features
learned of this innovative teaching strategy major chemistry offerings for transferring               is often skimmed over in small visual arts       like an open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows
                                                                                                      programs. To build student skills in this        and natural stone and hardwood flooring. He
and wrote about the class, the story went students, was developed by a consortium                                                                      restored the land, a former trash dump, and
national, even international to England and of colleges and sponsored by the National                 important area, Thomas Siegmund, assistant
                                                                                                                                                       improved property values. Dills is shown here
Canada, with O’Connor and her students Science Foundation. This year’s grant of                       professor of photography at the Visual Arts      with wife Deedra, sons Adler and Eli and family
featured in the lead. O’Connor has since $10,480 funds the purchase of MicroLAB,                                                 Please see page 7     dog MoMo.
                                                                          TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007                                                                                                       7

                A World View - TCC Study Abroad 2007
T     CC’s outreach continues to stretch
      around the globe through its study
abroad program, which includes a new
                                                  “Students do not gain these perspectives in a
                                                  classroom, from TV or by staying home. You
                                                  have to travel to get there.” Student travelers
venture to Honduras. Students also traveled       can earn three horticulture credits by enrolling
to Costa Rica, Greece and Ireland.                in Natural History of Honduras: Rainforests,
   “Our study abroad programs offer students      Reefs and Ruins and completing pre- and
the opportunity to experience the world           post-departure classroom components, as
from multiple perspectives and develop the        well as the travel.
necessary skills to thrive in an increasingly         Student travelers to Costa Rica will
interdependent global community,” explains        experience a month of Spanish language
Jeanne Natali, the college’s coordinator of       immersion designed to give students the
international programs.                           opportunity to learn Spanish from those
   TCC travelers to Honduras will spend           who speak it fluently. This well-established
10 days experiencing rainforests, ruins and       travel abroad experience provides students
reefs. Come August, the group will begin the      with a month of instruction at the University
journey in the country’s Western Highlands        of Costa Rica, while living with a local           explains Michael Bales, assistant professor
in the town of Copan Ruinas, where they           family, sharing conversation and meals.            of history and the trip leader. “Through the
will rise for early morning birding, tour         “The best way to learn a language is to            journey, students will take away something
a coffee plantation and the ancient ruins.        interact with people who speak the language        that will stay with them forever.”
Travelers will move on to the steamy North        and experience their culture from within,
Coast, experiencing the Carib Garifuna            and to become sincerely interested in their          “Through the journey, students will take
culture, with its ecologically diverse beaches,   heritage, customs and traditions,” says              away something that will stay with them
mangrove wetlands and the lowland tropical        associate professor of Spanish and trip leader       forever.”
jungles of Punta Sal and Cuero Y Salado,          Gabriela Toletti. The June-July trip enables                                   - Michael Bales
as well as the mountain jungles and rivers        student to earn six foreign language credits                                                                Honduras travelers explore this ancient land
of Pico Bonito. The trip will close with a        for Intermediate Spanish I and II. Before              Visiting the land of saints and scholars in          and experience wildlife, architecture and art.
stop on the tiny island of Utila, the jewel of    departure, students are required to complete       Ireland for the fifth time, TCC students will
the Bay Islands, where travelers will explore     a 15-hour language class in preparation for        spend time in Dublin, Cork and Clare. While
the marine environments of the northern           this study abroad experience.                      traveling, the group will visit landmarks like
hemisphere’s largest and most pristine coral           For the third time, TCC travelers head to     Trinity College, National Art Gallery, St.
reef system.                                      Greece to visit Bronze Age and classical sites     Patrick’s Cathedral, National Museum, the
                                                  including Athens, Olympia, Corinth, Delphi,        Guinness Brewery, the Cliffs of Moher, as well
  “Global learning prepares students for          Mycenae, Thermopylae and Epidauros. Sites to       as other historical sites. “Study abroad brings
   the realities of a culturally diverse,         see include the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,       change in one’s outlook,” adds Doris Jellig,
   economically interdependent and                the Royal Palace, the Panathenian Stadium,         associate professor of English and the trip
   ecologically vulnerable world and              the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of         leader. “Students might read about Ireland’s
   is a vital part of the undergraduate           Possesodon, Meteora, Kamena Voura, as well         potato famine in a history book, but visiting
   experience.”                                   as several archeological sites. Students can       the crumbled remains of famine houses and
                                 - Ken Spencer    earn three credits in history or humanities        seeing the ports where millions escaped and
                                                  by completing study requirements, as well          others died on ‘coffin ships,’ while listening
                                                                                                                                                              Beautiful scenery abounds off the rocky coast of
   “Global learning prepares students for the     as the travel. “We talk about the Acropolis,       to a guide speak about that time, brings
                                                                                                                                                              Ireland. Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland is
realities of a culturally diverse, economically   the Bronze Age site of Mycenae and other           it all to life.” Student travelers may register          a special spot for study abroad visitors.
interdependent and ecologically vulnerable        important Greek centers in class, and study        for a three-credit humanities course which
world and is a vital part of the undergraduate    photographs and documentaries, but visiting        includes literature, film and history.
experience,” explains Ken Spencer, professor      the actual sites gives a greater appreciation of         In other years TCC travel abroad                   including the Dominican Republic,
of horticulture and the trip’s faculty leader.    Greek history and Greece society in general,”      students have ventured to myriad locations               Nicaragua, London, Rome and Russia.

Technology grants fuel learning in 21st century                                                      Speaking out: Student
Continued from page 6                                                                                speakers reflect on their
                                                                                                     time at TCC
Center, received $15,098 to integrate this        design and support services, and a team of
technology with the center’s 175 devices,
including computers, flatbed scanners, film
scanners, printers and digital projectors
                                                  faculty trainers including Deniz Hackner,
                                                  Joseph Joyner, Michele Marits, Lyn Rainard
                                                  and Jim Roberts. A grant of $14,437 funded
                                                                                                     E   very commencement, TCC selects a
                                                                                                         student speaker to bring a fresh
                                                                                                     perspective on higher education and life
– each capable of capturing, displaying and       this program, which focused on hands-on            success. This past December, two women
outputting a different color for any given        training for online course development             were candidates for student graduation
image file. Color management is the process                                                          speaker. For May’s graduation, five students
                                                  through BlackBoard, web-page creation,
by which all of these devices are tested                                                             were nominated to deliver the address. You
                                                  collaborative communications, and best
and calibrated to provide consistent                                                                 can read their stories in the TCC Chronicle
                                                  practices of online teaching.
results that are necessary for real-world                                                            online,
business applications.                                Creating a model Visual Resource Center,
                                                  David Hodge, learning systems administrator,
Teaching the Teachers                             was awarded $15,650 to build a central
Noting that faculty has limited access to         clearinghouse on technology issues related to                                                               TEACHING THE TEACHERS…
training with the BlackBoard online course-       the use of digital media in instruction. The                                                                In a partnership that takes learning
management system, Jim Roberts, assistant         new center directly supports the faculty in                                                                 to new heights, TCC and Virginia
professor of economics, and Lyn Rainard,          the creation and use of digital media. The lab                                                              Beach City Public Schools introduced
professor of history, were awarded $3,950 to      provides scanning and editing, cataloging                                                                   Geographic       Information      Systems
develop learning modules, allowing faculty        and storage, access and training on the use of                                                              (GIS) to area middle school teachers
to take lessons whenever they could spare a       this media. New equipment including a high-                                                                 during a morning session presented by
few moments online. Building on last year’s       resolution scanner, digital media workstation                                                               TCC faculty member Rodney Clayton,
grant, awarded to offer training for faculty      and complimentary software, along with a                                                                    a full-time geologist with master’s
                                                                                                                                                              certification in GIS. The three-hour
on the basics of BlackBoard, this year’s          part-time staff member keep this center up
                                                                                                                                                              presentation focused on GIS, a cutting
grant takes things a step further, focusing       and running for faculty use.
                                                                                                                                                              edge technology that stores, manipulates
on intermediate-level skills. This training is        Nancy Jolemore received a small stipend
                                                                                                                                                              and graphically displays geographic data.
available to all faculty via the TCC website      to conduct one-on-one training sessions for                                                                 The group also learned about ArcView
under instructional technologies.                 writing center and tutoring center tutors on                                                                GIS software, and its applications in the
                                                                                                     TCC commencement student speaker Ahnivah
    A three-day, intensive summer program         the uses of BlackBoard, Inspiration software                                                                classroom, especially in helping students
                                                                                                     Williams, who heads to the University of Virginia next
for technology was developed by Yanyan            and Microsoft Word’s “autotext” and                fall, praised TCC as a welcoming place where students    meet Virginia’s Standards of Learning for
Yong, TCC’s coordinator of instructional          comment features.                                  can prepare for whatever goals they hold dear.           earth sciences and world geography.
8                                                                                  TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007

         TCC Celebrates National Hispanic Month
    TCC celebrated National Hispanic Month around the theme of Hispanic Americans: Our
Rich Culture Contributing to America’s Future. The program featured keynote speaker Walter
Tejada, a member of the Arlington County Board of Supervisors, who spoke about immigration
  and its impact on Virginia. The celebration also featured life stories of TCC professors from
                  Argentina, El Salvador, Cuba/Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

TCC professor Veronica Bradley spoke about the         Silvina Doncel, TCC Spanish professor, holds a map
civil war that took place in El Salvador, her native   of Argentina, her native country. She talked about
country, in the 1980s. She stressed the importance     the similarities in the landscapes of Argentina
of taking the naturalization oath and contributing     and America, noting that both countries have
to your host country, while maintaining traits from    impressive waterfalls, prairies/meadows, high
your native land.                                      mountain ranges and glaciers.

                                                                                                                                                                      An immigrant from El Salvador, Walter Tejada grew
                                                                                                                                                                      up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in New
                                                                                                                                                                      York City. During his presentation, he spoke of his
                                                                                                                                                                      early years in America and his success in gaining
                                                                                                                                                                      a college education and law degree through hard
                                                                                                                                                                      work and the help of soccer scholarships. He went
                                                                                                                                                                      on to speak about current immigration issues in
                                                                                                               Born and raised in Montevideo, the capital city of     the United States, calling the system “broken.”
                                                                                                               Uruguay, Gabriella Toletti spoke about her family      Opposed to both amnesty and building walls
Ana Gutierrez, director of the Upward Bound program at TCC’s Chesapeake Campus, spoke about globalization      and their rich heritage. She described her birth
                                                                                                                                                                      between borders, Tejada believes that the U.S.
and the inclusion of Latin America as a contributor to the world’s economy. She noted that just because most   place as a cosmopolitan, intellectual, vibrant and
Latin American countries live under the poverty level, they have much to offer in terms of human resources,                                                           needs comprehensive immigration reform that is
                                                                                                               European-style city. Toletti also talked about the
including trained doctors, attorneys, business people, writers, musicians and others. Gutierrez is shown       country’s original inhabitants, the Charrúa Indians,   both humane and supportive of the economy.
here speaking about her successful family members, all working as professionals in the U.S.                    as well as the nation’s art, music and literature.

Fighting fires and getting degree – all in a day’s work

                                                                                                                                                                      CLASSIFIED DAY . . . TCC President
                                                                                                                                                                      Deborah DiCroce talks with classified staff
                                                                                                                                                                      members about her vision for the college
                                                                                                                                                                      and answers questions during Professional
                                                                                                                                                                      Development Day held in early March.
                                                                                                                                                                      Staffers provided home and personal items
                                                                                                                                                                      for residents of the Gosnold apartments,
                                                                                                                                                                      the area’s first supportive housing for area
                                                                                                                                                                      homeless, as the “admission” fee for the day.

W        hen Eric Alger left college, his mother
         Jane warned that it’d be years before
he’d return. She was right.
                                                        wanted to be a firefighter, so I began working
                                                        toward that goal.”
                                                            Alger joined the Virginia Beach Fire
                                                                                                               TCC graduate Eric Alger works as a master
                                                                                                               firefighter at Station 5 in Virginia Beach.
                                                                                                               on the scene. “I want more responsibility
    After doing a variety of jobs from                  Department as a probationary firefighter               and to keep moving forward,” he adds. “And
waiting tables to teaching rock climbing to             nine years ago, and simultaneously enrolled            getting my degree was necessary for any
shoveling snow to working in retail, Alger              in TCC’s fire science program to learn more            more promotions.”
joined the Navy. He served eight years aboard           about the job he was pursuing. “I’ve had so                Twenty-one years after beginning his
submarines as a sonar technician and ship’s             many professors who love their work and are            quest, Alger graduated with an associate of
diver. “I learned the hard way that education is        passionate about teaching us. We have high-            applied science in fire science. He plans to
incredibly important,” he says. “I know some            quality education in Virginia Beach because            return to TCC to pursue a general education
people who’ve gotten by and even excelled               of TCC.”                                               degree and, at some point, transfer to Old
without a college degree or even a high school              Working his way up the ranks, Alger                Dominion University. “Education was
diploma, but those cases are not the norm.”             now serves as a master firefighter. “The way           always important to my parents and in the
    When Alger left the Navy, he went to                I look at it, you’re either moving up or out,”         back of my mind, I always felt that push,”
work for a government contractor working                he says with a laugh. Alger hopes to make              Alger says. “My father didn’t live to see this
on submarine sonar systems. “I enjoyed the              captain, the firefighter in charge of a unit           day, but I know he’s here with me and mom
work, but wanted something more. I always               and responsible for making critical decisions          in spirit, smiling about this success.”
                                                                                          TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007                                                                                                          9

                                                                                         PEOPLE AT TCC
  People at TCC announces new leadership appointments and pinpoints significant achievements                             recognize accomplishments that go above
  among TCC faculty, staff and administration. Send your award and recognition notices, your                             and beyond the call of duty. Arnold has been
  successes and accomplishments to                                                                    instrumental in the development of online
                                                                                                                         mathematics courses, calculus tutorials and
                                                                                                                         the continued operation of the Norfolk

Q      uintin Bullock, Virginia Beach
       Campus provost, published a paper
this fall on how the work of student affairs’
                                                           Jolemore, Mary Pat Liggio, William
                                                           Paquette, Joseph Reish, William Sherrill
                                                           and Kellie Sorey shared their insights at
                                                                                                                         math lab.

                                                                                                                         Administrator of the Year Award –
practitioners should change. The paper,                    this year’s VCCS New Horizons conference,                     Christine Damrose-Mahlmann, interim
Student Affairs: Becoming Involved and                     around the conference theme of Teaching and                   campus       dean      of
Being Understood, was printed in the                       Learning in a New World. Conference co-                       student services at
National Association of Student Affairs                    presenters included Yvonne Aucoin, Jacque                     the Norfolk Campus,
Professionals’ newsletter.                                 Dessino, Thomas Ellis, Susan Fincke,                          licensed professional
                                                           Mary Hanlin and Naaman Wood. Also,                            counselor and assistant

T     CC President Deborah M. DiCroce has
      received the Tidewater Chapter of the
Virginia Conference for
                                                           Joseph Joyner, Michele Marits and Ronald
                                                           Robertson conducted Blackoard workshops,
                                                           giving attendees useful information on this
                                                                                                                         professor, received this
                                                                                                                         award in recognition
                                                                                                                         of contributions that
                                                                                                                                                                                 TCC HONORS TWO LOCAL
                                                                                                                                                                                 LEADERS WITH KING AWARDS…
Community and Justice                                      e-learning system. The conference focused                     advance the college’s                                   Honoring the memory of Martin
(VCCJ) Humanitarian                                        on the challenges involved in navigating a                    mission and goals and promote opportunities             Luther King Jr., TCC recognized two
Award for her significant                                  world of rapid-paced communications and                       for leadership, training and mentoring among            outstanding individuals who embody
contributions toward                                       new economic and cultural connections.                        TCC employees and students.                             King’s dreams and life work. Dr. James
the improvement of                                                                                                                                                               W. Holley III, mayor of Portsmouth, and
human relations, social                                                                                                                                                          Ives Clark, professor of administrative
welfare and justice, and the quality of life                                                                             TCC receives scholarships from HSBC                     support technology and coordinator of
of the people in the Commonwealth of
Virginia. The VCCJ presented the annual
award at a dinner held March 21.
                                                           TCC 2007 ANNUAL AWARD WINNERS

                                                           Professor of the Year Award – James
                                                                                                                         T   CC will soon award four grants for
                                                                                                                             scholarships from HSBC- North
                                                                                                                         America’s Card Services and Consumer
                                                                                                                                                                                 the student employment services office
                                                                                                                                                                                 at the Virginia Beach Campus, received
                                                                                                                                                                                 distinguished service awards during
     Among recent community initiatives,                   O’Brien, Ph.D., professor of psychology at                    Lending businesses. HSBC provided a                     TCC’s eighth annual Dr. Martin Luther
DiCroce has served on the city of Norfolk’s                the Virginia Beach Campus, received this                      $12,000 grant to be shared among each of                King, Jr. recognition event.
homeless commission; partnered with the                    peer award established                                        TCC’s campuses, in the amount of $3,000
Jewish Community Center in its annual film                 by the TCC Faculty                                            per campus, covering approximately two
festivals; marked the 50th anniversary of civil            Senate to recognize                                           semesters’ tuition and books.                                      A World Quest
rights with a photographic mural of sit-ins at             teaching excellence.
the former Woolworth’s building, now a part
of TCC’s Norfolk Campus; and fostered the
                                                           Working with several
                                                           teams of students
                                                                                                                                                                                 T     CC’s faculty/staff team placed third
                                                                                                                                                                                       in the college faculty division of
                                                                                                                                                                                 the 2006 WorldQuest event, a Jeopardy-
college’s annual Black History Month and                   since 1998, O’Brien
                                                                                                                                                                                 style game designed to test participants
Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.                      has debunked the
                                                                                                                                                                                 knowledge of current events, geography,
    President DiCroce was also awarded                     long-standing view of
                                                                                                                                                                                 international affairs, history and general
a 2006 Women in Business Achievement                       social psychology that
                                                                                                                                                                                 knowledge. TCC’s team included Daniel
Award from Inside Business. She was among                  women conform more than men in response
                                                                                                                                                                                 Causey, Kathy Jacobs, Kevin McCarthy,
25 Hampton Roads women noted for their                     to group pressure. O’Brien also was named
                                                                                                                                                                                 Jim Newsom, Elizabeth Olson, Bill
contributions to the economy and success of                a Chancellor’s Commonwealth Professor
                                                                                                                                                                                 Rodner, Sylvia Ross and Cynthia Welch.
the region.                                                for 2007-2009, one of two chosen for the
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sponsored by the World Affairs Council
                                                           Virginia Community College System award.
                                                                                                                         PRAISE AND KUDOS… TCC’s                                 of Greater Hampton Roads, the group

R    obert Guess, assistant professor of
     information   systems      technology,
earned two new certifications: the National
                                                           Special Achievement Award – Julia
                                                           Arnold, Ph.D., associate
                                                                                                                         annual Scholarship Luncheon honoring
                                                                                                                         dozens of generous donors and grateful
                                                                                                                                                                                 strives to educate and engage grassroots
                                                                                                                                                                                 America in world affairs.
                                                                                                                         students outgrew the TCC Roper
Security Agency INFOSEC Assessment                         professor of mathematics                                      Performing Arts Center stage, moving
Methodologist IAM and the agency’s                         and math lab coordinator                                      to the Waterside Marriott. Here, Joseph
INFOSEC Evaluation Methodologist IEM.                      at the Norfolk Campus,                                        Cook gives the student talk, citing the                    IN MEMORIAM
                                                           received     this   peer                                      value of a community college education                     George Sunnucks, 32-year faculty

F   aculty presenters Barry Hoy, Eleanor
    Hoy, Jennifer Ferguson, Nancy
                                                           award given by the
                                                           TCC Faculty Senate to
                                                                                                                         – “affordable and with faculty you know
                                                                                                                         are high quality.”
                                                                                                                                                                                    member who taught history,
                                                                                                                                                                                    government and sociology – April 24

   Welcome to TCC                                                                                                           Donna Marie R. Manglicmot, Public Relations & Marketing Specialist II, Information Center
                                                                                                                            Jack L. Manning, Education Support Specialist III, Student Services, Portsmouth Campus
   CLASSIFIED STAFF                                                                                                         Christopher M. Masterson, Trades Technician III, Chesapeake Campus
       Paul A. Akong, Financial Services Specialist I, Fiscal Services                                                      Yasmin A. Mohammed, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus
       James S. Antonucci, Equipment Services Repair Tech I, Facilities Management                                          Annette L. Nealy, Administrative & Office Specialist III, LRC, Virginia Beach Campus
       William H. Bailey, Jr., Electronics Technician I, Virginia Beach Campus                                              Rita D. Nicholson, Housekeeping Worker I, Facilities Management
       Felicia C. Barnes, Financial Services Specialist I, Fiscal Services                                                  John O. Olukanni, Education Support Specialist II, Open Door Program
       Krystal M. Barnes, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Fiscal Services                                           Arthur Gorman Pinkston, Compliance/Safety Officer III, Facilities Planning & Development
       Walter A. Barnes, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus                                                           Norred W. Poindexter, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus
       Adriane C. Bell, Housekeeping Worker I, Facilities Management, Norfolk Campus                                        Cristeta L. Posilero, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus
       Leonard Benjamin, Sr., Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus                                                      Kelly L. Reed, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Fiscal Services
       Antoinette L. Bowser, Education Support Specialist II, Central Records                                               Lermalyn V. Rehkopf, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus
       Christine M. Brinson, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus                                                   Shawna Y. Roeback, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Fiscal Services
       Isaiah Brown III, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus                                                           Vickie H. Rogers, Education Support Specialist III, Student Services, Virginia Beach Campus
       James E. Brown, Media Specialist II, Creative Services                                                               Donna L. Ruczynski, Education Support Specialist II, Central Records
       Kevin L. Byrd, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus                                                          Melvin J. Scott, Housekeeping Worker I, Chesapeake Campus
       Beverly A. Causey, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Fiscal Services                                           Stanley I. Scott, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus
       Janna S. Coleman, Housekeeping Worker I, Norfolk Campus                                                              Geneva Skinner, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus
       Evelyn R. Cooper-Grey, Financial Services Specialist I, Fiscal Services                                              Ruby M. Spicer, Procurement Manager II, Purchasing
       Arlene D. Cowell, Housekeeping Worker I, Norfolk Campus                                                              Jacqueline A. Spiker, Human Resource Analyst II, Office of Human Resources
       Stanley R. Cummins, Trades Technician III, Portsmouth Campus                                                         Antonio Tabron, Housekeeping Worker I, Norfolk Campus
       Perry L. Davis, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus                                                             Christopher A. Taylor, Housekeeping Worker I, Norfolk Campus
       Howard J. Didier, Admin. & Office Specialist III, Business, Public Services and Technologies, Chesapeake Campus      Sheila T. Thorpe, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Health Professions, Virginia Beach Campus
       Ditwong L. Dixon, Housekeeping Worker I, Facilities Management                                                       Kokena L. Vaughan, Education Support Specialist II, Central Records
       Bernard Ensley, Housekeeping Worker I, Facilities Management                                                         Helen M. Ward, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus
       Sean M. Epperson, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus                                                           Maurice A. Weston, Housekeeping Worker I, Chesapeake Campus
       Latonya R. Ford, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus                                                            Anthony K. Williams, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus
       Renee M. Gardner, Admin. & Office Specialist II, Languages, Mathematics and Sciences, Chesapeake Campus              Richie A. Windley, Financial Services Specialist I, Fiscal Services
       Barbara X. Gayle, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Student Services, Portsmouth Campus                        Audrey J. Young, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Health Professions, Virginia Beach Campus
       Michael D. Garvey, Trades Technician III, Business, Public Services and Technologies, Chesapeake Campus
       Shirley A. Gilchrist, Housekeeping Worker I, Norfolk Campus                                                       TEACHING FACULTY
       Mathew L. Givan, Information Technology Specialist II, Office of Information Services                                Tracy K. Brieger, Instructor in Horticulture, Chesapeake Campus
       Yumita P. Guimba, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus                                                       Travis B. Bundy, A/C & Refrigeration, Military Education and Training Program, Portsmouth Campus
       Barri L. Hankins, Housekeeping Worker I, Portsmouth Campus                                                           Wendy W. Lark, Maritime Logistics, Military Education and Training Program, Portsmouth Campus
       Okema S. Harper, Human Resource Analyst II, Office of Human Resources                                                Kathy D. Mutter, Assistant Professor of American Sign Language, Chesapeake Campus
       Sandra L. Harrell, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Workforce Development                                     Marci A. Rimar, Maritime Logistics, Military Education and Training Program, Portsmouth Campus
       Yana J. Harris, Administrative & Office Specialist II, Workforce Development                                         Bobby G. Rowe, Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology, Chesapeake Campus
       Katrice A. Hawthorne, Education Support Specialist III, Student Services, Virginia Beach Campus                      Glynn C. Stille, Maritime, Military Education and Training Program, Portsmouth Campus
       Anna Howrey, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Health Professions, Virginia Beach Campus
       Wanda D. Jackson, Administrative & Office Specialist IIII, Fiscal Services                                        ADMINISTRATIVE & PROFESSIONAL FACULTY
       Gela A. Jones, Public Relations & Marketing Specialist III, College Events                                           Lillian M. Bailey, Coordinator, Academy for Non-Profit Excellence
       Kellie A. Jordan, Administrative & Office Specialist III, Fiscal Services                                            Robert E. Harrison, Librarian, LRC, Chesapeake Campus
       Reggie L. Keaton, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus                                                       Brittany P. Horn, Librarian, LRC, Virginia Beach Campus
       James E. Killings, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus                                                      Steven Litherland, Librarian, LRC, Portsmouth Campus
       Derek R. King, Housekeeping Worker I, Norfolk Campus                                                                 David Loope, Dean of Languages, Mathematics, & Sciences, Chesapeake Campus
       Roy Gonzalez Limas, Trainer & Instructor I, Student Services, Chesapeake Campus                                      Carolyn E. McLellan, Dean of Information Technology & Business, Virginia Beach Campus
       David K. Lovelace, Housekeeping Worker I, Virginia Beach Campus                                                      Carl M. Williams, Associate Vice President for Educational Technology
       C. Anthony Macera, Policy & Planning Specialist I, Institutional Effectiveness                                       Jessica J. Yandell, Coordinator, Tidewater Tech Prep, Academic and Student Affairs
10                                                              TCC CHRONICLE > August 2007

                                                                PEOPLE AT TCC
                                                                                       IN THE HUDDLE… Getting set
                                                                                       to dribble their way to victory, the
                                                                                       men’s basketball team continues to be a
                                                                                       contending team with its standing of 6
                                                                                       wins and 3 losses in the eastern division
                                                                                       of the VCCS. The team entered the state
                                                                                       tournament as second seed, finishing in
                                                                                       fourth place. Both TCC Storm teams
                                                                                       compete against VCCS schools, as well          TAKING THE COURTS BY
                                                                                       as others in the National Junior College       STORM… TCC’s Desiree Johnson
                                                                                       Athletic Association. The men’s team           keeps the ball away from her Thomas
                                                                                       also competed in the ACIS National             Nelson Community College opponent
                                                                                       Championship Tournament at the end
                                                                                                                                      during a game. The Lady Storm completed
                                                                                       of April finishing with two wins and
                                                                                                                                      the season undefeated with a record 10
                                                                                       no losses in the pool play portion of
                                                                                       the program. “Both teams are pleased           wins and no losses in the conference. The
                                                                                       with their performance and enjoyed             team also took the VCCS state basketball
                                                                                       participating in this level of competition,”   tournament and had two players named
                                                                                       notes Vincent Gary, student activities         to the All-Tournament Team: Johnson,
                                                                                       coordinator at the Chesapeake Campus           named tournament MVP, and Aisha
                                                                                       who oversaw TCC teams’schedules. “The          Wood. The Lady Storm also competed
                                                                                       tournament was a great opportunity             in the American Collegiate Intramural
                                                                                       to gain exposure and a level of respect        Sports (ACIS) National Championship
RAISING       THEIR       VOICES…                                                      among peers on other teams throughout          Tournament at the University of North
The TCC Chorus brought cheer to                                                        the country.”                                  Carolina, finishing in the pool play
audiences at the Portsmouth and                                                                                                       portion with one win and one loss.
Virginia Beach campuses during winter
concerts. The group, directed by David                                                                                                        Managing Editor Laurie White
Warren, instructor of applied voice and                                                                                                                    COPY
choral music, includes accompanist                                                                                                              Editor/Writer Laura Sanford
Michael Regan and TCC singers                                                                                                                               ART
                                                                                                                                                       Layout Cassie Rangel
Caroline Camacho, David Cannon,                                                                                                                 Photography Jerry Altares
Sarah Feinberg, Lydia Frost, Jacquanette   Choir. Benjamin Jones (above), bass;                                                                               Bradley Smith
Johnson, Benjamin Jones, Kimberly          Lauren Nespoli, soprano (above); and
                                                                                                                                        TCC’s official “News Publication of Record” -
Jones, Timothy Mueller, Lauren Nespoli,    Sean Savage, tenor, were chosen to                                                           the TCC Chronicle - exists to share TCC news
Erin Quinn, Sean Savage, Molly Shofner     participate in the choir which is part of                                                    and information college wide. The Chronicle
                                                                                                                                        explores and presents research and projects,
and Catherine Stever. Of special note:     the ACDA’s national convention, held                                                         profiles of faculty, staff and students,
Three TCC choral students auditioned       in Miami in March. The students sang                                                         viewpoints, major events and important
                                                                                                                                        announcements. Send news and story ideas
for – and won – places in the American     with 183 two-year college students from                                                      to The Chronicle is
Choral Directors Association (ACDA)        across the nation selected to participate                                                    online at
2007 National Two-Year College Honor       in this event.                                                                                P. O. Box 9000, Norfolk, Virginia 23509-9000

                                                                                                                                                                    Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                                                                                     Norfolk, VA
                                                                                                                                                                   Permit No. 2048

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