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The National Bank of Fujairah is a full service corporate bank with
wholesale banking and trade finance expertise. Leveraging its deep
banking experience and market insight within Fujairah and the UAE, NBF
is well-positioned to build lasting relationships with its clients and help
them achieve their business goals.

NBF is committed to the advancement of the banking community and the
cultivation of long term relationships with its partners. As a demonstration
of this commitment, we present the 2011 edition of the UAE Bank
Directory. It contains a comprehensive listing of banks in the UAE, their
branch locations and contact information. We hope you will find it useful.

While the National Bank of Fujairah has taken every care to ensure that the 2011 UAE Bank Directory
is as up-to-date as possible at the time of publication, it cannot accept any responsibility for any
errors or omissions which may have occurred. Should there be any omissions or entries requiring
correction please contact the bank at

                                                                   Offices of the National Bank of Fujairah P.S.C.   1

                                                                   LOCAL AND FOREIGN
                                                                   BANKS WITHIN THE UAE

                                                                   Abu Dhabi                                         13

                                                                   Ajman                                             51

                                                                   Al Ain                                            65

                                                                   Dubai                                             85

                                                                   Fujairah                                          143

                                                                   Ras Al Khaimah                                    157

                                                                   Sharjah                                           171

                                                                       - Dhaid and Dibba                             188

                                                                       - Kalba and Khorfakkan                        191

                                                                   Umm Al Qaiwain                                    201

Our business is your success
Corporate Banking

Whatever your business requirements, NBF provides the same level
of lending and support every customer has come to expect. Our
dedicated professionals and knowledgeable relationship managers
are always ready to ensure that your business’ needs are met, on
your schedule.
                                                                  UAE Bank Directory 2011                                                 1

                                                                  National Bank of Fujairah                                    09-2224518
                                                                  Head Office, Hamad Bin Abdulla Street
                                                                  PO Box                                   887, Fujairah
                                                                  Fax                                      09-2224516

                                                                  Chief Executive Officer                  Vince Cook             04-5078300
                                                                  Head of Human Resources                  Abdulla Aleter         04-5078401
                                                                  Chief Finance Officer                    Adnan Anwar            04-5078355
                                                                  Head of Treasury                         Mark Zanelli           04-5078325
                                                                  Head of Wholesale and
                                                                  Institutional Banking                    P. B. Das              04-5078307
                                                                  Chief Risk Officer                       Prasant Sarkar         04-5078361
                                                                  Head of Retail and Fujairah Region       Sharif Mohamed Rafei   09-2029300
                                                                  Chief Operations Officer                 T. N. Sekhar           04-5078370
                                                                  Head of Internal Audit                   Alan Smith             04-5078281
                                                                  Head of Services and Manufacturing       Devesh Mathur          04-8030201
                                                                  Head of Remedial Management              Irfan Malik            04-5078273
                                                                  Head of Product Development              Kashif Aleem Ahmad     04-5078335
                                                                  Head of Legal                            Nada Khneisser         04-5078298
                                                                  Head of Financial Institutions           Nauman Khan            04-5078413
                                                                  Head of Commercial Banking               Rehan Ali              04-5078289
                                                                  Head of Trade Services                   R. S. Rangan           04-5078292
                                                                  Head of Large Corporate,
                                                                  Government and Structured Finance        Sanjay Sohal           04-5078334
                                                                  Head of Corporate Banking                Sumit Malik            04-5078210
                                                                  Head of Contracting Finance              Varghese Thomas        02-6787676
                                                                  Head of Trade Sales                      T. R. Madhavan         04-5078287

                                                                  Abu Dhabi Branch                                             02-6787979
                                                                  Al Ferdous Tower, Al Salam Street

Our business is your growth                                       PO Box                                   786, Abu Dhabi

                                                                  Branch Manager                           Faiza Al Shamsi        02-6794949
Commercial Banking

No matter what your enterprise needs, you can bank on our
                                                                  Ajman Branch                                                 06-7444011
dedicated and knowledgeable business team to support its growth
and success.                                                      Al Nasar Building, Shop No.1, Ground Floor,
                                                                  Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamaid Al Nu’aimi Street, Al Nakheel - B
                                                                  PO Box                                   7622, Ajman
                                                                  Fax                                      06-7444012

                                                                  Branch Manager                           Easa Al Neaimi         06-7444011                                                        Ext.                                     222
UAE Bank Directory 2011                                                                                                                                   2|3

Al Ain Branch                                               03-7648142         Jebel Ali Branch                                              04-8030300
Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Building                                      NBF Building, Next to Etisalat, Jebel Ali
near Clock intersection, opposite GPO, Main Road                               PO Box                                      17676, Dubai
PO Box                                   88108, Al Ain                         Fax                                         04-8810939
Fax                                      03-7648156
                                                                               Branch Manager                              Khalid Behroozian        04-8030240
Branch Manager                            Abdul Aziz Al Hashmi    03-7648142
Ext.                                      201
                                                                               Masafi Branch                                                 09-2563999
Deira Branch                                                04-6035700         NBF Building, Masafi
                                                                               PO Box                                      11208, Fujairah
Omar Bin Khattab Street, Fish Roundabout, Deira                                Fax                                         09-2563339
PO Box                                  2979, Dubai
Fax                                     04-2216831                             Branch Manager                              Khalid O. Al Marashda 09-2563337

Branch Manager                            Parwin Ishaq            04-6035707
                                                                               Mussafah Branch                                               02-5554414
Dibba Branch                                                09-2443788         Rashid Al Mazroui Building, Bank Street, Industrial Area, Mussafah
                                                                               PO Box                                     786, Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Street                                               Fax                                        02-5551215
PO Box                                    11700, Fujairah
Fax                                       09-2443785                           Branch Manager                              Abdul Aziz Al Hashmi     02-5554460

Branch Manager                            Ali Obaid Al Khaddeim   09-2443131
                                                                               Qidfah Branch                                                 09-2360449
Dubai Branch                                                04-3971700         NBF Building, Qidfah
                                                                               PO Box                                      12002, Fujairah
Al Fujairah Building, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street                              Fax                                         09-2360494
PO Box                                      2979, Dubai
Fax                                         04-3979100                         Branch Manager                              Yaqoub Matroushi         09-2360206

Branch Manager                            Abdalla Lootah          04-5078343
                                                                               Sharjah Branch                                                06-5931111
Fujairah Branch                                             09-2224513         Sparco Building, Shop No. 1 & 2, Sharjah College, Industrial Area 7
                                                                               PO Box                                   1416, Sharjah
Hamad Bin Abdullah Street                                                      Fax                                      06-5302211
PO Box                                    887, Fujairah
Fax                                       09-2229470                           Contact Person                              Eman Mushtaha            06-5931222

Head of Retail and Fujairah Region        Sharif Mohamed Rafei 09-2029300
UAE Bank Directory 2011

Tawian Branch                                07-2584388
NBF Building, Dibba Road
PO Box                     30098, Fujairah
Fax                        07-2584355

Branch Manager             Sultan Saeed Mubarak   07-2584388

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                                                               resources to help you achieve your most ambitious goals, with
                                                               faster processing times, better limits, improved security and more.

Hay Group works with more than 40
banks in the UAE to supply information on
compensation and benefits, and with more
than 170 banks across the Middle East.
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    1.    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank             17.   Banque Misr                             33.                        Emirates NBD                                              46. National Bank of Fujairah
    2.    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (H.O.)         18.   Barclays Bank PLC                       34.                        First Gulf Bank                                           47. National Bank of Oman
    3.    Ajman Bank                            19.   BNP Paribas                             35.                        Gulf International Bank                                   48. National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain
    4.    Al Hilal Bank                         20.   Calyon Credit Agricole CIB              36.                        Habib Bank AG Zurich                                      49. Noor Islamic Bank
    5.    Al Khaliji (France) S.A.              21.   Central Bank of the UAE                 37.                        Habib Bank Limited                                        50. Rafidain Bank
    6.    Al Masraf                             22.   Citigroup Global Markets                38.                        HSBC Bank Middle East Limited                             51. RAKBANK
    7.    American Express Bank                 23.   Commercial Bank International           39.                        Hypo Vereinsbank - Member of                              52. Sharjah Islamic Bank
    8.    Arab African International Bank       24.   Commercial Bank of Dubai                                           UniCredit Group                                           53. Standard Chartered Bank
    9.    Arab Bank Plc.                        25.   Coutts & Co                             40.                        Invest Bank                                               54. The Housing Bank for Trade and
    10.   Arab Banking Corporation (B.S.C.)     26.   Deutsche Bank AG                        41.                        Janata Bank                                                   Finance
    11.   Bank Melli Iran                       27.   Dubai Bank                              42.                        Kotak Mahindra International Ltd.                         55. Union National Bank
    12.   Bank of Baroda                        28.   Dubai Islamic Bank                      43.                        Mashreqbank                                               56. United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.
    13.   Bank of New York                      29.   El Nilein Bank                          44.                        National Bank of Abu Dhabi                                57. United Bank Limited
    14.   Bank of Sharjah                       30.   Emirates Banks Association              45.                        National Bank of Bahrain
    15.   Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.    31.   Emirates Industrial Bank
    16.   Bank Saderat Iran                     32.   Emirates Islamic Bank

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CORNICHE ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                     LIWA STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                  46                          24                                                              39
                                                                                                                                                                                   18      19

                                                                                              KHALID BIN AL WALEED ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            56     29 42                17                                                          40

                                                                                                                                                                                            43     54       44                SH. KHALIFA BIN ZAYID ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              AL M

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   LULU ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              49       25
                                                                             8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               35
                             RNICHE RO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       36 15
                           CO                                                                                            9
                                                                                                                                       50                                                                                                         13
                                                                                                                                                             16                         6 12 11    SH. HAMDAN BIN MOHAMMED ST.                                                                           44                                                    ABU DHABI
                                                         AL NASR ST.   7
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       26          45
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              TOURIST CLUB

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              AL SALAM ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              48            51
KHALADIYAH ST.   3    SH. ZAYED THE FIRST ST.    20                                   21
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SH. ZAYED THE SECOND ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   32                        57
                                                                                  AL BATEEN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             41        34
                                                                                                                             22                         28                                                                                                                                                                    52




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BANIYAS ST.
                                                                                                                                                                   ZAYED                                                                                                                                                      ABU DHABI
                                                                                                                                            AL MAKTOUM ST.


                                                                           AL MANHAL ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 AL FALA ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PASSPORT ST.
                                                                                                                                                             MINISTRY OF
                   ABU DHABI

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates and the
federal capital of the UAE. Its long coastline used to
harbour the world’s best pearling waters.
ABU DHABI                                                               13

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (H.O.)                          02-6962222
ADCB Building, New Headquarters, Al Salam Street
PO Box                                  939, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-6450384

Chairman                                 Eissa M. Al Suwaidi     02-6962230
Chief Executive Officer                  Ala’a Eraiqat           02-6962210
Head of Treasury                         Kevin Taylor            02-6962969
Chief Operations Officer                 Thierry Bardury         02-6973600
Chief Financial Officer                  Deepak Khullar          02-6962225
Head of Business Banking Group           Howard Gaunt            02-6962372
Head of Credit                           Bassem Itani            02-6962351
Head of Legal and Special
Assets Management                        Zaki Hamadani           02-6962432
Head of HR Group                         Sultan Al Mahmoud       02-6962303
Head of Corporate Communications         Majdi Abdel Muhdi       02-6962889
Head of Internal Audit Department        Abdirizak Ali           02-6962409
Head of Consumer Banking Group           Arup Mukhopadhyay       02-6962585
Head of Wholesale Banking                Colin Fraser            02-6973741
Head of Government Relations             Abdulla K. Al Suwaidi   02-6962578
Chief Risk Officer                       Kishore Rao             02-6962057
Head of Strategic Programmes             Mike Cunningham         02-6962216
Head of Financial Planning & Control     Vijay Kasturi           02-6962347
Head of IT                               Lee North               02-6962923
General Counsel                          Simon Copleston         02-6973607

Abu Dhabi International Airport Branch   02-5016226
Fax                                      02-6109877

Al Bayah Branch                          02-8721300
Fax                                      02-6109854

Al Falah Branch                          02-6213901
Fax                                      02-6109720

Al Murroor Branch                        02-4447960
Fax                                      02-4444795

Al Raha Mall Branch                      02-5016222
Fax                                      02-6109807

Al Shahama Branch                        02-5632255
Fax                                      02-6109876
ABU DHABI                                                                                                14 | 15

Baniyas Town Branch         02-5821550   Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (H.O.)                              02-6100600
Fax                         02-5821007
                                         PO Box                                   313, Abu Dhabi
Corniche Branch             02-6275500   Fax                                      02-6656028
Fax                         02-6260540   Toll Free                                800-2288
GASCO Branch                02-6772362   Website                        
Fax                         02-6109797
                                         Chief Executive Officer                  Tirad Marouf Mahmoud
Gayathi Branch              02-8742155
Fax                         02-8741626   Al Mina Branch                           02-6766899
                                         Mina Road, Sheikh Mohd. Bin Zayed Building, Najda Street
Hamdan Street Branch        02-4067500   PO Box                                  108616, Abu Dhabi
Fax                         02-6340682   Fax                                     02-6765336

ICAD Branch                 02-5500724   ADNOC Branch                             02-6710098
Fax                         02-5500739   ADNOC Complex, Corniche Street
                                         PO Box                                   313, Abu Dhabi
Khalidiya Branch            02-5016300   Fax                                      02-6760991
Fax                         02-6109822
                                         Baniyas Branch                            02-5823582
Khalifa City Branch         02-4014165   PO Box                                   106757, Abu Dhabi
Fax                         02-6109860   Fax                                      02-5825886

Mussafah Branch             02-5544272   Khalidya Branch                          02-6100000
Fax                         02-5544273   Zayed 2nd Street, opposite Abu Dhabi Education Zone
                                         PO Box                                  31545, Abu Dhabi
New Najda Branch            02-6963000   Fax                                     02-6650307
Fax                         02-6715532
                                         Abu Dhabi Municipality Branch             02-6778009
Ruwais Branch               02-8775015   PO Box                                   313, Abu Dhabi
Fax                         02-6109866   Fax                                      02-6778055

Salam Street Branch         02-6962222   Binal Jesrain Branch                     02-6100000
Fax                         02-6109772   Binal Jesrain Area, opposite ADNOC
                                         PO Box                                   36034, Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Rashid Road Branch   02-4458288   Fax                                      02-5582895
Fax                         02-4458499
                                         Abu Dhabi Immigration Branch              02-6100029
Tourist Club Area Branch    02-6946000   PO Box                                   313, Abu Dhabi
Fax                         02-6109712   Fax                                      02-4455053

Zayed Town Branch           02-8846180   Khalifa Branch                               02-6100590
Fax                         02-8847663   Sheikh Khalifa Street, near Al Noor Hospital
                                         PO Box                                     34307, Abu Dhabi
                                         Fax                                        02-6274485
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                        16 | 17

Madinat Zayed Branch                    02-8844498          Al Wahda Mall Branch                    02-4437300
PO Box                                  57720, Abu Dhabi    Al Wahda Mall
Fax                                     02-8841238          PO Box                                  313, Abu Dhabi
                                                            Fax                                     02-4437230
Muroor Branch                           02-6100000
PO Box                                  107251, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-4491482          Ajman Bank                                                          800-22
Mussafah Branch                         02-6100000          TCA Branch
PO Box                                  9001, Abu Dhabi     Makeen Tower, opposite Abu Dhabi Mall
Fax                                     02-5554679          Email                         

Mushref Branch                           02-4434443         Khalidiya Branch                        800-22
Airport Road                                                Khalidiya street next to ADNOC
PO Box                                  313, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-4455288
                                                            Al Hilal Bank                                             800-666666
Al Ruwais Branch                         02-6100000
Opposite Al Ruwais Bakery and Markets                       Corniche Branch                         02-4994296
PO Box                                  12245, Abu Dhabi    PO Box                                  63111, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-8775250          Fax                                     02-6266173
Al Rahba Branch                          02-5638891
Al Rahba Police Station                                     Hamdan Branch                           02-4141300
PO Box                                  313, Abu Dhabi      PO Box                                  63111, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-5638028          Fax                                     02-6355569
Abu Dhabi Sharia Court Branch            02-4449818
Abu Dhabi Sharia Court Premises, behind Carrefour           Mall Branch                             800-666666
PO Box                                  313, Abu Dhabi      PO Box                                  63111, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-4447764          Fax                                     02-6354820

Al Mina Road Branch                  800-2288
Al Mina Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Building            Al Khaliji (France) S.A.                                  02-6220055
PO Box                               313, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                  02-6763787             Corniche Road
                                                            PO Box                                  3771, Abu Dhabi
Madinat Zayed Immigration (Cash Office) 02-8846948          Fax                                     02-6223625
MZY Immigration Premises
PO Box                                  57720, Abu Dhabi    Head of Business Banking                Ronald Tamer           02-6223631
Fax                                     02-8846947          Email                         

Al Sila’a Branch                           02-8722024
Baaya Al Sila’a, opposite Al Areej School
PO Box                                    313, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                       02-8722065
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                                       18 | 19

Al Masraf                                                  02-6721900        Arab Bank Plc.                                            02-6392225
Al Masraf Tower, Sheikh Hamdan Street, Tourist Club Area                     Al Naser Street
PO Box                                   2484, Abu Dhabi                     PO Box                                  875, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                      02-6777550/67770515                 Fax                                     02-6212370
Telex                                    22455 ALMASRAF
Email                                      Branch Manager                          Shadi Hittiny        02-6122277
Website                                              Mobile                                  050-3342221
Main Branch                                02-6354200/6354020
Tareq Bin Zeyad Street, First Gulf Bank Building                             CIB Unit Head                           Nasser Serries        02-6122200
PO Box                                     110607, Abu Dhabi                 Mobile                                  050-3182190
Fax                                        02-6354010                        Email                         

Souk Branch                              02-6269500
Al Masaood Building, Khalifa Street                                          Arab Banking Corporation (B.S.C.)
PO Box                                   7588, Abu Dhabi                     (Representative Office)                                   02-6447666
Fax                                      02-6271800
                                                                             The Trade Centre, 10th Floor, East Tower, Abu Dhabi Mall
                                                                             PO Box                                     6689, Abu Dhabi
American Express Bank                                                        Fax                                        02-6444429
(Representative Office)                                    02-6213045        Email                            
Al Masaood Building, Ground Floor, Al Nisr Street
PO Box                                    806, Abu Dhabi                     Chief Representative                    M. El Calamawy     02-6454516
Website                                      Mobile                                  050-8182004

Arab African International Bank                            02-6323400
                                                                             Bank Melli Iran                           02-6144144/6144102
Arab Monetary Fund Building, Corniche Street
PO Box                                   928, Abu Dhabi                      Hamdan Street
Fax                                      02-6216009                          PO Box                                  2656, Abu Dhabi
                                                                             Fax                                     02-6217621
Business Head Abu Dhabi                  Alaa Sobhy             02-6336142
                                                                             Bank of Baroda                            02-6330244/6322000
Sr. Operations Officer                   Syed Nadeem Ali        02-6323400
Email                                          Al Halami Centre, Sheikh Hamdan Street
                                                                             PO Box                                 2303, Abu Dhabi
LC & LG Controller                       Ahmed Shafiq           02-6323400   Fax                                    02-6335293/6394338
                                                                             Asst. General Manager                   N. K. Batra         02-6344302
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                                           20 | 21

Senior Manager (Operations)             Barun Meher         02-6330244        Chief Representative                     Masahiko Kon        02-6277762
Email                                   General Manager                          Takashi Maeda       02-6277762
                                                                              Mobile                                   050-1417787
Senior Manager (Credit)                 H. T. Solanki       02-6326364        Email                          

Customer Service Centre (EBSU)         02-5551843                             Bank Saderat Iran                                            02-6225155
Ahmed Mubarak Al Kendi Building, Mussaffah Industrial Area
PO Box                                 2303, Abu Dhabi                        Hamdan Street
Fax                                    02-5551849                             PO Box                                   700, Abu Dhabi
                                                                              Fax                                      02-6225062
Marketing Officer                       Sunil Kumar          02-5551843
                                                                              Banque Misr (H.O.)                                           02-6522722
Bank of New York                                         02-6263008           Deena Tower, Khalifa Road
                                                                              PO Box                                   533, Abu Dhabi
Suite 402, The Blue Tower, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street                    Fax                                      02-6277075
PO Box                                    727, Abu Dhabi                      Email                          
Fax                                       02-6263308
Website                                            Regional Manager Gulf Branches           Hassan El Heihiri      02-6272525
                                                                              Regional Manager Secretary               Wessal Essaghir        02-6272525
Managing Director                       Rajai Ayyash             02-6263008
Global Client Management UAE,                                                 Abu Dhabi Branch                         02-6522722
Oman & Kuwait                                                                 Deena Tower, Khalifa Road
                                                                              PO Box                                   533, Abu Dhabi
                                                                              Fax                                      02-6274464
Bank of Sharjah                                          02-6795555
                                                                              Branch Manager                           Mohammed Farid
Al Mina Street                                                                Email                          
PO Box                                  27391, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-6795843
                                                                              Barclays Bank PLC                                            02-4958555
Branch Manager                          Ramzi Saba
Operations Manager                      Mazen El Attar                        Al Jazeera Tower, Ground Floor, Hamdan Street
Credit Manager                          Anni B. Hariri                        PO Box                                  2734, Abu Dhabi
                                                                              Fax                                     02-6355141

Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
(Representative Office)                                  02-6273775           BNP Paribas (H.O.)                                           02-6267800
One NBAD Tower, Khalifa Street                                                Thani Murshid Building, Khalifa Street
PO Box                                  2174, Abu Dhabi                       PO Box                                   2742, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-6273778                            Fax                                      02-6263308
Email                                         Email                          
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                                              22 | 23

Country Head                                 Michael Pereira                      Asst. Executive Director of
Country Head                                 Philippe Aroyo                       Correspondent Banking Division             Sultan R. Al Sakeb    02-6668482
Deputy General Manager                       Antoine Lefebvre                     Sr. Manager UAE Switch Division            Khalifa Al Dhahiri    02-6915297
Deputy General Manager                       Xavier Badarous                      Asst. Executive Director of
Operations Manager                           Ali Hemani                           Personnel Department                       Ali Ghurair Al Rumaithi 02-6668490
Operations Manager                           Remi Ouitis                          Manager Public Relations Division          Abdul Rahim Abdulla 02-6915354
Head of Treasury                             Yousef Rajab Ali
Head of Treasury                             Badri El Ghazal
                                                                                  Citibank N.A.                                               02-6982206
Calyon Credit Agricole CIB                     02-6351991/6351100                 Al Salam Street, next to Lulu Centre
                                                                                  PO Box                                     999, Abu Dhabi
Al Muhairy Centre, 5th Floor                                                      Fax                                        02-6726381
PO Box                                       4725, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                          02-6344995
                                                                                  Citigroup Global Markets                                    02-6982206
Central Bank of the UAE                                         02-6652220        Corniche Plaza Building, Al Salam Street
                                                                                  Fax                                        02-6726381
Al Bateen Area, Bainoona Street
PO Box                                       854, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                          02-6668483/6652504                   Commercial Bank International                               02-6818448
                                                                                  Corniche Road
Governor                                     H. E. Sultan -                       PO Box                                     43133, Abu Dhabi
                                             Bin Nasser Al Suwaidi 02-6667135     Fax                                        02-6818440
Deputy Governor                              M. Ali Bin Zayed      02-6654771
Sr. Executive Director Banking                                                    Regional Manager                           Ahmed Al Junaibi     02-6913116
Supervision and Examination Dept.            Saeed A. Al Hamiz      02-6651093    Mobile                                     050-4444130
Executive Director Banking and                                                    Email                            
Operations Dept.                             Rashid M. Al Fandi     02-6668486
Sr. Executive Director Treasury Dept.        Saif Hadef Al Shamsi   02-6668477    Electra Road Branch                       02-6197600
Executive Director of Administration Dept.   Jamal E. Al Mutawaa    02-6668476    Al Salmen Golden Tower, Electra Street, Tourist Club Area
Executive Director Internal Audit Dept.      Abdulla H. Al Zaabi    02-6668494    PO Box                                    52260, Abu Dhabi
Asst. Executive Director of                                                       Fax                                       02-6435168
Banking Operations Dept.                     Fahad Al Hossani     02-6660608
Sr. Manager Administration Dept.             Salem Ahmed Al Zaabi 02-6668491      Customer Service Manager                   Khaled H. A. Motaleb 02-6197610
Asst. Executive Director Treasury Dept.      Mohamed Abdullah     02-6669383      Mobile                                     050-6164424
Sr. Manager Banking                                                               Email                            
Supervision and Examination Dept.            Nariman Al Awadi       02-6915443
Asst. Executive Director                     Abdul Rahim Sinkais    02-6668496    Marina Mall Branch                         02-6580678
Manager Banking Supervision                  Saleh Allaw            02-6658745    PO Box                                     62667, Abu Dhabi
Manager Banking Operations Dept.             Mohamed Yousef         02-6915250    Fax                                        02-6580146
Sr. Manager Financial Control Dept.          Hassan Al Hamar        02-6915214
Sr. Manager Gen Secretariat and                                                   Regional Manager                           Ahmed Al Junaibi     02-6913116
Legal Division                               Ismail A. G. Al Bloushi 02-6668492   Mobile                                     050-4444130
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                              24 | 25

Commercial Bank of Dubai                                    02-6268400       Dubai Islamic Bank                            02-6148601
Baniyas Tower, Corniche Road                                                 Branch Manager                 Shemais Al Sayed
PO Box                                    2466, Abu Dhabi                    Mobile                         050-7411168
Branch Manager                            Othman Bin Hendi
                                                                             Al Khalidiya (Ladies Branch)   02-6923801

Coutts & Co                                                 02-4084009       Branch Manager                 Aysha Al Hammadi
                                                                             Mobile                         050-7474274
One NBAD Tower, 18th Floor, Sheikh Khalifa Street                            Email                
PO Box                                   48067, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                      02-6267296                          Al Muroor Branch               02-6148679

Senior Vice President                     Ian Street            02-4084009   Branch Manager                 Khalid Al Mahri
                                                                             Mobile                         050-5262624
Deutsche Bank AG
(Representative Office)                                   02-26333122        Al Salam Branch                02-6923888

Al Masaoud Tower, 2nd Floor, Hamdan Street                                   Branch Manager                 Samir Mujahid
PO Box                                 52333, Abu Dhabi                      Mobile                         050-6425843
Fax                                    02-2632204                            Email                
                                                                             Al Shahama Branch              02-6923777

Dubai Bank                                  02-6160888/800-5555              Branch Manager                 Rafeek Chaudhuri
                                                                             Mobile                         050-6169708
Sheikh Hamid Al Hamid Building, Corniche Road                                Email                
PO Box                                  59888, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-6160808                           Corniche Branch                02-6923825

Airport Road Branch                                                          Branch Manager                 Saeed M. Al Muwali
Sheikh Rashed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Road,                                     Mobile                         050-9166962
Zayed University Traffic Light, next to Costa Café                           Email                
PO Box                                       59888, Abu Dhabi
Toll Free                                    800-5555                        Madinat Zayed Branch           02-5047779

                                                                             Branch Manager                 Fahad Dodeen
Abu Dhabi Mall Branch                     02-6444500
                                                                             Mobile                         050-4122155
Unit Number 66, Tourist Club
PO Box                                    59888, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                       02-6444300
                                                                             Musafah Branch                 02-5047755

                                                                             Branch Manager                 Abdul R. Al Ameri
                                                                             Mobile                         050-6189313
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                      26 | 27

El Nilein Bank                                            02-6269995       Emirates NBD                                 600-540000
Fax                                       02-6275551                       Tourist Club Branch        02-6454498
Email                                       PO Box                     386, Abu Dhabi
SWIFT Code                                NILBAEAA
                                                                           Branch Manager             Hameed Al Shaikh

Emirates Bank Association (H.O.)                          02-4467706       Abu Dhabi Main Branch      02-6145005
                                                                           PO Box                     386, Abu Dhabi
EIBFS Building, 1st Floor, Al Mouroor Street
PO Box                                    44307, Abu Dhabi                 Branch Manager             Hamad Hasan Al Awadhi
Fax                                       02-4463718
                                                                           Al Muroor Branch           02-4490404
                                                                           PO Box                     386, Abu Dhabi

Chairman                                  H. E. Ahmed Humaid Al Tayer
                                                                           Branch Manager             Nadia Maleki
General Manager                           Fathi M. Skaik

                                                                           Dalma Mall Branch          02-5502191
                                                                           PO Box                     110811, Abu Dhabi
Emirates Industrial Bank                                  02-6339700
Arab Monetary Fund Building, 6th Floor, Corniche Road                      Branch Manager             Ousha Matar Al Hameli
PO Box                                    2722, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                       02-6319191/6326397               Electra Street Branch      02-6349797
Email                                     PO Box                     386, Abu Dhabi
                                                                           Branch Manager             Abdul Hameed Almahmood
General Manager                           M. A. Baki Mohamed
Finance Manager                           M. Moneir Makled                 Hezza Bin Zayed Branch     02-6433931
                                                                           PO Box                     40355, Abu Dhabi

Emirates Islamic Bank                                     02-4464000       Branch Manager             Ousha Matar Al Hameli

Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street                                  Khaladiya Branch           02-6675672
PO Box                                 46077, Abu Dhabi                    PO Box                     386, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                    02-4459000
Telex                                  22883 MEBANK EM                     Branch Manager             Zaheya Ibrahim

Khalidiya Branch                           02-6679000                      Al Muhairy Centre Branch   02-6319696
Street No. 26, intersecting with Zayed the 1st Street                      PO Box                     386, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                                     108330, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                        02-26656008                     Branch Manager             Ahmad Naser Lootah

Tourist Club Area Branch                  02-6448820                       Mussafah Branch            02-5551449
Al Zarooni Building, Al Meena Street 10                                    PO Box                     386, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                                    460777, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                       02-6443877                       Branch Manager             Saif Al Hammadi
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                           28 | 29

Al Najdah Branch                     02-6780606                  PO Box                                   112242, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                               386, Abu Dhabi              Fax                                      02-5532723

Branch Manager                       Butti Ghazi Al Assiry       Khalifa City ‘A’ Branch                    600-525500
                                                                 Khalifa City A, Abraj Towers, Ground Floor
Qariyat Al Beri Branch               02-5587007                  PO Box                                     115050, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                               47676, Abu Dhabi            Fax                                        02-5564352

Branch Manager                       Shahla Yousuf Ahli          Musaffah Branch                          600-525500
                                                                 Musaffah Main Road
                                                                 PO Box                                   105335, Abu Dhabi
First Gulf Bank (H.O.)             02-6816666/600-525500         Fax                                      02- 5548308

Zayed 1st Street, Khalidya area
PO Box                               6316, Abu Dhabi             Gulf International Bank
Fax                                  02-6811068                  (Representative Office)                                    02-6214747

Managing Director                    Abdulhamid Mohammed Saeed   Arab Monetary Fund Building, 4th Floor, Al Naser Street
Chief Executive Officer              Andre Sayegh                PO Box                                     27051, Abu Dhabi
                                                                 Fax                                        02-6311966/6316636
Corniche Branch                       600-525500
Corniche Road, Sheikha Mariam Bint Hamdan Building               VP Merchant Banking UAE                  G. V. Subramaniam      02-6211055
PO Box                                3662, Abu Dhabi            VP Merchant Banking UAE                  Kashif Faruqui         02-6214747
Fax                                   02-6226653                 VP Investment Banking                    Syed Faiz Jalal        02-6213158
                                                                 Asst. VP Investment Banking              Bilal Sethi            02-6214747
Salam Branch                         600-525500
Al Salam Street, Al Wahda Tower
PO Box                               37647, Abu Dhabi            Habib Bank AG Zurich
Fax                                  02-6713990
                                                                 Al Falah Branch                          02-6422600
Al Khubairah Branch                  600-525500                  PO Box                                   2681, Abu Dhabi
Zayed 1st Street, Khalidiya Area                                 Fax                                      02-6421090
PO Box                               6316, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                  02-6811068                  Sheikh Hamdan Branch                     02-6519500
                                                                 PO Box                                   2681, Abu Dhabi
Madinat Zayed Branch                 600-525500                  Fax                                      02-6351822
Madinat Zayed, Main Street
PO Box                               58158
Fax                                  02-8848450                  Habib Bank Limited                                         600-522228
Al Istiqlal Branch                   600-525500                  Abu Dhabi Branch
Istiqlal Road                                                    Al Falah Building No. 5, Corniche Road
PO Box                               6316, Abu Dhabi             PO Box                                   897, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                  02-6326946                  Fax                                      06-5686473

Mazyad Mall branch                   600-525500                  Service Manager                          Abdul Hameed
Mohammed Bin Zayed City
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                                      30 | 31

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited                               600-554722       Website                       

Omeir Bin Yousef Building, Airport Road
                                                                             Chief Executive                         M. Shafiqul Islam      02-6344543
PO Box                                    242, Abu Dhabi
                                                                             Manager                                 I. S. M. Quemrul Hasan 02-6344542
Fax                                       02-6331564/6322553
                                                                             Mobile                                  050-7214026
Branch Manager                            Osama Al Hatmy        02-6152442

                                                                             Kotak Mahindra International Ltd.
Hypo Vereinsbank - Member of UniCredit Group                                 (Representative Office)                                   02-6229042
(Representative Office)            02-6775111
                                                                             Al Otaiba Building, 907, Hamdan Street, behind KFC
Alia Tower, Sheikh Khalifa Street                                            PO Box                                    131394, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                                    52835, Abu Dhabi                   Fax                                       02-6229043
Fax                                       02-6778866                         Email                           

General Manager                           Yahia El Assadi                    Vice President                          Saurin Damania         04-6229042

                                                                             Mashreqbank                                               02-6127229
Invest Bank
                                                                             Main Branch
Istiqlal Street Branch                    02-6397770                         Sheikh Khalifa Street
Fax                                       02-6397771                         PO Box                                  828, Abu Dhabi
                                                                             Fax                                     02-6269550
Branch Manager                            Hachem Ballouk      02-6397772
Email                                           Branch Manager                          Shoukath Ulla Sherif

Operations Officer                        Nissar Mundamkulam 02-6397773      Al Mushrif Branch                       02-4079211
Email                                           PO Box                                  5682, Abu Dhabi
                                                                             Fax                                     02-4431717
Mussaffah Branch                          02-5555336
PO Box                                    90870, Abu Dhabi                   Branch Manager                          Maged Al Sayegh
Fax                                       02-5555275
                                                                             Al Salam Street Branch                  02-6967712
Branch Manager                            Afif El Kara                       PO Box                                  44930, Abu Dhabi
Email                                           Fax                                     02-6742482

Operations Officer                        Nada Saleh                         Branch Manager                          Amr M. Abdul Rehim
                                                                             Khalidiya Branch                        02-6937888
                                                                             PO Box                                  3543, Abu Dhabi
Janata Bank (H.O.)                          02-6344543/6331400               Fax                                     02-6673883

Obied Sayah Al Mansoori Building, Electra Street                             Branch Manager                          Zahra Karamat
PO Box                                    2630, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                       02-6348749
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                                  32 | 33

Muroor Branch                            02-4481821                           Abu Dhabi Municipality (Cash Offices)   02-4105170
PO Box                                   28747, Abu Dhabi                     PO Box                                  46175, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                      02-4481821                           Fax                                     02-4450568

Branch Manager                           Mohammed Mubarak                     ADCO (Cash Offices)                     02-6612800
                                                                              PO Box                                  46175, Abu Dhabi
Mussafah Branch                          02-5555051                           Fax                                     02-6653057
PO Box                                   5878, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                      02-5555052                           ADMA (Cash Offices)                     02-6263225
                                                                              PO Box                                  46175, Abu Dhabi
Branch Manager                           Faisal Al Maazmi                     Fax                                     02-6263295

Najdah Street Branch                     02-6711606                           Al Mirfaa Branch                        02-8832460
PO Box                                   10955, Abu Dhabi                     PO Box                                  77110, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                      02-5822115                           Fax                                     02-8836313

Branch Manager                           Abdulla Karim                        Al Muroor Branch                        02-4485833
                                                                              PO Box                                  2712, Abu Dhabi
Zayed 2nd Street Branch                  02-6178720                           Fax                                     02-4484181
PO Box                                   2933, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                      02-6341939                           Al Ruwais Branch                        02-8776343
                                                                              PO Box                                  11875, Abu Dhabi
Branch Manager                           Noha Hussien                         Fax                                     02-8776453

                                                                              Al Salam Street Branch                  02-4103900/6440051
National Bank of Abu Dhabi (H.O.)                           02-6111179        PO Box                                  7749, Abu Dhabi
                                                                              Fax                                     02-6446050
Khalifa Street
PO Box                                   4, Abu Dhabi                         Al Shahama Branch                       02-5632411
Toll Free                                800-2211
                                                                              PO Box                                  76142, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                      02-6274430
                                                                              Fax                                     02-5633508
                                                                              Al Shahama New Branch                   02-5635695
Chief Executive Officer                  Michael H. Tomalin      02-6111333
                                                                              PO Box                                  77455, Abu Dhabi
                                                                              Fax                                     02-5630806
Main Branch                                 02-6111111
Intersection of Sheikh Khalifa Street & Baniyas Street
                                                                              Arabian Gulf Road Branch                02-4103000
PO Box                                      2993, Abu Dhabi
                                                                              PO Box                                  71230, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                         02-6275738/6275739
                                                                              Fax                                     02-4478344
Abu Dhabi International Airport Branch   02-5075400
                                                                              Baniyas Branch                          02-5078100
PO Box                                   5279, Abu Dhabi
                                                                              PO Box                                  11700, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                      02-5757303
                                                                              Fax                                     02-5833359
Abu Dhabi Mall Branch                    02-4104666
PO Box                                   7021, Abu Dhabi                      Bateen Branch                           02-6668792
Fax                                      02-6452424                           PO Box                                  7644, Abu Dhabi
                                                                              Fax                                     02-6663925
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                         34 | 35

Between the two Bridges Branch          02-5589446                       NPCC (Cash Offices)                   02-5549282
PO Box                                  26380, Abu Dhabi                 PO Box                                8351, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-5589447                       Fax                                   02-5549193

Corniche Branch                         02-6919777                       Sheikh Rashed Bin Saeed
PO Box                                  3699, Abu Dhabi                  Al Maktoum Road Branch                02-4104000
Fax                                     02-6819122                       PO Box                                46727, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         Fax                                   02-6416677
Dalma Branch                            02-8781240
PO Box                                  50670, Abu Dhabi                 ZADCO (Cash Offices)                  02-6768821
Fax                                     02-8781331                       PO Box                                46175, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         Fax                                   02-6768851
Das Island Branch                       02-8731099
PO Box                                  46175, Abu Dhabi                 Al Muroor Muncipality (Cash Office)   02-4413169
Fax                                     02-8731448                       PO Box                                2712, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         Fax                                   02-4413152
Al Etihad Branch                        02-4104953
PO Box                                  31818, Abu Dhabi                 Mina Branch                           02-6767655
Fax                                     02-6417812                       PO Box                                48089, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         Fax                                   02-6714143
Hilton (Cash Offices)                   02-6812280
                                                                         ADIA (Cash Office)                    02-4105168
PO Box                                  46175, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         PO Box                                2993, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         Fax                                   02-6212157
Industrial City Branch                  02-6112736
PO Box                                  90855, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         GHQ Officer Club                      02-6112769
Fax                                     02-5501262
                                                                         PO Box                                2993, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         Fax                                   02-4416326
Khalidiya Branch                        02-4106000
Tareq Ibn Ziad Street
                                                                         Abu Dhabi Chamber
PO Box                                  46175, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         of Commerce & Industry Branch         02-6177460
Fax                                     02-6667480
                                                                         PO Box                                662, Abu Dhabi

Liwa Branch                             02-8822388
                                                                         Madinat Zayed Tower Branch            02-6355390
PO Box                                  50419, Western Area, Abu Dhabi
                                                                         PO Box                                2712, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-8822188                       Fax                                   02-6355389

Madinat Zayed Branch                    02-8846146                       Municipality (Cash Office)            02-4103801
PO Box                                  50019, Abu Dhabi                 PO Box                                46175, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-8846496                       Fax                                   02-6767136

Mussafah Municipality (Cash Office)     02-5540300                       Abu Food Control Authority Branch     02-4468559
PO Box                                  8351, Abu Dhabi                  PO Box                                46175, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                     02-5549193                       Fax                                   02-4460184

Al Shahama Municipality (Cash Office)   02-5631385                       Al Batin (Cash Office) Branch         02-6112795
PO Box                                  77455, Abu Dhabi                 AD Municipality
Fax                                     02-5631409                       PO Box                                46175, Abu Dhabi
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                   36 | 37

Emirates Palace Branch              02-6112777/6908900   Govt. Complex Branch (TAMM, MZD)       02-8945428
PO Box                              40039, Abu Dhabi     PO Box                                 50019, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                 02-6908908           Fax                                    02-8846981

Marina Mall Branch                  02-6816002           Govt. Complex Branch (Delma)           02-8945528
PO Box                              35835, Abu Dhabi     PO Box                                 50670, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                 02-6816018           Fax                                    02-8945558

Palace Gallery Branch               02-6651215           Sir Baniyas (Cash Office) Branch       02-8013210
PO Box                              110818, Abu Dhabi    PO Box                                 1185, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                 02-6650563           Fax                                    02-8779014

National Exhibition Centre Branch   02-4494996           Al Mirfa’a Municipality Branch         02-8836330
PO Box                              94959, Abu Dhabi     PO Box                                 77110, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                 02-4493788           Fax                                    02-8832460

Mussafah Branch                     02-5029500           Saila’s Municipality Branch            02-8724296
PO Box                              8351, Abu Dhabi      PO Box                                 76900, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                 02-5559997           Fax                                    02-8724975

Abu Dhabi Municipality Branch       02-5831720           Liwa Municipality Branch               02-8820133
Al Wathba                                                PO Box                                 50419, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                              11700, Abu Dhabi     Fax                                    02-8820115
Fax                                 02-5831740
                                                         Delma Mall Branch                      02-5512467
Petroleum Institute (Cash Office)   02-5075220           PO Box                                 93200, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                              25380, Abu Dhabi     Fax                                    02-5512470
Fax                                 02-6075380
                                                         Masdar City Institute Branch           02-5570401
Etihad Airways Branch               02-5562998           PO Box                                 93003, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                              131770, Abu Dhabi    Fax                                    02-5570421
Fax                                 02-5562993
                                                         Sky Park Plaza T3 (Cash Office) Branch 02-5075402
Mezyad Mall Branch                  02-5532922
                                                         Abu Dhabi Airport
PO Box                              8350, Abu Dhabi
                                                         PO Box                                 5279, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                 02-5591251
                                                         Fax                                    02-5757593

Al Sillaa Branch                    02-8721979
PO Box                              76900, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                 02-8721959
                                                         National Bank of Bahrain (H.O.)                          02-6335288
                                                         Khalaf Bin Otaiba Building, Sheikh Hamdan Street
Ghayathi Branch                     02-8742117
                                                         PO Box                                   46080, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                              77729, Abu Dhabi
                                                         Fax                                      02-6333783/6331419
Fax                                 02-8742119
Ghayathi Tamm (Cash Office)         02-8744712
PO Box                              77729, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                 02-8744713
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                                              38 | 39

EAGM - Country Head, UAE                  Harshdeep S. Munjal        02-6282902
Senior Manager, Branch Head               Eyad Yusuf Sater           02-6335299
                                                                                  Noor Islamic Bank
Manager - Operations                      Adel Bushlaibi             02-6335281
                                                                                  Khalidiya Branch                           800-6667
Manager - Credit Review                   Ramalingam Ingersoll       02-6311248
                                                                                  Khalidiya Street, 1st Zayed Road
National Bank of Fujairah                                   02-6787979
                                                                                  Khalifa Branch                           800-6667
                                                                                  Deena Tower, Khalifa Street, near Abu Dhabi National Insurance
Al Ferdous Tower, Al Salam Street
PO Box                                    786, Abu Dhabi

Branch Manager                            Faiza Al Shamsi            02-6794949   Muroor Branch                            800-6667
                                                                                  Al Muroor Street, Sh. Salama Bint Tahnoon Bin Mohamed Building,
Mussafah Branch                            02-5554414                             Ground Floor, near Al Sultan Bakery
Rashid Al Mazroui Building, Bank Street, Industrial Area, Mussafah                Email                          
PO Box                                     786, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                        02-5551215
                                                                                  Rafidain Bank (H.O.)                                           02-6335882
Branch Manager                            Abdul Aziz Al Hashmi       02-5554460
                                                                                  Al Nasser Street
                                                                                  PO Box                                     2727, Abu Dhabi
National Bank of Oman (H.O.)                                02-6348111            Fax                                        02-6326996
Bin Sagar Towers, Najda Road
PO Box                                    3822, Abu Dhabi                         Branch Manager                             Saleh Mahdi Abood
Fax                                       02-6325027
Website                                                      RAKBANK                                                        02-6448227
Country Manager                           Santanu K. Das             02-6349193   Sheikh Khalid Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Building, Tourist Club Area
Manager Operations                        Jayaprakash Poonja         02-6321537   PO Box                                     2289, Abu Dhabi
Head of Sales and Consumer Banking        Jayaprakash Poonja         02-6321537   Fax                                        02-6446363
Manager Treasury and
Financial Institutions                    Minhajuddin Niazi          02-6326560   Khalidiya Branch                           02-6666658
                                                                                  Heirs of Hussain Ali Al Omairah Building
                                                                                  PO Box                                     2289, Abu Dhabi
National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                             02-6775100            Fax                                        02-6656305

Hamdan Bin Mohammad Street, Street No. 5
PO Box                               3915, Abu Dhabi                              Sharjah Islamic Bank                                           02-6743153
Fax                                  02-6778615
Toll Free                            600-565656                                   Electra Street, next to Honda Showroom
Email                                                        PO Box                                 43153, Abu Dhabi
                                                                                  Fax                                    02-6774149
Mussafah Branch                           02-5555088
PO Box                                    9770, Abu Dhabi                         Senior Branch Manager                      Thomas P. Y.           02-6743166
Fax                                       02-5553559                              Mobile                                     050-4920073
Email                                                        Email                            
ABU DHABI                                                                                                                                  40 | 41

Standard Chartered Bank                                     02-6165600      Corniche Branch                        02-6321600
                                                                            PO Box                                 3317, Abu Dhabi
Standard Chartered Financial Centre Crystal Tower, Zayed the First Street   Fax                                    02-6210671
PO Box                                   241, Abu Dhabi
                                                                            Gasco Habshan Branch                   02-8831188
                                                                            Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi
Mussaffah EBU Branch
                                                                            PO Box                                 57835, Abu Dhabi
M-6, Al Fardous Centre, near Old Petrol Pump, Mussaffah
                                                                            Fax                                    02-8831199

                                                                            Hazza Branch                           02-6412288
The Housing Bank for                                                        PO Box                                 46043, Abu Dhabi
Trade and Finance (H.O.)                                    02-6268855      Fax                                    02-6412416

PO Box                                    44768, Abu Dhabi                  Khalidiya Branch                       02-6352511
Fax                                       02-6271771                        PO Box                                 5107, Abu Dhabi
Email                                                  Fax                                    02-6352588
                                                                            Musaffah Branch                        02-5559111
Representative Office Manager             Muhannad Habshneh 02-6270280      PO Box                                 9223, Abu Dhabi
Mobile                                    050-8188665                       Fax                                    02-5547565

                                                                            Musaffah Industrial Branch             02-5551534
Union National Bank                     02-6741600/600-566665               PO Box                                 9223, Abu Dhabi
                                                                            Fax                                    02-5551507
Head Office, Salam Street
PO Box                                    3865, Abu Dhabi                   Najda Street Branch                    02-6324981
Fax                                       02-6786080                        PO Box                                 2929, Abu Dhabi
Swift Code                                unbeaeaa                          Fax                                    02-6349616

City Centre Branch                        02-6273471                        Shahama Branch                         02-5632833
PO Box                                    46042                             PO Box                                 5021, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                       02-6272478                        Fax                                    02-5633133

ADGAS Branch                             02-6270611                         Airport Road Branch                    02-6227585
Abu Dhabi Gas Co. Building, Corniche Street                                 PO Box                                 40338, Abu Dhabi
PO Box                                   3500, Abu Dhabi                    Fax                                    02-6226310
Fax                                      02-6272062
                                                                            Al Wehda Branch                        02-4438522/4438404
Al Dhafra Branch                          02-8848082/8848484                Muroor Road, Muroor Area
PO Box                                    50330, Abu Dhabi                  PO Box                                 130568, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                       02-8847633                        Fax                                    02-4438229

Al Muroor Branch                          02-4448384
                                                                            Al Karama Branch                         02-6433782
PO Box                                    29301, Abu Dhabi
                                                                            Al Gaith Holding Tower, Sh. Rashed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Road
Fax                                       02-4449986
                                                                            PO Box                                   130556, Abu Dhabi
                                                                            Fax                                      02-6433938
Baniyas Branch                            02-5821886
PO Box                                    11060, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                       02-5822580
ABU DHABI                                                               34 | 35

Sheikh Khalifa City Branch             02-5564476
SE1, Plot No.79, Al Qubaisi Compound, Khalifa A City
PO Box                                 38483, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                    02-5567738

Defence Road                          02-4439234
Hazza Bin Zayed Road
PO Box                                60565, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                   02-4439129

Mina Branch                           02-6799570
Mina Road
PO Box                                52953, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                   02-6799552

United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.                               02-6275000
GIBCA Building, Khalifa Street
PO Box                                3562, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                   02-6270766

SVP Head of Corporate -
Abu Dhabi/Al Ain Area                 Taqi Hasan           02-6130203
Branch Manager                        Jehad Ebrahim

United Bank Limited                                     02-5548777
Musaffah Branch
PO Box                                237, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                   02-5548779

Branch Manager                        Mubashir Abbas

Shaikh Khalifa Branch                 02-5996500
Shaikh Khalifa Street
PO Box                                3052, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                   02-6719900

Branch Manager                        Mian Muhammad Ashraf Qasim

1.    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

2.    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

3.    Ajman Bank
4.    Arab Bank Plc.
5.    Bank Saderat Iran
6.    Commercial Bank International
7.    Commercial Bank of Dubai
8.    Dubai Bank                                                                                                             19
9.    Dubai Islamic Bank
10.   Emirates Islamic Bank
11.   Emirates NBD
12.   First Gulf Bank
13.   Invest Bank                                                                                                                          TOWER     7
14.   Mashreqbank

15.   National Bank of Abu Dhabi


                                                                                                                                                A.D. B
16.   National Bank of Fujairah



                                                                                                                                                                                       AL SHOULAH ST.

17.   National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                                                                                                                      AZ


                                                                                                                                                                       AL BUS




                                                                                                                                                                             TAN ST
19.   Union National Bank

20.   United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.                                                                                                                          12       17







                                                                                                          S   H.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 AJMAN CITY


                                                     RAS A
                                                          L KHA
                                                        9           ST.   (KHAL
                                                              10               IFA BIN
                                                                    13                     ZAYED
                                                                              8                  ST.)

                                        TO SHARJAH
                                         AND DUBAI                                                                                                                                                                           2


                                                                                                                                                                                                        TO UMM AL


With an area of 260 square kilometres, Ajman is the
smallest emirate by area. 95% of its population resides
in the city of Ajman, which is also home to an eighteenth
century fort that has been turned into a local museum.
AJMAN                                                                  51

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                                    06-7443444
Al Ittihad Street, Bustan Area
Fax                                       06-7443300

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                                       06-7400222
Near Etisalat Building
PO Box                                    6660, Ajman
Fax                                       06-7401022

Branch Manager                            Mohamed Al Shamsi 06-7406680

Ajman Bank                                     06-7018511/800-22
Khalifa Branch                           06-7479999
A&F Tower, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Al Rifaah area
PO Box                                   7770, Ajman
Fax                                      06-7467707

Ajman Free Zone Branch                    800-22
Block C 1, Ground Floor
PO Box                                    7770, Ajman
Fax                                       06-7479197

Arab Bank Plc.                                               06-7422431
Sheikh Rashid Al Nu’aimi Street
PO Box                                    17, Ajman
Fax                                       06-7426871

Branch Manager                            Mahmoud Karam         06-7641368
Mobile                                    050-6326507

CIB Unit Head                             Abdel Hameed Zaitoun 06-7456033
Mobile                                    050-2157512
AJMAN                                                                                                                                        52 | 53

Bank Saderat Iran                                       06-7422232         Hamriya FZ Branch                        06-5973697

Sheikh Humaid Street                                                       Branch Manager                           Ahmed Ghanim Al Ali
PO Box                                  16, Ajman                          Mobile                                   050-6366639
Fax                                     06-7426190                         Email                          

                                                                           Moweleh Branch                           06-5193585
Commercial Bank International                           06-7412113
                                                                           Branch Manager                           Ibrahim Abdulla
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street                                            Mobile                                   050-9422244
PO Box                                  8040, Ajman                        Email                          

Branch Manager                          Jamal G. Al Hameari   03-7058100
Mobile                                  050-6168855                        Emirates Islamic Bank                                     06-7464000
                                                                           Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road
                                                                           PO Box                                   6688, Ajman
Commercial Bank of Dubai                                06-7456668         Fax                                      06-7464400

Sheikh Humaid Abdul Aziz Street
PO Box                                  4199, Ajman                        Emirates NBD                          06-7447004/600-540000
Fax                                     06-7449987
                                                                           PO Box                                   712, Ajman

Dubai Bank                               06-7443322/800-5555               Branch Manager                           Shahla Abdulla

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Al Sawan Area,
Anduls Building, besides R-Holding                                         First Gulf Bank                                           600-525500
PO Box                                    8444, Ajman
Fax                                       06-7457452                       Union Insurance Building, Sheikh Khalifa Street
Email                                      PO Box                                     414, Ajman
                                                                           Fax                                        06-7462323

Dubai Islamic Bank                                      06-7110111         Down Town Branch                         600-525500
                                                                           Al Ittihad Street
Branch Manager                          Mahmoud Taleb                      PO Box                                   414, Ajman
Mobile                                  050-6475020                        Fax                                      06-7457117

Al Numyah Branch                        06-7110277                         Invest Bank                                               06-7467444
Branch Manager                          Noufal A. Al Shwareb               Khalifa Bin Zaid Street
Mobile                                  050-3666445                        PO Box                                   8990, Ajman
Email                                    Fax                                      06-7467711
AJMAN                                                                                                                                        54 | 55

Branch Manager                           Antoine Fakhoury                     Ajman City Centre Branch                 06-7436000
Email                                            Ajman City Centre
                                                                              PO Box                                   4133, Ajman
Operations Officer                       Kamel Hassan                         Fax                                      06-7436060
Email                                     Email                          

Mashreqbank                                                  06-7017312       RAKBANK                                                   06-5988266
PO Box                                   11, Ajman                            Ground Floor, NK Mall, Al Hamidiya Road, New Industrial Area
Fax                                      06-7426690                           PO Box                                   31011, Ajman
                                                                              Toll Free                                800-4049
Branch Manager                           Mariam Al Balooshi

Grand Station Branch                     06-7430300                           Union National Bank                                       600-566665
PO Box                                   7077, Ajman
Fax                                      06-7431133                           Corniche Road Branch, Chamber of Commerce Building
                                                                              PO Box                               5262, Ajman
Branch Manager                           Fatma Ghanim                         Fax                                  06-7425557

                                                                              Al Rumaila Branch                        06-7412892
National Bank of Abu Dhabi                                   06-7013400       Building of Saleh Omar Bin Haider, Al Rumaila Area
                                                                              PO Box                                   14040, Ajman
PO Box                                   988, Ajman                           Fax                                      06-7413689
Toll Free                                800-2211
Fax                                      06-7425750
                                                                              United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.                                 06-7465335
National Bank of Fujairah                                    06-7444011       GMC Hospital and Research Centre
                                                                              PO Box                                   2700, Ajman
Al Nasar Building, Shop No.1, Ground Floor,                                   Fax                                      06-7465727
Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamaid Al Nu’aimi Street, Al Nakheel - B
PO Box                                   7622, Ajman                          Branch Manager                           Mohammed Al Raeesi
Fax                                      06-7444012

Branch Manager                           Easa Al Neaimi          06-7444011
Ext.                                     222

National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                              06-8523377
NBQ Building, Main Street
PO Box                                   12550, Masfout, Ajman
Fax                                      06-8523093
                                The perfect formula
                                for Private Banking
                               Bank Sarasin-Alpen is a member of the
                            Sarasin Group, of which AAA-rated Rabobank
                                     is a majority shareholder.
                                Abu Dhabi • Bahrain • Doha • Dubai
                                   Mumbai • Muscat • New Delhi

                           Sustainable Swiss Private Banking since 1841.

                                                                             Axiom Telecom LLC
Bukhatir Investments Limited          Al Khaliji Commercial Bank,
       US$ 245,000,000
                                            US$ 100,000,000              Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd
Syndicated Term Loan Facility
  & Commodity Murabaha                Medium Term Credit Facility           Strategic Joint Venture

            Connecting you with the
            right opportunities.                                              Investment Banking

            Debt Advisory • Mergers & Acquisition Advisory
            Equity Advisory                                                Bahrain | Doha | Dubai | Mumbai
                                                                                 Muscat | New Delhi

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ARZ AL BAHAR ROAD
1.    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                                          18.     Emirates NBD
2.    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                                             19.     First Gulf Bank
3.    Al Hilal Bank                                                      20.     Habib Bank Limited
4.    Al Masraf                                                          21.     HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
5.    Arab Bank Plc.                                                     22.     Invest Bank
6.    Bank Melli Iran                                                    23.     Janata Bank
7.    Bank of Baroda                                                     24.     Mashreqbank
8.    Bank of Sharjah                                                    25.     National Bank of Abu Dhabi
9.    Bank Saderat Iran                                                  26.     National Bank of Fujairah
10.   Banque Misr                                                        27.     National Bank of
11.   Central Bank of the UAE                                                    Umm Al Qaiwain                                                                                                          BURAMI O
12.   Citibank N.A.                                                      28.     Noor Islamic Bank
13.   Commercial Bank of Dubai                                           29.     RAKBANK
14.   Commercial Bank International                                      30.     Sharjah Islamic Bank
15.   Dubai Bank                                                         31.     Standard Chartered Bank
16.   Dubai Islamic Bank                                                 32.     Union National Bank
17.   Emirates Islamic Bank                                              33.     United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.

                                                                                                                                                      LIWA ST.
                                                                   SH. KHALIFA BIN ZAYED ST.
                                       30        OUDH ALTOBA ST.    10
                                                                                                                                                                                              27                                                          HOTEL
                                                                                                       25        11                                                                                                                   28

                                                                                                                                                                                                          A ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                     RO A D

                                15                                                                                                                                 AL

                                       SH. KHALIFA BIN ZAYED ST.             3   32                                                                              KH

                                                                                                             8 29
               AL AIN STREET

                                                                                  OLD JAWZA ST.

          26                                                                                      17
                                                                                                                           AL GHABAH

                               5                           MAIN STREET
          23                   21                                                                 4
          7                            31            20

                                            14        33                 9
  CLOCK                                                            12
                                                                                                                                       TO ABU DH
  TOWER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           TO MUSCA

                                   AL AIN

Also known as the Garden City due to its greenery, Al Ain is
the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Al Ain is
also the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan,
the first president of the United Arab Emirates, and has the
country’s highest number of resident Emirati nationals.
AL AIN                                                                65

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                              03-7550000
Fax                                    02-6109775

Al Bawadi Mall Branch                  03-7028982
Fax                                    02-6109856

Al Hayer Branch                        03-7321888
Fax                                    03-7322883

Al Wagan Branch                        03-7351444
Fax                                    03-7351799

Al Yahar Branch                        03-7814000
Fax                                    03-7826600

Khalifa Street Branch                  03-7669999
Fax                                    02-6109739

Sina’eya Branch (Industrial Area)      03-7210009
Fax                                    02-6109819

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                                 03-7666555
Zayed Ibn Sultan Street, Clock Tower
PO Box                                 1494, Al Ain
Fax                                    03-7666770

Branch Manager                         Ahmed Msari Al Dhaheri

Al Jimi Branch                         03-7633500
Al Jimi Centre
PO Box                                 16100, Al Ain
Fax                                    03-7621700

Branch Manager                         Ahmed Ateeq Al Dhaeri

Sina’eya Branch                        03-7211777
PO Box                                 24366, Al Ain
Fax                                    03-7218180

Branch Manager                         Ahmed Al Baloushi       03-7211737
AL AIN                                                                                                                                            66 | 67

Al Yahar Branch                         03-7816000
                                                                              Arab Bank Plc.                                          03-7641368
Al Yahar, Main Street
PO Box                                  1494, Al Alin
                                                                              Street Planning, Clock Tower
Fax                                     03-7817733
                                                                              PO Box                                 1212, Al Ain
                                                                              Fax                                    03-7664913
Branch Manager                          Saeed Ateeq Al Dhaheri
                                                                              Branch Manager                         Mahmoud Karam
                                                                              Mobile                                 050-7604404
Emirates Cement Factory (Cash Office) 03-7222099/0221
Emirates Cement Factory Building
PO Box                                1494, Al Ain
                                                                              CIB Unit Head                          Maen Jarrar          03-7643295
Fax                                   03-7221228
                                                                              Mobile                                 050-6574062
Al Ain Municipality Branch              03-7627799
PO Box                                  1494, Al Ain
Fax                                     03-7628833
                                                                              Bank Melli Iran                                         03-7664449
Branch Manager                          Mohamed Mubarak Al Muhairi
Email                                                Clock Tower, Industrial Road
                                                                              PO Box                                 1888, Al Ain
Al Murabbaa Branch                      03-7650000
PO Box                                  1494, Al Ain                          Assistant Manager                      Eqbali Mehrab
Fax                                     03-7515111

Branch Manager                          Ali Hassan               03-7076444   Bank of Baroda                                          03-7519880
                                                                              Clock Tower Roundabout, Planning Street
Al Ain Immigration Branch               03-7621386                            PO Box                                  16123, Al Ain
Al Ain Immigration Premises                                                   Fax                                     03-7519881
PO Box                                  16100, Al Ain                         Email                         
Fax                                     03-7621083
                                                                              Senior Branch Manager                  Ashwini K. Patria    03-7659554
Branch Manager                          Ahmed Ateeq                           Senior Manager - Operations            Akhilesh Vashistha   03-7519880

Al Hilal Bank                        03-7034045/800-666666                    Bank of Sharjah                                         03-7517171
PO Box                                  63111, Abu Dhabi                      Khalifa Street
Fax                                     03-7559269                            PO Box                                 84287, Al Ain
Email                                          Fax                                    03-7517070

                                                                              Branch Manager                         George Dib
Al Masraf                                 03-7655133/7656482
Old Immigration Street, Mohammed Bin Sultan Al-Darmaki Building
PO Box                                 16003, Al Ain
Fax                                    03-7659950
AL AIN                                                                                                                                             68 | 69

Bank Saderat Iran                                         03-7641557            Commercial Bank of Dubai                                 03-7647555
Main Street                                                                     Sheikh Zayed Road, Main Street, City Centre
PO Box                                    1140, Al Ain                          PO Box                                   1497, Al Ain
Fax                                       03-7668875                            Fax                                      03-7647757

Banque Misr                                               03-7643399            Dubai Bank                                03-7511112/800-5555
Oud Touba Street, behind Central Bank                                           Oud Al Toba Street
PO Box                                    59232, Al Ain                         PO Box                                   14441, Al Ain
Fax                                       03-7514334                            Fax                                      03-7511088

Branch Manager                            Hisham A. Hamid
Email                                       Dubai Islamic Bank                                       03-7055160
                                                                                Main Branch
Central Bank of the UAE                                   03-7656656
                                                                                Branch Manager                           Nasser Al Yahyaei
Ali Ibn Abee Taleb Street, Oud Al Touba                                         Mobile                                   050-4448812
PO Box                                    1414, Al Ain                          Email                          
Fax                                       03-7664777
                                                                                Al Ain Mall Branch
Assistant Executive Director              Ajlan Ahmed Al Qubaisi 03-7516777
Senior Manager                            Ateeq Bin Arar Al Daheri 03-7513455   Branch Manager                           Saeed Al Maqbali      03-7055255
                                                                                Mobile                                   050-6436164
Citibank N.A.                                             03-7641090
                                                                                Al Jimi (Ladies Branch)
Sheikh Zayed Street
PO Box                                    1430, Al Ain                          Branch Manager                           Fatima Al Ameri       03-7055283
Fax                                       03-7663887                            Mobile                                   050-8111862

                                                                                Al Lissili Branch
Commercial Bank International                             03-7669994
                                                                                Branch Manager                           Mohammed Al Rayes 04-4040800
Sanaiya Street
                                                                                Mobile                                   050-6521150
PO Box                                    18026, Al Ain
Fax                                       03-7666245

                                                                                Al Madam Branch
Branch Manager                            Jamal G. Al Hameari 03-7058100
Mobile                                    050-7172224
                                                                                Branch Manager                           Obaid Al Kaabi       06-5973555
                                                                                Mobile                                   050-3030993
AL AIN                                                                                                                                        70 | 71

Al Yahar Branch
                                                                          Habib Bank Limited                                           600-522228
Branch Manager                         Khalid Bin Shaheen    03-7055225
                                                                          Abdul Jalil Al Fahim Building
Mobile                                 050-5340055
                                                                          PO Box                                     1373, Al Ain
                                                                          Fax                                        06-5686473

                                                                          Service Manager                            Saif Ur Rehman
Emirates Islamic Bank                                  03-7511159
Jawazat Street, near Sheikh Salama Mosque
PO Box                                 15095, Al Ain
                                                                          HSBC Bank Middle East Limited                                600-554722
Fax                                    03-7661296
                                                                          Ground Floor, Mansouri Building, 13th Street, next to Al Ain Mall
Telex                                  33501 MEBANK EM
                                                                          PO Box                                    242, Abu Dhabi
                                                                          Fax                                       03-7657094
Al Mutaradh Branch                     03-7559840
Show Rooms # 14, 15 & 16 Arabia Centre, Al Mutaredh Area
PO Box                                 15095, Al Ain
                                                                          Invest Bank                                                  03-7644446
Fax                                    03-7548969
                                                                          Al Ghabeh Street
                                                                          PO Box                                     1933, Al Ain
Emirates NBD                                           03-7511114         Fax                                        03-7645335
Main Branch
PO Box                                 16122, Al Ain
                                                                          Janata Bank                                   03-7513425/7644425
Branch Manager                         Mohamed Juma Obaid Al Ketbi
                                                                          Sheikh Khalifa Bin Mohammed Al Nahayan Building, Main Market Centre,
Al Ain Mall Branch                     03-7511156                         Main Street
PO Box                                 16122, Al Ain                      PO Box                                1107, Al Ain
                                                                          Fax                                   03-7644475
Branch Manager                         Mahmoud Ahmed Saif
                                                                          Manager (FAGM)                             M. Abdul Momen        03-7513425
Al Bawadi Mall Branch                  03-7840759                         Mobile                                     050-7936740
PO Box                                 1481, Al Ain                       Email                            

Branch Manager                         Mohammad Saif Al Azani
                                                                          Mashreqbank (Main Branch)                                    03-7077246
First Gulf Bank                                        600-525500         PO Box                                     1111, Al Ain
                                                                          Fax                                        06-7645602
Oud Al Touba Roundabout
PO Box                                 18781, Al Ain                      Branch Manager                             Mariam Al Balooshi
Fax                                    03-7511199
                                                                          Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Street Branch            03-7077722
Sanaiya Branch                         600-525500                         PO Box                                     80800, Al Ain
Al Sanaiya Area                                                           Fax                                        06-7668896
PO Box                                 13831, Al Ain
Fax                                    03-7216400                         Manager                                    Ali Ammar (ALMM)
AL AIN                                                                                                                      72 | 73

Jawazat Branch                        03-6416405                     Al Nada (Ladies Branch)               03-7640761
PO Box                                108118, Al Ain                 PO Box                                85404, Al Ain
Fax                                   06-6412799                     Fax                                   03-7640761

Branch Manager                        Hessa Al Ansari                Al Hayer Branch                       03-7684009
                                                                     PO Box                                85313, Al Ain
                                                                     Fax                                   03-7684451
National Bank of Abu Dhabi                              03-7516900
                                                                     Al Ain Civic Centre Branch            03-7625414
PO Box                                17822, Al Ain                  PO Box                                86777, Al Ain
Fax                                   03-7511616                     Fax                                   03-7624425

Al Ain Cement Factory Branch                                         Al Hayer Municipality Branch          03-7322400
(Denotes Cash Offices)                03-7610847                     PO Box                                17087, Al Ain
PO Box                                17822, Al Ain                  Fax                                   03-7322400
Fax                                   03-7610684
                                                                     Al Maqam Municipality (Cash Office)   03-7322400
Al Ain Clock Tower Branch             03-7642400                     PO Box                                85313, Al Ain
PO Box                                1138, Al Ain                   Fax                                   03-7322500
Fax                                   03-7668150
                                                                     Mezyad Municipality (Cash Office)     03-7085359
Al Ain International (Cash Offices)   03-7855511                     PO Box                                1138, Al Ain
PO Box                                17822, Al Ain                  Fax                                   03-7668150
Fax                                   03-7855588
                                                                     Al Wagan Municipality (Cash Office)   03-7351886
Al Ain Mall Branch                    03-7519900
                                                                     PO Box                                21844, Al Ain
PO Box                                59212, Al Ain
                                                                     Fax                                   03-7351451
Fax                                   03-7513636
                                                                     Al Quaa Municipality (Cash Office)    03-7066591
Al Ain Defense (Cash Office)          03-7688824
                                                                     PO Box                                21844, Al Ain
PO Box                                17822, Al Ain
Fax                                   03-7688879
                                                                     Al Remah (Cash Office), TAMM          03-7371257
                                                                     PO Box                                17822, Al Ain
Al Hayar Branch                       03-7322400
                                                                     Fax                                   03-7371257
PO Box                                17087, Al Ain
Fax                                   03-7322500
                                                                     Al Khaznah (Cash Office), TAMM        03-5663134
                                                                     PO Box                                17822, Al Ain
Al Sanaiya Branch                     03-7213222
PO Box                                19771, Al Ain                  Fax                                   03-5663573
Fax                                   03-7212155
                                                                     Al Yahar Branch                       03-7819180
Sweihan Branch                        03-7347919                     PO Box                                200600, Al Ain
PO Box                                10033, Al Ain                  Fax                                   03-7819351
Fax                                   03-7347414

Al Ain New Branch                     03-7011300
PO Box                                17822, Al Ain
Fax                                   03-7517911
AL AIN                                                                                                                                                74 | 75

National Bank of Fujairah                                  03-7648142           Union National Bank                     03-7644551/600-566665
Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Building,                                      Khalifa Street Branch
near Clock intersection, opposite GPO Main Road                                 PO Box                                     1812, Al Ain
PO Box                                   88108, Al Ain                          Fax                                        03-7658988
Fax                                      03-7648156
                                                                                Al Yahar Branch                            03-7827111
Branch Manager                            Abdul Aziz Al Hashmi     03-7648142   PO Box                                     69196, Al Ain
Ext.                                      201                                   Fax                                        03-7814629

                                                                                Al Ain Mall Branch                         03-7510444
National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                            03-7513000           PO Box                                     68430, Al Ain
                                                                                Fax                                        03-7511171
Oud Al Touba Street, Al Mandoos Roundabout
PO Box                                 17888, Al Ain                            Jebel Round About Branch                   03-7551177/7551300
Fax                                    03-7513500                               PO Box                                     68430, Al Ain
Email                                                      Fax                                        03-7551199

                                                                                UAE University Branch                      03-7670602
Noor Islamic Bank                                                 800-6667      PO Box                                     68430, Al Ain
                                                                                Fax                                        03-7676223
Al Ain Industrial Road,
next to Al Ain Post Office, Al Masa Building                                    Al Bawadi Mall Branch                      03-7840155
Email                                                Mezyad Area
                                                                                PO Box                                     64205, Al Ain
                                                                                Fax                                        03-7840516
RAKBANK                                                    03-7644222
                                                                                Al Hili Branch                           03-7626240
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Ahmed Helal Al Kuwait Building                 Al Safa Complex, Suhail Mahreb Building, Al Hili Area, Dubai/Al Ain Road
PO Box                                   1130, Al Ain                           PO Box                                   16400, Al Ain
Fax                                      03-7644212                             Fax                                      03-7626203

Sharjah Islamic Bank                                       03-7644666           United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.                                   03-7663122
Oud Al Touba Street, Oud Al Touba Area                                          Sheikh Faisal Bin Sultan Al Qassimi Building, Main Street
PO Box                                    66631, Al Ain                         PO Box                                     16077, Al Ain
Fax                                       03-7515444                            Fax                                        03-7665168

Senior Branch Manager                     Maged Moh. Shaaban 03-7513206
                                                                                Branch Manager                             Mohammed Al Raeesi
Mobile                                    050-6951151

Standard Chartered Bank                                    03-7056800
Sheikh Ahmed Bin Suroor Al Zaher Main Street, near the Main Clock Tower
PO Box                                  1240, Al Ain
                              DDCAP Group

                              DDCAP Limited
                               Positions itself as an intermediary in
                               the Islamic Financial Services Industry
                               providing structuring support, trade
                               execution and value-added services to
                               its global clients

                               DDCAP holds a unique market position
                               as facilitator across a diverse range
                               of Sharia’a compliant products, asset
                               classes and instruments in both the
                               Islamic primary and secondary market

                              DD&Co Limited
                               Commodity Facilitation

                              DDGI Limited
                               Transactional Solutions
                               Direct Investments

DDCAP (DIFC) Limited          DDCAP Limited
Suite 39, Level 3             8-10 Grosvenor Gardens
Gate Village 4                London
P.O. Box 506683               SW1W 0DH
Dubai, United Arab Emirates   United Kingdom

t: + 9714 401 9844            t: +44 207 863 1250
e:        e:

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  DUBAI AIRPORT

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            R   AS


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AL I
1.    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank            37.   Emirates Islamic Bank               67.   Standard Chartered Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                       4

2.    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank               38.   Emirates NBD                        68.   UBS AG Representative Office UBS AG


3.    Ajman Bank                           39.   First Gulf Bank                     69.   Union de Banques Arabes et Francaises                                                                                                                                               L    DIN
4.    Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait               40.   Franklin Templeton Investment       70.   Union National Bank                                                                                                                                                      LA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SA                                                                   65
5.    Al Hilal Bank                              Management Ltd.                     71.   United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.
6.    Al Khaliji (France) S.A.             41.   Habib Bank AG Zurich                72.   United Bank Ltd.                                                                                                                                            52
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       21           3
7.    Al Masraf Bank                       42.   Habib Bank Ltd.                     73.   UTI International Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                                  AL RIQA ROAD                                    29        10

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        12                                11

8.    American Express Bank                43.   HDFC Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    28       23                1                              56         5

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 68             20        70                           6


9.    Arab African International Bank      44.   HSBC Bank Middle East Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 AL MAKTOUM ROAD


                                                                                                                                                                                                                   14                                                                                                                                                 17

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           32                                                                                                           34
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       41                                47 48
10.   Arab Bank Plc.                       45.   ICICI Bank Ltd.


11.   Bank Melli Iran                      46.   Indusind Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                           37

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            7        35

12.   Bank Muscat                          47.   Invest Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                           S ROA                            TOWER


13.   Bank of America Gulf States          48.   Janata Bank
14.   Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait             49.   Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.                                                                                                                                 TARIQ IBN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ZIYAD                                           DUBAI C
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ST.                                                           REEK
15.   Bank of Baroda                       50.   Kotak Mahindra Financial                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 36

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          BRID M

                                                                                                                                                                                     ALI 44                                  45             53

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               BRID ING
16.   Bank of New York                           Services Ltd.                                                                                                                     UT


                                                                                                                                                                                 AB 25


17.   Bank of Sharjah                      51.   Lloyds TSB Bank PLC                                                                                              BIN                                                        55
                                                                                                                                                              ALI                                                                                    60
18.   Bank of Singapore                    52.   Mashreqbank                                                                                             9    AL SOUQ
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 57     39
19.   Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.   53.   Merrill Lynch Bank (Suisse) S.A.                                                                                                                       KHALID BIN WALEED ROAD
                                                                                                                                                              AL QABEL
20.   Bank Saderat Iran                    54.   National Bank of Abu Dhabi                                                                                   AREA                                              72 42       27     49

21.   Banque Misr                          55.   National Bank of Fujairah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     26
22.   Barclays Bank                        56.   National Bank of Kuwait
23.   Blom Bank France S.A.                57.   National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                LAMCY
24.   BNP Paribas                          58.   Natixis

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               EL RO
25.   Central Bank of the UAE              59.   Noor Islamic Bank
                                                                                                                                                                                               67                                                                        73
26.   Citibank (H.O.)                      60.   Philippine National Bank

27.   Citigroup Global Markets             61.   RAKBANK
28.   Commercial Bank International        62.   RBC Dexia Investor Services
29.   Commercial Bank of Dubai             63.   Royal Bank of Canada
30.   Coutts & Co                          64.   Samba Financial Group
31.   Deutsche Bank AG                     65.   Sharjah Islamic Bank

                                                                                                                                                                       AL MINA ROAD
32.   Doha Bank                            66.   Standard Bank PLC
33.   Dubai Bank
34.   Dubai Islamic Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTER
35.   Emirates Industrial Bank
36.   Emirates Investment Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  33
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                30                             58
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            69                                      62
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            59                                      31
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            19            24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTER

                                                                                                                                                              AL WASEL ROAD
                                                                                                                      64   AL JUMEIRAH ROAD                                                                                                          22
                                                                                                                           AL WASEL RO                                                                                                                                                           EMAAR SQUARE

                                                                                    DUBAI MEDIA CITY                                                                                                                                                                       .                      BURJ KHALIFA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     S  ZR

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ED R
                                                                                    DUBAI INTERNET CITY

                                                      JEBEL ALI


Dubai has emerged as a global financial and tourism
hub. It boasts some of the world’s most spectacular
feats of architecture, including the Burj Khalifa, the Burj
Al Arab and the Palm island.
DUBAI                                                         85

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                         04-3615151
Al Etihad Branch
Fax                               02-6109735

Al Karama Branch                  04-3345000
Fax                               04-3348000

Al Mina Road Branch               04-3984444
Fax                               04-3982664

Al Qusais Branch                  04-7058888
Fax                               02-6109732

Al Rigga Road Branch              04-2958888
Fax                               04-2956632

Arabian Centre Branch             04-3411001
Fax                               02-6109849

Dubai Mall Branch                 04-7058820
Fax                               02-6109850

Mall of the Emirates Branch       04-3411001
Fax                               02-6109732

Sheikh Zayed Road Branch          04-4069600
Fax                               02-6109749

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Deira Branch                      04-2955633
Opposite Deira City Centre
PO Box                            46000, Dubai
Fax                               04-2952785

Branch Manager                    Hashim Al Zarouni 2955633

Al Twar Branch                    04-2611116
Al Nahda Street, Al Twar Centre
PO Box                            46000, Dubai
Fax                               04-2635353

Branch Manager                    Ibrahim Al Qasser
DUBAI                                                                                                                                                86 | 87

Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                   04-3210000                         Head of Operations & Administration (UAE)   Melhem E. Dagher      04-2222291
PO Box                                     46000, Dubai                       Head of Corporate Banking (UAE)             Kelvin Tayfield       04-2222291
Fax                                        04-3211515                         Head of Risk (UAE)                          Rola Saba             04-2222291
                                                                              Financial Controller                        Roy Doumeth           04-2222291
Branch Manager                             Mohammed Zainal       04-4033333
Email                                               Al Maktoum Street Branch                    04-2222291
                                                                              PO Box                                      4207, Dubai
                                                                              Fax                                         04-2279861
Ajman Bank                                                           800-22   Head of Business Banking (UAE)              Hamza Abdul Sater        04-2222291
Salahuddin Road, near Fish Roundabout (Claridge Hotel side), Deira

                                                                              Al Masraf (Main Branch)                       04-2220152/2212100
Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait                                        04-6075555      Al Masraf Tower, Deira
                                                                              PO Box                                      5549, Dubai
Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait Building, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road,                  Fax                                         04-2234311
opposite Hamarain Centre
PO Box                                     1719, Dubai                        Muraqqabat Branch                       04-2297999/2297333
Fax                                        04-2684445                         Dream Palace Hotel Building, Al Muraqqabet Street, Deira
Email                                               PO Box                                  183883, Dubai
Website                                                Fax                                     04-2298999

                                                                              Marina Branch                            04-3950202
General Manager                            Vikram Pradhan        04-6075501
                                                                              Opal Tower, Plot No. 392-433, Dubai Marina
Head of Trade Finance and Operations       Vijah Shah            04-6075600
                                                                              PO Box                                   454411, Dubai
Treasury Manager                           Raj M. Akbar Batcha   04-6075640
                                                                              Fax                                      04-3950022

Al Hilal Bank                           04-2087015/800-666666                 American Express Bank
PO Box                                     63111, Abu Dhabi                   (Representative Office)                                       04-4082222
Fax                                        042834379
                                                                              Zabeel Branch
                                                                              Hermitage Building, Ground Floor, Zabeel Road, Karama
Bur Dubai Branch                           04-4085551
PO Box                                     63111, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                        04-3543342
                                                                              Arab African International Bank
                                                                              (Representative Office)                                       04-3937773
Al Khaliji (France) S.A.                                                      Art Tower, Al Mina Street, Bur Dubai
(Regional Management)                                         04-2222291      PO Box                                      1049, Dubai
                                                                              Fax                                         04-3937774
Al Maktoum Street, opposite Etisalat Main Branch, Deira                       Email                             
PO Box                                    4207, Dubai                         Website                           
Fax                                       04-2283935
Email                                              Reg. General Manager                        Hemant Jethwani       04-3932442
Website                                             Gulf Head of Operations                     Salah El Sayyad       04-3935947
DUBAI                                                                                                                                      88 | 89

Head of Trade Finance                  Saleh Said Ihbaisheh   04-3920393
Head of Treasury                       Syed H. Mohamed        04-3935926
                                                                           Bank Melli Iran (Regional Office)                          04-2015100
                                                                           Baniyas Street, Deira
                                                                           PO Box                                  1894, Dubai
Arab Bank Plc.                                         04-4450555          Fax                                     04-2295454/2295656
Al Manama Street, Dubai Outsource Zone, near Dubai Academic City
PO Box                                 11364, Dubai                        Bur Dubai Branch                        04-3051111
Fax                                    04-4495466                          Khalid Bin Walid Street
Website                                           PO Box                                  3093, Dubai
                                                                           Fax                                     04-3516329
Area Manager                           M. Saed Jarallah       02-6392888
Corporate Investment Banking Head      Talal Soubra           04-2024360
Consumer Banking Head                  Fawaz Atout            04-4450300   Bank Muscat (Representative Office) 04-2222267
Financial Control Department Head      Suleiman Armouti       04-4450400
Human Resources Head                   Ammar Hamdallah        04-4450450   Dubai Creek Tower, Office No. 15B, Baniyas Road, Deira
Legal head                             Jihad Ghoury           04-4450730   PO Box                                   29969, Dubai
Compliance & Regulatory Head           Basel Barakat          04-4450444   Fax                                      04-2210115
Corporate Credit Head                  Samir Abu Al Khair     02-6122330   Website                        
Country Operations Head                Nasser Al Maghatheh    04-4450800
                                                                           Country Representative                  Ali Tariq
Internal Audit Head                    Mohammad Al Basha      04-4450720
                                                                           Manager Equity Research                 Shantanu Sarkari
Treasury Head                          Samer Totah            02-6347479

Dubai Main Branch                      04-2950845                          Bank of America Gulf States
Al Etihad Street, opposite DNATA                                           (Regional Office)                                          04-3197522
PO Box                                 11364, Dubai
Fax                                    04-2955974                          Emirates Towers, Level 42, Sheikh Zayed Road
                                                                           PO Box                                   25671, Dubai
Branch Manager                         Isam Al Aqraa        04-2024102     Fax                                      04-3197523
Mobile                                 050-7789993
Email                                     Managing Director                       Darren Rickards
                                                                           Director                                Hakim Karoui
CIB Unit Head                          Modar Kherfan       04-2024100
Mobile                                 050-5291761
Email                                   Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait
                                                                           (Representative Office)                   04-2210560/2210570
Sheikh Zayed Road Branch               04-7090777
                                                                           Creek Tower Office 18A, Baniyas Road, Deira
PO Box                                 1650, Dubai
                                                                           PO Box                                  31115, Dubai
Fax                                    04-7090778
                                                                           Fax                                     04-2210260
Branch Manager                         Ehab Hammoudeh
                                                                           Swift                                   BBKUBHBM
                                                                           Chief Representative/Country Manager    C. K. Jaidev
                                                                           Manager Corporate Loans
                                                                           and Loan Syndications                   Rajiv Kapoor
                                                                           Manager Corporate Loans
                                                                           and Loan Syndications                   Wafa Al Alwan
DUBAI                                                                                                                                                      90 | 91

                                                                                  Fax                                          04-2576276
Bank of Baroda (H.O.)                        04-3531628/3136699
                                                                                  Officer                                      C. K. Rajgopal        04-2576734
Zonal Office, Sheikh Rashid Building, 2nd Floor,
Ali Bin Abu Talib Street, Bur Dubai
                                                                                  Customer Service Centre (EBSU)               04-8872992
PO Box                                     3162, Dubai
                                                                                  L.O.B-7, No. G18, JAFZA
Fax                                        04-3530839
                                                                                  PO Box                                       3162, Dubai
                                                                                  Fax                                          04-8872997

                                                                                  Manager (Marketing)                          Niermala Behera      04-8872992
Chief Executive (GCC Operations)          Ashok K. Gupta      04-3538093

                                                                                  Customer Service Centre (EBSU)               04-3397414/3397838
Dy. Chief Executive                       D. Narayanan       04-3136617
                                                                                  Al Fardan Building, Business Bay Area
                                                                                  PO Box                                       3162, Dubai
                                                                                  Fax                                          04-3285815
Assistant General Manager
(SME & Corporate)                         S. U. Saiyed        04-3136690
                                                                                  Manager (Marketing)                          Shaibal Banerjee    04-3397414

Chief Manager (Credit)                    M. V. Rayvadera      04-3136696
                                                                                  Deira Branch                                 04-2287949
                                                                                  Kuwaiti Building, Al Rigga, Baniyas Street
                                                                                  PO Box                                       5107, Dubai
Chief Manager (Syndication)               P. S. Bhatia            04-3136647      Fax                                          04-2286020/2298518
Email                              Email                              

Chief Manager (Retail/Marketing)          H. S. Sagar         04-3136658          Dy. General Manager                          Ramesh M. Shetty      04-2286516
Email                                       Senior Manager (Operations)                  Tapan Sinha           04-2286216
                                                                                  Chief Manager (Credit)                       Satish Agrawal        04-2286140
Internal Auditor (GCC Operations)         Amiya K Mondal      04-3136660          Senior Manager (Credit)                      Sibasih Mishra        04-2292181
                                                                                  Dubai Main Branch                            04-3136666/3136600
Senior Manager (Inspection and Audit)                                             Ali Bin Abi Talib Street, Bur Dubai
& Risk Management                         R. S. Negi             04-3136695       PO Box                                       3162, Dubai
Email                                Fax                                          04-3536962/3535548
                                                                                  Dy. General Manager                          N. S. Sundereswaran 04-3136616
Customer Service Centre (EBSU)              04-3583429                            Email                              
Ali Khalifa Bin Belaisha Building, Trade Centre Road, Karama
PO Box                                      3162, Dubai                           Chief Manager (Operations)                   M. V. Murali Krishna   04-3136670
Fax                                         04-3583756                            Email                              

Manager (Marketing)                       K. Prabha           04-3583429          Chief Manager (Credit)                       Sarat C. Baral        04-3136610
Email                                    Email                              

Customer Service Centre (EBSU)            04-2576734                              Manager (India Desk)                         Sunil Tutoo          04-3136680
Damascus Street, Al Qusais                                                        Email                              
PO Box                                    126315, Dubai
DUBAI                                                                                                                                  92 | 93

Senior Manager (FX Dealer)                Dilip Kumar Mansingh 04-3136630   Senior Relationship Manager      Sarabjit Katari        04-4277112
Email                                 Senior Relationship Manager      Rishi Chauhan          04-4277113
                                                                            Senior Relationship Manager      Manish Bakshi          04-4277148
Manager (FX Dealer)                       Shankar Kumar Jha    04-3136631   Senior Relationship Manager      Asad Dadarkar          04-4277118
Email                                 Senior Relationship Manager      Vijay Bhatia           04-4277108

Senior Manager (I.T.)                     Hardeep Singh        04-3136663
                                                                            Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.                 04-3230311
Manager (I.T.)                            Biswajit Chakrabarty 04-3136662
Email                                   Level1, GV6, DIFC
                                                                            PO Box                           506614, Dubai
Manager (I.T.)                            Borthakur Dipjyoti   04-3136661   Fax                              04-3230310
                                                                            General Manager                  Takashi Maeda       04-3230311
                                                                            Mobile                           050-1417787
Bank of New York                                           04-4252500       Email                  

DIFC, Building 5, Level 6, The Exchange,
PO Box                                   506723, Dubai                      Bank Saderat Iran (Regional Office)                04-6035555
Fax                                      04-4255684
                                                                            Al Maktoum Street
                                                                            PO Box                           4182, Dubai
Bank of Sharjah                                            04-2827278       Fax                              04-2215961
Al Garhoud Street
PO Box                                    27141, Dubai                      Regional Manager                 Mohammad Shamsaei      04-2220920
Fax                                       04-2827270                        Assistant Regional Manager       Abdolreza Shabahangi   04-6035240
                                                                            Dealing Dept. Manager            Hossein Zohrevand      04-6035390
Senior Manager (Branch/Private Banking)   Nadim Melki                       Accounts Dept. Manager           Rahim E. Moghadam      04-6035380
Risk Manager                              John Williams                     Recovery Dept. Manager           Seyed Nasser Naziri    04-3523327
Credit Manager                            Toufic Youakim                    IT Dept. Manager                 Asadollah Sohrabi      04-6035222
Operations Manager                        Fadi Haddad                       Human Resources Manager          Majid Tavasoli         04-6035333
                                                                            Credit Facility Manager          Gholam Ali Jolaei      04-6035226
                                                                            Audit Dept. Manager              M. Khateb Anwar        04-6035255
Bank of Singapore                                                           Letter of Credit Dept. Manager   M. Reza Shakery        04-6035360
(Representative Office)                                    04-4277100
                                                                            Al Maktoum Branch                04-6035555
602, Level 6, Building 4, Emaar Square, Sheikh Zayed Road                   PO Box                           4182, Dubai
PO Box                                    4296, Dubai                       Fax                              04-2234460
Fax                                       04-4257801/4257802
Website                                    Bur Dubai Branch                 04-3511110
                                                                            PO Box                           4182, Dubai
Managing Director and                                                       Fax                              04-3529415
Head of Dubai Office                      Varun Bukshi        04-4277103
Executive Director                        Nitin Bhatnagar     04-4277116    Murshid Bazar Branch             04-2264805
Senior Relationship Manager               B. R. Subramanian   04-4277105    PO Box                           4182, Dubai
Senior Relationship Manager               P. G. Bhaskar       04-4277106    Fax                              04-2266543
DUBAI                                                                                                                                            94 | 95

Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                 04-3311187                     Reuter Dealing                             BAND
PO Box                                   4182, Dubai                    Swift                                      BLOMAEAD
Fax                                      04-3311027
                                                                        Regional Manager                           Bassem Ariss            04-2222355
                                                                        Deputy Regional Manager/
Banque Misr                                               04-2715175    Corporate Credit Manager                   Michel Germanos         04-2242067
                                                                        Branch Manager                             Samir Hobeika           04-2214648
Salah El Din Street                                                     Manager Credit                             T. K. Venkat            04-2242067
PO Box                                   1502, Dubai                    Treasurer                                  M. Mehdi Ansari         04-2224812
Fax                                      04-2720156                     Compliance and Risk Management             Walid Hajjar            04-2213044
                                                                        Finance Manager                            Dany Sawaya             04-2231601
Branch Manager                           Labib Abdul Gaffar

                                                                        BNP Paribas                                                 04-2106767
Barclays Bank PLC                                         04-4381038
                                                                        Twin Towers, 19th Floor, Baniyas Road, Deira
Emaar Business Park, Building No. 4, 1st Floor, Sheikh Zayed Road       PO Box                                   7233, Dubai
PO Box                                    1891, Dubai                   Fax                                      04-2217335
Fax                                       04-4355932
                                                                        Deputy General Manager Pierre              Louis Deumier
Managing Director & Country Head UAE     Fergus McDonald
                                                                        Operations Manager                         Zia Rana
                                                                        Manager Corporate Treasury/FX Sales        Vinit Vaid
Hamdan Street Branch                    04-4958555
Al Jazeera Tower, Ground Floor, Hamdan Street
PO Box                                  2734, Dubai                     Sheikh Zayed Branch                       04-4248200
Fax                                     04-6355141                      Emaar Building 1, 7th Floor, Burj Dubai Square
                                                                        PO Box                                    7233, Dubai
Service Centres -                                                       Fax                                       04-4257813
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street              04-5098111
Bank Street, Bur Dubai                                                  General Manager                            Philippe Aroyo
Fax                                      04-3570974                     Deputy General Manager Pierre              P. Louis Deumier
                                                                        Operations Manager                         Zia Rana
Dubai Healthcare City                    04-4295697                     Manager Corporate Treasury/FX Sales        Sandeep Agarwal
Building No. 24, Ground Floor
Fax                                      04-4298310

Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                04-4223928/4223991              Central Bank of the UAE                                     04-3939777
Barclays, Building No. 4, Ground Floor,
                                                                        Al Souq Al Kabir, opposite Ministry of Finance and Industry, Bur Dubai
Emaar Business Park, Sheikh Zayed Road
                                                                        PO Box                                      448, Dubai
                                                                        Fax                                         04-3937802/3939933
Blom Bank France SA                                                     Email                             
(Representative Office)                                   04-2284655    Website                           

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Building, Al Maktoum Street, Deira   Governor                                   H E Sultan
PO Box                                4370, DubaI                                                                  Bin Nasser Al Suwaidi 04-3937766
Fax                                   04-2236260                        Deputy Governor Mohd                       Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi 04-3937766
Email                                         Executive Director Dubai Branch            Omar Mohd Al Qazi       04-3939666
Website                                     Assistant Sr. Manager Banking
DUBAI                                                                                                                                               96 | 97

Operations Section Cash                    Ali Al Sheikh Mansour 04-3937770
Sr. Section Officer Admin. Section         M. Abdullah Khalfan   04-3937771
                                                                              Commercial Bank International (H.O.)                               800-224
                                                                              Al Rigga Street, Deira
                                                                              PO Box                                      4449, Dubai
Citibank N.A. (H.O.)                                         04-3245000       Fax                                         04-2225342
Oud Metha Towers, Al Wasl Road                                                Reuter Dealing                              CBIU
PO Box                                     749, Dubai
Fax                                        04-3528654                         Managing Director                           Abdullah R. A. Omran 04-2126700
Telex                                      023 6738736                        Email                             
Cable                                      CITIBAEM
Swift                                      CITIAEAD                           Chief Executive Officer                     Douwe J. Oppedijk   04- 2126600
Website                                              Email                             

Al Wasl Branch                             04-6044157/6044180                 Head of Compliance                          Ashok Kumar Anjan      04-2126692
Sheikh Rashid Road, next to Wafi City                                         Email                             
PO Box                                     749, Dubai
Fax                                        04-3528654                         Head of Treasury & Investment Division      Wayne Andrews       04-2126711
Dubai Branch                               04-5074104/5074643
Next to Burjuman, Khalid Bin Al Walid Street                                  Head of Finance Division                    A. D. Abootty          04-2126500
PO Box                                    3131, Dubai                         Email                             
Fax                                       04-3528654
                                                                              Head of Strategy, Planning & Quality Dept   Yousef I. Haddad       04-2126190

Citigroup Global Market (H.O.)                               04-5099790       Deira Main Branch                           04-2275265
                                                                              Al Rigga Street
The Gate District, Precinct Building 2, Suite 1, Level 7, DIFC                PO Box                                      4449, Dubai
PO Box                                       506560, Dubai                    Fax                                         04-2277739
Fax                                          04-3700275
Website                                             Acting Branch Manager                       Bassam Samara       04-2126100
                                                                              Mobile                                      050-6245207
CEO, Middle East & North Africa            Atiq Ur Rehman        04-5099790   Email                             

Main Branch                              04-6044157/6044180                   Al Ittihad Road Branch
Al Wasl, Sheikh Rashid Road, Next to Wafi City                                Belhasa Building
PO Box                                   479, Dubai                           PO Box                                      95757, Dubai
Fax                                      04-3243642
                                                                              Branch Manager                              Aliya Al Mulla         04-2116311
Bur Dubai Branch                           04-5074104/5074643                 Mobile                                      050-7844343
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street                                                   Email                             
PO Box                                     479, Dubai
                                                                              Al Quoz Branch                           04-3405555
Fax                                        04-3528654
                                                                              3rd Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road, near Volkswagen Showroom
                                                                              Al Shafar Building, Showroom 11 & 12 Ground Floor
                                                                              PO Box                                   38344, Dubai
                                                                              Fax                                      04-3472444
DUBAI                                                                                                                              98 | 99

Branch Manager                          Lina Al Hamdani       04-3718311   Al Aweer Branch                           04-3201222
Mobile                                  050-5877363                        Central Fruit and Vegetable Market, Al Aweer
Email                                       PO Box                                    2668, Dubai
                                                                           Fax                                       04-3201201
Bur Dubai Branch
Mankhool Street                                                            Al Garhoud Branch                       04-2826444
PO Box                                  43174, Dubai                       Al Garhoud Street, Deira
                                                                           PO Box                                  2668, Dubai
Branch Manager                          Tariq Selaij          04-5012333   Fax                                     04-2826620
Mobile                                  050-4544566
Email                                         Al Maktoum Branch                       04-2683555
                                                                           Abu Baker Al Siddique Street
                                                                           PO Box                                  3393, Dubai
Commercial Bank of Dubai                  04-2121000/2112700               Fax                                     04-2683473

                                                                           Al Qusais Branch                        04-2615000
Head Office, Al Ittihad Street, Deira
                                                                           Al Nahda Street, Al Qusais
PO Box                                  2668, Dubai
                                                                           PO Box                                  2668, Dubai
Fax                                     04-2121012/2121111
                                                                           Fax                                     04-2612520
                                                                           Baniyas Square Branch                   04-2289000
Swift                                   CBDUAEADXXX
                                                                           Al Maktoum Hospital Street
                                                                           PO Box                                  2668, Dubai
Chairman                                H E Ahmed Humaid Al Tayer
                                                                           Fax                                     04-2218265
Deputy Chairman                         H E Saeed Ahmed Ghobash
Deputy Chairman                         H E Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi
                                                                           Deira Branch                            04-2253222
Chief Executive Officer                 Peter Baltussen
                                                                           Baniyas Street, Creek Side
                                                                           PO Box                                  1709, Dubai
Old Town Branch                         04-4200119
                                                                           Fax                                     04-2254565
Souk Al Bahar, Burj Khalifa
PO Box                                  2668, Dubai                        Dubai Branch                            04-3523355
Fax                                     04-4200299                         Mankool Street
                                                                           PO Box                                  2668, Dubai
Dubai Marina Branch                     04-4234888                         Fax                                     04-3527655
Shatha Tower
PO Box                                  2668, Dubai                        Jebel Ali Branch                        04-8818882
Fax                                     04-4234851                         Jebel Ali Free Zone
                                                                           PO Box                                  2668, Dubai
Umm Suquiem Branch                      04-3730777                         Fax                                     04-8812252
Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqueim 3
PO Box                                  2668, Dubai                        Jumeirah Branch                         04-3441438
Fax                                     04-3730703                         Jumeirah Beach Road
                                                                           PO Box                                  2668, Dubai
Al Quoz Branch                         04-3307000                          Fax                                     04-3447346
Sheikh Zayed Road, between interchange 3 and 4
PO Box                                 2668, Dubai                         Al Maktoum Branch                       04-2683555
Fax                                    04-3307701                          Abu Baker Al Siddique Street
                                                                           PO Box                                  3393, Dubai
DUBAI                                                                                                                                               100 | 101

Deira Branch                             04-2253222                           Operation Manager                         Yuv Raj Singh       04-4073116
Baniyas Street                                                                Mobile                                    050-2382625
PO Box                                   1709, Dubai                          Email                           

Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                 04-3434777
Ghaya Residence, Sheikh Zayed Road                                            Dubai Bank (H.O.)                           04-3328989/800-5555
PO Box                                   2668, Dubai
Fax                                      04-3436088                           Sheikh Zayed Road
                                                                              PO Box                                    65555, Dubai
Naturalization and Residence                                                  Fax                                       04-3290071
Administration Branch                    04-3985000                           Email                           
PO Box                                   2668, Dubai                          Swift                                     DBXPAEAD
Fax                                      04-3982259
                                                                              Chief Executive Officer                   Giel Jan M Van Der Tol

Coutts & Co (Representative Office)                         04-7065501        Al Garhoud Branch                         04-2832626
                                                                              Al Garhoud Area
Park Place Tower, Level 18, Sheikh Zayed Road
                                                                              PO Box                                    65555, Dubai
PO Box                                   191525, Dubai
                                                                              Fax                                       04-2834044
Fax                                      04-7065801
                                                                              Al Mamzar Branch                          04-2622444
Executive Vice President                 Paul Millar             04-7065501   Al Mamzar Area
                                                                              PO Box                                    65555, Dubai
                                                                              Fax                                       04-2620700
Deutsche Bank AG
                                                                              Dubai Land Department Branch              04-2215301
(Representative Office)                                     04-3199523
                                                                              PO Box                                    65555, Dubai
Emirates Towers Office Building, Level 27, Office B, Sheikh Zayed Road        Fax                                       04-2215848
PO Box                                     504902, Dubai
Fax                                        04-3199560                         Al Twar Branch                             800-5555
                                                                              Dubai Municipality Building, opposite Al Twar Centre, Al Nahda Street
DIFC Branch                               04-3611700                          Email                            
The Gate Building, Floor 3, West Wing, DIFC
                                                                              Deira Branch                                 800-5555
PO Box                                    504902, Dubai
                                                                              Al Qaizi Building, opposite Al Ghurair City, Salahuddin Street
Fax                                       04-3621186

Doha Bank (Dubai Office)                    04-3439111/3214333                Business Village Branch                 800-5555
                                                                              Business Village, Dubai Economic Department
21st Century Tower                                                            Email                         
PO Box                                   125465, Dubai
Fax                                      04-3219971                           Dubai Mall Branch                        800-5555
Email                                      Dubai Mall, P3, Fashion Avenue Area, next to Emaar Mall Management,
Website                                              in Dubai Economic Department
Reuter Dealing                           DBLD                                 Email                          

Chief Country Manager                    Zaid Al Halbouni        04-4073100
DUBAI                                                                                                                                         102 | 103

Jebel Ali Free Zone Branch               04-8872555                              Zone Manager - Al Ain Zone          Mohammed Al Rashedi 03-7055101
Lot Number 16, Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority                                     Mobile                              050-4444116
PO Box                                   65555, Dubai                            Email                     
Fax                                      04-8871515
Email                                            Zone Manager - Sharjah Zone         Abdul Karim Akbar    06-5071230
                                                                                 Mobile                              050-6466118
Dubai Islamic Bank (H.O.)                                  04-2953000
                                                                                 Zone Manager - Ajman Zone           Mubarak Al Halyan    06-5071100
Al Maktoum Street                                                                Mobile                              050-4555285
PO Box                                    1080, Dubai                            Email                     
Fax                                       04-2954111
Email                                                  Zone Manager - Ras Al Khaima Zone   Ahmed Al Shamlan    06-2052200
Website                                                      Mobile                              050-6470005
Chairman                                  H. E. Mohammed Ebrahim Al Shibani
Vice Chairman                             H. H. Khaled Bin Zayed S. Al Nehayan   Zone Manager - Al Fujairah Zone     Mahmoud Al Shamsi 09-2053111
Cheif Executive Officer                   Abdulla Al Hamli                       Mobile                              050-4591999
Deputy CEO and Chief of Consumer                                                 Email                     
and Wholesale Banking                     Dr. Adnan Chilwan
                                                                                 Zone Manager - Ladies Zone          Noora Jamsheed      04-3089759
Deputy CEO and Chief Operations Officer   Mohamed Abdulla Al Nahdi
                                                                                 Mobile                              050-4522216
EVP & Chief of Corporate                  Naveed Ali
EVP & Chief Treasury                      Mohammed Saleem
EVP & Chief of Human Resource             Obaid Al Shamsi
                                                                                 Abu Hail (Ladies Branch)            04-2117251
EVP & Chief of Legal & Compliance         Mounir Ben Slimane
                                                                                 Branch Manager                      Maryam Al Nuaimi
Zone Manager - New Dubai Zone             Taha Nuaman        04-2117119          Mobile                              050-4999641
Mobile                                    050-6500999                            Email                     
                                                                                 Al Barsha Branch                    04-4051777
Zone Manager - Dubai Down Town Zone Abdulkarim Sharif      04-2117110
Mobile                              050-6243334                                  Branch Manager                      Ahmad Al Rayes
Email                                          Mobile                              050-7144472
Zone Manager - Dubai Central Zone         Rashid Al Tawila       04-4040777
Mobile                                    050-6555255                            Al Dhyafah Branch                   04-4040855
                                                                                 Branch Manager                      Ebrahim Hassan
Zone Manager - Abu Dhabi Central Zone Ali Al Wahedi              02-6148500      Mobile                              050-6255765
Mobile                                050-6429209                                Email                     
                                                                                 Al Ittihad Branch                   04-2117227
Zone Manager - Abu Dhabi
                                                                                 Branch Manager                      Yousef Al Khatib
Outer Zone – Acting                       Hassan Abu Zaid     02-5047712
                                                                                 Mobile                              050-6265647
Mobile                                    050-6189313                            Email                     
DUBAI                                                                                                                    104 | 105

Al Mamzar Branch                  04-6012626                   JBR Branch                       04-4270400

Branch Manager                    Omran Saleh                  Branch Manager                   Sumaya Abdul Razak
Mobile                            055 7766667                  Mobile                           050-4530990
Email                              Email                  

Al Nahdah Branch                  04-6012688                   Jumeirah (Ladies Branch)         04-4040828

Branch Manager                    Yousef Abdul Rahman          Branch Manager                   Maryam Al Sirkal
Mobile                            050-5781333
                                                               Mobile                           050-4549292

Al Qusais Branch                  04-6012655
                                                               Muhaisnah (Itihad Mall) Branch   04-2845600

Branch Manager                    Ahmed A. Al Roken
                                                               Branch Manager                   Abdulwahab Ahmed
Mobile                            050-4242425
                                                               Mobile                           050-6246581

Al Souq Branch                    04-2081222
                                                               Nad Al Hammar Branch             04-3089755

Branch Manager                    Abdulmailk Ahmed
                                                               Branch Manager                   Husain Al Suwaidi
Mobile                            050-7968568
                                                               Mobile                           050-5180008

Dubai Industrial City Branch      04-4051825
                                                               Oud Metha Branch                 04-3036101

Branch Manager                    Hussain M. Ali Hussain
                                                               Branch Manager                   Marwan Al Shamsi
Mobile                            050-5033343
                                                               Mobile                           050-6313137

Dubai International City Branch   04-4220818
                                                               Ras Al Khor Branch               04-3089800

Branch Manager                    Abdulla Al Zaabi
                                                               Branch Manager                   Khalid Al Janahi
                                                               Mobile                           050-7979780
Dubai Internet City Branch        04-4051751

                                                               Salah El Din Branch              04-2117211
Branch Manager                    Nawaf Yousef
Mobile                            050-4526646
                                                               Branch Manager                   Suad Musabih
                                                               Mobile                           050-8888988
Ibn Battuta Branch                04-4051851

                                                               Sheikh Zayed Road Branch         04-4051711
Branch Manager                    Mohammed Alhaj
Mobile                            050-1404320
                                                               Branch Manager                   Khalid Belhoul
                                                               Mobile                           050-5544800
DUBAI                                                                                                                                        106 | 107

Silicon Oasis Branch                    04-3089726                       Bur Dubai Branch                          04-3597888
                                                                         Khalid Bin Walid Road, opposite Al Fardan Exchange and Ascot Hotel
Branch Manager                          Khalid I. Mahmoud                PO Box                                    6564, Dubai
Mobile                                  050-6510002                      Telex                                     46074 MEBNK EM
Email                                     Fax                                       04-3551190

Twar Branch                             04-6012516                       Jebel Ali Branch                      04-8811133
                                                                         Banking Complex, JAFZA Main Gate, Jebel Ali
Branch Manager                          Yaqoob Hashem                    PO Box                                6564, Dubai
Mobile                                  050-6512955                      Fax                                   04-8811159
                                                                         Oud Metha Branch                      04-3373337
                                                                         Showroom No. 2 and 3, Eleganza Apartments, Oud Metha
Umm Suqueim Branch                      04-4040888                       PO Box                                6564, Dubai
                                                                         Fax                                   04-3349703
Branch Manager                          Hassan Saleh Al Hajji
Mobile                                  050-6506506                      Khaleej Centre Branch                      04-3550993
Email                                       Al Mankhool Road, near Ramada Hotel
                                                                         PO Box                                     6564, Dubai
                                                                         Fax                                        04-3550224
Emirates Industrial Bank                                 04-2211300      Sheikh Zayed Branch                     04-3312020
                                                                         Al Wasl Tower, Showroom 2, Sheikh Zayed Road
Arbift Tower, 20th Floor, Deira
                                                                         PO Box                                 6564, Dubai
PO Box                                  5454, Dubai
                                                                         Fax                                    04-3313180
Fax                                     04-2232320
Email                                  Al Garhoud Branch                         04-2822454
Website                          Sunshine Building, next to Al Tayer Showroom
                                                                         PO Box                                    6564, Dubai
                                                                         Fax                                       04-2821382/2820659
Emirates Islamic Bank                                    04-3160101
                                                                         Al Twar Branch                             04-7023880
Al Gurg Tower 2, Riggat Al Buteen, near Hilton Creek Hotel               Al Nahda Road, near Al Twar Centre
PO Box                                    6564, Dubai                    PO Box                                     6564, Dubai
Fax                                       04-2223719                     Fax                                        04-261 8056
Telex                                     46074 MEBNK EM
                                                                         Umm Suqueim Branch                        04-3949968
Cable                                     MEMAINBANK
                                                                         Villa A, near Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Beach Road
                                                                         PO Box                                    6564, Dubai
                                                                         Fax                                       04-3949934
Al Diyafa Road Branch                   04-3985478
Diyafa Street, near DUNE Centre                                          Jumeirah Villa Branch (Ladies Branch) 04-3444243
PO Box                                  6564, Dubai                      Villa # 78 & 79, near Village Mall/McDonalds, Jumeirah Beach Road
Fax                                     04-3987959                       PO Box                                       6564, Dubai
                                                                         Fax                                          04-3449670
Al Rigga Branch                            04-2248442
Omar Bin Al Khattab Street, near Ibis Hotel                              Media City Branch                        04-4380200
PO Box                                     6564, Dubai                   Business Central Towers, Show Room # 16, Dubai Media City, Sheikh Zayed Road
Telex                                      47393 MEBRQ EM                PO Box                                   6564, Dubai
Fax                                        04-2225835                    Fax                                      04-4380204
DUBAI                                                                                                                                   108 | 109

Abu Hail Branch                           04-2668566                          Al Maktoum Branch               04-6036002/2210125
Khalaf Al Nayeli Building, Show Room # 2, Plot # 10/1, Hor Al Anz East,       PO Box                          777, Dubai
near Abu Hail Centre, Abu Hail Road
PO Box                                    6564, Dubai                         Branch Manager                  Fairooz Mallahi
Fax                                       04-2668776
                                                                              Al Quoz Branch                  04-4338077
Al Mizhar Branch                         04-2845799                           PO Box                          777, Dubai
ASWAQ Centre, near Al Mizhar Mall, Al Mizhar 1
PO Box                                   6564, Dubai                          Branch Manager                  Ahmed Hashim Darwish
Fax                                      04-2845796
                                                                              Arabian Plaza Branch            04-2845872
Nad Al Hamar Branch                   04-2845999                              PO Box                          777, Dubai
Bel Remaitha Club Building Show Rooms # S-8 & S-9,
Nad Al Hamar Area, Al Rebat Street                                            Branch Manager                  Sumaya Abdualaziz
PO Box                                6564, Dubai
Fax                                   04-2845224                              Al Shindaga Market Branch       600-540000
                                                                              PO Box                          777, Dubai

Emirates Investment Bank (H.O.)                            04-2317777         Branch Manager                  Sara Rashid Al Mansouri

Festival Tower Level 15, Dubai Festival Centre                                Al Twar Branch                  04-2994842
PO Box                                     5503, Dubai                        PO Box                          777, Dubai
Fax                                        04-2317788
                                                                              Branch Manager                  Latifa Al Mulla

                                                                              Al Aweer Branch                 04-2870116
CEO and General Manager                   Khaled Sifri           04-2317701
                                                                              PO Box                          777, Dubai
Managing Director Strategy                Vivek Daphtary         04-2317777
Director Corporate Affairs                Saeed A. Al Tayer      04-2317777   Branch Manager                  Ahmed Abdulla Ahmed
Director Finance                          Chirag Sampat          04-2317777
Managing Director Investment Banking      Husam Kutaifan         04-2317777   Burj Al Arab Branch             04-4043311
Director Asset Management                 Yaser Abushaban        04-2317777   PO Box                          777, Dubai
Director Asset Management                 Moemen Haroun          04-2317777
                                                                              Branch Manager                  Abdulrahman Ibrahim

Emirates NBD                           04-3554545/600-540000                  Burjuman Tower Branch           04-3555565
                                                                              PO Box                          777, Dubai
Bank Street, Bur Dubai
PO Box                                    777, Dubai                          Branch Manager                  Mohammed Abdulla

Branch Manager                            Mohammed Abdulla                    Burj Khalifa Residence Branch   04-4328623
                                                                              PO Box                          777, Dubai
Al Barsha Branch                          04-3726904
PO Box                                    777, Dubai                          Branch Manager                  Farida Abdulla

Branch Manager                            Fakhriya Moosa                      Baniyas Square Branch           04-2233037
                                                                              PO Box                          777, Dubai

                                                                              Branch Manager                  Iman Al Haddad
DUBAI                                                                                                                 110 | 111

Convention Centre Branch             04-3314735                Dubai Marina Branch           04-3992397
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Shamsa Al Suwaidi         Branch Manager                Jamila Ali

Dubai Airline Centre Branch          04-2945509                Dubai Mall Branch             04-4344111
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Sameera Al Serkal         Branch Manager                Talib Mohammed Aldhanhani

Dubai Courts Branch                  04-3373076                Dubai Marina Mall Branch      04-4342598
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Khalid Hassan Al Janahi   Branch Manager                Jamila Abdul Rzak

Deira City Centre Branch             04-2956501                Dubai Outlet Mall Branch      04-4370844
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Abdulaziz Alzubaidi       Branch Manager                Khulood Al Tayer

Deira Branch                         04-2267000                Dubai Police Academy Branch   04-3488684
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Amal Abdulla              Branch Manager                Khalifa Alfalasi

Dubai Festival City Branch           04-2325655                Dragon Mart Branch            600-540000
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Amna Saleh                Branch Manager                Mohammed Jamal

Dubai Airport Free Zone Branch       04-2990990                Dubai Silicon Oasis Branch    04-3265055
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Abeer Abdul Rahman        Branch Manager                Maria Ahli

Dubai Healthcare City Branch         04-4298232                Emaar Business Park Branch    04-4224845
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Ruqiyah Hassan            Branch Manager                Zainab Abdul Jalil Ali

Dubai International Airport Branch   04-2200402                Emirates Airline HQ Branch    04-2864324
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Hanadi Al Marzouqi        Branch Manager                Hoda Al Maleki

Dubai Media City Branch              04-3902005                Emirates Towers Branch        04-3300818
PO Box                               777, Dubai                PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                       Yousuf Sayed Ahmed        Branch Manager                Nasser Omar Hassan
DUBAI                                                                                                         112 | 113

Festival Centre Branch     04-2326116              Al Ittihad Branch                04-2951543
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Majid Al Khaja          Branch Manager                   Samira Ahmed Rashid

Al Fahidi Branch           04-3536625              Jebel Ali Free Zone Branch       04-8085808
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Abdullah M R Khedhri    Branch Manager                   Fareed Aqilli

Galleria Branch            04-2720369              Jebel Ali Branch                 04-8085808
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Maryam Al Marri         Branch Manager                   Fareed Aqilli

Green Community Branch     04-8853030              Jumeirah Beach Walk Branch       04-4270352
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Sameer Mohammed Saeed   Branch Manager                   Hind Al Hai Al Mehairi

Gold Souq Branch           04-4503966              Jumeirah Beach Road Branch       04-3445211
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Essa Ali Obaid          Branch Manager                   Sayed Hashim Alhashimi

Hamriya Branch             04-2662284              Jumeirah Branch                  04-4053111
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Sakina Ali Haider       Branch Manager                   Sharif Alulama

Group Head Office Branch   04-2012010              Al Karama Branch                 04-3364126
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Hamad Al Sabt           Branch Manager                   Mansour Wael

Hatta Branch               04-8521016              Karama Shopping Complex Branch   04-3372121
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Masoud A R Hussain      Branch Manager                   Safinaz Yousef Basyouny

Ibn Battuta Mall Branch    04-4297914              Mankhool Branch                  04-3980787
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Wafa Mohammed Salem     Branch Manager                   Abdulrahim Al Haj

Internet City Branch       04-4234846              Mirdif City Centre Branch        600-540000
PO Box                     777, Dubai              PO Box                           777, Dubai

Branch Manager             Iman Rustam             Branch Manager                   Marwan Al Saadi
DUBAI                                                                                                    114 | 115

Mirdif Branch                 04-2885206                  Old Town Branch         600-540000
PO Box                        777, Dubai                  PO Box                  777, Dubai

Branch Manager                Khalid Al Harmoudi          Branch Manager          Abdalla Ahmed Akbari Al Awadi

Emirates Mall Branch          04-3479877                  Al Qiyadah Branch       04-2692725
PO Box                        777, Dubai                  PO Box                  777, Dubai

Branch Manager                Nadia Al Hamly              Branch Manager          Aisha Al Hammadi

Mizher Mall Branch            04-2875183                  Al Qusais Branch        04-2610643
PO Box                        777, Dubai                  PO Box                  777, Dubai

Branch Manager                Mustafa Hormozi             Branch Manager          Fahima Samadi

Al Mizhar Branch              04-2644343                  Al Ras Branch           04-2264544
PO Box                        777, Dubai                  PO Box                  777, Dubai
Branch Manager                Essam Al Falasi
                                                          Branch Manager          Malik Mohd Malik Qassem
Mall of the Emirates Branch   04-3402723
                                                          Ras Al Khor Branch      04-3200363
PO Box                        777, Dubai
                                                          PO Box                  777, Dubai
Branch Manager                Nadia Al Hamly
                                                          Branch Manager          Yousef Abdul Ghafoor Zayaei
Al Muraqabat Branch           04-2545487
PO Box                        777, Dubai                  Ramoul Branch           04-2844644
                                                          PO Box                  777, Dubai
Branch Manager                Nasser R Abdulla
                                                          Branch Manager          Samia Sharief
Mina Seyahi Branch            04-4278770
PO Box                        777, Dubai                  Al Rashidiya Branch     04-2859530
                                                          PO Box                  777, Dubai
Branch Manager                Imam Rustam
                                                          Branch Manager          Younus Al Khaja
Mamzar Branch                 600-540000
PO Box                        777, Dubai                  Satwa Branch            04-3444866
                                                          PO Box                  777, Dubai
Branch Manager                Samya Abdulla
                                                          Branch Manager          Sharif Alulama
Nad Al Shiba Branch           04-3363693
PO Box                        777, Dubai                  Souk Madinat Jumeirah   04-3686127
                                                          PO Box                  777, Dubai
Branch Manager                Samira A Rehman A Darwish

                                                          Al Sandos Tower         04-3257658
Oud Metha Branch              04-3373456
                                                          PO Box                  777, Dubai
PO Box                        777, Dubai

Branch Manager                Hamda Al Suwaidi            Branch Manager          Rajaa Al Budoor
DUBAI                                                                                                                    116 | 117

Al Souk Branch              04-3093491/3530203          First Gulf Bank                                          600-525500
PO Box                      777, Dubai
                                                        Bank Street, Bur Dubai Branch
Branch Manager              Aladdin Al Deesi            Khalid Bin Walid Road
                                                        PO Box                                  115689, Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Road Branch    04-3322535                  Fax                                     04-3966713
PO Box                      777, Dubai
                                                        Deira Branch                            600-525500
Branch Manager              Rajaa Al Budoor
                                                        Abu Baker Al Siddique Road
                                                        PO Box                                  118977
Tecom Branch                600-540000
                                                        Fax                                     04-2658167
PO Box                      777, Dubai
                                                        Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                600-525500
Branch Manager              Fatima Abdulla
                                                        Sheikh Zayed Road, between 3rd & 4th Interchange
                                                        PO Box                                  52053, Dubai
Tower Branch                04-3318818
                                                        Fax                                     04-3407110
PO Box                      777, Dubai

Branch Manager              Ibrahim Mohd A. R. Hassan
                                                        Franklin Templeton Investment
Time Square Branch          04-3234646                  Management Ltd. (H.O.)                                   04-4284100
PO Box                      777, Dubai
                                                        Building No. 3, Level 5, Office No. 505, DIFC
Branch Manager              Yaqoob Yousuf               PO Box                                      506613, Dubai
                                                        Fax                                         04-4284140
Union Square Branch         04-2247438                  Email                             
PO Box                      777, Dubai
                                                        Regional Head CEEMEA                    Andrew Ashton
Branch Manager              Iman Al Haddad

Umm Suqueim Branch          04-3954464                  Habib Bank AG Zurich (H.O.)                 04-2214535/2607999
PO Box                      777, Dubai
                                                        Baniyas Square, Deira
Branch Manager              Khalid Elmi                 PO Box                                  3306, Dubai
                                                        Fax                                     04-2215101
Wafi Mall Branch            04-3244001                  Email                         
PO Box                      777, Dubai
                                                        Chief Executive Vice President          Arik Lakhani           04-2607999
Branch Manager              Amal Al Budoor              Head of Strategic Planning/Control      Shariq Ali             04-2607999
                                                        Head of Operations                      Saleh AbuBaker         04-2607999
World Trade Centre Branch   04-3316224                  Correspondent Banking                   Sibel Sanus            04-2607999
PO Box                      777, Dubai                  Private Banking                         Arif Ahmed             04-2607999

Branch Manager              Hamda Al Suwaidi
                                                        Al Fahidi Street Branch                 04-3534545
                                                        PO Box                                  3306, Dubai
                                                        Fax                                     04-3532156
DUBAI                                                                                                                                        118 | 119

Corporate Branch                          04-3513777                      Naif Road Branch                           600-522228
Khalid Bin Waleed Street                                                  Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni Building, near Naif Police Station
PO Box                                    3306, Dubai                     PO Box                                     888, Dubai
Fax                                       04-3522878                      Fax                                        06-5686473

Jebel Ali Branch                          04-8812828                      Service Manager                             Muhammad Farooq
PO Box                                    3306, Dubai
Fax                                       04-8812727
                                                                          HDFC Bank (Representative Office)                              04-3966991
Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                  04-3313999
PO Box                                    3306, Dubai                     Juma Al Majid Commercial Building, 104,
Fax                                       04-3317666                      opposite Burjuman Centre, Trade Centre Road
                                                                          PO Box                                   64546, Dubai
                                                                          Fax                                      04-3967010
Habib Bank Limited (H.O.)                                   04-3029111    Email                          
Regional Office, Al Abbas Building, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Bur Dubai
PO Box                                     2759, Dubai                    Chief Representative                        Harsh Gupta
Fax                                        04-3594172
Website                                         HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
                                                                          (Regional Head Office)                                         04-4235168
RGM - Gulf Region                         Aman Aziz Siddiqui
EVP/General Manager/
                                                                          HSBC Building No. 5, Level 5, Emaar Square, Sheikh Zayed Road
Backup Operations Gulf                    Hanif Yousuf
                                                                          PO Box                                  66, Dubai
Head of Private Clients                   Anwar Ali Khan
                                                                          Fax                                     04-4267397
Head of Corporate Banking                 Sahibzada M. Taimur
Head of Investment Banking
/Treasury Department                      Syed Nafees
Head of ARM/Branch Support Function       Afaque Majeed
                                                                          UAE Chief Executive Officer (CEO)           Abdulfattah Sharaf    04-4236668
Head of Finance Control                   Naveed Ali
                                                                          UAE Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO)   Marcus Hurry          04-4236055
Head of Credit & Admin                    Shaikh Abdul Basit
                                                                          UAE Head of Personal Financial
Head of Internal Control & Ops Risk       Ahmed Faraz
                                                                          Services (PFS)                              Robert (R.) Crossman 04-4236780
Head of HR & Gen. Admin                   Muhammad Tanvir
                                                                          UAE Head of Commercial Banking (CMB)        Nicholas Levitt      04-4236444
                                                                          Head of Business, Abu Dhabi                 Declan Hegarty       02-6152500
Bur Dubai Branch                          600-522228
                                                                          UAE Chief Technology &
Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Bur Dubai
                                                                          Services Officer (CTSO)                     Louise Galbraith      04-4235238
PO Box                                    2759, Dubai
                                                                          UAE Chief Financial Officer (CFO)           V. Ganesh             04-4236283
Fax                                       06-5686473
                                                                          UAE Chief Risk Officer (CRO)                Anthony Wright        04-4236612
Service Manager                           Afzal Ahmed                     UAE Head of Human Resources                 Eman Abdulrazzaq      04-3906467

Deira Branch                              600-522228                      Bur Dubai Branch                       600-554722
Baniyas Road, Deira                                                       HSBC Bank Building, 312/45, Al Souq Road, Bur Dubai
PO Box                                    888, Dubai                      PO Box                                 66, Dubai
Fax                                       06-5686473                      Fax                                    04-3531005

Service Manager                           Qamar Hussain                   Branch Manager                              Sarah Al Marashi      04-5077213
DUBAI                                                                                                                                           120 | 121

Deira Branch                             600-554722                           Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                 04-3213131
Next to Hamarain Centre, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Al Muraqqabat            Near Al Mazaya Centre
PO Box                                   66, Dubai                            PO Box                                   27734, Dubai
Fax                                      04-2281714                           Fax                                      04-3213331

Branch Manager                           M. Salem Al Hammdi      04-2074444   Branch Manager                           Nour Hatab           04-3213174
Jebel Ali Branch                        600-554722
Exit No. 22 from Sheikh Zayed Road towards Jebel Ali, Jebel Ali Free Zone     Operations Officer                       Joseph Chammas
Main Gate # 3                                                                 Email                          
PO Box                                  66, Dubai
Fax                                     04-8816378/8814476
                                                                              Janata Bank                                 04-2281442/2223360
Branch Manager                           Hamed Amshan            04-8076260
                                                                              Baniyas Complex (Naser Square), Al Maktoum Hospital Road
                                                                              PO Box                                  3342, Dubai
ICICI Bank Ltd.                                                               Fax                                     04-2246023
(Representative Office)                                    04-3070307
                                                                              Manager (FAGM)                           S. Mushfiq ur Rahman 04-2281442
The Business Centre Building, Suite No. 404,                                  Mobile                                   050-4200768
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, near Burjuman                                    Email                          
Fax                                       04-396 6994

                                                                              Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
IndusInd Bank (Representative Office) 04-3978803                              (Representative Office)                                    04-3978105
Safa Commercial Building, 203, opposite Burjuman Centre                       Al Kifaf Commercial Building (Avenue Building), 304, Al Karama Area
PO Box                                   111873, Dubai                        PO Box                                     120520, Dubai
Email                                           Fax                                        04-3978106
Fax                                      04-3978805                           Email                            

Chief Representative                     Joseph Thomas                        General Manager                          Sartajbir Singh         04-3978105

Invest Bank                                                04-2285551         Kotak Mahindra Financial Services
                                                                              Limited                                                    04-3597555
Deira Branch
                                                                              Burjuman Business Towers, 914, Bur Dubai
Al Maktoum Street
                                                                              PO Box                                 16498, Dubai
PO Box                                   12955, Dubai
                                                                              Fax                                    04-3597556
Fax                                      04-2277659

Branch Manager                           Ahmed Nassrullah        04-2274077
                                                                              Vice President                           Puneet Narula           04-3597555

Operations Officer                       Mohamad Hanif
DUBAI                                                                                                                               122 | 123

Lloyds TSB Bank PLC                                       04-3422000         DIC Branch                    04-3632020
                                                                             PO Box                        500287, Dubai
PO Box                                 3766, Dubai                           Fax                           04-3611090
Fax                                    04-3422660
                                                                             Branch Manager                Muna Amimi

Mashreqbank (H.O.)                                        04-2223333         Dubai Marina Branch           04-3609944
                                                                             PO Box                        121166, Dubai
Omer Ibn Al Khatab Street, Deira                                             Fax                           04-3608843
PO Box                                 1250, Dubai
Fax                                    04-2720614                            Branch Manager                Najah Salim
                                                                             Hor Al Anz Branch             04-6082228
Chief Executive Officer                Abdul A. A. Al Ghurair   04-2077444   PO Box                        17517, Dubai
Head of Corporate Affairs              Ali Raza Khan            04-2077288   Fax                           04-2662887
Head of Risk Management                Kantic Das Gupta         04-2077377
Acting Head of Retail Banking Group    Douglas Beckett          04-6083783
                                                                             Branch Manager                Amna Sayyegh
Head of International Banking          John Iossifidis          04-2077770
Head of Treasury and Capital Markets   Nabeel Waheed            04-2078338
                                                                             Jebel Ali Branch              04-8081210
Head of Audit Review
                                                                             PO Box                        5508, Dubai
and Compliance Group                   Nigel Morgan             04-6083637
                                                                             Fax                           04-8816628
Co-Head of Corporate
and Investment Banking                 Abbas Hassan             04-3632413
                                                                             Branch Manager                Jassim Ali
Co-Head of Corporate
and Investment Banking                 Karim Mahmoud            04-3632012
                                                                             Jumeirah Branch               04-4077696
Head of Operations and Technology      Somnath Menon            04-2078386
                                                                             PO Box                        27339, Dubai
Al Aweer Branch                        04-3333727                            Fax                           04-3452179
PO Box                                 76108, Dubai
Fax                                    04-3333670                            Branch Manager                Hawa Al Jassmi

Branch Manager                         Roy Samuel                            Khor Dubai Branch             04-6082228
                                                                             PO Box                        8499, Dubai
Al Khaleej Branch                      04-2717771                            Fax                           04-3531854
PO Box                                 5507, Dubai
                                                                             Branch Manager                Tariq Nazar
Branch Manager                         Nasir Al Zarouni
                                                                             Mall of the Emirates Branch   04-3410107
Burjuman Centre Branch                 04-4077624                            PO Box                        211756, Dubai
PO Box                                 2469, Dubai                           Fax                           04-3410073
Fax                                    04-3967125
                                                                             Branch Manager                Mehmood Baksh
Branch Manager                         Ali Jafar
                                                                             Murooj Branch                 04-3432393
DHCC Branch                            04-3624759
                                                                             PO Box                        36604, Dubai
PO Box                                 121188, Dubai
                                                                             Fax                           04-3442322
Fax                                    04-3624759

Branch Manager                         Akram Helmy                           Branch Manager                Wassfi Abdullah Khamis
DUBAI                                                                                                                             124 | 125

Port Saeed Branch                         04-2956043
                                                                          National Bank of Abu Dhabi 04-2225061/2236080
PO Box                                    184401, Dubai
Fax                                       04-2956043                      Dubai Creek Tower, Baniyas Street, Deira
                                                                          PO Box                                   4436, Dubai
Branch Manager                            Ibrahim Balooshi                Fax                                      04-2279220

Qusais Branch                             04-2175110                      Al Qusais Branch                        04-7058500
PO Box                                    36604, Dubai                    PO Box                                  48111, Dubai
Fax                                       04-2676347                      Fax                                     04-2581613

Branch Manager                            Ahmed Kajoor                    Deira Branch                            04-7033700
                                                                          PO Box                                  4436, Dubai
Rashidiya Branch                          04-2863998                      Fax                                     04-2243777
PO Box                                    121199, Dubai
Fax                                       04-2860373                      Dubai Side Branch                       04-5098500
                                                                          PO Box                                  2372, Dubai
Branch Manager                            Mohd Attar                      Fax                                     04-3583610

                                                                          Mall of the Emirates Branch             04-3413888
Rigga Branch                              04-2078276
                                                                          PO Box                                  211875, Dubai
PO Box                                    5511, Dubai
                                                                          Fax                                     04-3413889
Fax                                       04-2077884
                                                                          Jebel Ali Branch                        04-8116700
Branch Manager                            Jafar Kashwani                  PO Box                                  17177, Dubai
                                                                          Fax                                     04-8870553
Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                  04-3028475
PO Box                                    36612, Dubai                    Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                04-7071111
Fax                                       04-3211545                      PO Box                                  33317, Dubai
                                                                          Fax                                     04-3430527
Branch Manager                            Amina Al Redha
                                                                          Jumeirah Branch                         04-3445050
Souq Al Kabeer Branch                     04-2264178                      PO Box                                  333314, Dubai
PO Box                                    5509, Dubai                     Fax                                     04-3499012
Fax                                       04-2662887
                                                                          Dubai Healthcare City Branch            04-4245600
Branch Manager                            Waleed Kamal                    PO Box                                  505115, Dubai
                                                                          Fax                                     04-4298350
Zabeel Branch                             04-3340313
PO Box                                    36611, Dubai                    Dubai Mall Branch                       04-3398260
Fax                                       04-3367803                      PO Box                                  73700, Dubai
                                                                          Fax                                     04-3398463
Branch Manager                            Saeed Al Sadek
                                                                          Hor Al Anz Branch                       04-2656184
                                                                          PO Box                                  4436, Dubai
Merrill Lynch Bank (Suisse) S.A.                             04-3634900   Fax                                     04-2656186

DIFC, 5th floor, East Wing or East Gate                                   Al Quoz Branch                          04-3397499
PO Box                                    3911, Dubai                     PO Box                                  282227, Dubai
Fax                                       04-3634901                      Fax                                     04-3397332
DUBAI                                                                                                                                             126 | 127

Al Muraqqabat Branch                        04-2042400
                                                                              National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                            04-2651222
PO Box                                      4436, Dubai
Fax                                         04-2999537
                                                                              Al Ittihad Street, opposite Dubai Police Head Quarters
                                                                              PO Box                                      8898, Dubai
Mirdif City Centre Branch                   04-2316900
                                                                              Fax                                         04-2651333
PO Box                                      4436, Dubai
Fax                                         04-2840338

                                                                              Dubai Main Branch                         04-3148888
                                                                              Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, NBQ Building
National Bank of Fujairah                                     04-3971700
                                                                              PO Box                                    9175, Dubai
Al Fujairah Building, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street                             Fax                                       04-3975382
PO Box                                      2979, Dubai                       Email                           
Fax                                         04-3979100
                                                                              Jebel Ali Branch                          04-8810018
Branch Manager                              Abdalla Lootah       04-5078343   Jebel Ali Freezone
                                                                              PO Box                                    262056, Dubai
Deira Branch                             04-6035700                           Fax                                       04-8810919
Omar Bin Khatib Street, Fish Roundabout, Deira                                Email                           
PO Box                                   2979, Dubai
Fax                                      04-2216831                           Al Awir Branch                            04-3332003
                                                                              Ras Al Khor
Branch Manager                              Parwin Ishaq         04-6035707   PO Box                                    294352, Dubai
                                                                              Fax                                       04-3205395
Jebel Ali Branch                            04-8030300                        Email                           
NBF Building, next to Etisalat, Jebel Ali
PO Box                                      17676, Dubai                      Al Ghusais Branch                       04-2579979
Fax                                         04-8810939                        Junction of Halab Street and Damascus Street, near Spinneys
                                                                              PO Box                                  232883, Dubai
Branch Manager                              Khalid Behroozian    04-8030240   Fax                                     04-2579141

National Bank of Kuwait (H.O.)                                04-2929222      NATIXIS (H.O.)                                             04-7026777
ACICO Business Park Building, Ground Floor, Sheikh Rashid Road,               DIFC Gate Village Building 8, 5th floor
Port Saeed, Deira                                                             PO Box                                    506694, Dubai
PO Box                                  88867, Dubai                          Fax                                       04-7026820
Fax                                     04-2943337                            Email                           
Website                                                  Website                         
Reuter Dealing                          NBKD
Swift                                   NBOKAEAD
                                                                              CEO and Group Regional Head               Patrick Bouchayer
                                                                              Head of Project Finance                   Jean Marc Mangiavelano
General Manager                             Tareq Al Mudhaf      04-2929222
                                                                              Head of Global Energy and Commodities     Felipe Lopez Cruz
Head of Corporate Banking                   Sabeur Sassi         04-2929260
                                                                              Head of Shipping and
Head of Operations                          James Bonney         04-2929126
                                                                              Land transportation ME and
Treasury Manager                            Nader Daou           04-2929180
                                                                              Asia Financial Institutions               David Bonicel
IT Manager                                  Ra’ed Tafesh         04-2929160
                                                                              Head of Corporate                         Sebastien Deschamps
Financial Controller                        Sriram Venkit        04-2929110
DUBAI                                                                                                                                           128 | 129

Noor Islamic Bank                                          04-4268888          Philippine National Bank
                                                                               (Representative Office)                                  04-3365940
Emaar Building 1, 8th Floor, Burj Dubai Square, Sheikh Zayed Road
PO Box                                    8822, Dubai                          Al Nakheel Building, Room 108, Zabeel Road, Karama
Fax                                       04-3653208                           PO Box                                  52357, Dubai
Email                                               Fax                                     04-3374474
Toll Free                                 800-6667                             Email                         

Group CEO                                 Hussein Al Qemzi        04-4268080   First Vice President
                                                                               and Regional Representative             Amroussi Tillah Rasul
Airport Branch                              800-6667
Dubai International Airport, Departure Area, Terminal 3
                                                                               RAKBANK                                                  04-2248000
DAFZA Branch                             800-6667
                                                                               Sultan Business Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai Airport Free Zone, West Wing 3, Ground Floor
                                                                               PO Box                                  1531, Dubai
                                                                               Fax                                     04-3370342

Dubai Mall Branch                        800-6667                              Al Quoz Branch                          04-5014200
Dubai Mall, Lower Ground Floor (Main Entrance), Unit No. LG 148                Sheikh Zayed Road
Email                                               PO Box                                  1531, Dubai

Entrepreneur Business Village Branch      800-6667
Opposite Clock Tower, Business Village, Block A, Ground Floor,                 Bur Dubai Branch                         04-5088518
next to DED (Dubai Economic Department)                                        Near Burjuman Centre
Email                                               PO Box                                  1531, Dubai

Mall of Emirates Service Centre             800-6667                           Deira Maktoum Branch                   04-2130530
Mall of The Emirates, Level 1, next to Parking Entrance A-F and Home Centre    Sheikh Mohamed Building, Al Maktoum Street
Email                                               PO Box                                 1531, Dubai
                                                                               Fax                                    04-2223738
Mamzar Branch                              800-6667
Arabela Building, Al-Waheida Street, near Grand Station, Abu Hail Area         Deira Souq Branch                       04-2130833
Email                                               Mohd. Abdulla and Juma Belhoul Building, Al Khoor Street, Daghaya
                                                                               PO Box                                  1531, Dubai
Marina Branch                             800-6667                             Fax                                     04-2295040
Al Fattan Towers, JBR
Email                                               Emaar Business Park Branch              04-2130000
                                                                               Building No.4
Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                800-6667                               PO Box                                  1531, Dubai
Grosvenor Tower, Ground Floor, Sheikh Zayed Road                               Fax                                     04-3619222
                                                                               Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                04-2248000
                                                                               DNIC Building
                                                                               PO Box                                  28221, Dubai
                                                                               Fax                                     04-3435281
DUBAI                                                                                                                                       130 | 131

                                                                            Branch Manager                           Maha Al Banna       04-2611144
RBC Dexia Investor Services (H.O.)                        04-4461883
                                                                            Mobile                                   050-6243543
1005 Liberty House, Sheikh Zayed Road, DIFC
PO Box                                  506749, Dubai
                                                                            Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                 04-3217100
Fax                                     04-4474088
                                                                            PO Box                                   13006, Dubai
                                                                            Fax                                      04-3217780
Senior Executive Officer                 Andrew Polley        04-4461883
                                                                            Assistant Branch Manager                 Omar Khalas           04-3217501
Director, Business Development           Rob Lowe             04-4461884
                                                                            Mobile                                   050-6255071

Royal Bank of Canada
(Representative Office)                                   04-331 3196       Standard Bank PLC
API World Tower, Suite 1002, Sheikh Zayed Road
                                                                            (Representative Office)                                    04-3021000
PO Box                                   3614, Dubai
                                                                            Currency Tower, 15th Floor, Office 1501, DIFC
Fax                                      04-3313960
                                                                            PO Box                                    482049, Dubai

Director & Chief Representative          Vineet Arora         04-3315355
                                                                            Standard Chartered Bank
                                                                            (Regional Office)                                          04-3520455
Samba Financial Group                                     04-7091111
                                                                            Ali Al Fardan Building, Al Mankhool Road, Bur Dubai
Opposite e-Library, Umm Suqueim 2, Jumeirah Beach Road                      PO Box                                    999, Dubai
PO Box                                6038, Dubai
                                                                            Fax                                       3526679
Fax                                   04-7091122
                                                                            Chief Executive Officer, UAE             Jeremy Parrish        04-5085420
                                                                            Head of Origination &
CEO                                      Tony Mojabber
                                                                            Client Coverage, UAE                     Hassan Jarrar         04-5082783
                                                                            Head of Consumer Banking                 Chris de Bruin        04-5082300
Sharjah Islamic Bank (Main Branch)                        04-2698339        Head of Compliance & Assurance, UAE      Jeremy Trevis         04-5084847
                                                                            Head of Human Resource, UAE              Jane Chapo            04-5084863
Opposite Hamarain Centre, near JW Marriott, Deira                           Regional Head of Corporate Affairs,
PO Box                                  13006, Dubai                        MENA & Pakistan                          Marcus Bailey         04-5082772
Fax                                     04-2620881                          Chief Information Officer, UAE           Clive Haswell         04-5084010
                                                                            Country Chief Risk Officer, UAE          Manoj Chawla          04-5085005
AVP- Branch Manager                      M. Ibrahim Alghufili  04-2698322   Head of Global Markets, UAE              Tariq Chaudhary       04-5082435
Mobile                                   050-7488688
Email                                     Al Ras Souq Branch                   04-5085303
                                                                            Hasher Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum Building, Al Ras Souq
Al Twar Branch                             04-2611144                       PO Box                               64555, Dubai
Nasir Al Fihaidi Building, Damascus Street
PO Box                                     13006, Dubai                     Deira Branch                          04-5085300
Fax                                        04-2616223                       Sheikha Maryam Bint Rashid Al Maktoum Building, Al Maktoum Road
                                                                            PO Box                                1125, Dubai
DUBAI                                                                                                                                  132 | 133

Dragon Mart Branch                     04-5085267                         Union de Banques Arabes
Dragon Mart Mall, Main Entrance, Oman Hatta Road
PO Box                                 4166, Dubai
                                                                          et Francaises (Representative Office)                   04-3587880

Dubai Mall Branch                       04-5085753                        Office No.1801, Nassima Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai Mall Branch, Lower Ground Level                                     PO Box                                  29885, Dubai
PO Box                                  127899, Dubai                     Fax                                     04-3587885

Emaar Business Park Branch              04-5085257                        Regional Representative GCC & Yemen    Saleh El Sayed       04-3587880
Building #3
PO Box                                  103669, Dubai
                                                                          Union National Bank                                     600-566665
Jebel Ali Branch                        04-5085200
The Galleries, Tower 4 Downtown, Sheikh Zayed Road                        Deira Branch                           04-2211188
PO Box                                  16920, Dubai                      PO Box                                 6811, Dubai
                                                                          Fax                                    4-2243501
Main Dubai Branch                        04-3520455
Al Fardan Building, Al Mankool Road, Bur Dubai                            Gold & Diamond Park Branch             04-3416411
PO Box                                   999, Dubai                       PO Box                                 282347, Dubai
                                                                          Fax                                    04-3416349
Head of Financial Officer, UAE          Rajesh Arora         04-5083029
GM, Branch Sales and Service            Mohammed AlMazemi    04-5082507   Jumeirah Branch                        04-3449716
GM, SME Banking                         Sadia Saeed          04-5082088   PO Box                                 6811, Dubai
GM, Premium Banking                     Deanna Othman        04-5084883   Fax                                    04-3420586/3449005
GM, Personal Banking & Service          Pramod Veturi        04-5082501
GM, Wealth Management                   Sumeet Bhambri       04-5083150   Al Maktoum Street Branch               04-2232266
GM, Retail Products & Direct Sales      Syed Hammad Haider   04-5082666   PO Box                                 427, Dubai
GM, Private Banking                     David Inglesfield    04-5084799   Telex                                  47690 UNBKAM EM
GM, Islamic Banking                     Sultan Haider        04-5082482   Fax                                    04-3443691
Head of Credit Risk, Consumer Banking   Richrd McChrohan     04-5085951
GM, CB Academy                          Joe Abou Rous        04-5082503   Jebel Ali Branch                       04-8810999
Head of CB Finance                      Nicholas Chikani     04-5082500
                                                                          PO Box                                 17444, Dubai
Head of CB HR                           Naomi Lever          04-5084863
                                                                          Fax                                    04-8810181
SORO, CB UAE                            Rajesh Kalyan        04-5082242
Head of CB Operations                   Malcolm Sinclair     04-5082077
                                                                          Khalid Bin Waleed Street Branch        04-3516444
Business Planning Manager               Arijit Basu          04-5084315
                                                                          PO Box                                 981, Dubai
Head of CB Legal                        Ala al Tarawneh      04-5082589
                                                                          Telex                                  48895 UNBKKW EM
Head of CB Compliance                   Karim Niraoui        04-5084790
                                                                          Fax                                    04-3516601
Manager, Corporate Affairs              Ramy Lawand          04-5082564

                                                                          Rashidiya Branch                       04-2857686
                                                                          PO Box                                 10651, Dubai
UBS AG (Representative Office)                          04-2240044
                                                                          Fax                                    04-2852996
Creek Tower, Office 17A, Baniyas Road, Deira
                                                                          Sheikh Zayed Road Branch               04-3329911
PO Box                                  4530, Dubai
                                                                          PO Box                                 23747, Dubai
Fax                                     04-2220006
                                                                          Telex                                  46191 UNBKJM EM
Executive Director                      Roger Leitner                     Fax                                    04-3314746
DUBAI                                                                                                                                              134 | 135

Al Bustan Centre Branch                    04-2636388                        Sheikh Zayed Road Branch                   04-3322032
Al Qusais Area                                                               Al Mosa Tower II
PO Box                                     20917, Dubai                      PO Box                                     34893, Dubai
Fax                                        04-2636394                        Fax                                        04-3321332

Dubai Healthcare City Branch               04-4298334                        Branch Manager                             Amal Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed
PO Box                                     25341, Dubai
Fax                                        04-4298380
                                                                             United Bank Limited
Mirdiff Branch                             04-2847091
PO Box                                     35648, Dubai
                                                                             (Management Office)                          04-3552020/3591376
Fax                                        04-2847102
                                                                             Park Place Building, 17th Floor, Sheikh Zayed Road
                                                                             PO Box                                     1367, Dubai
Al Wasl Branch                             04-3492837/3492826
                                                                             Fax                                        04-3297219
Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 2
PO Box                                     214946, Dubai
Fax                                        04-3492827

                                                                             Group Executive & Head of International    Wajahat Hussain        04-7093803
Al Nahda Branch                            04-2578796/2578279
                                                                             Head of Finance, IT and
Al Nahda Area
                                                                             Acting Head of HR International            Cyrus Billimoria
PO Box                                     233635, Dubai
                                                                             General Manager, UAE                       Asad H. Burney      04-7093805
Fax                                        04-2578823
                                                                             Head of Risk International                 Shahid Mir
                                                                             Head of Operations - International         Abbas Masud
Abu Hail Branch                          04-2656309
                                                                             Head of Treasury - International           Wajahat A. Qureshi
Al Hathboor City Bay, Business Centre, Abu Hail Street, Deira
                                                                             Head of FI Division                        Rashid Maqsood Hamidi
PO Box                                   94381, Dubai
Fax                                      04-2656260

                                                                             UTI International Ltd.
United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.                                   04-2220181       (Representative Office)                                      04-3356656
Al Salemiah Tower, Baniyas Street, Deira                                     Al Maskan Building, Office No.17, Karama
PO Box                                     4579, Dubai                       PO Box                                     29288, Dubai
Fax                                        04-2274309                        Fax                                        04-3356636
SVP Head of Corporate - Dubai Area         Mohammad Latif       04-2079202   Website                          
Branch Manager                             Majed Al Balooshi
                                                                             General Manager                            Sameer Bhatia
Jebel Ali Branch                           04-8816445                        Marketing Manager                          Naresh Sood
Banking Complex, Jebel Ali Free Zone                                         Marketing Manager                          Nishant Singhi
PO Box                                     16823, Dubai
Fax                                        04-8816845

Branch Manager                             Mohammad Abdulkarim
We’ve got you covered
Personal Banking

With an extended range of services, NBF can now fulfill all your
personal banking requirements easily and conveniently.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  TP PORT AND

1.    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                                                                                                                                         L   ST
2.    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                                                                                                                                        ISA
3.    Arab Bank Plc.                                                                                                                                        AL
4.    Bank Melli Iran
5.    Central Bank of the UAE
6.    Commercial Bank International
7.    Dubai Bank
8.    Dubai Islamic Bank
9.    Emirates Islamic Bank
10.   Emirates NBD
11.   First Gulf Bank
12.   HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
13.   Invest Bank
14.   Mashreqbank
15.   National Bank of Abu Dhabi
16.   National Bank of Fujairah
17.   National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain
18.   Sharjah Islamic Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                               FUJAIRAH
19.   Union National Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                              HILTON HOTEL
20.   United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.


                                                                                                   EMIRI COURT                                                                                           D.
                                                                                                                                                             H                    AL M

                                                                                                                                       SALAM RD.

                                                                                                                                                                                             KINDI RD.
                                                                                                               AL                                                       .
                                                                                                                      TI                                                                                  13              3
                                                                                                                         HA                                                                                                            18
                                                                                                               14            D                                                                                9
                                                                                                                                 RD                                                                                  7
                                                                                                                                   .                        8
                                                                                                                         4                          17                                                               DULLAH ST.
                                                                                                      6   20
                                                                                                                                                                                         2       HAMED BIN AB                     15
                                                                                                                                                   12 5    11 10

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TO O
                                                                  LLAH ST.
                                                    HAMED BIN ABDU                                                                                                          MURAISHID



                                                                                               .                                                                                                          AIRPORT ROAD

                                                                                                          AIRPORT ROAD

This Emirate boasts scenic mountains, untouched
beaches and spectacular waterfalls. This natural
splendour, combined with Fujairah’s rich heritage, makes
it one of the major tourist destinations in the UAE.
FUJAIRAH                                                            143

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                                 09-2223900
Hamad Bin Abdulla Street
PO Box                                  770, Fujairah
Fax                                     09-2224900

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                                    09-2222711
Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Street, opposite ADNOC Station
PO Box                                   2440, Fujairah
Fax                                      09-2227955

Regional Manager,
East Coast & Manager Fujairah Branch    Fahad Al Shaer       09-2013333

Arab Bank Plc.                                            09-2222050
Sheikh Zayed Street
PO Box                                  300, Fujairah
Fax                                     09-2224024

Branch Manager                          Mohammad Abdelbari 09-2222050
Mobile                                  050-2565557

CIB Relationship Manager                Tareq Qaradsheh       09-2222202

Bank Melli Iran                            09-2222551/2222472
Hamad Bin Abdulla Street, Al Marash Roundabout
PO Box                                  248, Fujairah
Fax                                     09-2224271

Manager                                 Rodbari Saeed

Central Bank of the UAE                                   09-2224040
Hamad Bin Abdulla Street
PO Box                                  768, Fujairah
Fax                                     04-2226805
FUJAIRAH                                                                                                                                        144 | 145

Senior Manager                          Ali Mubarak Abbad        09-2223109
Assistant Manager Matar                 Ahmed Al Zoabi           09-2224213
                                                                              First Gulf Bank                                             600-525500
Chief Accountant                        Abdul Majeed Salem       09-2224040
                                                                              Hamad Bin Abdullah Road, Abdul Rahman Kyed Building
                                                                              PO Box                               2696, Fujairah
                                                                              Fax                                  09-2229766
Commercial Bank International                            09-2244911
Hamad Bin Abdulla Street
PO Box                                  7133, Fujairah                        HSBC Bank Middle East Limited                               600-554722
Fax                                     09-2244922
                                                                              Hamad Bin Abdulla Street
Branch Manager                          Jassim A. Al Ansari  09-2011777       PO Box                                   21, Fujairah
Mobile                                  050-5770043                           Fax                                      09-2227150
                                                                              Branch Manager                           Yousuf A. Yousuf       09-2241221

Dubai Bank                                                   800-5555
                                                                              Invest Bank                                                 09-2244450
Hamad Bin Abdulla Street, opposite Golden Fork Restaurant,
Al Zarouni Building                                                           Al Mahata Road, Abdullah Abdul Aziz Building
Email                                         PO Box                                   1969, Fujairah
                                                                              Fax                                      09-2244453

                                                                              Manager                                  Issam Maraka           09-2244459
Dubai Islamic Bank                                       09-2221550           Email                          

Dubai Islamic Bank Building, Hamad Bin Abdulla Street
                                                                              Relationship Officer                     Ajit Liyanage
PO Box                                  1007, Fujairah
Fax                                     09-2229249

Emirates Islamic Bank                                    09-2223423           Mashreqbank                                                 09-2229219
                                                                              PO Box                                   270, Fujairah
Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Street, near Choithram Super Market
                                                                              Fax                                      09-2226860
PO Box                                  1472, Fujairah
Fax                                     09-2223433
                                                                              Branch Manager                           Khalifa Al Mulla
Telex                                   89003 MEBFUJ EM

Emirates NBD                          09-2226767/600-540000                   National Bank of Abu Dhabi                                  09-2222633
                                                                              Opposite Plaza Theatre, Hamdan Bin Abdulla Street
PO Box                                  1744, Fujairah
                                                                              PO Box                                 79, Fujairah
                                                                              Fax                                    09-2227241
Branch Manager                          Nasser Obaid Alhefaiti

                                                                              Qidfah Branch                            09-2361000
                                                                              PO Box                                   12229, Fujairah
                                                                              Fax                                      09-2361001
FUJAIRAH                                                                                                                                      146 | 147

National Bank of Fujairah                                 09-2224518          Qidfah Branch                           09-2360449
                                                                              NBF Building, Qidfah
Head Office, Hamad Bin Abdulla Street                                         PO Box                                  12002, Fujairah
PO Box                                  887, Fujairah                         Fax                                     09-2360494
Fax                                     09-2224516                            Branch Manager                          Yaqoub Matroushi       09-2360206
                                                                              Tawian Branch                           07-2584388
Chief Executive Officer                 Vince Cook               04-5078300   NBF Building, Dibba Road
Head of Human Resources                 Abdulla Aleter           04-5078401   PO Box                                  30098, Fujairah
Chief Finance Officer                   Adnan Anwar              04-5078355   Fax                                     07-2584355
Head of Treasury                        Mark Zanelli             04-5078325
Head of Wholesale and                                                         Branch Manager                          Sultan Saeed Mubarak   07-2584388
Institutional Banking                   P. B. Das                04-5078307
Chief Risk Officer                      Prasant Sarkar           04-5078361
Head of Retail and Fujairah Region      Sharif Mohamed Rafei     09-2029300   National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                           09-2232100
Chief Operations Officer                T. N. Sekhar             04-5078370
                                                                              Hamad Bin Abdulla Road, Fujairah Insurance Co. Building
Head of Internal Audit                  Alan Smith               04-5078281
                                                                              PO Box                                  1444, Fujairah
Head of Services and Manufacturing      Devesh Mathur            04-8030201
                                                                              Fax                                     09-2232220
Head of Remedial Management             Irfan Malik              04-5078273
Head of Product Development             Kashif Aleem Ahmad       04-5078335
Head of Legal                           Nada Khneisser           04-5078298
Head of Financial Institutions          Nauman Khan              04-5078413
                                                                              Sharjah Islamic Bank                                      09-2244339
Head of Commercial Banking              Rehan Ali                04-5078289
Head of Trade Services                  R. S. Rangan             04-5078292   Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdullah Street
Head of Large Corporate,                                                      PO Box                                  2131, Fujairah
Government and Structured Finance       Sanjay Sohal             04-5078334   Fax                                     09-2244662
Head of Corporate Banking               Sumit Malik              04-5078210
Head of Contracting Finance             Varghese Thomas          02-6787676   Branch Manager                          Nawal M. Al Maghribi 09-2244300
Head of Trade Sales                     T. R. Madhavan           04-5078287   Mobile                                  050-4849996
Dibba Branch                            09-2443788
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Street
PO Box                                  11700, Dibba, Fujairah
                                                                              Union National Bank                   09-2222747/600-566665
Fax                                     09-2443785

Branch Manager                          Ali Obaid Al Khaddeim    09-2443131   Al Sharqi Branch
                                                                              PO Box                                  268, Fujairah
Fujairah Branch                         09-2224513                            Fax                                     09-2224851
Hamad Bin Abdullah Street
PO Box                                  887, Fujairah                         Manager                                 Yasser Rashad
Fax                                     09-2229470
Head of Retail and Fujairah Region      Sharif Mohamed Rafei 09-2029300       United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.                                 09-2056333
Masafi Branch                           09-2563999
                                                                              Al Rostamani Tower, Hamad Bin Abdullah Street
NBF Building, Masafi
                                                                              PO Box                                 8552, Fujairah
PO Box                                  11208, Fujairah
                                                                              Fax                                    09-2239982
Fax                                     09-2563339

Branch Manager                          Khalid O. Al Marashda 09-2563337      Branch Manager                          Marwan Abdulla Al Salami
1.    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                   22       13
2.    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
                                                                                                                                                                                                            3          8
3.    Al Khaliji (France) S.A.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          ER ST
4.    Arab Bank Plc.
5.    Bank Melli Iran

6.    Bank of Baroda

7.    Banque Misr
8.    Central Bank of the UAE                                                                                                                                                                    12
9.    Commercial Bank International

                                                                                                            SH. MOHD. BIN SALEM ROAD
10.   Commercial Bank of Dubai                                                                                                                                           4
11.   Dubai Bank                                                                                                                                                                                        11                                        ROUNDABOUT
12.   Dubai Islamic Bank                                                                                                                                                                                               6

13.   Emirates Islamic Bank                                                                             1                                                                                                   21

14.   Emirates NBD                                                                                                                                                                                                    5

15.   First Gulf Bank


                                                                                                                                                                                MOUNTASSER ST

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           AL NAKHEEL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   OMAN STREET
16.   HSBC Bank Middle East Limited


17.   Invest Bank                                                                                                                            17

18.   Mashreqbank                                                                                                                                        BRIDGE ROAD
19.   National Bank of Abu Dhabi

20.   National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain

                                                                        L ROA
                                                                                                                                                                             23 15
21.   RAKBANK                                                                                                                                                                                                                             MANAR

22.   Union National Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                  MALL
23.   United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.

                                                                     IT HO







                                                                                                                                                                                                                             MAN S


                                                          RAS AL KHAIMAH
                                                               HOTEL                                                                                                   KHUZAM


Ras Al Khaimah is home to some of the most beautiful
landscapes in the country. Surrounded by sea, desert
and mountains, it is known for its exquisite camping
grounds and natural springs.
RAS AL KHAIMAH                                                        157

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                                07-2332200
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Salem Street
PO Box                                  1633, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                     07-2332020

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                                   07-2288448
Opposite Al Manar Mall, near Abu Dhabi Stock Market
PO Box                                   4004, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                      07-2284442

Branch Manager                          Saif Alkeem             07-2281100

Al Khaliji (France) S.A.                                 07-2286222
Al Montasir Street, Al Nakheel Area
PO Box                                  771, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                     07-2275067

Relationship Manager                    Fadil Hasbany           07-2286222

Arab Bank Plc.                                           07-2288437
Al Nakheel Area, Oman Street
PO Box                                  4972, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                     07-2282337

Manager                                 Maen Khader        07-2288437
Mobile                                  050-7993590

CIB Unit Head                           M. Hammoudeh      07-2288437
Mobile                                  050-4874610
RAS AL KHAIMAH                                                                                                                                   158 | 159

Bank Melli Iran                                         07-2229400            Commercial Bank International                            07-2434009
Oman Street, Al Nakheel                                                       Al Hamra Mall, 1st Floor
PO Box                                 5270, Ras Al Khaimah                   PO Box                                    34922, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                    07-2228797                             Fax                                       07-2434255

Manager                                Abdulaziz Al Karmustaji                Customer Service Manager                  Asma Al Moussa     07-2048552
                                                                              Mobile                                    050-3706767
Bank of Baroda                                          07-2269041
                                                                              Al Nakheel Branch                         07-2227555
Next to Choithram Supermarket, Oman Street, Al Nakheel                        Al Nakheel Street Area, Oman Street
PO Box                                 5294, Ras Al Khaimah                   PO Box                                    793, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                    07-2229155                             Fax                                       07-2227444
                                                                              Branch Manager                            Ahmed Darwish        07-2044444
Chief Manager                          B. B. Pradhan             07-2269388   Mobile                                    050-6864444
Senior Manager (Operations)            KRS Iyer                  07-2269377   Email                           

Customer Service Centre (EBSU)          07-2434575                            Manar Mall Branch                         07-2274777
RAKIA Amenity Centre, RAKIA, Al Jazeera Al Hamra Area, Ras Al Khamiah         Al Muntasir Street
PO Box                                  5294, Ras Al Khaimah                  PO Box                                    2668, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                     07-2434436                            Fax                                       07-2288788
                                                                              Branch Manager                            Muna Al Zaabi           07-2044555
                                                                              Mobile                                    050-7561414
Executive Assistant                    George Samuel             07-2434575

Banque Misr                                             07-2332245            Commercial Bank of Dubai                                 07-2286266
Infront of police station
                                                                              Oman Street, Al Nakheel Area
PO Box                                 618, Ras Al Khaimah
                                                                              PO Box                                    5849, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                    07-2334202

Branch Manager                         Mohamed Abdul Ghani
                                                                              Dubai Bank                                 07-2283202/800-5555
                                                                              Al Muntasir Street, Al Nakheel District
                                                                              PO Box                                    1522, Ras Al Khaimah
Central Bank of the UAE                                 07-2284444            Fax                                       07-2283244
Al Nakheel Area
PO Box                                 5000, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                    07-2284646

Asst. Executive Director               Salem Jasem Albakr        07-2284545
Senior Manager                         Saif A. Bou Rougha        07-2273111
RAS AL KHAIMAH                                                                                                                      160 | 161

Dubai Islamic Bank (Main Branch)                           07-2284888          First Gulf Bank                              600-525500
                                                                               Next to Manar Mall
PO Box                                   4446, Ras Al Khaimah
                                                                               PO Box                       29494, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                      07-2284788
                                                                               Fax                          07-2280664

Al Hamra Mall Branch                     07-2434244
PO Box                                   4446, Ras Al Khaimah
                                                                               HSBC Bank Middle East Limited                600-554722
Fax                                      07-2434522
                                                                               Corniche Road
Branch Manager                           Ali Al Shehi          07-2434244
                                                                               PO Box                       9, Ras Al Khaimah
Mobile                                   050-5300503
                                                                               Fax                          07-2330200

                                                                               Branch Manager               Jawad E. M. Abu Jarad 07-2022200
Khuzam Branch                            07-2362666
PO Box                                   4446, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                      07-2364400
                                                                               Invest Bank                                  07-2337393
Branch Manager                           Salah Al Bulushi
                                                                               Al Qawasim Corniche Street
Mobile                                   050-6273435
                                                                               PO Box                       31913, Ras Al Khaimah
                                                                               Fax                          07-2336869
Ladies Branch                            07-2353202
                                                                               Branch Manager               Nihad Masoud
PO Box                                   4446, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                      07-2353247

                                                                               Operations Officer           Mohd Hussein Kassim
Branch Manager                           Naama Al Muha

Emirates Islamic Bank                                      07-2260044          Mashreqbank                                  07-2286655
Emirates Islamic Bank Tower, Ground Floor, Al Muntaser Road, Al Nakheel Area
                                                                               Al Nakheel Area
PO Box                                   5198, Ras Al Khaimah
                                                                               PO Box                       61300, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                      07-2260477
                                                                               Fax                          07-2281880
Telex                                    99188 meBANK EM
                                                                               Branch Manager               Mohsin Mumdouh Hasidah

Emirates NBD                          07-2273322/600-540000
                                                                               National Bank of Abu Dhabi                   07-2235522
PO Box                                   1932, Ras Al Khaimah
                                                                               PO Box                       350, Ras Al Khaimah
Branch Manager                           Abdel Rahman Al Mulla                 Toll Free                    800-2211
                                                                               Fax                          07-2330950
Corniche Branch                          07-2333077
PO Box                                   1932, Ras Al Khaimah                  Al Nakheel Branch            07-2056800
                                                                               PO Box                       5744, Ras Al Khaimah
Branch Manager                           Hamad Al Nuaimi                       Fax                          07-2281305
RAS AL KHAIMAH                                                                                                                  162 | 163

National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                        07-2366444            Shaam Branch                07-2666833
                                                                             Shaam Main Street
Corniche Al Qawasim Road                                                     PO Box                      6868, Ras Al Khaimah
PO Box                                32253, Ras Al Khaimah                  Fax                         07-2667335
Fax                                   07-2364470
Swift                                 UMMQAEAD
Website                                                  Union National Bank     07-2282432/600-566665
                                                                             Oman Street
RAKBANK                                                04-2913960            PO Box                      5756, Ras Al Khaimah
                                                                             Fax                         07-2286510
Head Office, RAKBANK Building, Oman Street, Al Nakheel
PO Box                                5300, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                   07-2283238                             United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.                   07-2279911
Swift                                 NRAKAEAK
Email                                       Manar Mall
                                                                             PO Box                      615, Ras Al Khaimah
Chairman                              H. E. Sheikh Omar bin Saqr Al Qasimi   Fax                         07-2270969
General Manager                       M. J. Graham Honeybill
                                                                             Branch Manager              Abdolrazagh Ibrahim
Al Manei Branch                       04-2913964
RAKBANK Building
PO Box                                5300, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                   07-8525757

Al Nakheel Branch                     07-2281127
RAKBANK Building, Oman Street
PO Box                                5300, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                   07-2284202

Al Rams Branch                        07-2662434
PO Box                                6035, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                   07-2662838

Badr II Branch                        07-2448822
PO Box                                5300, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                   07-2448811

Town Branch                           07-2333744
RAKBANK Building, Al Sabkha Area
PO Box                                164, Ras Al Khaimah
Fax                                   07-2333932
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         T.                  TO AJMAN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  H   AR
1.    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                              A LS
2.    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
                                                                                                                                                                                                               AL BOURJ                                AL ZAHRA
3.    Ajman Bank
                                                                                                                                                                                                                AVENUE                                  SQUARE
4.    Al Hilal Bank

5.    Al Khaliji (France) S.A.                                                                                                                                                                                 AD

6.    Al Masraf Bank                                                                                                                                                                                 OB

                                                                                                                                                                                            AR            33

7.    Arab Bank Plc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         D

8.    Bank Melli Iran                                                                                                                                                                   9
                                                                                              D                                                                                                                                   ZAH
9.    Bank of Baroda                                                                    OA                                                                                                                                   AL

10.   Bank of Sharjah                                                            AL

                                                                            AL                                                                                                                        1
11.   Bank Saderat Iran                                                 N

12.   Banque Misr                                                  UL


13.   Blom Bank France S.A.                               E

                                                       SH                                                                                                                                    16

14.   Central Bank of the UAE                                                                                                                                                  20
15.   Citibank N.A.                                                                                                                            4 19                                 2            12


                                                                                                                                                               ISAL ROA
                                                                                                                                                                                                     18                                          K
16.   Citigroup Global Markets                                                                                                                  32

17.   Commercial Bank International                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            TO SHARJAH

18.   Commercial Bank of Dubai                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  AIRPORT

                                                                                                                                 HE ROA

                                                                                                                                                        KING FA
19.   Dubai Bank

20.   Dubai Islamic Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                RO

                                                                                                                                                                                                            14                                                                   HD

21.   Emirates Islamic Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WA

                                                                                                                                                                                             OA                                                                           AL

22.   Emirates NBD                                                                                                                                                                R
                                                                                                                                 13                                           AIT

23.   First Gulf Bank                                                                                                                                                      KUW

24.   Habib Bank AG Zurich

                                                                                 N ROA
                                                                                                  23                                      6
25.   Habib Bank Limited


                                                                                                                                               KING FAISAL ROAD
26.   HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

                                                                                    AL KH
27.   Invest Bank
28.   Janata Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                AD
                                                                                                                                                                                                        A   RO
29.   Mashreqbank                                                                                                                                                                                    HD
30.   National Bank of Abu Dhabi                                                                                                                                                        AL
31.   National Bank of Fujairah                                                                                        UHA
                                                                                                                   AL B
32.   National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                                 35
33.   Noor Islamic Bank                                                                                                                   22
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               36      28
34.   RAKBANK                                                                                                       RO    AD                                                                                                                     37      24
35.   Sharjah Islamic Bank                                                                                     AHDA                                                                                                                              29                                 AL BOURJ
                                                  A                                                        AL W
36.   Standard Chartered Bank                 AHD                                RJA
                                                                                     H                                                                                                                                                                                               AVENUE
                                         AL N HANGE                             A
37.   Union National Bank
                                             RC                   IT   O SH                                                                                                                                                                           21
                                        INTE                  UBA
38.   United Arab Bank P.J.S.C.                             D                                                                                                                                                                                                         25


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     KS  N


This Emirate is popularly regarded as an educational
and cultural hub due to its numerous museums and
renowned university. Sharjah also held the prestigious
UNESCO award as the cultural capital of the Arab world
in 1998.
SHARJAH                                                            171

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                             06-5737000
(Main Branch)
PO Box                               4377, Sharjah
Fax                                  06-5722322

Buhaira Branch                       06-5566222
Fax                                  06-5566223

Industrial Area Branch               06-5433300
Fax                                  06-5421285

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                                06-5732333
King Faisal Road
PO Box                               2899, Sharjah
Fax                                  06-5731166

Manager Sharjah Branch               Abdul Hakim Abu Hadi

Wasit Street Branch                  06-5662000
PO Box                               66500, Sharjah
Fax                                  06-5663366

Acting Branch Manager                Abdelrahman A. M. A. Ali 06-5663888

Ajman Bank                                            06-7018567
Buhaira Corniche, near Al Safiyah
PO Box                               80088, Sharjah
Fax                                  06-7018298
Toll Free                            800-22

Al Hilal Bank                       06-5985523/800-666666
PO Box                               63111, Abu Dhabi
Fax                                  06-5729399
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                           172 | 173

                                                                             Asst. General Manager                      Neelam Damodharan     06-5683273
Al Khaliji (France) S.A.                                     06-5724561
                                                                             Senior Manager (Operations)                Sanjay Tiwary         06-5687086
                                                                             Manager (Credit)                           Umesh Chugh           06-5687082
Ibrahim Mohammed Al Medfa’a Street No.118
PO Box                                854, Sharjah
                                                                             Customer Service Centre (EBSU)               06-5443244
Fax                                   06-5727843
                                                                             Building No. 1015, Industrial Area II, National Paints
                                                                             PO Box                                       1671, Sharjah
Unit Head                               Sam Saeed Taha          06-5724561
                                                                             Fax                                          06-5443455

                                                                             Manager (Marketing)                        S.K. Shukla         06-5443244
Al Masraf                                 06-5485685/5485785
Al Masraf Tower, King Abdul Aziz Street, Al Qasimiyah
PO Box                                     29992, Sharjah
                                                                             Bank of Sharjah (H.O.)                                       06-5694411
Fax                                        06-5747766/5485751
                                                                             Al Hosn Avenue
                                                                             PO Box                                     1394, Sharjah
                                                                             Fax                                        06-5694422
Arab Bank Plc.                            06-5618999/5613995                 Email                            
Al Orooba Street
PO Box                                  130, Sharjah                         General Manager                            Varoujan Nerguizian
Fax                                     06-5618887                           Deputy General Manager                     Mario Tohme
                                                                             Deputy General Manager                     Fadi Ghosn
Branch Manager                          Amr Shoeib           06-5614446      Commercial Manager                         Ali Burheimah
Mobile                                  050-7704979                          Credit Manager                             Berj Tossounian
Email                                        Operations Manager                         Mohammed Asghar
                                                                             Senior Manager                             Fares Saade
CIB Unit Head                           Helmi Abdullah       06-5618999
Mobile                                  050-6599822
                                                                             Bank Saderat Iran                                            06-5682070
                                                                             Al Arooba Street
Bank Melli Iran                           06-5682210/5680710                 PO Box                                     316, Sharjah

PO Box                                  459, Sharjah
Fax                                     06-5686535
                                                                             Banque Misr                                                  06-5484222
Manager                                 Hossein Zadeh
                                                                             Malek Aziz Street
                                                                             PO Box                                     254, Sharjah
                                                                             Fax                                        06-5484410
Bank of Baroda                                               06-5684231
                                                                             Branch Manager                             Tarek Hafez
Mina Road                                                                    Email                            
PO Box                                  1671, Sharjah
Fax                                     06-5681025
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                             174 | 175

Blom Bank France S.A.                                                          Sharjah Rolla Branch                     06-5687666
                                                                               Rolla Square, Bank Street
(Representative Office)                                      06-5736700        PO Box                                   2418, Sharjah
                                                                               Fax                                      06-5685566
Khaled Lagoon, Corniche Al Buhairah, Sh. Naser Bin Hamad Al Thani Building
PO Box                                   5803, Sharjah
                                                                               Branch Manager                           Ahmed Bin Masood   06-5112111
Fax                                      06-5736080
                                                                               Mobile                                   050-5599951
Branch Manager                             Houssam Abou Ghaida 06-5736114
Assistant Manager                          Fouad Al Attar      06-5736566

                                                                               Commercial Bank of Dubai                                  06-5740666
Central Bank of the UAE                                      06-5592592        Al Qassimia Area, King Abdul Aziz Road
                                                                               PO Box                                   677, Sharjah
Abu Shagarah Area, opposite Immigration Building
PO Box                                  645, Sharjah
Fax                                     06-5593977                             Dubai Bank                                06-5746664/800-5555
Sr. Branch Manager                         Zakaria Al Suwaidi     06-5590340   Corniche Road, Crystal Plaza Building
Sr. Manager, Research & Statistics Dept.   Abdal Aziz Al Nuaime                PO Box                                   60666, Sharjah
                                                                               Fax                                      06-5750113

Citibank N.A.                                06-5072101/5072118                Muwailah Branch
King Abdul Aziz Street                                                         Muwailah Commercial Area, C Block, Maliha Road,112 Street,
PO Box                                     346, Sharjah                        near Fifth Industrial Square, Hassawi Building
Fax                                        06-5728466                          Email                             

Citigroup Global Markets                     06-5072101/5072118                Dubai Islamic Bank

Al Owais Building, King Abdul Aziz Street                                      Al Buhaira Branch                        06-5071207
Fax                                       06-5728466
                                                                               Branch Manager                           Maher Taha Abdul Aal
                                                                               Mobile                                   050-5771922
Commercial Bank International                                06-5751444
                                                                               Al Ghubaibah (Ladies Branch)             06-5973600
Al Rostamani Building, King Faisal Street, Al Qassimya
PO Box                                      71666, Sharjah
                                                                               Branch Manager                           Nasreen Bin Fadel
Fax                                         06-5752312
                                                                               Mobile                                   050-7001110
Acting Branch Manager                      Hasan Al Zaabi         06-5179111
Mobile                                     050-6119229
                                                                               Al Heera (Ladies Branch)                 06-5973500

                                                                               Branch Manager                           Sarah Ahmed
                                                                               Mobile                                   050-6351906
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                       176 | 177

Al Taawun Branch                       06-5193501                         Al Muwaileh Branch                         06-5358855
                                                                          Dr. Faisal Al Qasimi Building Show Rooms # 6 & 7
Branch Manager                         Ibrahim H. Zarouni                 Maleeha Street, near National Paints, Industrial Area # 15
Mobile                                 050-6341717                        PO Box                                     5169, Sharjah
Email                                     Fax                                        06-5358150

Clock Tower Branch                     06-5973525                         Corniche Branch                          06-5444555
                                                                          Ground Floor, EIB Tower, Buheira Corniche, Al Majaz Area Sharjah
Branch Manager                         Qais Al Ganim                      PO Box                                   5169, Sharjah
Mobile                                 050-4585887                        Fax                                      06-5444751

Branch Manager                         Khalid Al Swaidi      06-5071111   Emirates NBD                             06-5323332/600-540000
Mobile                                 050-6310001
Email                                    Sharjah City Centre
                                                                          PO Box                                     21850, Sharjah
Wasit Branch                           06-5973636
                                                                          Branch Manager                             Mohammed Al Shouq
Branch Manager                         Ali A. Al Zarouni
Mobile                                 050-6561118                        Sharjah Airport Branch                     06-5580508
Email                                          PO Box                                     21850, Sharjah

                                                                          Branch Manager                             Salem Al Khader

Emirates Islamic Bank                                   06-5686166        Al Qassimiya Branch                        06-5735849
                                                                          PO Box                                     21850, Sharjah
Al Arooba Bank Street, near Rolla Square, Al Bourj Avenue
PO Box                                    5169, Sharjah
                                                                          Branch Manager                             Ahmed Saleh
Fax                                       06-5686860
Telex                                     68814 MEBSHJ EM
                                                                          Sharjah Industrial Branch                  06-5343377
                                                                          PO Box                                     21850, Sharjah
Qasimiyah Branch                         06-5720002/5720008
Al Otaiba Building, King Abdul Aziz Road
                                                                          Branch Manager                             Nawal Alkhader
PO Box                                   67622, Sharjah
Fax                                      06-5720006/5720007               Sharjah Main Branch                        06-5733799
                                                                          PO Box                                     21850, Sharjah
Sharjah Court Branch                   06-5282248
Al Meena Street                                                           Branch Manager                             Ahmed Saleh
PO Box                                 5169, Sharjah
Fax                                    06-5282588                         Samnan Branch                              06-5661190
                                                                          PO Box                                     21850, Sharjah
Halwaan Branch                         06-5663555
Wasit Street, Sheikh Ismail Building                                      Branch Manager                             Farida kamel Al Awadhi
PO Box                                 67621, Sharjah
Fax                                    06-5663553                         Al Taawun Branch                           06-5367743
                                                                          PO Box                                     21850, Sharjah

                                                                          Branch Manager                             Ali Malallah Mohamed
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                    178 | 179

                                                                            AGM Operations
First Gulf Bank                                             600-525500
                                                                            / Treasury Banking Relations           Qasim Kazmi            06-5688270
                                                                            AGM Credit                             Ameen Mammu            06-5681330
Al Qassimiya Branch
                                                                            Manager Credit Risk                    Athar Anis             06-5684165
King Abdul Aziz Road
                                                                            Chief Dealer                           Bassam Hollmerus       06-5684767
PO Box                                   31400, Sharjah
                                                                            Administration Legal/Board Secretary   Taleb Zaarour          06-5683177
Fax                                      06-5724448
                                                                            Trade Finance                          Sajjad Saifuddin       06-5686695
                                                                            Financial Control                      Madhu Pilakazhi        06-5680699
Al Buhairah Branch
                                                                            Personnel                              Ghassan Accari         06-5686580
Al Buhairah Corniche, Saeed Al Ghafli Building
                                                                            Information Technology                 Vinay Gupta            06-5680760
PO Box                                     31400, Sharjah
                                                                            Sharjah Branch Manager                 Azam Mazroui           06-5687863
Fax                                        06-5563566
                                                                            Main Branch                            06-5694440
                                                                            Al Bourj Avenue
Habib Bank AG Zurich                                        06-5693336      PO Box                                 1885, Sharjah
                                                                            Fax                                    06-5685454
Al Bourj Avenue
PO Box                                   1166, Sharjah                      Branch Manager                         Emile Al Riachy        06-5680990
Fax                                      06-5693334                         Email                        

                                                                            Industrial Area Branch                 06-5420333
Habib Bank Limited                                          600-522228      Wasit Street, Industrial Area No. 3
                                                                            PO Box                                 33004, Sharjah
Al Bourj Avenue                                                             Fax                                    06-5434114
PO Box                                   300, Sharjah
Fax                                      06-5686473                         Branch Manager                         Walid Mustafa          06-5433986
Service Manager                          Ziauddin Shaikh
                                                                            Operations Officer                     Samira Harazin       06-5424421

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited                               600-554722      SAIF Zone Branch                       06-5572531
                                                                            Building Z3
Abdul Aziz Majid Building, King Faisal Road                                 PO Box                                 8876, Sharjah
PO Box                                     25, Sharjah                      Fax                                    06-5572532
Fax                                        06-5537880
                                                                            Branch Manager                         Nadia Al Qassir        06-5575570
Invest Bank (H.O.)                                          06-5694440
                                                                            Operations Officer                     Hazem Al Amine
Al Bourj Avenue                                                             Email                        
PO Box                                   1885, Sharjah
Fax                                      06-5694442
Email                                          Janata Bank                                             06-5687032
                                                                            Saqer Bin Rashid Al Quassim Building
Managing Director                        Amjad Dweik                        PO Box                                 5303, Sharjah
General Manager                          Sami Farhat           06-5680307   Fax                                    06-5687846
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                    180 | 181

Manager (FAGM)                        Md. Mizarur Rahman
Mobile                                050-5875848
                                                                     National Bank of Abu Dhabi                                  06-5385143
Email                                 Al Falah Camp Office (Denotes Cash Offices)
                                                                     PO Box                                   1109, Sharjah
                                                                     Toll Free                                800-2211
Mashreqbank (Main Branch)                               06-5687032   Fax                                      06-5583455

Al Bourj Avenue, Sharjah Rolla Area                                  Bourj Avenue Branch                       06-5110666
PO Box                                2082, Sharjah                  PO Box                                    20606, Sharjah
Fax                                   06-5372903                     Fax                                       06-5695511

                                                                     Buhaira Branch                            06-5721111
Branch Manager                        Marwa Al Falasi
                                                                     PO Box                                    1109, Sharjah
                                                                     Fax                                       06-5721100
Al Khan Branch                        06-5991513
PO Box                                61500, Sharjah
                                                                     Sharjah Industrial Area Branch            06-5353530
Fax                                   06-5772977
                                                                     PO Box                                    5353113, Sharjah
                                                                     Fax                                       06-33777
Branch Manager                        Hassan Abdel Aziz
                                                                     Al Madam Branch                           06-8861212
Al Wehda Branch                       06-5012115                     PO Box                                    48100, Sharjah
PO Box                                61300, Sharjah                 Fax                                       06-8861813
Fax                                   06-5668559
                                                                     Al Nahda Branch                           06-5308989
Branch Manager                        Amna Ali                       PO Box                                    45493, Sharjah
                                                                     Fax                                       06-5308602
Buhaira Branch                        06-5177802
PO Box                                29990, Sharjah                 Al Taawun Branch                          06-5304759
Fax                                   06-5744446                     PO Box                                    7210, Sharjah
                                                                     Fax                                       06-5304739
Branch Manager                        Naeema Shambeh Ali

Industrial Area Branch                06-5131211                     National Bank of Fujairah                                   06-5931111
PO Box                                61200, Sharjah
Fax                                   06-5340188                     Sparco Building, Shop No. 1 & 2, Sharjah College, Industrial Area 7
                                                                     PO Box                                   1416, Sharjah
Branch Manager                        Shatha Allan                   Fax                                      06-5302211

King Abdul Aziz Street Branch         06-5077603                     Contact Person                            Eman Mushtaha           06-5931222
PO Box                                22602, Sharjah
Fax                                   06-5745334
                                                                     National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                             06-5742000
Branch Manager                        Mayssoun Kaddoura
                                                                     King Faisal Street
                                                                     PO Box                                    23000, Sharjah
                                                                     Fax                                       06-5742200
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                        182 | 183

Sharjah Industrial Branch                                                      VP - Head of Trade Finance Department   Iqbal Karmally         06-5999390
Khansaheb Building, Sharjah Industrial Number 10, Third Industrial Street
PO Box                                   80400, Sharjah                        AVP - Branch Manager                    Mohd Mousa Ali         06-5998515
Fax                                      06-5353800                            Mobile                                  050-6464558
Toll Free                                600-565656                            Email                         
                                                                               Al Hisn Branch                          06-5115123
                                                                               Bank Street, near UAE Exchange, Rolla
Noor Islamic Bank                                               800-6667       PO Box                                  4, Sharjah
                                                                               Fax                                     06-5681699
Al Orouba Street
Email                                               Senior Branch Manager                   Ahmed O. Al Marzooqi 06-5115121
                                                                               Mobile                                  050-4864862

RAKBANK                                                     06-5746888         Al Buheira Branch                       06-5540007
                                                                               Corniche Al Buhairah
King Faizal Street, New Zubaidi Building
                                                                               PO Box                                  4, Sharjah
PO Box                                     41010, Sharjah
                                                                               Fax                                     06-5540004
Fax                                        06-5746363

                                                                               Assistant Branch Manager                Manal Al Qalla         06-5999519
Branch Manager                             Fawzi Abdul Basit      06-5746622
                                                                               Mobile                                  050-4816984

Sharjah Islamic Bank (H.O.)                                 06-5998888         AUS Branch                                06-5585766
                                                                               Sharjah Airport Road, American University of Sharjah
Al Khan Corniche, near Al Qasba Canal                                          PO Box                                    4, Sharjah
PO Box                                     4, Sharjah                          Fax                                       06-5585225
Fax                                        06-5309998
Email                                                     Branch Manager                          Sameera Al Buraiki    06-5999505
Website                                                    Email                         

Chief Executive Officer                    Mohammed Abdullah      06-5999111   Industrial Branch                       06-5397621
Chief Operating Officer                    Ahmed Saad             06-5999222   Sharjah Industrial Area
EVP - Enterprise Risk Mgt. Division .      Mohammed Rizwan        06-5999988   PO Box                                  4, Sharjah
EVP - Head of Investment Group             Saeed Al Amiri         06-5998877   Fax                                     06-5337575
EVP - Head of HR Group                     Eman Jassim            06-5999944
EVP - Head of Credit Division              Mohammed Azmeer        06-5999911   Branch Manager                          Samer Kadourah      06-5998554
EVP - Chief Internal Audit                 Hussain Abu Aisheh     06-5999922   Mobile                                  055-6293962
EVP - Head of Special Projects             G Ramakrishnan         06-5999955   Email                         
EVP - Head of Corporate Banking Group      Rahma Al Shamsi        06-5999900
EVP - Chief Information Officer            Gautam Sinha           06-5999933   King Faisal Branch                      06-5746840
Acting/Head of Retail Banking Group        Jassem Al Baloushi     06-5999966   Opposite Choitram Supermarket
Senior Vice President                      Suhail Abu Hijleh      06-5998811   PO Box                                  4, Sharjah
SVP - Head of Strategic Development        Mona M. El Shinnawy    06-5998250   Fax                                     06-5744798
VP - Investment                            AnverJalaldeen         04-5999150
VP - Head of Central Processing            Adnan Khairalla        06-5999696
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                      184 | 185

Assistant Branch Manager                 Hani Al Awadi          06-5749577   University Branch (Ladies)                 06-5589646
Mobile                                   050-7477937                         Sharjah Airport Road, University of Sharjah, Woman Wing, W7
Email                                           PO Box                                     4, Sharjah
                                                                             Fax                                        06-5589430
King Faisal (Ladies Branch)              06-5746826
Opposite to Choitram Supermarket                                             Assistant Branch Manager                 Maryam Al Belooshi   06-5998660
PO Box                                   4, Sharjah                          Mobile                                   050-5698956
Fax                                      06-5740112                          Email                          

Branch Manager                           Laila Ali Salem       06-5999586    Wasit Branch                             06-5384482
Mobile                                   050-8787667                         Wasit Road
Email                                         PO Box                                   4, Sharjah
                                                                             Fax                                      06-5388346
SAIF Zone Branch                         06-5571850
Post Office Road                                                             Branch Manager                           Waleed Abdul Qadir   06-5999552
PO Box                                   4, Sharjah
                                                                             Mobile                                   050-6339399
Fax                                      06-5571595

AVP- Branch Manager                      Asad Alassar           06-5571855
Mobile                                   050-6464239
Email                                           Standard Chartered Bank                                   06-5916100

Sharjah Court Branch                     06-5282628                          H.E Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Mohammed Al Qasimi Building, No. 15C,
PO Box                                   4, Sharjah                          Al Bourj Avenue, Bank Street
Fax                                      06-5284825                          PO Box                                 5, Sharjah

Assistant Branch Manager                 Mohamed Murad     06-5999635        Buhaira Corniche EBU Branch
Mobile                                   050-4964968                         Hisn Avenue, Al Marijah
Email                                         PO Box                                   5, Sharjah

Sharjah Economic Branch                 06-5286665
Sharjah Economic Department Building located at                              Union National Bank                    06-5686141/600-566665
Government Buildings in Al Layyah Area
PO Box                                  4, Sharjah                           Khaled Al Faresi Tower, Al Bourj Square, Bank Street
Fax                                     06-5285772                           PO Box                                    5106, Sharjah
                                                                             Fax                                       06-5684097
Acting Branch Manager                    Jassim Al Mutawa     06-5998770
Mobile                                   050-6469097                         Al Taawun Branch                         06-5305095
Email                                        Al Taawun Street, Al Khan Area
                                                                             PO Box                                   39861, Sharjah
University Branch (Gent)                   06-5589299                        Fax                                      06-5304929
Sharjah Airport Road, University of Sharjah, Male Wing, M7
PO Box                                     4, Sharjah                        Al Arooba Branch                          06-5758777
Fax                                        06-5589156                        Tower 400, Al Arooba Street, Al Soor Area
                                                                             PO Box                                    3374, Sharjah
Assistant Branch Manager                 Khalil M. Hassan       06-5998550   Fax                                       06-5758845
Mobile                                   050-4825298
SHARJAH                                                                                                                                     186 | 187

Al Buhaira Branch                         06-5735474                        PO Box                                  60868, Sharjah
PO Box                                    65882, Sharjah                    Fax                                     06-5549801
Fax                                       06-5735137
                                                                            SVP Head of Corporate/
                                                                            Northern Emirates Area                  Humaid Al Attar        06-5595585
                                                                            SVP Head of Sadara
United Arab Bank P.J.S.C. (H.O.)                            06-5733900
                                                                            Wealth Management                       Sheikh Mohammed Al Nuaimi
Sheikh Abdulla Bin Salim Al Qassimi Building
                                                                            Industrial Area                          06-5132666
PO Box                                     25022, Sharjah
                                                                            Abdullah Rashid Obaid Al Shamsi Building, Street No.119
Fax                                        06-5733906
                                                                            PO Box                                   150730, Sharjah
                                                                            Fax                                      06-5359134

                                                                            Branch Manager                          Fahad Saeed Kashwani
Chief Executive Officer                   Paul Trowbridge      06-5733900
Deputy Chief Executive Officer            Awni Alami           06-5733900
EVP - Group Head, Commercial Banking      Shahid Baloch        06-5733900
EVP - Group Head Operations,
Organization & IT                         Abdel H. Ghazouani   06-5733900
EVP - Group Head, Business Support        Anthony Macrae       06-5733900
EVP - Chief Risk Officer                  Bede Joseph Pohlen   06-5733900
EVP - Group Head, Retail Banking          Tom Smith            06-5733900
SVP - Head of Sadara
Wealth Management                         Shk. M. Al Nuaimi    06-5195111
SVP - Head of Credit Admin &
Policy/Portfolio Management               Shabbir Ahmed        06-5733900
SVP - Head of Treasury & Capital Market   Sarfraz Rizvi        06-5733900
SVP - Head of Corporate &
Institutional Banking                     Bilal Usmani         06-5733900
SVP - Head of Finance                     Zakeria Noorani      06-5733900

Al Wahda Branch                           06-5094200
Al Wahda Street
PO Box                                    23226, Sharjah
Fax                                       06-5536747

Branch Manager                            Azizah Abdul Rahman Saif

Bank Street Branch                        06-5684111
Al Bourj Avenue
PO Box                                    881, Sharjah
Fax                                       06-5684965

SVP Head of Corporate - Sharjah Area      Maha Azzam           06-5118402
Branch Manager                            Fahad Saeed Kashwani

Corniche Branch                           06-5195111
Al Buhairah Corniche Street
SHARJAH                                                                                                                    188 | 189

Dhaid and Dibba                                           Mashreqbank                                                 06-8822114
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank                 09-2446444      Al Dhaid Branch
                                                          PO Box                                   12705, Dhaid
Dibba Branch                                              Fax                                      06-8822416
Fax                      09-2444838
                                                          Branch Manager                           Magdi El Sonbati

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                    06-8822553
                                                          National Bank of Abu Dhabi
Al Dhaid, Qadeema
PO Box                   313, Sharjah                     Al Dhaid Branch                          06-8822929/8823789
Fax                      06-8823815                       PO Box                                   13343, Ajman
                                                          Fax                                      06-8826006
Branch Manager           Mohammed Obaid
                                                          Dibba Branch                             09-243111
                                                          PO Box                                   11500, Sharjah
                                                          Fax                                      09-2431188
Dubai Islamic Bank                        09-2053255
                                                          Dibba Al Hisn Branch                     09-2440677
Al Dhaid Branch          06-5973577
                                                          PO Box                                   144900, Sharjah
                                                          Fax                                      09-2440622
Branch Manager           Ahmed Y. Al Kamali
Mobile                   050-6592211
                                                          Sharjah Islamic Bank                                        09-2431333
Dibba Branch
                                                          Dibba Branch
                                                          Corniche Road, near Old Police Station
Branch Manager           Salem Al Dhanhani
                                                          PO Box                                   12005, Dibba
Mobile                   050-5165511
                                                          Fax                                      09-2431144

                                                          Branch Manager                           Abdullah Bin Hikal   09-2434200
                                                          Mobile                                   050-4890084
Invest Bank                               06-8829922      Email                          

Al Dhaid Branch
                                                          Al Dhaid Branch                          06-8829412
Falaj Al Mualla Road
                                                          Al Dhaid Street
PO Box                   14433, Sharjah
                                                          PO Box                                   14447, Dhaid
Fax                      06-8829944
                                                          Fax                                      06-8822948

Branch Manager           Murad Baluch        06-8822033
                                                          Branch Manager                           Khalid M. Ajmani       06-8823500
                                                          Mobile                                   050-5856858
SHARJAH                                                                                                                190 | 191

Union National Bank                                      600-566665   Kalba and Khorfakkan
Al Dhaid Branch                          06-8826064                   Dubai Islamic Bank
Al Owais Building, Al Meliha Al Madam Road, Al Dhaid Area
PO Box                                   14709, Al Dhaid, Sharjah     Kalba Branch             09-2053222
Fax                                      06-8822845
                                                                      Branch Manager           Saif Said Al Sharqi
Dibba Branch                             09-2440044                   Mobile                   050-7755544
PO Box                                   12700, Dibba                 Email          
Fax                                      06-2440144
                                                                      Khorfakan Branch         09-2053225

                                                                      Branch Manager           Khalfan Al Ghilani
                                                                      Mobile                   050-6499292

                                                                      Emirates Islamic Bank
                                                                      Khorfakkan Branch        09-2381122
                                                                      Corniche Street
                                                                      PO Box                   18969, Khorfakan
                                                                      Fax                      09-2371996

                                                                      Mashreqbank                               09-2017510
                                                                      PO Box                   10170, Khorfakkan
                                                                      Fax                      09-2387189

                                                                      Branch Manager           Amna Al Malahi

                                                                      National Bank of Abu Dhabi                06-5385143
                                                                      Kalba Branch             09-2772112
                                                                      PO Box                   11979, Kalba, Sharjah
                                                                      Fax                      06-2772712

                                                                      Khorfakkan Branch         09-2088200
                                                                      PO Box                   10092, Khorfakkan, Sharjah
                                                                      Fax                      06-2383735

RAKBANK                                                    09-2778707
Sheikh Fawagi Bint Saqr Al Qasimi Building, Kalba
PO Box                                    11171, Sharjah
Fax                                       06-2778881

Branch Manager                           Jamal Sheikh          06-2773586

Khorfakkan Branch                        09-2371900
Khorfakan Central Market
PO Box                                   10114, Khorfakkan
Fax                                      06-2371800

Sharjah Islamic Bank                                       09-2773219
Kalba Branch
Sheikh Saeed Street, opposite Sidra Park
PO Box                                   1175, Kalba
Fax                                      09-2779292

Branch Manager                           Halima Ahmed        09-2777933
Mobile                                   050-7225543

Khorfakkan Branch                        09-2387490
Corniche Road, Centre Souk Building
PO Box                                   10308, Khorfakkan
Fax                                      09-2387475

Branch Manager                           Yousif M. A. Al Darmaki 09-2384100
Mobile                                   050-6357440

Union National Bank                                        600-566665
Khorfakkan Branch                        09-2371313
PO Box                                   18150, Khorfakkan
Fax                                      06-2371413

Kalba Branch                             09-2775111
PO Box                                   145433, Kalba
Fax                                      06-2775400/5686141
1.   Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
2.   Commercial Bank International
3.   Dubai Islamic Bank                                                                                                                       4
4.   Emirates Islamic Bank
5.   Emirates NBD
                                                                                                                                                   KING FAISAL ST
6.   Mashreqbank                                                                                                                                                 .
7.   National Bank of Abu Dhabi
8.   National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                                                                                                              MUSEUM
9.   Union National Bank

                                                                                                                           S AL

                                                                                         8                                        9














                                       TRAFFIC DEPT.



Famous for its multi-million dollar “Dreamland” Aqua Park,
which attracts thousands of visitors, Umm Al Quwain also
hosts some of the country’s most renowned archeological
sites. Amongst these are the ruins of Al-Dour, which is
considered the largest pre-Islamic site on the Gulf coast.
UMM AL QAIWAIN                                                    201

Commercial Bank International                          06-7412113
Sheikh Zayed Road
PO Box                                 4240, Umm Al Qaiwain
Fax                                    06-7412060

Branch Manager                         Nawal Taymoor        06-7065100
Mobile                                 050-3555311

Dubai Islamic Bank                                     06-7068111
Branch Manager                         Bader Al Shaar
Mobile                                 050-6356996

Emirates Islamic Bank                                  06-7646443
King Faisal Road, near Umm Al Qaiwain Broadcasting Station
PO Box                                  315, Umm Al Qaiwain
Fax                                     06-7646113
Telex                                   68814 MEBSHJ EM

Emirates NBD                        06-7651158/600-540000
PO Box                                 22, Umm Al Qaiwain
Branch Manager                         Saleem Mohd Ahmed

Mashreqbank                                            06-7017312
PO Box                                 5279, Umm Al Qaiwain
Fax                                    06-7426690

Branch Manager (Acting)                Mathew Abraham

National Bank of Abu Dhabi                                800-2211
PO Box                                 733, Umm Al Qaiwain
Fax                                    06-7649644

National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain                           06-7066666
Head Office, King Faisal Street, NBQ Building
PO Box                                     800, Umm Al Qaiwain
Fax                                        06-7646841
Toll Free                                  600-565656

Managing Director and CEO                Shaikh Nasser Bin
                                         Rashid Al Mualla         06-7066670

Falaj Al Mualla Branch                   06-8824447
NBQ Building, Sheikh Zayed Street
PO Box                                   11074, Falaj Al Mualla
Fax                                      06-8824445

Al Salma Branch
Umm Al Qaiwain, Al Ittihad Road
PO Box                                   800, Umm Al Qaiwain
Fax                                      06-7679677
Toll Free                                600-565656

Union National Bank                                       600-566665
King Faisal Street, beside Al Manama Hypermarket
PO Box                                   214, Umm Al Qaiwain
Fax                                      06-7649001

                                                                               Tailored services
                                                                               for any transaction

                                                                               With an extensive product range and a dedicated team of
                                                                               experts to meet every client’s needs, local banks just can’t
                                                                               compete with NBF’s Treasury services.

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