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									                       Best Reasons to Pick Canada for Luxurious Family Adventure Holidays

World’s second biggest country- Canada is embedded with the endless varieties of landscapes, spiky mountains, glinting
glaciers, spectral rainforests and many more, perfectly made for ideal luxury family holidays; and of course you can add
yourself for the special luxury adventure vacations at Canada.

The land of grizzly bears, moose, humpback whales and polar bears, Canada offers the astounding landscape for any
kind of holiday trip. Additionally, the picturesque streets of Quebec City, the Toronto skyscrapers and the Niagara Falls- a
visit to all these famous landmarks are definite for the luxury Canadian Holidays. It is the destination which is also being
renowned for major national parks and the Prince Edward Island positioned on the famous Jasper National Park.

Canada is all about personal journeys and exploring the country on your own terms. After all it is the land built for the
explorers and so is the high time for you. Make a voyage to Canada, the land of different originals and territories and
make your luxury family holidays certified with a Canadian tour.

Apart from that there are many other reasons to make Canada the best destination for luxury family as well as adventure
holidays. Here are the top reasons:

        Every part of Canada brings unique and distinct features for a rewarding holiday. The country is being categorized
         amazingly       into     Western,     Central,        Eastern,      Atlantic      and     Northern        Canada.

        The Western Canada is being featured with dramatic landscape, well known jewels from coastal Tofino and
         Vancouver    and      the     majestic      Rocky      Mountains      and     plains    in      Alberta.

        The Central Canada is being famed for almost 1000 of lakes and rivers, boreal forests and arctic tundra. The
         suited place for outdoor adventure activities including hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and wildlife viewing.

        The Eastern Canada brings the largest provinces like Ontario and Quebec by offering tourists the impressive
         wilderness,  history  and    culture.   The   famous     ‘Niagara   Falls’, falls   under     this  region.

        The Atlantic Canada brings world’s largest tides in the Bay of Fundy, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in
         Lunenburg       and      the       Cabot        Trail     for     the      superfine   accommodation.

        The Northern Canada is being renowned for the spectacular Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights), and the Gold
         Rush in the Yukon. The area offers 20+ hours of daylight to enjoy copious wildlife viewing, fishing and authentic
         cultural experiences.

Other than the above featured reasons, Canada also boasts numerous distinct accommodations at its various regions.
The list of the hotel is really endless that brings multiple luxury retreats for a sophisticated stay during Canadian Holidays.
These luxurious boutique hotels are set amidst the magnificent and attractive landscapes (including valleys and
mountains) and the incessant 24*7 luxurious services for the guests are really impeccable.

The best five renowned Canadian luxury boutique hotels you can explore are:-

        Shangri-La Vancouver
        Fairmont Palliser Hotel
        Fairmont Chateau Whistler
        Clayoquot
        Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Consult with best luxury travel experts and plan your luxury vacations to Canada and make your family adventure
holidays memorable.


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