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									Advance Rewards Programme
 		 erms	and	Conditions

Definitions                                         5. The	following	items	shall	not	be	considered		
                                                    	 as	Eligible	Spending:
Unless	the	context	otherwise	requires,	the	
following	terms	shall	have	the	meanings	            	    -	 Interest	or	any	other	charges	added	to		
assigned	to	them	in	this	definition	section:        	    	 your	statement.

Account -	HSBC	Advance	Credit	Card	Account          	    -		 Cash	advances	including	foreign	money		
                                                    	    	 and	travellers	cheques	purchases	
Account holder/s/you/your -	The	
customer(s)	in	whose	name(s)	the	Account	
                                                    	    -		 ATM	transactions
is	held.	The	customer(s)	can	be	an	individual	
person	or	a	corporate	entity.
                                                    6. The	following	information	in	relation	to	the		
We/us/our -	HSBC	Bank	Malta	p.l.c.                  	 Programme	will	appear	on	each	monthly		
Eligible Spending	-	As	the	term	is	defined	in	      	 statement	issued:
clause	4	and	5	of	the	Programme
                                                    	    -		 The	total	number	of	Points	brought		
Points - Points	earned	in	terms	of	the	
                                                    	    	 forward	from	the	previous	statement.
Programme - HSBC	Advance	Rewards	                   	    -		 The	total	number	of	Points	earned		
Programme                                           	    	 during	the	statement	month.

The	HSBC	Advance	Rewards	Programme                  	    -		 The	total	number	of	Points	redeemed		
                                                    	    	 during	the	statement	month.
1. Membership	of	the	Programme	is
		 automatic	for	all	Account	holders.	              	    -		 The	total	number	of	Points	expired.

2.   Account	holders	earn	Points	on	the	amount      	    -		 The	total	number	of	Points	closing		
	    debited	to	their	Account	in	euro	for	all		     	    	 balance.
	    Eligible	Spending.	Monthly	account		
	    statements	will	show	one	Point	for	every		     Life	of	Points
	    §2.00	(including	VAT)	of	Eligible	Spending		
	    which	appears	on	it.                           1.   You	will	be	eligible	to	receive	Points	from
                                                    	    the	date	on	which	the	Programme	is			
3.   Eligible	Spending	consists	of	goods	or		       	    launched	(27	September	2010)	or	when		
	    services	purchased	in	Malta	or	abroad	by	      	    Account	holder	opens	his/her	Account,		
	    Account	holders	and	which	are	not		            	    whichever	is	later.
	    returned	or	refunded.
                                                    2.   Points	are	valid	for	up	to	two	years	from		
4. Spending	by	additional	cardholder/s	on		         	    the	date	on	which	they	are	first	shown		
	 items	covered	in	clause	4	above	also			           	    on	your	statement.	After	that,	expired		
	 counts	as	Eligible	Spending.                      	    points	will	be	deducted	monthly	on	a	first		
                                                    	    in,	first	out	basis.

    Redemption	of	Points                                  	    Gift	Voucher/s	we	will	post	the	voucher	to		
                                                          	    your	mailing	address	as	held	on	our		 	
    1.   When	redeeming	your	Points,	we	will              	    records	or	as	advised	by	you	when	you		
    	    deduct	the	Points	earned	in	chronological		      	    contact	us	to	redeem	the	Points.
    	    order,	in	a	way	that	the	earliest		
    	    accumulated	Points	will	be	redeemed	first.       7.   If	your	Account	is	closed,	no	further		 	
                                                          	    Points	will	be	earned	and	subject	to		
    2.   Points	can	be	redeemed	after	they	are		          	    Termination	clause	no	3	and	Queries			
    	    shown	on	your	statement.	You	may		 	             	    clause	no	2	below	all	remaining	Points		
    	    redeem	Points	by	calling	our	24/7	HSBC		         	    must	be	redeemed	within	30	days		 	
    	    Advance	Call	Centre	on	2148	9101.	We		           	    of	closure.	We	reserve	the	right	to	cancel		
    	    will	deduct	the	Points	you	have	redeemed	        	    any	Points	left	at	the	end	of	this	period.
    	    from	your	total	Points	and	the	resulting		
    	    total,	including	any	further	Points	you		        Miscellaneous
    	    have	earned,	will	be	shown	on	your	next		
    	    statement.	Each	redemption	must	be	of	a		        1.   We	may	at	our	discretion	change	the		  	
    	    minimum	of	5,000	Points.                         	    number	of	Points	you	earn	for	your	eligible		
                                                          	    spending	or	the	period	during	which	you		
    3. Points	earned	cannot	be	transferred	to		           	    must	use	your	points	by	giving	you	at		
    	 another	individual.                                 	    least	30	days	notice	in	writing.	The		 	
                                                          	    change	will	take	effect	from	the	date			
    4. Points	cannot	be	redeemed	for	cash.                	    stated	by	us	in	the	notice.

    5.   Points	may	be	redeemed	either	in	                2.   Any	income	or	other	taxes	and	duties		
    	    exchange	of	Air	Malta	KMiles	at	the	rate		       	    which	may	become	payable	are	your			
    	    of	1	Bonus	point	=	1	Kmile	(See	Air	Malta		      	    responsibility	and	we	make	no	
    	    FlyPass	terms	and	conditions)	or	for		 	         	    representations	regarding	the	current	or		
    	    Marks	&	Spencer	(M&S)	Gift	Vouchers	at		         	    future	tax	implications	of	earning	or	using		
    	    the	rate	of	1	voucher	with	a	face	value	of		     	    the	Points	under	the	Programme.
    	    §25	for	every	5,000	points.
                                                          3.   We	may,	at	any	time	develop	special			
    6.   When	you	redeem	your	HSBC	Advance		              	    promotions	where	Account	holders	may		
    	    Points	to	acquire	Air	Malta	KMiles,	we	will		    	    earn	Points	under	different	conditions.		
    	    purchase	these	on	your	behalf	against	           	    Points	given	under	these	promotions	will		
    	    deduction	of	your	Points	and	credit	your		       	    be	referred	to	as	Bonus	Points	and	will		
    	    FlyPass	account	with	Air	Malta.	In	this		        	    have	their	conditions	disclosed	to	the		
    	    respect	you	must	ensure	that	you	already		       	    Account	holders.
    	    hold	an	existing	FlyPass	account	with	Air		
    	    Malta	or	else	make	arrangements	to	open		        Termination
    	    one	directly	with	the	airline.	Air	Malta	will	
    	    credit	KMiles	to	your	Fly	Pass	account		         1.   We	may	terminate	the	Programme	at	any		
    	    within	10	days	after	you	notify	us	of	the		      	    time	by	giving	you	at	least	30	days	notice		
    	    redemption.	When	you	redeem	your			              	    in	writing.	Termination	will	take	effect	
    	    HSBC	Advance	Points	to	acquire	M&S		             	    from	the	date	stated	by	us	in	the	notice.		

	    You	must	use	any	outstanding	Points	within		     Variation	of	these	terms	and	conditions
	    30	days	of	the	termination	date	or	we	will		
	    be	entitled	to	deduct	them	all	leaving	you		     We	may	vary	these	terms	and	conditions	at	
	    with	a	nil	Points	total.                         our	discretion	by	giving	you	at	least	30	days	
                                                      notice	in	writing.	The	change	will	be	effected	
2.   We	reserve	the	right	to	deduct	all	Points		      on	the	date	stated	by	us	in	our	notice.
	    earned	by	you	whilst	your	Account		
	    exceeds	the	agreed	limit	or	payment	is		         Jurisdiction
	    overdue.	Once	the	position	is	regularised	
	    you	will	be	able	to	earn	Points	as	usual		       These	terms	and	conditions	are	governed	
	    subject	to	Termination	clause	3	below.		         by	Maltese	Law	and,	for	our	benefit	you	are	
	    Any	pointsdeducted	during	the	period		           hereby	submitting	to	the	non-exclusive	
	    when	the	Account	was	not	in	order	will		         jurisdiction	of	the	Maltese	Courts.
	    not	be	refunded.	Any	Points	earned,	even		
	    if	not	deducted	by	us,	are	not	redeemable		
	    before	the	Account	is	regularised.

3.   We	reserve	the	right	to	terminate	or		 	
	    suspend	your	participation	in	the		
	    Programme	and	to	deduct	any	Points	you		
	    or	any	additional	cardholder	have	earned	if		
	    you	have	not	observed	these	terms		 	
	    and	conditions	or	are	in	breach	of	your		
	    HSBC	Advance	Card	Conditions	of	Use	or		
	    any	other	agreement	with	us.


1.   Any	queries	regarding	these	terms	and		
	    conditions,	the	Points	you	have	been		
	    allocated	or	redemption	should	be	 	
	    referred	to	our	Call	Centre	on	2148	9101.

2.   We	will	only	investigate	queries	
	    concerning	Points	earned,	Points		
	    redeemed	or	any	other	matter	effecting		
	    your	total	points	in	the	last	6	months	prior		
	    to	the	date	of	enquiry.

3.   Any	queries	regarding	Air	Malta	KMiles		
	    and	usage	thereof	are	to	be	directed	to		
	    Air	Malta’s	FlyPass	unit	on	2299	9425/6/7.		
	    Any	queries	regarding	M&S	Gift	vouchers		
	    and	usage	thereof	are	to	be	directed	to		
	    Marks	&	Spencer	on	2123	4017.             Customer Service 2148 9101

HSBC	Bank	Malta	p.l.c.	is	a	member	of	the	HSBC	Group,	one	of	the	
world’s	largest	banking	and	financial	services	organisations	with	more	
than	8,000	offices	in	87	countries	and	territories	in	Europe,	the	Asia	
Pacific	region,	the	Americas,	the	Middle	East	and	Africa.

Approved and issued by HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c.,
116, Archbishop Street, Valletta VLT1444
69202	–	03/2011		

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