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									  Indiana Lincoln Highway Historic and Cultural Resources


  Allen County

  St. Louis Academy-Besancon Historic District, c.1840-1943
  15529-15535 E. Lincoln Highway. The district includes a Catholic Church, cemetery,
  and rectory.

    Fort Wayne
  Masonic Temple, 1926, 216 E. Washington Blvd.

  Schmitz Block, 1888, 926-930 S. Calhoun St. (northwest corner Calhoun at
  Washington Blvd.)

  Blackstone Building, 1927, 112 W. Washington Blvd.

  Fort Wayne Printing Co. Building, 1911, 114 W. Washington Blvd.

  The Firefighter’s Museum and Café, Engine House #3, 1893/1907 226 W.
  Washington Blvd.

  Embassy Theatre and Indiana Hotel, 1928, 121 W. Jefferson Blvd. (Jefferson at
  Harrison St.)

  The Old City Hall Museum-Allen County/Fort Wayne Historical Society, The City
  Building, 1893, 308 E. Berry Street

  Allen County Courthouse, 1897-1902, 100 E. Main Street

  The Landing Historic District, c.1868-1943, Roughly bounded by Calhoun, Harrison,
  Dock, and Pearl Streets. The Landing represents one of the few remaining clusters of
  historic 19th and early 20th century commercial buildings in Fort Wayne. The Wabash
  & Erie Canal responsible for giving the district its name was along the right-of-way
  of the current railroad elevation. The Lincoln Highway passed through the district on
  Harrison Street.

  John Brown Stone Warehouse (The Canal House), 1852, 114 W. Superior St.

  Hugh McCulloch House, 1843, 616 W. Superior St.

  Wells Street Bridge, 1884, Wells St. at the St. Mary’s River. This Whipple through
  truss bridge with Gothic ornament is visible from the Lincoln Highway Bridge.

St. Vincent Villa Historic District, c.1925-1932, 2000 Wells Street

Elkhart County

Goshen Historic District, bounded by Pike, railroad tracks, Cottage, Plymouth, Main,
Purl, the Canal, and 2nd Streets, 1983-02-17

Main-Division Street Historic District, roughly bounded by Pottawattomi Dr.,
Middlebury St., Third St., & Elkhart River, 1985-03-26

St. Joseph County

Ellis-Shindler House, 800 Lincolnway West

   South Bend
Merrifield-Cass House, 816 Lincolnway East

Eller-Hosford House, 722 Lincolnway East

Dodge House, 415 Lincolnway

Beiger House, 317 Lincolnway

Downtown South Bend Historic MRA, 1985-06-05:
      Farmers Security Bank, 133 S. Main Street
      Hoffman Hotel, 120 W. LaSalle Street
      J. M. S. Building, 108 N. Main Street
      Third St. Joseph County Courthouse 105 S. Main Street

Porter County

Valparaiso Downtown Historic District, roughly bounded by Jefferson, Morgan,
Indiana, and Napoleon Streets, 1990-2-23

Marshall County

Plymouth Downtown Historic District, roughly bounded by Center, Washington, and
Water Streets, and Yellow River, 1998-12-17

  Hemminger Travel Lodge, 1937, 800 Lincoln Highway. Hemminger’s is a colonial
  revival building constructed to cater to motorists traveling a new section of the
  Lincoln Highway.

  Whitley County

     Columbia City
  Columbia City Historic District, roughly bound by Jefferson, Walnut, Ellsworth,
  Wayne, and North Chauncey Streets

  Kosciusko County

  Courthouse Square Historic District

  Winona Lake Historic District, adjacent to downtown Warsaw. Winona Lake was a
  resort Chautauqua.


  Allen County

  Zulu General Store/Post Office. Zulu post office operates out of this combination
  grocery store and filling station.

  Zulu Garage,18449 E. Lincoln Highway. This is an Early Auto era garage.

      New Haven
  Lincolnway Roadside Commercial District, 1930s-1950s, Lincolnway through New
  Haven contains several gas stations and motels from the pre and post-war era,
      Frontier Cabins, 15797-15817 E. Lincolnway.
      Amiel Pepe Texaco Station, 14325 Lincolnway.
      Hoosier City Tourist Cabins, 1930-1931, 399 U.S. 30 East.
      Eastern Court Motel, c.1940, 127 U.S. 30 East
      The Colony Restaurant and Motel, 1948-49 and 1959-60, 342 E. Lincoln Hy.
      Motel Wayne, c.1950, 7001 E. Lincoln Highway

     Fort Wayne
  Schiefer Garage and Showroom, c.1930, 432-440 E. Washington Blvd.

  Powers Hamburgers, 1940, 1402 S. Harrison Street. Powers is a Moderne diner.

  Cindy’s Diner, 1954, 830 S. Harrison Street. Cindy’s is a Valentine Diner that was
  moved to this location in 1991.

  Lincoln Highway Bridge, 1915, Harrison Street. Also known as the Harrison Street
  Bridge, this is a multiple-arch, reinforced concrete span across the St. Marys River
  that includes an engraved stone showing the mileage to New York City and San

  Whitley County

  Lorane Lincoln Highway Remnants, east and west of Lorane. Five remnants of
  concrete Lincoln Highway poured in 1928 were bypassed when the highway was
  realigned to avoid the right angle turns of a road that originally followed the section

                                                       Noble County

                                                     Old 33 Brick Remnant, south of
                                                     Ligonier. The brick remnant follows a
                                                     right-angle section line.

                                                     Indiana Historic Radio Museum and
                                                     Ligonier Visitors Center. This museum
                                                     is located in a restored canopy gas

                                                     Triangle Park, Ligonier. The original
                                                     Lincoln Highway passed this triangular
                                                     park that includes a fountain, a vintage
                                                     street clock, and the Jennie Thompson

                                                     Elkhart County

                                                     Goshen Police Booth, 1939, Main and
                                                     Lincoln streets. Topped with an Art
                                                     Deco frieze, the limestone police booth
                                                     was reportedly built to protect Goshen
                                                     from “gangsters who might travel along
                                                     the old transcontinental Lincoln
Brick Lincoln Highway remnant on the original road
south of Ligonier. (Michael Buettner)

Porter County

Big Wheel Restaurant Sign, c. 1955. In front of this restaurant is a metal-box, neon
sign in the shape of a large, blue and white wheel.

Kosciusko County

1928 concrete Lincoln Highway Marker, Funk Park.

Warsaw Drive-In Theater, old Lincoln Highway west of Warsaw.

Tippecanoe Roadside Park, west of Warsaw. The Tippecanoe River provides a serene
backdrop for this traditional roadside park centered on a renovated through truss

Marshall County

Hemminger Travel Lodge, 1937, 800 Lincoln Highway. Hemminger’s is a colonial
revival building constructed to cater to motorists traveling a new section of the
Lincoln Highway. It is on the Sate Register of Historic Places.

Starke County

Plaza 30 Truck Stop Restaurant Sign, c. 1950, US 30 east of Wanatah. This large
metal-box, neon sign marks the location of a truck stop opened soon after the Lincoln
Highway/US 30 was reconstructed as a four-lane highway.

Lake County

Ideal Section of the Lincoln Highway, 1921/1994, Lincoln Highway west of Dyer. In
1921, the Lincoln Highway Association constructed what it considered to be the
“Ideal Section” of the Lincoln Highway along an unimproved stretch of road just east
of the Illinois state line. The Ideal Section was a four-lane, concrete roadway,
illuminated with electric street lights, and bordered by walking paths. In 1929, a stone
bench memorial to Henry C. Ostermann, LHA Field Secretary who died in a 1920
Lincoln Highway car accident, was constructed along the Ideal Section. In 1994, the
Ideal Section was ripped up and replaced by a wider pavement. The project, however,
preserved the monument, and included the installation of an historical marker. The
concrete railings of two small bridges reconstructed at either end of the Ideal Section
were embossed with the Lincoln Highway name and insignia.

                 Grassroots initiatives have marked the Lincoln Highway through
                 Dyer on the west end of the Ideal Section. (Carol Ingald)


  Allen County

  Lincoln Highway Exhibit at Lincoln Museum

     During 1997-98, Fort Wayne’s Lincoln Museum sponsored a Lincoln Highway
  Exhibit. Contact: Lincoln Museum, 200 E Berry St – Box 7838, Fort Wayne, IN
  46801, Jan Shupert-Arik, (219) 455-7494, Fax 219-455-6922.

  Lincoln Highway Bridge Restoration

     Fort Wayne’s 1915 Lincoln Highway (Harrison Street) Bridge over the St. Marys
  River was renovated in 1987.

  Noble County

  Indiana Historic Radio Museum

      In Ligonier, a vintage Lincoln Highway gas station was restored to house the
  Indiana Historic Radio Museum and Visitors Center, which along with the adjacent
  Triangle Park, acts as an attractive gateway to this historic community. Contact:
  Betty Peterson, 800 Lincolnway South, Ligonier, IN 46767, (219) 894-9000.

Kosciusko County

Funk Park 1928 Lincoln Highway Marker Restoration

   In 1995, an original 1928 marker was restored to a position of significance as the
centerpiece to Warsaw’s Funk Park. Contact: Peter Youngman, Indiana LHA
Director, 10 Cedar Ct., Ogden Dunes, IN 46368-8709, (219) 762-1872;

Marshall County

Hemminger Travel Lodge

    Hemminger’s is a colonial revival building constructed near Plymouth in 1937 to
cater to motorists traveling a new section of the Lincoln Highway. It has been placed
on the Sate Register of Historic Places. Contact: Indiana Department of Natural
Resources, Historic Preservation and Archeology, 402 W. Washington Street, Room
W-274 Indianapolis, IN 46204, Paul Diebold (317) 232-1646; www.ai.org\dnr.

       When the original pavement of the Ideal Section was destroyed in a road widening
       project in 1994, consideration was given to the dressing of the Jersey barriers for two
       culverts flanking the project. (Carol Ingald)

  Lake County

  Lake County Pole Painting

       Indiana LHA member Art Schweitzer conducted a pole painting campaign to re-
  sign the Lincoln Highway in Lake County using the same technique employed during
  its initial marking in the 1910s. Contact: Contact: Arthur Schweitzer, 220 E. Wilhelm
  St., Schererville, IN, 46375-2272, (219) 322-5428.

  Ideal Section Bridges and Historic Marker

      Although the historical integrity of the Ideal Section was compromised in a 1996
  road-widening project, concessions were made toward recognizing the significance of
  the Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway name and logo were incorporated into
  the Jersey wall railings of two new bridges flanking the Ideal Section, and a state
  historical marker was erected. The 1929 Ostermann Memorial Bench, and 1969 Sauk
  Trail/Lincoln Highway Monument were preserved. Contact: Arthur Schweitzer, 220
  E. Wilhelm St., Schererville, IN, 46375-2272, (219) 322-5428.

       William Gettler, who helped build the Ideal Section, stands astride the preserved Ideal
       Section monuments, including the Henry C. Ostermann Bench. (Rich Jonas)


State Historic Preservation Office contact:
Paul Diebold, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Historic Preservation and
Archeology, 402 W. Washington Street, Room W-274 Indianapolis, IN 46204, (317)
232-1646; pdiebold@dnr.state.in.us.

Lincoln Highway contacts:
Garner, Kurt, BA Martin Architects, 218 W. Adams, Plymouth, IN 46563, (219) 936-

Historic Preservation Commission of South Bend and St. Joseph County, County City
Building, Room 1123, South Bend, IN 46601, (219) 235-9798

Lake County Historic Preservation Coalition, Elin Christianson, Becky Crabb, 141
Beverly Blvd. Hobart, IN 46342, (219) 942-5536

Lincoln Museum, 200 E Berry St – Box 7838, Fort Wayne, IN 46801, Jan Shupert-
Arik, (219) 455-7494, Fax 219-455-6922

Marshall County Museum, 123 N. Michigan St, Plymouth, IN 46563, (219) 936-
2306, Fax 219-936-9306

Northern Indiana Center of History, South Bend, IN (219) 235-9664

Phillips, Craig, City of Elkhart, Planning and Zoning, 229 S. Second Street, Elkhart,
IN 46516, (219) 294-5471, ex 123

Smith, Creager, Fort Wayne Historic Preservation Review Board, City County
Building, 8th Floor, One Main Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, (219) 427-1140

Youngman, Peter, Indiana LHA Director, 10 Cedar Ct., Ogden Dunes, IN 46368-
8709, (219) 762-1872; youngmanpe@yahoo.com.


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