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					                                           November 9, 2007                      CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E2377

                                                                                    EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
                                            LIEF ERICKSON RECOGNIZED FOR                                HONORING MAJOR GENERAL                            to the military and veteran community. I invite
                                                 VOLUNTEER EFFORTS                                        RONALD H. MARKARIAN                             my colleagues to join me in wishing Major
                                                                                                                                                          General Markarian many years of continued
                                                                                                           HON. GEORGE RADANOVICH                         success.
                                                           HON. TED POE                                              OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                     f
                                                                OF TEXAS
                                                                                                              Friday, November 9, 2007                    PROVIDING FOR CONSIDERATION
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                      Mr. RADANOVICH. Madam Speaker, I rise                OF H.R. 3043, DEPARTMENTS OF
                                                     Friday, November 9, 2007                      today to honor MG (California Retired) Ronald           LABOR, HEALTH AND HUMAN
                                                                                                   Markarian for his dedicated service to the vet-         SERVICES, AND EDUCATION, AND
                                             Mr. POE. Madam Speaker, Mr. Lief                      erans of Fresno, California.                            RELATED AGENCIES APPROPRIA-
                                           Erickson, of Houston, TX, was recently recog-              Major General Markarian was born and                 TIONS ACT, 2008
                                           nized by the NAACP when he was given the                raised in the Fresno area and graduated from
                                           ALEX award or Award for Legal Excellence.               California State University, Fresno. While in                            SPEECH OF
                                           The award was named after Congressman Al-               college he joined the Army National Guard,
                                           exander Green who was president of the                  where he served for 3 years with the Heavy                       HON. JAMES P. MORAN
                                           Houston branch of the NAACP for 10 years.               Mortar Company of the 185th Infantry Regi-                               OF VIRGINIA
                                             The award is presented to individuals who             ment. He entered the Air Force upon grad-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           have made a significant contribution to the             uating from college. While in the Air Force,
                                                                                                   Major General Markarian served in many posi-                    Tuesday, November 6, 2007
                                           NAACP’s Houston legal programs, people who
                                           have demonstrated a commitment to pro bono              tions, including a position at the Pentagon, as            Mr. MORAN of Virginia. Madam Speaker, I
                                           legal services within the community or to peo-          Chief of Air Reconnaissance Systems and as             rise today in strong support of the Conference
                                           ple whose legal contributions significantly im-         Director of the USAF Intelligence Reserve              Report on the Labor, Health and Human Serv-
                                           pacted persons in the community served by               Forces. After 30 years of military service, he         ices and Education and Military Construction/
                                           the NAACP.                                              retired in August 1980 as a colonel.                   Veterans Affairs Appropriations bills. This bill
                                                                                                      Immediately after retirement, Major General         begins to correct key deficits in biomedical re-
                                              The path to being recognized with this pres-         Markarian became a member of the California            search, elementary and secondary education,
                                           tigious award began a long time ago when                State Military Reserve and was assigned to             job training, and health care for veterans and
                                           Erickson was living in Houston in 1977 and              the headquarters, State Military Reserve at the        civilians alike, and sets out a clear, sustain-
                                           working as a carpet layer. He met a young up-           California Military Department in Sacramento,          able vision for the future. I want to thank and
                                           and-coming lawyer who recognized his poten-             where he was eventually appointed Com-                 congratulate Chairman OBEY, Ranking Mem-
                                           tial and encouraged him to become a lawyer              manding General of the State Military Re-              ber WALSH, the Conferees and their staff for
                                           to make a difference in the community.                  serve. In July 1990, he was promoted to Major          putting together such an excellent bill, one
                                              With only a 10th grade education and rug-            General. After nearly 46 years of uniformed            which will bring needed relief to so many of
                                           ged determination, Erickson decided to be-              military service, Major General Markarian re-
                                                                                                                                                          our constituents.
                                           come an attorney. After obtaining his high              tired in October 1995. His service to his com-
                                                                                                                                                              The President, of course, has vowed to veto
                                           school equivalency diploma, he enrolled in the          munity and the veterans did not stop upon his
                                                                                                                                                          this bill, because he believes it costs too
                                           University of St. Thomas and earned a Bach-                                                                    much, that we can’t afford to make these in-
                                                                                                      Major General Markarian has received many
                                           elors Degree in psychology. He later entered                                                                   vestments in cancer research, in Head Start,
                                                                                                   awards, including two Legion of Merit awards
                                           and graduated from Texas Southern Univer-               and the Bronze Star. He has received awards            in economic development. Meanwhile, the
                                           sity’s Thurgood Marshall Law School. I had              from many military organizations, including the        President is asking us to spend an additional
                                           the pleasure of swearing him in as an attorney          Association of the U.S. Army’s National Gold-          $200 billion this year alone in his misguided
                                           marking this great accomplishment. It was a             en Eagle Award and National Distinguished              war in Iraq. $9.8 billion, the amount by which
                                           long journey in Erickson’s life to go from high         Service Award, and he was the 2002 recipient           this bill exceeds the President’s request,
                                           school dropout to attorney.                             of the organization’s Anthony Drexel Biddle            would pay for approximately 1 month of that
                                              After completing law school, he worked for           Award, President’s Award. Major General                war. Instead, this bill would use that money to
                                           a private law firm for 2 years and then be-             Markarian has also graduated from several              help States provide health coverage to people
                                           came a prosecutor for the Drug Task Force in            military schools and holds a master’s degree           with pre-existing conditions, help college-ready
                                           Waller County, Texas. Two years later,                  in public administration from George Wash-             low-income students afford higher education,
                                           Erickson realized that his heart and con-               ington University.                                     and help low-income individuals and their fam-
                                           science were better suited for criminal defense            Major General Markarian is active in com-           ilies keep their homes warm in the winter-
                                           to assist the downtrodden and disenfran-                munity affairs and has served in a variety of          time—a winter-time that could well feature oil
                                           chised. Since 2000, Erickson has defended               leadership roles in military, veteran and public       at costs in excess of $100 a barrel.
                                           more than 3,000 clients. He has also devoted            service organizations. He served on several                The President says we can’t afford to make
                                           his weekends over 13 months to give back to             State and Federal boards and has been the              these investments; I believe we can’t afford
                                           the community as a volunteer to help the                Director of the United States Selective Service        not to. These are investments which pay divi-
                                           NAACP with criminal defense cases in their              System in California since his appointment in          dends over time, investments which will keep
                                           pro bono legal redress clinic. From 10 a.m. to          1987. He was instrumental in founding the As-          America strong, competitive and healthy.
                                           2 p.m. on Saturdays he volunteers to assist             sociation of the United States Army, AUSA,                 While I strongly support this Conference Re-
                                           walk-in clients with consultation and legal ad-         Chapter 6105 in 1982, and served as the first          port, I would be remiss if I didn’t express my
                                           vice. By donating his weekends to serve oth-            president of the chapter. He later served two          concern that this bill includes a $27.8 million
                                           ers, he is a shining example of service above           additional terms. In total, he served 15 years         increase for abstinence education programs,
                                           self.                                                   as president. During his last presidency, the          which research has shown to be ineffective,
                                                                                                   chapter was designated Best Chapter in                 and worse, often medically inaccurate. Since
                                             It is for his generous volunteer efforts that         AUSA for 7 consecutive years, from 2000 to             2001, we have spent more than $1 billion on
                                           the NAACP recognized Mr. Erickson with the              2006. He also served as the AUSA sixth re-             these programs, some of which tell our chil-
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                           ALEX Award. I salute Lief Erickson for his              gion president and an AUSA national trustee.           dren that using condoms is ‘‘like Russian Rou-
                                           spirit of service and volunteerism.                        Madam Speaker, I rise today in honor of             lette,’’ and that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted
                                             And that’s just the way it is.                        MG Ronald Markarian for his tireless service           through skin-to-skin contact.

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                                           E2378                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    November 9, 2007
                                               Madam Speaker, teen pregnancy and sexu-             for being named a 2007 honoree at the Trib-             to represent Jackson and his family in Con-
                                           ally transmitted infections are serious prob-           ute to Health Champions reception by the                gress, and I wish him continued success in his
                                           lems that demand serious solutions. Of course           West Fresno Healthcare Coalition. A mere                academic studies.
                                           we should want to delay the onset of sexual             three days after arriving in our fair city, Mr.
                                           activity in our children—what parent of a teen-         Whisenhunt opened the Westside Pharmacy.                                  f
                                           ager wouldn’t want that? But we cannot let              More than 30 years later his career and con-
                                           that desire blind us to the very real fact that         tributions to the area are impressive and most                  TRIBUTE TO TOM COHEN
                                           teenagers, despite our best intentions, will and        deserving of this honor.
                                           do have sex, and that our wanting them not to              Mr. Whisenhunt was born in Vredenburgh,
                                           does not absolve us of our obligation to pro-           AL, the eldest of three children. His father, a                  HON. BILL PASCRELL, JR.
                                           tect them and keep them safe.                           carpenter, died when Mr. Whisenhunt was 10,                               OF NEW JERSEY
                                               This money does not exist merely on                 and he was raised by his grandparents, uncle
                                           paper—it is real money which we are bor-                                                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                   and aunt. His family taught him the value of
                                           rowing from countries whose interests are in-           hard work, commitment, and unconditional                          Friday, November 9, 2007
                                           imical to our own, countries that have accumu-          love. He received his high school diploma
                                           lated sovereign wealth funds at alarming rates          from Escambia County Training School, later                Mr. PASCRELL. Madam Speaker, I would
                                           over the past 6 years. And we are leaving this          receiving his bachelor’s of science in pharma-          like to call to your attention the deeds of an
                                           legacy of fiscal wreckage to our children, and          ceuticals from Xavier University of Louisiana.          outstanding American, Mr. Tom Cohen, who
                                           our children’s children, mortgaging away their              Community service has always been a                 was recognized October 30, 2007, for his
                                           future at a rate of more than $15,000 per sec-          focus in Mr. Whisenhunt’s life, particularly his        great humanitarian efforts and tremendous
                                           ond.                                                    commitment to the youth of west Fresno. He              support of the worthwhile work of Orphans
                                               Since 2001, China’s accumulation of foreign         has sponsored various athletic teams at Edi-            International.
                                           reserves, mostly U.S. dollars, have increased
                                                                                                   son High School, including both the women’s                Mr. Cohen’s work with Orphans International
                                           from $46.6 billion to $1.066 trillion—that is,
                                                                                                   and men’s baseball teams. He has helped                 began after his family was struck with terrible
                                           every new dollar we borrow adds leverage to
                                                                                                   southwest Fresno students by aiding speech              tragedy. In 2004, he lost his beloved son-in-
                                           China—which has profoundly different stra-
                                           tegic aims than we do.                                  teams and academic decathlons. He has been              law, Cresenta Fernando, Ph.D., in the Decem-
                                               The idea that this is a preferable alternative      a mentor to our youth, promoting higher edu-            ber tsunami, which devastated his native
                                           to a bill that would help 95 percent of the peo-        cation in the community, encouraging students           country of Sri Lanka. Out of this awful loss,
                                           ple who felt any impact from its passage is un-         to pursue careers in science and funding trips          Tom saw an opportunity to keep Cresenta’s
                                           conscionable. The idea that we should sac-              to historically black colleges and our Nation’s         memory alive by helping to improve the lives
                                           rifice the futures of our children and our grand-       Capital. Outside the boundaries of west Fres-           of disadvantaged children throughout Sri
                                           children in order to have our cake and eat it           no, he has served in various leadership posi-           Lanka.
                                           too, to continue giving enormous tax pref-              tions, holding the distinction of being the only
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. Cohen began working with Jim Luce,
                                           erences to the richest of the rich in this coun-        African American president of the Fresno-
                                                                                                                                                           the founder and executive director of the non-
                                           try is morally bankrupt and fiscally unsound.           Madera Pharmacists Association.
                                               Madam Speaker, income is income. Even if                Furthermore, Mr. Whisenhunt has been a              profit organization Orphans International,
                                           we accept that there should be a distinction            lifelong supporter to the United Negro College          which had established projects that were help-
                                           between the taxation of labor and capital in-           Fund, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and              ing to meet the needs of children in other
                                           come, income received as payment for the                the Silesian Society of Don Bosco. In 2006, he          parts of the world. Together, they created a
                                           service of investing other people’s money is            received the Health Care Professional of the            branch of the organization that would serve
                                           not capital income under even the loosest of            Year Small Business Award from the Fresno               the most vulnerable children of Sri Lanka in
                                           possible understandings. The idea that a                Black Expo.                                             honor of Cresenta.
                                           hedge fund manager earning $500 million a                   Willie James Whisenhunt is a great man                 Orphans International Sri Lanka, or OI Sri
                                           year should be taxed at a lower rate than his           and a true example of the American Dream. It            Lanka, is a part of Orphans International
                                           secretary, who earns $40,000 a year is pre-             is with great pride that I congratulate him for         Worldwide’s network. This organization works
                                           posterous in both moral and economic terms              receiving this distinguished award and for all          to meet the physical, emotional, educational,
                                           and should embarrass us all. I know it embar-           that he does on behalf of west Fresno.                  and social needs of children who are victims
                                           rasses me, and that it embarrasses my con-                                 f                                    of natural disasters, armed conflicts, and other
                                           stituents.                                                   TRIBUTE TO JACKSON HOLCOMB                         crises that have taken away their parents,
                                               This bill is about making a choice between                                                                  homes, and their chances for a better life.
                                           what is right and what is easy. I applaud
                                           Chairman RANGEL for standing firm in the face                         HON. TOM LATHAM                              Mr. Cohen is not only a compassionate phi-
                                           of overwhelming pressure to do the easy                                        OF IOWA                          lanthropist, but also an accomplished profes-
                                           thing, for drawing a line in the sand and de-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    sional. As the head of compliance at Bear
                                           manding that we pass a bill which is true to                      Friday, November 9, 2007                      Steams, he has helped contribute to that com-
                                           our principles. We were not elected to make                Mr. LATHAM. Madam Speaker, I rise today              pany’s great success.
                                           easy choices—we were elected to do right by             to recognize and congratulate a student from               Mr. Cohen’s work for Orphans International
                                           our constituents, their children, and their chil-       Gilbert Middle School in Ames, IA, for a recent         has been a family effort. Tom’s wife Donna
                                           dren’s children. I am proud to support this bill        academic accomplishment.                                Cohen has worked tirelessly with him to raise
                                           today, and I urge my colleagues to do the                  Jackson Holcomb received a distinguished             funds for this worthwhile goal, and to support
                                           same.                                                   award at the Belin-Blank Recognition Cere-              their daughter Ariele Cohen in her role as the
                                                            f                                      mony on October 6, 2007, at the University of           president of the OI Sri Lanka Board of Direc-
                                           HONORING WILLIE JAMES WHISEN-                           Iowa. Jackson’s award is in honor of his top            tors and a member of the OI America Advisory
                                            HUNT, RPH, AS THE 2007 TRIB-                           one percent score on the Belin-Blank Excep-             Board.
                                            UTE TO COMMUNITY HEALTH                                tional Student Talent Search EXPLORE test.                 The job of a United States Congressman in-
                                                                                                   This test measures academic development in              volves much that is rewarding, yet nothing
                                            CHAMPIONS HONOREE BY THE
                                                                                                   English, mathematics, reading, and science              compares to working with and recognizing the
                                            WEST FRESNO HEALTHCARE CO-
                                                                                                   reasoning.                                              efforts of dedicated humanitarians like Tom
                                            ALITION                                                   Jackson’s parents, Todd and Jane Holcomb,
                                                                                                   and his teachers are also to be commended               Cohen. I am proud to represent such a fine
                                                           HON. JIM COSTA                          and congratulated for this great accomplish-            man in Congress.
                                                             OF CALIFORNIA                                                                                    Madam Speaker, I ask that you join our col-
                                                                                                   ment. They have instilled the importance and
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                              leagues, everyone involved in Orphans Inter-
                                                                                                   value of education in Jackson that has helped
                                                    Friday, November 9, 2007                       him to excel in school and beyond.                      national, Tom’s family and friends, and me in
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                             Mr. COSTA. Madam Speaker, I rise today to                I commend Jackson Holcomb for his hard               recognizing Tom Cohen’s outstanding service
                                           congratulate Willie James Whisenhunt, RPh               work in the classroom. I consider it an honor           to the global community.

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                                           November 9, 2007                      CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E2379
                                           PROVIDING FOR CONSIDERATION                             American public. In addition, these new rules           constituent, Mr. Harold Matzner. On November
                                            OF H.R. 3685, EMPLOYMENT NON-                          require the committee to ‘‘identify, on a pub-          17 of this year, Mr. Matzner will be honored as
                                            DISCRIMINATION ACT OF 2007                             licly accessible congressional Web site each            the 2007 Good Samaritan of the Year by the
                                                                                                   congressionally directed spending request               Desert Samaritans of the Coachella Valley in
                                                               SPEECH OF                           through lists, charts, or other similar means,          our great State of California, and I am pleased
                                                           HON. JOE BACA                           including the name of each requesting Mem-              to extend my sincere congratulations to Harold
                                                             OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                   ber or Senator.’’                                       for this well-deserved recognition.
                                                                                                      In a recent review of the conference report             Mr. Matzner has been a resident of Palm
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                   for H.R. 1495, the Water Resources Develop-             Springs for over 25 years, and during this time
                                                   Wednesday, November 7, 2007                     ment Act of 2007, it came to my attention that          he has established himself as one of the out-
                                              Mr. BACA. Madam Chairman, I rise today to            one of the projects authorized in the report,           standing philanthropic and civic leaders in our
                                           ask for support of the Employment Non-Dis-              which I requested, Sec. 5158 (125) the Jack-            community. Harold’s generosity is legendary.
                                           crimination Act, ENDA, H.R. 3685.                       sonville Septic Tank Replacement, did not in-           His energy, passion, and tireless advocacy for
                                              People who do their jobs well, pay their             clude my name with it, as required. I do not            numerous worthwhile causes benefit all those
                                           taxes and contribute to their communities               bring this to your attention today seeking rec-         who live in and visit Palm Springs.
                                           should not be singled out for unfair discrimina-        ognition for doing the job I was sent here to              A close friend and neighbor, Harold was
                                           tion.                                                   do. However, I do bring it to your attention to         also an invaluable supporter of the Palm
                                              This notion lies at the core of American val-        express my disappointment that the new ear-             Springs International Film Festival. The festival
                                           ues. Yet, millions of Americans are fired from          mark disclosure rules are not being followed            was founded by my late husband, the Honor-
                                           their jobs, refused work, or paid less because          properly.                                               able Sonny Bono, when he served as mayor
                                           of their sexual orientation.                               The American public deserves the account-            of the city of Palm Springs.
                                              Sadly, this discrimination is legal in 39            ability, honesty, and openness promised to                 Harold is widely credited with revitalizing the
                                           States. This is why Federal protection is so            them. Let’s ensure that all of our bills conform        festival and ensuring its continued success as
                                           important.                                              to this standard.                                       a member of the festival board, board chair-
                                              H.R. 3685 provides employment protections                               f                                    man, vice-chairman and, most recently, as
                                           similar to those of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.                                                               chairman emeritus. Without his devotion to the
                                              This bill will provide judges with the tools         IN TRIBUTE TO MRS. HELEN WIL-                           festival and impressive business acumen, the
                                           necessary to end discrimination.                          LIS’ RETIREMENT FROM CIVIL                            festival would simply not have attained its cur-
                                              It will protect Americans, hard-working                SERVICE                                               rent status as one of the premier celebrations
                                           Americans who deserve the same freedoms                                                                         of the art of cinema in the United States.
                                           and governmental support given to all working                       HON. TERRY EVERETT                             In addition to his efforts on behalf of the
                                           Americans.                                                                   OF ALABAMA                         Film Festival, Harold serves as chairman of
                                              Please support this important legislation.                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    the McCallum Theater, is an executive com-
                                                            f                                                  Friday, November 9, 2007                    mittee member of the Palm Springs Art Mu-
                                                                                                      Mr. EVERETT. Madam Speaker, on the oc-               seum, and chairman of the Palm Springs Ten-
                                           WATER   RESOURCES  DEVELOP-                                                                                     nis Club Members Association. But his con-
                                            MENT ACT OF 2007—VETO MES-                             casion of her retirement from the Department
                                                                                                   of the Air Force, I want to take this opportunity       tributions to the community are not limited to
                                            SAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF                                                                                     these leadership roles. Harold is also a driving
                                            THE UNITED STATES                                      to honor Mrs. Helen R. Willis for 32 years of
                                                                                                   dedicated service to our country.                       force in support of the Stroke Recovery Cen-
                                                               SPEECH OF                              Mrs. Willis, the daughter of an uneducated           ter, Temple Isaiah, Desert Aids Project, and
                                                                                                   man who exuded a lot of wisdom inspired her             Animal Samaritans, along with many other
                                                    HON. ANDER CRENSHAW                            to pursue her education and graduate from               charitable causes.
                                                              OF FLORIDA                           Tuskegee Institute, ‘‘the pride of the swift,              Harold has established a long and success-
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      growing south.’’                                        ful business career as CEO of a major brand-
                                                     Tuesday, November 6, 2007                        Since her arrival at Maxwell Air Force Base          ing, advertising, and marketing company, and
                                                                                                   in 1975, Mrs. Willis has trained over 1,000 ac-         as the owner of a local Palm Springs land-
                                              Mr. CRENSHAW. Mr. Speaker, I rise today                                                                      mark restaurant, Spencer’s at the Mountain.
                                                                                                   tive duty military members to become Air
                                           to question the new majority’s earmark reform                                                                   He brings the same commitment to success to
                                                                                                   Force Medical Laboratory Technicians. Her
                                           for the 110th Congress.                                                                                         both his business ventures and his philan-
                                                                                                   demonstrated technical expertise, proficiency
                                              On July 31, 2007, I supported and the                                                                        thropic activities, and our community has been
                                                                                                   and ceaseless dedication to her profession re-
                                           House of Representatives passed S. 1, the                                                                       greatly enhanced by his generosity of spirit
                                                                                                   sulted in 16 ‘‘Superb’’ ratings, considered ex-
                                           Honest Leadership and Open Government Act                                                                       and hard work.
                                                                                                   ceptional by the College of American Patholo-
                                           of 2007, which provides for greater trans-                                                                         Countless community and civic leaders have
                                                                                                   gists’ standards. Mrs. Willis’ determination and
                                           parency in the legislative process. It is with                                                                  benefitted from Harold’s insightful guidance
                                                                                                   passion for the profession she believed in was
                                           great disappointment that I take this time to                                                                   and counsel. He is truly one of our commu-
                                                                                                   always perfectly packaged by her charm and
                                           recognize the lack of this same transparency                                                                    nity’s treasures, and I am greatly honored to
                                                                                                   eloquence. She has been an inspiration to
                                           in the conference report for H.R. 1495, the                                                                     pay tribute to him today for his achievements
                                                                                                   thousands and her legacy will never be forgot-
                                           Water Resources Development Act of 2007.                                                                        and contributions to the citizens of the desert.
                                           This legislation authorizes Federal funding for                                                                    I want to join with the rest of our community
                                                                                                      Madam Speaker, I join my colleagues in ex-
                                           local water and civil works projects that are                                                                   in extending my appreciation and congratula-
                                                                                                   pressing our sincere appreciation to Mrs. Willis
                                           extremely important to the State of Florida,                                                                    tions to Harold for this most fitting honor. And
                                                                                                   for her outstanding service to Maxwell Air
                                           and the Nation as a whole.                                                                                      I encourage my colleagues to join me in cele-
                                                                                                   Force Base and our country. We wish her and
                                              At the start of the 110th Congress the new                                                                   brating this remarkable man, my dear friend,
                                                                                                   her husband Dr. Edward Willis the best as
                                           Democratic majority made repeated promises                                                                      Harold Matzner.
                                                                                                   Mrs. Willis transitions into a new life. Mrs. Wil-
                                           to the American public about their goals for                                                                                       f
                                                                                                   lis is a true professional and a credit to herself
                                           this newly led Congress, ensuring ‘‘account-
                                                                                                   and the United States Air Force.
                                           ability, honesty, and openness at all levels of                                                                        HONORING JOHN AND JUNE
                                           government.’’ It is now November and the un-                               f                                                   ROGERS
                                           fortunate reality is that these promises are not               TRIBUTE TO MR. HAROLD
                                           being kept.                                                          MATZNER                                             HON. GEORGE RADANOVICH
                                              In accordance with House Rules, I sub-                                                                                          OF CALIFORNIA
                                           mitted a written request letter for the author-                          HON. MARY BONO
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                                                                                                                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           ization of Federal funding for several local                               OF CALIFORNIA
                                           water and civil works projects in my district to                                                                           Friday, November 9, 2007
                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           the House Transportation and Infrastructure                                                                       Mr.   RADANOVICH. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                           Committee. The intent of the new earmark dis-                    Friday, November 9, 2007                       today   to congratulate John and June Rogers
                                           closure rules was to make all earmark re-                 Mrs. BONO. Madam Speaker, I rise today to             upon    being named the 2007 Citizens of the
                                           quests transparent and accessible to the                recognize and pay tribute to a dear friend and          Year.   Mr. and Mrs. Rogers will be honored on

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                                           E2380                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                   November 9, 2007
                                           November 11, 2007, at the 59th annual Cit-              CAN Jr., DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ, MICHAEL              itol. The honor and privilege of providing this
                                           izen of the Year dinner in Modesto, CA.                 CAPUANO, and JIM MATHESON are introducing              service to our constituents is not something
                                               John Rogers was born in San Francisco,              a resolution expressing the sense of the               that should be compromised.
                                           CA. He graduated from Willamette University             House of Representatives that staff-led tours             I understand but disagree with the concerns
                                           in Oregon in 1963 with a bachelors degree in            of the United States Capitol should be pre-            of those that might want to do away with staff-
                                           psychology and received his masters degree              served.                                                led tours. Since the 1995 Oklahoma City
                                           in counseling and guidance from the Univer-                Staff-led tours are a long standing tradition       bombing, the Capitol Police increased secu-
                                           sity of Colorado, Greeley in 1976. In 1963, Mr.         and can be documented as far back as 40                rity. Since the attacks of September 11th, the
                                           Rogers was commissioned as a rated pilot in             years ago. I suspect they date back even ear-          security of the Capitol was increased further.
                                           the Air Force and attended primary pilot train-         lier, and perhaps existed when the Capitol             Even with all these security improvements, we
                                           ing at Williams Air Force Base, receiving his           was first constructed when Congressmen had             have managed to preserve the right of our
                                           wings in 1964. While in the Air Force he was            constituents or friends visit the Capitol and          constituents to continue touring the Capitol
                                           stationed around the United States and spent            their staff would take them to view the magnifi-       with congressional staff. We cannot and
                                           1 year in South Vietnam. He retired from the            cence of the Capitol when the Member was               should not let fear of the uncertain end this
                                           Air Force as colonel in 1989 from Travis Air            not available. Senate Historian Richard Baker          time honored tradition.
                                           Force Base in California.                               asserts that staff-led tours have always ex-              The resolution we introduce today recog-
                                               June Rogers was born and raised in Mo-              isted. Regardless of exactly when staff-led            nizes the sentiment of many of us in Congress
                                           desto, CA, and attended Modesto Junior Col-             tours began, it has become an honored and              that staff-led tours are a long established tradi-
                                           lege. She and John met in Modesto and were              well-worn custom.                                      tion in the Capitol and an important part of
                                           married, turning her into an Air Force wife as             While there is no chronicle of when staff-led       constituent services. Staff-led Capitol tours
                                           she moved around with him for 26 years.                 tours first began, tours given by professional         must continue and the opening of the Capitol
                                           While on base, she volunteered with many or-            staff, known as the Capitol Guide Service              Visitor’s Center should not change this policy.
                                           ganizations; including Family Service Agency,           were established in 1876. Upon establishment           I urge my colleagues to support this resolution
                                           the Red Cross and the military base thrift              of the Capitol Guide Service, there was a 25           calling for the preservation of staff-led tours.
                                           shop. Mrs. Rogers was also active in the                cent fee for getting a guided tour of the Cap-
                                           Squadron Wives Organization, the Officer’s              itol. Tom Nottingham, a well known member of                             f
                                           Wives Club and the Catholic Women of the                the Capitol Preservation Society was an out-
                                           Chapel.                                                 spoken activist against the fee and advocated          HONORING    DR.  FITZALBERT
                                               Mrs. Rogers was chosen as one of the Out-           for a free and open Capitol. Finally in 1971,           MICHAEL MARIUS, AS THE 2007
                                           standing Women in the Community and hon-                through the Legislative Reorganization Act,             TRIBUTE    TO    COMMUNITY
                                           ored by Catholic Charities as their Honoree of          tours of the Capitol were offered free of               HEALTH CHAMPIONS HONOREE
                                           the Year at the Bishops Celebration of Char-            charge.                                                 BY THE WEST FRESNO HEALTH-
                                           ities Banquet. Mr. Rogers is the president of              Since that date, visitors have been able to          CARE COALITION
                                           the United Samaritans Foundation in Turlock,            visit their Member offices prior to going to the
                                           CA. He continues to fly as a charted pilot and          Capitol. Members or someone from their per-
                                           owns an interest in Sky Trek Aviation in Mo-            sonal staff often accompany these visitors to
                                                                                                                                                                        HON. JIM COSTA
                                           desto. He contributes and has been honored                                                                                       OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                   the Capitol. It is important to note that the
                                           by numerous organizations; including the Boy            Capitol Guide Service has existed for over 100            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           and Girl Scouts, various art groups and the             years now and they have co-existed with staff-                   Friday, November 9, 2007
                                           Gallo Art Center for the Arts.                          led tours without any controversy or incident.
                                               Upon Mr. Rogers’ retirement Mr. and Mrs.               As a Representative of a congressional dis-            Mr. COSTA. Madam Speaker, I rise today to
                                           Rogers moved back to the Modesto area, and              trict in close proximity to the United States          congratulate Dr. Fitzalbert Michael Marius of
                                           continued to serve their community. Mrs. Rog-           Capitol, not only do my constituents come and          Fresno, CA, for being named a 2007 Honoree
                                           ers serves her church as the communion min-             visit the Capitol, but also friends and family of      at the Tribute to Health Champions reception,
                                           ister’s scheduler, she is active on the Liturgy         my constituents often join in these special            held by the West Fresno Healthcare Coalition.
                                           Committee and has served on many Church                 tours conducted by my staff. As most Mem-              As an original member of the first open-heart
                                           committees. Also, she is a member of Catholic           bers will affirm, it is a joy to have all these        surgery team at Valley Children’s Hospital, his
                                           Social Services and Catholic Charities.                 visitors come and see for the first time the           medical career is impressive and he is most
                                               Also adding to their long list of contributions,    U.S. Capitol.                                          deserving of this honor.
                                           they founded an organization to assist the                 Recently, a constituent contacted my office                        ´
                                                                                                                                                             Born in Colon, Panama, to parents of West
                                           needy in their community. The organization              requesting a Capitol tour. On our way through          Indian decent, Dr. Marius moved to America
                                           serves 45,000 lunches per month. The facility           the Cannon Tunnel to see the artwork on dis-           as a young boy and chased the American
                                           also has showers for the homeless, a clothes            play from the Congressional Art Competition, it        dream of bettering himself by attending col-
                                           closet and a pantry for those in need. The              turned out that her nephew, whom she had               lege. A true patriot, he left the university to
                                           homeless are allowed to use the address and             never met, had his drawing on display at the           serve in the United States Army in World War
                                           phone number to stay in contact and receive             Cannon Tunnel. She was able to connect with            II, returning undeterred to not only finish his
                                           mail. This facility also houses homeless                her nephew and family through the ability to           undergraduate education, but also complete
                                           women and children for up to 1 year. They               receive a personalized tour through my office.         medical school.
                                           help the family to get their lives back on track,       Had this option not been available, she would             After receiving his M.D. from Howard Uni-
                                           learn employment skills, parenting skills, and          have had a hard time getting a personalized            versity Medical School in Washington, DC, Dr.
                                           budgeting skills.                                       tour, and would not have been able to stop             Marius spent a year in the cardiac surgery
                                               Madam Speaker, I rise today to commend              and get a good look at her nephew’s award-             program at Stanford University’s Lane Hospital
                                           and congratulate John and June Rogers upon              winning artwork.                                       in San Francisco. Throughout his career, Dr.
                                           being awarded with the 2007 Citizens of the                Also, observing constituent’s State statue          Marius has performed general, vascular, and
                                           Year Award. I invite my colleagues to join me           has become one of the hallmarks of staff-led           thoracic surgery in Fresno. In addition, Dr.
                                           in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Rogers many years of            tours. Perhaps one of the greatest examples            Marius has been actively involved with the
                                           continued success.                                      is the statue of King Kamehameha the Great,            Sickle Cell Support Group in southwest Fres-
                                                            f                                      one of the most impressive statues in Statuary         no and continues to work with the heart sur-
                                                RESOLUTION TO PRESERVE                             Hall and one that brings much pride to visiting        gery teams of St. Agnes Hospital, the Fresno
                                                   STAFF-LED TOURS                                 Hawaiians. Tours conducted through the Cap-            Heart Hospital and Community Hospital.
                                                                                                   itol Guide Service average around 40 people               Dr. Fitzalbert Marius personifies the prin-
                                                                                                   per tour and it is very difficult for professional     ciples and integrity of our Valley. He is a role
                                                     HON. JAMES P. MORAN
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                                                                                   staff to accommodate personal requests. We             model for all of us, especially our Valley’s up-
                                                              OF VIRGINIA
                                                                                                   have an obligation to provide constituent serv-        coming generation of medical professionals. It
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                   ices here in the House of Representatives and          is with great pride that I recognize him for all
                                                     Friday, November 9, 2007                      at our respective districts. Anecdotes of mem-         that he has done on behalf of our community
                                             Mr. MORAN of Virginia. Madam Speaker,                 orable tours can be recalled by all Members            and congratulate him for receiving this distin-
                                           today I, along with my colleagues JOHN DUN-             and by staff who have led a tour of the Cap-           guished award.

                                     VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:53 Nov 10, 2007   Jkt 069060   PO 00000   Frm 00004   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A09NO8.011   E09NOPT1
                                           November 9, 2007                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E2381
                                            TRIBUTE TO ED KNIGHT AND C.J.                              A central tenet of our criminal justice system             HOMEOWNERS EXEMPTION
                                                       BROWN                                        is rehabilitation. We must not abandon that                     UPDATE ACT OF 2007
                                                                                                    fruitful and moral imperative. About 650,000
                                                           HON. TOM LATHAM                          people are released from prison each year,                      HON. MARK STEVEN KIRK
                                                                 OF IOWA                            and it is incumbent upon us to take preventive                           OF ILLINOIS
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       measures for the sake of our communities and              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                      Friday, November 9, 2007                      our children. We owe it to them to do far, far
                                                                                                                                                                       Friday, November 9, 2007
                                              Mr. LATHAM. Madam Speaker, I rise today                                                                         Mr. KIRK. Madam Speaker, 1997 brought a
                                           to recognize the efforts of several individuals                            f                                    presidential crisis, Slobodan Milosevic, and
                                           and groups in Boone, Iowa, for their contribu-                                                                  Princess Diana’s death. It wasn’t the greatest
                                           tions to the Muscular Dystrophy Association:             CONFERENCE REPORT ON H.R. 3222,                        year, but it was the last time Congress man-
                                           Fire Chief Ed Knight and the Firefighters of              DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AP-                             aged to update the homeowners’ exemption
                                           Boone, and interim Wal-Mart manager C.J.                  PROPRIATIONS ACT, 2008                                for the sale of a residence. It should not take
                                           Brown and Wal-Mart of Boone.                                                                                    more than five Congresses and over a decade
                                              The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)                                   SPEECH OF                         to update the homeowner’s exemption.
                                           is a national voluntary health agency which is                                                                     Since that time, the average value of an
                                           dedicated to conquering neuromuscular dis-                        HON. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN                         American home is up 104 percent. A $500,000
                                           eases and is funded almost entirely by indi-                                OF MARYLAND                         home in 1997 would now cost over $1 million.
                                           vidual private contributors. MDA seeks no gov-                                                                  A decade later, middle-class homeowners in
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           ernment grants or fees from those it serves.                                                                    high-cost areas are handed a tax bill when
                                           Muscular dystrophy is not a specific disease,                     Thursday, November 8, 2007                    they sell their homes because the home own-
                                           but actually a term that encompasses a variety                                                                  ership exemption is still stuck at $250,000 for
                                                                                                       Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I rise in
                                           of hereditary muscle destroying disorders that                                                                  individuals and $500,000 for a couple.
                                                                                                    support of this FY 2008 Defense Appropria-
                                           vary in inheritance pattern, age of onset, initial                                                                 What does $250,000 buy for a growing fam-
                                                                                                    tions Conference Report because it ensures
                                           muscles attacked, and rate of progression.                                                                      ily in today’s market? Less than they need.
                                                                                                    that our troops get the protection they need
                                           These muscle debilitating diseases affect over                                                                     It is time to update the exemption for home-
                                                                                                    and the benefits they have earned. Addition-
                                           one million Americans including 560 families in                                                                 owners so that they are not pushed into higher
                                                                                                    ally, as an opponent of the decision to go to
                                           Central Iowa and 38 families in Boone County.                                                                   tax brackets because Congress failed to up-
                                              The Boone Firefighters recently raised                war in Iraq, and an advocate of the respon-
                                                                                                                                                           date the law. That is why I am introducing the
                                           money for MDA through their annual golf tour-            sible redeployment of our combat forces, I ap-
                                                                                                                                                           Homeowners Exemption Update Act of 2007,
                                           nament, and Wal-Mart of Boone generously                 preciate that the contentious question of how
                                                                                                                                                           which raises the exemption to $500,000 per
                                           matched the first $1000 raised. I admire all the         Congress will proceed with the President’s
                                                                                                                                                           individual and $1,000,000 per couple.
                                           hard work and contributions made during this             pending funding request for the Iraq War will
                                                                                                                                                              Local leaders in Illinois are proposing more
                                           fundraiser to aid those who are stricken with            be addressed in another legislative vehicle, on
                                                                                                                                                           than ten new taxes of over $1 billion. Today,
                                           this disease. It truly is a sign of the great com-       another day.
                                                                                                                                                           this body passed a $72 billion tax increase.
                                           passion Iowans show to those in need.                       H.R. 3222 fully funds the increased per-            Taxpayers deserve relief as the economy be-
                                              It is a great honor to represent the Boone            sonnel, equipment, and training costs associ-          gins to slow, not a smattering of new taxes.
                                           Firefighters and all the employees of the Wal-           ated with growing the Army and Marines by              My legislation eases the growing burden fac-
                                           Mart of Boone in the U.S. Congress, and I                7000 and 5000 troops, respectively. Moreover,          ing American families today.
                                           know my colleagues join me in recognizing                and importantly, it allocates $11.6 billion in            I urge my colleagues to support this legisla-
                                           them for yet another job well done.                      emergency funding for Mine Resistant Am-               tion and stand up for homeowners across the
                                                             f                                      bush Protected (MRAP) vehicles that are play-          country.
                                                                                                    ing such an important role protecting our                                f
                                           REDUCING RECIDIVISM RATES TO                             troops from deadly IEDs. And it responds to
                                            BETTER PROTECT OUR FAMILIES                             the historic strain on our National Guard and                 PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                            AND CHILDREN                                            Reserves by providing an additional $980 mil-
                                                                                                    lion to meet the equipment demands of their                   HON. LYNN A. WESTMORELAND
                                                   HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL                           deployment overseas and first responder role                             OF GEORGIA
                                                               OF NEW YORK                          at home.                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                          In recognition of our military’s service and                    Friday, November 9, 2007
                                                      Friday, November 9, 2007                      sacrifice to country, this spending bill provides
                                                                                                    our military families with a 3.5 percent pay              Mr. WESTMORELAND. Madam Speaker, I
                                              Mr. RANGEL. Madam Speaker, I rise today                                                                      stayed at home due to an ongoing medical
                                           to urge that more be done to reduce the rates            raise—.5 percent above the President’s re-
                                                                                                    quest. It rejects the President’s proposed $1.9        condition of a family member. As a result, I
                                           of recidivism in our Nation’s swelling prisons.                                                                 missed a number of votes. Had I been
                                           We must work—intelligently and compas-                   billion increase in premiums and fees in the
                                                                                                    TRICARE program and adds $900 million to               present, I would have voted the following:
                                           sionately—to better reintegrate former pris-                                                                       ‘‘Aye’’ on Closing Portions of the Con-
                                           oners into our society, and the Second                   strengthen military health care for our
                                                                                                                                                           ference Report Making appropriations for the
                                           Chance Act of 2007 is effective on both                  servicemembers returning from Iraq and Af-
                                                                                                                                                           Department of Defense for the fiscal year end-
                                           counts. It intelligently saves taxpayer dollars          ghanistan. And it provides critical support to
                                                                                                                                                           ing September 30, 2008 (rollcall No. 1034)
                                           and works to bolster public safety, investing            our military families through an infusion of
                                                                                                                                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on a Motion to Suspend the Rules
                                           resources in a consortium of services proven             $237 million for counseling and child care, as
                                                                                                                                                           and Pass, as Amended National Heroes Cred-
                                           to keep ex-offenders on the right path. It com-          well as $615.7 million for facility and infra-
                                                                                                                                                           it Protection Act (rollcall No. 1035)
                                           passionately addresses the prevalence of sub-            structure upgrades throughout our bases in                ‘‘Aye’’ on a Motion to Suspend the Rules
                                           stance abuse and poor mental health in that              the United States, Europe, and Korea.                  and Agree to Recognizing the contributions of
                                           group, and strives to strengthen broken fami-               Finally, H.R. 3222 affirms American values          Native American veterans and calling upon the
                                           lies so that children may stand to benefit.              by banning the use of torture while including          President to issue a proclamation urging the
                                              Our prison system is a revolving door, leav-          important accountability measures for military         people of the United States to observe a day
                                           ing many without the ample skill or support              and security contractors. It asks the DoD to in-       in honor of Native American veterans. (rollcall
                                           necessary to become productive members of                clude the entirety of its war funding in the           No. 1036)
                                           society. It’s why a staggering majority of state         President’s 2009 Budget Request. And it                   ‘‘Nay’’ on a Motion to Table a resolution
                                           prisoners are released only to find themselves           meets important emergency needs in Lou-                raising a question of the privileges of the
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                           back behind bars at least 3 years later. An in-          isiana and elsewhere as our fellow citizens            House. (rollcall No. 1037)
                                           creasing number of formerly incarcerated citi-           continue the hard work of rebuilding their lives          ‘‘Nay’’ on ordering the previous question on
                                           zens are without suitable education, physical            in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.                 a resolution raising a question of the privileges
                                           and mental health, employment, or mentoring                 Mr. Speaker, this conference report is wor-         of the House. (rollcall No. 1038)
                                           services—the kind this measure would assist              thy of the broad, bipartisan support I expect it          ‘‘Nay’’ on a resolution raising a question of
                                           in providing.                                            to receive.                                            the privileges of the House. (rollcall No. 1039)

                                     VerDate Aug 31 2005    04:53 Nov 10, 2007   Jkt 069060   PO 00000   Frm 00005   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A09NO8.015   E09NOPT1
                                           E2382                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                   November 9, 2007
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Passage, Objections of the Presi-         3996, Temporary Tax Relief Act (rollcall No.           devoted wife of forty-eight years, Juanita H.
                                           dent Not Withstanding, of the Water Re-                 1077)                                                  Baker, his two children Jonnita B. Williams,
                                           sources Development Act (rollcall No. 1040)                ‘‘Nay’’ on Agreeing to the Resolution pro-          John H. Baker, III, and his Goddaughter Ada
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Motion to Suspend the Rules and           viding for the consideration of H.R. 3996,             H. Roach.
                                           Agree, as Amended, to Expressing the sense              Temporary Tax Relief Act (rollcall No. 1078)              Madam Speaker, Sheriff John H. Baker had
                                           of Congress that Congress and the President                ‘‘Nay’’ on Approving the Journal (rollcall No.      a commitment to excellence in everything he
                                           should increase basic pay for members of the            1079)                                                  did, and he had a way of bringing out excel-
                                           Armed Forces. (rollcall No. 1041)                          ‘‘Aye’’ on Motion to Adjourn (rollcall No.          lence in everyone around him. He was a re-
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Motion to Suspend the Rules and           1080)                                                  spected and a successful dedicated public
                                           Agree, as Amended, to Heroes Earnings As-                  ‘‘Nay’’ on Passage of the Temporary Tax             servant, and a great North Carolinian. It is fit-
                                           sistance and Relief Tax Act (rollcall No. 1042)         Relief Act of 2007 (rollcall No. 1081)                 ting that we honor him and his family today.
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Motion to Suspend the Rules and                             f                                                       f
                                           Agree, as Amended, to Kids in Disasters
                                           Wellbeing, Safety, and Health Act of 2007                IN MEMORIAL OF SHERIFF JOHN                                   PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                           (rollcall No. 1043)                                           HAYWOOD BAKER, JR.
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Will the House now consider the                                                                               HON. BILL SHUSTER
                                           resolution providing for consideration of the                       HON. BOB ETHERIDGE                                        OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                           conference report to accompany the bill (H.R.                            OF NORTH CAROLINA                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           3043) making appropriations for the Depart-                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                             Friday, November 9, 2007
                                           ments of Labor, Health and Human Services,                          Friday, November 9, 2007                      Mr. SHUSTER. Madam Speaker, on rollcall
                                           and Education and related agencies. (rollcall                                                                  No. 1056, the Motion to Recommit with In-
                                           No. 1044)                                                   Mr. ETHERIDGE. Madam Speaker, today I
                                                                                                   rise to honor the life of Sheriff John Haywood         structions on H.R. 3685, I was not present.
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Motion to Instruct Conferees on                                                                  Had I been present, I would have voted ‘‘yes.’’
                                           the Improving Head Start Act (rollcall No.              Baker, Jr., who died October 31, 2007. In his
                                                                                                   passing I lost a good friend, and North Caro-                             f
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on motion to suspend the rules and           lina lost one of its most outstanding citizens          TRIBUTE TO WALTER M. DUZZNY
                                           agree, as amended, to Congratulating Nicolas            and a man who was instrumental in his com-
                                           Sarkozy on his election to the presidency of            munity, county, and State.                                            HON. TIM RYAN
                                           France. (rollcall No. 1046)                                 A native son of Raleigh, North Carolina,                               OF OHIO
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Ordering the Previous Question            Sheriff Baker was known for his larger-than-              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           Providing for consideration of the conference           life, 6-foot-7 stature and booming voice. John
                                                                                                   became the first black sheriff in North Carolina                  Friday, November 9, 2007
                                           report to accompany the bill (H.R. 3043) mak-
                                           ing appropriations for the Departments of               since Reconstruction and held the office from             Mr. RYAN of Ohio. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                           Labor, Health and Human Services, and Edu-              1978 until 2002. During his 24 years as Sheriff        today to honor Walter M. Duzzny. Walter, who
                                           cation and related agencies. (rollcall No. 1047)        he helped create the John H. Baker Jr. Char-           has served as the Director of Mahoning Coun-
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Agreeing to the Resolution Pro-           ter School. This school allows young jailed of-        ty Emergency Management and Communica-
                                           viding for consideration of the conference re-          fenders to get an education. John wasn’t the           tions for 25 years, is retiring at the end of this
                                           port to accompany the bill (H.R. 3043) making           only law enforcement officer in the family as          month.
                                           appropriations for the Departments of Labor,            the son of the late Lousie S. Baker and John              Walter Duzzny has dedicated over thirty-four
                                           Health and Human Services, and Education                H. Baker, Sr. John, Sr. was the first African          years to public service. He began his career in
                                           and related agencies. (rollcall No. 1048)               American police officer in the city of Raleigh.        Emergency Management and has made great
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Motion to Adjourn (rollcall No.           At an early age John was taught to have com-           contributions to the field ever since. As the
                                           1049)                                                   passion, gentleness, sensitivity for others.           first Director of the Disaster Services and Pre-
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Agreeing to the Conference Re-            These were life skills that he carried with him        paredness Agency, Walter influenced the
                                           port Making appropriations for the Department           throughout his life.                                   Agency to adopt an ‘‘all-hazards’’ concept,
                                           of Labor, Health and Human Services, and                    John grew up in the Oberlin community of           which resulted in the development of a County
                                           Education, and related agencies for fiscal year         Raleigh and attended Ligon High School. He             HazMat team and Safety Service and Support
                                           ending September 30, 2008, and for other pur-           graduated from North Carolina Central Univer-          Centers. Thanks to Walter’s hard work and
                                           poses (rollcall No. 1050)                               sity in 1958. That same year, he was drafted           dedication toward the Agency, Mahoning
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Motion to Adjourn (rollcall No.           56th overall by the Los Angeles Rams. Over             County has the proper tools to implement pre-
                                           1051)                                                   the next 11 years, the defensive end/defensive         paratory, response, and recovery strategies in
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Ordering the Previous Question            tackle went on to play for the Philadelphia Ea-        the event of an emergency.
                                           Providing for consideration of H.R. 3685, to            gles, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Detroit Lions.             Walter has contributed to Mahoning County
                                           prohibit employment discrimination on the               While playing in the NFL, John displayed his           in more ways than one. He has remained an
                                           basis of sexual orientation. (rollcall No. 1052)        leadership abilities. He was named defensive           active member of the community through his
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Agreeing to the Resolution pro-           captain of the Pittsburgh Steelers, MVP of the         participation in several organizations. As a re-
                                           viding for consideration of H.R. 3685, to pro-          team, and selected as a NFL All-Star. He was           tired Army Reserve Colonel, Walter serves as
                                           hibit employment discrimination on the basis            inducted into the North Carolina Hall of Fame,         the President of the local chapter of the Na-
                                           of sexual orientation. (rollcall No. 1053)              in 1972, for one of the most defining moments          tional Reserve Officers Association. He also
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Agreeing to the Amendment of              of his career. While a Pittsburgh Steeler John         serves on the Board of St. Peter and Paul
                                           Rep. GEORGE MILLER (rollcall No. 1054)                  tackled football legend Y.A. Tittle, quarterback       Ukrainian Orthodox Church and remains a
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Agreeing to the Amendment of              of the New York Giants, leaving him bloody             member of several other organizations.
                                           Rep. MARK SOUDER (rollcall No. 1055)                    and battered in the end zone. The tackle is               Walter’s accomplishments have positively
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on Motion to Recommit with Instruc-          the subject of a famous picture that became            impacted Emergency Management on local
                                           tions the Employment Non-Discrimination Act             part of sports history.                                and national levels. His innovative drive and
                                           (ENDA) (rollcall No. 1056)                                  In the off season, John would work with the        valuable contributions will be greatly missed.
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Passage of the Employment Non-            Raleigh Police Department as a youth coun-                I wish Walter all the best in his retirement.
                                           Discrimination Act (ENDA) (rollcall No. 1057)           selor. When he retired from the NFL, he be-                               f
                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on motion to suspend the rules and           came the first black man appointed to the                     HONORING CENTRAL VALLEY
                                           agree, as amended, to recognizing the close             North Carolina State Parole Board, as the As-                     SAFETY SOCIETY
                                           relationship between the United States and              sociate Director for Training and Standards
                                           the Republic of San Marino. (rollcall No. 1058)         Council. He was also an Administrative Aide                     HON. GEORGE RADANOVICH
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                              ‘‘Aye’’ on motion to Instruct Conferees on           to U.S. Senator Robert Morgan. John was a
                                                                                                                                                                             OF GEORGIA
                                           Departments of Commerce and Justice, and                member of several organizations; he was a life
                                                                                                                                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations            member of the NAACP, a member of the
                                           for FY 2008 (rollcall No. 1076)                         Board of Trustees of Shaw University, a mem-                    Friday, November 9, 2007
                                              ‘‘Nay’’ on Ordering the Previous Question            ber of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, just to name          Mr. RADANOVICH. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                           for Providing for the consideration of H.R.             a few. John leaves to cherish his memory a             today to commend the Central Valley Safety

                                     VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:53 Nov 10, 2007   Jkt 069060   PO 00000   Frm 00006   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A09NO8.019    E09NOPT1
                                           November 9, 2007                      CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E2383
                                           Society for their commitment to serving the             ment in the health arena has also led her to           Housing and Urban Development and Related
                                           Central Valley.                                         become one of the founding members of the              Agencies Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year
                                              The Central Valley Safety Society, CVSS,             Sickle Cell Support Group in Fresno, Cali-             2008, I would have voted ‘‘aye.’’
                                           was created as a non-profit organization in             fornia.
                                           1996 to provide safety and human resource                  La’Vera Ethridge Williams is a woman of                               f
                                           professionals with a place to exchange ideas            great principle and integrity. She is a role
                                                                                                                                                          RECOGNIZING THE ACHIEVEMENTS
                                           and information, for the professional enhance-          model for all of us, especially those in the
                                                                                                                                                           OF 32 HONOREES OF THE WEST
                                           ment of members and to recognize those who              childcare industry. I have known La’Vera and
                                                                                                                                                           PALM BEACH URBAN LEAGUE DI-
                                           excel in safety and health. CVSS is based in            her family for years and know they care deep-
                                                                                                                                                           VISION   OF  THE    NATIONAL
                                           the Central Valley and is the only group of its         ly and contribute daily to make our Valley a
                                                                                                                                                           ACHIEVERS SOCIETY NOVEMBER
                                           kind from Los Angeles to Modesto. The long              better place to live. It is with great pride that
                                                                                                                                                           9, 2007
                                           time organizational members include; Pelco,             I congratulate her for all that she does on be-
                                           Rich Products, The Fresno bee, Fresno Metro-            half of the West Fresno community and for re-
                                           politan Flood Control District, Fresno County           ceiving this distinguished award.                               HON. ALCEE L. HASTINGS
                                           EOC and Clovis Cemetery District.                                         f                                                      OF FLORIDA
                                              CVSS holds nine monthly luncheon meet-                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           ings in downtown Fresno. Typically, there are                  PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                           twenty to thirty members present to discuss                                                                              Friday, November 9, 2007
                                           topics that cover a range issues from Heat Ill-                  HON. STEVEN R. ROTHMAN                           Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam Speaker,
                                           ness Protection, Hazardous Materials and                                  OF NEW JERSEY                        I rise today to recognize the achievements of
                                           Health and Wellness Programs. The speakers                                                                     32 exceptional young people who will be hon-
                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           are typically volunteers from the community.                                                                   ored tomorrow by the West Palm Beach Na-
                                           Over the past eight years, the organization                        Friday, November 9, 2007                    tional Urban League for their acceptance into
                                           has partnered with similar organizations in the            Mr. ROTHMAN. Madam Speaker, on Thurs-               the National Achievers Society. Their accom-
                                           Fresno area, such as; Ag Safe, Human Re-                day, November 8, 2007, I was unable to be              plishments are evidence that the will to suc-
                                           course Association of Central California, Fres-         present in the Capitol due to the death of a           ceed endures in spite of continued prejudice,
                                           no County Employer Advisory Council and                 family member and thus missed rollcall votes           discrimination, and a public education system
                                           California State University SHRM Student                Nos. 1060 through 1067. Had I been present,            that historically and presently places many
                                           Chapter. CVSS has partnered with these and              I would have voted in the following manner:            young minorities at a disadvantage in the
                                           other organizations to plan and participate in a           On rollcall vote No. 1060, on H.R. 3688, the        classroom and beyond.
                                           half-day human resource and safety seminar              United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agree-                 The achievements of these young people
                                           and it is held annually in October.                     ment Implementation Act, I would have voted            and the establishment of the National Achiev-
                                              Madam Speaker, I rise today to commend               ‘‘nay.’’ I believe the Peru Free Trade Agree-          ers Society Program are both worthy of Con-
                                           the Central Valley Safety Society for their             ment, FTA, is another fundamentally flawed             gressional recognition. It is with great pleasure
                                           commitment to serving the Central Valley. I in-         trade agreement. I oppose this FTA because             that I recognize the following young men and
                                           vite my colleagues to join me in wishing the            it includes many of the same provisions from           women for their drive and for setting a hopeful
                                           organization many years of continued suc-               the original NAFTA that left workers terribly          and positive example for our country and their
                                           cess.                                                   unprotected, led to the outsourcing of millions        community:
                                                            f                                      of U.S. jobs, and allowed companies to ignore             Shauna-Kay Nation; Tatiana Virginia;
                                                                                                   environmental protections here and abroad              Demetri Virginia; Reginald Walker; Valeana
                                           HONORING   LA’VERA   ETHRIDGE-                          that are vital to people’s health and safety. It’s     Andre; Rose D’Haiti; lesha Brutton; Mecarra
                                            WILLIAMS, AS THE 2007 TRIBUTE                          going to hurt workers here and in Peru. I re-          Easley; Lucianne Gabriel; Chandra Fulwood;
                                            TO COMMUNITY HEALTH CHAM-                              gret that I was unable to be here, due to the          Miranda Renald; Regine Hill; Christina Taylor;
                                            PIONS HONOREE BY THE WEST                              devastating loss of a beloved family member,           Jasmine McGee; Brandon Coombs; Mariah
                                            FRESNO   HEALTHCARE     COALI-                         to cast a vote against it.                             Lewis; Thomas Coates III; Aikeyah Williams;
                                            TION                                                      On rollcall votes Nos. 1061, 1062, 1063,            Devondrea Edwards; Antonio Taylor; Marcus
                                                                                                   and 1064, the procedural votes on the Rule             Sutton; Gabrielle Alexandre; Natasha Juggar;
                                                           HON. JIM COSTA                          for Consideration of the Conference Report on          Seon Lewis; Devin Williamson; Khasara
                                                             OF CALIFORNIA                         H.R. 3222, the Fiscal Year 2008 Department             Lewis; Arrianne Morrison; Trevor Thomas;
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      of Defense Appropriations bill, as well as the         Briana Thomas; Charlene Vieira; Marissa
                                                                                                   Conference Report itself, I would have voted           Richards; and Regis Frazier.
                                                     Friday, November 9, 2007                      ‘‘aye.’’ As a member of the House Appropria-              The National Achievers Society was found-
                                              Mr. COSTA. Madam Speaker, I rise today to            tions Committee’s Subcommittee on Defense              ed by community leaders who developed an
                                           congratulate La’Vera Ethridge-Williams of               and therefore, a Conferee on this bill, I voted        aggressive national response to the edu-
                                           Fresno, California, for being named a 2007              for it in Conference and strongly support this         cational and developmental crisis facing young
                                           Honoree at the West Fresno Healthcare Coali-            critical bill that enhances America’s security by      people of color in our country. The authors of
                                           tion’s Tribute to Health Champions reception.           providing our service men and women with the           this program provided children in grades 3–12
                                           As a principal advocate for childcare in Fresno         tools they need to protect our Nation today            with the opportunity to begin and continue
                                           County, La’Vera is a woman of great vision,             and giving them the resources and weapons              their road to excellence by giving them the re-
                                           and is certainly most deserving of this honor.          systems they need to fight the threats of to-          sources to achieve in the arts, humanities and
                                              Born in Boley, Oklahoma, La’Vera moved to            morrow. This measure also invests in our mili-         sciences.
                                           Fresno, where she attended Fresno City Col-             tary personnel by affording them comprehen-               By supporting adults and young people in
                                           lege, and then California State University,             sive health care and ensuring that our wound-          the development of the next generation of
                                           Fresno. Recognizing the need for a child care           ed warriors are treated with the dignity that          leaders, the National Young Achievers Society
                                           facility in West Fresno she submitted a pro-            they deserve. Had I been present during the            ensures that a child’s dream to succeed is
                                           posal to the California Department of Health            consideration of this bill, I would have voted         able to materialize through hard work and
                                           and Welfare. After 4 long years, her dream              ‘‘aye’’ on both of these measures with great           dedication. I have always believed that we
                                           became a reality when her first private child           pleasure and pride.                                    must invest in young people if we want to be
                                           care center designed specifically for infants              On rollcall votes Nos. 1065 and 1066, which         a strong force on the domestic and inter-
                                           was inaugurated.                                        were procedural votes on the Rule for H.R.             national stage in the future. These 32 young
                                              La’Vera opened a chain of daycare centers            3355, the Homeowners’ Defense Act of 2007,             men and women are evidence of the remark-
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                           geared to the education of young children,              I would have voted ‘‘aye.’’ This bill will improve     able reward that ensues when quality pro-
                                           providing not only a service to the community,          New Jersey citizens’ ability to secure home-           grams and dedicated individuals nurture the
                                           but also employment opportunities for West              owners’ insurance, as well as recover from             minds and spirits of our Nation’s most pre-
                                           Fresno residents. Mrs. Ethridge-Williams’ em-           flood or hurricane damage.                             cious resource. Indeed, they are worthy of the
                                           phasis has always been on the health, nutri-               On rollcall vote No. 1067, the Motion to in-        recognition and congratulation of the U.S.
                                           tion, and education of children. Her involve-           struct Conferees for the Transportation, and           House of Representatives.

                                     VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:53 Nov 10, 2007   Jkt 069060   PO 00000   Frm 00007   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A09NO8.024   E09NOPT1
                                           E2384                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                   November 9, 2007
                                           HONORING THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF                            included: The Purple Heart, Army Commenda-              HONOR OUR NATION’S VETERANS
                                            THE WESTERN SPRINGS LITTLE                             tion Medal, Air Force Combat Action Medal,
                                            LEAGUE ALL-STARS OF 2007                               Meritorious Unit Award, Air Force Outstanding                        HON. RON KLEIN
                                                                                                   Unit Award, Air Force Good Conduct Medal,                                 OF FLORIDA
                                                      HON. DANIEL LIPINSKI                         National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              OF ILLINOIS                          Campaign Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, and                           Friday, November 9, 2007
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.                 Mr. KLEIN of Florida. Madam Speaker, I
                                                       Friday, November 9, 2007                       Staff Sergeant Lilley was treated by military       rise today to honor our Nation’s veterans. This
                                               Mr. LIPINSKI. Madam Speaker, I rise today           doctors and transported to Landstuhl Regional          is a day to reflect and give thanks to those
                                           to honor the 12-year-olds of the Western                Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany, where            who have served the United States of Amer-
                                           Springs All-Star Little League team for their           he received further medical treatment. Now, 7          ica. Their dedication and courage to protect
                                           success in capturing the state championship             months after what could have been a fatal in-          America’s freedoms should never go unno-
                                                                                                   jury, Staff Sergeant Lilley has returned home          ticed or unappreciated.
                                           title of 2007 as well as all of their other mo-
                                                                                                   to be with his family and continue the healing             This week, I was proud to introduce the Mili-
                                           mentous achievements during the 2007 sea-                                                                      tary Service Tax Relief Act, which provides tax
                                           son. Their commitment and dedication, never             process. Welcome home Scott and God bless
                                                                                                                                                          relief to members of the military and their fam-
                                           giving up in the face of adversity, set them            you and your family.
                                                                                                                                                          ilies. This bill permanently extends a current
                                           apart from their competitors and made their                                                                    provision that allows military members called
                                           community proud.                                                          f
                                                                                                                                                          to active duty to make withdrawals—penalty-
                                               The 2007 Western Springs All-Star team,                                                                    free—from their retirement plans. It also con-
                                           featuring neighborhood standouts Jack Toner,            RECOGNIZING     MR.    JOSEPH
                                                                                                                                                          tinues to allow members of the military to in-
                                           Peter Swanson, Christopher O’Reilly, David               CARINCI OF ONEIDA, NY FOR HIS
                                                                                                                                                          clude combat pay as earned income, thus al-
                                           Reed, Tim Goldrick, Jake Elliot, Bret                    BRAVERY AND SERVICE                                   lowing more military members to further cap-
                                           Cunningham, Matt Aikens, Charlie Netzel, An-                                                                   italize on the Earned Income Tax Credit.
                                           drew Hinds, Eddie Gengo, and Keith Leh-                                                                            Furthermore, this year, I have been advo-
                                           mann, began their season with high expecta-                      HON. MICHAEL A. ARCURI                        cating for assured healthcare for veterans and
                                           tions after winning a state title the year before.                         OF NEW YORK                         I helped pass the largest budget increase in
                                           They did not disappoint. As they finished their                                                                the 77-year history of the VA, which boosts
                                           season 15–1, they continued living by their                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   funding for veterans’ services by $6.7 billion
                                           motto: ‘‘Never Give Up, Never EVER Give                            Friday, November 9, 2007                    over last year’s level. This funding will help
                                           Up.’’                                                                                                          cover the VA’s increasing patient load and im-
                                               This winning attitude brought the Western             Mr. ARCURI. Madam Speaker, I rise today              prove health care facilities and treatment for
                                           Springs team to another state championship              to pay tribute to Joseph Carinci of Oneida,            service members and veterans.
                                           and gave them the inspiration to persevere              NY. Mr. Carinci is a veteran of the U.S. Navy,             This money is increasingly important to Flor-
                                           even in tough times. I would like to recognize          Boatswain’s Mate Second Class, who served              ida, where we have 1.8 million veterans. And,
                                           the diligence and commitment which have                 bravely and honorably in World War II.                 last year, over 50 veterans moved to Florida
                                           characterized the Western Springs Little                                                                       every day, making it the fastest growing vet-
                                           League, rising to a consistent high level of pe-           Joseph Carinci entered the Navy on March            erans’ population in the country.
                                           rennial success as district champions, and              11, 1943, and, at the age of 18, boarded the               Florida also has over 100,000 returning sol-
                                           now State champions two years in a row.                 gun boat USS Plymouth for his first sea voy-           diers who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. In
                                               I rise today, Madam Speaker, to commend             age. On August 4th, the USS Plymouth was               wartime, as our men and women come home,
                                           the hard work and talent of the 2007 Western            struck by a German U-boat while escorting a            we need to realize that they have new needs,
                                           Springs All-Star team, their calm under pres-           convoy en route to Key West, FL. Mr. Carinci           and we must find new solutions to help return
                                           sure, and their sportsmanship even in defeat.           and his shipmates waited for rescue in chop-           them to productivity in the workforce and in
                                           The Western Springs Little League All-Stars of          py, shark-infested waters as the ship sank.            our communities.
                                           2007 have made a great accomplishment of                Tragically, by the time a British rescue ship ar-          With the influx of many more disabled sol-
                                           which they can all be proud. I send my con-             rived, Mr. Carinci was among only 85 sur-              diers coming home, I supported legislation that
                                           gratulations to them and their families, as well        viving crew members. Following this harrowing          includes $62 million to hire new claims proc-
                                           as my thanks for their hard work and for the            experience, Mr. Carinci served honorably on            essors to address the 400,000 claim backlog
                                           tradition of excellence, which they have estab-         the destroyer escort USS Hissem.                       and $20 million to help speed up administering
                                           lished in the Third District of Illinois.                                                                      initial disability exams.
                                                                                                      Because of his exemplary service, Joseph                On this Veterans Day, and on every day, I
                                                            f                                      Carinci was offered a promotion to the title of        honor America’s veterans and soldiers and
                                                 WELCOMING HOME STAFF                              Boatswain’s Mate First Class. Sadly, he was            continuously express my sincere gratitude for
                                                 SERGEANT SCOTT LILLEY                             unable to re-enlist in the Navy and receive his        their sacrifices.
                                                                                                   promotion due to family tragedy: his father had                          f
                                                      HON. STEVAN PEARCE                           recently lost a leg in a railroad accident. Be-
                                                                                                                                                          POSTHUMOUSLY        HONORING
                                                                                                   cause the Carinci family had already lost a
                                                            OF NEW MEXICO                                                                                  GEORGE F. BAKER, D.D.S., AS
                                                                                                   son to the war in France and had another in-
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                              THE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHAM-
                                                                                                   jured in Saipan, Mr. Carinci had no choice but
                                                     Friday, November 9, 2007                                                                              PION 2007 HONOREE AT THE
                                                                                                   to return home to support his family. He was
                                                                                                                                                           TRIBUTE    TO    COMMUNITY
                                             Mr. PEARCE. Madam Speaker. I rise today               honorably discharged on December 5, 1945.
                                                                                                                                                           HEALTH CHAMPIONS RECEPTION
                                           to welcome a brave American soldier home to               Joseph Carinci was awarded the American               BY    THE   WEST     FRESNO
                                           New Mexico. SSgt. Scott Lilley is returning to          Campaign Medal, the Asiatic Pacific Cam-                HEALTHCARE COALITION
                                           his family in Roswell, NM, after spending 7             paign Medal, the European-African-Middle
                                           months recovering from a serious wound in
                                           battle which left shrapnel lodged in his brain.
                                                                                                   Eastern Campaign Medal with Bronze Star                              HON. JIM COSTA
                                                                                                   Device, the World War II Victory Medal, the                              OF CALIFORNIA
                                             Staff Sergeant Lilley served his country
                                                                                                   Navy Occupation Service Medal with Asia                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           bravely for 6 months before he was injured
                                                                                                   Clasp, and a Combat Action Ribbon.                               Friday, November 9, 2007
                                           when his convoy in Iraq was attacked by small
                                           arms fire on April 15, 2007. In the face of                Madam Speaker, since leaving the service,              Mr. COSTA. Madam Speaker, I rise today to
                                           enemy fire, he displayed the utmost courage             Mr. Carinci has been an active member of vet-          congratulate George F. Baker, D.D.S. for
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                           while defending his fellow soldiers. Despite            erans groups in Upstate New York. I am hon-            being posthumously named a 2007 honoree at
                                           suffering a life threatening wound, Staff Ser-          ored to count him as one of my constituents,           the Tribute to Health Champions reception by
                                           geant Lilley continues to be an example of              and I ask my colleagues to join me in hon-             the West Fresno Healthcare Coalition. As a
                                           bravery and strength in his recovery.                   oring Joseph Carinci and the countless other           person who helped shape the dental profes-
                                             Over the course of his career the medals              brave Americans who have served this coun-             sion and patient care throughout San Joaquin
                                           and awards collected by Staff Sergeant Lilley           try.                                                   Valley, he is certainly deserving of this honor.

                                     VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:53 Nov 10, 2007   Jkt 069060   PO 00000   Frm 00008   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A09NO8.028   E09NOPT1
                                           November 9, 2007                      CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E2385
                                               Dr. Baker is fondly remembered by the resi-         was not able to record my vote for Rollcall             been present, I would have voted ‘‘yea’’ on all
                                           dents of Southwest Fresno as one of the few             #1058.                                                  three rollcalls.
                                           dentists who would not hesitate to care for               Had I been present I would have voted:
                                           those less fortunate who were served only by            Rollcall #1058—‘‘yea.’’
                                           publicly funded dental programs. His goal was                              f                                           COMMEMORATING THE 53RD
                                           to ensure that people in rural areas had ac-                                                                               VETERANS DAY
                                           cess to good, affordable dental care. It was                   PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                           this commitment to caring for the underserved
                                           which led Dr. Baker to author the initial grant                          HON. JEFF MILLER                                HON. NICK J. RAHALL, II
                                                                                                                                                                          OF WEST VIRGINIA
                                           request in the mid 1970’s to establish the                                   OF FLORIDA
                                           Firebaugh-Mendota Dental Clinic. Dr. Baker                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           was also a strong supporter and advocate of                                                                                Friday, November 9, 2007
                                                                                                               Friday, November 9, 2007
                                           the UCSF-Fresno Latino Center for Medical
                                                                                                      Mr. MILLER of Florida. Madam Speaker, I                 Mr. RAHALL. Madam Speaker, it was the
                                           Education and Research, a program built to
                                                                                                   would like to offer the reason I missed rollcall        11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month
                                           address the persistent shortage of Latino phy-
                                                                                                   vote Nos. 1059 through 1072 on November 7               of 1918 when the guns fell silent on European
                                           sicians in the community and amongst the
                                                                                                   through 8, 2007. I was down in my district at-          battlefields, echoing the cease-fire agreement
                                           medical school faculty. He helped create the
                                                                                                   tending the funeral of Sgt. Daniel L. McCall.           between the Allied Nations and German
                                           dental clinic at the Valley Medical Center and
                                                                                                      If present, I would have voted:                      Forces and America’s first victory in a battle
                                           was closely involved in managing and ensur-
                                           ing that indigent families had access to dental            Rollcall vote No. 1059, H. Res. 801—Pro-             for freedom in a world at war.
                                           services there at all times.                            viding for consideration of the bill (H.R. 3688)           One year later, on November 11, 1919,
                                               The establishment of a scholarship in his           to implement the United States-Peru Trade               President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed and
                                           name for entering students at the UCLA                  Promotion Agreement ‘‘aye’’;                            commemorated the first Armistice Day. Thirty-
                                           School of Dentistry demonstrates the high re-              Rollcall vote No. 1060, final passage on             five years later, this day would come to be
                                           gard in which Dr. Baker is held. It recognizes          H.R. 3688—United States-Peru Trade Pro-                 known as Veterans Day—a day in which our
                                           the long and outstanding contributions he               motion Agreement ‘‘aye’’;                               Nation takes the time to recognize the service
                                           made to the dental profession and to edu-                  Rollcall vote No. 1061, H. Res. 806—Pro-             and sacrifice of the men and women who
                                           cation in the field of dentistry.                       viding for consideration of the conference re-          have heeded the call to service in defense of
                                               Dr. Baker was a man of great principle and          port to accompany H.R. 3222, making appro-              our Nation.
                                           integrity and continues to be a role model for          priations for the Department of Defense ‘‘nay’’;           Over the years, our Nation has fought many
                                           our Valley’s newest dental professionals.                  Rollcall vote No. 1062, Ordering the Pre-            battles, on many continents, amongst many
                                           Along with the memory of his work, his schol-           vious Questions on H. Res 806 ‘‘nay’’;                  enemies, and in defense of those who cannot
                                           arship will enable more dentists to help those             Rollcall vote No. 1063, H. Res. 806—Rule             defend themselves. Throughout these battles,
                                           in need, as Dr. Baker did for so long. George           for Department of Defense Conference ‘‘nay’’;           our country has seen some of our best and
                                           was my friend and a mentor during my early                 Rollcall vote No. 1064, final passage on             brightest commit the ultimate sacrifice for a
                                           years in health care for our valley and the po-         H.R. 3222—Department of Defense Appropria-              cause that they believe in, a cause called free-
                                           litical process. His son Tim and daughter               tions for FY 2008 ‘‘aye’’;                              dom.
                                           Bethany carry on this spirit of community serv-            Rollcall vote No. 1065, Ordering the Pre-               To many across the world, freedom is a
                                           ice. It is with great pride that I posthumously         vious Questions ‘‘nay’’;                                work in progress, a quest toward the ability to
                                           honor him for all that he did on behalf of                 Rollcall vote No. 1066, providing for consid-        do and say what you feel, and live in a world
                                           Western Fresno and congratulate him for re-             eration of the bill (H.R. 3355) to ensure the           of peace, to provide for your family, and to live
                                           ceiving this distinguished award.                       availability and affordability of homeowners’ in-       without the fear of persecution for your beliefs
                                                            f                                      surance coverage for catastrophic events                and ideas. As Americans, we enjoy these free-
                                                                                                   ‘‘nay’’;                                                doms many others do not, because of the
                                                MARINE CORPS MARATHON                                 Rollcall vote No. 1067, On Motion to Instruct        unyielding sacrifice made by our brave men
                                                      CONTINUED                                    Conferees to H.R. 3074 ‘‘aye’’;                         and women in uniform who have served our
                                                                                                      Rollcall vote No. 1068, Klein Amdt. to H.R.          Nation over the course of history to defend our
                                                       HON. JEAN SCHMIDT                           3355 ‘‘aye’’;                                           liberty.
                                                                 OF OHIO                              Rollcall vote No. 1069, Roskam Amdt. to                 Let us take this day to remember those who
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      H.R. 3355 ‘‘nay’’;                                      have served and those who have fallen, who
                                                     Friday, November 9, 2007                         Rollcall vote No. 1070, Roskam Amdt. to              selflessly gave of themselves, knowing that
                                                                                                   H.R. 3355, ‘‘nay’’;                                     they were protecting and representing the
                                              Mrs. SCHMIDT. Madam Speaker, I rose last
                                                                                                      Rollcall vote No. 1071, Manzullo Amdt. to            greatest Nation on Earth. Let us remember
                                           week to share some of the heartwarming sto-
                                                                                                   H.R. 3355, ‘‘nay’’;                                     that it is our duty to see that our veterans
                                           ries I heard while competing in the Marine
                                                                                                      Rollcall vote No. 1072, Shays Amdt. to H.R.          have access to quality and affordable
                                           Corps Marathon, and to pay tribute to some of
                                                                                                   3355, ‘‘nay’’.                                          healthcare. And let us remember to always
                                           the extraordinary people who participated in
                                           the Marathon. I rise today to recognize more                               f                                    honor and recognize all veterans with the re-
                                           brave souls who finished the Marine Corps                      PERSONAL EXPLANATION                             spect and admiration that they have earned.
                                           Marathon and are affiliated with the Marine                                                                        Our veterans, as our soldiers fighting today,
                                           Corps’ Congressional liaison office and the                                                                     remain foremost in the thoughts and minds of
                                           Capitol Hill Running Club: BG Michael Regner,
                                                                                                              HON. SANDER M. LEVIN                         West Virginians, and will always remain one of
                                                                                                                       OF MICHIGAN                         my top Congressional priorities. May God con-
                                           MAJ Tom Wood, MAJ Gerald Thomas, MAJ
                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    tinue to bless all those who have returned and
                                           Toby Patterson, Sgt Hector Rodriguez, Cpl
                                           Scott Caudill, 2nd Lt Ingrid Rivera, RADM                          Friday, November 9, 2007                     those who have not on this Veterans Day.
                                           Mark Ferguson III, CDR Audrey Monish, Dr.                  Mr. LEVIN. Madam Speaker, yesterday, I                                 f
                                           Mike Moses, Riley Scott, David Cleary, Tom              was unavoidably absent during rollcall votes
                                           Sheehy, Michael Hermann, Amy Porter, and                1061 through 1076. Had I been present, I                EXPRESSING SYMPATHY FOR VIC-
                                           Mark Smith.                                             would have voted ‘‘yea’’ on rollcall 1061, ‘‘yea’’       TIMS OF THE OCTOBER 28, 2007,
                                                            f                                      on rollcall 1062, ‘‘yea’’ on rollcall 1063, ‘‘yea’’      FIRE IN OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC
                                                 PERSONAL EXPLANATION                              on rollcall 1064, ‘‘yea’’ on rollcall 1065, ‘‘yea’’
                                                                                                                                                                              SPEECH OF
                                                                                                   on rollcall 1066, ‘‘yea’’ on rollcall 1067, ‘‘yea’’
                                                     HON. LYNN C. WOOLSEY                          on rollcall 1068, ‘‘nay’’ on rollcall 1069, ‘‘nay’’                  HON. BOB INGLIS
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                                                                                   on rollcall 1070, ‘‘nay’’ on rollcall 1071, ‘‘nay’’                   OF SOUTH CAROLINA
                                                             OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                   on rollcall 1072, ‘‘nay’’ on rollcall 1073, ‘‘yea’’        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                   on rollcall 1074, ‘‘yea’’ on rollcall 1075, and
                                                   Friday, November 9, 2007                        ‘‘nay’’ on rollcall 1076.                                       Tuesday, November 6, 2007
                                             Ms. WOOLSEY. Madam Speaker, on No-                       I was also unavoidably absent on October               Mr. INGLIS of South Carolina. Mr. Speaker,
                                           vember 7, I was unavoidably detained and                30 for rollcalls 1018, 1019 and 1020. Had I             our deepest sympathies go out to the families

                                     VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:53 Nov 10, 2007   Jkt 069060   PO 00000   Frm 00009    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A09NO8.032   E09NOPT1
                                           E2386                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                   November 9, 2007
                                           and friends who lost loved ones in the fire that        TRIBUTE TO BG PAUL W. TIBBETS,                             The Defense Appropriations conference re-
                                           took seven young lives on October 28, 2008.                          JR.                                        port for fiscal year 2008 provides $459 billion
                                              As parents, we grieve with the parents who                                                                   in funding for our military operations, an in-
                                           grieve. As siblings, we mourn with those who                             HON. ZACH WAMP                         crease of $39 billion over this year’s enacted
                                           mourn the loss of sisters and brothers. As                                  OF TENNESSEE                        levels. This report begins to address this
                                           friends, we weep with those friends who weep.                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    country’s military readiness crisis, modernizes
                                                                                                                                                           our forces to meet future threats throughout
                                              In the midst of grief, we point to hope. We                     Friday, November 9, 2007
                                                                                                                                                           the world, and ensures that our troops get the
                                           hope that our words bring some comfort, and                Mr. WAMP. Madam Speaker, each Veterans               benefits they have earned.
                                           we pray that these everlasting words will bring         Day we recognize and pay tribute to the ex-                This bipartisan bill invests in equipment,
                                           peace to the family, friends and loved ones of          traordinary courage of those who have served            training, and weaponry—including body armor
                                           Cassidy, Lauren, Justin, Travis, Allison, Wil-          in our nation’s armed forces. The sacrificial           and armored vehicles to save the lives of our
                                           liam, and Emily:                                        service of these brave men and women com-               soldiers. It restores depleted equipment for our
                                              ‘‘Surely he took up our infirmities and car-         mitted to God, family, and country has pre-             National Guard and Reserve, provides a 3.5
                                           ried our sorrows, yet we considered him                 served the freedom of this great Nation and             percent pay raise for all military personnel,
                                           stricken by God, smitten by him, and af-                granted freedom to millions around the world.           and fully funds the $1.9 billion TRICARE
                                           flicted. But he was pierced for our trans-              Though, we must never forget that freedom is            shortfall without cost to our troops. The bill
                                           gressions, he was crushed for our iniquities;           not free. The price of freedom is paid for with         provides an increase in funding for wounded
                                           the punishment that brought us peace was                the lives and blood of the men and women of
                                           upon him, and by his wounds we are healed
                                                                                                                                                           warrior assistance and funds programs to im-
                                                                                                   our Armed Forces.                                       prove coordination between the Defense De-
                                           (Isaiah 53: 4–5).’’
                                                                                                      Just 8 days ago on November 1, 2007, our             partment, DOD, and the Department of Vet-
                                             Thank you, Representative CLYBURN, for of-            Nation lost retired BG Paul W. Tibbetts when            erans Affairs, improve DOD’s health record-
                                           fering this resolution. South Carolina and the          he died at the age of 92 surrounded by family           keeping, and enhance preventative medicine
                                           nation unite in our sympathy and support for            and friends in Columbus, OH. At a time when             programs.
                                           those affected by this tragedy.                         our Nation witnessed the rape of Nanking, the              The bill strengthens the Nunn-Lugar Coop-
                                                                                                   Death March to Bataan, and the tragedy of               erative Threat Reduction Program, which
                                                            f                                      Pearl Harbor, General Tibbetts fulfilled his call       helps to secure loose nuclear materials in the
                                                                                                   to duty and today we honor him for his serv-            former Soviet Union. It also provides account-
                                              VETERANS DAY: A GRATEFUL                             ice.                                                    ability by increasing funding for additional In-
                                                 NATION REMEMBERS                                     February 23, 1915, was a significant day in          spector General civilian personnel to oversee
                                                                                                   history as it marked the birth of Paul Warfield         DOD’s contract services, and establishes a
                                                                                                   Tibbetts, Jr. to Mr. Paul and Enola Gay Tib-            clear set of rules-of-engagement for con-
                                                HON. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON                         betts. Just 30 years later their son would com-         tracted security personnel serving in Iraq and
                                                                OF TEXAS                           mand the most famous single military air strike         Afghanistan. It also includes language that I
                                                                                                   in world history over Hiroshima, Japan, in a            advocated for prohibiting funding for perma-
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                   plane carrying his mother’s namesake.                   nent U.S. bases in Iraq.
                                                     Friday, November 9, 2007                         In one of his very rare interviews, General             The bill includes much that benefits Colo-
                                                                                                   Tibbetts, offered his perspective on his role in        rado. Section 8119 mandates that work to de-
                                              Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas.                  the bombing of Hiroshima. ‘‘I’m not proud that          stroy chemical weapons stockpiles at Pueblo
                                           Madam Speaker, I rise today in tribute to this          I killed 80,000 people, but I’m proud I was             Chemical Depot be completed, preferably by
                                           Nation’s veterans, a distinguished group of             able to start with nothing, plan it and have it         the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty
                                           Americans which I am so proud to be associ-             work as perfectly as it did,’’ he said years            deadline of 2012, and in any event by no later
                                           ated with.                                              later. ‘‘You’ve got to take stock and assess the        than 2017. The bill also includes funding to
                                              Prior to my election to public office, it was        situation at that time. We were at war, and             help meet this deadline—$142.4 million for
                                           my privilege to work on behalf of veterans for          you use anything at your disposal.’’                    chemical demilitarization activities. This fund-
                                           more than 15 years as a chief psychiatric                  This gives us great insight into the life and        ing will accelerate weapons destruction activi-
                                           nurse at the Dallas VA Hospital, Day Treat-             legacy of BG Paul W. Tibbetts, whose unwav-             ties already underway and will supplement
                                           ment Center, as well as the Day Hospital in             ering commitment epitomized the words of the            $35.1 million for the construction of on-site
                                           Dallas, TX.                                             18th Century British philosopher John Stuart            chemical destruction facilities already provided
                                                                                                   Mill, ‘‘War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest       in the fiscal year 2008 Military Construction
                                              Our 25 million living veterans need Con-
                                                                                                   of things. The decayed and degraded state of            spending bill.
                                           gress’ continued support for health care and
                                                                                                   moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that              I strongly support these provisions because
                                           compensation for those with service-con-
                                                                                                   nothing is worth war is much worse. The per-            I think we need to continue to do all we can
                                           nected disabilities. Educational support, coun-
                                                                                                   son who has nothing for which he is willing to          to safely and expeditiously remove the mus-
                                           seling, and employment-assistance programs
                                                                                                   fight, nothing which is more important than his         tard agent remaining at the Pueblo depot. The
                                           for those readjusting to civilian life also must
                                                                                                   own personal safety, is a miserable creature            sooner we clean up these weapons, the soon-
                                           be sustained. These programs and others to
                                                                                                   and has no chance of being free unless made             er the surrounding communities will be safe—
                                           assist the survivors of those who made the ul-
                                                                                                   and kept so by the exertions of better men              and a clean-up by the Chemical Weapons
                                           timate sacrifice, help acknowledge a debt we
                                                                                                   than himself.’’                                         Convention treaty deadline of 2012 will come
                                           can never truly repay.
                                                                                                                      f                                    at a lower cost to taxpayers.
                                              We cannot hide from the truth that close to                                                                     I am also pleased that the conference report
                                           25 percent of our Nation’s homeless are vet-            DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AP-
                                                                                                                                                           includes provisions I fought for to help Colo-
                                           erans, many of whom suffer from chronic                  PROPRIATIONS ACT, 2008—CON-
                                                                                                                                                           rado’s educational institutions—$3.2 million for
                                           mental illness. We also cannot ignore that un-           FERENCE REPORT
                                                                                                                                                           the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
                                           employment rates among service-connected                                                                        to help UCCS, working together with
                                                                                                                         SPEECH OF
                                           disabled and recently discharged veterans re-                                                                   NORTHCOM, to offer the Nation’s first feder-
                                           main unacceptably high, and that it is esti-                         HON. MARK UDALL                            ally funded Ph.D. program in homeland de-
                                           mated that over 10,000 Iraq and Afghan vet-                                 OF COLORADO                         fense; $1.6 million for UCCS, working with the
                                           erans suffer symptoms of post-traumatic                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    national Space Education Consortium, to ad-
                                           stress disorder.                                                 Thursday, November 8, 2007                     vance science, technology, engineering, and
                                              I will proudly join millions of North Texans to        The House in Committee of the Whole                   math education; and $2 million for Colorado
                                           honor our veterans on November 11th—many                House on the State of the Union had under               State University’s DOD Center for Geo-
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                           of those just returning from Iraq and Afghani-          consideration the bill (H.R. 3222) making ap-           sciences/Atmospheric Research to continue
                                           stan, others who long ago returned from Eu-             propriations for the Department of Defense              providing research on priority environmental
                                           rope, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and all             for fiscal year ending September 30, 2008, and          problems to the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air
                                           those brave men and women who served                    for other purposes:                                     Force.
                                           elsewhere during the years between these                   Mr. UDALL of Colorado. Mr. Chairman, I                  As a co-chair of the Bi-Cameral Caucus on
                                           conflicts.                                              rise in support of this legislation.                    Parkinson’s Disease, I am also pleased that

                                     VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:53 Nov 10, 2007   Jkt 069060   PO 00000   Frm 00010    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A09NO8.038   E09NOPT1
                                           November 9, 2007                      CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E2387
                                           the conference report includes $20 million for            I am proud that my home State of Nebraska            July 2007. That legislation mandated improve-
                                           Parkinson’s research in the Army’s Neurotoxin           has long been concerned for women living in            ments in the care of wounded service mem-
                                           Exposure Treatment Research Program,                    fear of violence, and in 1976 was the first            bers and in the services provided to them, in-
                                           NETRP. This critical program was established            State to abolish the marital rape exemption.           cluding improving the system of case man-
                                           over 10 years ago to investigate the causes,              We owe our thanks for the important work             agers for wounded service members, creating
                                           diagnosis, and treatments of Parkinson’s dis-           the men of the White Ribbon Campaign are               a system of patient advocates, and the cre-
                                           ease to improve military readiness. American            doing as they work toward the goal of stop-            ation of a formal transition process from the
                                           troops are routinely exposed to external                ping violence against women.                           Armed Forces to the VA for service members
                                           stressors and toxins such as head injury, pes-                            f                                    who are being retired or separated for health
                                           ticides and herbicides, and scientists believe                                                                 reasons. I’m pleased we’re finally funding this
                                           these exposures increase the risk of devel-             DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AP-                              important bill, which was passed in the wake
                                           oping neurodegenerative conditions, particu-             PROPRIATIONS ACT, 2008—CON-                           of the Walter Reed Medical Center scandal in
                                           larly Parkinson’s disease, that negatively im-           FERENCE REPORT                                        January. However, I view this as just the first
                                           pact the readiness of American military forces.                                                                step in properly funding these programs, and
                                                                                                                        SPEECH OF
                                           Understanding how exposures occur and the                                                                      I hope we can do even more in next year’s
                                           incidence of disease afterwards will allow the                       HON. RUSH D. HOLT                         budget.
                                           Department of Defense to minimize the risk of                             OF NEW JERSEY                           Mr. Chairman, this bill will help us give our
                                           future exposures, better protect military per-               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   men and women in uniform and their families
                                           sonnel, and improve military readiness.                                                                        the support and resources they need, and I
                                              The military is not the only recipient of                     Thursday, November 8, 2007                    urge my colleagues to join me in voting for it.
                                           NETRP’s benefits. Any research break-                     The House in Committee of the Whole                                    f
                                           throughs in prevention, detection, and treat-           House on the State of the Union had under
                                           ment of neurodegenerative conditions are im-            consideration the bill (H.R. 3222) making ap-          PROVIDING FOR CONSIDERATION
                                           mediately applicable to civilians—particularly          propriations for the Department of Defense              OF H.R. 3043, DEPARTMENTS OF
                                                                                                   for fiscal year ending September 30, 2008, and          LABOR, HEALTH AND HUMAN
                                           the more than 1 million Americans with Parkin-
                                                                                                   for other purposes:                                     SERVICES, AND EDUCATION, AND
                                           son’s disease, including nearly 79,000 vet-
                                           erans and 60,000 newly diagnosed Americans                  Mr. HOLT. Mr. Chairman, I rise in support of        RELATED AGENCIES APPROPRIA-
                                           each year.                                              this measure, which will give our men and               TIONS ACT, 2008
                                              The Defense Appropriations conference re-            women in uniform the resources they need to
                                           port also includes a continuing resolution to           help protect our Nation and its people.                                   SPEECH OF

                                           fund the Federal Government for another                     Taking care of our military families is a vital           HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY
                                           month at fiscal year 2007 spending levels, and          responsibility, and this bill meets that obliga-                         OF NEW YORK
                                           adds additional funding for the Department of           tion. It provides a 3.5 percent pay raise for all
                                                                                                                                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           Veterans Affairs, grants a temporary extension          military personnel, rejects the President’s pro-
                                           of the children’s health, S–CHIP, program, and          posed increases in TRICARE co-pays by fully                      Tuesday, November 6, 2007
                                           provides $500 million to bolster funding for            funding the $1.9 billion TRICARE shortfall                Mrs. MALONEY. Madam Speaker, I rise in
                                           federal firefighting programs following the Cali-       without cost to our troops, and allocates $2.6         strong support of this conference report, which
                                           fornia wildfires.                                       billion to provide more counselors, teachers,          keeps our commitments to our veterans and
                                              I remain concerned about rising costs of             and child care providers to reinforce the sup-         invests in critical domestic priorities to
                                           weapons systems that have yet to be fully               port network serving military families. The bill       strengthen our Nation. By putting the needs of
                                           funded, and by budget projections that tell us          also provides $615.7 million for Army facilities       the American people first, we are moving in a
                                           that we’ll need to increase defense budgets             to upgrade barracks, improve child care facili-        new direction to make overdue investments in
                                           annually simply to sustain the current force            ties and enhance community services at                 education, health care, and jobs. We’re doing
                                           structure and weapons programs. Because                 bases throughout the U.S., Europe and Korea.           this in a bipartisan way: both pieces of the bill
                                           operations and maintenance and personnel                All of these things will improve the quality of        originally passed the House with strong bipar-
                                           costs—as well as training and recruiting                life of our military families, and I appreciate        tisan support.
                                           costs—are also rising, we will need to do a             what Chairman MURTHA has done on their be-                I would like to thank Chairman OBEY again
                                           better job balancing spending on current and            half.                                                  for working with Representative WELDON to
                                           future military priorities, and consider whether           Providing our deployed troops with the              secure an important provision that Represent-
                                           to fully fund all these weapons systems.                equipment they need is our other vital respon-         ative WELDON put forward in today’s LHHS
                                              Mr. Chairman, this is not a perfect bill. It         sibility. This bill provides $11.6 billion for Mine    conference report that will ban the use of
                                           does not solve or attempt to solve some of              Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles             funds from being used to administer a mer-
                                           these looming budget problems. But overall,             and for body armor and other protective equip-         cury-containing flu vaccine to children under
                                           the bill deserves to pass and I urge its ap-            ment. Earlier this year, I joined a number of          the age of three. This provision implements
                                           proval.                                                 my colleagues in a letter to Defense Secretary         the policy advocated by the American Acad-
                                                            f                                      Gates urging him to make the acquisition of            emy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Public Health
                                                                                                   MRAP vehicles a priority, and I’m pleased he           Service, and vaccine manufacturers. Providing
                                              THE WHITE RIBBON CAMPAIGN                            has worked with the Congress to expedite the           our children with safe vaccines is long over-
                                                                                                   acquisition of these life-saving vehicles.             due.
                                                       HON. ADRIAN SMITH                              Our Guard and Reserve units will also ben-             In addition to making vaccines safer, helping
                                                             OF NEBRASKA                           efit from a $980 million appropriation in this bill    families pay for college, funding job training
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      for new equipment. I think just about all of us        and providing for groundbreaking medical re-
                                                     Friday, November 9, 2007                      in this House have Guard and Reserve units             search, this bill helps the heroes of 9/11 who
                                              Mr. SMITH of Nebraska. Madam Speaker, I              in our districts that have been short of key           have become sick because of their work at
                                           rise today to bring attention to the White Rib-         equipment, a situation that not only has com-          Ground Zero. These are police officers, fire
                                           bon Campaign and call on men everywhere to              promised the deployability of those units over-        fighters, cleanup workers and others who
                                           help stop violence against women.                       seas but has also made it harder for Guard             risked their lives in the hours after the planes
                                              The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest             units to provide disaster support to commu-            hit and risked their health in the weeks and
                                           effort in the world organized by men and                nities in the wake of floods, hurricanes, and          months that followed, laboring in the toxic dust
                                           aimed at men to say that all forms of violence          other natural disasters. I’m glad these equip-         and fumes. For the first time, funding for 9/11
                                           against women must stop now.                            ment shortages are being addressed in this             health needs is being included in regular
                                              I applaud this grassroots effort of men from         bill, and I hope we’ll continue working this           spending. The $52.5 million included in the
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                           all walks of life working together to contribute        problem until all Guard and Reserve units              conference report will go a long way in pro-
                                           to this important goal.                                 have their full allocation of needed equipment.        viding medical monitoring and treatment for
                                              One in every four women will experience                 Finally, to help those who return from war          everyone exposed to the toxins of Ground
                                           domestic violence in her life, and an estimated         wounded, this bill provides $70 million for the        Zero.
                                           1.3 million women are victims of physical as-           Dignified Treatment of Wounded Warriors Act               I have to emphasize again the ‘‘everyone.’’
                                           sault by a partner each year.                           (H.R. 1538), which passed the Congress in              I have always said that it shouldn’t matter

                                     VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:53 Nov 10, 2007   Jkt 069060   PO 00000   Frm 00011   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A09NO8.042   E09NOPT1
                                           E2388                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                   November 9, 2007
                                           what hat you were wearing after 9/11, be-               homestead was established on November 10,              tice system, Houston Crime Stoppers is now
                                           cause everyone was exposed to the same tox-             1957.                                                  the number one community based organiza-
                                           ins. Provisions in the bill recognize that reality;        Even with all of the new construction and           tion dedicated to deciphering and preventing
                                           for the first time residents, area workers and          development that came over the years, the              serious crime. Since their 1981 inception,
                                           school children who were exposed to the                 Old Homestead kept hold of the unique fea-             26,593 cases have been closed as a result of
                                           deadly toxins will move toward having the               tures that made it what it is. The Old Home-           these dedicated citizens. Of these many
                                           same high quality care that responders have.            stead remains home to historic Elliot Sprague          servings of justice, they solved 817 homicides,
                                           We’ve been fighting for residents for a long            House, which was built in 1880, and the Erie           832 murders, and apprehended 8917 felony
                                           time, and this is a giant first step in taking          Prince Sawmill, which now is a cider mill.             fugitives. Still, these statistics make up only a
                                           care of them. I want to sincerely thank Chair-          These mainstays keep the Old Homestead as              portion of the many other transgressions re-
                                           man OBEY and his outstanding subcommittee               the quaint neighborhood it was when formed.            solved as a result of Houston Crime Stoppers.
                                           staff for their hard work.                                 Madam Speaker, today I pay tribute to the              And that’s just the way it is.
                                              It is critical that the Federal Government           rich history of the Old Homestead Subdivision.                           f
                                           step up to the plate and fulfill its responsibility     Its contribution to the character of the city of
                                           to all the victims of the attacks of September          Farmington Hills is beyond measure, and I              HONORING GEORGE BARRETT’S 50
                                           11. New Yorkers know it, people from every-             congratulate the residents on the 50th anniver-         YEARS IN THE LEGAL PROFES-
                                           where else in the Nation know it, and this              sary of its founding.                                   SION
                                           spending measure shows that Congress                                      f
                                           knows it, as well. The President should sign                  HOUSTON CRIME STOPPERS                                      HON. BART GORDON
                                           this bill to keep our commitment to our vet-                                                                                     OF TENNESSEE
                                           erans and invest in crucial domestic priorities,                         HON. TED POE                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           so that we can show all Americans we’re seri-                                OF TEXAS                                     Friday, November 9, 2007
                                           ous about putting the people’s priorities first
                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Mr. GORDON of Tennessee. Madam
                                           and ensuring that the heroes and heroines of
                                           9/11 get the care they need and deserve. It is                      Friday, November 9, 2007                   Speaker, I rise today to honor George E. Bar-
                                           the least we can do as a grateful Nation.                  Mr. POE. Madam Speaker, the safety and              rett for his 50 years of service in Nashville’s
                                                            f                                      security of American communities is a vital in-        legal profession. A long-time champion of civil
                                                                                                   gredient in the preservation of liberties we as        rights, George has gained a reputation as one
                                           RECOGNIZING THE 50TH ANNIVER-                           a nation hold dear. Nonetheless, individuals           of Tennessee’s foremost judicial consciences.
                                            SARY OF THE OLD HOMESTEAD                              occasionally attempt to upset our sense of                During the 1950s and 1960s, Nashville was
                                            SUBDIVISION                                            wellbeing. Holding these criminals accountable         the backdrop for many powerful demonstra-
                                                                                                   for their actions is thus of the utmost impor-         tions during the Civil Rights Movement, includ-
                                                    HON. JOE KNOLLENBERG                           tance. Since 1981, Houston Crime Stoppers              ing the famous lunch counter sit-ins. In the
                                                              OF MICHIGAN                          has tirelessly worked towards keeping our              midst of that movement, George Barrett
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      neighborhoods protected through helping law            earned his law degree blocks away at Vander-
                                                                                                   enforcement solve numerous cases.                      bilt University and decided to practice law right
                                                      Friday, November 9, 2007
                                                                                                      Imported, from a similar program in Albu-           there in the city where he grew up.
                                              Mr. KNOLLENBERG. Madam Speaker, I                    querque, New Mexico, by members of the Ex-                George made a name for himself as a de-
                                           want to recognize the historic Old Homestead            change Club of Houston, the organization               fender of the underdog. His work on Ten-
                                           Subdivision at Eleven Mile and Drake Roads              quickly grew into a world leader, assisting to         nessee’s Geier case is a remarkable example
                                           in Farmington Hills, Michigan as they cele-             solve felony offences. The success achieved            of a civil rights issue that George tenaciously
                                           brate their 50th Anniversary on November 10,            by this group is made possible through the             took on and saw through its duration of more
                                           2007.                                                   ease of reporting information to the Tip Line.         than three decades.
                                              The Old Homestead Subdivision takes its              As a result of assigning callers with code num-           George has been a friend for many years,
                                           name from the original 240-acre tract taken             bers, anonymity is easily maintained, while en-        and I congratulate him on his 50 years as a
                                           out in 1824 by Mr. Edward Steele. The deed,             couraging informants to continue to contact            fearless attorney. As one of the partners at his
                                           which was signed by President John Quincy               Crime Stoppers. If the information provided            law firm wisely suggested, we doubt he will
                                           Adams, was granted to the first ‘‘home-                 leads to an arrest, a financial reward is then         ever actually retire. I wish George many more
                                           steader,’’ who was required to clear the wilder-        given to the appropriate citizens. From 1981 to        years of success and happiness in his career
                                           ness and establish a home while paying $1.25            2006 over 6.5 million dollars have been paid           and in his personal life.
                                           an acre. It was on this land that Mr. Steele            in cash rewards, a testament towards the                                 f
                                           built a home, a farm, and a mill for his family.        large response to Crime Stoppers throughout
                                              It was Edward Steele’s grandson, Frank               the Houston community.                                 IN RECOGNITION OF NAVSYS COR-
                                           Steele, who would leave the largest mark on                Prevention is also a key aspect of Houston            PORATION,   2007   TIBBETTS
                                           this community. After a fire destroyed his              Crime Stoppers mission. Serving over 200                 AWARD WINNER FOR THE TALON
                                           grandfather’s farmhouse, Frank and his wife,            area middle and high schools, the Safe School            NAMATH PROGRAM
                                           the former Bertha Crosby, the daughter of the           Program works to educate students and ad-
                                           first soldier to enlist in the Civil War from           ministrators about how to recognize dangers.                      HON. DOUG LAMBORN
                                           Michigan, commissioned a stone house to be              Their focus in particular concerns gang activ-                           OF COLORADO
                                           built on Eleven Mile Road. They were both ac-           ity, terrorist threats, and possession of dan-            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                           tive members of the community, where Frank              gerous weapons. Students can report serious
                                           served on the Township Board and as a Jus-                                                                               Friday, November 9, 2007
                                                                                                   crimes to officers, through the anonymous tip
                                           tice of the Peace, while Bertha was active in           line before they escalate into perilous situa-            Mr. LAMBORN. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                           all the local women’s organizations. The                tions. These informed campuses are better              today to congratulate NAVSYS Corporation for
                                           house stayed within the Steele family until             protected as a result, illustrated alone by the        receiving the 2007 Tibbetts Award given in
                                           1989 when it was made part of the Farm-                 52 gun related arrests in just the past decade.        recognition of the successful Talon NAMATH
                                           ington Hills Historic District by Frank’s neph-            A similar initiative sponsored by Crime Stop-       Program. The Tibbetts Award, named for Ro-
                                           ew, Robert Bohme.                                       pers is the Safe Apartment Program. Like pre-          land Tibbetts, honors organizations, individ-
                                              Throughout the years, the farm land origi-           ventative programs in area schools, the identi-        uals, and small businesses who demonstrate
                                           nally purchased by Edward Steele has been               fying crime is a major concentration. Complex          achievement in the area of Small Business In-
                                           sold and developed into country homes for               managers and staff are taught how to recog-            novation Research.
                                           folks seeking solace from the busy city life of         nize and report criminal activity. Residents              Located in my hometown of Colorado
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

                                           Detroit. Stores, cider mills, and inns began to         also can inform officers of offenders in their         Springs, NAVSYS Corporation was founded in
                                           dot the pastoral landscape, bringing com-               community, through the Tip Line. This has              1986 by Dr. Allison Brown. Since its inception,
                                           merce to the community. Road development                proven to effectively reduce crime, making the         this company has sought to promote the use
                                           allowed more families to settle into suburban           affected neighborhoods increasingly safer.             of Global Positioning System in a variety of
                                           life in Farmington Hills, and like many subdivi-           Operating in partnership with citizens,             applications, both commercial and military.
                                           sions that formed after World War II, the               media, law enforcement, and the criminal jus-          The Talon NAMATH Program for which

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                                           November 9, 2007                      CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E2389
                                           NAVSYS received the Tibbetts Award has pro-             and her professionalism and courtesy. Wendy            the home parish of Mr. Plessy of Plessy vs.
                                           vided crucial support to our military operations        has overseen many significant projects and             Ferguson—the case that decided, ‘‘separate
                                           in Iraq and Afghanistan.                                initiatives that have benefited the country as a       but equal’’ was constitutional (later overturned
                                              I am proud to represent such an accom-               whole. But most importantly, she embraced              by Brown vs. Board of Education).
                                           plished business and hope that this achieve-            every opportunity to improve the lives of the             The Bishop’s Episcopal motto is Romans
                                           ment by NAVSYS inspires other businesses in             constituents I represent and did so with com-          8:28, which says, ‘‘For those who love God, all
                                           my district. Today, I offer my congratulations          passion and energy. I would not have been              things work together for good.’’ His hobbies in-
                                           to NAVSYS and all those who worked so dili-             able to serve the people of the New York con-          clude reading, exercising, and traveling; the
                                           gently on the Talon NAMATH Program. It is               gressional districts I have represented as ef-         latter two came in handy when he carried the
                                           innovations by companies like this that will            fectively without the extraordinary leadership         Olympic torch in 1996, as it traveled across
                                           keep our country secure.                                and skill contributed by Wendy Darwell.                the country!
                                                            f                                         Madam Speaker, it is with a deep sense of
                                                                                                   gratitude that I rise today to thank Wendy                As the Vicar of Christ in the Diocese of
                                               PAYING TRIBUTE TO WENDY                             Darwell for her many years of dedicated serv-          Beaumont, which includes St. Anthony Cathe-
                                                       DARWELL                                     ice to me, to the people of New York’s 26th            dral, one of only four Minor Basilicas in Texas,
                                                                                                   and 22nd congressional districts, and to this          the Bishop carries out his threefold ministry as
                                                   HON. MAURICE D. HINCHEY                         country. She leaves behind a long list of ac-          teacher of doctrine, a priest of sacred worship,
                                                              OF NEW YORK                          complishments and a staff and a congressman            and a minister of governance.
                                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      who will miss her deeply. I wish her well in her          Bishop Guillory is known for his frequent
                                                                                                   new endeavors and look forward to staying in           visits to parishes and schools. He gives his
                                                      Friday, November 9, 2007
                                                                                                   close contact with her.                                time freely throughout the community and
                                              Mr. HINCHEY. Madam Speaker, I rise today                               f                                    across the country, and has served on a host
                                           to pay tribute to my longtime staff member                                                                     of boards, including the USCCB African Amer-
                                           and dear friend, Wendy Darwell as she pre-                   THE MOST REVEREND CURTIS
                                                                                                                                                          ican Catholics in Washington, DC; Julie Rog-
                                           pares to embark on the next adventure in her                      JOHN GUILLORY
                                                                                                                                                          ers Gift of Life Program in Beaumont, TX;
                                           life. Wendy has served the people of New                                                                       IEA—Inspire, Encourage, Achieve; NCCB
                                           York’s 26th and now 22nd congressional dis-                              HON. TED POE                          Committee on World Missions, Washington,
                                           trict with great distinction for the past 13                                 OF TEXAS
                                                                                                                                                          DC; Apostleship of the Sea USA in Wash-
                                           years, holding several positions of responsi-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                          ington, DC; Gulf Coast Epilepsy Association;
                                           bility in my office, most importantly as my chief                   Friday, November 9, 2007                   Houston Area Urban League; Housing Oppor-
                                           of staff. Wendy’s tenure in my office has been                                                                 tunities, Inc.; Downtown Houston YMCA; Men-
                                                                                                       Mr. POE. Madam Speaker, today I am
                                           defined by a deep commitment to serving the             proud to recognize the Most Reverend Curtis            tal Health Association of Greater Houston;
                                           people of New York and a dedication to the              John Guillory, Bishop of the Roman Catholic            Child Advocates, Inc.
                                           operation of our organization, working to en-           Diocese of Beaumont. Bishop Guillory was                  He was also a 2006 recipient of the St. Eliz-
                                           sure efficient and effective service to the resi-       born in Mallet, Louisiana to a family of cotton        abeth Ann Seton Award for Catholic Edu-
                                           dents of my congressional district and the              sharecroppers as the oldest of sixteen chil-           cation, from the National Catholic Educational
                                           people of our country.                                  dren.
                                              Wendy Darwell originally hailed from the Vil-                                                               Association for the successes of the Catholic
                                                                                                       He graduated from St. Augustine Seminary           schools in the Diocese of Beaumont. This
                                           lage of Tivoli in Dutchess County, New York.            in 1964 and was ordained to priesthood in
                                           She attended American University here in                                                                       honor is awarded to those whose personal or
                                                                                                   1972. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and           professional philanthropy of volunteer service
                                           Washington and began working in my office               two Master’s Degrees, one in Divinity and one
                                           as an intern while taking undergraduate                                                                        has impacted Catholic education in the U.S.,
                                                                                                   in Christian Spirituality. He was ordained as          and our country’s youth in general.
                                           courses in 1995. Wendy quickly established              auxiliary Bishop in 1988, and installed as the
                                           herself as an effective member of my staff and          fifth Bishop of Beaumont in July of 2000. He              I am proud to recognize the Most Reverend
                                           quickly worked her way through many posi-               is the first African-American to be Bishop of          Bishop Curtis Guillory for his distinguished
                                           tions in my office; first as a legislative cor-         Beaumont, and the first African-American ordi-         ministry and service. He has helped make our
                                           respondent, then as a legislative assistant,            nary (Bishop with full jurisdiction) of any Dio-       world a better place to live, and I applaud his
                                           press secretary and finally, for the past seven         cese in Texas.                                         unwavering compassion dedication to the
                                           years, as my chief of staff. She is well-known              His first assignment was to St. Augustine          community and all of humanity.
                                           for her grace under pressure, her leadership,           Parish in New Orleans, Louisiana, which was               That’s just the way it is.
ccoleman on PROD1PC71 with REMARKS

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