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                                               Electing the Future of Michigan
Director of Operations

                                               BY BILL KIRK
West Michigan Field Director
bill@michiganlcv.org                           The general election cycle of 2008 was simultaneously           With a new administration arriving in Washington
DEBRA LORD                                     exhausting, exhilarating, promising, and transforma-        that will begin immediately implementing policies to
Development Director                           tive. From the office of President of the United States to stimulate the economy, it is critical that Michigan is
                                               county Drain Commissioners, Change was the theme,           poised and positioned to maximize these opportunities.
MARK NEISLER                                   not only in the message of the candidates elected but in    It is imperative that our elected officials are prepared to
Global Climate Change Specialist               the future of state and federal policy. National economic enact policy at the state level that can take full advan-
                                               woes, changing foreign policy, and an uncertain future      tage of a federal economic stimulus package. Specifi-
ABBY RUBLEY                                    for the nation have reinforced the notion that “who         cally, this is an opportunity for Michigan to emerge as
Communications & Policy Director
abby@michiganlcv.org                           we elect matters”. This idea resonates at all levels of     a leader in energy policy, both in the areas of renewable
                                               government, especially here ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ energy development and
Policy & Programs Associate                    in Michigan at a time when                                                              energy efficiency.
hannah@michiganlcv.org                         the state faces some of the                                                                Michigan LCV and many
                                               greatest challenges in our                                                              other groups recognized this
Executive Director                             history. Thankfully, in 2008,                                                           opportunity as the election
lisa@michiganlcv.org                           the citizens of Michigan                                                                cycle unfolded, and that is
                                               elected candidates at all
                                                                                ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ why we are so proud to have
Legislative Intern                             levels of state government                                                              supported individuals like
LISSA DOMORACKI                                who are poised to lead Michigan into the 21st century       Representative-Elect Dan Scripps (HD 101 – North-
Development Intern                             and restore the quality of life in this state.              port), Representative-Elect Tim Bledsoe (HD 1 – Grosse
                                                   The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Pointe), Representative-Elect Lisa Brown (HD 39 – West
                                               endorsed a total of 33 candidates this year, including      Bloomfield), and Representative-Elect Sarah Roberts
                                               candidates for the State House of Representatives and       (HD 24 – St. Clair Shores). All of these candidates
                                               selected County Boards of Commissioners. Overall,           expressed their intentions to go above and beyond cur-
                                               28 of our endorsed candidates were elected, signaling       rent conservation and energy policy in order to bring
                                               solid strides towards greater protection of our natural     Michigan to the forefront on these issues. Not only does
                                               resources and improved conservation of our most valued this mean that Michigan can continue to move into the
                                               natural places. While Michigan’s citizens and elected       future of energy policy, but with new faces and innovative
                                               officials must remain constantly vigilant in order to         leaders in state government, the state is ready to move
                                               adequately protect our State, current developments at       quickly and efficiently in partnership with the Obama
                                               the state, national, and global level have created an addi- administration to make Michigan a leader on energy is-
                                               tional need for innovation and creative leadership.         sues and get our state’s economy back on track. ■

Ann Arbor Office
213 W. Liberty St., Ste. 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
                                   IN THIS ISSUE

Main: 734.222.9650
Fax: 734.222.9651                                      Earth Tones                     Who We                       Profile of
                                                    Community Concert                Elect Matters               Rep. Dan Scripps
Grand Rapids Office
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    Seeing Clearly Through the Storm
                            The weather in our beautiful state has been            Public Radio that focuses on land use in Michigan. Michigan Now
                            anything but predictable this winter: blinding         interviews people “…in cities and towns, in settings rural, urban and
                            snowstorms one day and thunderstorms and               in between…” and tells first hand stories of their connection to, and
                            high winds the next. Children have been left           their loss of, Michigan’s special places (www.michigannow.org).
                            woefully holding their new snowboards as they              I thought of Earthwork Music, a music collective that “…be-
                            watch the waters rise in the streets, the hillsides    lieves in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both
                            turn to mud, and listen to the roar of winds so        community and self-awareness and serves to facilitate and encourage
    strong they sound like airplanes landing on our rooftops.                      original music in the state of Michigan and beyond.” Earthwork
        I was caught in one of those whiteout snows along I-96 on De-              musicians, like Seth Bernard and Daisy May, melt hearts, soothe
    cember 20. If it hadn’t been for a semi looming large in front of our          souls, and inform people of the tremendous threats to our natural
    car, we would have been traveling completely blind. I couldn’t see             environment (www.earthworkmusic.com).
    anything but “the box”; not the lines on the road, not the cars ahead              Each of these people and entities perseveres—through thick and
    or behind, not the exit ramps, not the trees, not even Michigan’s              thin, through the blindness of a snowstorm and the drenching of a
    ever-present and ever-obnoxious “outdoor advertisements”.                      winter rain—to elevate the power and splendor of the written and
        As we inched forward in the white, I was filled with thoughts               spoken word and magic of music in the protection of place.
    of amazing Michiganders who seem to have clear vision despite the                  We emerged, finally, from the snowy blindness and although the
    challenges that surround them.                                                 roads were still terrible, at least I could see again. Just like Alison
        I thought of Alison Swan and the remarkable collection of non-             Swan, Save the Wild UP, Chris McCarus and Earthwork Music,
    fiction work she edited recently, entitled Fresh Water: Women Writing           Michigan LCV also perseveres in a noble quest to make sure that
    on the Great Lakes, which was published by Michigan State Univer-              Michigan’s citizens realize that who we elect really matters!
    sity Press and should be read by all who care about this incredible                2008 was an amazing election year. Michigan voters spoke out
    state. The authors capture the beauty, the essence, and the fragility          loud and clear in favor of candidates—up and down the ballot--who
    of the ecology that we are so lucky to have surrounding us (http://            believe in putting our state firmly on a path to a new energy future
    msupress.msu.edu/bookTemplate.php?bookID=3014).                                and cleaning up our Great Lakes. Michigan LCV played a key role
        I was reminded of my friends at Save the Wild UP who continue              in a number of these elections. Now, it’s time to make sure that our
    to battle the proposed Kennecott Eagle Mine, which is currently                newly elected officials actually keep their word. We’ll be looking to
    being fought in the courts. The Kennecott proposal is to mine for              all of you to help us do this. The path is clear (and snow free) if we
    nickel through sulfide ore beneath the majestic Salmon Trout River,             just keep our eyes open wide. Working together we will continue to
    a plan that will undoubtedly result in sulfuric acid contamination             preserve and protect this magical place called Michigan. ■
    of the river, a river that leads directly into the Lake Superior (www.
        Chris McCarus came to mind, a Michigander who traveled the
    world only to return home and launch (solo) a new program on                   Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director

    UPCOMING IMPORTANT EVENTS                                                        UPCOMING EARTHWORK MUSIC DATES

    Annual Summit of the                    Sixth Annual Renewable                   (Scene) Metrospace -                   Seth Bernard, Saline Fiddler’s
    Michigan Students                       Energy Conference                        Folk Festival                          Hometown Show
    Sustainability Coalition                Hastings, March 15, 8:30-4:00pm          Daisy May, Seth Bernard,               Saline Middle School, Saline
    Grand Rapids, January 23-25                                                      Chris Dorman, Josh Davis,              February 7
                                            Michigan Agri-Energy                     Brandon Foote, Chris Bathgate,
    MEC Legislative Breakfast               Conference                               Michael Beauchamp                      Greensky Bluegrass
    Lansing, mid-February (Please visit     Kalamazoo, March 30-31                   East Lansing                           The Ark, Ann Arbor
    www.michiganlcvedfund.org for the                                                January 24                             February 9
    exact date and time.)                   2nd Annual Michigan Energy
                                            Conference                               Seth Bernard                           Steppin’ In It
    Power Shift 2009                        Ferris State University, April 16-17     Founders Brewery,Grand Rapids          The Ark, Ann Arbor
    Washington DC,                                                                   January 29                             February 19
    February 27-March 2
                                                                                     Ann Arbor Folk Fest
    Michigan Wind Energy                                                                                                    For details and a list of the latest
                                                                                     Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor             happenings, please check out
    Conference                                                                       January 30-31                          www.michiganlcvedfund.org and
    Detroit - Cobo Hall, March 3-4                                                                                          www.michiganlcv.org!
Earth Tones
Music for Michigan’s Soul

On a crisp Ann Arbor evening just a month before            This feels more like a community reunion than a
an historic election, friends and strangers gathered    concert, and for good reason. None of these perform-
together for two reasons; to hear great music, and to   ers are strangers. They’ve all shared the stage before.
support a great organization. Hard economic times       Every group performing also helped build the Water
have increased the need for both the soul-lifting       Festival, a traveling event founded by Earthwork
capabilities of song and the long-term protection of    Music. Jason Wheeler of Glean Infusion was on the
the environment.                                        planning committee for the Grand Rapids festival
    While Joe Reilly kicks off the night with his        along with all the members of his other band, Hawks       Photos— Top row, left to right:
“Michigan” song, spirits are high backstage. Dominic    & Owls, who performed at Earth Tones last year.           MC and performer Chris Buhalis;
John and Rachael Davis finalize their set list, and          Partnership between Earthwork Music and Michi-        Lisa Wozniak greeting Earth Tones
                                                                                                                  attendees; Kelly Pond of Bates &
fuss over their one-year-old, Virgil, before handing    gan LCV is only natural. As two parts of one grand        Foote. Bottom row, left to right:
him off to fellow musician, Aunt Laura Bates, who        community in Michigan that value local culture            Andrea Moreno-Beals of Breathe
                                                                                                                  Owl Breathe; Congressman-elect
just stepped off the stage with her musical partner,     and natural heritage, they’ve even shared issues and      Mark Schauer and Michigan LCV
Brandon Foote. Breathe Owl Breathe ready their          campaigns over the years. Both have a history of          Board Member Kerry Duggan;
                                                                                                                  Rachel Davis; Michigan LCV Board
home-made super-hero capes, Micah gathering his         advocacy in the face of some of Michigan’s greatest       Member Lana Pollack with an
pile of dead leaves to crumple into the microphone      threats: the construction of new polluting coal plants    attendee. Above: Brandon Foote
and spread across the stage during the show. After      and a proposed metallic sulfide mine at the mouth
their performance, Grand Rapids group, Glean Infu-      of the Yellow Dog River. Through activism and
sion enjoy the rest of the night from the wings. The    celebration, collaboration and song, we will continue
Master of MCs, Chris Buhalis is every bit as witty      to strengthen our community and protect Michigan’s
behind the scenes as he is on the microphone.           natural heritage. ■

                                                                       SPECIAL SECTION



    Typically in an election year, Michigan LCV        limited representative whose voting record       munities. As in the 101st District, Michigan
    only engages in traditional campaign tactics       illustrated his lack of concern for Michigan’s   LCV executed a direct mail program in the
    like direct mail campaigns. While they have        natural heritage. Fortunately for Michigan,      1st District that reached over 8,000 per-
    been and continue to be very successful, in        Representative-Elect Dan Scripps won Michi-      suadable voters. As a result of our work, the
    2008, Michigan LCV expanded its electoral          gan’s 101st House District, which stretches      citizens of HD 1 will now be represented in
    work in a number of exciting ways. The             from the southernmost end of Mason County        Lansing by an individual who, as a profes-
    underlying goals of this expansion were to in-     to the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula. Conser-    sor of urban politics and political science,
    crease the organization’s reach to a local level   vation and environmental protection are pri-     understands the environmental implications
    and to integrate our staff more deeply into         mary issues of concern in this district, which   of urban sprawl, recognizes the imbalanced
    specific campaigns, thereby providing more          enjoys the most Lake Michigan coastline of       consequences of environmental degradation
    meaningful and comprehensive support to            any district in the Lower Peninsula. Michigan    on underprivileged populations (Environmen-
    high priority candidates. The tactics we used      LCV executed a direct mail program in this       tal Justice), and seeks to limit the influence of
    in 2008 proved to be very successful and are       district that targeted over 11,000 persuad-      special interests in government (i.e. political
    critical to forming a more solid foundation of     able (or swing) voters. The end result was a     action committees and high powered lobbyists
    election work in the future.                       decisive Scripps victory; our candidate won by   advocating for environmentally detrimental
        Like years past, this year Michigan LCV        10,000 votes in an area that was decided by      policies). Like Representative-Elect Scripps,
    designed and executed direct mail indepen-         less than 2,000 votes just two years ago. The    Representative-Elect Bledsoe brings much
    dent expenditure campaigns (IECs) in two           101st District will now be represented by an     needed new leadership to Lansing.
    state House races. Both were ambitious in          individual who is dedicated to delivering on         In addition to these traditional campaign
    scope and meticulously targeted. While the         his campaign pledge to bring Michigan into       tactics, Michigan LCV also launched two new
    races we targeted were on opposite ends of the     the future by creating jobs in the renewable     electoral programs. The first was our Michi-
    state with two very different voting demo-          energy industry. This will not only put Michi-   gan LCV “Guardians” program. Modeled
    graphics, both were equally critical in relation   ganders back to work, but will set Michigan      after the national League of Conservation
    to the protection of Michigan’s natural            on a path to lead in the new energy economy.     Voters’ “Eagles” program, the Guardians
    resources.                                             Michigan LCV’s second targeted IEC was       program involved Michigan LCV making
        The first involved an open seat in North-       a race along the shores of Lake St. Clair, in    an “in-kind” donation of a staffer to top tier
    western Michigan that was vacated by a term-       northern Detroit and the Grosse Pointe com-      campaigns. This year, Michigan LCV embed-

ded one staffer into two separate campaigns:
Sarah Roberts (HD 24 – St. Clair Shores) and
Lisa Brown (HD 39 – West Bloomfield).                Michigan League of Conservation Voters
    The Guardians concept is intended to
build on the idea that “one quality volunteer           2008 State Level Endorsements
is worth more than ten mediocre volunteers”.
Not only did providing a staff member to these
campaigns for volunteer coordination, field          MICHIGAN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

operations, and general “all-purpose” support
                                                    District:         Endorsee:                          % of Vote:
help the campaigns save resources, it also pro-
                                                    1                 Tim Bledsoe                        56%
vided a tangible link between the campaigns
                                                    20                Rep. Marc Corriveau                58%
and Michigan LCV that will be useful in the
                                                    23                Deb Kennedy                        59%
years ahead. This program was very successful
                                                    24                Sarah Roberts                      49%
(both of the candidates were victorious!), and
                                                    26                Rep. Marie Donigan                 61%
it provides a framework from which to expand
                                                    27                Ellen Cogen Lipton                 71%
and improve in subsequent elections.
                                                    31                Rep. Fred Miller                   66%
    Finally, Michigan LCV endorsed candi-
                                                    37                Vicki Barnett                      60%
dates in county-level races for the first time
                                                    39                Lisa Brown                         51%
in our organizational history. By specifically
                                                    51                Michael Thorp                      L
targeting races in Kent and Oakland Counties,
                                                    52                Rep. Pam Byrnes                    62%
Michigan LCV extended its reach to the local
                                                    53                Rep. Rebekah Warren                78%
level, for a whole host of reasons. Notably, by
                                                    54                Rep. Alma Wheeler Smith            71%
working with two endorsed County Commis-
                                                    55                Rep. Kathy Angerer                 66%
sion candidates in Kent County and four in
                                                    56                Rep. Kate Ebli                     63%
Oakland County, we have begun emphasizing
                                                    61                Julie Rogers                       L
the importance of local level politics. From the
                                                    62                Kate Segal                         61%
LEED building boom in Grand Rapids to the
                                                    69                Rep. Mark Meadows                  69%
emergence of sustainability practices in Oak-
                                                    75                Rep. Robert Dean                   58%
land County, municipalities across the state are
                                                    76                Roy Schmidt                        71%
beginning to take on serious leadership roles
                                                    91                Rep. Mary Valentine                53%
by enacting model policy practices that can be
                                                    92                Rep. Doug Bennett                  73%
translated to quality state-level policy. With
                                                    98                Garnet Lewis                       L
calculated involvement and positive coopera-
                                                    101               Dan Scripps                        59%
tion, Michigan LCV seeks to help develop
                                                    109               Rep. Steve Lindberg                63%
leaders and policies at the local level that will
                                                    110               Rep. Mike Lahti                    70%
eventually expand to the state level.
                                                    59                Rob Sisson (lost in primary)       L
    Overall, 23 of our 27 endorsed State House
of Representative candidates were victorious,
and five of our six endorsed County Commis-          COUNTY COMMISSION
sion candidates were victorious. In addition,
our only endorsed local initiative (Washtenaw       Kent County District 14          Carol Hennessy      57%
County Parks Millage) passed. A truly great         Kent County District 18          Brandon Dillon      63%
year for Michigan LCV! However, the impor-          Oakland County District   14     Steve Schwartz      54%
tance of this election goes far beyond a simple     Oakland County District   16     Karen Spector       L
win-loss record. After such great success in        Oakland County District   17     Marcia Gershenson   58%
November, great challenges lie ahead. Michi-        Oakland County District   19     Tim Burns           50%
gan LCV will continue to work full-time with
elected officials at all levels to advocate for
strong policies that protect Michigan’s natural     NATIONAL LCV 2008 MICHIGAN CONGRESSIONAL ENDORSEMENTS
resources and hold elected officials accountable
                                                    District 7                       Mark Schauer        49%
for their actions. We hope you will join
                                                    District 9                       Gary Peters         52%
us when our elected officials in Lansing,
and throughout the state, need to hear
your voices. ■

    Voting Vindication

                       This past November was not        a decision was not reached, and I went to bed,      that Michigan LCV does: the election is only
                       the first time, and certainly      feeling just a tad disenfranchised.                 the means to an end; we aren’t actually elect-
                       won’t be the last time, I vote.       This time around the actual act of voting       ing Change or A New Energy Future, we are
                       The significance of this par-      was less of a novelty. It was no longer an excuse   electing people who have made lofty promises.
                       ticular election will undoubt-    to miss class; I certainly did not have the day     Whether or not they keep these promises will
                       edly stick with me, and not       off. I worked, along side a fellow Michigan          shape their legacy, and the future of our state
                       just because of the historic      LCV staffer, as an election challenger at a poll-    (and country), long after the polls close.
                       outcome of the presidential       ing station in Ann Arbor. Suddenly, on No-              As a young voter, I know what I do on
                       race. In 2004, I woke up on       vember 4, 2008, I was part of the bigger pic-       Election Day is vitally important, and stepping
                       Election Day eager to flex         ture. My contribution was no longer limited         inside that cardboard voting booth still inspires
    my civic muscles and exercise my right as a cit-     to casting my own vote. Now I was protecting        a rush of pride and excitement. But as a young
    izen to vote for the first time. I cast my vote, I    the actual process that allowed others to vote      member of the environmental community, I
    convinced my less civically-engaged roommate         as well! For me, this was not a one-day-only,       no longer have to wait until the first Tuesday
    to do the same, and that was the extent of my        limited engagement kind of thing and, as a          in November to influence change. And that
    participation in the democratic process. That        new member of the Michigan LCV staff, I was          makes every day a little bit more exciting. ■
    night I watched the results roll in, watched as      exposed to the reality that shapes the work

    The Briefing Book—Does It Work?

    Two years ago a group of environmental lead-            Michigan LCV and the collective environ-         we are back at it this year. Right now we are
    ers came together to put forth an agenda for         mental community then began the journey             working with our partners to define the next
    the next legislative session. This was nothing       towards a new energy future. We started talk-       steps we need to take to ensure that Michigan
    new. Just like the state legislature, the environ-   ing to lawmakers and the Governor. We held          has clean air, clean water, and open spaces. As
    mental community works to reach consensus            countless press conferences and wrote even          we go through this challenging process, there
    on the most important issues and how to              more press releases. We built coalitions of local   are many issues that rise to the surface such as,
    ensure they are addressed in a positive way by       business owners, university professors, faith       stronger investments in clean energy; long-
    decision-makers in Lansing. As you can imag-         leaders, and citizens like you. We talked about     term protections of our water; curbing global
    ine, the list of desired environmental protec-       investment in clean energy every day and in         warming pollution; protecting children from
    tions was huge. It is no secret that Michigan is     every way. As a result, it became more and          dangerous toxics, like mercury, arsenic and
    plagued with environmental challenges. From          more obvious that this was the right direction      lead; and finding a sustainable funding source
    cleaning up sewage in the Great Lakes to stop-                                                           for our most critical state offices, like the
    ping out-of-state trash, the amount of work to       The 2009-2010 Briefing Book debuts at the            Department of Environmental Quality and the
                                                         Michigan Environmental Council’s annual
    be done is astronomical.                                                                                 Department of Natural Resources.
                                                         Legislative Breakfast in February. Please see
        These highly committed leaders were able         our website for details.                                We will be delivering our 2009-2010
    to narrow the list and come up with the most                                                             Michigan Environmental Briefing Book to the
    pressing issues, one being Michigan’s com-           for Michigan. Investing in clean energy, like       State Legislature at the Michigan Environmen-
    mitment to a clean energy future. Recogniz-          wind and solar, and encouraging energy effi-          tal Council’s annual Legislative Breakfast in
    ing that real change was happening in states         ciency programs was–plainly and simply–good         mid-February in Lansing. This is an opportu-
    across the country and that Michigan was             for Michigan.                                       nity for the community to come together with
    woefully behind the times, the environmental             In the end, we were right. This fall, Gov-      one voice and clearly state our goals for the
    community decided to lead the charge on              ernor Granholm signed a set of bills into law       next two years. This is also an opportunity for
    a clean energy campaign that advocated for           that set forth a clean energy package for Michi-    you to be a part of the process. Please consider
    investment in alternative energy (instead of         gan that included a mandatory commitment            joining us for the event and for the unveiling
    dirty, old, coal-fired power plants) as a way         to energy efficiency and renewable energy.            of this session’s Briefing Book. For more infor-
    to simultaneously create jobs and protect the            The process of setting issue priorities for     mation on the Legislative Breakfast visit http://
    natural environment.                                 the environmental community worked and              www.mecprotects.org. ■

                                                   Thank You to Our Donors

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  Scripps Makes Magic in Northern Michigan

  Through rain, snow, sleet and hail, Dan Scripps knocked on almost every           Recognizing the need to make himself more visible, Scripps took a
  one of the 30,000 doors in the 101st House District and it paid off.           job with the Leelanau Conservancy, developing a cutting-edge package
  On the hottest days of the summer and the coldest days of the winter,         of farm preservation programs. This job allowed him to interact with
  Scripps bundled up or stripped down and headed out to hear from               citizens throughout Leelanau County. In addtion, Scripps began walking,
  the people that he was asking to serve. His dedication paid off and on         knocking and talking to citizens in other areas of the District as way to
  November 4 Scripps swept all four counties to                                                 truly understand their concerns and needs. Almost every
  become their state representative in Lansing.                                                 day between 2007 and 2008, Scripps spoke with citizens
     Dan Scripps began his campaign to serve                                                    who understood the importance of clean air, clean water
  the citizens of Mason, Manistee, Benzie and                                                   and open spaces, three issues that he firmly believes are
  Leelanau counties in 2006. At that time, he was                                               integral to the revitalization of Michigan’s economy.
  practicing environmental law in Washington                                                       As Dan Scripps readies himself for the biggest, most
  DC. Seeing his home state in trouble, Scripps                                                 important job of his young life, he takes with him the
  returned to Northern Michigan—his boyhood                                                     stories of the citizens of his district: the unemployed fac-
  vacation destination—and threw his hat in the                                                 tory workers, the struggling farmers, the small business
  ring for state representative. Beating the odds, he                                           owners, and the public servants, from police officers to
  received over 48% of the vote against a two-term                                              school teachers. Scripps firmly believes in represent-
  incumbent in one of the most closely fought                                                   ing all 90,000 of his constituents regardless of political
  races in Michigan that year. Rather than see this as a defeat, Scripps saw    party preference or economic status. He is sure to be a breath of fresh
  the results as an opportunity. It was clear to Scripps that the citizens of   air in Lansing as he brings his expertise to the table and works to follow
  Northern Michigan were ready for a change; all he needed to do was            through on his campaign promises of investing in clean energy, educa-
  convince a few more voters that he was worthy of their vote.                  tion and the economy. ■

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