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					      May 5, 2005                            CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E883

                                                EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
         COMMUNITY OF DEMOCRACIES                              tween liberty and oppression. We must let all          has experienced moments of tyranny in its
            AND SECRETARY RICE                                 governments know that successful relations             history, some not too long ago.
                                                               with our democratic community depend on                  Today, our citizens share the common
                                                               the dignified treatment of their people. To            bond of having overcome tyranny through
                      HON. TOM LANTOS                          strengthen democratic principles, all free na-         all our commitment to freedom and democ-
                         OF CALIFORNIA                         tions must demand that leaders who are                 racy. Now it is our historic duty to tell the
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       elected democratically have a responsibility           world that tyranny is a crime of man, not a
                                                               to govern democratically. Abandoning the               fact of nature. Our goal must always be the
                   Thursday, May 5, 2005                       Rule of Law for the whim of rulers only leads          elimination of tyranny in our world. We, at
          Mr. LANTOS. Last week, the Community of              to the oppression of innocent people.                  the Community of Democracies must use the
      Democracies held its third meeting of Foreign              To advance our democratic consensus, all             power of our shared ideals to accelerate de-
                                                               free nations must insist that upholding                mocracies movement, to ever more places
      Ministers in Santiago, Chile. This unique group          democratic principles is the surest path to            around the globe. We must usher in an era of
      of democracies from around the world met to              greater international status. The Commu-               democracy that thinks of tyranny as we
      discuss how democratic nations can cooperate             nity of Democracies is one of a growing num-           thought of slavery today, a moral abomina-
      to promote democracy around the world.                   ber of international organizations that make           tion that could not withstand the natural de-
          I would like to inform my colleagues that at         democracy an actual condition for member-              sire of every human being for a life of liberty
      the opening plenary meeting of that Ministerial          ship.                                                  and of dignity: This is our great purpose, to-
      on Thursday April 29, 2005, Secretary of State             In the western hemisphere, the Organiza-             gether we will succeed.
                                                               tion of American States has adopted the
      Condoleezza Rice made a compelling speech                                                                                        f
                                                               Interamerican Democratic Charter and here
      regarding United States support for those ef-            in the southern cone, Mercosur is helping to
      forts. She expressed her deep seated views                                                                       KAWASAKI DISEASE AWARENESS
                                                               bolster democracy. In Europe, only democ-
      regarding the responsibilities of all democratic         racies can belong to the European commu-
      nations to do so and welcomed the establish-             nity, and democratic principles have always                       HON. HOWARD COBLE
      ment of a new International Center for Demo-             been the cornerstone of NATO. The demo-                                OF NORTH CAROLINA
      cratic Transition to be established in my                cratic character of states must become the                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      hometown of Budapest, Hungary. Mr. Speak-                cornerstone      of    a    new,    principled
                                                               multilateralism.                                                   Thursday, May 5, 2005
      er, when Hungary was under the communist                   The real division in our world is between
      Boot, I would have never dreamed that such                                                                         Mr. COBLE. Mr. Speaker, an organization
                                                               those states that are committed to freedom,
      a Center would become a reality.                         and those who are not. International organi-           dedicated to the awareness of Kawasaki Dis-
          I am putting Secretary Rice’s speech in the          zations like the Community of Democracies              ease, A Kawasaki Heart, is striving to increase
      RECORD and I urge all my colleagues to read              can help to create a balance of power that fa-         public knowledge of Kawasaki Disease (KD)
      it in the coming days.                                   vors freedom. One positive action that we              throughout the United States and, more par-
      REMARKS AT THE COMMUNITY OF DEMOCRACIES                  can take together is to work through the               ticularly, among medical professionals.
                    OPENING PLENARY                            United Nations Democracy Caucus, to sup-                  I recently learned of a close call suffered by
                                                               port reform of the United Nations. In par-             3-year-old Bailey Buffkin, the granddaughter of
             (By Secretary Condoleezza Rice)                   ticular, we should encourage the creation of
        Thank you very much to the Chilean gov-                                                                       Janis Moore of Thomasville, North Carolina,
                                                               a legitimate human rights body within the
      ernment, particularly to President Lagos                 United Nations. Serious action on human                and the daughter of Amber Brewer. Bailey be-
      and to Foreign Minister Walker for hosting               rights can only come from countries that re-           came ill this past March and her mom wasted
      this year’s meeting of the Community of De-              spect and protect human rights. Our Demo-              no time in seeking medical care. Fortunately,
      mocracies I think we have been all warmly                cratic Community can cooperate in other                her pediatrician was familiar with the symp-
      welcomed here in Chile. I know that I speak              ways at the United Nations. The UN Democ-              toms of KD. The accurate diagnosis and time-
      for all my distinguished colleagues when I               racy Fund, which President Bush proposed               ly treatment means that Bailey has a better
      say that we are honored to gather here to-               last fall at the general assembly, is an ideal         chance to live a happy and healthy life.
      gether in the name of democracy.                         way to provide tangible support to emerging
        Every democracy in the world has shared                                                                          According to the American Heart Associa-
                                                               democracies. Financial assistance is essen-
      the triumph of Chile’s citizens, as they have            tial for all nations working to build firm             tion, KD is a disease that primarily affects chil-
      renewed their commitment to democracy.                   foundations for freedom.                               dren under the age of 5 years. It is the leading
      Indeed we have all experienced the profound                The world’s democracies must also help               cause of acquired heart disease in children.
      hope of people here throughout Latin Amer-               countries with their democratic transitions,           There are a few thousand new cases each
      ica, who have transformed their continent                every nation in this room has experienced a            year in the U.S. If not detected and treated im-
      through their desire to live in liberty.                 democratic transition of its own, some quite           mediately, it can result in permanent heart
      Today, all the members of the Community of               recently.    Hungarian     Foreign    Minister         damage or even death. The cause of KD is
      Democracies declare our deep conviction                  Somogyi has proposed the creation of a
      that freedom is the universal longing of                 democratic transition center. This is a ter-
                                                                                                                      unknown, but scientists who have studied KD
      every soul and democracy is the ideal path               rific way, Minister, for our community to              think the evidence strongly suggests it is
      for every nation.                                        share with young democracies and demo-                 caused by an infectious agent such as a virus.
        The past year has brought forth a dramatic             cratic movements, the important lessons                Children with KD have high fever, red eyes
      shift in the world’s political landscape. Since          that we have learned from our own tradi-               and lips, strawberry tongue, a rash, swollen
      our last meeting in Seoul, we have seen free             tions and transitions.                                 lymph nodes, and inflamed arteries. The usual
      elections in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and in               Democratization is after all, not an event,          treatment, intravenous gamma globulin, is
      the Palestinian territories. We have wit-                it is a process. It takes many years, even
                                                                                                                      highly effective at preventing the heart com-
      nessed tremendous developments in places                 decades to realize the full promise of demo-
      like Georgia and Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan                  cratic reform. For nearly a century after the          plications if administered within the first few
      and Lebanon.                                             founding of the United States, millions of             days of illness. That is why it is so important
        There comes a time when the spark of free-             black Americans like me were still con-                that a child who is suspected of having KD is
      dom flashes in the minds of all oppressed                demned to the status below that of full citi-          seen by a doctor quickly and diagnosed cor-
      people, and they raise their voices against              zenship. When the founding fathers of Amer-            rectly.
      tyranny. The Community of Democracies                    ica said ‘‘We the People’’, they did not mean             Because there are relatively few instances
      must match the bravery of these men and                  me; many of my ancestors were thought to               of KD diagnosed in the United States, it is im-
      women with the courage of our own convic-                be only 3/5 of a man. And it is only within
                                                                                                                      portant that parents, guardians and the med-
      tions. We on the right side of freedom’s di-             my lifetime that the United States has
      vide have an obligation to help those on the             begun to guarantee the right to vote for all           ical community become familiar with the signs
      wrong side of that divide.                               of our citizens. And so we know, in the                and symptoms so that other children are diag-
        To support democratic aspirations, all free            United States, that this is a long and dif-            nosed and treated as quickly as Bailey
      nations must clarify the moral choice be-                ficult process, and every nation in this room          Buffkin.

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      E884                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                           May 5, 2005
         Additional information may be located on                Fellow Members of Congress, please join             economy and culture. As the U.S. population
      the web site of the American Heart Associa-             me in thanking WE ACT for its hard work in             becomes more and more diverse, it will be
      tion ( and A Kawasaki             organizing Earth Day activities in Harlem, New         even more important to foster deeper cultural
      Heart (                         York. This is a significant day in American his-       understandings and cross-border cooperation.
                       f                                      tory and to our future. We must do more to               I congratulate the Council of the Americas
                                                              truly protect our environment from the threats         and Americas Society on their 40th anniver-
          RECOGNIZING EARTH DAY IN                            of pollution, industrial contamination, and            sary.
                  HARLEM                                      abuse. We must find a balance that will pro-
                                                              tect our nature, the environment, and our com-                         f
              HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL                          munities.
                        OF NEW YORK                                             f                                    RECOGNIZING THE ACHIEVEMENTS
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                              AND DEDICATED SERVICE OF IR-
                                                              RECOGNIZING THE 40TH ANNIVER-                           VING H. LEVIN
                   Thursday, May 5, 2005                       SARY OF THE COUNCIL OF THE
         Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in              AMERICAS AND THE AMERICAS
      honor and recognition of Earth Day events in             SOCIETY                                                        HON. JAMES R. LANGEVIN
      Harlem, New York, and to recognize the dedi-                                                                                   OF RHODE ISLAND
      cation of advocates of environmental justice.                  HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      This year, Harlem will celebrate the 35th anni-                            OF NEW YORK
      versary of Earth Day—a day designed to raise                                                                              Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      our collective awareness of the challenges                                                                        Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to
      facing our environmental and global commu-                            Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                                                                                     commend former state legislator Irving H.
      nities.                                                    Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today             Levin on his retirement from his profession as
         In the first Earth Day celebration, the Nation       to honor the Americas Society and Council of           a real estate broker and insurance agent and
      directed its attention to the issues of the envi-       the Americas, based in my congressional dis-           thank him for his long career of service. Over
      ronment and ways to ensuring its protection             trict, on their 40th anniversary.                      his lifetime, Mr. Levin has worked on behalf of
      for years to come. Congress adjourned—on a                 I believe the work of these organizations is        Rhode Islanders as a community activist, busi-
      Wednesday—for the day to allow Members to               invaluable in educating all of us about matters        ness leader, and model citizen.
      hear from their constituents. Roughly 20 mil-           related to the Western Hemisphere. The                    Born July 21, 1915, in Providence, Irving
      lion Americans united to express their collec-          Americas Society promotes cultural under-              Levin has dedicated his life to making Rhode
      tive demand for a safer, cleaner, and healthier         standing through an exchange of ideas among            Island a better place. He graduated from Hope
      global community. The Clean Air Act, the                writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and the       High School in 1934 and attended Johnson &
      Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species                 general public. The Council of the Americas            Wales College. He then served in the Army
      Act, and the creation of the Environmental              promotes open markets, democracy and the               during World War II, which inspired his lifelong
      Protection Agency followed shortly after that           rule of law, through active engagement with            advocacy for veterans.
      momentous day. These were true efforts, not             U.S. and hemispheric governments.
      in name alone, to provide important and need-                                                                     Mr. Levin received his real estate license in
                                                                 Founded by David Rockefeller in 1965 as a
      ed protections to our environment and to                                                                       1959, and he earned numerous honors and
                                                              private sector parallel to President Kennedy’s
      make our communities safe, clean, and                                                                          awards for his practice over the years. He was
                                                              Alliance for the Americas initiative, the Council
      healthy.                                                                                                       twice recognized as Realtor of the Year by the
                                                              of the Americas/Americas Society is now in its
         This year, Harlem will focus on the environ-                                                                Greater Providence Board of Realtors, and he
                                                              40th anniversary year.
      mental problems of communities of color.                                                                       was honored as the Rhode Island Realtor of
                                                                 During the past 40 years, the Americas So-
      West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc (WE                                                                      the Year in 1993. A true leader, Mr. Levin also
                                                              ciety has promoted many of the great cultural
      ACT) is a non-profit grassroots environmental                                                                  served as the President of the Rhode Island
                                                              achievements of the Western Hemisphere by
      group that has worked to improve environ-                                                                      Association of Realtors in 1990.
                                                              showcasing Latin artists, musicians, and au-
      mental quality and to address equity and jus-           thors and contributing to the vibrant cultural di-        From 1971 to 1991, Mr. Levin represented
      tice in environmental issues for predominately          versity of New York City and especially my             Cranston and the citizens of the 27th district of
      African-American and Latino communities. For            district.                                              Rhode Island in the General Assembly. During
      the last 7 years, they have worked to raise                I am also pleased to note the organization’s        his tenure at the State House, he served as
      community awareness of environmental haz-               commitment to arts education, which I believe          Vice Chairman of the House Corporations
      ards, to identify and research ecological               is a crucial component of school curricula not         Committee and Chairman of the Joint Com-
      threats to minority communities, and to attain          only in New York, but across the country. By           mittee on Veterans Affairs. By the time he re-
      governmental policies to protect local commu-           exposing New York City’s underprivileged chil-         tired, Mr. Levin was the longest-serving mem-
      nities.                                                 dren to the music of the Americas, the Amer-           ber of the Rhode Island House of Representa-
         As part of their Earth Day celebrations, WE          icas Society helps to instill a lifelong apprecia-     tives. In the General Assembly, Mr. Levin fo-
      ACT will honor six luminaries in the field of en-       tion of music.                                         cused his priorities on veterans and senior citi-
      vironmental justice: Alphonse Fletcher, the                We must continue to strengthen relations            zens’ issues.
      chairman of Fletcher Asset Management; Dr.              among the nations in the Western Hemi-                    In addition to realtor, insurance agent, and
      Kenneth Olden, the director of the National In-         sphere. Like the Council of the Americas, I            State Representative, Mr. Levin served as
      stitute of Environmental Health Services                strongly support democracy, human rights,              president of the Greater Cranston Chamber of
      (NIEHS); Dr. Joseph Graziano from the De-               and the rule of law, and I commend the Coun-           Commerce and the National Conference of In-
      partment of Environmental Health Sciences at            cil for its promotion of these ideals in U.S. pol-     surance Legislators. After leaving public office,
      Columbia University; Lucille McEwen, Esq.,              icy in the Western Hemisphere.                         Mr. Levin continued his activism with the Jew-
      president and CEO of Harlem Congregations                  Under the leadership of Chairman William            ish War Veterans and served as President of
      for Community Improvement; Dr. Rafael                   Rhodes and President and CEO Susan Segal               the United Veterans Council of Rhode Island.
      Lantigua, associate director of General Medi-           in New York, the Council of the Americas and           Mr. Levin’s distinguished career has no doubt
      cine at New York Presbyterian Hospital; and             the Americas Society have raised their profile         inspired countless others to follow in his foot-
      Full Spectrum Building and Development, Inc.,           significantly, adding new value to members             steps.
      a Harlem-based development firm that built              while becoming even more active in the hemi-              I am proud to honor Mr. Levin today. It is
      the first green building in Harlem. These indi-         spheric policy debate. As consistent advocates         through the efforts of dedicated public serv-
      viduals will be awarded WE ACT for Environ-             for constructive engagement of the Western             ants and community leaders like Mr. Levin that
      mental Justice Awards for making ‘‘substantial          Hemisphere countries, the Americas Society             Rhode Island has moved into the 21st century
      inroads to preserve natural and built environ-          and the Council of the Americas are contrib-           ready to face whatever problems arise. I am
      ment, and improve environmental health in               uting to peace, democratic stability, and              confident that if other leaders follow the model
      communities of color.’’ They will be honored            shared prosperity in the Americas.                     set forth by Mr. Levin, Rhode Island and our
      for their hard work in ensuring that minority              Today, Hispanic Americans are the fastest           Nation will continue to be a source of pride for
      communities are safe, clean, and healthy com-           growing segment of the U.S. population. They           all of us. I hope my colleagues will join me in
      munities.                                               are making dynamic contributions to the U.S.           commending Irving H. Levin.

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      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E885
        HONORING THE LIFE OF CLAIRE                              Despite the tremendous loss of family mem-          Luisa’s home since her arrival as an infant;
                 MCMILLEN                                     bers, home, and even parts of their heritage,          earning her the title of a ‘‘Native Tucsonan.’’
                                                              Cambodians have shown enormous resiliency.                The Trujillo family lived on the corner of
            HON. MARILYN N. MUSGRAVE                          I am proud that the largest Cambodian popu-            Simpson Street and Main Avenue, across from
                                                              lation in the United States resides in my Dis-         the famous ‘‘Elysian Groves,’’ where Luisa
                        OF COLORADO
                                                              trict. Their culture and contributions have en-        and her siblings often played as children and
                                                              riched our communities and the American                adolescents. Luisa attended Drachman and
                 Thursday, May 5, 2005                        landscape.                                             Safford Elementary schools until 6th grade
         Mrs. MUSGRAVE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today                Finally, Cambodians have been waiting for           when she left school in order to help her
      to honor the life of Mr. Claire McMillen, a fine        the past twenty-five years for the Khmer               mother look after her brothers and help with
      gentleman from Fort Collins, Colorado, who              Rouge perpetrators to be brought to justice.           household chores. The end of her formal edu-
      passed away tragically on Sunday, April 3,              Just a few days ago, UN Secretary General              cation did not mark the end of Luisa’s learn-
      2005 in an airplane crash.                              Kofi Annan declared that UN-Cambodian                  ing; indeed, Luisa’s character was strength-
         The 72-year-old, accomplished pilot had a            agreement funding requirements had been                ened and her practical education supple-
      passion for flying. When Claire wasn’t spend-           met and there is now enough funds to finance           mented when she joined the workforce at the
      ing time with his wife Janet, he spent it in the        the Tribunal’s staffing and operations for a           young age of 13 in order to help support her
      air, flying.                                            sustained period of time.                              family. Never one to complain, Luisa accepted
         Claire McMillen was a majority shareholder              This means that the Khmer Rouge Tribunal,           this challenge willingly and with dignity and re-
      at the Fort Collins Downtown Airport, he                only a dream for twenty-five years, will now           solve.
      bought it to help further aviation in Colorado.         become a reality. This means that the Cam-                Luisa has held many job titles throughout
      Claire was also the owner of the Kiva Inn in            bodians can finally find closure on this brutal        her lifetime, but she considers herself first and
      Fort Collins.                                           part of their history. As Martin Luther King, Jr.      foremost to be a seamstress. She sewed for
         Claire and Janet came out to Colorado from           said, ‘‘The moral arc of the universe is long,         Levy’s Department Store, Kaufman’s Depart-
      Beacon, New York to try working in the busi-            but it bends towards justice.’’                        ment Store (later known as Saccani’s), the
      ness profession. They fell in love with the area                          f                                    Lyric Outfitters, and she worked at Davis
      and have lived here for more than 30 years.                                                                    Monthan Air Force Base sewing and mending
                                                                   RECOGNIZING ROBERT HUGHES                         thousands of military uniforms for soldiers sta-
         This tragic accident will be difficult for the
      McMillen family, the Fort Collins Downtown                                                                     tioned there during World War II. Luisa is also
      Airport, and the community. I ask my col-                       HON. MICHAEL C. BURGESS                        known for designing and fitting many of the
      leagues to extend their sympathies to the                                    OF TEXAS                          Hispanic brides and their bridesmaid dresses
      McMillen family.                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                     during the 1930’s, 1940’s and early 1950’s.
                                                                                                                         Luisa has many fond memories of the Tuc-
                       f                                                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                      son of her youth where she used to ride the
      HONORING THE VICTIMS OF THE                                Mr. BURGESS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to           mule-drawn trolley named ‘‘El Urbano,’’
       KHMER    ROUGE   CAMBODIAN                             recognize the service and commitment of Rob-           danced at the old Armory Park Dance Hall,
       GENOCIDE                                               ert Hughes. Mr. Hughes, our Nation’s all-time          took in films at the Old ‘‘Opera House,’’ and
                                                              ‘‘winningest’’ high school boys basketball             attended shows at the Teatro Carmen. She
       HON. JUANITA MILLENDER–McDONALD                        coach, has dedicated 47 years of service to            also vividly remembers family outings to Sa-
                                                              coaching and educating students; helping               bino Canyon, trips to Old Fort Lowell and Vail
                        OF CALIFORNIA
                                                              them to succeed not only on the court but also         Communities, and Sunday outings to the old
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                             Southern Pacific Railroad Depot to listen to
                                                              in life.
                 Thursday, May 5, 2005                           As Mr. Hughes retires this year we will no          the military bands from Fort Lowell and the
         Ms. MILLENDER-MCDONALD. Mr. Speaker,                 longer be measuring his wins on the court, but         SPRR Civic Band.
      we solemnly commemorate the 30th Anniver-               rather the wins, the lives, he has helped to               Luisa raised her four children as well as her
      sary of the Khmer Rouge regime when they                create off the court. In taking the time to teach      beloved niece and nephew in Tucson.
      deliberately and systemically massacred mil-            his students Mr. Hughes chose not only to              Throughout the years and particularly during
      lions of innocent Cambodians, with a large              teach them about health and basketball, but            the Great Depression, Luisa struggled with
      percentage of women and children. However,              about values and self esteem as well. The loy-         quiet resolve to provide for her immediate and
      in the midst of this past sorrow, we have seen          alty with which Mr. Hughes has served his stu-         extended family and even her neighbors from
      great hope as a result of the strength, resil-          dents and Dunbar High School is a testament            time to time.
      iency, and courage of the Cambodian people.             to his passion of seeing every child succeed               Though Luisa is proud of her Mexican-
      So while we mourn the loss, we celebrate the            in life.                                               American heritage, her loyalty has always
      future filled with hope and promise.                       It is with great honor that I stand here today      been to her American homeland. Since World
         In 1975, Pol Pot led the Communist guerrilla         to recognize a man who has been a leader to            War I, Luisa has also had a deep love for
      group, the Khmer Rouge, in a large-scale in-            so many. The legacy of Mr. Hughes, on and              America’s servicemen and women. Following
      surgency that resulted in the removal of Cam-           off the court, shall serve as an inspiration to        the death of her much-loved nephew during
      bodians from their homes and into labor                 all those who wish to pursue their passion and         World War II (whom Luisa raised), Luisa was
      camps in an attempt to restructure Khmer so-            make a difference in the lives of others.              recognized as a ‘‘Gold Star Mother.’’ In honor
      ciety. The Khmer Rouge maintained control by                              f                                    of her nephew and the sacrifice he made for
      mass public tortures and executions. Families                                                                  his country, Luisa has requested that her Gold
      were separated. Men, women and young chil-                   TRIBUTE TO LUISA TRUJILLO                         Star be pinned to her dress and buried with
      dren were sent into labor camps and forced to                         VASQUEZ                                  her upon her death.
      do strenuous farm work with very little food.                                                                      Luisa has been the recipient of many well-
      Famine and disease were epidemic while                                   ´
                                                                        HON. RAUL M. GRIJALVA                        deserved awards throughout the course of her
      health care was non-existent. Between April                                 OF ARIZONA                         lifetime.     Most     recently,     the     ‘‘Los
      1975 and January 1979 more than 1.7 million                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                     Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson’’ recog-
      Cambodians were killed.                                                                                        nized Luisa’s achievements and her commit-
         When the Khmer Rouge was overthrown in                           Thursday, May 5, 2005                      ment to her native city.
      1979, thousands of Cambodians fled to near-               Mr. GRIJALVA. Mr. Speaker, Luisa Trujillo               Luisa has led a life full of love and friend-
      by refugee camps, and over 145,000 Cam-                 Vasquez was born in Nogales, Territory of Ari-         ship and distinguished by uncommon hospi-
      bodians made their way to the United States.            zona on May 22, 1906. In the fall of that same         tality and service to her loved ones as well as
      With the assistance of the Federal govern-              year, Luisa’s parents, Salome Vasquez and              her community. She is an exceptional woman,
      ment, state, local, and voluntary agencies,             Reyes Trujillo, loaded their six sons and baby         mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and
      Cambodians were resettled in communities                daughter into a horse-drawn wagon and made             citizen. Her life has left an indelible mark on
      across America.                                         the journey to Tucson. Tucson has been                 Tucson and the lives of its citizens.

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      E886                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                            May 5, 2005
           OPPOSE HR 6, THE ENERGY                            also supported an amendment to stop MTBE                   However, as history has shown, when one
              POLICY ACT OF 2005                              producers from passing the $29 billion cost of         group of voices are silenced, other voices will
                                                              cleaning up their pollution to the U.S. tax-           fill the void and cry out. The yearning for free-
                HON. BETTY McCOLLUM                           payer. I also voted for an amendment to in-            dom within the human spirit can be sup-
                        OF MINNESOTA                          crease fuel-efficiency standards for our cars          pressed, but it cannot be extinguished.
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      and trucks, saving billions of barrels of oil and          One Cuban group speaking on behalf of
                                                              improving our nation’s air quality.                    Castro’s political prisoners are the mothers,
                    Thursday, May 5, 2005                        Each of these amendments failed because             daughters, wives and sisters of those arrested
         Ms. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota. Mr. Speak-                policy makers with a vision of a sustainable           more than two years ago. Every Sunday for
      er, in 2001 the newly elected President                 U.S. energy policy lost out to special interests       the past two years, a band of 30 women,
      George W. Bush visited St. Paul to announce             determined to create larger corporate profits,         called the Women in White, attend mass at
      his vision of energy independence to the                but only after they receive the billions of dol-       Santa Rita Catholic Church before proceeding
      American people. Unfortunately, the Presi-              lars of corporate welfare benefits this Repub-         down a sidewalk on a silent protest. Even
      dent’s vision of limitless domestic petroleum           lican bill provides them.                              after intimidation from Castro’s thugs, this little
      exploration, natural resource exploitation and             Our nation cannot sustain its addiction to          band of women are determined to peacefully
      consumption are becoming a reality. Today,              petroleum consumption. Incentives for effi-            expose the injustice of what is happening to
      tragically, House Republicans expand the                ciency, conservation and alternative energy            their relatives. I hope the Women in White,
      Bush agenda of tax cuts for the energy indus-           sources combined with responsible leadership           along with thousands of other Cubans, will
      try, dependence on foreign oil and destruction          from the White House and Congress are all              have the strength to continue fighting for the
      of our environment.                                     required if the U.S. is to lead the world in en-       right to live in freedom.
         With only two percent of world oil reserves,         ergy self sufficiency, rather than leading the             I urge my colleagues to join me today in
      the U.S. will never be able to produce enough           world in energy dependency.                            voting for H. Con. Res. 81 and send a strong
      petroleum to be self-sufficient. America needs                            f                                    message that the American people stand in
      a comprehensive energy policy that prioritizes                                                                 solidarity with all freedom-loving Cubans.
      incentives for efficiency, conservation, alter-         EXPRESSING THE SENSE OF CON-
                                                               GRESS REGARDING THE TWO-                                               f
      native energy sources. Our nation needs to in-
      vest in the development of the next generation           YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE                               HONORING THE 25TH ANNIVER-
      fuel sources like fuel cells, hydrogen power             HUMAN RIGHTS CRACKDOWN IN                              SARY OF QUEEN BEATRIX OF
      and home grown Minnesota fuels like ethanol.             CUBA                                                   THE NETHERLANDS ON APRIL 30,
      A major commitment and investment in these                                  SPEECH OF
      advancements has the potential to create a
      revolutionary transformation of the global                           HON. TODD TIAHRT                                    HON. PETER HOEKSTRA
      economy, liberate our nation from our addic-                                OF KANSAS
                                                                                                                                       OF MICHIGAN
      tion to oil from Saudi Arabia and the Middle                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      East, and start the environmental healing that                      Tuesday, April 26, 2005
                                                                                                                                  Thursday, May 5, 2005
      will keep our planet alive.                                Mr. TIAHRT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in
         Unfortunately, H.R. 6 fails to even attempt          support of H. Con. Res. 81, expressing the                Mr. HOEKSTRA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
      to meet these goals and in fact undermines              sense of Congress regarding the two-year an-           to honor Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on
      them. Instead, the Republican energy bill               niversary of the human rights crackdown in             the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her
      spends 93 percent of the $8.1 billion in tax in-        Cuba.                                                  coronation as Queen on April 30, 1980. Be-
      centives it provides to oil and coal companies.            The people of Cuba have suffered under the          loved by the people of the Netherlands, mil-
      The same companies that are already making              authoritarian dictatorship of Fidel Castro for         lions of Dutch citizens filled the streets of their
      huge profits from the skyrocketing gas prices           more than 45 years. Rather than allowing Cu-           cities to celebrate the event on April 30, 2005.
      our families are paying to heat our homes and           bans to thrive and live prosperous lives, the             Since Queen Beatrix was installed in the
      put gas in our cars. The President doesn’t              Castro regime has instead created a legacy of          Council of State and assumed the royal pre-
      even believe these companies need incen-                suppression, harm and failure. Cubans are              rogative on her 18th birthday, she has accom-
      tives. At a recent speech to the American So-           ready for freedom, but their government does           plished a tremendous amount of good for the
      ciety of Newspaper Editors, President Bush              not want them to have even a taste.                    Netherlands. After completing college, she
      said, ‘‘I will tell you with $55 oil, we don’t need        Freedom-loving countries widely recognize           turned her attention to social welfare and the
      incentives for oil and gas companies to ex-             that human rights violations against innocent          needs of disabled people. She became Patron
      plore. There are plenty of incentives. What we          Cubans are a sign Castro is afraid. Whether it         of the National Fund for the Prevention of Po-
      need is to put a strategy in place that will help       is fear that Cubans will love freedom more             liomyelitis, which was later renamed the Prin-
      this country over time become less depend-              than socialism, fear that a faltering economy          cess Beatrix Fund in recognition of her work
      ent.’’                                                  will lead to more unrest, or fear of political op-     and contributions. She has assumed an active
         This Republican bill wastes enormous                 position, it is clear Castro’s government is a         role in the formation of new governments in
      amounts of taxpayer money and it contributes            regime of fear. Rather than securing rights for        the Netherlands. Her dignity, grace and guid-
      to the destruction of our environment. It tram-         the good of the people, Fidel Castro has im-           ing presence underpin her importance as a
      ples the ‘polluter pays’ principle and forces the       prisoned those who have spoken against                 unifying leader in her country.
      American people to pick up the $29 billion              human rights violations and other injustices              The Netherlands has long been an impor-
      cost to clean up the mess created by MTBE—              within Cuba.                                           tant ally of the United States. From 1625 when
      the mess that is contaminating the drinking                I hope with the passage of this resolution          the colony of New Amsterdam was first found-
      water of tens of millions of Americans. It’s an         we will again unite our voices with those who          ed by the Dutch, the immigrants exemplified
      outrageous abuse of power to let these MTBE             dream of a free Cuba and join with those               the ideals of tolerance, inclusion and the no-
      polluters off the hook and force a billion dollar       whose voices have been silenced by a repres-           tion that hard work and study lead to suc-
      unfunded mandate onto our counties and cit-             sive government.                                       cess—important American values that endure
      ies.                                                       In March 2003 Castro arrested 75 people             today.
         There were amendments that would have                who were bold enough to speak out against                 On April 19, 1982, the Netherlands and the
      improved this bill, which I voted for, but they         harmful policies of the government. Men and            United States celebrated the 200th Anniver-
      were defeated by Republican majorities.                 women whose occupations included librarians,           sary of the establishment of diplomatic rela-
      These amendments intended to protect our                union organizers and civic leaders were                tions. As Queen Beatrix stated at that celebra-
      environment and our families while providing            charged with innocuous crimes and sentenced            tion, ‘‘There are few countries whose relations
      for responsible policies to advance a sustain-          to long prison terms. While a few of those ar-         down the centuries have been so genuinely
      able energy future for our nation.                      rested have been conditionally released, most          cordial and mutually beneficial as those be-
         It is with great disappointment that my col-         of these voices of freedom remain behind               tween your great country, Mr. President, and
      leagues and I who have visited the Arctic Na-           bars.                                                  my own.’’ We thank Her Majesty for her devo-
      tional Wildlife Refuge were unable to stop the             Ignoring international condemnation for its         tion to fostering that relationship and join her
      majority party’s obsession with destroying this         actions, the Cuban government continues                country in celebrating her long service to her
      pristine wilderness by allowing oil drilling. I         down its path of suppression.                          Nation. Her enduring leadership continues to

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00004   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.012   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E887
      provide the strength and openness funda-                committee. If accepted the bill would have rep-          Incredibly, the Bush administration is
      mental to helping lead the world against the            resented a major step forward in bringing              fighting to kill the Darfur Accountability
      tyrannies of oppression.                                peace and security to the people of Darfur.            Act, which would be the most forceful step
                                                                                                                     the U.S. has taken so far against the geno-
         The Congress of the United States thanks             However, the Administration made clear its
                                                                                                                     cide. The bill, passed by the Senate, calls for
      Queen Beatrix and wishes her continued suc-             opposition to the bill, and it was subsequently        such steps as freezing assets of the geno-
      cess.                                                   deleted from the final Emergency Supple-               cide’s leaders and imposing an internation-
                       f                                      mental Conference Report agreed to this                ally backed no-fly zone to stop Sudan’s
                                                              week. With the Darfur Accountability Act off           Army from strafing villages.
      UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE AC-                             the table, what will the Administration do now           The White House was roused from its stu-
       TION ON DARFUR: MORE IS                                regarding Darfur?                                      por of indifference on Darfur to send a letter,
       NEEDED                                                    Financial assistance is not enough—there            a copy of which I have in my hand, to Con-
                                                                                                                     gressional leaders, instructing them to de-
                                                              needs to be real political action. Though the          lete provisions about Darfur from the legis-
              HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL                          Darfur Accountability Act was not passed,              lation.
                        OF NEW YORK                           most of its provisions called for action at the          Mr. Bush might reflect on a saying of
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Executive level. Thus, the Administration still        President Kennedy: ‘‘The hottest places in
                   Thursday, May 5, 2005                      has an opportunity to become effectively en-           hell are reserved for those who in a period of
                                                              gaged on the Darfur issue. Most of the solu-           moral crisis maintain their neutrality.’’
         Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker I rise today to              tions to the Darfur crisis will entail a multi-lat-      Aside from the effort to block Congres-
      discuss the ongoing crisis in Darfur. As many                                                                  sional action, there are other signs that the
                                                              eral effort, so the President must become              administration is trying to backtrack on
      as 400,000 have died throughout the course              more involved in eliciting a response from the
      of this crisis, and more than 10,000 continue                                                                  Darfur.    The    first   sign   came     when
                                                              international community.                               Condoleezza Rice gave an interview to The
      to die each month. While the death and suf-                Though several UN Security Council resolu-          Washington Post in which she deflected
      fering continues, action on the part of the Ad-         tions have been passed to date, the UN has             questions about Darfur and low-balled the
      ministration has, in recent months, been sub-           yet to agree on a comprehensive Security               number of African Union troops needed
      dued at best. A May 3, Op-Ed in the New                 Council resolution which would cease the               there.
      York Times, entitled ‘‘Day 113 of the Presi-            transgressions of the Sudanese government                Then, in Sudan, Deputy Secretary of State
      dent’s Silence’’, points out that the Administra-                                                              Robert Zoellick pointedly refused to repeat
                                                              and its Janjaweed militia, and provide ade-            the administration’s past judgment that the
      tion’s silence on the issue has been notice-            quate protection for Darfurian civilians. The Af-      killings amount to genocide. Mr. Zoellick
      able. This new stance is extremely perplexing           rican Union will not be able to handle the situ-       also cited an absurdly low estimate of
      considering the Administration’s heavy en-              ation in Darfur on their own. They need the            Darfur’s total death toll: 60,000 to 160,000.
      gagement on the issue previously.                       troops, mandate, and logistical resources to           Every other serious estimate is many times
         Part of that engagement involved early pres-         effectively protect civilians dispersed across         as high. The latest, from the Coalition for
      sure on the Sudanese leadership to agree to             an area the size of Texas.                             International Justice, is nearly 400,000, and
      a Darfur cease fire. The United States also                The Administration can bring this about;            rising by 500 a day.
      had the distinction of being the first and only                                                                  This is not a partisan issue, for Repub-
                                                              they need only increase their engagement. To           licans and the Christian right led the way in
      major world power to label the offenses of the          that end the US must provide more leadership           blowing the whistle on the slaughter in
      Sudanese government in Darfur as genocide.              in the United Nations, especially the Security         Darfur. As a result, long before Democrats
      The Administration was also generally sup-              Council, to get a comprehensive resolution             had staggered to their feet on the issue, Mr.
      portive of the Comprehensive Peace in Sudan             passed. It also needs to be especially forceful        Bush was telephoning Sudan’s leader and
      Act passed in late 2004, which admonished               with China and Russia, who have been a                 pressing for a ceasefire there.
      the Sudanese government for its actions in              major hindrance to achieving progress on the             Later, Mr. Bush forthrightly called the
      Darfur, provided humanitarian assistance for                                                                   slaughter genocide, and he has continued to
                                                              Darfur issue. The Administration must also
      the region, and reiterated United States sanc-                                                                 back the crucial step of a larger African
                                                              sustain pressure on the Sudanese regime. We            Union force to provide security. Just the
      tions on Sudan.                                         can not turn a blind eye to their transgressions       baby steps Mr. Bush has taken have probably
         The United States has also provided large            in Darfur, simply because they are now coop-           saved hundreds of thousands of lives.
      amounts of assistance to the Darfur region, to-         erative with us on intelligence matters. Not             So why is Mr. Bush so reluctant to do a bit
      taling some $615 million since 2003 ($357.6             only is that short-sighted, it is morally wrong.       more and save perhaps several hundred thou-
      million in FY 2005 alone). The 2005 Emer-                  In the cases of the Holocaust and Rwanda,           sand more lives? I sense that there are three
      gency Supplemental agreed to on Tuesday in-             inaction on the part of the international com-         reasons.
      cluded $50 million to strengthen the African                                                                     First, Mr. Bush doesn’t see any neat solu-
                                                              munity allowed the mass murder of millions of          tion, and he’s mindful that his father went
      Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur, as well           innocent people. Now we find ourselves on              into Somalia for humanitarian reasons and
      as $40 million in general humanitarian aid.             the brink of a similarly momentous error. Once         ended up with a mess.
         Despite the financial assistance, the Admin-         again, politics and national interests are delay-        Second, Mr. Bush is very proud—justly—
      istration has been quiet on the political front         ing the type of action needed to make a sig-           that he helped secure peace in a separate war
      recently. In fact they have seemingly backed            nificant impact on the Darfur Crisis.                  between northern and southern Sudan. That
      away from referring to the crisis in Darfur as             During the observation of the Auschwitz an-         peace is very fragile, and he is concerned
      genocide, and have down played the casualty                                                                    that pressuring Sudan on Darfur might dis-
                                                              niversary in February 2005, Dr Jonathan
      count in the region. As the New York Times                                                                     rupt that peace while doing little more than
                                                              Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, wisely            emboldening the Darfur rebels (some of them
      Op-Ed asserts, Sudan’s recent cooperation               commented that ‘‘We can’t bring the dead               cutthroats who aren’t negotiating seriously).
      with the United States on intelligence matters,         back to life, but we can fight for the sanctity          Third, Sudan’s leaders have increased their
      may be placating the Administration’s stance            of life.’’ It is my hope that we take up the fight     cooperation with the C.I.A. As The Los Ange-
      towards the regime regarding Darfur.                    to which Rabbi Sacks refers: Unlike the Holo-          les Times reported, the C.I.A. recently flew
         In the most recent indication of its new             caust and Rwanda, the final story of Darfur            Sudan’s intelligence chief to Washington for
      stance on Darfur, the Administration came out           has yet to be written. We still have the               consultations about the war on terror, and
      in opposition to the Darfur Accountability Act                                                                 the White House doesn’t want to jeopardize
                                                              chance, however faint, to prevent the triumph          that channel.
      introduced by Senator CORZINE. Among other              of evil. Mr. President, we must do more for              All three concerns are legitimate. But
      things the act called for wide-ranging sanc-            Darfur. If we choose not to act, history will for-     when historians look back on his presidency,
      tions against the Sudanese government, the              ever echo our failure, and our consciences will        they are going to focus on Mr. Bush’s fid-
      establishment of a special presidential envoy           forever hold our shame.                                dling as hundreds of thousands of people
      for Darfur, and a military no-fly zone for the re-         [From the New York Times, May 3, 2005]              were killed, raped or mutilated in Darfur—
      gion. The bill also sought to provide for the                DAY 113 OF THE PRESIDENT’S SILENCE
                                                                                                                     and if the situation worsens, the final toll
      protection of Darfurian civilians by strength-                                                                 could reach a million dead.
                                                                         (By Nicholas D. Kristof)                      This Thursday marks Holocaust Remem-
      ening the African Union force in Darfur
                                                                Finally, finally, finally, President Bush is         brance Day. The best memorial would be for
      through a broadened Chapter 7 UN mandate                showing a little muscle on the issue of geno-          more Americans to protest about this admin-
      and deployment of a supplemental UN force.              cide in Darfur. Is the muscle being used to            istration’s showing the same lack of interest
         The bill was attached to the Emergency               stop the genocide of hundreds of thousands             in Darfur that F.D.R. showed toward the
      Supplemental which passed the Senate in late            of villagers? No, tragically, it’s to stop Con-        genocide of Jews. Ultimately, public pres-
      April, and was awaiting approval in conference          gress from taking action.                              sure may force Mr. Bush to respond to

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00005   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.015   E05PT1
      E888                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                           May 5, 2005
      Darfur, but it looks as if he will have to be             Seeks Minimum Safety Standards for                     With this in mind, I thank the House leader-
      dragged kicking and screaming by Repub-                 Breast Pumps: The bill requires the Food               ship for pursuing the reauthorization of the
      licans and Democrats alike.                             and Drug Administration to develop min-                Perkins Act and encourage my colleagues to
        Granted, Darfur defies easy solutions. But            imum quality standards for breast pumps to
      Mr. Bush was outspoken and active this                                                                         vote in favor of H.R. 366.
                                                              ensure that products on the market are safe
      spring in another complex case, that of                 and effective based on efficiency, effective-                          f
      Terry Schiavo. If only Mr. Bush would exert             ness, and sanitation factors (in addition to
      himself as much to try to save the lives of             providing full and complete information con-
                                                                                                                         HONORING THE LIFE OF BECKY
      the two million people driven from their                cerning breast pump equipment).                                    ZERLENTES
      homes in Darfur. So I’m going to start track-             Allows Breastfeeding Equipment to Be Tax
      ing Mr. Bush’s lassitude. The last time Mr.
      Bush let the word Darfur slip past his lips
                                                              Deductible: The bill amends the tax laws to
                                                              include breastfeeding equipment and services
                                                                                                                            HON. MARILYN N. MUSGRAVE
                                                                                                                                      OF COLORADO
      publicly (to offer a passing compliment to              as deductible medical care expenses.
      U.S. aid workers, rather than to denounce                                                                          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                I ask all of my colleagues to support this im-
      the killings) was Jan. 10. So today marks                                                                                  Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              portant legislation.
      Day 113 of Mr. Bush’s silence about the geno-
      cide unfolding on his watch.                                              f                                       Mrs. MUSGRAVE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
                                                                                                                     to honor the life of Becky Zerlentes who died,
                                                                VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL
                                                                                                                     tragically, on Sunday, April 3, 2005 after a
          INTRODUCTION OF THE                                 EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE ACT
                                                                                                                     fatal blow from a boxing match the day before.
      BREASTFEEDING PROMOTION ACT                                                 SPEECH OF                             Becky was a well-loved member of the Fort
                                                                                                                     Collins community; she was a geography and
             HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                                   HON. JAMES R. LANGEVIN                        economics instructor at Front Range Commu-
                        OF NEW YORK                                            OF RHODE ISLAND                       nity College. She taught swimming and had a
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   black belt in Goshin Jitsu, and she had brown
                   Thursday, May 5, 2005                                 Wednesday, May 4, 2005                      belts in other forms of martial arts.
                                                                The House in Committee of the Whole                     In 2002, Becky won the Regional Golden
          Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to intro-
                                                              House on the State of the Union had under              Gloves in women’s boxing. She took a short
      duce the Breastfeeding Promotion Act with my
                                                              consideration the bill (H.R. 366) to amend the         break and recently began to box again. Becky
      colleagues CHRIS SHAYS of Connecticut, ROB-
                                                              Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical               was knocked unconscious during a match,
                                                              Education Act of 1998 to strengthen and im-            and never regained consciousness. She died
      WOOLSEY and LUCILLE ROYBAL-ALLARD of Cali-              prove programs under that Act:                         the following day at the Denver Health Medical
      fornia, BERNARD SANDERS of Vermont, BRAD                   Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Chairman, I rise in sup-          Center.
      MILLER of North Carolina, DONALD PAYNE of               port of H.R. 366, the Vocational and Technical            I ask my colleagues to extend their sym-
      New Jersey, SHEILA JACKSON-LEE of Texas,                Education for the Future Act, which reauthor-          pathies to Becky’s family, including her hus-
      JOHN CONYERS and DALE KILDEE from Michi-                izes the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Tech-          band, Stephan Weiler, and the Fort Collins
      gan and MAJOR OWENS and JOSEPH CROWLEY                  nical Education Act. For over 20 years, the            community. Becky has touched the lives of
      from New York.                                          programs authorized in this bill have offered
          Mr. Speaker, statistical surveys of families                                                               many at Front Range and beyond.
                                                              students across America the opportunity to de-                         f
      show that over 50 percent of mothers with
                                                              velop their academic and technical skills.
      children less than one year of age are in the                                                                  A    TRIBUTE TO PHIL FRIEDMAN
                                                                 Perkins supports vocational education pro-
      labor force. Whereas women with infants and                                                                        AND COMPUTER GENERATE SO-
                                                              grams that prepare students for both postsec-
      toddlers are a rapidly growing segment of the                                                                      LUTIONS
                                                              ondary education and the careers of their
      labor force today, arrangements must be
                                                              choice. H.R. 366 maintains many of the as-
      made to allow a mother’s expressing of milk if
      mother and child must separate.
                                                              pects of the current legislation that have made                    HON. TOM LANTOS
                                                              these programs successful. In my home state                            OF CALIFORNIA
          The American Academy of Pediatrics rec-
                                                              of Rhode Island, federal funding is instru-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      ommends that mothers breastfeed exclusively
                                                              mental in the operations of nine regional cen-
      for six months but continuing for at least the                                                                              Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              ters, each offering a different mix of technical
      first year of a child’s life. Research studies                                                                    Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, on May 5, 2005
                                                              training programs. Additional career and tech-
      show that children who are not breastfed have                                                                  thirty years to the day after he arrived on this
                                                              nical programs are provided in numerous com-
      higher rates of mortality, meningitis, some                                                                    country’s shore, Phil Friedman will once again
                                                              prehensive high schools and at post-sec-
      types of cancers, asthma and other respiratory                                                                 cast his gaze on the awesome spectacle of
                                                              ondary institutions throughout the state. These
      illnesses, bacterial and viral infections,                                                                     the Statue of Liberty as so many other immi-
                                                              services are an integral component of edu-
      diarrhoeal diseases, ear infections, allergies,                                                                grants before and after him have done.
                                                              cation in Rhode Island and I strongly support
      and obesity. To encourage and promote                                                                             But this time, he will be seeing that spectac-
                                                              a continued federal role in career and tech-
      breastfeeding we are introducing the                                                                           ular symbol of America’s promise from his
                                                              nical education.
      Breastfeeding Promotion Act.                                                                                   new office, as the successful company that he
          Specifically, the Breastfeeding Promotion              The bill we are voting on today incorporates
                                                              several new ‘‘local uses of funds’’ that will help     founded two decades ago celebrates its move
      Act includes four provisions:
                                                              postsecondary programs serve their students            from Broadway to Lower Manhattan.
        Protects Breastfeeding Under Civil Rights
      Law: The bill clarifies the Pregnancy Dis-              better—particularly adults that take the initia-          Phil’s story is a singularly American one that
      crimination     Act   of    1978   to   protect         tive to return to school, enrolling in community       would have done Horatio Alger proud. It can
      breastfeeding under civil rights law. This              college career and technical education pro-            inspire other people who are U.S. citizens by
      will ensure that women cannot be fired or               grams.                                                 choice, such as me and my wife, as well as
      discriminated against in the workplace for                 I want to take this opportunity to express          anyone who understands what the American
      expressing milk or breastfeeding during                 one reservation about the reauthorization. The         dream is about.
      lunch or breaks.                                        merger of the Tech Prep program into the                  Phil Friedman came of age in the Soviet
        Provides Tax Incentives for Employers:
                                                              Basic State Grants will result in the loss of a        Union, where he was trained in electronic en-
      With more than half of mothers with infants
      (less than one year of age) in the work force,          separate line item for Tech Prep. Although the         gineering, accounting and finance before flee-
      it is important to promote a mother-friendly            bill seeks to ensure continued funding for             ing the oppressive Soviet system. After sur-
      work environment. The bill encourages em-               Tech Prep activities, community colleges fear          mounting the challenge of emigrating, he
      ployers to set up a safe, private, and sanitary         that the end result will be the loss of those          found that life in America as a new arrival was
      environment for women to express (or pump)              funds, rather than an addition to the Basic            no walk in the park—in order to succeed, he
      breast milk by providing a tax credit for em-           State Grants. Tech Prep programs utilize a             needed a better facility in English, and even
      ployers who set up a lactation location, pur-           proven, successful school-to-work transition           more professional credentials. So he went
      chase or rent lactation-related equipment,
                                                              strategy to assist students making the connec-         back to school while his wife, Rose, studied
      hire a lactation consultant or otherwise pro-
      mote a lactation-friendly work environment.             tion between school arid employment. I hope            accounting. After earning multiple degrees
      Many companies would be able to receive a               that a dedicated funding stream for Tech Prep          from New York University, he spent eight
      tax credit of up to fifty percent of their re-          will be reinstated in the conference on this bill      years in various positions in the information
      lated expenses.                                         with the Senate.                                       technology industry—first as a programmer,

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00006   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.019   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E889
      and then director of management information             While Kevin Kious served as a Navy Seabee              celebrates 20 years in the 26th District of
      systems.                                                in Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Free-          Texas. Flower Mound Elementary, a Blue Rib-
          Phil then took the plunge of entrepreneur-          dom, his son Marshall and wife Debbie orga-            bon School, prides itself on offering students
      ship and began his own company, which he                nized a care package program called ‘‘Treats           opportunities, which allow them to go farther
      called Computer Generated Solutions (CGS).              For Our Troops’’ which accepts and delivers            than an average education.
      Like its founder, CGS rose from humble begin-           hard to find supplies to our forces stationed             Flower Mound Elementary has been enrich-
      nings. At the start there were five employees           overseas. Now, Mr. Kious is back home, but             ing the lives of students, teachers and our
      in a small office in New York. The company              Treats For Our Troops—and countless other              community for two decades now. The founda-
      now employs more than 1000 professionals in             family-run efforts—still continues to send a           tion that Flower Mound Elementary and pri-
      offices across the country and around the               small piece of home to our brave men and               mary schools across our country provide is es-
      globe. Since its inception, both CGS and Phil           women across the globe.                                sential to the development and success of our
      have won numerous awards and gained the                    Today, I ask my colleagues to join me in            children in the long-term. Education is one of
      respect and praise of business analysts.                recognizing the contributions—and sacrifices—          the most important gifts we can give our chil-
          As CGS has expanded its operations, Phil            of our military spouses and families like the          dren and I commend Principal Gail Ownby
      Friedman has been mindful of the potential ef-          Kiouses who selflessly do so much for our              and all the teachers and staff at Flower Mound
      fect on the U.S. workforce. He has resisted             country while their loved ones answer their na-        Elementary for their continued commitment to
      the industry trend toward outsourcing services          tion’s call to service.                                our future, our children.
      and management positions, and has used the                                                                        Mr. Speaker, it is with great honor that I
      company’s overseas facilities primarily to                                                                     stand here today to honor Flower Mound Ele-
      serve customers in those regions. Not long                   CELEBRATING CINCO DE MAYO                         mentary and all those who serve the greater
      ago, he told a reporter that ‘‘In the rush to                                                                  good by making the choice to teach in today’s
      send so many jobs offshore,’’ the IT industry            HON. JUANITA MILLENDER-McDONALD                       education system.
      in this country was ‘‘neglecting our moral re-                            OF CALIFORNIA                                        f
      sponsibility to our employees. We said we                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      HONORING DR. ALICE S. PAUL
      needed these skills; now we’re abandoning
                                                                           Thursday, May 5, 2005
      these people.’’ CGS has made substantial in-                                                                                   ´
                                                                                                                              HON. RAUL M. GRIJALVA
      vestments in training its U.S. employees and               Ms. MILLENDER-MCDONALD. Mr. Speaker,
                                                                                                                                      OF ARIZONA
      developing their skills.                                today     Mexican       American     communities
                                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
          On May 5, 2005 Computer Generated Solu-             throughout America are celebrating Cinco de
      tions will inaugurate its new headquarters at           Mayo, and I want to take this opportunity to                        Thursday, May 5, 2005
      the World Financial Center in Lower Manhat-             join in commemorating this important day in                Mr. GRIJALVA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in
      tan, an event significant in its own right, since       Mexico’s history. Today marks the triumphant           honor of Dr. Alice S. Paul, an exceptional cit-
      it marks the continued rebirth of an area dev-          victory of the Mexican Army over the French            izen of my community, our country, and the
      astated by the September 11th attacks. It is a          that led to Mexico’s self-rule. It is a day that       Tohono O’odham Nation. Dr. Paul’s life, which
      fitting conclusion to this story that when Phil         symbolizes Mexican unity and patriotism, and           unfortunately ended too soon on May 3, 2005,
      Friedman moves into the new CGS office                  is a time of joy and national pride.                   exemplifies the impact of public education at a
      building, he won’t be gazing up at the Statue              The United States and Mexico have a long            time when we need to speak about its power.
      of Liberty looming overhead, but gazing out at          history of friendship and economic partnership.            Dr. Alice Paul is a product of public edu-
      the broad panorama of the harbor, Ellis Island          Today, there are more than 25 million men              cation and leaves a legacy of its worth. As a
      and a horizon as full of promise as any immi-           and women of Mexican American origin who               life-time educator, she extended the power of
      grant’s aspirations for a new life in the United        call America home. Mexican Americans have              public education far beyond her own experi-
      States.                                                 made great contributions to our nation.                ence. Her focus was early childhood edu-
          Mr. Speaker, Phil Friedman and his wife                They are our small business owners cre-             cation, and she traveled widely helping com-
      Rose have given much back to this country.              ating jobs for our communities, teachers and           munities improve their early childhood edu-
      They have thrown their time and energy into             other professionals. Mexican Americans are             cational systems. Her work had direct impact
      countless philanthropic efforts on behalf of nu-        government leaders, and today, there are               on the lives of young children and their fami-
      merous causes both here in America and in               eighteen Mexican American Members of Con-              lies throughout the United States, from rural
      Israel, for which they have received wide-              gress.                                                 Alaska to urban New Jersey. After her retire-
      spread and well-deserved recognition. The                  Mexican American culture has been deeply            ment she even served as a consultant to the
      Friedman’s and their children, Alyx and Jeff-           interwoven into the fabric of daily American life      Taiwanese educational system.
      ery, are truly the personification of the Amer-         and is part of the American experience. Their              Alice Paul accomplished many firsts. She
      ican dream. I urge all of my colleagues to join         contributions have made us a stronger and              was the first Tohono O’odham to receive a
      me in congratulating them on their successes,           more vibrant nation. Mexican Americans have            doctorate degree and the first to teach in Tuc-
      and wishing CGS the best of luck in its new             served in the Armed Forces defending our               son Unified School District. She was rooted in
      home.                                                   country and our freedom. In fact, today, more          her tribal identity, but her openness reached
                       f                                      than 8,700 men and women born in Mexico                far beyond. Whether meeting Native or non-
                                                              now wear the United States military uniform.           Native people, Americans or Chinese, Chris-
      RECOGNITION OF THE CONTRIBU-                               The United States and Mexico are neigh-             tians or Muslims, her strong and gentle wis-
       TIONS OF U.S. MILITARY FAMI-                           bors united by the common interests of secu-           dom left a positive mark—because of who she
       LIES AND SPOUSES                                       rity, prosperity and friendship. As we move for-       was.
                                                              ward in the 21st Century, we will continue                 Combining her exceptional personal quali-
                 HON. MELISSA L. BEAN                         working together with respect and commitment           ties, life experiences, and academic expertise,
                         OF ILLINOIS                          to our mutual goals.                                   Dr. Paul touched individuals, organizations,
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         So to my Mexican American constituents              and institutions. She was a classroom teacher.
                                                              and colleagues, I extend my warmest tribute in         She was a Field Representative of Tucson’s
                   Thursday, May 5, 2005                      celebration of Cinco de Mayo.                          Early Education Model and later Director of its
         Ms. BEAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay                             f                                    Follow Through Program which worked with
      tribute to the families and spouses of our                                                                     former Head Start children and their families
      United States Armed Forces.                                   CELEBRATING 20 YEARS AT                          through the third grade. She was a University
         Mr. Speaker, the family members of Amer-                  FLOWER MOUND ELEMENTARY                           of Arizona Associate Professor of Education,
      ica’s men and women in uniform have always                                                                     and she served as head of its Department of
      been one of our Nation’s greatest assets, and                   HON. MICHAEL C. BURGESS                        Teaching and Teacher Education. In later
      often our unsung heroes. Perhaps now as                                      OF TEXAS                          years, she was a member of the Arizona State
      much as ever, the support of our military fami-              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   Museum Board of Directors. She was Chair of
      lies on the Homefront is crucial to maintaining                                                                the T’ohono O’odham Community College
      the spirit of our warfighters.                                    Thursday, May 5, 2005                        Board of Trustees and realized its accredita-
         I would like to pay special recognition to the         Mr. BURGESS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            tion. The honors she received over the years
      work of the Kious family of Mundelein Illinois.         honor Flower Mound Elementary School as it             would fill a page.

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00007   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K05MY8.001   E05PT1
      E890                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                            May 5, 2005
         Initially, she postponed finishing college           tion, the history of this chamber and the proc-         HONORING FLORENCE TREPP ON
      when the family could not afford to send both           ess of law making. As their initial conversation             HER 80TH BIRTHDAY
      her and her younger brother to college. She             ended, Neil was so intrigued with Shirley that
      joined the United States Navy where she met             he immediately rushed over to the Senate side                      HON. JIM GIBBONS
      Richard Paul. When they married in 1952, it             to speak with her in person.                                              OF NEVADA
      was illegal for a Native American and a non-                As one who also was enamored with Con-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Native American to marry in Arizona, so they            gress and its steep traditions, I can see why
      traveled to New Mexico for a civil ceremony                                                                                Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              Bob was impressed by these same qualities.
      before returning to Tucson for a church wed-            Since that first meeting, she has served at the           Mr. GIBBONS. Mr. Speaker, devoted to her
      ding at Southside Presbyterian Church. Dr.              side of Bob, and later, myself as a trusted            family and her community, Mrs. Florence
      Paul grew up as a member of that faith com-             confidant and assistant.                               Trepp stands as a role model and inspiration
      munity and served as an Elder for over 50                                                                      to so many people in Nevada. As she pre-
                                                                  Bob was always proud of the caliber of his
      years. Her leadership abilities were recognized                                                                pares to celebrate her 80th birthday, she
                                                              staff, and Shirley was their foundation for her
      by the wider church, and she was elected                                                                       maintains an unyielding commitment to serve
                                                              fifteen years as Bob’s Executive Assistant. No
      Moderator of Presbytery de Cristo, was a con-                                                                  her community. She has served as an advo-
                                                              matter the crisis or the challenge of the re-
      sultant to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) re-                                                                cate for abused children, a dedicated volun-
                                                              quest, Shirley was always there for her co-
      garding its Christian education curriculum for                                                                 teer with numerous community organizations,
                                                              workers with steady-hand solutions. Bob al-
      children, and served on the national church’s                                                                  and a committed supporter of the Parasol
                                                              ways noticed her central role in holding staff
      Task Force on Reparations and its Commis-                                                                      Community Foundation.
                                                              together and he loved how her quiet leader-
      sion on Preparation for Ministry.                                                                                 Florence’s work with the Parasol Foundation
                                                              ship allowed her co-workers—his staff—to
         Dr. Paul had a wide world view which al-                                                                    specifically has enabled over 100 local non-
                                                              reach their full potential.
      lowed her to rise above conflict. She saw real                                                                 profit organizations to communicate and work
      problems and shared her opinions, but in a                  Shirley possesses a dedication to her job          together towards improving their community
      way which did not demean or incapacitate                and her co-workers that is unmatched by                and achieving their goals. Her son, Warren,
      those with whom she disagreed. She credited             most. She often worked deep into the night,            cofounded the Parasol Foundation almost 10
      her parents, Jones and Marianna Narcho, with            on weekends and routinely came in over the             years ago as a model for promoting collabora-
      teaching her the value of generosity and serv-          holidays. At times she placed her job before           tion among non-profit organizations. As an
      ice. Once when asked how she happened to                her family and it was clear that Bob and I             umbrella organization for numerous charities,
      get a doctorate degree, Dr. Paul laughed and            could always count on Shirley. A trusted con-          the Parasol Foundation creates an all inclu-
      said, ‘‘My mother told me to learn all I could.’’       fidant to many, she was always prepared and            sive,     safe     environment      encouraging
         As a Native American, Dr. Paul observed              left nothing to chance. Over time it was easy          groundbreaking ideas, sharing of information
      and experienced serious inequities and viola-           to see why so many of the people who worked            avoiding duplication of projects, programs and
      tions of civil rights. She recalled that her father     with her hold Shirley in such high regard.             services, producing efficiency by saving time
      was arrested when he had a stroke on the                    When I think of Shirley many things imme-          and money for each agency. Florence has
      sidewalk in front of their home. Because he             diately come to mind. As many of you know,             staunchly supported these efforts which in
      was an Indian, the police presumed him to be            she might just have the biggest heart of any-          turn, have benefited the entire Lake Tahoe
      drunk, and he died in jail of wounds that could         one in this town. She was always perfectly             community.
      never be explained. Even though the pain of             poised, even on the most hectic of days and               Florence is guided by her passion and by
      that recollection stayed fresh, she used all her        under the most trying of circumstances. For fif-       her faith. Her passion to help others and her
      life experiences to become the outstanding              teen years she was the hub of the wheel that           sense of civic duty has propelled her to help
      woman she was.                                          kept the Matsui office strong.                         others and better her community. In her short
         As a Congressional District, as Nations, we              Shirley Queja is the mother of two beautiful       time in Nevada, she has become an inspira-
      could not be more privileged than to have had           and intelligent daughters, Noelani and                 tion for all. Florence has also a strong faith
      Dr. Alice Paul live and work among us.                  Haunani. Both get their artistic talents and           that helps her navigate the challenges of life.
                       f                                      love for the Hawaiian culture from their par-          One of her most cherished memories is meet-
                                                              ents. Haunani attends the University of Hawaii         ing the Pope and actually speaking to him in
          TRIBUTE TO SHIRLEY QUEJA                            and Noelani attends the University of Mary-            Polish, her native tongue.
                                                              land.                                                     Thirteen years ago, Florence had surgery
                HON. DORIS O. MATSUI                              She is the devoted wife to Irving, her hus-        for lung cancer. She thankfully is a survivor
                        OF CALIFORNIA                         band of twenty-three years. They are both un-          and never takes one day for granted. She en-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      doubtedly looking forward to her retirement. Irv       joys the simple pleasures of life . . . including
                    Thursday, May 5, 2005                     too worked for Senator Matsunaga and now               a good cup of hot coffee and America’s favor-
                                                              works with the Senate Sergeant at Arms. In             ite pastime, baseball. And Florence has a
         Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in                                                                    deep appreciation for her family, her friends,
      tribute to Shirley Queja, a dear friend and un-         his spare time he plays guitar and sings with
                                                              the Aloha Boys, a local Hawaiian musical               and people in general. She is always ready to
      deniably one the most dependable, dedicated                                                                    lend a helping hand to those in need.
      and trustworthy individuals on Capitol Hill.            group. Both Shirley and Irv plan to remain ac-
                                                              tive with the Halau O’Aulani, a Hawaiian cul-             Her nickname in Polish is yacumda which
      After twenty-seven years of service to three                                                                   means joy . . . and joy is what Florence
      members of Congress, she is retiring. As her            tural school in Maryland.
                                                                                                                     brings to everyone she meets. Her commit-
      friends, family and peers gather to celebrate               Shirley, from the bottom of my heart, I thank
                                                                                                                     ment to helping people and her community is
      Shirley’s wonderful career, I ask all of my col-        you for everything you have done for the Mat-
                                                                                                                     admirable. I am proud to call her a Nevadan
      leagues to join me in honoring one of the Cap-          sui family. I am sure you never planned to
                                                                                                                     and to call her my friend. I wish her a very
      itol’s finest professional. staff members.              stay in Washington so long, but we are all so
                                                                                                                     happy birthday and thank her for her
         The child of Millie and Sabas Dumlao and             glad that you have. All of us wish you a joyful
                                                                                                                     unyielding commitment to serving her commu-
      an older sister to four brothers, Shirley grew          and long retirement. Brian, Amy, Anna and I
      up in the small town of Wahiawa on the island           keep a special place for you in our hearts.
      of Oahu. She is a graduate of the University                Mr. Speaker, Members of Congress search
      of Hawaii and came to Washington in 1978 to             far and wide for staff members like Shirley, but       THE GENERATING RETIREMENT
      work for the late Senator Spark Matsunaga.              if we are honest with ourselves, we will admit          OWNERSHIP   THROUGH    LONG-
      Shirley served as the Senator’s longtime as-            that she is an original. I am honored to pay            TERM HOLDING ACT OF 2005
      sistant from 1978 until his passing in 1990.            tribute to Shirley Queja as she ends her twen-
         In 1990, my husband Bob was looking for a            ty-seven years of distinguished service on                             HON. PAUL RYAN
      new Executive Assistant. That was when Neil             Capitol Hill. Her contributions to my office and                         OF WISCONSIN
      Dhillon, his Chief of Staff, came across Shir-          this body are immense and her personal                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      ley’s resume. After speaking to Shirley, Neil           friendship has been immeasurable. I ask all
      was immediately drawn to her, not by her im-            my colleagues to join with me in celebrating                     Thursday, May 5, 2005
      pressive professional experience, but instead,          the career of this consummate professional               Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker, I,
      he was drawn to her passion for this institu-           and extraordinary person.                              along with Congressman WILLIAM JEFFERSON,

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00008   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.025   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E891
      introduced today the Generating Retirement                 Like most of us, Dr. Clark’s mother played          dolls of different colors helped convince the
      Ownership Through Long-Term Holding                     an important role in his educational commit-           U.S. Supreme Court that racially segregated
      (‘‘GROWTH’’) Act of 2005. We introduced this            ment. She insisted in 1920’s America that he           public schools were inherently unequal, died
                                                                                                                     of cancer May 1 at his home in Hastings-on-
      important legislation in an effort to address           not go to vocational school as advocated by
                                                                                                                     Hudson, N.Y.
      one of the issues making it difficult for today’s       guidance counselors. Instead, she was deter-              In the seminal 1954 desegregation case in
      working investors to save for retirement. Most          mined that her son could do and was worthy             U.S. history, Brown v. Board of Education,
      of our Nation’s mutual fund shareholders re-            of much more. She stressed to him the value            the court used Dr. Clark’s findings to but-
      port that retirement is the primary purpose for         of a quality education and he worked to en-            tress its ruling that ‘‘separate but equal’’
      which they are saving. Almost 50 percent of             sure that same standard for all Americans.             public schools encouraged feelings of inferi-
      U.S. households now own mutual funds, and                  Dr. Clark worked to restructure the public          ority among black children, not only dam-
      72 percent of fund investors say that their pri-        school systems in New York and Washington.             aging their self-esteem but also adversely af-
      mary goal is to save for retirement.                                                                           fecting their ability to learn.
                                                              Committed to the importance of integration                As early as 1939, Dr. Clark and his wife,
         Mutual fund investors are overwhelmingly             and the value of a quality education, Dr. Clark        Mamie Phipps Clark, had begun conducting
      middle-income Americans investing for the               proposed major reforms in the school systems           tests to assess black youngsters’ self-percep-
      long term. For many of these investors, mutual          that would bring students from different back-         tion. Using dolls they bought for 50 cents
      funds are the low-cost, professionally man-             grounds together and would challenge them              apiece at the Woolworth’s on 125th Street in
      aged, diversified way in which they are saving          academically.                                          Harlem (one of the few places that sold black
      on their own for retirement. Currently, inves-             Needless to say, Dr. Clark has long been a          dolls), they showed groups of black and
      tors who buy shares in a mutual fund and hold                                                                  white children two black dolls and two white
                                                              vocal and critical advocate for sound edu-
      for the long term nevertheless find themselves                                                                 dolls and asked them to choose which doll
                                                              cation policy and social justice. His research         was nice, which was pretty and which was
      taxed as they go—even though no fund                    has already had a great impact on this coun-           bad. The data from their tests showed that
      shares were sold and no income was re-                  try. I would further honor my dear friend, Dr.         both groups overwhelmingly favored the
      ceived. This legislation, which I’m proud to in-        Kenneth B. Clark, by inserting the following           white dolls.
      troduce along with my distinguished colleague,          two tributes to his memory. The first is a state-         Dr. Clark concluded that the children he
      Congressman JEFFERSON of Louisiana, allows              ment issued by Dennis Courtland Hayes, In-             studied, ‘‘like other human beings who are
      mutual fund shareholders to keep more of                terim President and CEO of the NAACP, and              subjected to an obviously inferior status in
      their own money to work for them longer by                                                                     the society in which they live, have been
                                                              Julian Bond, Chairman of the NAACP Board               definitely harmed in the development of
      deferring—not avoiding—capital gains taxes              of Directors. The second is a piece from the
      until they actually sell their investment. The                                                                 their personalities; that the signs of insta-
                                                              Washington Post about the research and life            bility in their personalities are clear. . . .’’
      ‘‘GROWTH’’ Act makes it easier for these indi-          of Dr. Clark.                                             Dr. Clark repeated the experiment in 1950
      viduals to meet their goals and enjoy a secure                                                                 in Clarendon County, S.C., where white stu-
                                                              NAACP MOURNS DEATH OF KENNETH B.
      retirement.                                               CLARK, PSYCHOLOGIST AND EDUCATOR WHO                 dents in the school system received more
         Those investors who opt in advance to                  HELPED END SCHOOL SEGREGATION                        than 60 percent of the funds earmarked for
      leave capital gains generated by the fund                 Dr. Clark was a national authority on the
                                                                                                                     education, even though the schools had three
      manager reinvested in the fund are doing what                                                                  times as many black students. The results
                                                              negative effects of entrenched segregation.
      so many policymakers want to see—they are                 May 2, 2005.—The NAACP mourns the pass-              confirmed, in Dr. Clark’s view, that the
      holding for the long term, contributing to na-          ing of Dr. Kenneth B. Clark, whose                     black children saw themselves as inferior.
                                                                                                                        Thurgood Marshall, then an attorney for
      tional savings, and building up their own retire-       groundbreaking studies of African American
                                                                                                                     the NAACP, seized on Dr. Clark’s findings as
      ment nest egg. Tax treatment that annually              children in the south influenced the U.S. Su-
                                                                                                                     evidence that segregated schools did harm
      shrinks the amount saved—rather than taxing             preme Court to rule that school segregation
                                                                                                                     and that minority-only schools violated the
      the sale of fund shares when the investor taps          was unconstitutional. Clark died yesterday
                                                                                                                     14th Amendment because they could not
                                                              at his home in Hastings-on-the-Hudson, N.Y.
      the savings—only frustrates the behavior that             NAACP Interim President and CEO Dennis
                                                                                                                     meet the separate-but-equal standard en-
      so many other provisions in the tax code try                                                                   shrined by the court in the case of Plessy v.
                                                              Courtland Hayes said: ‘‘Dr. Clark made a
      to encourage.                                                                                                  Ferguson more than a half-century earlier.
                                                              monumental contribution to the 1954 Brown
         The GROWTH Act will encourage Ameri-                                                                           Some of Marshall’s colleagues on the case
                                                              v. Board of Education decision that has prov-
                                                                                                                     were dismissive, even derisive, of Dr. Clark’s
      cans to save more and to save for the long              en so important in this country. His research
                                                                                                                     dolls. They assumed Marshall would use the
      term to better prepare for a secure retirement.         has been key to the understanding by Afri-
                                                                                                                     social-science findings tangentially, but the
      I urge my colleagues to join us in this effort          can Americans that we are all created equal
                                                                                                                     data turned out to be decisive. The court ac-
      and cosponsor this legislation.                         in the eyes of God and to value our herit-
                                                                                                                     cepted Dr. Clark’s premise that school seg-
                       f                                        Clark’s research verified the damaging ef-
                                                                                                                     regation contributed heavily to the psycho-
                                                                                                                     logical damage of black youngsters.
      IN HONOR OF THE RESEARCH AND                            fect of racial segregation to black school                Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote that sepa-
                                                              children in the early 1950’s. This testimony
        CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE LATE                                                                                    rating black children from white children
                                                              was used by attorney Thurgood Marshall and             ‘‘solely because of their race generates a
        DR. KENNETH B. CLARK                                  the NAACP to challenge the constitu-                   feeling of inferiority as to their status in the
                                                              tionality of the separate-but-equal doctrine           community that may affect the children’s
              HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL                          that violated the equal protection clause of           heart and minds in a way unlikely ever to be
                        OF NEW YORK                           the Fourteenth Amendment.                              undone.’’
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                        Clark’s testing of children in South Caro-              A decade later, Dr. Clark observed: ‘‘The
                                                              lina showed that African American children             court saw the issue clearly and in the same
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                       educated in a segregated school system saw             human terms in which [African Americans]
         Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to             themselves as inferior and, as he wrote, ‘‘ac-         had felt it. A racist system inevitably de-
      recognize and honor the research and con-               cepted the inferiority as part of reality.’’           stroys and damages human beings; it brutal-
      tributions of the late Dr. Kenneth B. Clark who           In 1961, Clark was awarded the Spingarn              izes and dehumanizes them, blacks and
                                                              Medal, the NAACP’s highest award. Clark, a
      passed away on Monday. In his 90 years, Dr.                                                                    whites alike.’’
                                                              longtime professor at City College of New                 Kenneth Bancroft Clark was born in the
      Clark through his research helped to end seg-           York, wrote several influential books and ar-
      regation, fought to improve educational oppor-                                                                 Panama Canal Zone in 1914. When he was 5,
                                                              ticles advancing the cause of integration.             his mother decided to move to the United
      tunities and services in minority communities,            Founded in 1909, the National Association            States with her son and 2-year-old daughter,
      and drew attention to the psychological chal-           for the Advancement of Colored People is the           even though her husband vehemently ob-
      lenges of minorities.                                   nation’s oldest and largest civil rights orga-         jected. The family, without the father, set-
         Dr. Clark’s research as an educational psy-          nization. Its half-million adult and youth             tled in Harlem.
      chologist focused on the effects of racial preju-       members throughout the United States and                  Dr. Clark recalled that when he started
      dices in shaping identity and influencing edu-          the world are the premier advocates for civil          school, Harlem was still integrated. By the
                                                              rights in their communities and monitor                time he reached the ninth grade, his school
      cational achievement. His research dem-
                                                              equal opportunity in the public and private            was predominantly black, and teachers were
      onstrated that segregation cultivated feelings          sectors.
      of inferiority in minority students. Thurgood                                                                  encouraging black students to go to voca-
                                                                                                                     tional school.
      Marshall convincingly used Dr. Clark’s re-               KENNETH CLARK DIES; HELPED DESEGREGATE                   ‘‘Mama stormed into school, more the shop
      search on inferiority in segregated school sys-                           SCHOOLS                              steward than the lady she usually was,’’ Dr.
      tems to argue that ‘‘separate but equal’’ was             May 3, 2005.—Kenneth B. Clark, 90, an edu-           Clark recalled in a 1964 interview with the
      unconstitutional.                                       cational psychologist whose experiment with            New York Post. ‘‘She told my counselor, ‘I

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00009   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.029   E05PT1
      E892                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                           May 5, 2005
      don’t give a damn where you send your son,              later years that perhaps he had devoted him-           $35 billion on uncompensated care for individ-
      but mine isn’t going to any vocational                  self to a lost cause. He felt that many old al-        uals who don’t have health insurance, with
      school. . . .’’                                         lies in the battle for an integrated, nonracist        federal, state and local governments covering
        Dr. Clark graduated from George Wash-                 society, both black and white, had aban-
      ington High School in New York City and
                                                                                                                     as much as 85 percent. Wouldn’t it be better
                                                              doned the struggle. He also lived long enough
      then enrolled at Howard University, where               to witness an evolving uncertainty about               for American families, and also more cost ef-
      Ralph J. Bunche, a political science pro-               Brown v. Board of Education and the unreal-            fective, to transfer a large share of these
      fessor and later a Nobel Peace Prize winner,            ized benefits of school integration.                   funds to a new program to subsidize the cost
      became a mentor. He received his under-                   ‘‘I look back and I shudder and say, ‘Oh             of covering the uninsured? We spend millions
      graduate degree in psychology from Howard               God, you really were as naive as some people           treating illnesses diagnosed at later stages,
      in 1935 and his master’s degree in the same             said you were,’ ’’ he told The Post in 1990.           thus requiring more costly treatments, be-
      discipline from there the following year. He            ‘‘My life has been a series of glorious de-            cause we didn’t offer people the screenings to
      taught psychology at Howard in the 1937–38              feats.’’
      school year.                                              Survivors include a daughter, Kate C. Har-           catch these problems earlier. This is the least
        In 1940, he became the first black person to          ris of Lausanne, Switzerland, and Osprey,              efficient way possible to treat people. While
      receive a doctorate in psychology from Co-              Fla.; a son, Hilton B. Clark of New York               we may not be in the best of economic times,
      lumbia University. Years later, while teach-            City; three grandchildren; and five great-             if we made this issue a priority and committed
      ing at Columbia, he would mediate between               grandchildren.                                         ourselves to spending our health care dollars
      students who had taken over a campus build-                              f                                     more wisely, we could offer all Americans ac-
      ing and administrators trying to oust them.                                                                    cess to quality, affordable care.
        From 1939 to 1941, Dr. Clark participated in                HEALTH INSURANCE CRISIS
      a study of U.S. race relations headed by the
                                                                                                                        With these principles of efficiency and inclu-
      Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal. The re-                                    SPEECH OF
                                                                                                                     sion in mind, I have developed a model for
      sults of the study were published in the book                                                                  universal health insurance. Introduced last
      ‘‘An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem                         HON. JAMES R. LANGEVIN                        year as the American Health Benefits Plan.
      and Modern Democracy’’ (1944), a milestone                               OF RHODE ISLAND                       This bill is modeled after the Federal Employ-
      in the nation’s gathering awareness of the                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   ees Health Benefits Program—which everyone
      corrosive effects of racial prejudice.                                                                         in this chamber is familiar with, as it offers
        Dr. Clark was an assistant professor of psy-                       Tuesday, May 3, 2005
                                                                                                                     coverage to Members of Congress, their fami-
      chiatry at the Hampton (Va.) Institute in                  Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to ac-
      1940–41, and he joined the psychology depart-                                                                  lies and staffs.
                                                              knowledge ‘‘Cover the Uninsured Week.’’                   Under my proposal, private companies will
      ment at the City College of New York in
                                                              Many of us have heard from our constituents            compete to offer health insurance, attracting
        In 1946, Dr. Clark and his wife founded the           this week, asking that we make health insur-           enrollees on the basis of benefits as well as
      nonprofit Northside Testing and Consulta-               ance coverage a top priority in the 109th Con-         efficiency, service, and lower premiums. The
      tion Center in New York City to provide psy-            gress. America’s families are living in fear that      government should make a substantial con-
      chological services to Harlem residents. He             someone they love might develop a health               tribution to every American’s premium, and for
      later accused the New York City school sys-             problem they can’t afford. We must begin a             those for whom paying a portion of the pre-
      tem of allowing de facto segregation in some            meaningful dialogue about this problem that
      of its schools. Although school officials de-                                                                  mium would be a hardship, the government
                                                              will continue until every American has access          should offer subsidies—as we currently do
      nied his charges, an investigation confirmed
      them and led to major reforms.
                                                              to quality, affordable health insurance.               under Medicaid. Employers should continue to
        In 1960, Dr. Clark became the first black                This national disgrace has reached crisis           contribute to the health care system, and they
      tenured professor at City College, and in 1966          proportions. Forty-five million Americans—             can do so through a payroll tax, which would
      the first black person to be elected to the             more than 8 million of whom are children, and          fund the government contribution—but the bur-
      New York state Board of Regents, where he               more than 80 percent of whom live in working           den of negotiating and administering health
      served for 20 years.                                    families—are one ambulance trip away from fi-
        In the early 1970s, the District of Columbia                                                                 care plans should be taken on by the govern-
                                                              nancial devastation.                                   ment.
      school board hired Dr. Clark as a consultant
                                                                 I was pleased to join Leader PELOSI and                A national template for this model already
      to revamp the schools. He submitted a com-
      prehensive plan to focus on reading, mathe-             other Democrats in cosponsoring three bills in-        exists. FEHBP manages health insurance for
      matics and the measurement of teacher                   troduced this week as part of the Democrats’           more than 8 million federal employees, annu-
      skills through student achievement. The                 plan to build on programs that already work.           itants and dependents. This program is admin-
      ‘‘Clark plan’’ sparked controversy between              Together, the Family Care Act, the Medicare            istered by the Office of Personnel Manage-
      the school board and the teachers union, and            Early Access Act and the Small Business                ment, which assumes responsibility for ap-
      Dr. Clark cut his ties with the District after          Health Insurance Promotion Act would cover
      two years, with only pieces of his plan imple-                                                                 proving or disapproving carriers, negotiating
                                                              over half of all uninsured Americans. I have           benefit and rate changes, and auditing car-
        He left with a rebuke of Superintendent
                                                              also been proud to be a part of other initia-          riers’ operations under the law. With adminis-
      Hugh Scott. ‘‘I’m glad the superintendent               tives, both nationally and in my home state of         trative costs of less than 1 percent, OPM has
      laughs at critics,’’ he told The Washington             Rhode Island to preserve and expand existing           managed to offer a wide variety of health care
      Post in April 1972. ‘‘I’m glad he can laugh at          health insurance programs for retirees, chil-          choices and protections to federal employees.
      anything. I can’t laugh at the fact that these          dren with disabilities, and adults attempting to          Mr. Speaker, I believe that the federal gov-
      kids are no better off now than two years               return to the workforce. These are all impor-          ernment should offer this kind of coverage and
      ago.’’                                                  tant aspects to addressing the health care cri-
        Dr. Clark retired from teaching in 1975 and                                                                  oversight to all Americans. I sincerely hope to
                                                              sis, and I am honored to be part of building           continue this dialogue with my colleagues, be-
      formed a consulting firm that specialized in
      equal employment opportunity and affirma-               momentum around a solution.                            yond ‘‘Cover the Uninsured Week,’’ but this is
      tive action. He was the author of numerous                 Our small business owners know we are in            an important place to start.
      books, including ‘‘Prejudice and Your Child’’           a crisis. Rising health care costs are under-
      (1955), ‘‘Dark Ghetto’’ (1965), ‘‘A Possible Re-        mining their ability to purchase coverage for
      ality’’ (1972) and ‘‘Pathos of Power’’ (1975).          their employees. They are frustrated with the          IN   SPECIAL  RECOGNITION  OF
        Dr. Clark’s wife, his closest colleague, died         increasing burden of negotiating and admin-              JOHN D. MOONSHOWER ON HIS
      in 1983.                                                istering health care plans, and they are taking          APPOINTMENT TO ATTEND THE
        Always one to speak his mind, Dr. Clark
      continued to express his support for integra-
                                                              on extra costs or passing them on to employ-             UNITED    STATES   MILITARY
      tion, although as the years passed he began             ees just to maintain level coverage. Without             ACADEMY AT WEST POINT
      to express dismay at the lack of progress in            systemic change, these problems will continue
      race relations.                                         to threaten the health security of all Ameri-                    HON. PAUL E. GILLMOR
        ‘‘I believed in the 1950s that a significant          cans.                                                                      OF OHIO
      percentage of Americans were looking for a                 What frustrates me most about the health
      way out of the morass of segregation,’’ he                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              insurance crisis is what little attention it re-
      told the New York Times in 1984. ‘‘It was                                                                                 Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              ceives. But I believe that with the proper
      wishful thinking. It took me 10 to 15 years to
      realize that I seriously underestimated the             amount of consideration and planning, the                Mr. GILLMOR. Mr. Speaker, it is my great
      depth and complexity of Northern racism.’’              health care system in America can be saved.            pleasure to pay special tribute to an out-
        Once described by a colleague as ‘‘the in-            An enormous amount of money circulates                 standing young man from Ohio’s Fifth Con-
      corrigible integrationist,’’ he lamented in             through our health care system—we spend                gressional District. I am happy to announce

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00010   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.033   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E893
      that John D. Moonshower of Ohio City, Ohio              According to Amnesty International, he was                HONORING MERRITT COLLEGE
      has been offered an appointment to attend the           harassed in 2002 when his home was be-
      United States Military Academy at West Point,           sieged by the tyrant’s thugs. Despite the con-                     HON. BARBARA LEE
      New York.                                               stant threat of oppression, harassment, and                             OF CALIFORNIA
         John’s offer of appointment poises him to            torture, Mr. Grave de Peralta continued his               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      attend the United States Military Academy this          peaceful, pro-democracy activities.
      fall with the incoming cadet class of 2009. At-                                                                            Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                                 In March 2003, as part of Castro’s heinous             Ms. LEE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor
      tending one of our nation’s military academies
                                                              crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy activ-             Merritt College, one of the 9th Congressional
      is an invaluable experience that offers a world-
                                                              ists, Mr. Grave de Peralta was arrested. Sub-          District’s outstanding institutions of higher edu-
      class education and demands the very best
      that these young men and women have to                  sequently, in a sham trial, he was sentenced           cation, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
      offer. Truly, it is one of the most challenging         to 20 years in the totalitarian gulag.                    Located in the East Oakland hills, Merritt
      and rewarding undertakings of their lives.                 Mr. Grave de Peralta is representative of           College is part of the Peralta Community Col-
         John brings an enormous amount of leader-            the fighting spirit of the Cuban people: of their      lege District in Alameda County. Merritt Col-
      ship, service, and dedication to the incoming           rejection of the brutality, discrimination, de-        lege is named for one of the pioneer devel-
      class of West Point cadets. While attending             pravity, and oppression of the totalitarian tyr-       opers of Oakland, Dr. Samuel Merritt, who first
      Van Wert High School in Van Wert, John has              anny. Thousands languish in the gulag be-              came to Oakland in 1850. When the commu-
      attained a grade point average of 3.97, which           cause, like Mr. Grave de Peralta, they refuse          nity college concept was still evolving, Merritt
      places him near the top of his class of more            to accept the tyrannical dictatorship in Cuba          College and one of its sister campuses, Laney
      than one hundred fifty students. While a gifted         today.                                                 College, were known earlier as the Merritt
      athlete, John has maintained the highest                                                                       School of Business and the Joseph C. Laney
                                                                 Mr. Speaker, it is as inconceivable as it is        Trade and Technical Institute. In July of 1953,
      standards of excellence in his academics,
                                                              unacceptable that, while the world stands by           the Board of Education created Oakland Jun-
      choosing to enroll and excel in Advanced
                                                              in silence and acquiescence, Mr. Grave de              ior College, developing Laney and Merritt as
      Placement classes throughout high school.
                                                              Peralta languishes in the horror of the totali-        separate and distinct campuses of the new in-
      John has been a member of the National
      Honor Society, Honor Roll, Beta Club, Key               tarian gulag because of his belief in freedom,         stitution. The following year Merritt added a
      Club, and has earned awards and accolades               democracy, and human rights. My Colleagues,            liberal arts curriculum to the already estab-
      as a scholar and an athlete.                            we must demand the immediate and uncondi-              lished business program, and in June 1955,
         Outside the classroom, John has distin-              tional release of Leonel Grave de Perlata              the first students graduated with Associate in
      guished himself as an excellent student-ath-            Almenares and every political prisoner in to-          Arts degrees.
      lete. On the fields of competition, John has            talitarian Cuba.                                          In November 1963, local residents voted to
      earned letters in Varsity Football, Baseball and                                                               establish a separate junior college district,
      Basketball. He was named Co-Captain of the                                f                                    which was named in honor of Sgt. Luis Maria
      Varsity Basketball team and served as Presi-                                                                   Peralta, the 19th-century owner of the 44,800
      dent of the Spanish Club, Vice President of             INTRODUCTION    OF  THE  SEP-                          acres throughout which the district campuses
      the Beta Club and as Senior class representa-             TEMBER 11TH ASSISTANCE TAX                           are located. The following summer, the Board
      tive. John’s dedication and service to the com-           CLARIFICATION ACT                                    of Education voted to offer vocational, tech-
      munity and his peers has proven his ability to                                                                 nical and liberal arts courses on each of the
      excel among the leaders at West Point. I have                                                                  existing campuses. In 1965, voters passed a
      no doubt that John will take the lessons of his                HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                         $47 million bond issue for the construction of
      student leadership with him to West Point.                                 OF NEW YORK                         additional campuses, and in 1971 Merritt Col-
         Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me                                                                 lege moved from Grove Street to its current
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   home in the East Oakland hills.
      in congratulating John D. Moonshower on his
      appointment to the United States Military                                                                         Since that time, the faculty and students at
                                                                          Thursday, May 5, 2005
      Academy at West Point. Our service acad-                                                                       Merritt College have continued the campus’
      emies offer the finest military training and edu-         Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, today I and               tradition of academic excellence. Offering pro-
      cation available anywhere in the world. I am            several other New York Lawmakers introduced            grams in over 70 different academic and voca-
      sure that John will do very well during his ca-         legislation to protect lower Manhattan busi-           tional fields, Merritt enrolls more than 6,500
      reer at West Point and I ask my colleagues to           nesses and residents from having to pay any            students each semester and equips its grad-
      join me in wishing him well as he begins his            taxes on 9/11 recovery assistance.                     uates for careers in law, medicine, art, nurs-
      service to the nation.                                                                                         ing, government, radiological technology, early
                                                                 Despite a prior announcement by the IRS             childhood education and more. Merritt offers
                       f                                      they were planning to exempt Lower Manhat-             day and evening programs of transfer, tech-
      FREEDOM FOR LEONEL GRAVE DE                             tan residents from most, if not all taxes, on          nical, occupational and basic skills education,
          PERALTA ALMENARES                                   Federal Grants given to them to recover from           and its programs and services have histori-
                                                              9/11 or grants given as incentive to move to           cally been provided by distinguished faculty
             HON. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART                         or stay in the area, the IRS has made a deter-         and staff who are widely known and respected
                                                              mination to tax aid received. A February 5,            in their disciplines.
                         OF FLORIDA
                                                              2003 letter received by the Acting Commis-                In addition, the student body at Merritt Col-
                                                              sioner, Bob Wenzel, stated the following:              lege represents a variety of cultures from
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                                                                              throughout the U.S. and the world. Merritt is
                                                                The legislation enacted in 2001 and 2002
         Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of Florida. Mr.              that appropriated $2.7 billion of CDBG funds           known for its outreach efforts and initiatives
      Speaker, I rise today to speak about Leonel             to aid in the recovery of New York City did            that seek to make education available to all,
      Grave de Peralta Almenares, a political pris-           not provide that the grants made from those            as evidenced by its work at the Fruitvale Edu-
      oner in totalitarian Cuba.                              funds were exempt from income tax. In addi-            cation Center, local high schools and child
         Mr. Grave de Peralta is a member of the              tion, neither the Victims of Terrorist At-             care centers, and at Oakland City training cen-
      Christian Liberation Movement and an inde-              tacks Relief Act of 2001 nor the Liberty Zone          ters for the police and fire departments. Merritt
      pendent librarian. According to Human Rights            Benefits provision of the Job Creation and             College sets a leading example of the steps
      First, as director of the Bartolome Maso Li-´           Workers Assistance Act of 2002 specifically            that our educational institutions must take in
                                                              exempted the grant payments from income
      brary, Mr. Grave de Peralta had a circulation                                                                  order to make high-caliber educational experi-
                                                              tax. Therefore, we have had to apply existing
      record of over 700 book loans. His life is dedi-        general federal tax law principles to deter-           ences and credentials available, accessible
      cated to the proposition that the men and               mine the tax status of the grants.                     and affordable to all.
      women of Cuba must be free: free to learn,                                                                        On Friday, May 6, 2005, our community
      free to worship, free to enjoy their inalienable           As incredible as it sounds, the IRS will tax        joins together to celebrate the innumerable
      human rights.                                           this assistance unless we act. It was never the        contributions Merritt College has made to Oak-
         Unfortunately, Mr. Grave de Peralta has              intention of this Congress to tax any of this          land and the East Bay during the past half-
      been targeted by the totalitarian regime be-            money and it is time to pass this legislation to       century. Particularly during a time when our
      cause of his belief in freedom and democracy.           prevent this unfair and unjust tax.                    educational system is facing new and growing

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00011   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.037   E05PT1
      E894                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                              May 5, 2005
      challenges, it is important for us to be able to        It’s a reminder of the proud heritage of many           RECOGNIZING THE 60TH ANNIVER-
      look to exemplary institutions such as Merritt          Americans and the warm and growing friend-               SARY OF VICTORY IN EUROPE
      for encouragement and inspiration. On behalf            ship between two great nations. It’s a day               (V–E) DAY DURING WORLD WAR
      of the 9th Congressional District, I salute and         worth celebrating. Today we recognize the                II
      congratulate Merritt College for 50 extraor-            continuous efforts to bring the community to-                              SPEECH OF
      dinary years of service to our community.               gether through the Pike Park Advisory Council
      Merritt’s students and stewards have dem-
                                                              and the Pike Park Preservation League.                              HON. STEVE BUYER
      onstrated that an institution of higher edu-                                                                                       OF INDIANA
      cation can not only be dynamic and innova-                 Originally called Summit Play Park, Pike                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      tive, but can truly be a force for hope, commu-         Park was constructed in 1915 and through the
                                                                                                                                  Tuesday, May 3, 2005
      nity empowerment and social change.                     efforts of the Consul General from Mexico.
                                                                                                                         Mr. BUYER. Mr. Speaker, today the Con-
                       f                                      The Mexican American children of the neigh-
                                                                                                                      gress recognized the 60th anniversary of Vic-
                                                              borhood were finally allowed to use the park
       OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY MONTH                                                                                     tory in Europe Day. World War II was a defin-
                                                              and swimming pool in the mid 1930’s                     ing moment in the lives of our Nation’s Great-
              HON. PATRICK J. KENNEDY                           The name changed in 1927 to Pike Park                 est Generation. Men and women whose early
                      OF RHODE ISLAND                         Recreation Center named after Mr. Edgar                 youth was shaped in the ordeal of the Great
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Pike, a member of the Dallas Park Board.                Depression showed the values formed in that
                                                              Pike Park has served as the site of the ‘‘Fies-         crucible when tyranny threatened a world.
                   Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              tas Patrias’’ (Cinco de Mayo and Dies y Sies            More than 4 million Americans served in our
         Mr. KENNEDY of Rhode Island. Mr. Speak-                                                                      armed forces in the cauldron of Europe. Near-
      er, just last week, our nation recognized April         de Septiembre) since the late 1930’s.
                                                                                                                      ly 200,000 of them made the ultimate sacrifice
      as Occupational Therapy Month. Occupational                Pike Park has also served as the bastion for         there serving the cause of freedom. Today, as
      therapy is a health, education, wellness, and           civic and social events of the Mexican-Amer-            we must every day, we recognize and honor
      rehabilitation service that helps individuals en-       ican community for over 65 years.                       the service and sacrifices made by them and
      gage in everyday activities, or ‘‘occupations.’’          It is with great pride that I recognize the           by our allies fighting by their side. Their leg-
      More than 100,000 licensed occupational                                                                         acy—and the legacy of their generation—is a
                                                              Pike Park Advisory Council and the Pike Park
      therapists and occupational therapy assistants                                                                  freer world of opportunity and equality, which
      provide services to children and adults in a va-        Preservation League are duly recognized as
                                                              the future coordinators of the ‘‘Fiestas                we inherit with gratitude and serve with humil-
      riety of settings across the nation, including                                                                  ity.
      766 in my home state of Rhode Island. Serv-             Patrias’’.
      ices are provided by qualified professionals
      whose training includes anatomy and physi-                                 f                                    HONORING THE SERVICEMEMBERS
      ology, sociology, and psychology, including                                                                     LEGAL DEFENSE NETWORK (SLDN)
      how disability affects an individual’s ability to         VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL
      develop ‘‘skills for the job of living.’’               EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE ACT                                     HON. MARTIN T. MEEHAN
         Occupational therapy focuses on perform-                                                                                     OF MASSACHUSETTS
      ance of meaningful daily life activities, such as                            SPEECH OF                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      education, work, play, leisure, and social par-                                                                              Thursday, May 5, 2005
      ticipation, despite impairments or limitations in             HON. ENI F. H. FALEOMAVAEGA                          Mr. MEEHAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      physical or mental functioning. Occupational
                                                                               OF AMERICAN SAMOA                      honor the hard work and dedication of
      therapy not only helps children with disabilities
                                                                                                                      Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
      to learn in school, but, also assists adults re-             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                      (SLDN), a national non-profit organization
      covering from stroke to lead full and produc-
                                                                         Wednesday, May 4, 2005                       dedicated to ending the military’s failed ‘‘Don’t
      tive lives.
         With its roots in mental health, occupational                                                                Ask, Don’t Tell’’ policy.
                                                                The House in Committee of the Whole                      SLDN was co-founded by Dixon Osburn and
      therapy focuses on the relationship between
                                                              House on the State of the Union had under               Michelle Beneke in 1994 as a legal service
      the client and their performance abilities, the
                                                              consideration the bill (H.R. 366) to amend the          agency with the mission of providing counsel
      demands of the activity, and the physical and           Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical                to service members discharged under ‘‘Don’t
      social contexts within which the activity is per-       Education Act of 1998 to strengthen and im-             Ask, Don’t Tell.’’ Since that time, SLDN has
      formed. An individuals’ performance is evalu-           prove programs under that Act:                          assisted more than 6,500 gay and lesbian
      ated through their psychological, social, and
                                                                 Mr. FALEOMAVAEGA. Mr. Chairman, I rise               troops and obtained thirty-five improvements
      emotional responses, which assists the thera-
                                                              today in support of H.R. 366, the Vocational            to military regulations related to the policy.
      pist in implementing specific treatments to ad-                                                                    Today, SLDN is the Nation’s leading advo-
      dress the patients current needs and prob-              and Technical Education for the Future Act. I           cacy organization dedicated to repealing
      lems. Occupational therapy was recently                 want to commend my esteemed colleague,                  ‘‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’’ and ensuring open
      profiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental              Mr. CASTLE, for his leadership on educational           service in our armed forces. Through tenacity
      Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) on              issues and particularly for sponsoring this im-         and strong leadership, the organization has
      its National Mental Health Information Center’s         portant legislation.                                    made significant steps forward in breaking
      website.                                                                                                        down the barrier that bans gays and lesbians
         I am pleased to recognize the importance of             Vocational and technical education is criti-
                                                              cally important in American Samoa. According            from serving openly in the military. The gay,
      occupational therapy and the valuable service
                                                              to the 2000 U.S. Census, only 13 percent of             lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community
      that it provides for millions of individuals and
                                                              18 to 24 year-olds were enrolled in college             looks to SLDN as a model for accomplishing
                                                                                                                      policy change.
                       f                                      classes, leaving a large number of the Terri-
                                                                                                                         2004 was a groundbreaking year for the or-
                                                              tory’s youth out of school, but unprepared for          ganization. SLDN filed a monumental lawsuit
                                                              the skilled labor market.                               on behalf of twelve veterans of the War on
                                                                 In order for American Samoa to continue              Terror, challenging the constitutionality of
                  HON. PETE SESSIONS                          our economic development, our youth need                ‘‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’’ in federal court.
                           OF TEXAS                           skills training in construction skills, including       SLDN’s legal expertise also paved the way for
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      carpentry, welding, and electrical engineering.         two victorious cases before the Army Court of
                                                              We need architects, engineers and auto me-              Criminal Appeals, overturning military sodomy
                 Thursday, May 5, 2005                                                                                convictions. And the staff mobilized veterans
                                                              chanics. The funding H.R. 366 provides will
        Mr. SESSIONS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to                                                                    and supporters from twenty-two states to meet
                                                              allow American Samoa to give our people the
      recognize the Cinco de Mayo celebration at                                                                      with 90 Congressional offices on their annual
                                                              necessary skills to compete in this economy.
      Pike Park in Dallas, Texas.                                                                                     ‘‘Lobby Day.’’
        Cinco de Mayo is a day for special pride                I support this legislation and I urge my col-            I have had the pleasure of working with
      and remembrance for the Hispanic community.             leagues to vote in favor of H.R. 366.                   SLDN since my freshman term in Congress.

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00012    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.040   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E895
      Most recently, we came together to draft the               It would soon become clear that the photos          IN HONOR OF THE 100TH ANNIVER-
      Military Readiness Enhancement Act, historic            of hooded, naked and humiliated detainees                SARY OF THE AICPA’S JOURNAL
      legislation to repeal ‘‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’’         were evidence of a much larger problem. The              OF ACCOUNTANCY
                                                              system for processing, interrogating and de-
      and replace it with a nondiscrimination policy.
                                                              taining prisoners at Abu Ghraib and else-
      Because of SLDN’s staunch efforts to win sup-           where in Iraq was dangerously out of con-                       HON. E. CLAY SHAW, JR.
      port in Congress, I introduced the bill with            trol, and the command structure responsible                               OF FLORIDA
      more than fifty cosponsors on March 2, 2005.            for it had collapsed. Detainees were beaten,              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      We now have more than eighty cosponsors of              tortured, sexually abused and, in some in-
      this bipartisan bill today.                             stances, killed. Many detainees should never                       Thursday, May 5, 2005
         As SLDN celebrates its national dinner on            have been imprisoned at all, as they had                  Mr. SHAW. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      May 7th, I commend the staff, board, and sup-           committed no offenses.                                 commend the Journal of Accountancy, the
      porters for their commitment and persever-                 So what happened? A handful of grunts               Journal of record for the accounting profes-
                                                              were court-martialed, a Marine major was
      ance. Just as the advocacy of civil rights                                                                     sion, on its 100th anniversary this year.
                                                              cashiered, and the Army plans to issue a new
      groups paved the way for desegregation in the           interrogation manual that bars certain                    The Journal of Accountancy, which is pub-
      military, I am confident that SLDN’s hard work          harsh techniques. There was no wholesale               lished by the American Institute of Certified
      will soon lead to the demise of the discrimina-         crackdown on criminal behavior.                        Public Accountants, is read by nearly 400,000
      tory and counterproductive ‘‘Don’t Ask, Don’t              We learned last week that after a high-             readers each month. Its contents include offi-
      Tell’’ policy.                                          level investigation, the Army had cleared              cial releases of technical requirements for
                       f                                      four of the five top officers who were respon-         CPAs as well as news and information that
                                                              sible for prison policies and operations in            enlighten readers about important relevant de-
             ‘‘THE BIG SHOTS WALK’’                           Iraq. The fifth officer, Brig. Gen. Janis              velopments in and outside the profession and
                                                              Karpinski of the Army Reserve, had already
                                                                                                                     that enhance their professional competency.
                  HON. BARNEY FRANK                           been relieved of her command of the military
                                                              police unit at Abu Ghraib. (She has com-
                                                                                                                        As a CPA, I am keenly aware of the value
                      OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                              plained, and not without reason, that she              of this publication. CPAs play a vital role in
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      was a scapegoat for the failures of higher-            our economy, and since 1905 the Journal of
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                       ranking officers.)                                     Accountancy has helped keep them informed
                                                                 As Eric Schmitt wrote in The Times: ‘‘Bar-          about key business trends.
         Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Mr. Speaker,             ring new evidence, the inquiry by the Army’s              I would like to acknowledge the significant
      many Americans continue to be gravely em-               inspector general effectively closes the               contribution that the JofA has made during its
      barrassed by our country’s failure to address           Army’s book on whether the highest-ranking             first century and to recognize its editors, au-
      in a forthright manner the abuse of human               officers in Iraq during the Abu Ghraib prison          thors and art and production staff for their
      rights which occurred at Abu Ghraib prison              scandal, should be held accountable for com-
                                                              mand failings described in past reviews.’’
                                                                                                                     hard work. I extend my best wishes to the
      under our control. Clearly the great majority of                                                               JofA for its continued success.
      Americans who have served in Iraq are inno-                This is the way atrocities are dealt with in
                                                              Mr. Bush’s world of war. The higher-ups re-                             f
      cent of any such pattern of abuse, but it is
                                                              sponsible for training, supervising and dis-
      simply a defiance of common sense and the               ciplining the troops—in other words, the big
                                                                                                                     PAYING TRIBUTE TO AND HON-
      facts to hold accountable only a handful of             shots who presided over a system that ran               ORING  75  YEARS OF  INDE-
      low-level military personnel on the scene,              shamefully amok—escaped virtually un-                   PENDENT COMMUNITY BANKING
      while exonerating those in charge who are in            scathed.
      various degrees culpable for either encour-                The abuses at Abu Ghraib, which seemed                      HON. COLLIN C. PETERSON
      aging or allowing this to happen.                       mind-boggling at the time, turned out to be                             OF MINNESOTA
         Bob Herbert’s column in the New York                 symptomatic of the torture, abuse and insti-
                                                              tutionalized injustice that have permeated                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Times on April 27 makes this point forcefully,
      noting that ‘‘under Commander in Chief                  the Bush administration’s operations in its                           Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              so-called war against terror. Euphemisms
      George W. Bush, the notion of command ac-                                                                         Mr. PETERSON of Minnesota. Mr. Speaker,
                                                              like rendition, coercive interrogation, sleep
      countability has been discarded. In Mr. Bush’s          adjustment and waterboarding are now wide-             on May 9, 1930, a group of Minnesota com-
      world of war, it’s the grunts who take the heat.        ly understood. Yes, Virginia, it is the policy         munity bankers held their first official meeting
      Punishment is reserved for the people at the            of the United States to kidnap individuals             in Glenwood, Minnesota, in my district. The
      bottom. The people who foul up at the top are           and send them off to regimes skilled in the            agenda that day was to focus on how to re-
      promoted.’’                                             art of torture.                                        spond to the broad challenges facing the na-
         Mr. Speaker, our country deserves better of             Two things are needed. First, a truly inde-         tion, as well as the specific challenges to com-
      its leadership, and so do the men and women             pendent commission, along the lines of the             munity banks—the stock market crash the
      in the armed services who should not see a              bipartisan 9/11 panel, should be set up to
                                                                                                                     year before, a nation struggling to get back on
      small number of their comrades held account-            thoroughly investigate U.S. interrogation
                                                              and detention operations and make rec-                 its economic feet, a rash of bank foreclosures,
      able for their actions while those in charge            ommendations to correct abuses.                        and the rapid growth of chain banks.
      suffer no such penalty. I ask that Bob Her-                Second, the U.S. government should make                This meeting of 28 bankers grew from a
      bert’s thoughtful discussion of this matter be          it clear, beyond any doubt, that torture and           one-state organization, focused on state
      printed here.                                           any other inhumane treatment of prisoners              issues, into today’s Independent Community
          ON ABU GHRAIB, THE BIG SHOTS WALK                   is wrong, just flat wrong, and will not be tol-        Bankers of America (ICBA), the largest con-
                     (By Bob Herbert)                         erated under any circumstances.                        stituency of community banks in the nation.
        When soldiers in war are not properly                    ‘‘In our contemporary world, torture is             2005 marks ICBA’s 75th anniversary. In 1962
      trained and supervised, atrocities are all but          like the slave trade or piracy was to people           the bankers returned to their original mission
      inevitable: This is one reason why the mili-            in the 1790’s,’’ said Michael Posner, executive        and set up the Independent Community Bank-
      tary command structure is so important.                 director of Human Rights First, which is
                                                              suing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
                                                                                                                     ers of Minnesota (ICBM), to focus again on
      There was a time, not so long ago, when                                                                        issues specific to Minnesota.
      commanders were expected to be account-                 over the prisoner abuse issue. ‘‘Torture is a
                                                              crime against mankind, against humanity.                  This year also denotes a special milestone
      able for the behavior of their subordinates.
        That’s changed. Under Commander in Chief              It’s something that has to be absolutely pro-          for the state association, ICBM. Minnesota
      George W. Bush, the notion of command ac-               hibited.’’                                             Governor Tim Pawlenty proclaimed May 9th
      countability has been discarded. In Mr.                    If the president made it clear that men and         Independent Community Bankers of Min-
      Bush’s world of war, it’s the grunts who take           women up and down the chain of command                 nesota Day, commemorating the founding of
      the heat. Punishment, is reserved for the               would be held responsible for the abuses that          the only state association that exclusively
      people at the bottom. The people who foul up            occur on their watch, the abuses would                 serves the independent community banking in-
      at the top are promoted.                                plummet. Instead, the message the adminis-
                                                              tration has sent is that its demands for ac-
        It was a year ago today that the stories
                                                              countability will be limited to a few hapless,            Initially, industry consolidation and interstate
      and photos of the shocking abuses at Abu
      Ghraib prison first came to the public’s at-            ill-trained grunts.                                    banking heightened the need for legislative
      tention. It was a scandal that undermined                  The big shots who presided over behavior            representation of community bankers. Today
      the military’s reputation and diminished the            that has shamed America in the eyes of the             that need remains strong as community banks
      standing of the U.S. around the world.                  world can count on this president’s embrace.           continue to serve a vital role in our state and

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00013   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.045   E05PT1
      E896                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                           May 5, 2005
      national economies by consistently reinvesting          most efficient form of urban transportation in         Congress during the 108th while serving as
      deposits in the communities they serve in the           history. There are over 57 million adult cyclists      the Chairman of the Democratic Congres-
      form of agricultural, educational, small busi-          in the United States, 5 million of whom choose         sional Campaign Committee. He exemplified
      ness, real estate and consumer loans. More-             to commute to work by bike. This transpor-             the fight for freedom and liberty and he is
      over, as industry consolidation continues,              tation choice helps ease congestion on our             sorely missed. We welcome Bob’s wife, and
      community banks stand out as the only finan-            roads and reduce environmental pollution               my friend DORIS, as she begins her Congres-
      cial institutions that keep control in local            while allowing cyclists to incorporate exercise        sional service.
      hands.                                                  into their everyday lives. In an age of high en-          Many other Congressional colleagues of
         ICBM serves nearly 300 statewide members             ergy prices, overcrowded roads, and a grow-            APA heritage have served our country with
      through its unique programming. In addition to          ing obesity epidemic, biking is more important         distinction. Currently there are over 300,000
      its annual convention, various publications and         to the well being of our communities than ever         veterans of Asian or Pacific Islander decent,
      wide-ranging committees, ICBM offers valu-              before.                                                and while many served our country with dis-
      able services and products through its partner-            Communities throughout the Nation have              tinction, no unit in the armed forces deserves
      ships and associate memberships; a tech-                reaped the positive benefits of biking. Accord-        more credit than the 442nd Regimental Com-
      nology tradeshow; legislative representation;           ing to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics,        bat Team. Comprised solely of persons of
      education resources; and networking opportu-            bicycles are second only to cars as a pre-             Japanese background, this band of brothers
      nities.                                                 ferred mode of transportation. National Bike           was the most decorated unit for its size in
         ICBM continues the tradition started 75              Month provides the opportunity to recognize            U.S. history. My good friend and colleague,
      years ago of innovation and community con-              the significant impact of this noble invention         Senator DANIEL INOUYE earned the Medal of
      cern while it partners with the Pohlad Family           and to inform others of the healthy, environ-          Honor fighting in the 442nd.
      Foundation to offer T.E.A.M. (Training, Edu-            mental, efficient, and neighborhood-friendly              As a group, the people of the APA commu-
      cating, And Mentoring) Future Bankers, a                form of transportation.                                nities are fighters, throwing off the second
      unique summer youth jobs program that intro-                              f                                    class citizenship that was foisted upon them
      duces students to community banking and in-                                                                    during immigration battles throughout the 19th
      vests in the futures of the next generation of                 ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN                          and 20th centuries to become among the
      community bankers. This year, 75 interns will                      HERITAGE MONTH                              highest achieving Americans. Half of all mem-
      be hired statewide to work in this valuable pro-                                                               bers of the APA adult community have college
                                                                                 SPEECH OF
      gram. Every intern also will be invited as a                                                                   degrees, compared with one quarter of the
      guest of Twins owner Carl Pohlad at a base-                          HON. TOM LANTOS                           adult U.S. population is but one mark of excel-
      ball game on June 19th.                                                   OF CALIFORNIA                        lence.
         On the political side, ICBM launched a sep-               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Mr. Speaker, although it is important to rec-
      arate non-profit in 2004 called Debate Min-                                                                    ognize the achievements made, this month will
                                                                            Tuesday, May 3, 2005                     also allow us to renew our focus on the prob-
      nesota, a unique effort to bring civility back to
      Minnesota politics by hosting a series of                  Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            lems that face the APA community, problems
      roundtable debates that focus on issues. The            celebrate, with my colleagues, the extraor-            like affordable housing, racial profiling, lan-
      Star Tribune, the state’s largest daily news-           dinary accomplishments of the Asian Pacific            guage barriers and unfair immigration laws.
      paper, in an editorial on Election Day 2004,            American (APA) community and to recognize              One of the largest problems facing the Asian
      had this to say about Debate Minnesota,                 the sacrifices they have endured. Their strug-         Pacific Community is the perception that the
      ‘‘Their concept for candidate debates is what           gle to find a place in America without preju-          community is thriving without exception. With
      made them stand out this year. The result was           dice and repression is a story that all Ameri-         a record amount of those in the APA commu-
      a series that drew considerable local media             cans should know, and I am pleased that the            nity going to college, one would tend to think
      coverage, and expressions of appreciation               month of May has been set aside for Asian              that way, but in reality there are large sections
      from participants and observers alike. Debate           Pacific American Heritage Month.                       of the APA populations who have very little
      Minnesota established a good name for itself               I am so proud to represent the 12th Con-            education, and who experience financial
      in its first year. Debate Minnesota ought to be         gressional District of California because its          depths that no American should have to face.
      back, in more places and races in 2006.’’               amazingly diverse population includes a large          There remains a problem that must be ad-
         From 28 original founders to a nationwide            APA community, as well as the largest popu-            dressed when language barriers contribute to
      network of 5,000 banks, ICBA and ICBM con-              lation of Filipinos outside of the Philippines.        leaving one out of ten Asian Pacific Americans
      tinue to bring much-needed diversity and lead-             Looking back over our history, it is heart-         in poverty.
      ership to the banking world as well as the              ening to see the advances that the APA com-               I continue to work with other members of
      communities in which their members serve. I             munity has made as a whole, in spite of set-           the Congressional Asian Pacific American
      would like to commend both organizations for            backs and sometimes horrific treatment in our          Caucus to create a better environment for
      their innovative spirit and community dedica-           government’s name. One of the most compel-             Asian Pacific Americans in my Congressional
      tion, and wish them well on their journey to-           ling stories came to an end earlier this year          District. I wrote H.R. 139, which helps to al-
      ward their 100th anniversary.                           with the passing of my good friend Congress-           leviate the nursing shortage seen throughout
                                                              man Robert Matsui, with whom I served for 24           California and the nation by allowing Filipino
                                                              years. His tragic and unexpected death struck          nurses to use some of the unused employ-
      INTRODUCTION OF NATIONAL BIKE                           a chord deep in the hearts of all those who            ment-based immigrant visas. I am an original
            MONTH RESOLUTION                                  served with him. His success story is                  cosponsor of a bill that would authorize grants
                                                              quintessentially American, despite the fact that       for institutions of higher education that serve
               HON. EARL BLUMENAUER                           when he was young, the U.S. government de-             disproportionately low income and under-
                          OF OREGON                           nied him the freedom bestowed to him under             served Asian American and Pacific Islander
                                                              the Constitution.                                      students. During the 108th Congress, I was a
                                                                 Mr. Speaker, even though his family had             cosponsor of a bill that would give Filipino
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                       been in the United States for two generations,         Americans residing as legal aliens or citizens
         Mr. BLUMENAUER. Mr. Speaker, today I                 Bob and his family, like 114,000 other Ameri-          of the U.S. the same health and pension ben-
      am introducing a resolution in support of Na-           cans of Japanese descent, were rounded up              efits that all other veterans of World War II re-
      tional Bike Month. The League of American               and sent to detention camps. The courage it            ceive, as well as many other bills that support
      Bicyclists has celebrated every May since               took, not only to survive and to prosper from          the APA community.
      1956 as National Bike Month. With this resolu-          this slap in the face to all Americans, but to go         The Bay Area is lucky to be home to one of
      tion, Congress will recognize the enormous              on to become part of the government in the             the largest populations of Asian Pacific Ameri-
      role bicycling has in our lives. This month pro-        hope of changing the government’s policies             cans in the United States, particularly San
      vides an opportunity to promote the benefits of         and working atmosphere is extremely com-               Francisco and San Mateo County. For cen-
      cycling, appreciate those in the cycling com-           mendable. And change the atmosphere he                 turies it has been one of the great gateways
      munity, and to encourage bicycle safety.                did, passing the Japanese-American Redress             to America, just like St. Louis for those coming
         Bicycling is one of the cleanest, healthiest,        Act, which produced an official apology from           west. I thank San Francisco Mayor Gavin
      most efficient, and environmentally friendly            the Federal Government. He became one of               Newsome and the members of the Board of
      modes of transportation that exists. It is the          the highest-ranking Asian Pacific Americans in         Supervisors for their proclamation officially

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00014   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.049   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E897
      dedicating the month of May in San Francisco            can no longer afford to do so; there are clear         elected Alabama delegate to the National
      as Asian Pacific Heritage month.                        consequences to all of us for ignoring the             Wildlife Federation. ‘‘Dickie’’ was also instru-
         Mr. Speaker, I believe that we have come             plight of the uninsured. According to a recent         mental in helping to save the Old Monroe
      full circle as a nation in our attitudes toward         Institute of Medicine report, the United States        County Courthouse from demolition and was
      Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This             loses $65–$130 billion each year as a result of        one of the founders of the Monroe County
      vibrant part of our community offers an array           the poor health and early deaths of uninsured          Heritage Museum.
      of perspectives that are firmly woven into the          adults. Should things continue to worsen, we              Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me
      fabric of America, and I am extremely proud to          will all be forced to bare the financial burden        in remembering a devoted citizen and long-
      serve as a representative of the community. I           of the uninsured.                                      time advocate for Monroe County, Alabama.
      invite my colleagues of all backgrounds to join            But this problem extends beyond the dollars         ‘‘Dickie’’ will be deeply missed by his family—
      me in observing this wonderful month and rec-           and cents. As citizens, we have a moral re-            his wife, Nancy Beeland Williams, his broth-
      ognizing the contributions that they have made          sponsibility to our communities, and we cannot         ers, Charles Robbins Williams and John
      in fighting for liberty and freedom for this great      stand by in good conscience as millions are            Bonner Williams, his daughter, Elizabeth Wil-
      nation.                                                 denied access to basic health care.                    liams Olsey, his son, Richard Russell Wil-
                       f                                         So, as we take this time to recognize               liams, his stepsons, Dr. David Stallworth and
                                                              ‘‘Cover the Uninsured Week,’’ I hope that my           Jeff Stallworth, his stepdaughter, Nancy
           HEALTH INSURANCE CRISIS                            colleagues will join me in raising awareness           Stallworth Weiss, and his 9 grandchildren—as
                          SPEECH OF                           about the reality facing the millions of unin-         well as the many friends he leaves behind.
                                                              sured. We must not allow this issue to remain          Our thoughts and prayers are with them all at
              HON. JAMES P. McGOVERN                          on the back burner of the national political de-       this difficult time.
                      OF MASSACHUSETTS                        bate. Health care is a right, not a privilege,                          f
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      and all of us must work to extend that right to
                   Tuesday, May 3, 2005                       every single American.                                 FAIR  TAXES,  FAIR  BENEFITS,
                                                                                                                      FAIR SOCIAL SECURITY FOR THE
         Mr. MCGOVERN. Mr. Speaker, I would like                                f
                                                                                                                      WOMEN OF OUR NATION!
      to take time today to recognize ‘‘Cover the Un-          HONORING THE MEMORY OF MR.
      insured Week,’’ a project of the Robert Wood
      Johnson Foundation designed to raise aware-
                                                                 R.B. ‘‘DICKIE’’ WILLIAMS, III                                       HON. BOB FILNER
      ness of the issue of access to health care.                                                                                      OF CALIFORNIA
         It may be hard to believe, but more than a                            HON. JO BONNER                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      decade has passed since the Clinton Adminis-                               OF ALABAMA
                                                                                                                                 Thursday, May 5, 2005
      tration’s health care plan died in Congress. In              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      survey after survey, Americans consistently                                                                       Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                                          Thursday, May 5, 2005                      urge support for three bills that I have intro-
      rate access to health insurance as one of their
                                                                  Mr. BONNER. Mr. Speaker, recently south            duced to provide financial relief to women in
      top concerns. But unfortunately, our nation’s
                                                              Alabama lost one of its most colorful personal-        our Nation. Both men and women will receive
      political leaders have failed to lead on this crit-
                                                              ities, and I lost a dear friend, R.B. ‘‘Dickie’’       assistance from this legislation, but because
      ical issue.
         The facts reveal a startling truth—as a Na-          Williams, III, and I rise today to honor him and       women are often with less financial resources,
      tion, we are facing a crisis of the uninsured. In       pay tribute to his memory.                             they will particularly benefit.
      just the last four years, the number of unin-               A native of Mobile, Alabama, ‘‘Dickie’’ was           My first bill, H.R. 2127, the ‘‘Fair Taxes for
      sured Americans has ballooned to 45 million,            raised on the Williams Plantation in Finchburg,        Seniors Act’’, will provide a one-time increase
      an increase of more than 5 million people. If           Alabama. After graduating from Monroeville             in the capital gains tax exemption on the sale
      the millions that go without health insurance           High School and attending Auburn University,           of a home for citizens who are 50 years of
      for some period during the year are included,           he graduated in 1958 with a B.S. degree in             age or older. Passing this bill will give many
      the number of uninsured dramatically in-                pharmacy from Howard College (since re-                seniors the additional money they need for
      creases to more than 85 million people.                 named Samford University). In 1961, ‘‘Dickie’’         nursing home care, medical costs, and other
         To dispel one myth: This rise in the number          moved to Selma, Alabama, and worked for                retirement expenses.
      of uninsured is not the result of people decid-         three years on the staff of Swift Drug Com-               The current capital gains tax exemption
      ing not to work. Rather, an overwhelming ma-            pany. In 1964, he moved one last time to               works well for younger people who often move
      jority of the uninsured—80 percent—are work-            Monroeville, where he opened Williams Drug             from job to job, selling their homes. The cur-
      ing families, many employed by businesses               Store.                                                 rent exemption works well for people who live
      that have become less able to provide health                For nearly 40 years, Williams Drug Store           in areas where housing prices are below aver-
      coverage for their employees.                           was one of the foundations of the businesses           age. But it is not working for individuals who
         And if things weren’t bad enough, the Ad-            found on Monroeville’s town square and pro-            have lived in one home for 20 to 50 years and
      ministration has proposed broad cuts to Med-            vided—in addition to one of the best and most          have a capital gain that is much larger than
      icaid, essentially gutting the healthcare system        efficient pharmacies anywhere in the area—a            the present exemption. In other words, it is not
      of last resort for poor Americans, by at least          gathering place for members of the community           working for seniors who live in areas with
      $10 billion. In these worsening times, how can          who would come together for fresh coffee and           higher housing prices, such as San Diego,
      we justify pulling the rug out from underneath          good conversation. In addition, the store be-          California in my Congressional District.
      our community’s most vulnerable?                        came an unofficial repository of decades of               My bill doubles the current exemption by
         In my home state of Massachusetts, we                Monroe County history, and during the latter           providing a one-time increase to $500,000 for
      have been fortunate; we are among those                 part of his life ‘‘Dickie’’ was known as Monroe        a single person and $1 million for a couple
      states with the lowest percentage of unin-              County’s ‘‘unofficial historian.’’ During his life,    that can be excluded from the sale of a prin-
      sured. But, even there we have a lot more               he shared his vast knowledge of county his-            cipal residence for taxpayers who have
      work to do. According to a recent Urban Insti-          tory and personal recollections of life in Mon-        reached the age of 50. Because they will be
      tute report, there are currently 532,000 unin-          roe County in a column for the town’s news-            able to keep more, an added benefit is that
      sured people in Massachusetts, and most of              paper, the Monroe Journal, and in a series of          family members and perhaps the government
      the health care available to these people is            four books.                                            will be relieved of the burden of caring for
      provided by local hospitals.                                Perhaps     most      importantly,   however,      these individuals as they grow older.
         And like many other states, since 2000,              ‘‘Dickie’’ was deeply concerned for the per-              My second bill is H.R. 2126, the ‘‘Social Se-
      Massachusetts workers have seen their health            sonal well-being of his fellow Monroe                  curity Survivors Fairness Act’’, legislation to
      premiums rise three times faster than their             Countians and for the preservation of his              provide Social Security widows’ and widowers’
      wages. If these trends continue, fewer individ-         county’s and his State’s natural and historic          benefits to people under the age of 60. Many
      uals and families will be able to afford to pay         sites. During the course of his life, he estab-        of these survivors are women, women who
      for coverage, and fewer small businesses will           lished the Monroe County Conservation Club             have spent their life working in the home, rais-
      be able to provide this vital benefit to employ-        and was instrumental in the creation of the            ing their children, and supporting their hus-
      ees.                                                    Monroe County State Fishing Lake. Addition-            bands. They currently are allowed to receive
         As we all know, we often tend to ignore              ally, he was a past president of the Alabama           Social Security widows’ benefits, but to qualify
      that, which does not directly affect us, but we         Wildlife Federation and for 21 years was an            they must be 60 years old.

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00015   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K05MY8.003   E05PT1
      E898                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                            May 5, 2005
         It is very difficult for many to find a job at       dean of boys at Leto High School, then as as-          ROTC, business and computer science, nurs-
      their age if they have never worked outside             sistant principal at Jefferson High School.            ing, and journalism. Each house has unique
      their homes. Women in their late 50s who are               In 1972, Sam worked as director of                  electives that develop the student’s particular
      dependent on their husbands’ Social Security            Hillsborough Community College’s temporary             talents and interests—be it dance, computer
      are left with no means of support if their              airport campus and a year later joined the             graphic design, or law—while maintaining a
      spouses die.                                            Hillsborough County planning commission. In            college-preparatory curriculum for all students.
         My bill would amend the Social Security Act          1976, Gov. Reubin Askew appointed Sam to                  The school also offers afternoon and week-
      to reduce from 60 to 55 the age at which an             the Hillsborough County School board, where            end tutoring programs, active college coun-
      individual who is otherwise eligible may be             he served for nearly 18 years.                         seling, and a mentoring program that targets
      paid widows’ or widowers’ insurance benefits.              Humble by nature, Sam’s focus was always            recent immigrants and students with little pa-
         Finally, I have introduced H.R. 2125, the            on the best interests of his students and his          rental guidance. The Career Connections pro-
      ‘‘Continued Benefits for Injured Military               persistent goal was to help make our schools           gram, a partnership among CHS, local busi-
      Spouses Act’’. Under current law, enacted in            the best they can be. His steadfast faith al-          nesses, and other community-based organiza-
      1982, former spouses of military members or             lowed Sam to see the potential in everyone—                                                     ´
                                                                                                                     tions, helps students to upgrade their resumes ´
      retirees are eligible for military medical bene-        particularly our students and those who help           by finding paid internships and part-time em-
      fits and exchange and commissary privileges if          them succeed.                                          ployment opportunities. Principal Curtis has
      the military member had performed at least 20              Last year, in honor of all his work, a school       also introduced programs for parents, such as
      years of military service, had been married for         was named in Sam’s honor. When the Sam                 ‘‘Parents As Art Partners,’’ which offers a free
      at least 20 years to one spouse, and 20 years           Rampello Downtown Partnership School                   photography class, to create more parent in-
      of marriage and service were overlapping.               open’s next year, it will serve as a living testa-     volvement at the school.
      This is known as the 20/20/20 restriction. Fur-         ment to Sam’s dedication to Hillsborough                  These innovative initiatives and the school’s
      ther legislation was enacted 2 years later to           County Schools.                                        commitment to its 3 foundations of success,
      include additional former spouses under a 20/              On behalf of the entire Tampa Bay commu-            ‘‘Attendance, Attitude and Achievement,’’ have
      20/15 restriction.                                      nity, I would like to thank Sam for all of his         allowed literally thousands of children to gain
         While this law recognizes the contribution           good deeds and extend my deepest sym-                  a high school diploma in the face of tremen-
      and sacrifice of many military spouses who              pathies to his family.                                 dous odds. In doing so, such efforts have put
      later divorced, there is a group who are com-                                                                  these children on the path to a better life, free
      pletely left out through no fault of their own.                                                                from the shackles of poverty. I am honored to
      Spouses who must leave a marriage through               IN   HONOR   OF  CURTIS  HIGH                          recognize this fine institution and hope its ef-
      divorce due to documented abuse are often                 SCHOOL UPON ITS RECEIPT OF                           forts serve as a model for schools throughout
      left with none of these benefits. Domestic vio-           THE COLLEGE BOARD’S 2005 IN-                         the country. The CHS example shows there is
      lence and physical or sexual endangerment to              SPIRATION AWARD                                      no limit to human ingenuity and that through
      the spouse or the children, proven by medical                                                                  creativity, commitment and perseverance, we
      or counseling records, should be taken into                         HON. VITO FOSSELLA                         can provide a better life for generations to
      account. Divorced because of this situation,                               OF NEW YORK
      the injured spouse should continue to receive                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                    f
      benefits.                                                           Thursday, May 5, 2005                      THE ACT TO PROVIDE MEMORIAL
         H.R. 2125 will change the law to 20/20/10                                                                    MARKERS FOR THOSE WHO DIED
      only for these special circumstances, meaning             Mr. FOSSELLA. Mr. Speaker, I’m proud to
                                                                                                                      WHILE SERVING OVERSEAS
      that the military member would have been                recognize today the great achievements of a
      married for at least 20 years to one spouse,            high school in my hometown of Staten Island:
                                                              Curtis High School (CHS). This important edu-                   HON. JAMES R. LANGEVIN
      would have performed at least 20 years of                                                                                      OF RHODE ISLAND
      military service, with 10 years of service and          cational institution has just been given a
                                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      marriage overlapping. This change would                 $25,000 check from the College Board to ac-
      allow an abused spouse to escape from a po-             company the school’s receipt of the 2005 In-                         Thursday, May 5, 2005
      tentially dangerous marriage and still keep             spiration Award. The Board levies this honor              Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to
      benefits.                                               annually on only 3 schools that help students          introduce a bill that will help families memori-
         Most of our military members are honorable           achieve equitable access to higher education           alize those who died in service to our country
      and good people. But, in the few cases where            despite social, economic, and cultural chal-           and are buried in cemeteries overseas. Ac-
      spousal or child abuse is involved, we must             lenges. A focus on attendance led to CHS’ re-          cording to the Department of Veterans Affairs,
      protect the families. I invite my colleagues to         ceipt of the award this year. The school’s pio-        those servicemembers whose remains are
      join me in support of military spouses who              neering programs have led to 90 percent at-            classified as ‘‘unavailable for burial’’ are eligi-
      have found themselves in dangerous mar-                 tendance rate and an 88 percent rate of grad-          ble for government-provided memorial markers
      riages, in support of fairer taxes for senior citi-     uation. Such a feat is truly amazing consid-           or headstones. While this classification in-
      zens, and in support of widows’ benefits for            ering the schools circumstances.                       cludes those whose remains have not been
      surviving spouses who are 55 and older.                    CHS is a 100-year-old Gothic-style building,        recovered or who were buried at sea, there is
                                                              embellished with gargoyles and ornate stone            one glaring exception to this definition—those
                                                              archways. The school has an active alumni              who died fighting for freedom abroad and
           HONORING SAM RAMPELLO                              association, and many of its teachers are              were laid to rest there.
                                                              graduates, but CHS has changed dramatically               The United States currently has 24 perma-
                      HON. JIM DAVIS                          since the days when it served a small, homo-           nent overseas burial grounds that are the final
                         OF FLORIDA                           geneous middle-class community.                        resting place for nearly 125,000 of our bravest
                                                                 Today, Curtis High School functions at 160          men and women who died serving our coun-
                                                              percent of capacity. Forty-six percent of its          try. These sites are the responsibility of the
                 Thursday, May 5, 2005                        students are documented at or below the fed-           American Battle Monuments Commission and
        Mr. DAVIS of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I rise in          eral poverty level, and more than half of its          are a wonderful tribute to those buried there.
      honor of Sam Rampello, a tireless advocate              students receive free or reduced-price                 However, the Department of Veterans Affairs
      for Hillsborough County, Florida’s public               lunches. Among its racially diverse population         maintains that because these graves can be
      schools. Sam’s passing this weekend silences            of more than 2,600 students, 40 percent are            visited, there is no need to provide families at
      a passionate voice for our young people.                white, 33 percent are black, and 20 percent            home with a memorial marker for their de-
        A Tampa native and graduate of Jesuit High            are Hispanic. The school also serves children          ceased loved ones.
      School and the University of Tampa, Sam                 who are recent immigrants from Latin Amer-                We should not deny these families the abil-
      spent his career working to improve our local           ica, West Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.            ity to obtain memorial markers when we al-
      schools. He started by teaching history at                 Curtis High School credits its success to 10        ready do it for so many others. To correct this,
      Plant High School, and then went on to serve            small learning communities called ‘‘houses.’’          my legislation will add overseas burials to the
      as a history professor at the University of             Every freshman who enters CHS chooses                  VA’s ‘‘unavailable for burial’’ classification and
      Tampa. But it wasn’t long before he came                among the themed tracks, which include such            finally let these men and women be memorial-
      back to the public school system, working as            varied subjects as the performing arts, Junior         ized by their families here at home.

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00016   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.055   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E899
       INTRODUCTION OF THE CLINICAL                           the burdensome costs and the lack of clinical          HONORING EAST BRUNSWICK HIGH
           RESEARCH ACT OF 2005                               researchers cures for humans will not mate-             SCHOOL STUDENTS WHO COM-
                                                              rialize. Let’s face it, bench research is less          PETED IN THE 2005 NATIONAL
                  HON. DAVE WELDON                            burdensome and less costly than applying                SCIENCE BOWL
                         OF FLORIDA                           clinical therapies to human beings suffering
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      various diseases. Furthermore, because of the                      HON. RUSH D. HOLT
                                                              rising cost of healthcare delivery and the fiscal                      OF NEW JERSEY
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              pressures weighing on academic health cen-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Mr. WELDON of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I am             ters, many of these physician researchers face
      very pleased to join with my colleague from                                                                                 Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              institutional pressures to spend more and
      Pennsylvania, Mr. DOYLE to introduce the                more of their time seeing billable patients rath-         Mr. HOLT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      ‘‘Clinical Research Act of 2005.’’ This bill will       er than conducting innovative clinical research.       honor five outstanding individuals, Eric Chang,
      address many of the problems confronting our            The clinical researcher is a diminishing breed,        Harrison Hsu, Aditya Panda, Zhengyang
      Academic Health Centers as they attempt to              yet they play a vital role in bringing cures out       Zhang, and Alex Zozula who competed in the
      leverage the enormous biomedical research                                                                      2005 National Science Bowl representing East
                                                              of the laboratory to the suffering patient.
      gains made in the past century, and in the                                                                     Brunswick High School. These five students
                                                                 It is also important to recognize that many         exemplify the true academic spirit and sci-
      past several years in particular as the budget          of the potential cures for patients utilize thera-
      for the National Institutes of Health has dou-                                                                 entific drive that our country needs as we
                                                              pies and interventions for which there is not a        enter the 21st century.
      bled.                                                   patentable product. In other words, there is no
         Breakthroughs in basic biomedical sciences                                                                     Since 1991, the National Science Bowl,
                                                              profit motive for large corporate backer to in-        through the sponsorship of the United States
      over the past 5 decades, including human                vest resources in developing these therapies.
      genomics, biomedical engineering, molecular                                                                    Department of Energy, has brought together
                                                              Without federal support for this clinical re-          more than 100,000 high school students to
      biology, and immunology, have provided an               search, most of these trials and likely cures          promote serious study of all fields of science,
      unprecedented supply of information for im-             will remain out of the reach of patients.              from biology to physics, from botany to astron-
      proving human health. As a member of the
                                                                 The bill that Representative DOYLE and I are        omy. These students have prepared through-
      Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Sub-
                                                              introducing today, through its clinical research       out the year for the regional elimination tour-
      committee I am proud to say that the remark-
                                                              support grants, infrastructure grants, and             naments, where only the best-prepared and
      able strides that have been made in basic                                                                      most scientifically-minded teams move on to
                                                              ‘‘partnerships in clinical research’’ grants, will
      science would not have occurred without the                                                                    the National Science Bowl.
                                                              provide our Nation’s Academic Health Centers
      support of Congress and the general public.                                                                       The team of five, under the guidance of
                                                              with the crucial resources they need and the
      While we realize that research may not                                                                         coach and teacher Paul Kimmel won their re-
                                                              opportunity to meet the public’s expectations.
      produce results overnight, we, as stewards of                                                                  gional elimination tournament held at the
                                                              This bill is specifically aimed at improving the
      the taxpayers’ dollar have every right to ex-                                                                  Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.
                                                              translation of this new medical science knowl-
      pect that the fruits of that research will result                                                                 As a scientist, I cannot stress enough the
                                                              edge to directly benefit those suffering from a
      in better treatments for patients. This requires                                                               importance of science and math education.
                                                              wide array of diseases that impact all too
      a federal commitment to clinical research, in-                                                                 Science provides a bridge that connects all
                                                              many lives.
      cluding a commitment to ensuring that the in-                                                                  aspects of our lives. These disciplines form
      frastructure is capable of translating, in a sys-          If we are going to reap the benefit of the
                                                                                                                     the basic building blocks that make up our
      temic and rational way, the fruits of basic re-         enormous investment of taxpayer dollars in
                                                                                                                     knowledge of the world around us. Science
      search into improved patient care.                      biomedical research it is important that we
                                                                                                                     and math education is the key to guiding fu-
         I, along with many of my colleagues in the           move this legislation forward.
                                                                                                                     ture generations in their understanding of an
      Congress and the public in general, have be-               I urge my colleagues to support this bill.          ever changing world. Through programs such
      come increasingly concerned that we have                                                                       as the National Science Bowl, America’s youth
      been too slow in getting improved patient                                 f                                    is exposed to this vital branch of learning in a
      therapies and interventions from the enormous                                                                  way that sparks their interest and promotes
                                                              HONORING THE MARINE CORPS
      investment we have made in basic research.                                                                     serious study in these fields.
                                                               TRIKE  PROGRAM OF  CITRUS
      The Congress and both the Clinton and Bush                                                                        Part of this year’s Science Bowl featured a
      Administrations made significant commitments                                                                   Model Fuel Cell Car Race, where teams were
      to doubling the NIH budget. Significant strides                                                                able to build a model car powered by hydro-
      and advancements have been made in basic                        HON. GINNY BROWN-WAITE                         gen to compete in a speed race or a king-of-
      research. Unfortunately, I hear on an ongoing                               OF FLORIDA                         the-hill climb. The participating students also
      basis from patient advocacy groups concerned                                                                   had the opportunity to attend presentations by
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      that this significant taxpayer investment has                                                                  well known scientists that covered important
      not had much direct benefit to those suffering                      Thursday, May 5, 2005                      scientific issues of today. The five exceptional
      from disease. In addition to hearing from pa-              Ms. GINNY BROWN-WAITE of Florida. Mr.               students from East Brunswick team gained
      tient advocacy groups, I hear from my col-              Speaker, since 1997, the Marine Corps                  valuable knowledge from their participation in
      leagues about the apparent disconnect be-               League has presented trikes to handicapped             this year’s Science Bowl that they will surely
      tween the promise of basic science and the              children in Citrus County, FL.                         share with their fellow peers.
      delivery of better health care for the citizens of                                                                It is also important to acknowledge the par-
                                                                 Local Detachment #819 was involved with             ents, mentors, friends, and family who have
      this country. I believe that we can and should
                                                              the Marine Corps League Auxiliary in conjunc-          helped these students succeed in their aca-
      do a better job of moving the bench research
                                                              tion with the Toys for Tots Program in starting        demic efforts. I applaud the Science Depart-
      to the bedside. That is what this bill is aimed
                                                              and implementing the current trike program.            ment at East Brunswick High School for pre-
      at doing.
         Without strong Academic Health Centers ca-              This past weekend I joined the Marine               paring these exemplary students.
      pable of conducting clinical research, the              Corps League to help present modified tri-                I congratulate the members of the East
      promise of improving the health of the Amer-            cycles to some of the handicapped children in          Brunswick High School science team for their
      ican people will continue to elude us.                  Citrus County.                                         successes and wish them the best of luck in
         Unfortunately, the clinical research environ-           Each tricycle is modified to accommodate            their future scientific endeavors.
      ment in the Academic Health Centers is en-              the individual handicap of the child.                                  f
      cumbered by rising costs, inadequate funding,              I can tell you from firsthand experience that
                                                                                                                            CINCO DE MAYO HOLIDAY
      mounting regulatory burdens, fragmented in-             the Marines are doing an amazing service to
      frastructure, incompatible databases, and a             these young children, and should be com-                                       ´
                                                                                                                              HON. LINDA T. SANCHEZ
      shortage of both qualified investigators and            mended for their service and dedication to the
                                                                                                                                     OF CALIFORNIA
      willing study participants. Without changes to          community.
                                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      help Academic Health Centers meet these                    I would hope that other Members would
      challenges, these breakthroughs in basic                identify Marine Corps Leagues back home in                      Thursday, May 5, 2005
      science will remain in the laboratories. Rat            their districts, and help participate in this wor-                     ´
                                                                                                                       Ms. LINDA T. SANCHEZ of California. Mr.
      after rat will continue to be cured, but due to         thy program.                                           Speaker, today, Mexican-Americans across

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00017   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.060   E05PT1
      E900                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                            May 5, 2005
      the country celebrate Cinco de Mayo—a day               diovascular disease, and other health prob-            school’s ingenuity in this endeavor is a pre-
      that commemorates the past and relishes the             lems that require regular access to healthcare,        college program called MESA that focuses on
      present by embracing American culture. So               1 in 5 African Americans unfortunately are             math, engineering and science. Students who
      many Mexican-Americans have made positive               also uninsured.                                        achieve core requirements may earn up to
      contributions to our Nation.                               The consequences are severe. Citizens               $1,000 in college tuition, which some admitting
         One area in particular where Mexican-Amer-           without health insurance are less likely to seek       colleges and universities elect to match.
      icans have made great strides is in the Armed           preventative care or help with minor medical              In addition to the progress Gadsden High
      Forces. There are many Mexican-Americans                problems, leading to major, more costly med-           School has made in helping its seniors search
      proudly serving and giving back to their coun-          ical problems. Without insurance, a person’s           and apply for scholarship opportunities, the
      try right now. I want to share the story of Dan-        health is compromised, and their lifespan is           school supports a summer camp for grades 9–
      iel from South Gate.                                    shortened. In fact, there are 18,000 deaths            12 to address college questions and planning.
         He is the son of Mexican immigrants, who             each year in this country caused by a lack of          The staff also plans to develop an Applying to
      came to this country to make a better life for          health insurance—these deaths are prevent-             College Handbook to promote greater parental
      his family. Growing up, Daniel said he always           able.                                                  involvement. These efforts have resulted in an
      felt patriotic. When I asked him what he                   The increase in the uninsured population af-        exceptional 57 percent matriculation rate, 98
      thought patriotism was, he replied, ‘‘I think it’s      fects not only the health of our citizens, but         percent of whom are first-generation college
      working for freedom. I have always felt that I          the health of our economy as well. In fact,            attendees.
      needed to earn my rights and that I had to              nearly half of all bankruptcy filings result from         Mr. Speaker, I am honored to congratulate
      contribute, even for the right to vote.’’               medical expenses. Having just one uninsured            Gadsden High School on this well-earned dis-
         He went on to say that serving in the mili-          family member suffer from just one major               tinction and express my gratitude for the lead-
      tary was his civic duty. So as soon as he was           medical problem or hospital stay can dev-              ership and innovation they have dem-
      able, Daniel enlisted in the Marines and grad-          astate the financial and emotional resources of        onstrated. I commend Gadsden High School
      uated boot camp at 17. Daniel was one of the            an entire family.                                      for the hard work they continue to perform,
      first Mexican-Americans that many Iraqis had               To stop the drain on our healthcare infra-          and I am proud to recognize Gadsden High
      ever seen. I can think of no better ambas-              structure, our society, and our economy, we            School—a true model of commitment to higher
      sador for our country. While he was shot at,            must provide insurance coverage to all Ameri-          education—today before my colleagues.
      he returned to southern California unharmed.            cans. We must find a way to lower healthcare              Gadsden High School’s motto puts it best
         As you can see by this story, Mexican-               and drug costs. We must find a way to make             by saying ‘‘Believe, hope and look for mir-
      Americans share the same goals as other                 premiums more affordable for employees and             acles.’’ With an unwavering will to overcome
      Americans of freedom, opportunity, and a                employers.                                             adversity and find creative solutions, Gadsden
      chance to build a better life. On this day, let            Our small businesses should not have to             High School is working to create its own ‘‘mir-
      us salute Daniel, and all other Mexican-Amer-           choose between economic success and meet-              acles.’’
      ican soldiers and veterans for their great serv-        ing their employees’ healthcare needs. Work-                           f
      ice to this great Nation.                               ers should not have to refuse insurance for            INTRODUCTION OF THE GREAT
                       f                                      themselves and their children because pre-               LAKES ENVIRONMENTAL PRO-
                                                              miums are too high.                                      TECTION  AND   RESTORATION
          RECOGNIZING ‘‘COVER THE                                Please join me in supporting the goals of
        UNINSURED WEEK’’ May 1–8, 2005                                                                                 PROGRAMS   REAUTHORIZATION
                                                              Cover the Uninsured Week. Join me and                    ACT
                                                              those stalwarts like Congressmen JOHN CON-
              HON. ELIJAH E. CUMMINGS                         YERS, PETE STARK, CHARLIE RANGEL and
                                                                                                                              HON. VERNON J. EHLERS
                        OF MARYLAND                           FRANK PALLONE, and Congresswomen TAMMY                                   OF MICHIGAN
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                       CHRISTENSEN—as we continue our commit-
                                                              ment to solving our health insurance crisis and                    Thursday, May 5, 2005
         Mr. CUMMINGS. Mr. Speaker, as our Na-                to making sure that all Americans have access             Mr. EHLERS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      tion recognizes ‘‘Cover the Uninsured Week’’,           to healthcare.                                         introduce comprehensive legislation to protect
      I rise today to bring attention to the plight of           Congress must urgently examine ways to              and restore the Great Lakes. I am pleased to
      the 45 million Americans who lack health in-            transform our healthcare system so that it is          be joined by Rep. MARK KIRK and 17 bipar-
      surance and access to healthcare.                       comprehensive, universal, and sustainable. I           tisan original cosponsors.
         Mr. Speaker, we are facing a health insur-           look forward to taking part in that discussion.           The Great Lakes are a national treasure,
      ance and healthcare crisis in our country.                                f                                    providing drinking water to millions of people
      While our Nation spends more per capita than                                                                   and supporting billions of dollars in trade, fish-
      any other country on healthcare, our delivery           GADSDEN HIGH SCHOOL, RECIPI-                           ing, and recreation. While we have taken
      systems are disjointed and ineffective.                  ENT OF THE COLLEGE BOARD                              steps to improve environmental conditions in
         There was a time when it was assumed that             2005 INSPIRATION AWARD                                the basin, the Great Lakes still suffer from pol-
      having a job meant having health insurance.                                                                    lution from contaminated sediments, storm
      This is no longer the case. More than 80 per-                      HON. STEVAN PEARCE                          water and agricultural runoff, and wetlands
      cent of uninsured Americans are workers,                                  OF NEW MEXICO                        and coastal habitat loss.
      most with full time jobs. Within my own state                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      As its name indicates, the Great Lakes En-
      of Maryland, 90 percent of the 750,000 citi-                                                                   vironmental Protection and Restoration Pro-
      zens lacking health insurance are employed.                         Thursday, May 5, 2005                      grams Reauthorization Act reauthorizes sev-
         Increasingly, more Americans lose health                Mr. PEARCE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            eral federal Great Lakes environmental pro-
      coverage every year, and those who have                 acknowledge the accomplishments of an ex-              grams in one comprehensive package. The bill
      coverage pay more for it. Healthcare and drug           traordinary New Mexico school. Gadsden High            also provides a mechanism for coordinating
      costs are rising, as are premiums. As a result,         School in Anthony, New Mexico is the recipi-           activities among the various federal agencies
      many small businesses struggling to stay com-           ent of the College Board 2005 Inspiration              that carry out these programs, along with a
      petitive in today’s economy cannot afford to            Award. In its tireless pursuit of student suc-         process for coordination and future planning
      offer their employees insurance coverage. As            cess, Gadsden High School has seen a re-               among federal, state and local program man-
      a result, workers with access to employer-              markable increase in Advanced Placement                agers and the private sector. Finally, the bill
      based group insurance plans often cannot af-            course enrollment and those taking the SAT,            reauthorizes the State Revolving Loan Fund
      ford the costs they must bear for insurance             and record numbers of students are enrolling           under the Clean Water Act, in order to ad-
      premiums.                                               in and attending college.                              dress wastewater infrastructure needs.
         The inability to obtain medical insurance un-           Gadsden High School has helped students                The bill provides about $4 billion over 6
      duly affects minorities. A staggering 1 in 3 of         achieve equitable access to higher education           years by increasing the authorization levels for
      Hispanics are uninsured, compared to 1 in 10            despite social, economic and cultural chal-            current major environmental programs oper-
      of the Nation’s white population.                       lenges. It has made significant strides in ex-         ating in the Great Lakes Basin. Mr. Speaker,
         Whereas, the African American community              posing its students to higher education options        I believe that the most effective way to under-
      is disproportionately affected by diabetes, car-        and opportunities. One example of the                  take a major restoration initiative is to do so

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00018   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.064   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E901
      within the context of current programs, through         subcommittee, I convened a hearing on the                 Eritrea’s half Christian-half Muslim popu-
      higher funding and improved coordination                precarious situation involving Ethiopia and Eri-       lation has coexisted peacefully, but there are
      among federal, state, and local agencies and            trea.                                                  tensions that could lead to serious problems.
      cooperation with interested stakeholders. The              Seven years ago this month, the East Afri-          There have been incidents of violence involv-
      bill includes federal programs at the Army              can nations of Eritrea and Ethiopia began a            ing Muslim extremists and even violent inci-
      Corps of Engineers, the Department of Agri-             devastating two-year conflict that cost the lives      dents involving Coptics and other Christian
      culture, the Fish & Wildlife Service, the U.S.          of as many as 100,000 soldiers and civilians.          groups. Government concern over the rapidly
      Geological Survey (USGS), and the Environ-              The war, which largely took place on Eritrean          growing Pentecostal group has led to mistreat-
      mental Protection Agency (EPA).                         territory, displaced a third of that country’s         ment of believers. On the whole, security
         The bill is specifically targeted to address         population and caused massive destruction.             issues seem to have put religious freedom
      the costly big-ticket items that will have a dra-       The deprivation in both countries continues            aside in the priorities of the Eritrean govern-
      matic impact on improving the health of the             long after the war ended, and the suffering            ment. The U.S. Commission on International
      Lakes. This includes $1.65 billion for cleaning         goes on.                                               Religious Freedom was unable to be with us
      up Areas of Concern, a total that is consistent            Eritrea’s economy has been battered by four         today, but they have submitted for the record
      with recent low-end estimates from site ex-             years of drought, which has further diminished         a statement and report that details troubling
      perts on AOC sediment remediation needs. It             this country’s ability to feed its people. The         limitations on religious freedom in Eritrea.
      also provides $640 million for fisheries, wild-         U.S. Department of State estimates that large             For the first time last year, the Secretary of
      life, ecosystem and habitat restoration pro-            budget deficits have been caused by contin-            State designated Eritrea as a ‘‘Country of Par-
      grams.                                                  ued high defense spending. If not for remit-           ticular Concern’’ under the International Reli-
         The bill provides about $900 million for re-         tances from Eritreans living abroad, the coun-         gious Freedom Act for particularly severe vio-
      search and monitoring programs at the EPA,              try’s economy would be hard-pressed to sus-            lation of religious freedom.
      the Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab-             tain itself. In Ethiopia, the United Nations Chil-        Finally, after a promising start to its democ-
      oratory (GLERL) within the National Oceanic             dren’s Fund has identified 25 hot spots around         racy at independence, Eritrea cracked down
      and Atmospheric Administration, and the                 the country where people are facing serious            on the political opposition in September 2001
      Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) within                risk of malnutrition. This current crisis, accord-     and continues to seriously limit the ability of
      the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The bill             ing to UNICEF, is at least partly caused by            citizens to express themselves through the
      also authorizes extramural grants to public             delays in the start of the government’s safety         vote.
      universities and private institutions to conduct        net program, and continued military spending              The State Department human rights report
      this important work. These activities are critical      will only further exacerbate the problems with         noted improvements in Ethiopia’s human
      to the successful planning, implementation              an economy now surviving due to foreign as-            rights record, but it continues to note serious
      and oversight of restoration efforts.                   sistance.                                              remaining problems:
         The bill also reauthorizes the national State           Human rights and democracy also are di-                ‘‘Security forces committed a number of un-
      Revolving Loan Fund and provides $20 billion            minished by the concentration of both govern-          lawful killings, including alleged political
      over 5 years to assist communities with the             ments on resolving the border issue.                   killings, and beat, tortured, and mistreated de-
      critical task of upgrading and improving their             In the current U.S. Department of State             tainees. Prison conditions remained poor. The
      wastewater infrastructure. This piece is taken          Country Reports on Human Rights Practices,             Government continued to arrest and detain
      from H.R. 1560, passed by the Water Re-                 Eritrea was cited for its poor human rights            persons arbitrarily, particularly those sus-
      sources Subcommittee in the 108th Congress.             record:                                                pected of sympathizing with or being members
      Sewer system needs are a critical component                ‘‘Citizens did not have the ability to change       of the OLF. Thousands of suspects remained
      of keeping the Great Lakes and their tribu-             their government. Security forces were re-             in detention without charge, and lengthy pre-
      taries clean, and the State Revolving Loan              sponsible for unlawful killings; however, there        trial detention continued to be a problem. The
      Fund has been a successful program for help-            were no new reports of disappearances. There           Government infringed on citizens’ privacy
      ing cities and towns undertake these very ex-           were numerous reports that security forces re-         rights, and the law regarding search warrants
      pensive upgrades.                                       sorted to torture and physical beatings of pris-       was often ignored. The Government restricted
         Finally, the bill codifies Executive Order           oners, particularly during interrogations, and         freedom of the press; however, compared with
      #13340, signed by the President in May 2004,            security forces severely mistreated army de-           previous years, there were fewer reports that
      and codifies the regional collaboration process         serters and draft evaders. The Government              journalists were arrested, detained or pun-
      outlined in conjunction with the E.O. on De-            generally did not permit prison visits by local        ished for writing articles critical of the Govern-
      cember 3, 2004, by the Administrator of the             or international groups, except the Inter-             ment. Journalists continued to practice self
      EPA, the Great Lakes governors, tribal lead-            national Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).            censorship. The Government at times re-
      ers, several Members of Congress, and oth-              Arbitrary arrests and detentions continued to          stricted freedom of assembly, particularly for
      ers. This will continue to improve collaboration        be problems; an unknown number of persons              members of opposition political parties; secu-
      among the many projects and programs oper-              were detained without charge because of polit-         rity forces at times used excessive force to
      ating in the Basin and ensure long-term sta-            ical opinion.’’                                        disperse demonstrations.’’
      bility to the preparation and oversight of the             Congress has been particularly interested in           In Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch has docu-
      comprehensive restoration action plan cur-              the case of Aster Yohannes, an Eritrean na-            mented incidents of murder, rape and torture
      rently under development.                               tional who has been held incommunicado                 committed by the Ethiopian military against the
         Mr. Speaker, we have a responsibility to             without due process since trying to visit her          Anuak (ANN-YOU-AK) people in the south-
      clean up and to protect this precious resource.         husband in jail in December 2003. A number             western region of Gambella. As our witness
      My bill provides the funding and the coordina-          of my colleagues and I sent a letter to Eritrean       will detail in his testimony, hundreds of Anuak
      tion necessary to implement the programs we             President Isaias (EE-SIGH-US) Afwerki (AF-             villagers have been killed in a series of attacks
      have in place and to accomplish the shared              WORK-EE) on January 6, 2004, concerning                by soldiers and civilian mobs since December
      goals of the region. I urge my colleagues to            this matter:                                           2003. Beatings and torture of Anuaks have
      support this important legislation.                        ‘‘We respectfully urge you to release Aster         become all too commonplace in Ethiopia
                       f                                      Yohannes immediately and allow her to return           under a government whose attention is not fo-
                                                              to her family,’’ the letter stated. ‘‘Web will re-     cused on such egregious human rights viola-
      ETHIOPIA AND ERITREA: PRO-                              gard this as a first step toward restoring             tions.
       MOTING STABILITY, DEMOCRACY                            human rights in Eritrea. We look forward to re-           Concerns over a repeat of the irregularities
       AND HUMAN RIGHTS                                       solving this and other important issues in the         surrounding Ethiopia’s 2000 and 2001 elec-
                                                              very near future.’’                                    tions prompted some of my colleagues to in-
            HON. CHRISTOPHER H. SMITH                            I personally have met with Eritrean officials       troduce H.R. 935 to urge the Government of
                       OF NEW JERSEY                          at the UN Human Rights Commission in Ge-               Ethiopia to ensure free and fair elections on
                                                              neva and here in the United States specifically        May 15th. I commend the sponsors of this leg-
                                                              on this issue last year and only a few weeks           islation and support the call for orderly, peace-
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                       ago. Yet, more than a year later, Mrs.                 ful, free and fair elections in Ethiopia.
        Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker,                 Yohannes is still imprisoned with no trial in             The short time remaining may limit the im-
      earlier today, as chairman of the Africa, Global        sight, as are two U.S. Embassy personnel               pact of this important piece of legislation,
      Human Rights and International Operation                held without trial since 2001.                         which is aimed specifically at the upcoming

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00019   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.067   E05PT1
      E902                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                            May 5, 2005
      elections. Therefore, I would like to work with         should not have to choose between security             on this well deserved recognition. His service
      the cosponsors of this bill on legislation soon         and democracy and human rights. It is not an           stands as a beacon to others. I am pleased to
      after the elections in Ethiopia that would allow        ‘‘either-or’’ situation but ‘‘both-and.’’ We must      have this opportunity to honor Mr. Couch and
      us to be more comprehensive and develop a               find a new framework for U.S. policy in the            express the gratitude of MACE and the broad-
      legislative response that is consistent with the        Horn of Africa, and we called this hearing part-       er community for the results that flow from his
      importance of this country in America’s overall         ly to see how the Administration is addressing         selfless leadership.
      Africa policy.                                          the full range of our concerns in this region.                         f
         Today, a number of colleagues joined me in              Both Eritrea and Ethiopia make themselves
      sending a letter to Ethiopian Prime Minister            more vulnerable to internal turmoil by their in-          TRIBUTE TO MARLA RUZICKA
      Meles Zenawi, urging him to rescind the ex-             ability to address the many other vital issues
      pulsion of three American NGOs helping to               they face even if there is a stalemate in the                  HON. TIMOTHY H. BISHOP
      build democracy—the International Republican            border dispute. This is neither in the short                             OF NEW YORK
      Institute, the National Democratic Institute and        term interest of these two nations nor in the             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      the International Foundation for Electoral Sys-         long term strategic interest of the United                          Thursday, May 5, 2005
      tems. For the sake of continuing democratic             States. Identifying a more effective policy to-
      progress in Ethiopia, we hope the Prime Min-            ward resolving the Eritrea-Ethiopia dispute               Mr. BISHOP of New York. Mr. Speaker, I
      ister will respond positively to our request.           was the focus of today’s hearing.                      rise today to pay tribute to an outstanding
         Again, Eritrea and Ethiopia are concen-                                                                     young woman, Marla Ruzicka, who was trag-
      trating on building their military forces, and                                                                 ically killed in Iraq on Saturday, April 16, 2005,
      they are neglecting the very pressing needs of          IN HONOR OF MR. GEORGE COUCH                           when a suicide bomber attacked a convoy of
      their people. Now their mutual militaries seem                                                                 U.S. security contractors passing her vehicle
      poised to renew open warfare due to unre-                                HON. SAM FARR                         on the road to Baghdad airport. Marla was
      solved issues involving their common border.                              OF CALIFORNIA                        traveling on the road to visit an Iraqi child in-
         Both nations have increased their deploy-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                     jured by a bomb, part of her daily work with
      ment of troops on the security zone border.                                                                    the humanitarian organization she founded—
                                                                          Thursday, May 5, 2005                      The Campaign for Innocent Victims of Conflict
      Ethiopia recently added 30,000 troops for an
      estimated total of 90,000 armed men, most                  Mr. FARR. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to              (CIVIC). Marla, who was only 28 years old,
      said to be within 40 kilometers of the frontier.        honor my good friend George Couch for his              worked tirelessly and fearlessly on behalf of
      While it is unclear exactly how many troops             tremendous commitment to education in gen-             civilian victims of war in some of the most
      the Eritreans have deployed, they feel empow-           eral, and to the Latino youth of my district in        dangerous parts of the world, accomplishing
      ered to threaten military action if the current         particular. This coming Saturday, May 7, 2005,         more in the area of human rights during her
      stalemate concerning the international border           the San Benito County Mexican-American                 short life than most people do in a lifetime.
      commission’s ruling is not accepted fully by            Committee on Education (MACE) will recog-                 It is Marla Ruzicka’s affiliation with South-
      the Ethiopian government.                               nize George for his tremendous help in mak-            ampton College, an institution which I served
         As recently as Tuesday of this week, Eri-            ing educational opportunities available to             as Provost for many years, that has made her
      trean President Isaias announced at his ruling          young people in San Benito County.                     tragic death very personal to me. Marla
      party conference that war with Ethiopia is im-             George graduated from Stanford University           earned her undergraduate degree through
      minent. President Isaias said his upcoming              and followed that up with an MBA from Har-             Southampton College’s Friends World Pro-
      budget would be planned with war in mind.               vard. He has used this education and his busi-         gram, an academic program that stresses the
      Presumably that budget will include funding for         ness smarts to build several successful com-           careful consideration of world problems, and
      the arms the Eritreans agreed last month to             panies in the Monterey Bay Area. These in-             encourages a life of committed action in the
      buy from Russia.                                        clude Triad Broadcasting Company in Mon-               world community. Many of my colleagues on
         If the war resumes, Ethiopia’s Tekeze dam            terey which operates 49 broadcast radio prop-          the faculty and staff can recall Marla’s pas-
      and Eritrea’s port of Assab will be prime tar-          erties nationwide, and Couch Distributing              sionate commitment to making a difference in
      gets, which will only make worse an already             Company in Watsonville which has retail bev-           the world, and were moved by her enthusiasm
      precarious state of development in both na-             erage customers throughout the region.                 for helping those in need. To those of us who
      tions.                                                     George is a lion of a man who cares deeply          knew of Marla, it was no surprise that she
         It is difficult to understand why these for-         about righting wrongs. He does not seek out            gave up her life to serve the needs of others.
      merly friendly nations would risk further devas-        the limelight, but rather looks for quiet ways to         Marla’s concern for the victims of world in-
      tation for territory not particularly blessed with      make a big impact. That theme of making an             justice began early in life. A Northern Cali-
      natural resources. However, one must keep in            impact and getting results underpins all of his        fornia native, Marla began her work as a
      mind that this border dispute actually dates            community and philanthropic work. George               human rights activist for the San Francisco of-
      back to the somewhat vague borders drawn                serves as a Trustee of the Community Hos-              fice of Global Exchange at the young age of
      by Italy, the former colonial power. So long as         pital of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation;            15. It was at this time that Marla first dem-
      Eritrea and Ethiopia were united under colo-            trustee of the Leon and Sylvia Panetta Insti-          onstrated her desire to educate others about
      nial or dictatorial rule, the border issues were        tute for Public Policy; member of the Board of         global injustice by organizing discussions for
      not pressing.                                           Directors of the Community Foundation of               her high school classmates about such issues
         The peace process that eventually ended              Santa Cruz County; member of the Governing             as the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba. During
      the war was predicated on an international              Board of Cabrillo College in Aptos; member of          her undergraduate education, Marla traveled
      commission impartially ruling on the demarca-           the Board of Governors of the State Bar of             to the Middle East, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and
      tion of the 1000 kilometer border between the           California; and member of the Board of Direc-          Nicaragua where she witnessed firsthand the
      two countries. However, the decision of the             tors of the Santa Cruz county Society for Pre-         suffering of those who lived there. After earn-
      commission has only been accepted ‘‘in prin-            vention of Cruelty to Animals.                         ing her degree, she continued her work with
      ciple’’ by the Ethiopians, who stand to lose               George Couch’s work with MACE certainly             Global Exchange and traveled to Afghanistan
      their access to the Red Sea. The Ethiopian              follows this pattern of service. As an organiza-       after Operation Enduring Freedom, where she
      government is publicly complaining about loss           tion, MACE offers scholarships to Latino youth         recorded the military campaign’s effects on Af-
      of the town of Badme, hardly a strategic cen-           in San Benito County to further their education        ghan civilians and used the information to gar-
      ter. Meanwhile, the Eritreans refuse to even            beyond high school. Over the years MACE                ner assistance for the families harmed by the
      discuss the matter further.                             has helped dozens of San Benito County stu-            conflict.
         U.S. policy should be clear on the Eritrea-          dents achieve their goals. The financial and              In 2003, Marla organized her efforts in as-
      Ethiopia dispute, but it appears to have de-            moral support offered by MACE has been in-             sisting the victims of war by founding an orga-
      pended on the old paradigm. We are sup-                 strumental in their success. This achievement          nization she named CIVIC—The Campaign for
      portive of both Eritrea and Ethiopia; however,          is in no small part due to the efforts of George       Innocent Victims of Conflict. Marla’s assigned
      issues such as the fight against global ter-            Couch whose steadfast support and guidance             mission for CIVIC was both to achieve an ac-
      rorism and the effort to contain Sudan’s hostile        of MACE over the last 19 years has played a            curate accounting of civilian casualties caused
      government have caused American policy to               central role.                                          by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to
      tread lightly on development, democracy and                Mr. Speaker, I know that I speak for the            secure assistance for their families. In pur-
      human rights issues in those countries. We              whole House when I congratulate Mr. Couch              suing this mission, she spent weeks at a time

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00020   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.071   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E903
      traveling the dangerous roads of Afghanistan            RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY: THE                           tion into the market. It would boost innovation,
      and Iraq to personally interview the injured             ROLES OF FDA AND PHARMA-                              competition would drive down prices as it does
      and their families, document their experiences,          CEUTICAL COMPANIES IN EN-                             in the generics market, and the incentive to
      and work with U.S. military officials to earn            SURING THE SAFETY OF AP-                              engage in Merck-like behavior would be dras-
      them compensation. In organizing a group of              PROVED DRUGS LIKE VIOXX                               tically reduced.
      150 Iraqi volunteers who went to hospitals and                                                                                 f
      into towns, Marla helped produce the first                       HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                          IN RECOGNITION OF ANTHONY
      comprehensive list of people killed or injured                                OF OHIO
      in Iraq by U.S. weapons.                                                                                                  BENEDETTI
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
        Marla also achieved a great deal of success                        Thursday, May 5, 2005
      in recruiting the efforts of military personnel,
                                                                                                                             HON. FRANK PALLONE, JR.
                                                                 Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, thank you for                            OF NEW JERSEY
      humanitarian organizations, and the U.S. Con-           the opportunity to speak about this critical              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      gress for her cause. Through her boundless              public health issue that has affected the entire
      energy and determination, she lobbied the               U.S. The Vioxx case presents us with a valu-                       Thursday, May 5, 2005
      Senate and helped win the insertion of lan-             able opportunity to examine an industry in                Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, it is my great
      guage in an appropriations bill that provided           order to help it improve. The problem is not           pleasure to rise today to honor a man who
      $2.5 million to help victims in Afghanistan; this       only that the FDA does not have sufficient reg-        has spent 37 years of his life representing the
      money has now grown to $7.5 million. She                ulatory authority to protect the public, though        interests of working men and women in Cen-
      also succeeded in securing a $10 million ap-            that is certainly true. The problem actually lies      tral New Jersey.
      propriation for Iraqi victims, which is used to         with the way pharmaceuticals are priced. I’ll             Anthony Benedetti, on June 1, 2005, retires
      rebuild homes and schools, provide medical              explain.                                               as Financial Secretary and Treasurer of the
      assistance, and make loans. While in the Mid-              In the Vioxx case, Merck displayed a litany         Sheetmetal Workers International Association
      dle East, Marla networked with military com-            of predatory behavior. Vioxx research teams            Local 27.
      manders, realizing they often had the freedom           were stacked with people who had financial                For the last several decades, Anthony
      and resources to assist victims quickly.                associations with Merck. Merck manipulated             Benedetti has unselfishly represented the
                                                              research protocols. They delayed publication           Sheetmetal Workers International Association.
         In her interactions with Congress, the U.S.          of negative findings about Vioxx. They suc-            His outstanding work and leadership have
      military, and others in positions of authority,         ceeded in getting people to take Vioxx that did        served as a guide to other employees
      Marla persuasively argued that achieving an             not have a medical need by spending $161               throughout the years. It is doubtful that the
      accurate accounting for the loss of life in Iraq        million for direct-to-consumer advertising             Sheetmetal Workers International Association
      and Afghanistan would not only make the rec-            alone. And direct lobbying to doctors is a well-       would have functioned the same way without
      ompense of wartime civilian casualties easier,          known practice that has the same result. Last-         his tireless efforts.
      but would also assist U.S. led reconstruction           ly, 10 members of a 32-member FDA advisory                I want to offer Mr. Benedetti my congratula-
      efforts. Through it all, Marla’s sunny disposi-         board in charge of determining whether Vioxx           tions and thanks for his outstanding career of
      tion and ability to make friends easily proved          should continue to be allowed on the market,           service. It is with men like Anthony Benedetti
      invaluable in recruiting the assistance of jour-        had ties to industry. Had those advisers ab-           that our nation’s labor movement is such a
      nalists, U.N. officials, non-governmental orga-         stained, the committee would have voted that           huge success. He will be deeply missed.
      nization staff, and the U.S. military in docu-          Vioxx should not return to the market. And                Mr. Speaker, it is my sincere hope that my
      menting the plight of civilians and providing re-       these are only the things we know about.               colleagues will join me in honoring and recog-
      lief to war-torn families.                              More concerns are likely to be uncovered as            nizing Anthony Benedetti as a determined and
         Marla’s contributions to the most vulnerable         we dig deeper.                                         exceptional worker who affected the lives of
                                                                 Would Merck be doing all this if Merck was          many people.
      of citizens did not come without making a
                                                              the only maker of Vioxx? Absolutely not.                               f
      great deal of personal sacrifice, however.
                                                              When there is competition in manufacturing,
      CIVIC operated on a shoe-string budget of                                                                      POINT OF PERSONAL PRIVILEGE
                                                              just like there is in most other sectors, the ca-
      about $100,000 a year, which often left Marla           pability to squeeze so much profit from a sin-          ASSERTED BY REPRESENTATIVE
      depending on friends and family to secure               gle drug is gone. But under a monopoly, which           NADLER, H. REP. 109–51, CON-
      enough money for airline tickets and living ex-         is what Merck has with its patented Vioxx, the          CERNING H.R. 748, THE CHILD
      penses. When returning to the U.S. from over-           sky is the limit on profits. Only the patent hold-      INTERSTATE ABORTION NOTIFI-
      seas, Marla would often stay with friends,              er or licensee can sell it, so they control the         CATION ACT OF 2005
      sleeping on their sofas, to continue her work           market. And when a company controls the
      when returning to the United States. Her abil-          market, they have considerable leeway to cor-                  HON. SHEILA JACKSON-LEE
      ity to succeed in the most difficult of cir-            rupt the process in ways similar to what we                               OF TEXAS
      cumstances is a testament to her natural abil-          have seen with Merck.                                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      ity and drive, and serves as an inspiration to             The usual justification for patent monopolies
      many.                                                   is that patents are yielding innovation, which is                  Thursday, May 5, 2005
         Mr. Speaker, few people possess the undy-            critical for new pharmaceuticals. But we are              Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr. Speaker,
      ing commitment to selflessly and courageously           not getting that innovation. The number of             I rise in strong support of the point raised by
                                                              New Molecular Entities approved by the FDA             the gentleman from New York regarding the
      pursue justice on behalf of the less fortunate
                                                              has been in decline several years running.             malreporting of the Republican Leadership of
      as did Marla Ruzicka. During her lifetime,
                                                              Copycats or me-too’s constitute roughly 70             the Committee on the Judiciary with respect to
      Marla viewed it as her personal obligation to
                                                              percent of new FDA approved drugs. In other            H.R. 748, the Child Interstate Abortion Notifi-
      fight for the less fortunate in this world and,                                                                cation Act of 2005.
                                                              words, the pipeline is drying up.
      under the most difficult of circumstances, de-             If we want to avoid another Vioxx down the             Under Rule IX, paragraph (1) of the House
      manded and achieved justice for so many vic-            road, we need to get to the root of the prob-          Rules, Mr. NADLER justifiably asserts his point
      tims of war and conflict. Her relentless dedica-        lem. We need to bring innovation back up,              because not only his but my ‘‘rights and rep-
      tion and optimism won over the hearts of the            control perverse incentives, and drive drug            utation’’ have been offended by the conduct of
      most influential people, making it possible to          prices back down to a similar level as other           the Chairman in publishing House Report
      relieve the suffering of those most in need.            developed nations. We do that by changing              109–51. To reiterate, the language used in
      Her actions were nothing short of heroic, and           the financing of pharmaceuticals.                      pages 45–49 patently malreport and malign
      should serve as an inspiration to us all. I ask            Put simply, the NIH, which is currently re-         the authors of amendments to H.R. 748, the
      those in this distinguished body to join me in          sponsible for much of the innovation in phar-          Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act of
      offering my condolences to Marla’s parents,             maceutical research, should drastically in-            2005.
      Clifford and Nancy Ruzicka. They should be              crease its already successful pharmaceutical              Two days ago, on May 3, 2005, the Ranking
      commended on their daughter’s extraordinary             research program. The innovations that result          Member of the Committee on the Judiciary led
      commitment to improving the world one life at           should be available for any qualified entity to        debate on his resolution of privilege, H. Res.
      a time.                                                 manufacture, which would introduce competi-            253 that concerned the ways in which the act

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00021   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.074   E05PT1
      E904                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                           May 5, 2005
      of the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee              to handle even the toughest personalities and          our Nation’s economic stability. The premise
      negatively affected the ‘‘rights of the House           a dedication to public service that is second to       of Moore’s Law dictates that computing power
      collectively, its safety, dignity, and the integrity    none, Kathryn has remained a constant force            improves essentially for free, bringing in-
      of its proceedings.’’                                   in moving our agenda forward.                          creases in productivity unprecedented since
          So too, was this resolution properly and jus-          Kathryn is leaving us to take that next step        the Industrial Revolution and acting as a pow-
      tifiably introduced because, in that case, the          in her already distinguished career. While I           erful deflationary force in the world’s macro-
      privileges of ‘‘dignity’’ and ‘‘the integrity of [the   know that Kathryn’s talents will be missed, I          economy. As a result, consumers get more for
      House’s] proceedings’’ have been patently vio-          wish her the very best in her new endeavor.            less. Businesses can continually improve their
      lated. To purposefully misreport the good-faith                           f                                    operations, service and productivity at a cost
      amendments that have been offered by Mem-                                                                      advantage.
      bers of this venerable House debases the na-                   PERSONAL EXPLANATION                               In Silicon Valley, which I’m proud to rep-
      ture and trustworthiness of the House Report.                                                                  resent, we’re proud to be a major driver in the
          After this debacle, Members will have to                             HON. JEFF FLAKE                       technology industry to keep pace with Moore’s
      scan committee reports with a fine-toothed                                  OF ARIZONA
                                                                                                                     Law. The small and large businesses which
      comb—not for substantive value, but for accu-                                                                  are part of our local technology industry have
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      racy and veracity of their reporting value! This                                                               led to economic growth and development. Intel
                                                                          Thursday, May 5, 2005                      Corporation, leading the charge, has become
      is the diminution of the dignity of the process.
      This is the diminution of the integrity of the             Mr. FLAKE. Mr. Speaker, yesterday I voted           a major local contributor to our economy and
      House.                                                  ‘‘Yes’’ on H.R. 366, the Vocational and Tech-          is an example of the impact that U.S. techno-
          The American people must be made aware              nical Education for the Future Act. My ‘‘Yes’’         logical leadership has at a regional, national,
                                                              vote was entirely the result of an error on my         and international level.
      that we, the authors of the amendments on
                                                              part. For the record, I intended to cast a ‘‘No’’         On April 19, 1965, the day which Gordon
      pages 45–49 of House Report 109–51 do not                                                                      Moore’s article first appeared, he certainly
      associate ourselves with the misreported por-           vote against H.R. 366. I do not believe that
                                                              vocational and technical educational grants            could not have predicted the powerful and dra-
      tions thereof.                                                                                                 matic influence his postulation would have on
          House Report 109–51 not only improperly             falls within the proper scope of the federal
                                                                                                                     our world.
      made negative inferences as to the import and           government.                                               Beyond sharing a wonderful prediction, Gor-
      intent of my amendments, but it combined two               Unfortunately, I did not realize that I had         don Moore has distinguished himself as a
      distinct and separately-offered amendments              voted incorrectly until after the vote was con-        major philanthropist, donating $7 billion to var-
      into one.                                               cluded.                                                ious environmental, scientific and San Fran-
          In terms of the personal privileges violated                          f                                    cisco Bay Area causes.
      by the report, the misreporting—and the                                                                           Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me
      malreporting of the amendments offered by                  ON THE OCCASION OF THE
                                                               ANNIVERSARY OF MOORE’S LAW                            in honoring Gordon Moore for his vision in es-
      my colleagues Mr. SCOTT, Mr. NADLER, and                                                                       tablishing Moore’s Law, for his unique leader-
      me affected our rights, reputation, and con-                                                                   ship, his integrity, and his incomparable con-
      duct. As founder and Chair of the Congres-                         HON. ANNA G. ESHOO                          tributions to make our nation great. How proud
      sional Children’s Caucus, a report that cites                              OF CALIFORNIA                       I am to be Gordon Moore’s Representative in
      an amendment offered by me that would ex-                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   Congress. He has our collective gratitude for
      empt sexual predators from liability is at the                       Thursday, May 5, 2005                     his contributions to our Nation.
      very least offensive.                                                                                                          f
          My constituents and the constituents of my             Ms. ESHOO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      colleagues do read House Reports, and the               commemorate the 40th anniversary of Moore’s            RECOGNIZING   VERN   BROOKS,
      nefarious language that the Chairman avers              Law, a prediction by Intel co-founder Gordon            PRESIDENT OF TECHNICAL DI-
      as representative of his true intentions should         Moore about integrated circuits that has driven         RECTORS,   INC., ON   BEING
      be highlighted as contrary to the ideals on             the pace of innovation, helped make America             NAMED 2005 REGIONAL SUBCON-
      which this House, this government, and this             the world’s technological leader, as well as            TRACTOR OF THE YEAR
      nation were established.                                helping to launch what is now the Silicon Val-
                                                              ley.                                                               HON. MIKE ROGERS
                                                                 In April of 1965, Gordon Moore, then an en-                           OF MICHIGAN
        TRIBUTE TO KATHRYN LEHMAN                             gineer with Fairchild Semiconductor, predicted            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              that computer chips would double in power                           Thursday, May 5, 2005
                      HON. DAVE CAMP                          approximately every 18 months while staying
                                                                                                                        Mr. ROGERS of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, I
                         OF MICHIGAN                          at the same cost. Forty years later, Moore’s
                                                                                                                     rise today to recognize Vern Brooks, President
                                                              Law has maintained its pace. Today we enjoy
                                                                                                                     of Technical Directors, Inc., (TDI) on being
                                                              technological innovation that even the most
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                                                                              named 2005 Regional Subcontractor of the
                                                              enterprising minds could not have imagined
                                                                                                                     Year. Mr. Brooks’ small business, Technical
         Mr. CAMP. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay           four decades ago: Computers once the size of
                                                                                                                     Directions Inc., manufactures proprietary jet
      tribute to the distinguished service of an em-          a refrigerator now fit on our laps or in the palm      engine technology. These engines have prov-
      ployee of this House. To do so, I’m reminded            of our hands, and a talking doll enjoyed by            en superior for use in small unmanned aircraft
      of an old phrase that doesn’t fit anymore in to-        kids around the world packs four times as              and powered weapons systems, including sev-
      day’s society. It goes: behind every good man           much processing power as an Apollo moon                eral Lockheed Martin mini-cruise missiles.
      is a good woman. The saying may be out-                 lander.                                                   Mr. Brooks was recognized by the Small
      dated, but the point it tries to make still rings          Along with these extraordinary advances in          Business Administration for his entrepreneurial
      true: nobody gets very far without a lot of sup-        processing power, the technological innovation         spirit at the 2005 U.S. Small Business Admin-
      port.                                                   driven by Moore’s Law has led to advances in           istration’s National Small Business Week in
         Nowhere is that more accurate than in the            virtually every industry and almost every as-          Washington, D.C., an event that showcased
      world of politics and public service. I’d like to       pect of our lives. Doctors can access the Inter-       Small Business Persons of the Year winners
      think that the modern corollary up here on the          net in the examining room or diagnose a pa-            from each state. National Small Business
      Hill might sound something like: behind every           tient remotely, while having access to the lat-        Week honors some of the Nation’s estimated
      good politician is their staff. And, Kathryn Leh-       est updates on chemical reactions, alter-              25 million small business owners that form the
      man has helped make many a good politician.             natives, and availability of prescriptions. On-        foundation of our Nation’s economy.
         Kathryn may not have been in the head-               the-go parents can carry games and other dig-             Mr. Speaker, small businesses are the life
      lines, she may not have been lauded with                ital entertainment for their young children on         blood of the American economy. They employ
      award after award and plaque after plaque,              the road while simultaneously checking in on           more than half the country’s private work
      but she has done much to make our Repub-                their teenagers whereabouts and well-being.            force, create three of every four new jobs and
      lican caucus a success.                                    Most importantly, the drive toward maintain-        generate a majority of American innovations.’
         In her many roles, Kathryn has always been           ing Moore’s law has kept the U.S. technology           The entrepreneurs that found these busi-
      a go-to person. Working the halls of Congress           industry at the forefront of innovation, growing       nesses must be recognized for their contribu-
      with an in-depth knowledge of policy, an ability        quality, high-paying jobs and contributing to          tion to economy. I ask my colleagues to join

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00022   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.080   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E905
      me in honoring Mr. Brooks for his recognition           and Chief Executive Officer, Nancy Schlichting         committee, Mr. Taylor worked with other sen-
      as 2005 Regional Subcontractor of the Year              for a job well done. What an honor for the             ior officers to handle all corporate-wide re-
      and in recognizing the contribution of small            Henry Ford Health System and the city of De-           sponsibilities.
      business owners to the growth of our econ-              troit. Their commitment to quality health care            Aside from his remarkable service through-
      omy.                                                    and the community is to be applauded.                  out his career, Mr. Taylor also serves on near-
                       f                                                        f                                    ly twenty business, civic and community affili-
                                                                                                                     ations and boards, and in the past, Martin has
      HONORING HENRY FORD HEALTH                              CONGRATULATING  S.  MARTIN                             been part of over thirty such organizations. In
       SYSTEM ON WINNING THE 2004                              TAYLOR ON THE OCCASION OF                             1996, he was elected to the University of
       FOSTER G. MCGAW PRIZE FOR                               HIS RETIREMENT                                        Michigan Board of Regents, where he con-
       EXCELLENCE  IN  COMMUNITY                                                                                     tinues to serve with distinction. He is also the
       SERVICE                                                             HON. FRED UPTON                           recipient of two commendations of public serv-
                                                                                 OF MICHIGAN                         ice by the Michigan Legislature. His civic serv-
            HON. CAROLYN C. KILPATRICK                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   ice provides a great testament to the spirit of
                         OF MICHIGAN                                                                                 commitment and community Mr. Taylor pos-
                                                                          Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                                                                                     sesses. Martin is truly a model member of the
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                          Mr. UPTON. Mr. Speaker, Mr. DINGELL and             Michigan community and an example for us
                                                              I rise today as the Senior Members of the              all.
          Ms. KILPATRICK of Michigan. Mr. Speaker,            Michigan Delegation to congratulate and pay               In addition to his great success in both pub-
      I rise today to honor the Henry Ford Health
                                                              tribute to S. Martin Taylor on the occasion of         lic and private service, Martin is also fortunate
      System in Detroit for winning the 2004 Foster
                                                              his retirement after 16 years of service as Ex-        enough to share his life with his wife Ann
      G. McGaw Prize for Excellence in Community
                                                              ecutive Vice President of DTE Energy in De-            Diggs Taylor, U.S. District Court Judge for the
      Service—one of the health care field’s most
                                                              troit, Michigan. We have both known this spe-          Eastern District of Michigan. Mr. Taylor also
      prestigious awards. Henry Ford was awarded
                                                              cial man through not only his sixteen years at         has two step-children, his son, Douglass, and
      this award May 2, 2005 at the American Hos-
                                                              DTE Energy, but also throughout the many               daughter, Carla.
      pital Association’s Annual conference.
          The Foster G. McGaw prize recognizes                years he spent in public service working                  As Martin begins what is surely a deserved
      health care organizations that demonstrate              across and from both sides of the aisle to im-         retirement, we offer him the best of luck on
      commitment to community service through a               prove the lives of Michigan’s citizens.                this long and well-earned journey. Mr. Speak-
      variety of programs. These programs must ex-               Mr. Taylor has shown an exceptional com-            er, we hope you will join with us and our col-
      hibit a continuous dedication to making com-            mitment to the people of the state of Michigan.        leagues in the Michigan Delegation to wish
      munities healthier. Each year, the $100,000             After graduating from Western Michigan Uni-            Mr. Taylor many years filled with family,
      award is given to an organization committed to          versity in 1964, he went on to receive his Juris       friends, and good health and thank him for
      providing its community with innovative pro-            Doctor from the Detroit College of Law in              what he has done for our state.
                                                              1967. A lifelong student of both academics
      grams and services that promote the health                                                                                     f
      and well being of the community. The Amer-              and personal interaction, Mr. Taylor received
      ican Hospital Association, the Baxter Inter-            an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree in 2002,             RECOGNIZING THE 75TH ANNIVER-
      national Foundation and the Cardinal Health             from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan.            SARY     OF   ST.    ROBERT
      Foundation sponsored the award.                            After two years of service in Chicago, Illinois      BELLARMINE PARISH
          Henry Ford Health System’s outstanding              as an attorney at the Container Corporation of
      community programs are improving the health             America, Mr. Taylor was appointed by then-                        HON. RAHM EMANUEL
      and quality of life of the people they serve, pri-      Governor of Michigan William G. Milliken, a                              OF ILLINOIS
      marily Southeast Michigan’s minority and dis-           Republican, to serve as the Deputy Director of            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      advantaged residents.                                   the Michigan Department of Commerce. Two
                                                              years later in 1971, Mr. Taylor was appointed                      Thursday, May 5, 2005
          Henry Ford Health System was recognized
      for its involvement in: The School-Based                by a bipartisan commission representing both              Mr. EMANUEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise in rec-
      Health Initiative, which takes primary and pre-         labor and management, to serve as the Direc-           ognition of the 75th Anniversary of St.
      ventive care to Detroit classrooms where it             tor of the Michigan Employment Security Com-           Bellarmine Parish in Jefferson Park, Illinois. I
      may be the only health care a child receives.           mission (MESC), the State’s third largest              am proud of the continuous support and inspi-
      The Henry Ford sites handle nearly 20,000               agency. His 13 years of remarkable service at          ration this parish has provided to the people of
      student visits each year.                               that position led to his appointment by Demo-          Jefferson Park for the past 75 years, and I
          AIM–HI—African American Initiative for Male         cratic Governor James Blanchard as Director            would like to thank the parishioners of St.
      Health Improvement, a program within the In-            of the Michigan Department of Labor in 1983.           Robert Bellarmine Parish for their dedicated
      stitute on Multicultural Health at Henry Ford,          In a remarkable feat of commitment, Mr. Tay-           service.
      that provides mobile health screenings and              lor served concurrently as both the Director of           St. Robert Bellarmine has served as an es-
      onsite health education for diabetes, hyper-            the MESC and Michigan’s Labor Department               sential part of the surrounding community
      tension, and strokes. SandCastles, a division           for nearly two years.                                  since 1930, when a group of dedicated parish-
      of the Hospices of Henry Ford Health System,               In 1984, after 15 years of service to the           ioners joined with Father Gillespie to celebrate
      which offers grief support for children and fam-        state of Michigan, Martin left his position as         the parish’s first Mass in the auditorium of
      ilies who have lost a loved one. In 2004, this          Director of Labor in order to serve the people         Prussing Public School.
      program served 378 children and 274 adults              of Detroit as the President of New Detroit Inc.,          Church and school buildings were con-
      from 228 families. City Year Detroit, a program         the Nation’s first urban coalition developed in        structed in 1931 to house the parish, and the
      that is supported financially and housed by             response to the civil unrest of 1967. As Presi-        church became an anchor for the community
      Henry Ford Health System. In this program,              dent, Mr. Taylor acted to facilitate an active         and a beacon of hope for its parishioners.
      outstanding young adults make a 10-month,               and productive dialogue between all social, re-           Today, St. Robert Bellarmine continues to
      full-time volunteer service commitment to help          ligious and economic organizations in the Met-         inspire the Jefferson Park community under
      youth in Detroit’s lowest-income neighbor-              ropolitan Detroit area. Mr. Taylor served with         the exceptional leadership of Father Michael
      hoods.                                                  distinction for 5 years at that position.              Goergen. This parish provides a prime exam-
          Automobile pioneer Henry Ford founded the              Finally in 1989, Mr. Taylor was asked to            ple of what can be accomplished when we
      hospital in 1915 to improve the health of metro         serve as an Executive Vice President of DTE            work together for the common good.
      Detroit residents. Since that time, the health          Energy. At this post, Martin was responsible              The 1,700 families that make up the parish
      system has been devoted to patient safety,              for developing and implementing the com-               create a welcoming and service-oriented com-
      clinical excellence and superior service. The           pany’s strategies for human resources, cor-            munity. Church activities such as the Stretch
      health system partners with dozens of local             porate communications, and corporate and               Program help needy members of the parish,
      agencies and organizations to serve more                government affairs. He worked to enhance the           adding to St. Robert Bellarmine’s impressive
      than one million residents in southeast Michi-          public reputation of DTE Energy and to ensure          history of donating time, talent, and resources
      gan.                                                    that its workforce was fully capable of meeting        to the community.
          Again, Mr. Speaker I want to commend the            the changing demands and challenges of the                The 390 students at St. Robert Bellarmine
      Henry Ford Health System and its President              energy industry. As a member of the executive          school receive an excellent and well rounded

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00023   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.085   E05PT1
      E906                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                            May 5, 2005
      education, with the active participation of the         A TRIBUTE TO JUDGE ANDREW L.                           Jefferson, it will honor his role as a warrior
      Parents Association in extracurricular pro-                     JEFFERSON, JR                                  who never forgot where he came from and al-
      grams.                                                                                                         ways worked tirelessly on behalf of the least,
        Now as St. Robert Bellarmine Parish cele-                              HON. AL GREEN                         the last and the lost.
      brates its 75th anniversary, I ask my col-                                   OF TEXAS                                           f
      leagues to take a moment and recognize the                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                            TRIBUTE TO THE TEPEYAC
      importance of places like St. Robert                                 Thursday, May 5, 2005                                  ASSOCIATION
      Bellarmine in communities all across America.              Mr. AL GREEN of Texas. Mr. Speaker, on
         Mr. Speaker, I congratulate the parishioners         Friday, May 6, 2005, my alma mater,                                      ´
                                                                                                                               HON. JOSE E. SERRANO
      of St. Robert Bellarmine on the first 75 years          Thurgood Marshall School of Law located in                               OF NEW YORK
      of their parish, and I wish them continued suc-         the great city of Houston, will designate the             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      cess and inspiration in serving their commu-            Andrew L. Jefferson, Jr. Endowed Chair in
                                                              Trial Advocacy in honor of my great friend and                    Thursday, May 5, 2005
      nity in the coming years.                                                                                          Mr. SERRANO. Mr. Speaker, it is with great
                                                              mentor, Judge Andrew L. Jefferson, Jr.
                                                                 Born in Dallas, Texas in 1934, Judge Jeffer-        pleasure that I rise today to pay tribute to the
                       f                                      son has lived in Houston since the ripe old            Tepeyac Association. This outstanding organi-
                                                              age of 2. A graduate of Jack Yates High                zation has served the Latino American com-
      TRIBUTE TO EILEEN HARRINGTON                            School, Texas Southern University and the              munity in New York for the past 8 years. Their
       AND THE DO NOT CALL REG-                               University of Texas School of Law, Judge Jef-          unyielding dedication to the building of a
       ISTRY TEAM                                             ferson has, over the years, distinguished him-         strong Mexican-American and Latino commu-
                                                              self not only as an accomplished legal scholar,        nity in New York is commendable.
                                                              but also as a dedicated community leader.                  In the South Bronx, Mexican immigrants
               HON. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN                             A humble man, Andrew Jefferson has had              have played an important role in helping to re-
                        OF MARYLAND                           an exemplary career that began in the early            energize various neighborhoods. The vibrant
                                                              sixties when he was a partner in the law firm          Mexican-American community brings added
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      of Washington and Jefferson. Because Judge             diversity and flavor to an area already rich
                                                              Jefferson displayed, at an early age, a remark-        with Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and African
                 Thursday, May 5, 2005
                                                              able command of the law, he was recruited to           Americans. The result is a wonderful con-
         Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, this week               serve as the Assistant District Attorney for           fluence of cultures that help to bring the Bronx
      is Public Service Recognition Week, a week              Bexar County, a position he held until he was          to life. I am happy to welcome this new group
      when we salute government employees at the              appointed Chief Assistant United States Attor-         of immigrants to our community. They, like the
                                                              ney and subsequently Chief of the Criminal             groups that have come before them have
      federal, state, county and local levels. As a
                                                              Section for the Western District of Texas, a           helped to make life in the Bronx as vibrant
      member of the Congressional Public Service
                                                              job he held until Humble Oil and Refining              and diverse as it is today.
      Caucus, I would like to honor one of my con-
                                                              Company beckoned him to join their ranks as                The tremendous strides that this community
      stituents who is a model public servant.                                                                       has made not only in my district but through-
                                                              Trial and Labor Relations Counsel. During the
         Eileen Harrington, of Kensington, Maryland,          early seventies, he assumed the role of Judge          out New York, is in large part due to the great
      is the Associate Director for Marketing Prac-           in the Court of Domestic Relations #2 for Har-         work of the Tepeyac Association Tepeyac is a
      tices at the Federal Trade Commission, Bu-              ris County, and in 1973 was elected to a full          non-profit 501 (c) 3 network of 40 community
      reau of Consumer Protection. In this position,          four-year term. At the end of his tenure in the        based organizations, whose mission is to pro-
      Ms. Harrington led the team that developed              Domestic Court, Judge Jefferson was ap-                mote the social welfare and human rights of
      the heralded Do Not Call Registry. Ms. Har-             pointed and then elected to the 208th District         Latino immigrants in New York City with a
      rington and her team won a 2004 Service to              Court. In 1975, believing that he could inspire        focus on those who are undocumented.
      America Medal from the Partnership for Public           young people to enter the legal profession, the        Founded in September, 1997 by Mexican
                                                              distinguished barrister left the bench and re-         community leaders, the Association is the only
      Service and Atlantic Media Company for this
                                                              entered private practice.                              public resource dedicated to organizing Mexi-
      great accomplishment and they continue to re-
                                                                 In addition to being honorably discharged as        can immigrants in the 5 boroughs. Tepeyac is
      ceive accolades for their groundbreaking work.
                                                              a Captain in the United States Army Reserve-           also dedicated to informing and educating
         Opened on June 27, 2003, the FTC’s Do                Judge Advocate General’s Corps, the distin-            Mexican immigrants and their families about
      Not Call Registry enables consumers to block            guished gentleman from Texas is a member of            their rights and available resources. Through
      phone calls from telemarketers. All consumers           the State Bar of Texas, Houston Bar Associa-           its grassroots structure and leadership the As-
      have to do is sign up online or through a toll-         tion, the Houston Trial Lawyers Association,           sociation serves over 10,000 members.
      free number, and registration is free. By any           the American Bar Association, the National                 Mr. Speaker, as we continue to debate leg-
      measure, the success of this program has                Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta Legal Frater-         islation in the 109th Congress that will affect
      been phenomenal.                                        nity, a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Frater-         the lives of immigrants, it is important that we
                                                              nity, Inc., former Chairman of the Board of Di-        remember that we are a nation of immigrants.
         The registry quickly became the most                 rectors of the Houston Branch of the National          All of our families came to the U.S. in search
      searched-for site on the Internet, and more             Urban League, and a Life Member of the                 of a better life, and the American Dream. To
      than 10 million people were registered in the           NAACP.                                                 be anti-immigrant is to forget our history, and
      first four days. According to a January 2004               Among his many awards and accomplish-               to reject the very values that make our country
      Harris Poll, 91 percent of adults have heard of         ments, Judge Jefferson has received the Anti-          so great. I will continue to fight against policies
      the registry, and 57 percent have actually reg-         Defamation League National Torch of Liberty            that are hateful and unwelcoming to those
      istered—bringing the number of enrollees to             Award, the Forward Times Newspaper Com-                who comes to this country seeking a better
      almost 60 million. Ninety-two percent of enroll-        munity Service Award, the Charles A. George            life. It is my hope that organizations such as
      ees report receiving fewer calls, and 78 per-           Community Service Award and the League of              Tepeyac will continue to make the transition
      cent say that they get ‘‘far fewer calls’’ or none      United Latin American Citizens National Com-           into American life easier for the Mexican-
      at all.                                                 munity Service Award from LaRaza.                      American community.
                                                                 Mr. Speaker, I am blessed to have the op-               On this day, Cinco de Mayo, 2005, I salute
         Mr. Speaker, Eileen Harrington and the Do            portunity to pay tribute to a great American           the many contributions that Tepeyac has
      Not Call Registry Team demonstrates the gov-            hero. For those of us who know the Honorable           made to the South Bronx. I thank the Mexi-
      ernment’s ability to deliver practical solutions        Andrew L. Jefferson, we are always in awe of           can-American community for its continuing
      that are positively improving the everyday lives        his ability as a coalition builder to bridge the       contribution to American life and culture and
      of millions of Americans. I commend Ms. Har-            gap between young and old and those of dif-            for playing such an important role in revital-
      rington and the Do Not Call Registry Team for           ferent cultural backgrounds. I believe that            izing our inner cities. I ask that my colleagues
      their service to our great nation.                      when history records the legacy of Andrew L.           join me in paying tribute to Tepeyac.

VerDate Aug 04 2004   03:38 May 06, 2005   Jkt 039060   PO 00000   Frm 00024   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05MY8.090   E05PT1
      May 5, 2005                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E907
           HEALTH INSURANCE CRISIS                            women and other prominent Asian Pacific                  I also ask that the following article from the
                                                              Americans such as Board of Equalization                Register-Herald in Beckley be printed in the
           HON. STEPHANIE TUBBS JONES                         Member John Chiang, Assembly Members                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD after these remarks.
                            OF OHIO
                                                              Judy Chu and Carol Liu, Alhambra City Coun-            Bev Davis, a friend and former co-worker of
                                                              cil Member Gary Yamauchi, Alhambra School              Mary Nell Godbey, wrote this column which
                                                              Board Members Robert Gin and Chester                   shows how well loved Ms. Godbey was in
                   Thursday, May 5, 2005                      Chau, Altadena Town Council Member Lucille             southern West Virginia.
         Mrs. JONES of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, I rise              Hino, Glendale Community College Trustee                   BELOVED WVU EXTENSION AGENT LEAVES
      today in support of Cover the Uninsured                 Victor King, Monterey Park Mayor Mike Eng,                           GREAT LEGACY BEHIND
      Week, May 1–8, 2005.                                    Monterey Park City Council Members Betty                                (By Bev Davis)
         As we come together for this year’s Cover            Tom Chu and David Lau and Monterey Park
                                                                                                                        ‘‘Call Mary Nell.’’ Those were words I
      the Uninsured Week, we will continue to let             City Treasurer Mitchell lng, Garvey School             heard repeatedly when I worked at the West
      the leaders of this country know it is time that        Board Members Henry Lo and John Yuen,                  Virginia University Area Extension Office in
      we make health coverage for all Americans               Temple City School Board Member Edward                 Beckley.      Area    division     leader   Oscar
      our top priority. Today, 45 million Americans           Chen, South Pasadena Council Member Mike               Hutchison was my boss, overseeing the nine-
      have no health insurance, including more than           Ten, South Pasadena School Board Member                county WVU Extension offices.
      8 million children. Eight out of 10 uninsured           Joseph Loo, San Gabriel City Council Member               Mary Nell Godbey was a WVU extension
      Americans either work or are in working fami-           Chi Mui and San Gabriel School Board Mem-              agent for Raleigh County, and everything
                                                                                                                     that had to do with homemaking, food prepa-
      lies.                                                   ber Ken Tcheng.
                                                                                                                     ration, food preservation and hand crafts fell
         Being uninsured means going without need-               This week the House considered a resolu-            under the umbrella of her expertise.
      ed care. It means minor illnesses become                tion honoring the contributions of Vietnamese             She taught workshops on everything from
      major ones because care is delayed. Trag-               Americans to American society over the past                                  ´
                                                                                                                     decoupage, macrame and quilting to canning
      ically, it also means that one significant med-         thirty years. The consideration of this bill is        foods and how to get mold off your carpet.
      ical expense can wipe out a family’s life sav-          timely as this year marks the 30th anniversary            When I saw her obituary in our newspaper
      ings. There are millions of working, uninsured          of the fall of South Vietnan to Communist rule.        this week, it really hurt to accept the fact
      Americans who go to bed every night worrying            Over the course of three decades, through              she’s gone. I remember her as such a lady—
                                                              perseverance and hard work, the 1.5 million            always impeccably dressed and a woman who
      what will happen to them and their families if
                                                                                                                     always conducted herself with such dignity.
      a major illness or injury strikes.                      Vietnamese who resettled in the United States             At the same time, she was warm, friendly
         In my home state of Ohio there are currently         have been able to build new lives and form a           and willing to help.
      1,362,000 uninsured, an increase of 18,000              vibrant community which has strengthened our              Mary Nell was a virtual encyclopedia of
      people since 2003. We have also seen the                nation immeasurably. Yet this community has            knowledge for all of us and for hundreds of
      strain on many of the local hospitals in my dis-        not forgotten its heritage and has worked tire-        callers. I lost count of the times I told some-
      trict when people are forced to use emergency           lessly to promote democracy and freedom in             one, ‘‘Call Mary Nell Godbey. If anyone
      rooms as their source of primary care.                  Vietnam; to extend the same rights they enjoy          knows the answer to your question, she
                                                              to the people of the land they were forced to          will.’’
         The problem is getting worse. As the price
                                                                                                                        A gentle woman with a great sense of
      of health care continues to rise, fewer individ-        leave.
                                                                                                                     humor, Mary Nell made friends easily. She
      uals and families can afford to pay for cov-               From every tragedy springs a new hope.              made me laugh often, and I probably use
      erage. Fewer small businesses are able to               The fall of Saigon resulted in a world refugee         something I learned from her almost every
      provide coverage for their employees, and               crisis of historic proportions, creating over          day of my life.
      those that do are struggling to hold on to the          three million refugees. But were it not for this          She was a lady with a quiet spiritual faith,
      coverage they offer. It is a problem that affects       event, America would not be the same. As               and I know her long absence because of ill-
      all of us and we cannot sit idly by while the           with millions of other Asian and Pacific Island-       ness has left some big shoes to fill at First
      people of this country continue to go without           ers, Vietnamese Americans have enriched our            Baptist Church in Beckley, where she was a
                                                                                                                     member for many years.
      health insurance.                                       society and woven their own traditions into the
                                                                                                                        I’m sure I speak for a huge community of
         We must begin to move forward in a bipar-            beautiful tapestry that is America. I would like       people when I extend my deepest condolences
      tisan manner to expand access to affordable,            to thank the Asian Americans and Pacific Is-           to Mary Nell’s family. Her influence had a
      quality and reliable health coverage for Amer-          landers for their contribution to our district and     wide impact, and her passing leaves a vacant
      ica’s families.                                         society, our community would be incomplete             spot in our hearts.
                       f                                      without them.                                             In passing on her legacy, Mary Nell would
                                                                                f                                    want me to sound a trumpet for the organi-
            ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN                                                                                   zation to which she dedicated so much of her
                HERITAGE MONTH                                       RECOGNIZING MARY NELL                           life.
                                                                            GODBEY                                      As we have moved away from a more
                                                                                                                     agrarian lifestyle, the function and scope of
                 HON. ADAM B. SCHIFF                                                                                 the WVU Extension has changed a great deal
                        OF CALIFORNIA                                   HON. NICK J. RAHALL, II                      over the years.
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                       OF WEST VIRGINIA                         It is, nevertheless, still a vital resource for
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   our communities.
                  Thursday, May 5, 2005                                                                                 The county offices provide a wealth of in-
         Mr. SCHIFF. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to                         Thursday, May 5, 2005                      formation on homemaking, gardening, help
      commemorate May 2005 as National Asian                     Mr. RAHALL. Mr. Speaker, the wonderful              for working women, parenting—just about
      Pacific American Heritage Month.                        state of West Virginia has known many great            any topic that enhances daily living.
                                                                                                                        I know Mary Nell would want me to re-
         I am proud to represent the 29th District of         Americans. My neighbors in southern West
                                                                                                                     mind people to think of a WVU Extension of-
      California, home to one of the largest Asian            Virginia each have their own interesting story,        fice first when a question comes to mind.
      American and Pacific Islander populations in            they are all a pleasure for me to represent.           She has passed the torch to a new generation
      Southern California; almost one-fourth of my            Today, I am here to recognize Mary Nell                of agents who are eager to make a difference
      constituents are of Asian Pacific heritage. Ear-        Godbey who passed away at the end of April.            in their community.
      lier this year I had the honor of naming Tem-              Mary Nell Godbey was an outstanding                    During the years I’ve worked at the news-
      ple City, City Councilmember Judy S. Wong               member of her community. As a WVU Exten-               paper, it’s been rewarding to refer callers to
      and Alice Lan-Hua Hwang 29th Congressional              sion Agent in Raleigh County, she helped               this agency for help. Because of all the dedi-
                                                                                                                     cated extension agents still around, it’s a
      District Women of the Year for 2005 in rec-             southern West Virginians on a daily basis.
                                                                                                                     pleasure to say to someone on the phone,
      ognition of their contributions to our commu-              My thoughts and prayers are with her family         ‘‘Call the WVU Extension office. If anyone
      nity.                                                   during this difficult time. She touched so many        can answer that question, they can.’’
         Countless lives in Southern California ben-          people’s lives throughout her many years and              The next time I say that, however, it will
      efit from the leadership provided by these              will surely be missed.                                 become a tribute to Mary Nell.

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