The War Continues by wuyunyi


									The War Continues
Essential Question
How did the United States gain allies and aid during the Revolutionary War?

Directions: As you read, complete a graphic organizer like the one below to list why France and Spain chose
to support the Patriot cause and what support those countries offered.

Gaining Allies (pages 161-164)
  Identifying Central             The Patriot victory in the Battle of Saratoga was a turning point in the war.
                                  France and other European nations realized that the Americans might win
        Issues                    the war.
                                  At Benjamin Franklin's urging, France secretly gave money to the
Why was the Battle of             Americans. After the Patriot victory, France announced its support for the
Saratoga a turning point in       United States and declared war on Britain. France sent money, supplies,
the war?                          and troops to help the Patriots.
                                  Spain also declared war on Britain. Bernardo de Gálvez (GAHL•vez) was
                                  the Spanish governor of Louisiana. He led troops against Britain in the
                                  South. Gálvez's campaign kept some British troops away from other
                                  battles in the war. This indirectly helped the Patriots.
                                  During the winter of 1777-1778, Howe's troops wintered in Philadelphia
                                  and Washington's troops wintered in Valley Forge, about 20 miles (32 km)
                                  away. The Continental Army did not have enough food, clothing, shelter, or
                                  medicine. It was a winter of terrible suffering. Many men deserted, or left
                                  the Continental Army without permission and some officers resigned.
         Defining                 The Continental Army managed to survive the horrible winter. New soldiers
                                  joined in the spring. France's support of the Patriot cause boosted morale.
Use each vocabulary word          Several Europeans arrived in the United States to help the Patriots. The
in this section in a              Marquis de Lafayette (LAH•fee•EHT), a French noble, became a trusted
sentence:                         aide to Washington. Friedrich von Steuben (STOO•buhn), a former army
                                  officer from Prussia, also helped. He made the Patriot troops at Valley
                                  Forge better fighters. Juan de Miralles (mee•RAH•yays) from Spain helped
   1. deserted
                                  raise money from Spain, Cuba, and Mexico.
                                  Paying for the war continued to be a major problem. The Continental
                                  Congress could not raise money through taxes. The Congress printed
                                  hundreds of millions of dollars worth of paper money, but they did not have
                                  enough gold and silver to back up the money. This led to inflation, which
                                  meant that more and more paper money was needed to buy the same
                                  amount of goods. People quit using the paper money, but there was no
                                  other way to pay for the war.
   2. inflation

Life on the Home Front (pages 164-165)
      Paraphrasing              The ideas of liberty and freedom inspired by the American Revolution gave
                                some groups in American society hope that they, too, would win equality.
In your own words, describe     Some women fought for women's rights. Judith Sargeant Murray argued
why some people began to        that girls should get as good an education as boys. Abigail Adams
question slavery and the        protested to her husband, John Adams, about the power of husbands over
inequality of women.            wives.
                                Ideas of freedom also made some Americans question slavery. A few
                                Northern states attempted to abolish slavery within their borders. Some
                                African Americans fought on the Patriot side, hoping the Revolution would
                                end slavery. However, slavery would continue for many years.
                                Many Loyalists left the colonies. Some Loyalists fought on the British side,
                                or served as spies for the British. Those who remained after the war faced
                                difficulties. Sometimes Loyalists were attacked by mobs. Loyalists who
                                were suspected of helping the British could be arrested and tried as

Section Wrap-Up
Answer these questions to check your understanding of the entire section.

   1. Making Inferences Why do you think France only gave the Patriots money and supplies in secret
      before the Battle of Saratoga?

   2. Drawing Conclusions How did views of slavery change as a result of the American Revolution? What

Descriptive Writing
In the space below, write a short description of the winter at Valley Forge from the point of view of a
soldier in Washington's army.

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