Kempsville high school football player Chris guy aka number five

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					Angelica Luna

        Kempsville high school football player Chris guy aka number five, showed up to the
game. He was pumped and ready to play. When the game started, Kempsville was ready to take
on the challenge of playing Bayside. After 9 minutes into the game, Chris Guy made a great
tackle. When bayside player #6 finally got up, he jumped at Chris, Thus, implying his dislike for
Chris and Kempsville. The next play, #6 on Bayside suppressed Chris by pulling him down by the
neck. After the tackle, the referee threw his flag. Chris then got happy because he knew it had
to be for Kempsville and against Bayside. When the referee end up saying it was against
Kempsville, Chris was elusive to the referee's call because it didn't make any sense how it was
against Kempsville.

       When Chris Guy aka #5 was taken out of the game, He pretended to be apathetic, but
he was actually upset. Throughout the game, the team's confidence fluctuated. One minute
then were pumped and knew they could beat anyone, and then the next minute the felt as if
they couldn't do anything and should just give up. Bayside was everything but cordial to
Kempsville. After they play was over, they did not help Kempsville up and would just run into
the players rather than walk around.

Meanwhile, both teams got into an obstinate situation, resulting in a player from Bayside being
ejected from the game. In a previous touch down the referee had to reproach, because he
didn't think Kempsville stepped in the end zone. Bayside's offense was superfluous. Their coach
only expected them to score three touchdowns during the game but they exceeded his
expectations by scoring a total of six touchdowns. Kempsville could not incredulous their loose
against Bayside

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