Quote #0809-0471
    1.      INTRODUCTION: The Bellingham School District is requesting sealed quotes for Drupal
            Content Management System Development. In order to be considered quotes must be received
            no later than 10:00 am, pst, Thursday, February 12, 2009. All quotes received will be opened
            and publicly read. Sealed quotes may be mailed or hand delivered in person to Brett Greenwood,
            Business & Finance Manager, 1306 Dupont Street, Bellingham, WA 98225. Quotes received
            after the above stated closing date and time cannot be considered and will be returned unopened.
    2.      EXAMINATION OF SPECIFICATIONS: Quoters shall thoroughly examine and be familiar
            with these specifications. The failure or omission of a quoter to receive or examine any form,
            instruments, addendum, or other document or to visit the site when required to acquaint him or
            herself with existing conditions, shall in no way relieve any quoter from obligations with respect
            to this quote or any other resulting contract. Contractors must take all existing conditions into
            consideration prior to submitting a quote. No change orders will be accepted for existing
            conditions. The submission of a quote shall be taken as prima facie evidence of compliance with
            this section.
    3.      VISION: The Web program of Bellingham Public Schools serves as a valuable communication
            tool for parents, staff, students, and community members in the District. Our vision is to create a
            center of activity for communications, information gathering, access to District online resources,
            and general District information. We plan to provide resources to parents that will draw them to
            the Web site to learn more about the District and its programs, provide feedback, and ask
            questions. We envision creating a staff dashboard, where our employees can quickly find web-
            enabled tools and applications, keep up on the latest news on the work and direction of the
            District, and contribute their own content for others to see. For the broader community, we will
            provide a dynamic source of information about what is happening with their schools, including
            opportunities for two-way communication and collaboration across the community.
    4.      SCOPE OF PROJECT: The outcome of this implementation plan is a new public District Web
            site structured to provide a single, consistent source of information for visitors and users. The
            Web site will allow users to contribute and maintain Web content without requiring technical
            knowledge or additional software beyond a supported Web browser. Drupal will serve as the
            Web platform for content management.
            4.1     Multiple content sources: All Web content destined for publication on this Web site
                    will originate in the Drupal-based Web platform, except for specific types of content
                    generated by other systems. In these cases, the content from these separate systems will
                    be integrated into the Web platform to achieve a seamless and consistent experience of
                    the Web site. The following specific content types will be integrated:
                    A.         Press releases, community surveys, Web
                               site inquiry management, and
                               emergency communications will
                               originate in the PIER System, an
                               outsourced on-demand communication
                               management technology already in use
0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                              Page 1 of 27
                               by the District. A case study about the District's use of the PIER System is
                               available at http://www.piersystems.com/go/doc/1533/177845.
                    B.         School board policies, upcoming meeting agendas, and past meeting minutes will
                               originate in BoardDocs, an outsourced online service already in use by the
                               District. More information about the service can be found at
                    C.         Upcoming public event information will originate in Tandem Plus, an outsourced
                               online event management system being implemented by the District in early 2009.
                               The District pilot of Tandem Plus at Sehome High School is available at
            4.2     Limits of current focus: This Web site will focus on publishing District-wide content
                    based on the editorial policies and practices of the Communications Department.
                    The Web platform will be constructed to support future expansion of multiple Web sites
                    based off the same platform. This will enable the addition, in the future, of individual
                    school-based Web sites, or others as determined by the Web Committee.
            4.3     Anticipating future growth: Likewise, user authentication will be based on external
                    directory services, initially of just District staff. Potentially, the Web platform will need
                    to support future inclusion of other user classes, such as parents or students.
            4.4     Goals:
                    A.         Build and launch a community-focused Web site that uses an attractive and
                               consistent design that provides visitors a positive impression and experience.
                    B.         Engineer and maintain intuitive site-wide navigation and organization of content
                               that easily guides visitors to the information they seek.
                    C.         Minimize ongoing administrative and operational overhead through the use of
                               automated processes, integrated system design, and familiar user interface
                    D.         Provide an extensible Web platform to grow into the foreseeable future.
    5.      Audience: The functionality of this Web site is described in the following use cases. These are
            intended to give a brief description of the intended actions, behaviors or outcomes to be elicited
            by the Web site when used by different audiences.
            5.1     Browsing for news in general: A list of recent District news headlines is listed on the
                    home page for all visitors. Each item in the list is linked to a Web page containing the full
                    text of the news item. Visitors may also click on the ‘Newsroom’ link in the Web site
                    navigational menu to view a catalog of all news items sorted by date.
                    In the sidebar visitors will find a list of current media contacts with phone number and
                    email address. Specific media resources such as (but not limited to) a press kit, fact sheet
                    about the District, may also be provided on the Newsroom page.
            5.2     Seeking contact information: Visitors may access a ‘Staff Directory’ through a link
                    appearing on each page. On the Staff Directory page is a list of departments with
                    telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for each.

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                  Page 2 of 27
                    Visitors may also fill out an online contact form directly on the Web site to submit their
                    question or comment and have it routed to the department of their choice. Visitors may
                    also specify their name, email address, and telephone number for a response.
                    Users accessing the Staff Directory have the additional option of searching the Staff
                    Directory by name or title, which return individual telephone numbers or e-mail
                    addresses as appropriate.
            5.3     Considering a move to the area: Visitors seeking more information about the District
                    will use the Web site table of contents, Web site navigational menu, or its search engine,
                    to find content organized from their perspective. In addition, content that crosses multiple
                    departments or sections of the Web site, will be published into “audience guidebooks”, so
                    that information can easily be organized from the visitor’s perspective while maintaining
                    consistency of navigation and classification of content.
                    In this use case, visitors would find an “audience guidebook” introducing the District to
                    its community, with links to Web pages from across the Web site that provide
                    information about its programs and services, achievement data, individual schools,
                    enrollment boundaries, registration forms, and transfer procedures (for example).
            5.4     Wanting to enroll their child: Instead of duplicating the information, the “audience
                    guidebooks” simply refer to the information already posted elsewhere. This way, making
                    (and finding) a guidebook with a slightly different focus (e.g., all about enrollment)
                    avoids redundant content.
            5.5     Looking for a scheduled event: Besides a list of upcoming District-wide events being
                    updated automatically in the sidebar of the home page, a District calendar is available for
                    download. Visitors seeking information about events taking place at a specific school are
                    encouraged to visit the school’s Web site for details.
            5.6     Desiring to volunteer: Visitors are shown a catalog of current opportunities to volunteer
                    with general information about volunteering in the District. Clicking on a listed
                    opportunity will take the visitor to a Web page with more information about the
                    opportunity to volunteer, such as its description, location, who to contact for more
                    information, and a link to an online contact form to express their interest in volunteering.
            5.7     Seeking achievement data: Visitors arriving at the Assessment page find a list of recent
                    news items related to achievement (generated automatically from the News page
                    archives), a summary of current District achievement goals, a display of general statistics
                    of the District’s performance aggregated automatically from Zangle, an archive of current
                    and historical achievement results (i.e., District or school report cards), and a link to an
                    online contact form to request more information. Links to information about how to
                    connect to Zangle from home (e.g., as a parent or student) is given in a sidebar.
            5.8     Seeking specific information: Every Web page contains a consistent set of navigational
                    menus at the top, listing the main categories of the Web site and topics within each
                    category. Each Web page also includes links to related Web pages within the same
                    Visitors may use the Search link to submit a word or phrase to find content across the
                    entire Web site. Search results are ranked in order of estimated relevance.
            5.9     Looking for a job with the District: The ‘Employment’ page presents a list of
                    individual job openings with a brief summary of each, along with links to general
                    applications, regulatory requirements and frequently asked questions. Clicking on an
0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                Page 3 of 27
                    individual job opening links to a separate page with additional details about the job
                    Users creating new job openings will be provided a standardized form for consistency in
                    presentation of job materials. In addition, users may schedule in advance any publish and
                    remove dates so that the list of job openings is automatically updated, and may also mark
                    a job opening as internal, viewable only by staff users, or external, viewable by any
                    visitor. An online contact form is provided to allow interested parties to submit questions
                    to Human Resources.
            5.10    Desiring to give feedback: Every District Web page includes a “Send Feedback” link at
                    the bottom of the page. Users and visitors can click this link to be shown an online
                    contact form to provide their feedback, which can be routed to appropriate District staff.
    6.      Technology Demographics: The qualities of the “lens” through which visitors will “see” this
            Web site are described in the following technology demographics. These are intended to give a
            brief description of the assumptions to achieve a minimum level of quality in a visitor’s
            experience browsing the Web site.
            6.1     Web browsers: The Web site will be designed to maintain a basic level of compatibility
                    with any standards-compliant Web browser, regardless of operating system. Specifically,
                    the site will be designed and tested to support the following combinations of operating
                    systems and Web browsers:
                    A.         Windows XP SP2 or newer and Vista (general release or newer):
                               1.     Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
                               2.     Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
                    B.         Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
                               1.     Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
                               2.     Safari 2.0 or later
            6.2     Screen size and color depth: The Web site will be designed to run optimally at a screen
                    resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and at a color depth of 32-bit. The Web site design will
                    maintain a basic level of usability with screen widths not less than 800 pixels, screen
                    heights not less than 600 pixels, and color depth not less than 16-bit.
            6.3     Minimum bandwidth: Web pages on the Web site must load in the visitor’s Web
                    browser within a reasonable amount of time on a 56Kbps (dialup) connection. When
                    streaming media is warranted, it will be optimized for use on a 256Kbps (basic,
                    consumer-grade DSL) connection, and must “degrade gracefully” for slower connections.
                    This may be achieved through the use of an audio-only version, or the use of stills taken
                    from the video.
            6.4     Expected plug-ins: Visitors are expected to have the following Web browser plug-ins:
                    A.         Flash 8 or later
                    B.         A Java Runtime Environment
                    C.         The QuickTime Player
    7.      Requirements: This Web site will be built using Drupal as the primary means of publishing
            content intended for a public and District-wide audience. These requirements define the specific
0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                Page 4 of 27
            conditions, inputs, outputs and/or tasks performed by this Web site to implement the behavior or
            activities described in the use cases.
            7.1     Content Management: This Web site will:
                    A.         Allow users to contribute, review, and maintain content through a Web browser-
                               based interface using familiar toolbars for formatting content.
                    B.         Employ a workflow to manage the content publishing process.
                    C.         Track changes of content and allow rolling back to earlier versions.
                    D.         Index published content for keyword search.
                    E.         Provide printer-friendly formatting for printing of any Web page.
                    F.         Use human-readable URLs for easier recollection.
                    G.         Enable easy upload of images and media for embedding on a Web page.
                    H.         Use familiar toolbars for formatting content.
                    I.         Archive older content for later reference by date or topic.
                    J.         Manage permissions to create, access, edit or delete content based on privileges
                               assigned to user roles instead of individual identities.
                    K.         Aggregate content from external sources into one presentation view.
                    L.         Make content available for syndication by alternative devices and software
                               applications using RSS.
                    M.         Allow content to be moderated or scheduled for future publication.
                    N.         Comply with recognized Web standards (valid HTML 4.0/XHTML 1.0).
                    O.         Provide a consistent and organized visual experience and navigation structure.
                    P.         Capture a range of Web statistics for later analysis.
                    Q.         Provide a modular and open-source architecture for future expansion.
            7.2     System Integration:
                    A.         This Web site will be integrated with PIER as follows:
                               1.     Press releases published by PIER and made available in its RSS feed will
                                      be automatically added to the Drupal content database within 15 minutes
                                      of publication.
                               2.     Past releases published by PIER will be included in the Drupal content
                                      database to allow for user browsing and inclusion in search results.
                               3.     Online contact forms on this Web site will post information to the PIER
                                      incident management system to allow for tracking and assignment.
                               4.     Emergency information published in PIER and made available via RSS
                                      will be prominently displayed on the District Home page within 3 minutes
                                      of publication.
                    B.         This Web site will be integrated with Zangle as follows:
0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                Page 5 of 27
                               1.     Visitors will be shown links to ParentConnection and StudentConnection
                                      through the site navigation menus.
                               2.     Staff users will be shown links to TeacherConnection through the site
                                      navigation menus.
                               3.     Aggregated achievement data will be exported from Zangle via automated
                                      scripts and used by Drupal for rendering as a Web page.
                    C.         This Web site will integrate with the District’s Active Directory to securely
                               authenticate users of the Drupal-based Web platform.
                    D.         This Web site will subscribe to published calendars and/or RSS feeds from the
                               Tandem Plus calendar system.
            7.3     Content: Implementation of this Web site will conform to the Content Management
                    Standards in the following ways:
                    A.         Workflow
                               1.     Upon submission of a new or revised content item, the Web site will send
                                      e-mail notification to designated editors requesting their review and
                               2.     The Web site will allow authors and editors to designate specific content
                                      to be visible only by users (i.e., such content will not be displayed to
                               3.     Approved content will be published to the Web site without further
                               4.     The Web site will allow authors and editors to set dates to automatically
                                      show and hide time-sensitive information.
                               5.     The Web site will allow authors and editors to undo a revision to content
                                      at any point in the editing process and may view and revert to prior
                                      versions of published content.
                               6.     The Web site will automatically import and publish content contained in
                                      in-bound RSS feeds as configured by editors or administrators. (These
                                      feeds would be from other District sources already published elsewhere.
                                      For example, this might include an RSS feed of headlines from
                                      Bellingham HS.)
                               7.     Author training will address workflow stages, audience restriction
                                      functionality, and best practices for writing and publishing Web content.
                               8.     Editor training will address content workflow and review practices,
                                      revision management, publishing options, and best practices.
                    B.         Attachments
                               1.     The Web site will use the TinyMCE editor to provide functionality similar
                                      to Microsoft Word, allowing authors and editors to precisely format pages
                                      and reduce the need for formatted attachments.

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                   Page 6 of 27
                               2.     The Web site will allow authors to upload attachments to individual
                                      content items through the use of a browser-based form on the content
                                      editing page.
                               3.     When authors attempt to upload an attachment whose filename matches an
                                      existing attachment, the author will be prompted to rename their
                                      attachment to prevent a conflict.
                               4.     The Web site will provide authors with a bulk upload function where users
                                      can upload a single ZIP archive containing multiple files and the system
                                      will decompress and attach each file to the page being edited.
                               5.     The Web site will allow administrators to deny certain attachment types
                                      based on their file extensions. The following default set will be denied:
                                      APP, BAS, BAT, CHM, CMD, COM, CPL, CRT, CSH, EML, EMF,
                                      EXE, HLP, HTA, INF, INS, ISP, JS, JSE, LNK, MDB, MDE, MDT,
                                      MSC, MSI, MSP, MST, PIF, PRG, REG, SCR, URL, VB, VBE, VBS,
                                      WSF, WSH, WSC.
                               6.     Author training will address when and how to use attachments best and
                                      their methods of preparation.
                               7.     Administrator training will include steps necessary to maintain the denied
                                      attachment list and resolve attachment naming conflicts.
                    C.         Style guide
                               1.     The Web site will enforce District style guidelines by presetting the
                                      TinyMCE editor with District look-and-feel standards and disabling
                                      options that override District style.
                               2.     Author training will discuss District style requirements and best practices.
                               3.     Administrator training will discuss maintenance and configuration of the
                                      TinyMCE editor.
                    D.         Editorial calendar
                               1.     The Web site will allow authors and editors to set dates to automatically
                                      show and hide time-sensitive content.
                               2.     The Web site will retain content after its expiration date to allow
                                      republishing in the future. Content in this “dormant” state is only visible to
                                      its author.
                               3.     Author and editor training will discuss how to configure date-based
                    E.         Information architecture:
                               1.     The Web site will utilize the following approach to categorize content:

                                      Taxonomy        Description                  Implementation
                                      Audience        Audience groups targeted One or more terms required
                                                      by this content item     for each content item; terms
                                                                               are a predefined fixed set.

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                  Page 7 of 27
                                      Department     Name of the department        Exactly one term required
                                                     responsible for this page     for each content item; terms
                                                                                   are a predefined fixed set.
                                      Tags           Keywords indicating the       One or more terms optional
                                                     topic of this content item    for each content item; new
                                                                                   terms may be added

                               2.     The Web site will allow authors to select taxonomy terms during content
                                      creation or editing, and will require authors to select an audience and
                                      department before content can be saved.
                               3.     The Web site will allow editors to modify assigned taxonomy terms at any
                               4.     The Web site will utilize taxonomy to generate predictable, legible URLs.
                               5.     The Web site will manage URLs to prevent broken links in the event of
                                      content reclassification.
                               6.     The Web site will support extension or revision of taxonomy terms in the
                               7.     Author training will discuss appropriate use of taxonomy terms and URL
                                      aliases during content creation and editing.
                               8.     Editor training will discuss maintenance of vocabularies and URL aliases.
            7.4     Design: Implementation of this Web site will conform to the Design Standards as
                    A.         Usability:
                               1.     The Web site will employ prevailing conventions for presenting content
                                      and page objects to visitors, such as:
                                      a.     Clicking either the District logo or name will return the visitor to
                                             the Home page;
                                      b.     Hyperlink text will be shown in a contrasting color with an
                                             underline, and visited hyperlinks will utilize a different color than
                                             links not yet visited;
                                      c.     Boundaries for form fields will use solid lines to indicate input
                                      d.     Buttons will use solid line borders and a contrasting background
                               2.     Navigation menus will be constructed using CSS only.
                               3.     All JavaScript functions will degrade gracefully when used with a Web
                                      browser that is not JavaScript-capable.
                               4.     When streaming media resources are utilized on the Web site, they will be
                                      configured as follows:

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                 Page 8 of 27
                                     a.     Streaming media resources published on the Web site will be
                                            encoded using the QuickTime format, optimized for playback on
                                            connections at 256Kbps.
                                     b.     Streaming media objects will not automatically play on page load.
                                     c.     All streaming media content will be accompanied by a textual
                                            description on the same page.
                               5.    The District home page must load completely without the expectation of
                                     any plug-ins.
                               6.    When plug-ins are required, the Web page must include code to attempt
                                     automatic download and installation on the client browser.
                               7.    All pages on the Web site shall be properly formatted when printed using
                                     the standard Print command in all supported Web browsers.
                               8.    Author training will discuss content standards, preparation and use of
                                     streaming media, and page printing.
                    B.         Navigation
                               1.    The Web site will utilize the following navigational levels:
                                     a.     Category: Primary content groups, displayed as Site Navigation
                                            for all pages on the Web site.
                                     b.     Topics: Items listed in drop-down menus for each Site Navigation
                                            category. Each category has its own list of topics.
                                     c.     Department Navigation: Items listed in the Department Navigation
                                            area of the Web page.
                               2.    All Web site navigation will be maintained using Drupal menu
                                     functionality as follows:
                                     a.     Categories and Topics will be maintained as a two-level hierarchial
                                     b.     Department Navigation will consist of one flat (non-hierarchial)
                                            menu per department.
                               3.    All pages will display Site and Department Navigation in consistent
                                     locations. Site and Department Navigation menus will be configured to
                                     match the content hierarchy as shown in Appendix B. The Web site shall
                                     automatically maintain a Site Map, accessed using a link in site navigation
                                     available on every page.
                               4.    Author training will discuss proper use of categories, topics, navigation,
                                     and page naming. Editor training will include maintenance information for
                                     taxonomies, menus, and templates.
                    C.         Templates:
                               1.    The Web site will utilize a consistently-applied page structure defined as a
                                     single Drupal theme and following District template standards as shown in
                                     Appendix A:

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                               Page 9 of 27
                                     Component            Description              Update methodology
                                     Site Header          District logo, name, Manually defined within the
                                                          and READY branding template
                                     Section Header       Name of the section      Graphics containing section
                                                          containing the           names are created in advance
                                                          currently-browsed        and dynamically shown based
                                                          page                     on the section selected for the
                                                                                   page being displayed.
                                     Site Navigation      CSS-generated menu       Defined and managed as a
                                                          containing Level 1       menu in Drupal.
                                                          and 2 navigation
                                     Department           Additional navigation    Menu blocks for each section
                                     Navigation           links, contextually      are created in advance and
                                                          presented based upon     dynamically shown based on
                                                          which section a page     the current page section
                                                          is assigned to           assignment.
                                     Content              Page content             Node content as formatted by
                                                                                   District style.
                                     Display photo        Main page image          Rotating image selected from
                                                                                   an image library that is
                                                                                   maintained by the
                                     Contact/Search       Links to the Contact    Defined and managed as a
                                                          Directory and Search Drupal block.
                                                          pages presented on a
                                                          appearing above the
                                                          District office address
                                     Department           Photograph and name      One block for each section is
                                     Message              of                       defined in advance and
                                                          the department           dynamically shown based on
                                                          manager, and a short     the section that the current page
                                                          message that can be      belongs to.
                                                          updated by the
                                                          manager as needed
                                     Footer/Copyright     Permissions and       Defined and managed as a
                                                          Copyright information Drupal block.

                    D.         Search:
                               1.    All pages will contain a Search link, which will open a page displaying the
                                     search field and advanced search link.
                               2.    Visitors and users may search using individual or phrase word searches,
                                     and may restrict their search to particular site sections or categories if

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                               Page 10 of 27
                               3.    Search results will be presented in order of relevance, and will be pre-
                                     filtered to omit results for which the user does not have viewing
                                     permissions, or for pages that are not published for public view.
                               4.    All published site content, including content managed by external systems,
                                     will be included in the search index and updated at least hourly.
                               5.    The contents of site attachments in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF
                                     formats will be included in the search index.
                               6.    The Web site will generate URLs that facilitate inclusion and adequate
                                     page ranking in public search engines.
                               7.    The Web site shall utilize the RobotsTxt module to allow administrators to
                                     control search robot exclusion directives. The robots.txt file shall include
                                     the following directives by default:
                                     a.       Crawl-Delay: 10
                                     b.       Disallow: /admin
                                     c.       Disallow: /aggregator
                                     d.       Disallow: /tracker
                                     e.       Disallow: /comment/reply
                                     f.       Disallow: /node/
                                     g.       Disallow: /node/add
                                     h.       Disallow: /user
                                     i.       Disallow: /files
                                     j.       Disallow: /search
                                     k.       Disallow: /book/print
                               8.    Author training will include discussion of attachment inclusion in search
                               9.    Administrator training will include discussion of search index
                                     maintenance, changes to robots.txt, and URL best practices.
                    E.         Syndication:
                               1.    The Web site shall consume feeds from the PIER Web site as discussed in
                                     the Key Features section of this implementation plan.
                               2.    The Web site will publish and maintain two RSS 2.0-compliant
                                     syndication feeds:
                                     a.       A public feed containing content for site visitors, and;
                                     b.       A private feed containing content for site visitors and users.
                               3.    The Web site will automatically update RSS feeds at least every 15

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                   Page 11 of 27
                               4.    The RSS feeds will contain the headline and full-length content of the 30
                                     most recently updated, published pages, and will include embedded photos
                                     or links to attached files.
                               5.    The RSS feeds will not include content that is unpublished.
                               6.    The Web site will be configured to allow RSS-capable Web browsers to
                                     automatically detect the public RSS feed.
                               7.    The public RSS feed will not include content that is restricted to
                                     authenticated users.
                               8.    The Web site will restrict access to the private feed to authenticated,
                                     authorized users only.
                               9.    Administrator training will discuss inbound and outbound RSS feed
                                     management, automatic update, and best practices.
                    F.         Platform neutrality and code compliance:
                               1.    The Web site shall not utilize ActiveX controls, client-side VBScript, or
                                     platform-specific JavaScript at any time.
                               2.    All Web site output shall be compliant with the following technical
                                     standards as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium:
                                     a.     Cascading Style Sheets Level 2.1
                                     b.     XHTML 1.0 Strict
                                     c.     RSS 2.0
                                     d.     Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0
                               3.    All pages rendered by the Web site shall be compliant with standards
                                     listed in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, 29 U.S.C. §794(d) and be
                                     constructed to minimize changes needed to meet finalized WCAG 2.0
                               4.    Author and editor training shall discuss best practices for maintaining
                                     accessibility and compliance with technical standards.
            7.5     Infrastructure and Bandwidth: Implementation of this Web site will conform to the
                    Infrastructure and Bandwidth Standards and Practices as listed below.
                    A.         Hardware:
                               1.    The Web site will be hosted on a production-grade machine which meets
                                     or exceeds these specifications:
                                     a.     Processor: Dual-core Intel Xeon
                                     b.     Memory: 4GB
                                     c.     Storage: 120GB disk space available on SAS or SCSI hardware,
                                            provisioned in a RAID 1 or 10 array configuration.
                                     d.     Networking: Gigabit Ethernet

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                   Page 12 of 27
                               2.    The Web site machine will be located in the District datacenter, managed
                                     in accordance with District IT policies.
                               3.    Admin training shall discuss necessary hardware maintenance or
                                     operations tasks.
                               4.    Web server hardware components and necessary maintenance information
                                     shall be provided in system documentation.
                    B.         Software:
                               1.    The Web site machine will be configured as a standard LAMP platform,
                                     comprised of these components:
                                     a.     Linux, specifically Ubuntu Server Edition 8.04 LTS
                                     b.     Apache 2.2 (or latest edition released for use with OS)
                                     c.     MySQL 5.0 (or latest edition released for use with OS)
                                     d.     PHP 5.2 (or latest edition released for use with OS)
                               2.    The Web site will be based on Drupal CMS version 6.2, installed
                                     manually (not through the use of the Ubuntu package manager).
                               3.    Admin training and system documentation shall discuss system
                                     components, basic system operations and troubleshooting practices,
                                     upgrade management, and critical file locations.
                    C.         Code Management:
                               1.    The Web site machine will be configured to provide Subversion version
                                     control services, configured as follows:
                                     a.     Version: Subversion 1.4 or later
                                     b.     Native SVN protocol support: disabled
                                     c.     Apache integration: enabled, requiring SSL connection and
                               2.    Admin training and system documentation shall discuss components,
                                     configuration, and operational processes for the Subversion system.
                    D.         Testing:
                               1.    These testing activities are required as part of this implementation plan:

                                     Milestone activity             Testing prerequisite
                                     Begin content migration        Connectivity, Web Server, Web Site, and
                                     Begin staff training           Web Site and Documentation
                                     Deploy to production           Connectivity, Web Server, and Web Site
                                     Post-production monitoring Connectivity, Web Server, and Web Site

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                               Page 13 of 27
                               2.   Web Server testing shall include testing in the following areas: simulated
                                    load, statistics gathering and reporting, error log population and rotation,
                                    open network ports, and simulated restore from backup.
                               3.   Web Site testing shall include: content creation and management,
                                    approval workflow, taxonomy, search index performance and update
                                    cycles, proper use of HTTPS connections, Active Directory
                                    authentication, prevention of unauthenticated and unauthorized access,
                                    and error handling (including HTTP errors 403, 404, 500).
                               4.   Documentation testing shall include verification of all user, editor, and
                                    administrator documentation against actual system behavior.
                               5.   Connectivity testing shall include verification that the Web site is
                                    accessible via HTTP and HTTPS connections (TCP ports 80 and 443) in
                                    all of the following cases:
                                    a.       From other machines within the District datacenter
                                    b.       From machines at District school sites that utilize wired
                                    c.       From machines at District school sites that utilize wireless
                                    d.       From machines outside the District network
                    E.         Deployment:
                               1.   The Web Site will be deployed using the following sequence of actions:

                                             Activities                                        Timeline
                                     1.      Connectivity testing complete.                    10 days before
                                     2.      TTL (Time To Live) values reset to a              7 days before launch
                                             maximum of 10 minutes for all hostnames to
                                             be used in production.
                                     3.      Content preparation, bug correction, and          5 days before launch
                                             system enhancement work complete.
                                     4.      Full-site review by Implementation Team
                                     5.      Final Web Server and Web Site testing             3 days before launch
                                     6.      Implementation Team meets to confirm that
                                             the site is ready for deployment.
                                     7.      Upcoming content freeze for both new and
                                             existing Web sites communicated to authors.
                                     8.      Content freeze goes into effect.                  1 day before launch
                                     9.      Backups of current and new Web site
                                     10.     DNS updated to reflect new Web server IP          At Launch
0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                Page 14 of 27
                                             address for all production hostnames.
                                      11.    Connectivity tests completed.                      1 hour after launch
                                      12.    Post-launch testing completed.                     1 day after launch
                                      13.    Implementation Team confirms successful
                                      14.    Post-launch intensive monitoring completed.        3 days after launch
                                      15.    Old Web server and related systems powered

                    F.         Monitoring:
                               1.    Following deployment, automated system monitoring will check the
                                     correct operation of this Web site as follows:
                                     a.      Checking for Web server availability at least every 5 minutes by
                                             requesting the District home page and verifying page content;
                                     b.      Checking for server load and memory availability at least every 10
                                             minutes by directly querying the server and comparing
                                             performance against preset thresholds determined prior to
                                     c.      Checking for storage availability at least every hour by directly
                                             querying the server and ensuring that at least 20% of available
                                             storage remains;
                                     d.      Checking for Active Directory login availability at least every 15
                                             minutes by submitting credentials for a directory-integrated test
                                             account over a secure connection and verifying the content of the
                                             returned page;
                                     e.      Checking for basic server connectivity in the event that any of the
                                             preceding checks fail by pinging the server and attempting an
                                             inbound SSH connection.
                               2.    Detected warning or failure conditions shall trigger execution of pre-
                                     written automated recovery scripts.
                               3.    Detected warning or failure conditions that fail to resolve within 10
                                     minutes shall generate a notification to appropriate District IT staff.
            7.6     Security: Implementation of this Web site will conform to the Security Standards and
                    Practices as follows.
                    A.         Connection and encryption:
                               1.    The Web site shall employ HTTPS connections encrypted using 128-bit
                                     SSL technology in the following cases:
                                     a.      On all pages accepting user names and/or passwords;
                                     b.      On all URLs at and beneath the /admin directory;
                               2.    This Web site will be configured to employ HTTPS connections only
                                     when required to avoid unnecessary server load. This Web site will
0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                   Page 15 of 27
                                     employ the Secure Pages Drupal module to provide seamless transition
                                     between HTTP and HTTPS connections.
                               3.    The Web site HTTPS certificate shall be issued from a public certificate
                                     authority whose root certificate is accepted by the supported browsers
                                     listed in Technology Demographics.
                               4.    This Web site will deny connections to URLs at and beneath the /admin
                                     directory from users located outside the District network.
                               5.    Administrator training and system documentation shall discuss certificate
                                     installation notes, certificate renewal processes, and Secure Pages module
                    B.         Authentication:
                               1.    This Web site will require a valid username and password for user
                                     authentication. This Web site will utilize the Drupal LDAP Integration,
                                     LDAP Groups, and LDAP Data modules to integrate user authentication
                                     with the existing District Active Directory infrastructure. This Web site
                                     shall be configured to respect District Domain Group Policies regarding
                                     account lockout and password expiration. Login must be denied for
                                     accounts that are programmatically or manually locked or that have
                                     expired passwords.
                               2.    This Web site will be configured to integrate with Active Directory on a
                                     read-basis only. This Web site will forward user credentials to Active
                                     Directory for verification, but will not store the Active Directory password
                                     in any form.
                               3.    LDAP Integration must be configured only after HTTPS configuration for
                                     the Web site has been completed and tested.
                               4.    The LDAP Integration module will be configured as follows:
                                     a.     System-wide Authentication Mode: Drupal database first, then
                                            LDAP directory
                                     b.     Base DN: Configured to match the DistinguishedName of the
                                            Active Directory LDAP object which contains all District staff
                                     c.     UserName attribute: sAMAccountName
                                     d.     Email attribute: mail
                               5.    Because Web site authentication and user profile information is sourced
                                     from Active Directory, the Web site shall be configured to suppress user
                                     options to reset their password or change their user profile.
                               6.    Administrator training and system documentation shall discuss
                                     configuration and maintenance of Drupal LDAP modules, integration
                                     specifications, login troubleshooting, and Group Policy and account
                                     settings troubleshooting.
                    C.         Authorization:

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                              Page 16 of 27
                               1.     This Web site will deny permissions to site functions unless access has
                                      been explicitly granted in the Drupal permissions configuration. This Web
                                      site will be configured to utilize the LDAP Groups functionality to read
                                      group assignments from Active Directory.
                               2.     The following roles will be maintained:

                                      Role name                  Required attributes
                                      Anonymous Users            (Unauthenticated; The default role of all visitors)
                                      Authenticated Users        Valid Active Directory username and password
                                      Authors                    Valid Active Directory username and password and
                                                                 membership in the Web Authors, Web Editors, or
                                                                 Web Administrators groups.
                                      Editors                    Valid Active Directory username and password and
                                                                 membership in the Web Editors, or Web
                                                                 Administrators groups.
                                      Administrators             Valid Active Directory username and password and
                                                                 membership in the Web Administrators or Domain
                                                                 Admins groups.

                               3.     Author and editor training shall include discussion of page visibility
                                      settings during content creation.
                               4.     Administrator training and system documentation shall include discussion
                                      of role maintenance, LDAP group mapping maintenance, and LDAP
                                      group best practices.

                    D.         Notification:
                               1.     This Web site will maintain an audit log of authentication failures,
                                      unauthorized access requests, and authentication system problems for later
                                      review by administrative staff.
                               2.     This Web site will display the nature of a login or permissions failure to a
                                      visitor attempting to authenticate, in the following manner:
                                      a.       Authentication failures will be reported as a problem with the
                                               username or password, but will not display which elements may
                                               have been correct.
                                      b.       Authentication failures that result in Active Directory
                                               programmatic account lockout must not report this status to the
                                               user; instead, the standard authentication failure message will be
                                      c.       Authorization failures will be reported as an unauthorized request.
                                      d.       In both cases, information on support contacts and a link to send a
                                               support request via e-mail should be shown.

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                   Page 17 of 27
                               3.     Administrator training and system documentation shall discuss steps to
                                      review audit logs, login failure troubleshooting, Active Directory
                                      integration troubleshooting, and support request best practices.
                    E.         Auditing and Reporting:
                               1.     The Web server will be configured to minimally capture the following
                                      information in the access.log file:
                                      a.        Page requests including URI path;
                                      b.        HTTP response codes;
                                      c.        Requester IP address;
                                      d.        Date and Time of Request;
                                      e.        Client user agent; and,
                                      f.        Client Configuration Parameters.
                               2.     The Web server LogLevel parameter will be set to “info” to capture all
                                      messages other than debugging-level data in the error.log file.
                               3.     The Web server will be configured with the logrotate utility as follows:
                                      a.        All generated Apache logs will be rotated daily;
                                      b.        The following system logs will be rotated daily: auth.log,
                                                messages, syslog, user.log; and
                                      c.        All rotated logs will be retained for 90 days, then automatically
                               4.     The Web site will automatically generate usage reports using the AWStats
                                      report generator, updated at least daily and accessible to editors and
                                      administrators. Reports generated by AWStats shall differentiate between
                                      traffic originating from within or outside of the District network. A link to
                                      access AWStats reports shall be provided to editors and administrators
                                      after successful authentication. Editor and administrator training will
                                      discuss steps to access and interpret AWStats reports.
                               5.     Administrator training and system documentation will discuss log rotation
                                      configuration and operation, log rotation settings maintenance, Apache
                                      LogLevel parameter, AWStats maintenance and troubleshooting, and
                                      statistics generation best practices.
                    F.         Legal notices:
                               1.     The Web site will allow editors to centrally manage copyright, allowed
                                      use, or other legal notices that are linked to or appear on every Web page.
                               2.     Administrator and editor training will discuss steps to maintain content of
                                      legal notices.
    8.      Phases of Effort

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                  Page 18 of 27
            8.1     Plan: After approval of this implementation plan, a Web developer will be identified,
                    qualified, and contracted to build the Web site described here. The Implementation Team
                    will gather data and documentation, meet with the Web developer to:
                    A.         Review process and milestones;
                    B.         Clarify responsibilities;
                    C.         Walk through use case scenarios;
                    D.         Confirm a final feature set; and,
                    E.         Communicate regularly any deviations from the plan.
            8.2     Develop: The Web developer will install and configure Drupal and any relevant
                    modules. The Web developer will then customize the Web platform to meet the
                    functional requirements contained in this Implementation Plan; such as installing themes
                    to match the District templates, creating roles and permissions, and setting up
                    taxonomies, blocks and menus.
                    From there, the Web developer will pilot a prototype on the District’s technology
                    infrastructure, resolve any unknowns or assumptions, and identify needed adjustments
                    before full-scale content migration.
            8.3     Integrate: The Web platform will be thoroughly tested against the requirements to
                    ensure expected functionality exists. Once the Web developer has achieved a feature-
                    complete release candidate, content migration will take place.
                    At this point, directory based authentication will be enabled and the Implementation
                    Team will be trained on the Web platform in order to begin the work of migrating
                    content. Final preparations are made for moving the site to live production when content
                    migration is complete.
            8.4     Train: In addition to the initial training that takes place during the integrate phase,
                    training materials and documentation for authors and editors are prepared. Additional
                    staff in each department is then trained to prepare them for managing their content.
                    Supplemental training sessions for the Web administrators are given at this point about
                    ongoing maintenance and other advance topics in Web platform management.
            8.5     Launch: Prior to launch into live production, countdown meetings of the Web
                    Committee, Implementation Team and Web developer are conducted. These provide an
                    opportunity to discuss and resolve any remaining issues before launch. With final
                    approval of the Web site given by the Web Committee, the deployment sequence begins
                    (see pages 10-11).
            8.6     Monitor: The Implementation Team will coordinate the District’s efforts and liaison
                    with the Web developer through the course of implementation. The Web developer will
                    keep the Implementation Team informed of their progress with semi-monthly status
                    meetings or more frequently as needed via telephone or in person. Upon launch into
                    production, the Implementation Team will (with input from the Web developer) prepare
                    and discuss an after action report and recommendations with the Web Committee.
    9.      Outcomes
            9.1     Deliverables:

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                            Page 19 of 27
                    Deliverable Description                                 Work Day        Responsible Party
                    Approval of Implementation Plan                              0          Implementation Team
                    Solicitation and selection of Web Developer                 15          Implementation Team
                    A detailed task list with timetable of                      20          Web developer
                    Written feedback on task list                               23          Implementation Team
                    Wireframes of the enhanced information                      25          Web developer
                    architecture and site map
                    Written feedback on wireframes                              28          Implementation Team
                    Alpha prototype: Emphasis on look & feel                    30          Web developer
                    Written feedback on Alpha prototype                         35          Implementation Team
                    Beta prototype: Emphasis on functionality                   40          Web developer
                    Written feedback on Beta prototype                          45          Implementation Team
                    Release candidate                                           50          Web developer
                    Written feedback on Release candidate                       53          Implementation Team
                    Final release candidate                                     55          Web developer
                    Documentation for authors and editors                       55          Web developer
                    Documentation for Web administrators                        55          Web developer
                    Content migrated                                            70          Implementation Team
                    Web site launched                                           75          Implementation Team

            9.2     Review and Revision Process:
                    A.         Any feedback, input, corrections, suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns
                               are to be in written form (tracked changes, or comments within the document are
                               fine) and within the timeframe specified.
                               If a second review of the deliverable (with the initial changes incorporated) is
                               warranted, please note this with the feedback; otherwise the deliverable is
                               assumed approved with the changes.
            9.3     Reporting: While this plan is put into action, the Web Committee will be regularly
                    updated about the progress of implementation, status of the deliverables, and offer an
                    opportunity to review the scope of work, and revise as needed.

                    Type          Participants      Frequency Content                     Method
                    Status        Implementation Weekly        Update on progress         Skype online, telephone
                    Meeting       Team, Web                    made, present focus of     conference call, or face-
                                  developer                    effort, unresolved         to-face meeting.
                                                               dependencies, schedule

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                 Page 20 of 27
                    Progress Implementation Bi-weekly Summary of progress        PDF emailed in advance
                    Report   Team, Web                made, requests for         of telephone conference
                             Committee                information/action related call to discuss.
                                                      to the project, schedule
                                                      and budget variances.

            9.4     Success Criteria: All work will be performed in a professional manner and conform to
                    all prevailing industry and professional standards; this includes complying with published
                    style and content guidelines.
                    A.         Pre-Launch:
                               1.      All required testing completed successfully;
                               2.      All identified hardware and software bugs corrected;
                               3.      All SSL certificates installed and verified;
                               4.      All placeholder or temporary code and content removed;
                               5.      Web administrator training completed;
                               6.      Backups of both new and existing systems completed;
                    B.         Post Launch:
                               1.      The Web site provides visitors and users with access to all Web-accessible
                                       public District information.
                               2.      Visitors and users can find specific information on the District Web site
                                       without requiring the use of a search engine or site map.
                               3.      The Web site employs District branding guidelines and content style.
                               4.      Non-technical District employees are active participants in maintenance of
                                       public Web site content.
                               5.      Enable non-technical District employees to maintain public Web site
                               6.      The Web site minimizes ongoing operational and administrative workload.
                               7.      The Web site accommodates District Web needs for the foreseeable
                    C.         Timetable
                               Web developer engaged and project started ................... February 28, 2009
                               Alpha and Beta prototypes completed ..................................... April 3, 2009
                               Release candidate approved and content migrated ................. June 30, 2009
                               Web site launched and project completed ............................... August 2009
    10.     Selection Criteria: Selection criteria serve as a framework for successfully completing a Web
            site implementation plan. The selection criteria is organized into two main categories: General
            Technical Capabilities and Drupal-specific Abilities
0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                             Page 21 of 27
            10.1    General Technical Capabilities:
                    A.         Programming Languages: The candidate is required to have an advanced
                               mastery of the following programming languages, demonstrated by at least three
                               years of experience developing applications using the version of the language
                               when listed:
                               1.     PHP 5.x
                               2.     XHTML 1.0
                               3.     Cascading Style Sheets
                               4.     JavaScript 1.5
                    B.         The candidate is required to have a working knowledge of the following
                               programming languages:
                               1.     AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
                               2.     Bash shell scripting
            10.2    Engineering Resources: The candidate is required to utilize the following programming
                    resources in the course of their daily project work:
                    A.         A centralized source code repository, with an automated means to publish code
                               changes to a testing server for review.
                    B.         Dedicated development and testing server resources configured to ensure isolation
                               of development code from production servers.
                    C.         Consistent code documentation standards.
                    D.         An online defect management system that includes developer documentation and
                               provisions for workflow and notification.
                    E.         Standards-compliance analysis tools.
                    F.         Automated server monitoring and problem notification systems.
                    G.         Server stress-testing simulation tools.
            10.3    Server Components:
                    A.         The candidate is required to demonstrate past experience of installing,
                               configuring, testing, and optimizing the following components in Ubuntu Server
                               for implementation in a public production Web environment:
                               1.     Apache 2.x
                               2.     PHP 5.x
                               3.     MySQL 5.x
                    B.         The candidate is required to demonstrate prior experience and advanced
                               knowledge of best practices in the following areas when configuring Ubuntu
                               Server for use in a public production Web environment:
                               1.     Server hardening and attach surface management
                               2.     Integrated authentication utilizing LDAP and Active Directory
0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                             Page 22 of 27
                               3.     Backup and restore process
                               4.     Scheduled and scripted process automation
            10.1    Standards Compliance:
                    A.         The candidate is required to have prior experience designing public Web sites that
                               comply with the following technical specifications:
                               1.     Cascading Style Sheets Level 2.1
                               2.     XHTML 1.0 Strict
                               3.     RSS 2.0
                               4.     Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0
                               5.     Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines
                    B.         The candidate is required to have basic understanding of WCAG 2.0 draft
                               guidelines to minimize changes necessary to meet the finalized specification.
            10.2    Drupal-specific Abilities:
                    A.         Prior Work:
                               1.     The candidate is required to demonstrate successful implementation of at
                                      least two Drupal 5.x-based public Web sites of similar size and scope.
                               2.     The selected candidate should have experience implementing these
                                      a.     Import and export integration with third-party applications and/or
                                             data sources via RSS and iCalendar data feeds;
                                      b.     Role-based user authentication, authorization, and access control
                                             utilizing Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP integration;
                                      c.     Automated content publishing utilizing role-based review/approval
                                             workflow, scheduled publishing, revision tracking, and automatic
                                             indexing of page and attachment content;
                                      d.     Upload, display, management, and indexing of attachments and
                                             embedded objects including images or media files;
                                      e.     Style and branding consistency enforced via TinyMCE
                                             configuration and global style sheets;
                                      f.     Data and connection security through the use of SSL-encrypted
                                             connections and proper server configuration; and,
                                      g.     Collection and analysis of user activity and server logs to assess
                                             system use and stability.
            10.3    Engineering Concepts: The candidate is required to have advanced mastery of the
                    following Drupal engineering concepts:
                    A.         Drupal project coding standards;
                    B.         Awareness and appropriate use of publically-available Drupal modules;

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                               Page 23 of 27
                    C.         Drupal module architecture and development;
                    D.         Effective use of blocks, views, and other Drupal objects;
                    E.         Techniques to minimize Drupal core modifications;
                    F.         Page design techniques, including template and style customization, theming
                               engine overrides, and contextual URL generation;
                    G.         Efficient content organization, including the appropriate use of content types,
                               taxonomies, and archives; and,
                    H.         Ability to dynamically filter content using parameters from modules or taxonomy.
    11.     Resume Required: Quoters shall include resumes from key personnel (i.e. Project Manager,
            Supervisor etc.). Resume will clearly list relevant qualifications and experience.
    12.     Interview Finalists: The Bellingham School District reserves the right to interview finalists
            prior to quote award.
    13.     Waive Informalities/Irregularities: The Bellingham School District shall have the right to
            modify the selection process; waive any informality and irregularity; and make a selection,
            which in its judgment is in its own best interest
    14.     QUESTIONS: Any questions regarding this quote should be directed to Brett Greenwood,
            Business & Finance Manager, bgreenwo@bham.wednet.edu, (360) 676-6544.
            All questions must be received in writing no later than Thursday, February 5, 2009. After this
            date no questions will be considered.

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                                Page 24 of 27
    Appendix A: Templates

    Page              All pages of the Web site will contain the following page components, consistently
    Components        positioned as shown below:

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                                                          Page 25 of 27
    Appendix B: Content Hierarchy
    Categories                 Category   Topics
    and Topics                 District   About Us
                                          School Board
                                          Policies & Procedures
                                          Departments/Central Services
                                          Committees & Task Forces
                                          Sign Up for E-News
                                          Emergency & Weather
                               Schools    Bellingham High
                                          Sehome High
                                          Squalicum High
                                          Options High
                                          Fairhaven Middle
                                          Kulshan Middle
                                          Shuksan Middle
                                          Whatcom Middle
                                          Alderwood Elementary
                                          Birchwood Elementary
                                          Carl Cozier Elementary
                                          Columbia Elementary
                                          Geneva Elementary
                                          Happy Valley Elementary
                                          Larrabee Elementary
                                          Lowell Elementary
                                          Northern Heights Elementary
                                          Parkview Elementary
                                          Roosevelt Elementary
                                          Silver Beach Elementary
                                          Sunnyland Elementary
                               Families   Parent Connect
                                          Sign Up for E-News
                                          Emergency & Weather
                                          Attendance Areas
                                          School Performance Data
                                          Bus Schedules
                                          School Menus

0809-0471 06 QUOTE Specs.doc                                             Page 26 of 27
                               Learning & Teaching   Standards
                                                     Professional Development
                                                     Special Education
                                                     Federal/Special Programs
                                                     Service Learning
                                                     Teaching Resources
                                                     Strategic Planning
                               Technology            Tech Standards
                                                     Tech Plan
                                                     Tech Assessment
                                                     Tech Policies
                                                     Internet Resources
                                                     Staff Tech Tools
                                                     Tech Courses
                               Staff                 Human Resources
                                                     Substitute Systems
                                                     Emergency Weather

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