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									           UNLV LIBRARY                               After innocence
     MEDIA RESOURCES CATALOG                             New Yorker Video, [2006]
         CRIMINAL JUSTICE                                     The story of seven men who were
            Summer 2011                               wrongly convicted for crimes that they did
                                                      not commit, whose innocence was
Abortion Denied: Shattering Young                     conclusively proven years later by DNA
Women's Lives.                                        evidence.
   The Feminist Majority (1990)                               1 videodisc (95 min.)
   Presents the pro abortion side of the                      KF9756 .A37 2006
issue. Uncovers the devastating and
sometimes deadly effect parental consent              (The) Age of Terror.
and notification laws may have on young                   Films for the Humanities and Sciences
women.                                                    (2003)
      Video Cassette (30 min.)                                "Who are the men and women who
      RA 1067 A26                                     bring bloody death to innocent civilians?
                                                      Why do they do it? What are their methods?
[Abortion] When Abortion Was Illegal:                 And how do they justify it? This emotionally
Untold Stories.                                       charged four-part series provides
   Bullfrog Films (1992)                              unprecedented interviews with dozens of
      Summary in Women's Studies                      bombers, gunmen, hijackers, kidnappers,
section.                                              and radical leaders as it scrutinizes key
      Video Cassette (28 min.)                        terror campaigns that changed the course of
      HQ 767 W54                                      modern history, right up to the destruction of
                                                      the World Trade Center"—Container
Abu Gharib: A Torturer's Tale.                        [pt. 1] In the name of liberation (49:00)
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences               [pt. 2] In the name of revolution (48:00)
(2006)                                                [pt. 3] In the name of God (49:00)
        "Javal Davis was imprisoned for               [pt. 4] In the name of the state (48:00)
assaulting inmates at Abu Ghraib, but insists                 4 videodiscs (194 min.)
he is not a torturer. His fellow MP Ken Davis                 HV6431 .A34 2003 pts.1 - 4
was never implicated, having reported the
abuse to superiors. This program presents             Aggression Replacement Training: A
in-depth interviews with both men, detailing          Comprehensive Intervention for
their side of the story and conveying their           Aggressive Youth.
disillusionment with Pentagon officials who               Research Press (2003)
wanted interrogations pushed "up a notch."                   This staff training video illustrates the
Featuring nightmarish descriptions and                training procedures contained in the
images from inside the prison--highlighting           Aggression Replacement Therapy (ART)
deplorable conditions endured by inmates              book. It features scenes of adolescents
and guards alike--the program also includes           participating in group sessions for each of
insight into the mentality of reservist Charles       ART's three interventions: Prosocial Skills
Graner, currently serving a 10-year                   Training, Anger Control, and Moral
sentence for Abu Ghraib torture. Some                 Reasoning.
content may be objectionable"—Container.                     1 videocassette (59 min.)
        1 videodisc (25 min.)                                HV9076.5 .G65 2003
        DS79.76 .T665 2006

    Condyne Video (1970)
       Moe Levine presents the art of
advocacy and persuasion, his definitions of
the meaningful verdict, his views on the law
vs. justice, and his outlook on the concept of
       Video Cassette (40 min.)
       KF 8924 A37

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 2

Al Qaeda's New Front.                                 Angel on Death Row.
   PBS Video (2005)                                      WGBH (1996)
      As Al Qaeda terrorist cells are                        Profiles Sister Helen Prejean,
uncovered in the U.K., Germany, Italy and             longtime spiritual advisor to inmates on
Spain, Frontline investigates the new front in        Death Row. Examines the death penalty
the war on terror: Europe. It discusses the           debate.
challenges of intelligence services on both                  Video Cassette (57 min.)
sides of the Atlantic, which has been                        HV 8699 U5 A74
exacerbated by political division over the
Iraq war.                                             Anger.
      1 videodisc (56 min.)                               Filmakers Library, [2005?]
      HV6433.M52 Q32 2005                                    Part one of a four-part series, looks at
                                                      the primal emotions that are generated in
American History X.                                   the brain, and how nature and nurture
   New Line Home Video (1999)                         combine to make us feel the way we do.
      "Derek Vinyard, the charismatic                 This program examines anger, from its
leader of a group of young white                      primordial roots in self-defence to its
supremacists, lands in prison for a brutal,           expression in modern violence. The film
hate-driven murder. Upon his release,                 examines several men who have lost control
ashamed of his past and pledging to reform,           of their anger and committed violent acts
Derek realizes he must save his younger               and explores such questions as: Does the
brother, Danny from a similar fate."—                 potential for impulsive anger lurk in our
Container.                                            genes? Why do we still need this emotion
      1 videodisc (119 min.)                          and what science can do to help control it?
      PN1997.85 A47 1999                                     1 videodisc (43 min. )
                                                             BF575.A5 A54 2005
American Outrage.
    First Run Features, 2008                          (The) Assassination of Jesse James by
        Documents the Dann sisters heroic             the Coward Robert Ford.
fight for their land rights, and their human              Warner Home Video, c2007
rights after the government sued them for                    Everyone in 1880s America knows
trespassing and their dispute went to the             Jesse James. He's the nation's most
Supreme Court, and then eventually the                notorious criminal and is being hunted by
United Nations.                                       the law in 10 states. He's also the land's
        1 videodisc (56 min.)                         greatest hero, lauded as a Robin Hood by
        HD1251 .A44 2008                              the public. No one knows of Robert Ford, at
                                                      least not yet. But the ambitious 19-year-old
(The) American Prison: A Video History.               aims to change that. He befriends Jesse and
   American Correctional Assoc. (1990)                rides with his gang. And if that doesn't bring
      Traces the history of prisons from              Ford fame, he will have to find a deadlier
medieval times to the present. Explores               way. Friendship becomes rivalry and the
America's changing attitudes toward                   quest for fame becomes obsession.
punishment and rehabilitation.                               1 videodisc (160 min.)
      Video Cassette (25 min.)                               PS3558.A5133 A92 2007
      HV 9466 A64

Anatomy of a Riot.
   MPI Home Video (1992)
       Investigates how things got out of
control in the aftermath of the Rodney King
verdict. Examines the role that Los Angeles
government agencies played in failing to
prevent the violence.
       Video Cassette (47 min.)
       F 869 L857 M64

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 3

At the Death House Door.                              (The) Bank of Crooks and Criminals.
    Kartemquim Films, 2009                                WGBH (1992)
         An intimate look at the death penalty               Reveals the global banking scandal of
in the state of Texas through the eyes of             BCCI, the largest international bank,
Pastor Carroll Pickett, who served 15 years           including theft, bribery, and fraud.
as the death house chaplain to the infamous                  Video Cassette (58 min.)
'Walls' prison unit in Huntsville. During                    HG 1978 B35
Pickett's remarkable career he presided
over 95 executions, including the world's             Behind Bars: Keepin' It Real.
first lethal injection. After each execution,            PBS (1995)
Pickett recorded an audiotape account of his                Tackles the world of prison and the
trip to the death chamber.                            misguided perception of some teens that
         1 videodisc (98 min.)                        incarceration is a desirable rite of passage.
         HV8699.U5 A8 2009                            Explores prevention programs.
                                                            Video Cassette (30 min.)
Avoiding Armageddon: Our Future, Our                        HV 9104 B42
   PBS DVD Video (2003)                               Behind the Badge.
      Examines the threats posed by                      WGBH Boston (1993)
nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.                    Officer Michael Dowd, a policeman in
Looks at the connection between terrorism             New York City, was thoroughly corrupt and
and these weapons. Discusses whether the              went to jail. Officer Michael O'Keefe was
world has the ability and will to control these       honest and had to shoot drug czar Jose
weapons.                                              Chico Garcia. The news media twisted the
      4 videodiscs (ca. 480 min.)                     facts and convicted O'Keefe before the
      U793 .A86 2003                                  police board could investigate the case. He
                                                      was later exonerated.
Avoiding Wrongful Termination in the                         Video Cassette (57 min.)
1990's.                                                      HV 8148 N52 B43
    M&M Resources Corp. (1989)
      An overview of the development of
wrongful termination law and the variety of
claims and remedies that a terminated
employee may pursue in the courts.
Presents the "ten commandments" for
avoiding wrongful termination lawsuits.
      Video Cassette (45 min.)
      Guide (70 p.)
      HF 5549.5 D55 W76

Bad Judgment.
   A&E Home Video : Distributed in the U.S.
by New Video, [2008]
      Examines the problem of judges who
abuse their power for criminal gain. Exposes
the moral and social causes of this problem
through interviews with expert judicial
columnists, attorneys, and judges gone bad.
      1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)
      KF8779 .B33 2008

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 4

(The) Best of the Big House.                          Beyond Hate: Heart of Hatred.
    A & E Television Networks : Marketed                  Films for the Humanities & Sciences
    and distributed in the U.S. by New                (1997 Re-issue. Edited from 90 to 52
    Video, (2004)                                     minutes)
    A journey inside the most notorious                      Features conversations with a variety
prisons in America. Interviews from former            of people who have explored the heart of
inmates, guards, wardens and other insiders           hatred, including a Los Angeles gang
offer an unvarnished look at what life is like        member, a white supremacist leader, a
behind bars, while journalists and historians         former Israeli soldier, Bensonhurst, N.J. high
detail the stories that have become part of           school students, and Myrlie Evers, widow of
prison lore, including the "Escape from               slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers.
Alcatraz" and the presidential bid that was                  Video Cassette (52 min)
from inside the walls of Atlanta Federal                     BF 575 H3 B482
    Disc 1: Alcatraz -- Sing Sing                     Billion Dollar Bubble.
         Disc 2: Eastern State Penitentiary               USA Films (1981)
         Leavenworth                                          Presents the story of the two million
         Disc 3: Atlanta Federal -- San               dollar insurance fraud scheme involving
         Quentin                                      Equity Funding Corp. of America.
         Disc 4: Folsom -- Alderson Federal                   Video Cassette (1 hr.)
         Women's Penitentiary                                 HV 6698 Z9 E652
         Disc 5: Attica Prison-- McNeil Island
         Disc 6: Angola -- East Jersey State          Bioterror: The Invisible Enemy
         6 videodiscs (ca. 600 min.)                      Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
         HV9469 .B46 2004 v.1-2                           (2004)
         HV9469 .B46 2004 v.3-4                              In the wake of the 2001 anthrax
         HV9469 .B46 2004 v.5-6                       attacks, the U.S. became aware of the real
                                                      threat of bioterrorism. But which threats are
Beyond conviction                                     real, which are exaggerated? Discussion
    Distributed by the Cinema Guild (2007)            focuses on various deadly pathogens, the
       This is a documentary on the story of          history of their use, the danger to America's
three crime victims on an emotional journey           food supply, and lessons of Dark Winter, a
toward healing and recovery. Beyond                   simulated bio-attack.
conviction follows participants in                           1 videodisc (46 min.)
Pennsylvania's "Mediation program for                        HV6432 .B553 2004
crimes of severe violence", (1998). The film
provides a rare glimpse into the lingering            Bitter Potion.
pain and trauma for both victims and                     Films for the Humanities (1997)
offenders and examines this bold effort to                   A poisoning is solved with the aid of
bring humanity into the criminal justice.             psychological profiling.
       1 videodisc (97 min.)                                 Video Cassette (25 min.)
       HV9276 .B49 2007                                      HV 6080 B53

Beyond Hate: The Heart of Hatred.                     Black on Black Violence.
   Films for the Humanities (1997)                        Films for the Humanities (1988)
       Conversations with a variety of people                Examines some causes of violence
who explore the heart of hatred. A LA gang            directed by African Americans towards other
member, a white supremacist leader, a                 African Americans and possible solutions.
former Israeli soldier, high school students,                Video Cassette (30 min.)
and the wife of Medgar Evers discuss their                   HV 6250.4 E75 B53
feelings and use of hate.
       Video Cassette (90 min.)
       BF 575 H3 B48

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                                                                                  CRIMINAL JUSTICE 5

Black Money.                                           Bomb It.
     PBS Home Video, c2009                                Docuramafilms 2007
        Examines the shady world of                           Global graffiti culture is where the
international bribery, revealing how multi-            love of art and ego clashes with law and
national companies create slush funds, set             order. This film explores the many
up front companies, and make secret                    manifestations of 'bombing' - the act of
payments, all to get billions in business. At          committing artistic crime with spray-paint.
the center of this is a controversial, ongoing                1 videodisc (93 min.)
investigation into the British-based multi-                   GT3912 .B65 2007
national BAE Systems and allegations about
billion dollar bribes.                                 (The) Bombing of America.
        1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)                         WGBH (1996)
        HV6768 .B53 2009                                      Nova profiles several notorious
                                                       bombing incidents and what science does to
Black Widow of Vegas.                                  crack these cases. Includes the
    A&E Home Video : Distributed by New                Unabomber, the World Trade Center, the
    Video group (2002)                                 Army of God, the Southeast bombings in
        This video delves into the                     1989.
investigation of the death of Nevada real                     Video Cassette (1 hr.)
estate entrepreneur Ron Rudin and the trial                   HV 6640 B64
of his fifth wife, Margaret, who was later
found guilty of his murder.                            Bowling for Columbine.
        1 Video Cassette (ca. 50 min.)                    MGM Home Entertainment, (2003)
        KF224.R83 B53 2002                                    The United States of America is
                                                       notorious for its astronomical number of
Blind Spot: Murder By Women.                           people killed by firearms for a developed
   Women Make Movies (2001)                            nation without a civil war. Activist filmmaker
       This documentary combines one-on-               Michael Moore uses his sense of humor in
one interviews of women murderers with re-             exploring the roots of this bloodshed.
enactments of their background experience                     2 videodiscs (ca. 119 min.) :
and visual re-creations of their interior lives.              PN1995.9.V5 B683 2003
The women describe their actions as
perpetrators in detail.                                (The) Brandon Teena Story.
       1 videocassette (55 min.)                           New York, NY : Distributed by New Video
       HV6517 .B55 2001                                    (1999)
                                                              Documentary film about Brandon
Blink: A Film.                                         Teena, who arrived in rural Falls City,
    University of California Extension Center          Nebraska, in 1993 where he finds some new
for Media and Independent Learning                     friends. Three weeks later he is brutally
       Once a fanatical rising star in the             raped and beaten by friends who discover
white supremacist movement, Greg                       that he is actually a woman. A week later the
Winthrow grapples with a legacy of hatred              same two men murder Teena along with two
handed down across generations in this                 other people. This is a tale of Brandon's
haunting documentary. The film reveals how             coming of age struggle with identity and how
class divisions are masked by racial conflict          his gender ambiguity induced feelings of
and follows the intense, angry and                     betrayal, confusion and hostility among
breathtakingly resourceful Winthrow as he              residents of a town in America's heartland.
grapples with his own redemption from a                       1 videodisc (88 min.)
heritage of violence.                                         HV6773.54 .F34 1999
       Video Cassette (58 min
       E184.A1 B557 2000

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 6

Breaking Silence.                                     Breaking the Silence.
   Future Educational Films (1992)                        Distributed by Security on Campus,
       Helps victims of incest and sexual             c2002
abuse speak out and get help. Educates                       "The incidence of acquaintance rape
viewers on signs and symptoms of abuse.               among college women is at an all-time high.
Attempts to provide understanding of incest           Nine out of ten college rape victims knew
from the point of view of the victim, offender,       their attacker. Men need to be educated
and non-offending spouse.                             about what constitutes rape, but most
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                       importantly they need to understand and
       Guide (8 p.)                                   empathize with a potential victim's point-of-
       HQ 72 U6 B74                                   view concerning the emotional pain of rape.
                                                      The crew spent time with campus sexual
Breaking the Cycle.                                   assault victims and a man with a mission.
    PBS (1991)                                        This is their story. The documentary can be
       A series of four reports on violence           used in high school and college settings to
among young people. Focuses on                        educate men and women on sexual assault
programs which teach children and young               and how to prevent it. It will also be useful
adults how to avoid violence and deal with            for parents to view with both their male and
violence in their lives.                              female children before they go away to
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 50 min.)                 college"--Publisher's web site.
       HQ 734 V55 B74                                        1 videodisc (20 min.)
                                                             HV6558 .B74 2002
Breaking the Cycle of Violence.
   National Educational Service (1994)                Broken Bond: Munchausen Syndrome by
       Pt. 1: Overview                                Proxy.
       Pt. 2: Model Programs                              Films for the Humanities (1999)
Shows three model programs working to                         When medical experts suspect
prevent violence before it starts, to intervene       Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a death
with young people who are violence-prone,             ruling is changed from Sudden Infant Death
and to work with juvenile offenders to                Syndrome (SIDS) to murder as a result of
prevent recidivism.                                   inconsistencies with the baby's condition
       2 Video Cassettes (3 hrs.)                     and the pathologies involved.
       Guide (41 p.)                                          Video Cassette (26 min.)
       HN 90 V5 B74                                           HV 6542 B76

Breaking the History of Silence: The                  Broken Toys: The Inner Child Responds
Women's International War Crimes                      to the Dysfunctional Family.
Tribunal for the Trial of Japanese Military               Lifeworks Communications (1987)
Sexual Slavery.                                               Sexual, emotional and/or physical
    Video Juku (2001)                                 abuse in childhood requires a response that
       "The Women's International War                 is carried into adulthood. Terry Kellogg links
Crimes Tribunal held in Tokyo, Japan on 8-            the response to the abuse and helps us see
12 Dec. 2000 was a Peoples' Tribunal set              that our self-destructive behavior is about
up to bring those responsible for Japan's             what happened to us and not who we are.
military sexual violence, in particular the                   Video Cassette (1 hr. 49 min.)
enslavement of 'comfort women, ' to justice                   RC 569.5 C63 K452 no. 6
and to end the ongoing cycle of impunity for
wartime violence against women. A
revolutionary tribunal representing people
from all across Asia, it was the first of its
kind to break Japan's post-war taboo by
finding the emperor guilty of war crimes
during WWII"—Container.
       1 videocassette (68 min.)
       KZ1174.5 .B74 2001

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                                                                                  CRIMINAL JUSTICE 7

(The) Brooklyn Connection: How to Build               Brown v. the Board of Education.
a Guerrilla Army.                                         Learning Corporation of America 2001
   New Video Group (2005)                                    Presents the historical background of
      Looks at the world of 'gun running'             the Brown case through which the Supreme
through the story of Albanian immigrant and           Court declared segregation in public schools
owner of a Booklyn roofing company Florin             to be unconstitutional. Dramatizes the actual
Krasniqi and the guerrilla army he built by           arguments presented in this landmark case.
transporting weapons from the United States                  1 videodisc (19 min.)
to Kosovo.                                                   KF4155 .B765 2001
      1 videodisc (ca. 53 min.)
      F128.9.A3 S852 2005                             Busted: America's War on Marijuana.
                                                           PBS (1998)
(The) Brooklyn Connection: How to Build                      Explores the impact of current policy
a Guerrilla Army.                                     on stemming the tide of marijuana use and
   New Video Group (2005)                             how law enforcement is affecting American
      Looks at the world of 'gun running'             life.
through the story of Albanian immigrant and                  Video Cassette (1 hr.)
owner of a Brooklyn roofing company Florin                   HV 5822 M3 B87
Krasniqi and the guerrilla army he built by
transporting weapons from the United States           California v. O.J. Simpson: The Opening
to Kosovo.                                            Statements.
      1 videodisc (ca. 53 min.)                          MPI Home Video (1995)
      F128.9.A3 S852 2005                                   2 Video Cassettes (7 hr. 45 min.)
                                                            KF 224 S485 C34 v. 1-2
Brother's Keeper.
   Docurama (2003)                                    Campus Insecurity.
       "Brother's Keeper tells the story of the         A&E Home Video 2008
"Ward Boys," four eccentric brothers who                  1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)
shared the same dilapidated two-room                      LB2345 .C35 2008
shack for over 60 years. Living in isolation,
without heat or running water, these elderly          Campus Rape.
bachelors had virtually no contact with the               Rape Treatment Center Santa Monica
outside world--until one was found dead in            Hospital Medical Center (1990)
the bed he shared with his brother. By day's              Examines campus rape and its impact
end, Delbert Ward "confessed" to                      through four interviews with
suffocating his ailing brother as an act of           with students who were assaulted. Presents
mercy, but Munnsville believed Delbert had            effective techniques for preventing stranger
been framed. Was Delbert, an uneducated               and acquaintance rape.
hermit with a low IQ, an innocent victim of                  Video Cassette (21 min.)
police abuse? Was it a mercy killing--or was                 Study Guide (10 p.)
there another motive?"—Container                             HV 6561 C35
       1 videodisc (105 min.)
       HV6533.N7 B76 2003                             Careers in Criminal Justice.
                                                         Meridian Education Corp. (2003)
Brown v. the Board of Education.                              Provides an overview of a career in
    Learning Corporation of America                   the field of criminal justice, including officers,
       Presents the historical background of          investigators and special agents.
the Brown case through which the Supreme                      1 videodisc (22 min.) + 1 guide (9
Court declared segregation in public schools          leaves)
to be unconstitutional. Dramatizes the actual                 HV9950 .C37 2003 + guide
arguments presented in this landmark case.
       Video Cassette (19 min.)
       KF4155 .B73 1991

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 8

Carissa.                                              Child Protective Services.
   Regeneration, [2010?]                                 University of California Extension Center
       "At 12 she was forced into prostitution           for Media and Independent Learning
and locked up in juvenile hall. Today she is             (2002)
getting a law degree and an MBA"—                             Discusses America's child-protection
Container.                                            system by chronicling the day-to-day
       1 videodisc (23 min.)                          operations of one child-protection office in
       HQ118 .C37 2010                                San Diego County, California. Follows
                                                      frontline workers in an Emergency
(The) Case for Innocence.                             Response Unit, shows social workers
   PBS Video                                          helping to re-unite torn families, and sits in
       Frontline examines the cases of those          on emotionally-charged final courtroom
whose protests of innocence could be                  decisions.
confirmed by DNA testing, but who may                         1 Video Cassette (57 min.)
remain imprisoned forever anyway.                             HV6626.53.S38 C45 2002
       Video Cassette (90 min.)
       KF8936 .C37 2000                               (The) Child Sex Trade.
                                                         A&E Home Video
(The) Case of the Hillside Strangler.                        Looks at underage boys and girls who
   Films for the Humanities (1997)                    have become prostitutes through interviews
       Is it possible for an apparently gentle        with three child prostitutes from Calgary,
young man to suddenly become a vicious                Canada.
serial killer? This documentary, based on a                  1 videodisc (50 min.)
1970s California case, explores the question                 HQ117 .C45 1997
through the killer's mind, or minds.
       2 Video Cassettes (2 hr. )                     Childhood Physical Abuse.
       KF 2224 B52 M55 pt. 1-2                            Films for the Humanities (1990)
                                                              Covers the range of problems in the
CCI: Case Study of a Southern Prison.                 area of physical abuse of children: the adults
   Films for the Humanities (1997)                    likely to abuse their children, the signs of
      Documents the failure of current U.S.           such abuse, the effects on the children, the
correctional methods.                                 ways abuse should be dealt with, how
      Video Cassette (29 min.)                        abusive parents can break the cycle of their
      HV 8665 C37                                     behavior and what happens when the law
                                                      steps in.
Charred Remains.                                              Video Cassette (26 min.)
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                       HV 6626.5 C498
      Early one evening in 1991, a                    Childhood Sexual Abuse.
custodian for a computer company                          Films for the Humanities (1990)
discovered the charred remains of a body in                   Three women relate their experiences
a dumpster. This program illustrates the              of being abused sexually as children. Two
forensics used by police to find the killer.          psychologists offer perspective and
      1 videodisc (24 min.)                           statistics. A police officer also describes
      RA1063.45 .I57 2004                             procedures used to question abused
Chicago 1968.                                                 Video Cassette (26 min.)
    PBS Video (1995)                                          HV 715 C55
       Explores the atmosphere surrounding
the 1968 Democratic National Convention in
Chicago. Insight into factors contributing to
events is provided through interviews with
writers, politicians, anti-war activists and
       Video Cassette (60 min)
       JK 2313 1968 C45

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 9

Children of Violence.                                 Cocaine.
    Quest Productions (198?)                              Bruce Lood Prod. (1990)
    Guides viewers through the lives of gang                 Takes a close look at narco-terrorism
members of the Chicano community                      and the war on drugs. How cocaine is
of Oakland, Ca. Makes no judgments about              processed using readily available chemicals.
the juvenile delinquents it portrays. Useful          How the Medillen drug cartel influences the
for those who want an insider's view of               Colombian government and courts
troubled youth who are caught in a cycle of           and how its influence pervades Latin
violence.                                             America. How revolutionary movements are
       Video Cassette (55 min.)                       financed through violent guerilla control of
       HV 9106 034 C44                                cocaine harvests.
                                                             Video Cassette (45 min.)
(A) Class Apart: A Mexican American                          HV 5840 C7 C62
Civil Rights Story.
   PBS Home Video, c2009                              Cocaine Cowboys
       In the small town of Edna, Texas, in              Magnolia Home Entertainment (2006)
1951, field hand Pete Hernández killed a                     The cocaine trade of the '70s and '80s
tenant farmer after exchanging words in a             had an indelible impact on contemporary
cantina. From this murder emerged a                   Miami. Smugglers and distributors forever
landmark civil rights case that would change          changed the once sleepy retirement
the lives and legal standing of ten of millions       community and turned it into one of the
of Americans. Tells the story of an underdog          world's most glamorous hot spots and the
band of Mexican American lawyers who took             epicenter of a $20 billion annual business
their case all the way to the Supreme Court,          fed by Colombia's Medellin Cartel. By the
where they challenged Jim Crow-style                  early '80s, Miami's tripled homicide rate had
discrimination against Mexican Americans.             made it the murder capital of the country.
Lawyers forged a daring legal strategy,                      1 videodisc (ca. 118 min.)
arguing that Mexican Americans were "a                       HV5810 .C63 2006
class apart" from a legal system that
recognized only blacks and whites.                    Co-Dependency.
       1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)                          Lifeworks Communications (1988)
       KF224.H468 C53 2009                                    Terry Kellogg discusses Co-
                                                      dependency, the reaction to dysfunctional
(The) Coat Hanger Project.                            systems that exaggerate our need to control
   Coat Hanger Project, c2008                         our dependency issues and self neglect.
      Since the Roe v. Wade decision, anti-           Also discusses the confusion, denial,
choice factions have been fighting a                  anxiety, depression, shame, excess guilt,
woman's right to abortion. This documentary           stress related illnesses, and self-
uses the coat hanger to symbolize the                 destructive behaviors it creates.
dangers of illegal abortion prior to Roe v.                   Video Cassette (2 hr.)
Wade.                                                         RC 569.5 C63 K45
      1 videodisc (53 min.)
      HQ767.5.U5 C63 2008                             Colors.
                                                         Santa Monica, CA : MGM Home
                                                         Entertainment (2001)
                                                            Two Los Angeles cops, one a veteran
                                                      and one a rookie, try to bring peace to the
                                                      gang war raging on the streets of L.A.
                                                            1 videodisc (120 min.)
                                                            PN1995.9.P57 C64 2001

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 10

Communities and Environmental Laws.                   Convicts on the Street: One Year on
    Environmental Protection Agency, 2004             Parole.
       Communities and environmental laws                 New York : Ambrose Video (1990)
(video) -- A citizen's guide to using federal                 Follows a parole officer and his 50
environmental laws to secure environmental            charges. He makes surprise visits to the
justice (text).                                       homes of those he suspects of violating their
       1 videodisc 4 3/4 in. + 1 text (113 p.)        paroles. His suspicions are frequently
       KF3775 .C665 2004 + text                       justified--before the year is over, more than
                                                      half of his group have been sent back to jail.
Compulsive, Addictive, and Self-                      Also discusses how to improve the parole
Destructive Behaviors.                                system.
    Lifeworks Communications (1988)                           1 Video Cassette (60 min.) + 1 guide
        Gives an in-depth presentation of                     (7 p.)
destructive adult behaviors and how they                      HV9278 .C65 1990 + guide
stem from a variety of childhood issues
including abuse and neglect. Insights are             Cops on Trial.
given as to how to break away from                       CBS News (1992)
compulsive, addictive and self-destructive                   Considers the question of how much
lifestyles and begin the recovery process.            police force is too much and when being
        2 Video Cassettes (4 hr.)                     tough becomes a crime.
        BF 531 K37 pt. 1-2                                   Video Cassette (48 min.)
                                                             HV 7936 C56 C67
Computer Security.
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences               Cops or Criminals.
    (2001)                                               A & E Home Video (1996)
       Describes the various components of                  A report on the New Orleans Police
computer security, including identification,          Department, the most corrupt police
access control, and confidentiality.                  department in the country.
Discusses the problem of attacks on data                    1 videodisc (50 min.)
and describes various hardware and                          HV7936.C85 C66 2002
software solutions. Stresses the need for
risk assessment in both small and large               (The) Courts in a Democratic Society.
firms and demonstrates the ease with which               American Judicature Society (1989)
an outsider can gain access to a company's               1. The American Judicial System: How It
data.                                                    All Began.
       1 videodisc (30 min.)                             2. Federalism and the New Role of the
       QA76.9.A25 C63 2001                               State Courts.
                                                         3. The Art of Judging.
Confidentiality, Privacy, and HIPAA.                     4. The Importance of Trial Courts.
    Medfilms (2003)                                      5. Should We Negotiate or Go to Trial?
        Overview of the Health Insurance                 6. Federal and State Appeals Courts.
Portability and Accountability Act of 1996               7. How the States Select Their Judges.
with situations displaying inappropriate                 8. The Selection of Federal Judges.
disclosure of data; transcript followed by               9. The Supreme Court and the Power of
brief test. Classroom aid for healthcare                 Judicial Review.
workers who deal with patients and patient               10. Do Judges Wield Too Much Power?
information.                                             11. Politics in the Courts.
        1 videodisc (11 min.) + 1 instructional          12. Trial by Jury.
        guide 11 p.                                      13. Lawyers and the Legal Profession.
        KF3827.R4 C65 2003                                   13 Cassettes
                                                             Discussion Questions
                                                             KF 8700 C68 pt. 1-13

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 11

Courts, Kids, and the Constitution.                   Crazy Love.
   New Press, [sound recordings]                         Magnolia Home Entertainment (2007)
       Title of accompanying book: May it                     An examination of the human
Please the Court: Courts, Kids and the                psyches of Burt and Linda Pugach. Tells the
Constitution                                          astonishing and unbelievable story of the
       Presents sixteen Supreme Court                 obsessive roller-coaster relationship the
cases involving students' and teachers'               couple shared. Their whirlwind romance
constitutional rights. Features nationally            culminated in a violent and psychologically
known figures, including Kenneth Starr and            complex set of actions that landed the pair
Justices Thurgood Marshall and Earl                   on the cover of endless newspapers.
Warren. Includes transcripts of the                           1 videodisc (ca. 92 min.)
arguments, excerpts from the final                            HQ801.83 .C73 2007
decisions, and reading lists.
       4 audiocassettes (6 hrs.)                      Creatures in Crime.
       KF4118 .C68 2000                                  BBC-TV (1994)
                                                            Discusses ways in which insects,
Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair.               animals, and plants often provide case-
   Educational Film & Video (1988)                    breaking clues to crimes that might
       Raises questions about U.S. policy,            otherwise go unsolved.
the value of covert operations in                           Video Cassette (1 hr.)
carrying out U.S. policy, and the values of                 HV 8073 C675
the people who carry out covert operations.
Argues that the Iran-Contra affair was the            Crime and Insanity.
logical result of continuing U. S. policy that            Media and Society Seminars (1984)
has the overthrow of the Nicaraguan                           Discusses the issues of competence,
government as its aim.                                letting an insane person conduct his own
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 16 min.)                 defense, and the merits of the insanity
       E 876 C68                                      defense.
                                                              Video Cassette (1 hr.)
Crank: Darkness on the Edge of Town.                          KF 9242 C75
    PBS Home Video, c2007
       Methamphetamine, also called                   Crime and Punishment in America.
"crank" counts more users than cocaine and                PBS (1997)
heroin combined. Meth leaves in its wake:                     Explores the evolution of crime and
addiction, crime, burn victims, neglected             criminal penalties in American society.
children and toxic properties. This program           Traces how laws came to be laws. Families
measures meth's shocking impact on one                of victims speak about their experiences
Tennessee town, examining the deadly drug             with crime.
phenomenon, the legislation aimed at                          Video Cassette (2 hr.)
controlling the sale of meth-precursor cold                   KF 9223 C75
medicines and the hard lessons families
learn about addiction.                                Crime and Punishments.
       1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)                         Media and Society Seminars (1984)
       HV5822.A5 C73 2007                                     Addresses the conflicts that exist
                                                      between constitutional guarantees against
                                                      cruel and unusual punishment and the
                                                      realities of the American penal system.
                                                      Discusses such issues as prison
                                                      overcrowding, the purpose of punishment,
                                                      the death penalty, and the role of the media.
                                                              Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                              KF 9225 C75

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                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE 12

Crime Control in Urban Environments                  Crime File Series II.
Through Physical Planning and Design.                   National Institute of Justice (198?)
University of Wisconsin (1994)                             #6 Private Prisons HV 8756 P74
       Presents case studies in creating and               #7 Probation HV 9278 P75
maintaining safe urban environments and a                  #9 Street People HV 4505 S77
panel of experts analyzes actual urban                     #l0 What Works - Research & The
building projects.                                      Police HV 7935 W42
    1. Crime prevention in residential areas            10 Video Cassettes (29 min. each)
    2. Crime prevention in commercial
   districts –                                       Crime File Series III.
   3. Crime prevention in institutional                 National Institute of Justice (1990)
   settings                                                7. Drugs: Workplace Testing
       Video Cassette (4 hr. 30 min.)                   HV 5549.5 D7 D78
       HV 7431 C72                                         8. Drugs: Youth Gangs
                                                        HV 6439 U7 L72
Crime: Fighting Mad, Fighting Back.                        10. Juvenile Rehabilitation
    Films for the Humanities (1996)                     HV 9104 J88
       Investigates new ways in which law                  10 Video Cassettes (28 min. each)
enforcement agencies and members of the
public are approaching crime prevention.             Crime in the Dark.
Includes new law enforcement technologies,              CBS News (1991)
college campus programs, and prison                         Examines rape cases, investigations,
programs.                                            and trials. Discusses date rape. Includes a
       Video Cassette (22 min.)                      look at a rehabilitation program for
       HV 7431 F53                                   rapists/sexual offenders.
                                                            Video Cassette (1 hr.)
Crime File Series.                                          HV 6561 C75
   National Institute of Justice (198?)
      #l Exclusionary Rule                           Crime in the Suites.
   KFN 1180.5 E88 E92                                    Films for the Humanities (1992)
      #2 Repeat Offenders HV 6049 R46                        Examines white-collar crime. Profiles
      #4 Deadly Force HV 7936 D4 D42                 two white-collar criminals and a man who
      #5 Out on Bail KF 9632 Z9 097                  lost his pension to a retirement scam. Talks
      #6 Prison Crowding HV 9276 P74                 to a range of experts who offer insights into
      #7 Death Penalty HV 8699 U5 D42                the nature of the phenomenon.
      #9 Gun Control HV 8059 G86                             Video Cassette (24 min.)
      #10 Foot Patrol HV 8016 F66                            HV 8079 W47 C75
      #11 Domestic Violence
      HV 8079 S67 D65                                Crime: Time to Take Charge.
      #12 Predicting Criminality                        Films for the Humanities (1996)
      HV 6045 P73                                          Examines efforts around the country
      #13 Juvenile Offenders                         aimed at preventing crime. Addresses car
      HV 9076.5 J88                                  insurance scams, domestic violence, and
      #14 Neighborhood Safety                        check fraud. Shows how individuals,
       HV 7936 C58 N44                               groups, and programs can fight crime.
      #15 Victims HV 6250.25 V52                           Video Cassette (23 min.)
      #17 Biology of Crime HV 6121 B56                     HV 7431 T54
      #19 Heroin HV 8079 N3 H47
      #20 Inside Prisons HV 9025 I57                 Criminal Evidence.
      #22 Search & Seizure                              A & E Home Video (2001)
     KFN 1176.5 Z9 S42                                      Examines the work of forensic
      2 Video Cassettes (29 min.)                    anthropologist Kathy Reich. She
                                                     investigates the 1973 murder of a night club
                                                     bouncer and mass graves in Guatemala.
                                                            1 videocassette (91 min.)
                                                            GN69.8 .C75 2001

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                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE 13

Criminal Justice and a Defendant's Right             Crips and Bloods: Made in America.
to a Fair Trial.                                         Docurama 2009
   Media and Society Seminars (1984)                        A cluster of neighborhoods lies in the
       Focuses on legal ethics and the               heart of Southern California, streets that
Exclusionary Rule. Weighs the right of the           form a grid between concrete ribbons of
accused to a fair trial against the right of         freeway. Nearly a quarter of its young men
society to take measures assuring public             will end up in prison. Many other will end up
safety.                                              dead. These neighborhoods in South Los
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                        Angeles are home to two of the most
       KF 4765 C75                                   infamous African-American gangs, the Crips
                                                     and the Bloods. On these mean streets over
The Criminal Justice System in America.              the past 30 years, more than 15,000 people
   Human Relations Media (1982)                      have been murdered in an ongoing cycle of
       Presents an examination of our                gang violence that continues unabated.
criminal justice system --- police                   Here is where America's most bloody and
departments, criminal courts, and prisons.           costly outbreaks in civil unrest erupted - not
Demonstrates the capacity of the present             once, but twice, 27 years and just three
system and discusses suggested reforms.              miles apart. Combines archival footage with
Questions regarding rights of the accused,           in-depth interviews.
police efficiency, plea bargaining and                      1 videodisc (ca. 99 min.)
imprisonment are raised.                                    HV6439.U7 L717 2009
       Video Cassette (45 min.)
       Teacher's Guide (68 p.)                       Cruel & Unusual.
       KF 9223 Z9 C74                                    Alluvial Filmworks, c2006
                                                             A documentary about transgender
Criminals in Cyberspace.                             women convicted and incarcerated in men's
    A & E Home Video (2002)                          prisons in the United States. Five
       Focuses on the challenges faced by            transgender women describe their
both business and government agencies in             experiences, including rape, violence,
dealing with cyber-crimes. The story of              solitary confinement, and denial of medical
Kevin Mitnick, a convicted computer hacker,          care.
is highlighted in parts of this program. Law                 1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)
enforcement professionals talk about what                    HQ77.95.U6 C78 2006
they are doing to stop these crimes and how
hard it is to control and monitor                    Cybercrime : Invisible Threat.
technological crimes. They also talk about               Films for the Humanities & Sciences
the potential for much more serious crimes,              (2002)
such as terrorist attacks, started just by                  "... Examines the Internet's
having access to a computer and the                  exponential growth and evaluates risks
Internet.                                            posed by groups and individuals bent on
       1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)                     crime or terrorism. Experts from the FBI, the
       HV6773.2 .C75 2002                            Pentagon, and private companies, and even
                                                     a self-confessed hacker comment on the
                                                     danger of online fraud and denial of service
                                                     attacks as well as on anti-hacking and
                                                     biometric identification as ways of protecting
                                                     the World Wide Web--and perhaps the world
                                                            1 videodisc (53 min.)
                                                            HV6773 .C93 2002

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                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE 14

Cyberterrorism                                       Dangers of Social Networking Video Clip
    A&E Television Networks (2003)                   Collection.
         Explores the possibility of cyber               Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
attacks against the United States as                 c2010
potential weapons of mass destruction.                      "No one doubts the power of social
Discusses the use of the Internet by Al              media to create positive connections among
Qaida in planning their September 11th               people who might otherwise never meet. But
attacks as well as ongoing use of email and          that same power has an ominous side. It
the Internet by Al Qaida and other countries         can draw together individuals who should, in
for information warfare purposes.                    fact, not meet-- such as predatory adults
         1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)                   and gullible minors. It can facilitate bullying,
         HV6773 .C935 2003                           emotional trauma, and cybercrime. And it
                                                     can be highly addicting. This collection of
Damaged: When Trauma Leads to                        five ABC News segments examines the
Violence.                                            issues in ways that are sure to spark
     Films for the Humanities & Sciences             discussion and further study. Contains
(2004)                                               mature content. Viewer discretion is
         "This program investigates the              advised. Clip duration ranges from 2 to 6
relationship between abuse suffered as a             minutes"—Container
child and the likelihood of committing murder               1 videodisc (23 min.)
later in life especially when that abuse                    HM742 .D36 2010
results in brain damage. The horrific slaying
of Peyton Tuthill by Donta Page is                   (The) Date Rape Backlash: The Media
examined, and the case of a mild-mannered            and the Denial of Rape.
doctor who became violent due to pressure               The Foundation (1994)
from a brain tumor is addressed . Also                      An examination of how media
featured are the findings of various experts,        portrayal of date rape has evolved within a
including forensic psychiatrist Dorothy              span of five years from portraying date rape
Otnow Lewis, expert witness for Page's               as an epidemic, to a view of date rape as
defense; Adrian Raine, whose studies of 41           feminist victim oriented propaganda.
murderers have consistently revealed frontal                Video Cassette (58 min.)
lobe damage; and neurologist Jonathan                       HV 6561 D37
Pincus, author of 'Base instincts: what
makes killers kill?' Original BBC broadcast          Dating Rites: Gang Rape on Campus.
title: 'Damaged'"—Container.                            Stonescape Prod. (1992)
         1 videodisc (50 min.)                              Includes an interview with a gang
         HV6515 .D355 2004                           rape survivor and insights from a convicted
                                                     rapist. A reenactment illustrates how gang
Dancing With Darkness.                               rape is planned and how a party situation
    Security on Campus, Inc. [distributor],          fueled by alcohol can escalate into a
c2003                                                traumatic event.
       Interviews with parents who have lost                Video Cassette (28 min.)
children, young adults whose lives have                     HV 6558 D37
been disastrously changed as a result of
using Ecstasy and party drugs, and                   (The) Dark Art of Interrogation.
counselors and law enforcement officials.                A&E Television Networks 2005
Some interviews shot in Philadelphia clubs.                  Enter the shadowy world of the age-
       1 videocassette (20 min.)                     old art of interrogation with a former CIA
       HV5822.M38 D35 2003                           agent, meet an Israeli interrogator who uses
                                                     theatrical tactics to get results, learn how
                                                     battlefield interrogations in Vietnam saved
                                                     lives, and much more.
                                                             1 videodisc (ca. 100 min.)
                                                             UB265 .D37 2005

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 15

Dead Man Walking.                                     Death Penalty.
    MGM Home Entertainment, (1999)                       A&E Home Video 2002
       Tells the story of convicted killer                  Examines the arguments for and
Matthew Poncelet and Sister Helen Prejean,            against capital punishment. Presents the
his spiritual advisor, and the journey they           case of Caryl Chessman, a rapist,
undertake in search of the truth.                     kidnapper, and jailhouse lawyer who
       1 videodisc (122 min.)                         appealed his sentence for twelve years.
       PN1995.9.R4 D42 1999                           Follows with a discussion of other capital
                                                      cases, and the constitutional fight over the
Dear Zachary.                                         death penalty.
    Oscilloscope Pictures, c2008                            1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)
       Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne begins                         HV8699.U6 D42 2002
making a film for Zachary, son of his oldest
friend who was murdered by Zachary's                  Death Penalty on Trial.
mother. The film's focus shifts to Zachary's             A&E Home Video 2008
grandparents as they fight to win custody of                 Is the United States' system of justice
Zachary from the woman who took their                 the best system in the world? With the
son's life.                                           advent of DNA testing this supposition has
       1 videodisc (95 min.)                          proven not to be true. This is an
       HV6533.P4 D43 2009                             Investigative report on the incidence of
                                                      discrimination in the criminal justice system,
Death in the Desert.                                  especially in the death penalty system.
    CBS Video (2003)                                         1 videodisc (89 min.)
        A child who had been in trouble                      HV8694 .D384 2008
with the law was sent to a military-style boot
camp called America's Buffalo Soldiers                Death of a Princess.
Reinactment in the desert near Phoenix,                   WGBH Educational Foundation (2005)
Arizona, and he died suddenly at the camp.                   This film re-creates journalist Antony
The video includes another segment with               Thomas' journey through the Arab world to
the title Last chance about another way of            investigate the public execution for adultery
trying to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents.          of a young Saudi Arabian princess and her
        1 videocassette (ca. 44 min.)                 lover in 1977. Frontline reissues the 1980
        HV9278.5 .D42 2003                            docudrama film followed by a discussion
                                                      about the controversy surrounding the
(The) Death Penalty.                                  original release of the film and the status of
    Films for the Humanities (1993)                   Saudi women more than twenty years after
       Examines the cases of two men who              the original broadcast.
committed virtually identical murders and                    1 videodisc (117 min.)
were tried in the same courtroom two weeks                   HQ1730 .D43 2005
apart. Talks with prosecutors, lawyers,
jurors, and victims to analyze whether the            Death Row Prostitute.
death penalty is working and how it is                   A&E Home Video ; New York, NY :
applied.                                                 (1998)
       Video Cassette (26 min.)                              Chronicles the criminal activity of
       HV 8699 U6 D42                                 serial killer, Aileen Wuornos.
                                                              Video Cassette (50 min.)
(The) Death Penalty.                                         HV6533.F6 D42 1998
    A&E (1996)
       American Justice examines the                  Death row women.
arguments for and against capital                        A & E Home Video (1996)
punishment, including the legal, political and             Story of women murderers on death
religious questions.                                  row.
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                            1 Video Cassette (50 min.)
       HV 8699 U6 D422                                     HV8699.U6 D44 1996

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 16

Deciding Who Dies.                                    DNA Profiling.
   PBS (1997)                                             Films for the Humanities & Sciences
      Examines the arbitrary nature of the                (1999)
death penalty. Focuses on three cases in                     Chris Hadkiss explains the latest DNA
the "Death Belt".                                     extraction and quantification techniques.
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                          Laboratory footage illustrates the processes
      HV 8699 U5 D44                                  of sample extraction, quantification,
                                                      amplification, separation, and interpretation.
Decoding the Rap: On Gangs and                        Also discusses the history of DNA profiling,
Violence.                                             sources of DNA for sampling, the difficulties
    Films for the Humanities (1995)                   associated with radioactive tagging as
       Examines the close correlation                 compared to fluorescent tagging, and the
between gang activity and the music many              value of mitochondrial DNA analysis.
youths listen to, “gangster rap”. Features                   1 Video Cassette (15 min.)
Sgt. Ron Stallworth who heads the unit                       RA1057.55 .D66 1999
which deals with gangs at the Utah Division
of Investigation.                                     Do Not Enter.
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                           New Day Films (1987)
       HV 6437 D42                                            Takes a look at the law, which
                                                      prohibits entry into the United States of
Defending Our Lives.                                  people because of their beliefs. Presents an
   Cambridge Documentary Films (1993)                 account of the reasons for the law and what
       (Producer) Shows the magnitude and             critics and defenders believe of it.
severity of domestic violence in this country.                1 Video Cassette (58 min.)
Features the personal testimonies of four                     KF4827 .D6 1987
women imprisoned for killing their batterers.
       1 Video Cassette (34 min.)                     Do Unto Others. Ethics in America.
       1 guide (11 leaves)                               Annenberg/CPB Collection (1989)
       HV6626.2 .D427 1993                               Addresses questions involving
                                                      community and personal ethics. What
Deliver Us From Evil.                                 responsibility do people have if they know a
    Lionsgate, c2006                                  neighbor's child is being beaten?
       A documentary on confessed                           Video Cassette (1 hr.)
pedophile priest Oliver O'Grady and                         HM 216 D62
attempts by the Catholic Church to cover up
his actions. Includes interviews with O'Grady         Doing Justice: The Life and Trials of
and his victims.                                      Arthur Kinoy.
       1 videodisc (ca. 103 min.)                        California Newsreel (1994)
       BX1912.9 .D45 2006                                    Describes the life of civil rights lawyer,
                                                      Arthur Kinoy.
The Dhamma Brothers                                          Video Cassette (51 min.)
   Bullfrog Films, c2007                                     KF 373 K525 D63
      Inmates serving long sentences at
Donaldson Correctional Facility in                    Doing Time: Life Inside the Big House.
Bessemer, Alabama, participate in a                      Docurama 2006
Vipassana meditation program.                                Looks at life within the walls of the
      1 videodisc (76 min.) + 1 insert                Federal Penitentiary at Lewisburg,
      HV9305.A2 D43 2007                              Pennsylvania, one-time home to Al Capone,
                                                      Alger Hiss, and Jimmy Hoffa. Examines the
                                                      daily routines of prisoners, guards, and
                                                             1 videodisc (82 min.)
                                                             HV9474.L59 D65 2006

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 17

Doing Time: Ten Years Later.                          Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind
    Ellis Productions (1990)                          James Vance vs. Judas Priest.
        Offers a look into the dark and                   First run Icarus films (1991)
dangerous world at the Penitentiary of New                    Documentary of the trial of the music
Mexico, the scene of the bloodiest prison             group Judas Priest, on the charge of having
riot in American history. Looks at what has           induced two men to attempt suicide by the
happened to the institution and to men                effects of the group's music and lyrics.
involved in the riot.                                         Video Cassette (58 min.)
        Video Cassette (56 min.)                              KF 1260 D74
        HV 9475 N62 N43
                                                      Drinking and Driving.
Domestic Violence.                                       PBS (1986)
    Carle Media (1992)                                       Interviews with accident victims, their
       Explores the relationships that                families and drunk drivers themselves
support domestic violence. Conversations              provide a clear human message about the
with an abuser and with two victims shed              tragedy of this social problem.
light on this issue.                                         Video Cassette (1 hr.)
       Video Cassette (27 min.)                              HE 5620 D7 D753
       HQ 809.3 U6 D64
                                                      Drug mules
Domestic Violence: Faces of Fear.                         Filmakers Library (1992)
    PBS Video (1996)                                          Examines the plights of women who
      Examines the cross-cultural                     are tricked, coerced or forced to carry drugs
phenomenon of domestic violence and looks             into the United States, including the
at how the medical community, law                     impossible choices they face within the
enforcement agencies, and corporate                   criminal justice system.
America are helping to end the silence.                       1 Video Cassette (32 min.)
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                                  HV5825 .D77673 1992
      HQ 809 D64
                                                      Drug War on Main Street.
Don't Touch My Child.                                    CBS News (1990)
   CBS News (1990)                                         A look at the drug trade in America
       Presents cases of children snatched            and why some cities are fighting back.
by one parent to prevent the other from                    Video Cassette (1 hr.)
getting custody.                                           HV 5825 D777
       Video Cassette (48 min.)
       HV 6598 D65                                    Drug Wars.
                                                         PBS Video
Dr. Guillotin and his Execution Machine.                     Examines America's 30-year effort to
    New Video Group                                   stop the flow of illegal drugs into this
        This video tells the whole story of the       country. Program has four major themes:
deadly invention that claimed the lives of            Treatment and education versus prohibition
King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and                  and punishment; social justice; international
thousands of other aristocrats, as well as            war on drugs; multibillion dollar illegal drug
influential revolutionary leaders like                business.
Robespierre who fell out of favor. Hear from                 2 Video Cassettes (120 min ea)
scholars and experts who try to explain the                  HV5825 .D7779 2000
significance and legacy of the guillotine, and
learn the surprising truth about when it was          Drugs: A Plague Upon the Land.
finally retired.                                         ABC Video (1988)
        Video Cassette (43 min.)                             Discusses drugs in America and why
        HV8555 .D72 1999                              the problem is considered a national crisis.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                             HV 5825 D78

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 18

Drugs at the Border.                                  Ecstasy: Happiness in a Pill?
    A&E (1998)                                            Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
        Follows DEA agent Ferrarone as he             (2004)
tries to stem the flow of drugs into the United              Discusses Ecstasy's role as a
States from Mexico.                                   gateway drug using case studies, the spread
        Video Cassette (50 min.)                      of copycat drugs and how the group
        HV 5831 M46 D78                               DanceSafe helps users tell the difference,
                                                      law enforcement's crackdown on dealers,
(A) DVD History of the U.S. Constitution.             and its use in coping with emotional trauma.
   Ambrose Video Publishing, 2005                            1 videodisc (45 min.)
      This 8-part series explores how The                    HV5822.M38 E37 2004
U.S. Constitution came to be.
      v. 1. program 1. The seeds of the               18 With a Bullet.
Constitution (1619-1739) ; program 2.                    Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Founding the Constitution (1750-1774)                 (2006)
      v. 2. program 3. Writing the                           Presents the reality of gang life in El
Constitution and the Bill of Rights (1774-            Salvador, where deported gang members
1791) ; program 4. Testing the Constitution           from the United States easily recruit
(1793-1803)                                           teenagers into two warring gangs.
      v. 3. program 5. The Constitution                      1 videodisc (60 min.)
survives (1810-1861) ; program 6. The                        HV6439.S2 E34 2006
Constitution is expanded (1865-1918) ;
      v. 4. program 7. The Constitution in a          Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.
changing world (1919-1961) ; program 8.                  Magnolia Home Entertainment, [2006]
Constitutional reform and controversy (1961-                 The inside story of one of history's
2005)                                                 greatest business scandals, in which top
      4 videodiscs (224 min.)                         executives of America's seventh largest
      KF4541 .D83 2005 v.1 – 4                        company walked away with over one billion
                                                      dollars, while investors and employees lost
Dying to Leave: The Dark Business of                  everything.
Human Trafficking.                                           1 videodisc (ca. 110 min.)
     Films for the Humanities & Science                      HD9502.U54 E5764 2006
          Explores the current worldwide boom         Ethics on Trial.
in illicit migration and human trafficking and           WETA, 1986
looks at the dire circumstances that drive                   The theme of this film is America's
desperate people from their homes.                    love-hate relationship with lawyers.
          1 videodisc (60 min.)                       Discusses lawyers' ethical rules and the
          JV6201 .D85 2006                            public image of lawyers' practices.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
Echelon: The Most Secret Spy System.                         KF 306 E85
   A&E Television Networks, (2003)
       Examines the information-sharing               Everyone pays : teenage drinking and
surveillance system developed by the United           driving.
States, England, Canada, Australia and New                Pyramid Media (1999)
Zealand.                                                     Explores the aftermath of alcohol-
       1 videodisc (50 min.)                          related auto accidents in order to try to make
       UB270 .E24 2003                                teenagers understand that drinking and
                                                      driving destroys lives.
                                                               1 Video Cassette (35 min.)
                                                               HE5620.D7 E84 1999

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 19

Execution at Midnight.                                Eyeball to Eyeball: Dilemma In the
   Evergreen Films (2001)                             Newsroom.
        Taking place at Potosi Correctional               Insight Media (1982)
Institute, Mineral Point, Missouri, examines                 Panel discussion about
the death penalty issue through interviews of         motives and methods of investigative
7 death row inmates. Gives the viewer the             reporting, undercover reporting, and using
experience of the last hour of a condemned            anonymous sources. Twenty-five reporters,
inmate's life as he is taken to the holding cell      editors, producers, government officials,
and to the execution room.                            attorneys and publishers speak candidly
        1 videocassette (ca. 50 min.)                 about breaking the law to get a story,
        HV8694 .E93 2001                              whether journalistic ends can justify illegal
                                                      means and whether the media should
(The) Execution of Wanda Jean.                        establish its own legal standards for
    Docurama (2005)                                   investigation.
       In 2001, Wanda Jean Allen was given                   2 videodiscs (120 min)
a lethal injection by the state of Oklahoma,                 PN4888.E8 E84 1982 pt.1 – 2
making her the first black woman to be
executed in America in fifty years.                   (The) Face of Evil.
Chronicles the methodical way the criminal               First Run/Icarus Films (2006)
justice system proceeds to execute Wanda                     Explores the physiognomy of criminal
Jean, a convicted murderess with a low IQ             tendencies through a case study of alleged
bordering on retardation. While pleas for             serial killer, Bruno Lüdke.
clemency are exhausted, she faces her                        1 videodisc (51 min.)
inevitable death with strength.                              HV6057 .F33 2006
       1 videodisc (ca. 88 min.)
       HV8701.A45 E84 2005                            Failure to Protect: A National Dialogue.
                                                          PBS Home Video (2005)
Exploring Alternatives to Prison and                         The second and third parts of
Probation.                                            Frontline's investigation of child protection
    Filmakers Library                                 services, which began with "The taking of
        Looks at a range of innovative                Logan Maar". The second part, "The
solutions being tried around the country.             caseworker files", looks closely at the Maine
Visits five alternative sentencing programs           Department of Human Services. The third
including one in which offenders must                 part, "A national dialogue", is a
perform community service, one which has              Frontline/Fred Friendly seminar in which a
criminals paying restitution to their victims,        panel of national experts as well as ordinary
and a house arrest program where offenders            citizens explore a hypothetical case
are monitored by electronic surveillance.             involving foster care.
Shows the risks and costs that each involve                  1 videocassette (120 min.)
and some of the arguments for and against                    HV742.M2 F343 2005
        Video Cassette (22 min.)                      Family Roles.
        HV 9276.5 E86                                     Lifeworks Communications (1988)
                                                              Terry Kellogg discusses the roles that
                                                      family members are assigned in order to
                                                      meet the needs and stay within the rigid
                                                      rules of the dysfunctional family system.
                                                              Video Cassette (53 min.)
                                                              RC 569.5 C63 K452 no. l

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 20

F.A.S.T.: Financial Abuse Specialist                  (The) FBI.
Team.                                                    Distributed by Warner Home Video,
     Santa Clara County Social Services               (2003)
Agency (2002)                                                Enter the inner sanctum of today's
         Elder financial abuse is becoming            FBI, with unprecedented access granted to
more and more prevalent as the population             National Geographic. Witness the Bureau's
ages and there is a greater concentration of          top-secret Strategic Initiative Operations
wealth among older people. The crime                  Center at work. Explore the history of the
encompasses all socioeconomic groups and              FBI, from the days of J. Edgar Hoover till
cultures. Mortality rates for victims of              now.
financial abuse are three times higher than                  1 videodisc (60 min.)
non-victims. The elderly victims do not                      HV8144.F43 F285 2003
report the crime out of fear of losing what
little support they have and because the              FBI's Crime Lab.
perpetrator may have control and power                     A & E Home Video (2003)
over the victim. A rapid response to                          In April 2003, the new FBI Crime Lab
suspected cases of elder financial abuse is           was opened and dedicated to the memory of
important. In Santa Clara County, there has           all crime victims. At 500,000 sq. ft. and
been an exponential growth of seniors. Elder          equipped with the most modern equipment,
financial abuse is on the rise. The Financial         it is considered one of the finest crime labs
Abuse Specialist Team was initiated to                in the world. All the efforts are focused on
provide the rapid response that is essential          using modern forensic science in order to
before the victim's assets are depleted. The          solve crimes.
F.A.S.T. team is a multi-disciplinary team                    1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)
comprised of Adult Protective Services,                       HV8144.F43 F297 2006
County Counsel, Public Guardian, and
District Attorney personnel. The team                 Feelings: Learning to Live, Learning to
assesses reports of financial abuse and               Love.
decides if there is imminent danger to the                Lifeworks Communications (1988)
victim. There is a coordinated effort and                     Terry Kellogg provides some thoughts
results can occur within hours. Sources of            regarding how the repression of our feelings
reports include law enforcement, health care          can bring about many personal and
professionals, family members, and financial          relationship problems in our adult lives.
institutions. The team looks for a perceived          Contains some insights into how to deal
degree of severity of abuse. Some risk                with, cope with, control, and understand our
factors are the limited ability for victims to        feelings.
advocate for themselves, limited mobility,                    Video Cassette (2 hr.)
and the recent loss of a spouse that took                     BF 531 K37 pt. 2
care of financial matters. Financial elder
abuse is usually perpetrated by family                Fighting Terrorism: Inside the National
members or relatives. Because of this, the            Security Council.
victim may deny abuse and feel shame. Red                 PBS (1987)
flags for elder financial abuse include the                  Provides an in-depth look at the
inability to pay bills, confusion about               complicated web of political, diplomatic and
financial affairs, and a decreasing bank              military power in the U.S., as well as, an
account. If the facts of an investigation meet        examination of the workings of the NSC.
legal criteria, the team will obtain emergency               Video Cassette (1 hr.)
conservatorship in order to secure the                       JX 5420 F54
assets of the victim, continue the
investigation, and pursue criminal
         1 videocassette (33 min.)
         HV6250.4.A34 F37 2002

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 21

(The) Fire This Time.                                 Frontline world: stories from a small
    Rhino Home Video (1995)                           planet.
        Through interviews with civic leaders,            PBS Video (2002)
politicians and Los Angeles city residents                     The first segment, Gunrunners,
film examines conditions in inner city Los            investigates illegal arms trafficking that
Angeles which have led to violence and                brings weapons into Sierra Leone and the
rioting in the past. Critiques past                   effects of the resulting injuries and
governmental policies which have failed to            devastation on the civilian population. The
correct the problems and makes                        second segment, Living with terror,
suggestions for future solutions.                     examines life in Sri Lanka amid continuing
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min.)                acts of terrorism. The third segment, The
        F869 L8 F57 1995                              last place, looks at Bhutan, the last country
                                                      on Earth to bring in television.
First Degree Murder Trial.                                     1 Video Cassette (57 min.)
    GPN (1988)                                                 DT516.826 .F76 2002
       The step-by-step account of the
actual first degree murder trial of Robert            Gang Terror.
Sandoval in Denver District Court.                        Films for the Humanities & Sciences
Chronicles Sandoval's trial from preliminary          (2003)
hearing, through jury selection, presentation                Explores "America's gangland
of evidence, arguments, and the verdict.              subculture, where belonging means power
The viewpoints of all participants are told in        and status, and disloyalty means death.
interviews and real courtroom action.                 Looks at the lethal struggle between the
       2 Video Cassettes (2 hr. each)                 Crips and the Bloods for a nationwide multi-
       KF 221 M8 F57                                  million-dollar drug trade, the plight of
                                                      residents of Chicago's gang-infested
Forgotten Fires.                                      projects, the experiences of female gang
   U of CA Extension Center for Media and             members out to build their reputations, and
   Independent Learning (1998)                        the fight between police and gangs in
      A documentary about the burning of              Hartford for the hearts and minds of inner-
two Afro-American churches near Manning,              city youths"—Container.
South Carolina in June, 1995 by Ku Klux                      1 videodisc (45 min.)
Klan members.                                                HV6439.U6 G35 2003
      Video Cassette (57 min)
      HV 6250.4 E75 F67                               Gang Wars.
                                                          Home Box Office (2006)
From the Inside: Personal Challenges for                       Gain unprecedented access to
Teens Reentering Society.                             actual rival gangs from Little Rock,
    Cambridge Educational, c2008                      Arkansas. A look at the lives of local Bloods,
        "This program illustrates the                 Crips, and Folk, as well as interviews with a
challenges that often await young offenders           one-time leader of one of these gangs as he
following incarceration and shows teen                is released from prison after a decade.
inmates preparing to face the corporate                        disc 1.
world, their families, and themselves.                         Gang war : bangin' in Little Rock
Overcoming illiteracy, building marketable                     disc 2.
work skills, and becoming familiar with                        Back in the hood : gang war 2
employment counseling and job search                           2 videodiscs (ca. 120 min.)
techniques are some of the subjects                            HV6439.U5 G375 2006
explored. The emotional side of leaving
prison-including homecomings with elated
parents and siblings and the counseling that
often accompanies those reunions-is also
illustrated in depth"—Container.
        1 videodisc (21 min.)
        HV9069 .F76 2008

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 22

Gangs: Not My Kid.                                    Girl Gangs.
    LCA (199?)                                           Soundprint (1993)
       Introduces viewers to the real                       Discusses participation in youth
casualties of the gang crisis, the families.          gangs by girls.
Single mothers of an inner city Los Angeles                 Cassette
neighborhood, known as South Central,                       HV 6439 U6 G57
"wrestle" with the streets for control of their
children's lives.                                     Go Back to Mexico!
       Video Cassette (49 min.)                           PBS (1994)
       HV 6439 U62 L74                                        America continues to lose the battle
                                                      against illegal immigration. In 1992, 2.5
Genes on Trial.                                       illegal immigrants came here. How long can
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences                it go on? How real are the fears about
   (2003)                                             economic costs and social and political
       "Could genetic research stigmatize             disruption?
people who carry a "bad" gene? Could the                      Video Cassette (58 min.)
behavior actually be determined by that                       JV 6493 G63
gene? If so, then just how free is free will?
Moderated by Harvard Law School's                     Godfathers.
Charles Ogletree, this Fred Friendly                     A&E Television Networks 2003
Seminar scrutinizes social, ethical, and legal               Five programs from the History
issues involving genetic research into                Channel and A & E's Biography showing the
undesirable traits such as addiction to               true stories of the Mafia. Provides in-depth
alcohol by exploring the relationship                 portraits of crimes bosses like Lucky
between the genetic basis for addiction and           Luciano, Meyer Lansky, the Genovese
the limits of personal responsibility"—               Family, and Bugsy Siegel.
Container.                                                   2 videodiscs (ca. 300 min.)
       1 videodisc (58 min.)                                 HV6441 .G63 2003 v. 1-2
       QH440 .G45 2003
                                                      Greek Legacy: Classical Origins of the
Genocide in the First Half of the 20th                Modern World.
Century.                                                 Teaching Company (1998)
    Films for the Humanities and Sciences                    Discusses the continuing influence of
    (2002)                                            the classical Greek achievement on
        State-sanctioned violence has always          contemporary life.
existed, but technological advances have                 Tape 1:
facilitated its use as a viable means of                     1. “Depth Psychology” From the
exerting political power. This program                            Dance to the Drama
focuses on the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, the                     2. The Aesthetics of Harmony
1923 Rosewood Massacre, Stalin's forced                      3. The Invention of Scholarship
Ukrainian famine, the Japanese Rape of                       4. Science and the Nature of Things
Nanking, and the Holocaust. A host of                    Tape 2:
survivors, experts, and scholars are                         5. The Hippocratics
interviewed.                                                 6. The Rule of Law
        Video Cassette (57 min.)                             7. Statecraft
        HV6322.7 .G4548 2002                                 8. Ancient Greek Religion
                                                         Tape 3:
G-Men -- The Rise of J. Edgar Hoover.                        9. Character and Personality
   PBS (1991)                                                10. The Moral Point of View
      A portrait of J. Edgar Hoover and his                  11. The City and the Civic Life
crime-fighting efforts of the Depression era.                12. Perfectionism and the Greek Ideal
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                                 3 Videocassettes (379 min.)
      HV 7911 H6 G54                                         Guide (47 p.)
                                                             DF77 G7772 1998

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 23

Gun Society.                                          Hamster Cocktails.
    Video Project (199?)                                  Security on Campus, c2004
        An even-handed look at the historical                 In our society, hazing is a problem
and psychological roots of America's love             that is out of control. Without intervention,
affair with guns, and the tragic                      the vicious cycle of hazing will continue, and
consequences. A wide range of gun lovers              innocent people will continue to be
speak. Police and victims of gun violence             physically and emotionally hurt or killed.
present their experiences. Illuminates the            Hamster Cocktails was designed to shock
role and impact of guns and the power of the          high school and college students into
multi-billion dollar gun industry.                    thinking twice before they allow themselves
        Video Cassette (22 min.)                      to be put in a hazing situation. The
        HV 8059 G87                                   documentary crew traveled to two towns
                                                      where horrific hazing incidents occurred. By
Guns, Drugs, and the CIA.                             revisiting the scenes of the crimes and
    PBS (1989)                                        talking with the people involved, the
       Discusses the CIA and its role in              documentary reveals how seemingly
international drug dealings.                          innocent decisions can lead to tragedy and
       Video Cassette (58 min.)                       death.
       JK 468 I6 G85                                          1 videocassette (20 min.)
                                                              LA229 .H33 2004
   PBS Video                                          (A) Hard Straight.
       Examines the role of hackers and                  New Day Films (2004)
reveals how their exploits highlight the                    Shot on location in Los Angeles and
insecurities of the Internet and the software         San Francisco over a period of two years,
that drives it.                                       producer Goro Toshima documents the
       Video Cassette (60 min.)                       successes and failures of three prison
       HV6773 .H32 2001                               parolees.
                                                            1 videodisc (74 min.)
Hackers.                                                    HV9305.C2 H37 2004
       Films for the Humanities and
Sciences (2003)                              : Extremists on the Internet.
       This program examines the role of                 Films for the Humanities (2000)
hackers and reveals how their exploits                      Addresses the use of the Internet to
highlight the profound insecurities of the            spread messages of hate and violence.
Internet and the software that drives it.                   Video Cassette (42 min)
       1 videodisc (48 min.)                                HV6773.5 .H37 2000
       HV6773 .H33 2003
                                                      Holocaust on Trial.
Hackers: Outlaws and Angels.                              WGBH Boston Video (2000)
    Films for the Humanities and Sciences                     British historian and author David
    (2002)                                            Irving denies Hitler mandated mass
       Discusses computer hackers and the             extermination of the Jews. He was tried for
measures in place to thwart them. Also                libel in British court in 2000 in a case
discusses the liabilities of wireless networks,       brought against him by American scholar
the Code Red worm, and online movie                   Deborah Lipstadt. Reconstructs the
piracy.                                               courtroom proceedings as Irving defends
       1 videodisc (50 min.)                          himself and Hitler's atrocities. Explores the
                                                      motives of those who continue to deny the
       HV6773 .H32 2002
                                                              Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                              KD373.I78 H64 2000

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 24

Hooked: From Hollywood to Main Street.                 Human Aggression
   Films for the Humanities (1994)                         Penn State Media Sales, (2005)
      Reports on the growing number of                        Examines modern psychological
heroin addicts and interviews people at                theory and research on aggression,
various stages of addiction and recovery.              exploring where it comes from, how it is
      Video Cassette (1 hr.)                           shaped, and what purpose it serves.
      HV 5822 H4 H66                                   Spontaneous occurrences of aggression,
                                                       such as the activities of a youth gang, are
Hot Guns.                                              depicted and related to scientific principles
   PBS (199&)                                          and laboratory findings: Bard on the
       Frontline follows federal agents as             psychological training of police, Bandura's
they investigate stolen guns and the illicit           and Walter's Bobodoll experiment, Milgrams
gun market.                                            work with group influences on aggression,
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                          Syke and Matza on the legitimization of
       HV 8059 H67                                     aggression in delinquent groups, and a
                                                       statement of former Attorney General
Hot Money.                                             Ramsey Clark on aggression among the
    PBS Video (1994)                                   disadvantaged. Considers the importance of
        Investigates the movement of most of           the psychological training of police who
the world's money to huge off-shore banking            intervene in aggressive disputes.
centers, many located in the Caribbean.                       1 videodisc (24 min.)
Examines how the secrecy and tax                              BF575.A3 H848 2005
regulation of these off-shore centers play a
critical role in facilitating international crime.     Human Trafficking: A Crisis for the EU
        Video Cassette (57 min.)                       and the World.
        HG 2792 H67                                        Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
How to Steal $500 Million.                                     This program investigates human
   PBS (1994)                                          trafficking by recording the experiences of
      Tells the story of Phar-Mor's rapid rise         the victims and evaluates the work of the EU
and stunning fall. Reveals how top                     government against 21st century slavery.
executives hid a $500 million shortfall from           Highlights corruption, prostitution, victim
the company's auditors for five years.                 protection, and repatriation and the creation
      Video Cassette (57 min.)                         FRONTEX--the agency responsible for
      HF 5429.2 H68                                    European border patrol.
                                                               1 videodisc (26 min.)
                                                               HQ281 .H863 2007

                                                       Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice.
                                                           PBS (1989)
                                                              Wells personal sense of integrity and
                                                       justice carried her into a lifelong crusade
                                                       against racism, sexism, and other
                                                       indignities. She wrote one of the first
                                                       studies on mob violence entitled " The Red
                                                       Record" and led an anti-lynching campaign
                                                       that took her to the capitals of urban
                                                       America and Europe.
                                                              Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                              E 185.97 B26 I33

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 25

In & Out of Control : Emotional, Physical             Insanity on Trial.
and Sexual Violence.                                     PBS (1991)
    CNS Productions (1998)                                  See summary in History section.
       This program provides insight into the               Video Cassette (1 hr.)
psychological complexities of violence from                 KF 223 G8 I57
the viewpoint of victim, witness, and
perpetrator. Examines the influence of                Insect Clues.
alcohol and other drugs as escalators for a               Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
predisposed personality. Identifies triggers              (2004)
to violence and presents methods of                           By analyzing the life cycle of maggots
treatment and prevention. Also explores how           found in the body of Sandra Cwik, a forensic
heredity, environment, and substance abuse            entomologist establishes the time of death
can make a person predisposed to violence.            and ties her murder to suspect Ronald
       1 videodisc (42 min.)                          Porter, who was convicted on the basis of
       BF515.A3 I5 1998                               this, along with other forensic and
                                                      circumstantial evidence.
In Cold Blood.                                                1 videodisc (24 min.)
   Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment,                       HV8079.H6 C43 2004
       A hard hitting docu-drama about two            Inside the Jury Room.
ex-cons who ruthlessly murder a Kansas                    PBS Video (1992)
family in 1959 in order to steal their non-                 The Wisconsin State Court System
existent stash of money.                              allowed Frontline to document the efforts of
       1 videodisc (ca. 134 min.)                     12 men and women as they debated the
       HV6533.K3 I5 2003                              meaning of justice in a significant case.
                                                            Video Cassette (57 min.)
In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee.                              KF 8972 I573
    New Day Films, c2010
       "Her passport said she was Cha Jung            Inside Supermax.
Hee. She knew she was not. So began a 40                 Discovery Communications, c2007
year deception for a Korean adoptee who                      Provides an inside look into Kern
came to the US in 1966. Told to keep her              Valley State Prison, California's 33rd and
true identity a secret from her new American          newest male maximum-security prison, into
family, this 8 year old girl quickly forgot she       the conditions under which the inmates live
was ever anyone else. But why had her                 and the dangers prison staff, especially
identity been switched? And who was the               female staff, encounter on a daily basis.
real Cha Jung Hee? In the Matter of Cha                      1 videodisc (ca. 45 min.)
Jung Hee is the search to find the answers,                  HV9475.C3 I57 2007
as acclaimed filmmaker Deann Borshay
Liem (First person plural, PBS 2000) returns          Inside the Terror Network.
to her native Korea to find her "double," the             PBS Video (2002)
mysterious girl whose place she took in                      Focuses on the terrorists who
America. As seen on PBS on the award-                 executed the September 11, 2001 airplane
winning series, Point of View (POV)"—                 hijackings in the United States. Uncovers
Container.                                            the personal histories of the terrorist leaders
       1 videodisc (62 min.)                          who led outwardly ordinary lives and traces
       HV874.82.L54 I5 2010                           their movements and plotting. Includes
                                                      interviews, analyses, source documents,
Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse.                     and information on the Al Qaida network.
    Intermedia Inc. (1992)                                   Video Cassette (57 min.)
        Discusses behavioral indicators of                   HV6432 .I57 2002
child sexual abuse and myths associated
with child sexual abuse.
        Video Cassette (19 min.)
        Discussion Guide
        RJ 507 S49 I53

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 26

Interpretapes.                                         It's the Law.
    University of Arizona (1997)                           Cambridge Educational (2001)
       Designed to help aspiring court                        Beginning with an explanation of the
interpreters enhance their interpreting skills.        major concepts in criminal justice, such as
       6 Cassettes                                     misdemeanor vs. felony crimes and the
       Binder (86 p.)                                  various degrees of each, this video covers
       KF 8725 M53                                     the steps in the criminal justice system
                                                       leading up to the pretrial/trial process.
International Terrorism.                               Topics covered include: the investigation
    Films for the Humanities (1995)                    process, questioning witnesses and
        Describes the origins, growth and              suspects, the right to silence (5th
effects of the major players in international          Amendment rights), search warrants, arrest,
terrorism: the Palestinians and the Shiite             the Miranda warning, and the booking
fundamentalists. Explains the motivations of           process. Throughout the process, the
individuals like Mahmud Khaled, who killed             criminal justice system must balance the
13 passengers and wounded 80 others at                 rights of the suspect, the victim, and the
the Rome airport. Examines the moral                   community
dilemmas posed by such acts to                                1 Video Cassette (28 min.)
governments that respect human rights: Is it                  HV9950 .I77 2001
justifiable to sacrifice the lives of hostages to
deter future terrorism? Is it permissible to           Jihad in America.
use violence as a deterrent to terrorism                   PBS (1994)
when innocent people might be killed?                         Features videos of militants' meetings
        1 Video Cassette (52 min.)                     in the U.S., interviews with leading law
        HV6431 .I5567                                  enforcement and government officials, and
                                                       discussion about the civil liberties issues our
Intimacy in Recovering Relationships.                  society faces with the threat of terrorism.
    Lifeworks Communications (1987)                           Video Cassette (57 min.)
        Self-destructive behaviors and                        BP 182 J54
patterns that are a result of loss of
childhood, self, and choice in dysfunctional           Judgment at Midnight.
systems are studied. Terry Kellogg pursues                 Films for the Humanities (1996)
the discovery of self as we learn to set limits,               Enters the world of an inmate waiting
build boundaries and become the person we              to die and of a prison preparing to execute
were meant to be.                                      him. Takes viewers from the cellblock, to
        Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         the execution chamber, to preparation of the
        RC 569.5 C63 K452 no. 2                        lethal injection, and into the mind of the
                                                       inmate. Chronicles the angry voices of the
Invitation To Social Psychology.                       victims' families and the feelings of the
   Penn State Media Sales, (2005)                      inmate's family.
       An overview of the field of social                      Video Cassette (46 min.)
psychology, this program features                              HV 8699 U6 J83
reenactments of Asch's experiment on
conformity, Bandura's and Walters' work on
the social learning of aggression, Milgram's
study of obedience, and Zimbardo's prison
       1 videodisc (26 min.)
       HM1033 .I58 2005

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 27

Justice and the Generals.                             Key Constitutional Concepts.
    First Run/Icarus Films [distributor] (2002)           Annenberg Foundation Trust, (2006)
          On December 2, 1980, three nuns                     "These three 20- minute videos
(Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, and Dorothy Kazel)           examine key constitutional concepts. The
and one lay worker (Jean Donovan) were                first explains why the nation's framers
abducted, raped, and murdered by El                   created the Constitution. The second
Salvadoran National Guardsmen. This                   describes the protection of individual rights
documentary covers the initial investigation,         by highlighting the Supreme Court case of
the trial of the Guardsmen, and later                 Gideon v. Wainwright, affirming the right to
attempts to bring to justice the military             an attorney. The last explores the separation
leaders (Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova,               of powers by examining the Supreme Court
director of the National Guard, and Jose              case of Youngstown v. Sawyer, a challenge
Guillermo Garcia, head of the ministry of             to President Truman's decision to take over
defense) who ordered the murders.                     steel mills during the Korean War"—
          1 Video Cassette (ca. 86 min.)              Container.
          HV6322.3.S2 J87 2002                                pt. 1. Creating a constitution
                                                              pt. 2. One man changes the
Juveniles and the Death Penalty.                      Constitution, Gideon v. Wainwright
    Films for the Humanities (1990)                           pt. 3. Checks and balances,
       Visits Death Row inmates who                   Youngstown v. Sawyer
murdered before they were 18. Talks to                        1 videodisc (60 min.)
attorneys and surviving families about the                    KF5130 K49 2006
kind of punishment appropriate for such
criminals.                                            (A) Kid Kills.
       Video Cassette (58 min.)                            Frontline (1992)
       HV 8699 U6 J88                                         Looks at the lives and conditions of
                                                      the teenagers living in the Orchard Park
Juvenile Justice.                                     housing project in Boston, following the
   PBS Video                                          killing of two boys. Looks at how laws in
       Explores whether children who                  Boston are changing in regards to trying
commit serious crimes should be tried as              teenagers as adults.
juveniles or adults.                                          Video Cassette (58 min.)
       Video Cassette (90 min.)                               HV 9067 H6 K53
       HV9104 .J86 2001
                                                      Kids and Guns.
                                                          Films for the Humanities (1993)
                                                             Examines the consequences of the
                                                      American gun culture, and how the increase
                                                      in youth violence and gun accidents can be
                                                      stemmed. Looks at hand guns in the home
                                                      where their use most often results in
                                                      accidents, homicides, and suicides and in
                                                      the streets, where youngsters find guns a
                                                      means of solving problems and
                                                      commanding respect.
                                                             Video Cassette (28 min.)
                                                             TS 533.2 K53

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 28

Kids Behind Bars                                      KKK: Hate Crimes in America.
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                 A & E Home Video (1993)
    (1999)                                                   Examines the evolution of the Ku Klux
          Examines the juvenile justice               Klan, its many civil suits and the riveting
system and discusses how those who work               events that led to the Mississippi burning
within it try to find appropriate punishment          case of 1964.
for children who have made terrible                          Video Cassette (50 min.)
mistakes. Explores the trend in the U.S.                     HS 2330 K63 K22
toward trying children as adults and the
efforts being made to understand their                (The) Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History.
violent behavior. Includes comments from                 A&E Television Networks (2005)
judges, legal counsel, law enforcement                       Authors David M. Chalmers (Hooded
officers, academic experts from Emory and             Americanism) and Wyn Craig Wade (The
Rutgers Universities, and the director of the         Fiery Cross) trace the history of the Klan
Institute for Minority Health Research.               from its birth in 1866 to the present.
          1 Video Cassette (29 min.)                         1 videodisc (ca. 100 min.)
          HV9104 .K53 1999                                   HS2330.K63 K8 2005

Kids Behind Bars.                                     LAPD.
    A&E Home Video 2008                                   ABC News (2004)
        Investigate the sweeping changes in                  "Southeast Los Angeles, just miles
juvenile justice to see what can be done with         from Hollywood and Beverly Hills, is one of
this troubled system. Judges, police and              the country's most violent neighborhoods.
corrections officers detail the changes that          There are at least 65 gangs in this 10-
send more adolescents to "real" jails, and            square-mile area. Last year alone there
explore the cases where this has led to               were 77 homicides. "Peter Jennings
tragedy.                                              Reporting: LAPD" spends a year on patrol
        1 videodisc (47 min.)                         with the gang units of the Los Angeles
        HV9069 .K53 2008                              Police Department who are responsible for
                                                      this dangerous piece of real estate. Their
Kids in the Crossfire: Violence in                    story is a complicated, challenging and, at
America.                                              times, tragic portrait of the devastation
    ABC News (1993)                                   wrought by gang warfare. The cops struggle
       Peter Jennings and a cross-section of          on this battlefield to make the streets of Los
adolescents from different environments               Angeles safe for the families who live there.
discuss the reality of living every day with          They often lose"--Publisher's website.
violence and the threat of violence.                         1 videodisc (52 min.)
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 10 min.)                        HV6439.U7 L37 2004
       HQ 784 U55 K53
                                                      LAPD Blues.
(The) Killer at Thurston High.                           PBS Video (2001)
   PBS Video (2000)                                         Explores what is reportedly the worst
        Story of how 15-year-old Kip Kinkel           corruption scandal in the history of the Los
murdered his mother and father in May                 Angeles Police Department, the so-called
1998, then shot 27 students at Thurston               Rampart scandal, uncovered in 1999.
High School in Springfield, Oregon, killing           Reveals a police force disgraced and
two of them. Discusses what caused him to             demoralized by scandal but also questions
turn from a "shy and likeable teenager" into          the scale of the corruption.
a killer.                                                   Video Cassette (57 min.)
        1 Video Cassette (90 min.)                          HV8148.L7 L36 2001
        LB3013.33.O8 K54 1999

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 29

(The) Laramie Project.                                 Law and Order.
     HBO Home Video (2002)                                 Films for the Humanities (1987)
         In October 1998, 21 year-old                         The major story in the program is the
Matthew Shepard was found savagely                     question of whether the constitutional rights
beaten, tied to a fence and left to die in             of the accused impede police work, or make
Laramie, Wyoming. This film is a                       for a better police force.
dramatization of a town forced to confront                    Video Cassette (1 hr.)
itself in the reflective glare of the national                KF 9630 L39
spotlight, responding with love, anger,
sympathy, support, and defiance.                       (The) Legacy.
         1 Video Cassette (20 min.)                        Films for the Humanities (1998)
         PR6061.A83 L372 2002                                 Presents the story behind the
                                                       passage of California's stringent "three
(The) Las Vegas Serial Killer.                         strikes" law. Through interviews and news
    Media Blasters, c2005                              footage, Mike Reynolds and Marc Klaas,
        "A killer is stalking the streets of Las       brothers-in-arms turned bitter opponents,
Vegas, a merchant of death whose resume                and other key players, including judges,
in the field of human slaughter is vast and            legal analysts, and state officials, discuss
horrifying. On August 31, 1986 Jonathan                both sides of the issue.
Klick was released from the Nevada State                      1 Video Cassette (ca. 60 min)
Penitentiary on a technicality. He arrived in                 HV9955.C2 L43 1999
Las Vegas three days later and is
responsible for what came to be known as               Let The Doors Be Iron.
'The Gilter Gulch Holocaust'. This haunting                Hal Kirm & Asso. (1987)
tale is based on a true story and is filmed in                Opened in 1829, and closed in 1970,
the tradition of 'The Boston strangler'"—              Eastern State Penitentiary is a monument to
Container.                                             the ideals of the Philadelphia Society for
        1 videodisc (87 min.)                          Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons.
        PN1995.9.S87 L37 2005                          Presents the Prison Society's objectives in
                                                       creating the penitentiary, construction of the
(The) Last Graduation: The Rise and Fall               penitentiary, and criticisms.
of College Programs in Prison.                                Video Cassette (23 min.)
     Deep Dish Television (1997)                              Press Release
        Researcher Barbara Zahm gives a                       HV 9305 A6 P4
brief history of the 1971 Attica Prison
Rebellion in which forty-three men died, and           Licensed to Kill.
the college prison program which was                      Arthur Dong/Deepfocus Prod. (19970
initiated afterward. Zahm tells of her                        Journeys into the minds of men
transformation after working with the                  whose contempt for homosexuals led them
inmates and her anguish over the                       to murder. Taped confessions, home and
Congressional decision to eliminate Pell               police videos of bashings and murder
Grants for prisoners, thus ending the                  scenes, news reports, and graphic evidence
program and leading to the "Last                       from police files are fused with stories of
graduation". As of 1997 funding cuts had not           seven convicted killers.
been restored.                                                Video Cassette (53 min.)
        Video Cassette (5 min)                                HV 6250.4 H66 L52
        HV 9285 L38

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 30

Licensed to Kill: A Deep Focus.                       Lock Up: The Prisoners of Rikers
   DeepFocus Productions (2003)                       Island.
       A journey into the minds of men                     Films for the Humanities (1996)
whose contempt for homosexuals led them                       A look at how prisoners live and
to murder. Videotaped confessions, home               officials try to maintain order in this
and police videos of gay bashings and                 mammoth holding facility. Profiles everyday
murder scenes, news reports and graphic               jail activities: cellblock strip search, holding
evidence from police files are fused together         cells, pregnant women inmates, and AIDS
with interviews by the filmmaker with seven           infected inmates.
convicted killers.                                            Video Cassette (1 hr. 15 min.)
       1 videodisc (137 min.)                                 HV 9481 N72 R53
       HV6250.4.H66 L53 2003
                                                      Looking for Answers.
Life Behind Bars.                                         PBS Home Video (2001)
    Humanities & Sciences (1999)                              Discusses the September 11, 2001
       Explores the current state of prisons          terrorist attacks on the United States, the
in America and considers issues such as the           roots of hatred of the United States found in
societal impact of mandatory sentencing and           Egypt and Saudi Arabia, radical Islam, and
the prison-building boom.                             the failure of U.S. intelligence on September
       1 Video Cassette (29 min.)                     11, 2001.
       HV9471 .L54 1999                                       1 Video Cassette (60 min.)
                                                              HV6432.7 .L65 2001
Little Girl Lost: A Troubled Teen.
    Filmakers Library (1992)                          (The) Lost Children Behind Bars.
       Interviews parents, peers and                     ABC News, c2007
counselors of Joanne Shaver, a troubled                     This is a report about Juvenile
teen who met a violent death on the streets.          correction facilities and specifically focuses
An account of her happy life as a little girl,        on one in Phoenix, Arizona called the Black
hostile preadolescence, runaway years and             Canyon School.
time as a ward of the state.                                1 videodisc (41 min.)
       Video Cassette (28 min.)                             HV9104 .L665 2007
       HQ 799.2 R86 L57
                                                      (A) Love That Kills.
Live From Death Row: The Case of                         Film Board of Canada (1999)
Mumia Abu-Jamal.                                             A documentary that tells the tragic
   Radio Free Maine (1996)                            story of Monica, a nineteen-year-old woman
       Discusses the case of Mumia, a                 who was murdered by her former boyfriend,
revolutionary associated with the Black               and helps to identify the warning signs of
Panther movement, imprisoned with a death             partner abuse, especially in young people.
sentence for killing a police officer.                       1 Video Cassette (20 min.)
       Video Cassette (2 hr.)                                HV6626 .L68 1999
       HV 8699 U5 L58

Living Free: Inspiring Ex-Offenders to
Overcome Career and Life Barriers and
Find Success.
    Jist Works (2006)
        Featuring four ex-offenders who have
made great strides in their personal lives,
they share their stories about their first
experiences after release, how they
overcame barriers such as transportation,
finding employment, and more.
        1 videodisc
        HV9288 .L58 2006

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                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE 31

Made in L.A. = Hecho en Los Angeles.                 (The) Mask of Sanity.
    California Newsreel, c2007                           Films for the Humanities & Sciences
         "Made in L.A. traces the moving             (2004)
transformation of three Latina garment                       Specialists in the field of psychopathy,
workers on the fault lines of global economic        forensic psychiatry, and behavior
change who decide they must resist.                  neuroscience analyze the difference
Through a groundbreaking law suit and                between psychopathic killers and psychotic
consumer boycott, they fight to establish an         killers. They consider if neurological and
important legal and moral precedent holding          physiological abnormalities in the brain
an American retailer liable for the labor            account for psychopathetic behavior.
conditions under which its products are                      1 videodisc (50 min.)
manufactured. But more than this, Made in                    HV6515 .M34 2004
L.A. provides an insider's view into both the
struggles of recent immigrants and into the          Maximum Security?
organizing process itself: the enthusiasm,              CBS Broadcasting, c2005
discouragement, hard-won victories and                      Focuses on gang leaders
ultimate self-empowerment"—Container.                incarcerated in California's Pelican Bay
         1 videodisc (70 min.)                       State Prison. Held in virtual solitary
         HD2339.U6 M33 2007                          confinement, these men are still able to
                                                     easily communicate with gang members
Mafia: The History of the Mob in America.            outside prison, running extensive criminal
  A & E Home Video (2001)                            enterprise networks. Includes interviews with
      Disc 1.                                        current and formers inmates, who describe
      The Prohibition years/Birth                    several of the communication techniques
      of the American Mafia.                         used. The Mexican-American gang, Nuestra
      The Kennedys and the Mob. Disc 2.              Familia, is highlighted, but the Aryan
      Unions and the Mob.                            Brotherhood and the Mexican Mafia are also
      Empire of crime.                               discussed.
      2 videodiscs (ca. 250 min.)                           1 videodisc (25 min.)
      HV6446 .F682 2001                                     HV9475.C3 M39 2005

Mafia: The Inside Story.                             May it Please the Court.
   Madacy Entertainment Group (2001)                    The New Press (1993)
      "Chronicles the historical rise of                   Live recordings of 23 leading
organized crime and its leaders worldwide"--         Supreme Court cases, including oral
Set container.                                       arguments and questioning. Background to
      [pt.1] The nuclear Mafia                       each case and excerpts from the opinions.
      [pt.2] Mafia nations                                 6 Cassettes
      [pt.3] Killers of the                                Text (375 p.)
      underworld                                           KF 4748 M38
      [pt.4] International
      syndicates                                     May it Please the Court: Arguments
      [pt.5] Gangland                                on Abortion.
      Confessions                                       The New Press (1995)
      5 videodiscs (240 min.)                              Live recordings and transcripts of
      HV6441 .M33 2001 1-5                           Supreme Court oral arguments on
                                                     reproductive rights.
Man Alive: Lifers.                                         2 Cassettes
   Films Inc. (1994)                                       Book (214 p.)
      Examines the lives of criminals of                   KF 3771 M38 1995
Canadian prisons who are faced with the
prospect of life behind bars.
      Video Cassette (28 min.)
      HV 8711 M35

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 32

McLibel: Two People Who Wouldn't Say                  Men Who Molest: Children Who Survive.
Sorry.                                                    Filmakers Library (1985)
    Bullfrog Films, c2005                                    Explores the problem of child
        Struggling to defend themselves in            molestation. Presents several case studies
    the                                               and has interviews of the offender, victim,
longest trial in English history, Helen Steel         and the offender's wife. Explores such
and Dave Morris faced infiltration by spies,          issues as motivation, childhood sexual
secret meetings with corporate executives,            experiences or abuse of the offender, and
40,000 pages of background reading and a              long-term effects of the molestation upon
visit from Ronald McDonald. The story of              offender, victim, and family unit. Shows
two ordinary people who humbled                       individual counseling sessions and group
McDonald's in the biggest corporate public            therapy in progress. Has interviews with
relations disaster in history.                        legal and mental health professionals who
        1 videodisc (138 min.)                        counsel offenders and victims. Discusses
        KD373.M42 M352 2005                           the question of whether a child molester is a
                                                      criminal or is mentally ill, and points out that
McLibel: Two Worlds Collide.                          therapy provides temporary controls but may
   One-Off Productions (1998)                         not provide a cure.
       Story of the single father, Dave                      1 Video Cassette (52 min.)
Morris, and the part-time bar worker, Helen                  RC560.C46 M45 1985
Steel, who took on McDonald's Corporation
over nutrition, animals, advertising,                 Merchandising Murder: The O.J. Simpson
employment, the environment, and the                  Industry.
implications for free speech.                             First Run/Icarus Films (1994)
       Video Cassette (53 min.)                               Offers a glimpse into justice, media,
       KD373.M42 M35 1997                             and morality in America, where murder
                                                      seems to pay for everyone, except the
Medical Detectives: Explorations in                   victims. A huge industry has sprung up to
Forensic Science. Bitter Potion:                      cash in on the trial which raises many
Psychological Profiling.                              questions about whether the right to a free
   Films for the Humanities (1997)                    press is compatible with the rights of the
       An FBI specialist creates a                    accused.
psychological profile of the killer of Peggy                  Video Cassette (48 min.)
Carr, who died of thallium poisoning.                         PN 4888 E8 M47
       Video Cassette (24 min.)
       HV6080 .B53                                    (The) Meth Epidemic.
                                                         PBS Home Video (2006)
Men: The Killer Sex.                                         Investigates the meth rampage in
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences                America: the appalling impact on individuals,
(2004)                                                families and communities, and the difficult of
       This program discusses the                     controlling an essential ingredient in meth -
biochemistry of why men kill, as well as              ephedrine and pseudoephedrine - sold
protocols such as chemical and physical               legally in over-the-counter cold remedies.
castration. The cases of Jason Harper and                    1 videodisc (60 min.)
Dion Sanders are explored.                                   HV5822.A5 M42 2006
      1 videodisc (50 min.) HV6515 .M46
      2004                                            (The) Mind of a Murderer: The Mask of
                                                         Films for the Humanities 1997)
                                                             Delves into the mind of serial killer
                                                      Kenneth Bianchi, who nearly convinced a
                                                      team of psychologists that he suffered from
                                                      multiple personalities.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                             KF 224 B52 M55 pt. 1-2

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                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE 33

Mind of a Serial Killer                              Monkey Trial.
   WGBH Boston Video (2005)                              PBS Home Video (2002)
       This episode of Nova profiles the                    Discusses the trial of biology teacher
profilers, the FBI agents who track the most         John Scopes, who was arrested for teaching
elusive killers.                                     evolution in defiance of Tennessee state law
       1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)                     in 1925.
       HV8079.H6 M56 2005                                   1 Video Cassette (90 min.)
                                                            KF224.S3 M65 2002
Mississippi, America: Legal Battles of the
Freedom Summer                                       Monsters Among Us.
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                 PBS (1992)
[2008]                                                      Examines the epidemic of sexual
       This documentary presents a look at           assault and the state of Washington's sexual
the work of local and out-of-state lawyers           predator law. Interviews offenders, their
who answered the call for assistance to              families, therapists, and treatment
defend imprisoned civil rights activists.            specialists.
Features archival footage and eyewitness                    Video Cassette (1 hr.)
accounts of the struggle to win African                     RC 560 S47 M65
Americans' right to vote.
       1 videodisc (57 min.)                         Monuments to Failure.
       E185.93.M6 M57 2008                               PBS Video (1987)
                                                            Discussion of the serious problems in
(The) Mob.                                           the prison system: overcrowding, poor
   A&E (1995)                                        rehabilitation programs, sentencing, and
      1. Godfathers                                  riots.
      2. Mob Ladies                                         Video Cassette (58 min.)
      3. Defending the Mob                                  HV 9471 M6
      4. Mob Rats
      4 Video Cassettes (4 hr. 10 min.)              (The) Most Dangerous Man in America:
      HV 6791 M63 v. 1-4                             Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.
                                                         New Day Films, c2009
Mob Law.                                                    "In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg, a high-level
  WinStar (1998)                                     Pentagon official and Vietnam War
      A portrait of Las Vegas attorney               strategist, concludes that the war is based
Oscar Goodman.                                       on decades of lies and leaks 7,000 pages of
      Video Cassette (1 hr. 32 min.)                 top secret documents to the New York
      KF 373 G65 M62                                 Times, making headlines around the world.
                                                     [The film tells how] one man's profound
Mob Psychology and Crowd Control:                    change of heart created a landmark struggle
Disaster at Hillsborough.                            involving America's newspapers, president
    Films for the Humanities (1993)                  and Supreme Court -- a political thriller
       Documents the tragic results when             whose events led directly to Watergate,
mobs go wild and police make the wrong               Nixon's resignation and the end of the
guesses. On April 15, 1989, 95 people were           Vietnam War." --
crushed to death against wire fencing on an                 1 videodisc (ca. 94 min.)
English soccer field. The police                            E855 .M67 2009
investigation to determine what went wrong
is the subject of this program.                      Mother On Death Row.
       Video Cassette (52 min.)                         New York, NY : A&E Home Video :
       GV 715 M62                                       (2001)
                                                           The case of Darlie Routier, who was
                                                     convicted of killing her two sons in 1996.
                                                           1 Video Cassette (45 min.)
                                                           HV6517 .M67 2001

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 34

Moyers on Addiction.                                  My Mother, My Father, My Self:
  Films for the Humanities 1998)                      Dysfunctional Family Systems.
     1. Portrait of Addiction                             Lifeworks Communications (1987)
     2. The Hijacked Brain                                    Inappropriate bonding in dysfunctional
     3. Changing Lives                                families and the effect on intimacy in future
     4. The Next Generation                           relationships are examined in detail.
     5. The Politics of Addiction                     Recovery involves recognition of the abuse,
     5 Video Cassettes (57 min.)                      rebuilding boundaries, setting limits and
     HV 5825 C562 vol. 1-5                            individuating.
                                                              Video Cassette (1 hr. 16 min.)
(The) Murder of Emmett Till.                                  RC 569.5 C63 K452 no. 4
    PBS Home Video (2003)
       The shameful, sadistic murder of 14-           (The) Nature of the Beast.
year-old Emmett Till, a black boy who                     Documentary Educational Resources
whistled at a white woman in a Mississippi                   Explores the life and case of Bonnie
grocery store in 1955, was a powerful                 Jean Foreshaw, who was found guilty of first
catalyst for the civil rights movement.               degree murder. She was carrying a
Although Till's killers were apprehended,             handgun for self-protection after her third
they were quickly acquitted by an all-white,          husband continued to stalk her. She
all-male jury and proceeded to sell their             accidentally shot and killed a pregnant
story to a journalist, providing grisly details       woman in an attempt to protect herself from
of the murder. Three months after Till's body         a man who was physically assaulting her at
was recovered, the Montgomery Bus                     a gas station. She is now serving a 45 year
Boycott began.                                        prison sentence in Connecticut.
       1 Video Cassette (ca. 60 min.)                        Video Cassette (1 hr.)
       F350.N4 M87 2003                                      HV 6626.2 N27

Murder of the Century.                                (The) Need to Know.
    PBS (1996)                                            Filmwest Associates (2002)
       Recounts the 1906 murder of                            "Through the Paul Bernardo case,
Stanford White, New York City's leading               this video explores the role of the media in
architect, by Harry Thaw, eccentric heir to a         creating, directing, editing and also
Pittsburgh railroad fortune, over Thaw's wife.        ultimately limiting the details delivered to the
       Video Cassette (58 min.)                       public about horrendous acts of violence.
       HV 6534 N5 M87                                 Under pressure to perform and create the
                                                      top sellling story of the day, journalists
Murder on Abortion Row.                               wrestle with the morality and their own
    Frontline (1995)                                  personal revulsion of human behavior.
        Covers the murders at two abortion            Interviews with top journalists and TV
clinics in Brookline, Mass.                           anchor people from both Canada and the
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 55 min.)                United States reveal some of the deeper
        HQ 767.5 U5 M87                               issues of giving the 'news' to the public"—
Murder on a Sunday Morning.                                   1 Video Cassette (45 min.)
    Docurama (2003)                                           PN4784.C88 N43 2002
        When a 15-year-old black male,
Brenton Butler, is arrested for the murder of
Mary Ann Stephens, everyone involved in
the case--from investigators to journalists--is
ready to condemn him, except for his public
defense lawyer, Patrick McGuiness. A true
tale of murder and injustice.
        1 videodisc (111 min.)
        KF224.B87 M87 2003

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 35

(The) New Detectives.                                 9/11
   New Dominion Pictures (1996)                          Paramount Pictures (2002)
      Dead Men Do Talk GN 69.8 D42                           "On the morning of September 11,
      Mind Hunters HV 6080 M55                        2001, brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet
      Camera Clues HV 6071 L34                        were working on a documentary about a
      Web of Clues RA 1063.45 W42                     rookie New York City firefighter. Hearing a
      Burning Evidence RA 1059 B87                    roar in the sky, Jules turned his camera
      Death Grip HV 6074 D42                          upward--just in time to film the only existing
      Trial of the Century HV 8073 T75                image of the first plane crashing into the
      7 Video Cassettes (1 hr. each)                  World Trade Center ... With cameras rolling,
                                                      the Naudets follow NYC firefighters into the
(The) New Detectives III.                             heart of what would be known as Ground
   New Dominion Pictures (1997)                       Zero."--Container.
      Fatal Compulsion HV 6080 F37                           1 videodisc (130 min.)
      Shreds of Evidence                                     HV6432.7 .A2 2002
      HV 8077.5 C6 S54
      Seeds of Destruction HV 8073 S43                (The) 9/11 Commission Report.
      Tools of Death HV 8079 H6 T65                       A&E Television Network (2006)
      Out of the Grave HV 8079 H6 O87                        A comprehensive and objective look
      Infallible Witness HV 8079 H6 I54               into the repercussions of the 9/11
      6 Video Cassettes (1 hr. each)                  Commission Reports controversial release,
                                                      and the revealing findings described in the
New Directions From the Field : Victims'              report itself.
Rights and Services for the 21st Century.                    1 videodisc (ca. 100 min.)
    U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office                            HV6432.7 .N563 2006
of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of
Crime (1998)                                          900 Women.
       Highlights five global                             Women Make Movies (2000)
challenges facing the victims' movement.                      Louisiana in the small town of St.
       1 videocassette (18 min.)                      Gabriel. Built in 1970, it houses the state's
       HV6250.3.U6 N48 1998                           most dangerous female prisoners and often
                                                      exceeds its population capacity of 900.
New York Justice: The Prosecutors                     Seventy-five percent of these women are
   A&E Home Video 2008                                mothers and one fourth are serving
      "Follow the attorneys who are                   sentences of fifteen years or more.
charged with the difficult job of handling the        Filmmaker Khadivi delivers a portrait of life
roughly 700 arrests that take place in                in this deceptively peaceful atmosphere
Brooklyn everyday"—Container                          which is filled with stories of life on the
      1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)                       streets, abuse, freedom, childbirth and
      KF9640 .N48 2008                                motherhood. Six women, a grandmother, a
                                                      young high school student, a pregnant
(The) News Media's Coverage of Crime                  woman, a recovering heroin addict, a prison
and Victimization.                                    guard, and the only woman on death row,
   Dept. of Justice, Office for Victims of            share their frustrations and hopes.
Crime, [1999?]                                                1 videocassette (73 min )
       Explores how the news media tend to                    HV9475.L22 L63 2000
cover crime and victimization, what can be
done to help victims deal with this coverage,
and how victim service providers can work
together with the media to promote timely,
sensitive coverage.
       1 videocassette (26 min.)
       HV6250.3.U6 N483 1999

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 36

No Kinda Life.                                         Not Too Young to Die.
    AIMS Multimedia (2003)                                Filmakers Library (1994)
       A documentary filmed                                   Tells story of several youths on death
inside Louisiana State Penitentiary.                   row. Questions whether execution of
Prisoners "tell it like it is" about losing their      juvenile offenders is appropriate.
freedom while still in their teens--due to                    1 videocassette (52 min.)
drug-related crimes. The harsh world of                       HV8694 .N67 1994
prison is portrayed from the loss of freedom
to a world without family or loved ones.               Obedience.
Concludes with advice to the viewers to                    Penn State Audio-Visual Services
seek help before turning to drugs and crime,               [distributor]
to make the right choices in life and do not                   Presents an experiment conducted
allow drugs to ruin their lives and rob them           during May 1962 at the Yale University
of their futures.                                      Interaction Laboratory on obedience to
       1 videodisc (24 min.)                           authority. Describes both obedient and
       HV7431 .N6 2003                                 defiant reactions of subjects who are
                                                       instructed to administer electric shocks of
No Lies.                                               increasing severity to another person.
   Direct Cinema Ltd.                                          1 Video Cassette (45 min.)
      A dramatization in cinema verité style                   BJ1459 .O24 - Videocassette
which deals with problems of rape faced by
a woman in New York City as she must                   Of Civil Wrongs & Rights: the Fred
confront the police, her doctor, her friends,          Korematsu Story.
and her conscience.                                        National Asian American
      Video Cassette (16 min.)                             Telecommunications Assoc. (2000)
      HV6568.N5 N6 1972                                       Fred Korematsu lost his landmark
                                                        Supreme Court case in 1944 about the
No Safe Place: Violence Against Women.                 forced internment of Japanese Americans
   KUED (1996)                                         during World War II. This is the history of the
       Stories of women who have been                  40-year legal fight to vindicate Korematsu.
assaulted and interviews with men who have                    1 Video Cassette (60 min.)
assaulted women. Gloria Steinem, Robert                       KF7224.5 .O42 2000
Bly, and other experts look at the causes
and solutions to violence against women.               (The) O.J. Verdict.
       1 Video Cassette (57 min.)                          WGBH Educational Foundation (2005)
       HV6250.4.W65 N58 1996                                  Ten years after the verdict was made
                                                       in the O.J. Simpson case, this program
No Visible Bruises : The Katie Koestner                looks back on the trial through interviews
Story.                                                 with the defense, prosecution and
    New York : Ambrose Video Pub., (1992)              journalists. The program explores the role
       Discussion of a young woman's date              that race played in arguably the most
rape on her college campus.                            controversial verdict in the recent history of
       1 Video Cassette (30 min.)                      the American justice system.
       HV6558 .N6 1992                                        1 videodisc (58 min.)
                                                              KF224.S485 O18 2005
Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity.
    A & E Home Video : Distributed in the
U.S. by New Video, c2002
       Features a visit to New York's Kirby
Forensic Psychiatric Center, a maximum-
security hospital for the criminally insane.
Interviews some of the inmates that
successfully used the controversial insanity
plea to escape prison.
       1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)
       KF9242 .N67 2002

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 37

Old Enough to do Time.                                Origins of the Mafia: Secrecy, Unity and
    Filmakers Library                                 the Oath of Silence.
       Investigates the results of a stern               A&E Television Networks : Distributed by
policy where juveniles as young as 13 are             New Video, [2007]
tried as adults and incarcerated with adult                   This 5-part drama journeys back more
criminals. Shows four alternative                     than 400 years to 16th-century Sicily, where
correctional programs: minors referred to             the small Italian island has fallen victim to
community boards instead of the courts; a             corruption, intimidation, extortion, and
wilderness outward bound program; a                   brutality, all at the hands of the ruthless
residential model, and a "tracking" program           Gramignano family. The series then follows
keeps close tabs on youthful offenders.               the development of succeeding Sicilian
       Video Cassette (55 min.)                       Mafiosos, illustrating the limitless power
       HV 9104 O43                                    wielded by these fearsome and powerful
                                                      men, and revealing the merciless atrocities
On the Outside: Social Challenges for                 which were carried out on any and all who
Teens Reentering Society.                             dared to stand in their way.
    Cambridge Educational, c2008                              2 videodiscs (ca. 260 min.)
        "This program focuses on the payoffs                  PN1995.9.H5 O75 2007
that come from educational and counseling
services for those behind bars. A lively peer-        Osama Bin Laden: In the Name of Allah.
to-peer class setting is featured, while the            A&E Home Video 2001
process of court-ordered drug-testing is                    The personal journey of the world's
illustrated in detail by a visit to an ex-            most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden.
offender's home, highlighting a central                     1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)
concern of many young people trying to find                 HV6430.B55 O83 2001
meaning and success on the outside. a
wealth of insight is also provided on the             Out of Court.
advantages gained from structured                         Legal Studies Simulations (1982)
vocational and recreational program"--                    A game that uses mediation to resolve
Container                                             one or more hypothetical cases
        1 videodisc (23 min.)                         and provides insight into the general
        HV9069 .O5 2008                               management of conflict in society and
                                                      institutions. Unlike the adversary process,
Operation Cooperation.                                mediation stresses compromise and
    Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Dept.          agreement between the parties.
of Justice, [2001?]                                   Participants gain insight into decision
       A discussion of various cooperative            making, negotiations, and compromise.
endeavors between law enforcement                             Game
agencies and private security organizations.                  BF637 N4 K37
       1 videocassette (ca. 15 min.)
       HV8141 .O64 2001                               Packing Heat.
                                                         National Film Board of Canada, c1996
Original Sin: Is Criminal Behavior                           "...Looks at why women
Genetic.                                              want to carry firearms, and at the ethical and
   Films for the Humanities, (1996)                   practical implications of a gun in every
      Steve Jones addresses the question              purse"—Container.
are some people born evil. Examines the                      1 videodisc (49 min., 58 sec)
genetic and social factors that contribute to                HV6250.4.W65 P32 1996b
crime and antisocial behavior.
      1 videocassette (50 min.)
      HV6047 .O745 1996

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                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE 38

Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at                  (The) Pinochet Case.
Robin Hood Hills.                                        First Run/Icarus Films (2001)
    Docurama (2005)                                          Investigates the legal case against
        Damien Echols is a teen who dresses          Augusto Pinochet, dictator of Chile, for
in all black and listens to heavy metal. He          crimes against humanity. This was a historic
and his two friends Jason Bladwin and                case in that the House of Lords stripped him
Jessie Misskelley are accused of the murder          of his legal immunity and ruled that even
of three little boys, and are instantly              heads of states can be held accountable for
condemned by a retribution-hungry public.            crimes against humanity.
Now they try to defend themselves against a                  1 videocassette (110 min)
dubious lack of proof.                                       KD373.P55 P55 2001
        1 videodisc (ca. 150 min.)
        HV6534.W47 P37 2005                          Playing the Game: A Video on Date Rape.
                                                         Intermedia Inc. (199?)
Patently Offensive: Porn Under Siege.                        Depicts 2 versions of the same event.
    Filmakers Library                                Designed for coed groups, the program
        Examines pornography in its social           attempts to raise questions about the
and historical context. Is the tension               complex problem of date rape.
between freedom of expression and the                        Video Cassette (16 min.)
preservation of values which define a                        Guide (25 p.)
civilized society irreconcilable? Whose                      HV 6561 P52
interests shall prevail in the debate over
pornography's contribution to criminal               Police.
behavior, its First Amendment status, its use           A&E (1996)
and depiction of women and children?                        A look at the history of our country's
        Video Cassette (58 min.)                     police and its public perception.
        HQ 472 U6 P27                                       Video Cassette (1 hr. 40 min.)
                                                            HV 8141 P54
(The) People versus Paul Crump.
   Facets Video (1988)                               Predators.
       Paul Crump, who robbed the Chicago                CBS News (1991)
stockyards on March 20, 1953, with four                     Discusses the problem of repeat sex
other black men, shot one guard to death.            offenders that are sent to jail for committing
He was sentenced to die in the electric              sex crimes and then are released after
chair. William Friedkin met Crump in the             serving their terms. Investigates the
Cook County Jail. Friedkin was impressed             consequences on the neighborhoods and
by the "model prisoner", Crump. Friedkin             the society the offenders live in.
produced this documentary as an                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
impassionate plea for Crump's return to                     HQ 71 P74
       1 Video Cassette (ca. 60 min.)                Preventing Violence.
       HV6248.C78 P46 1988                               Cambridge Educational (2004)
                                                             This program states "According to
Peter Jennings Reporting: Men, Sex and               recent reports, the number of violent crimes
Rape.                                                committed by American adults is decreasing
    ABC News Special (1992)                          ... while the number of violent crimes
       Questions raised: how men really              committed by American youth is increasing."
view women, effects of topless bars and              The program focuses on the prevention of
provocative women's' clothing on male                youth violence, specifically violence
behavior. Interviews with rapists and                associated with sexual assault, bullying,
victims. Discusses punishments enacted as            hate crimes, and gangs. The key to
a solution.                                          prevention of youth violence is education.
       Video Cassette (50 min.)                              1 videodisc (32 min.)
       HV 6561 P47                                           Q799.2.V56 P74 2004

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 39

(The) Price of Ecstasy.                               Prisoners of Age.
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                  Films for the Humanities & Sciences
(2004)                                                (2004)
        Takes a "look at the                                 "Raising ... questions about the
pleasures and dangers of party drugs                  warehousing of America's prison population,
through the eyes of abusers and the medical           this program accompanies photographer
practitioners and social workers who engage           Ron Levine on his mission to depict the
with them. Footage of consenting abusers              physical, emotional, and psychological
taking and tripping on ecstasy, ketamine,             conditions of aging inmates--including those
and GHB shows club drug highs, while                  near death. Levine focuses his work on
interviews with doctors, researchers, and             Alabama's Hamilton Institute for the Age and
addiction counselors outline possible                 Infirm, the first prison created specifically for
ramifications of substance abuse, including           elderly convicts"—Container.
date rape, addiction, and death" --                          1 videodisc (50 min)
Container.                                                   HV9469 .P748 2004
        1 videodisc (51 min.)
        HV5822.M38 P75 2004                           (The) Professional Short Change Artist.
                                                , c2008
Prisons.                                                      Discusses methods, techniques, and
    A&E Television Networks 2008                      scams used by professional short change
       Technology is the key to the future of         artists, who can be either customers or
prisons. Incarceration is how society deals           employees of a business.
with crime and punishment.                                    1 videodisc (ca. 45 min.) + 1 CD-
       1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)                      ROM + 1 sheet
       HV8805 .P735 2008                                      HV6768 .P76 2008

Prison Labor/Prison Blues.                            Prostitution: Sex and the Law.
    We Do the Work                                       A&E Home Video (1996)
         Looks at the controversy over the                  Discusses how the sellers of sex
increasing use of prison labor in the U.S.            manage to operate in spite of the law and
Asks the question: does prison labor provide          whether it's time to legalize prostitution
rehabilitation and a way to finance prisons,          nationally .
or is it a cheap source of labor for private                1 Video Cassette (50 min.)
companies?                                                  HQ144 .P76 1996
         Video Cassette (30 min.)
         HV 8925 P75                                  (The) Psychology of Criminal Behavior.
                                                         Promedion Productions, (2001)
Prison Lullabies.                                            Discusses the causes of criminal
   Filmakers Library (2003)                           behavior with regards to psychological and
      A portrait of four women who have               sociological behaviors.
given birth behind bars at a prison that                     1 videocassette (24 min.)
provides a nursery program for inmates.                      HV6080 .P78 2001
      1 videocassette (83 min.)
      HV88886.U6 P73 2003                             (The) Psychology of Criminal Behavior.
                                                          Insight Media (2005)
                                                             Examines criminal behavior and
                                                      traces societal views on crime. Addresses
                                                      biological theories, environmental and
                                                      sociological factors, and such psychological
                                                      considerations as maladjustment, psychosis,
                                                      and developmental trauma. Also reviews
                                                      typologies of criminal acts and discusses
                                                      whether criminals can be rehabilitated.
                                                             1 videodisc (30 min.)
                                                             HV6080 .P829 2004

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 40

Punishment.                                           Rape an Act of Hate.
    A & E Television Networks (2004)                      Films for the Humanities (1990)
       Look at the methods mankind has                        Examines the history and mythology
developed to exact retribution on those who           of rape, explains who are its most likely
violate the strictures of society. It is a story      victims, and contains interviews with experts
peppered with cruelty, anger and madness,             in the fields of media, law enforcement and
a veritable tour of the dark side of the              sociology.
human psyche. In the name of creating                         Video Cassette (30 min.)
more humane societies, we have come up                        Guide
with some of the most unimaginable devices                    HV 6558 R32
and practices ever conceived .
       1 videodisc (ca. 100 min.)                     Rape in Connecticut : The Alex Kelly
       HV8501 .P85 2004                               Story.
                                                          A&E Home Video ; New York, NY :
Punitive Damage.                                          Marketed and distributed in the U.S. by
    First Run/Icarus Films (1999)                         New Video Group (1999)
        Tells the story of Helen Todd, a New                 This program features the Darien,
Zealander who sought justice through the              Connecticut rape case of Alex Kelly whose
U.S. Courts, by bringing suit against the             victims finally came forward to testify against
Indonesian government and Lt. Gen.                    him.
Sintong Panjaitan for the violation of human                 Video Cassette (50 min.)
rights in the wrongful death of her son,                     HV6565.C8 R36 1999
Kamal Bamadhaj. Bamadhaj, a college
student, was gunned down during a                     Rape Is--.
peaceful protest in East Timor on November               Cambridge Documentary Films (2005)
12, 1991, by the occupying Indonesian                        "This documentary looks at rape from
military.                                             a global and historical perspective, but
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 17 min.)                focuses mainly on the domestic cultural
        DS646.59.T55 P85 1999                         conditions that make this human rights
                                                      outrage the most under-reported crime in
(A) Question of Evidence: The O.J.                    America."--Container
Simpson Hearing.                                             1 videodisc (32 min.) + 1 guide
   Court TV (1994)                                           HV6558 .R36 2005
      Video Cassette (51 min.)
      KF 224 S485 Q47                                  Reasonable Doubt: Guilty or not Guilty?
                                                         Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
Rape: A Crime of War.                                 (2004)
    National Film Board of Canada (1996)                     This case study of Ken Fitzhugh
       Four women share their stories of              standing trial for the murder of his wife
forced confinement and rape in Bosnia. Also           Kristine includes reenactments of the trial
shows the International Tribunal                      using courtroom dialogue from actual
investigating war crimes in the former                transcripts, opinions from expert witnesses
Yugoslavia. Legal consultants discuss the             and interviews of members of the jury. Also
implications of the trial of a former camp            features graphic police video and television
boss, the first person in international history       news footage.
to be indicted for rape as a war crime.                      1 videodisc (ca. 51 min.)
       1 videodisc (59 min., 5 sec.)                         HV6533.C2 R43 2004
       HV6569.B54 R36 1996

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 41

Red Hook Justice.                                     (A) Room Full of Men.
   Sugar Pictures : Distributed                           Films for the Humanities (1997)
by First Run/Icarus Films (2004)                             Examines male violence towards
       The Red Hook Community Justice                 women by following three men with a history
Center (RHCJC) opened its doors in 2000 to            of abuse who have joined a program to help
serve a Brooklyn neighborhood plagued by              them stop abusive behavior.
a cycle of unemployment, poverty, and                        Video Cassette (48 min.)
crime. An experimental court and services                    HV 6626 R67
center, the RHCJC integrates several
functions under one roof: Multi-Jurisdiction          (The) Roots of Prejudice and Intolerance.
(low-level criminal, Family Court, and Civil              Jaguar Educational (2002)
Court matters like landlord-tenant disputes                   "Examines the historical roots of
and juvenile delinquency); Community                  prejudice, the different forms it takes, the
Restitution, Social Services (drug treatment,         psychology behind prejudicial thinking, and
domestic violence counseling, job training,           the difference between prejudice and
mediation services, health care); and a court         intolerance" – Container.
where young people act as judges, jurors                      1 videodisc (30 min.)
and attorneys in cases involving other teens.                 BF575.P9 R66 2002
       1 videocassette (54 min.)
       KF9084 .R34 2004                               Scared Silent.
                                                          Arnold Shapiro Prod. (1992)
Reefer Madness II.                                           Profiles six true stories of sexual,
   Filmakers Library                                  physical and emotional child abuse told by
       Shows that marijuana reduces the               the offenders and their victims. Traces how
pain and suffering associated with cancer,            child abuse starts and how it can be
epilepsy, arthritis, glaucoma and AIDS.               stopped.
Spouses and parents tell how they are torn                   Video Cassette (50 min.)
between defying the law and alleviating the                  HV 6626.5 S32
suffering of their loved ones.
       Video Cassette (48 min.)                       Scared Straight.
       RM666.C266 R43 2000\                              Lightening Video (1978)
                                                             Juveniles are brought into a maximum
(The) River Ran Red.                                  security prison. The lifers are the teachers
    WQED Prod. (1993)                                 who tell the kids what prison is all about.
       In the summer of 1892, a bitter                       Video Cassette (54 min.)
conflict erupted at the Carnegie Works in                    HV 9105 R342 S73
Homestead, Pennsylvania. The nation's
largest steel maker took on its most militant         Scene of the Crime.
labor union, with devastating consequences               A&E Home Video 2008
for American workers.                                        "Go on the grisly beat with members
       Video Cassette (58 min.)                       of Baltimore's Crime Lab, whose job it is to
       HD 5325 I5 1982 H752                           record every detail of every crime scene"—
(The) "Rodney King" Case: What the Jury                      "Go on the grisly beat with members
Saw in California v. Powell.                          of Baltimore's Crime Lab, whose job it is to
   MPI Home Video (1992)                              record every detail of every crime scene"—
       Court TV presents the key portions of          Container.
both the prosecution and defense cases and                   1 videodisc (50 min.)
the 81 second amateur videotape that                         HV8073 .S34 2008
recorded the events that occurred on the
evening of March 3, 1991.
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 56 min.)
       HV 7993 R63

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 42

The Scopes Monkey Trial.                              Seized By the Law.
    Courtroom Television Network                          A&E Home Video (1995)
       Examines the battle -- more than 70                   Explains how the new drug seizure
years ago -- over the teaching of evolution in        laws permit police officers to stop cars and
public schools. Criminal defense lawyer               seize money and possessions without due
Clarence Darrow is pitted against Christian           process. Although these laws were intended
fundamentalist William Jennings Bryan. This           to help police fight the illegal drug trade,
historic trial focuses Americans' attention on        some highway policemen are abusing the
freedom of speech, separation of church               laws to make a profit.
and state and due process and brings to the                  1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)
surface issues that are still debated today.                 KF9630 .S45 1995
       Video Cassette (47 min.)
       KF224.S3 S36 1998                              Señorita Extraviada: Missing Young
Second City: Inside the World's Largest                   Women Make Movies (2001)
Jail.                                                        Over 250 young women
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences               were kidnapped, raped and murdered from
    (1999)                                            the city of Juárez, Mexico. The perpetuators
       A television correspondent discovers           of these crimes have not been
the culture of the jail. Shows the racial             apprehended, even though these crimes
tensions evidenced by the self-grouping of            have been occurring regularly since 1993.
inmates into white, black, and Hispanic                      1 videocassette (74 min.)
gangs, each led by "shot callers"; the                       HV6535.M63 C58 2001
sequestering of gays; and the outcast nature
of Asians--everybody's "green light" target           Sex for Sale: Should Prostitution be
for abuse.                                            Legal?
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                            Films for the Humanities (1998)
       HV 9481 L6 S43                                       Explores the legal and philosophical
                                                      debate over legalizing prostitution.
The Secret File on J. Edgar Hoover.                         Video Cassette (15 min.)
    PBS (1992)                                              HQ 144 S48
        Documentary on Hoover's "secret
life", which left him open to blackmail by the        Sexual Violence: Rape in America.
Mafia and offers a new explanation of why                 GPN Educational Media (1997)
the FBI allowed the mob to operate                            This program focuses on victims of
unchallenged for over two decades.                    sexual violence and how individuals and
        Video Cassette (57 min.)                      institutions tend to blame them for their
        HV 7911 H6 S42                                trauma.
                                                              1 videodisc (ca. 30 min.)
Seeking Solutions with Hedrick Smith.                         HV6561 .S478 1997
   Films for the Humanities (1999)
       Depicts three areas of violence in our
society, discusses the problems and offers
examples of communities that are having
some success in solving the problems.
         v. 1. Teen violence
         v. 2. Street crime
         v. 3. Hate crime
       3 Video Cassettes (1.2" 1 hr ea)
       HN 90 V5 S43

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 43

Sexuality and Spirituality in Recovery.               Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes.
    Lifeworks Communications (1988)                       Center for Personal Protection and
        Explores the ways we lose our sexual          Safety], c2007
identity and spirituality through abuse and                  Gives strategies for surviving an
addictive and self-defeating behaviors. The           active shooter situation in the workplace.
effects of lost sexuality and spirituality on         Emphasizes the importance of possessing a
relationships, family, and friends is                 survival mindset.
discussed in detail. Healthy sexuality is                    Instructional DVD (17:32);
defined, as well as, how sexuality and                       Training materials (Course training
spirituality play an important part in the            plan (10 p.)
recovery process.                                            Survival mindset and courses of
        2 Video Cassettes (2 hr. 15 min.)                    action
        BF 692 K47 pt. 1-2                            (44 p.)
                                                              Student notetaker (20 p.)
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy.                             Pre-incident indicators : behaviors of
    PBS Home Video (2001)                                    concern in the workplace (Jan. 08 v.2)
       In 1931, two white women stepped                      (22
from a boxcar in Paint Rock, Alabama to               slides) -- Survival mindset and courses of
make a shocking accusation: they had been             action (Jan. 08 v.2) (20 slides)
raped by nine black teenagers on a train. So                 Distinctions between an active
began one of the most significant legal fights               shooter
of the twentieth century. The trials of the           and a hostage situation (Jan. 08 v.2) (17
nine young men would draw North and                   slides)
South into their sharpest conflict since the                 List of the shooters as they appear in
Civil War, yield two momentous Supreme                       the
Court decisions and give birth to the civil           video (3 p.))
rights movement.                                             2 videodiscs
       Video Cassette (1 hr. 30 min))                        HF5549.5.E43 S56 2007
       KF224.S34 S36 2001
                                                      Shouting Fire: Stories From the Edge of
Shakedown in Santa Fe.                                Free Speech.
    PBS (1988)                                           HBO Home Entertainment, c2009
        Goes behind the walls of the New                     Examines the balancing act between
Mexico Penitentiary to gauge the impact of            protecting both civil liberties and national
one of the bloodiest prison riots in American         security. First Admendent attorney, Martin
history. The facility is now governed by              Garbus is interviewed at length along with
federal court order, but prison reform has            other well-known people associated with
had little effect controlling inmate-run drug         these issues.
rings, extortion and prostitution.                           1 videodisc (74 min.)
        Video Cassette (58 min.)                             KF4772 .S55 2009
        HV 9475 N62 N47
                                                      (The) Sinatra Kidnapping.
Shame & Recovery.                                        A&E (1996)
    Lifeworks Communications (1987)                          Discusses the kidnapping of Frank
        Shame is one of the biggest blocks to         Sinatra, Jr. on Dec. 8, 1963, from a motel in
recovery. Terry Kellogg discusses its                 Stateline, California, at Lake Tahoe by Barry
origins, how it relates to other dependencies         Keenan. Also discusses Frank senior's
and the recovery process.                             reaction to the kidnapping. Barry Keenan
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 15 min.)                discusses his motivation for committing the
        RC 569.5 C63 K452 no. 5                       crime and how he planned it.
                                                             Video Cassette (50 min.)
                                                             HV 6603 S5 S55

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 44

Skinheads: The Pathology of Hate :                    Societies under the Influence.
Soldiers of the Race War.                                First Run/Icarus Films
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                     Sheds light on several unusual people
2004                                                  who are fighting to expose the epidemic
       A film crew follows the U.S. white             repression surrounding drugs and the drug
supremacist skinhead group The Aryan                  trade. Colombian field workers, a hitman,
National Front over a two-month period.               and a retired U.S. federal government agent
Marches, demonstrating against non-whites,            discuss the drug war fraud.
meeting with the Ku Klux Klan, and                           Video Cassette (52 min.)
interviews with the group's leader, Bill                     HV5801 .S63 1997
Riccio, explain the Nazi-inspired group's
motivation                                            Solving Black Inner-City Poverty: William
       1 videodisc (54 min.)                          Julius Wilson.
       HV6439.U5 S55 2004                                 Films for the Humanities (1994)
                                                              The problems of the inner cities have
Slave Ship.                                           worsened each year. Some policy makers
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,              and scholars question whether these
    (2002)                                            problems can be solved. Argues that the
       "Over 150 documented mutinies                  time for despair has not yet arrived and that
occurred aboard slave ships between 1699              most inner-city blacks stay poor, not
and 1845; only once, in the case of the               because they are black, but because they
Amistad, did slaves successfully return to            live in the wasteland of the inner city.
Africa. Using that remarkable and                             Video Cassette (30 min.)
anomalous incident as a focus, this program                   HV 4045 W54
takes an in-depth look at the slave trade. ...
The program weaves the developments of                Some Mother's Son.
the Amistad case-- argued and won in the                 Warner Home Video (1997)
U.S. Supreme Court by former President                      Based on the true story of the 1981
John Quincy Adams-- into the overall fabric           hunger strike in a Britain prison, in which
of slavery in America"—Container.                     IRA prisoner Bobby Sands led a protest
       1 videodisc (52 min.)                          against the treatment of IRA prisoners as
       HT985 .S53 2002                                criminals rather than as prisoners of the war
                                                            1 Video Cassette (ca. 112 min.)
Slippin': Ten Years With the Bloods                         PN1995.9.P68 S64 1997
    Kino International (2007)
       Documents the exploits of a group of           (The) Southside Strangler.
African-American gang members through                     Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
the mean streets of South Central LA for ten              (1997)
years after the 1992 LA race riots. Delves                   Psychological profiles of known
into the ongoing Blood/Crip gang war to               offenders, glass refractory analysis (the
reveal the short and brutal lives of LA street        measuring of glass characteristics through
gangstas and the tragic personal toll that the        the use of light) and DNA from semen
gang life takes on families and friends. As           samples recovered from victims' bodies
the years and the bodies pile up, the boys            match the suspect, and support a conviction
grow into men and the high-wire allure of             of one man and the pardon of another.
street life gives way to the harsh realities of              1 videocassette (25 min.)
survival.                                                    RA1057.55 .S68
       1 videodisc (84 min.)
       HV6439.U7 S54 2007

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 45

Spying on the Home Front                              Stopping the Money: an Economic
    PBS Video (2007)                                  Approach to Counterterrorism.
         "Frontline addresses an                          Films for the Humanities & Sciences
issue of major consequence for all                    (2002)
Americans: Is the Bush administration's                      Discusses efforts by President Bush
domestic war on terrorism jeopardizing our            to freeze the assets of terrorist organizations
civil liberties? Reporter Hedrick Smith               such as Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda.
presents new material on how the National                    Video Cassette (22 min.)
Security Agency's domestic surveillance                      HV6431 .S76 2002
program works and examines clashing
viewpoints on whether the president has               Stories from the Riverside: Women Jailed
violated the Foreign Intelligence                     for Killing Their Husbands.
Surveillance Act (FISA) and infringed on                   Filmakers Library (199?)
constitutional protections"—Website.                           Visits Gatesville Penitentiary in
         1 videodisc (60 min.)                        Texas, where 3 female inmates convicted of
         KF4748 .S69 2007                             murder describe the domestic violence that
                                                      brought them to prison. Shows how difficult
(The) Staircase.                                      it is for victims of abuse to escape the cycle
   Docurama (2005)                                    of violence.
      With all the trappings of a classic                      Video Cassette (30 min.)
murder mystery, The staircase chronicles                       HV 6626.2 S76
the sensational story of North Carolina
author Michael Peterson, who stood trial in
2003 for the murder of his wife, Kathleen
      Disc 1: Introduction
      episode 1. Crime or accident
      episode 2. Secrets and lies
      episode 3. A striking coincidence
      episode 4. A prosecution trickery.
      Disc 2:
      episode 5. A weak case
      episode 6. The prosecution's revenge
      episode 7. The blowpoke returns
      episode 8. The verdict
      2 videodiscs (ca. 384 min.)
      KF224.P47 S73 2005 Discs 1 - 2 +

    Lions Gate Home Entertainment
        Director Steve James returned to
rural southern Illinois to reconnect with
Stevie, a troubled young boy from ten years
ago. The film began as a way of discovering
what forces shaped Stevie's life. Part way
through the filming, Stevie is arrested for a
serious crime that tears his family apart. The
profile turned into a chronicle of Stevie, his
broken family, the justice system and the
filmmaker himself.
        1 videodisc (145 min.)
        HV6248.F53 S74 2003

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                                                                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE 46

Stories From a Small Planet.                           Street Thief
     Distributed by PBS Video, c2008                       A&E Indie Films (2007)
         Mexico, crimes at the border: In a                    Kasper Carr is a master thief,
joint project with the New York Times,                 targeting businesses in the Chicago area.
Frontline/World correspondent Lowell                   He stakes out fresh opportunities in front of
Bergman investigates the business of                   a documentary film crew, which gradually
human smuggling across the busy ports of               becomes complicit in his crimes. As the
entry between Mexico and the United                    director and producer become entangled in
States. In Tijuana, masses of people attempt           the allure of their fascinating subject and the
to cross illegally every day with the help of          legal ramifications of their actions, Carr
increasingly organized and expensive                   pursues a series of larger-scale and more
smugglers.                                             dangerous jobs. All the while, he reveals
         Guatemala, the secret files: After            how he came to choose this unconventional
thirty years of bloody civil war, Guatemala is         lifestyle. Take a voyeuristic view into the
still recovering and its citizens look for traces      lives of the thief and the filmmakers, and
of missing people who were "disappeared."              witness firsthand their changing
Clark Boyd reports on the discovery of the             philosophies and notions of morality.
historical archive of the National Police who                  1 videodisc (ca. 85 min.)
served under Rios Montt's government, an                       PN1995.9.D62 S77 2007
archive that contains masses of papers that
document the human rights abuses of the                Streets on Fire.
secret police.                                              Insight
         Mozambique, guitar hero: Reporter                     Latino youth (both current and ex-
Marjorie McAfee follows popular musician               gang members) speak about their lives on
Feliciano Dos Santos as he travels                     the front edge of society. Gang prevention
throughout his native Mozambique with his              leaders, community activists and youth
band, Massukos, singing songs that teach               leaders talk about steps taken to stop the
villagers about good hygiene and sanitation.           killing and to search for new solutions to end
His work has resulted in building over 300             violence.
ecological latrines, which reduce disease                      Video Cassette (32 min.)
and produce fertilizer at the same time.                       HV 6439 U62 C27
Stricken with polio as a child, Santos wants
to prevent others from contracting life-               Streetwise.
threatening diseases.                                      Fox Lorber Home Video (1994)
         1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)                            A glimpse into the lives of nine
         JV6475 .S76 2008                              teenagers, ranging in age from 13 to19, who
                                                       survive on the streets of Seattle as pimps,
Street Smarts: How to Avoid Being a                    prostitutes, muggers, panhandlers, petty
Victim.                                                thieves, small time drug dealers, runaways,
    Video Publishing House (1992)                      and castaways.
       Practical information to help people                   Video Cassette (1 hr. 32 min.)
identify and practice strategies for protecting               HQ 796 S88
themselves against crime. Dramatic stories
told by victims of crime.
       Video Cassette (55 min.)
       Guide (16 p.)
       HV 7431 S87

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 47

Suicide Bombers: Inside the Minds of                  Taxi To the Dark Side.
Failed Martyrs.                                           Image Entertainment, c2007
     Films for the Humanities & Sciences,                     An investigation into the introduction
(2006)                                                of torture as an interrogation technique in
        "In a series of powerful and                  U.S. facilities, and the role played by key
revealing interviews from inside Israeli              figures of the Bush Administration in the
prisons, this Wide Angle documentary                  process. Takes an in-depth look at the case
examines the motives of Palestinian suicide           of Afghan taxi driver Dilawar, who was
bombers. A recruiter, a bomb builder, and             suddenly detained by the U.S. military one
three failed suicide bombers captured by              afternoon and died in his Bagram prison cell
Israeli security forces speak openly of their         five days later.
training, motivation, operational                             1 videodisc (ca. 106 min.)
methodology, and profound belief in the idea                  HV8599.U6 T39 2007
of entering paradise as a shahid - a martyr
for Islam. They discuss their hatred of Jews          Terror: The New World War.
and Israel, their determination to die, and              ABC New (1989)
the personal motivations that have                          The reality of terrorist activities is
influenced them - including a failed love, a          revealed through original news broadcasts.
sense of personal revenge, the frustration of               Video Cassette (1 hr.)
living under the Israeli occupation, and envy               K 5256 T47
for the prosperous Israeli lifestyle. In
addition, Sari Nusseibeh, president of Al-            Terrorism.
Quds University, speaks with anchor Mishal                UN-TV (2001)
Husain"—Container.                                            New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani
        1 videodisc (60 min.)                         addresses the United Nations General
        HV6433.I75 S84 2006                           Assembly on October 1, 2001, on the
                                                      terrorist attack on the World Trade Center
The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's                     on September 11, 2001.
Confession.                                                   Video Cassette (23 min)
    A & E Home Video : Distributed by New                     HV6432 .T43 2001
    Video Group, (1997)
       Tells about the murder of two children         Terrorism: Instrument of Fear.
by their mother, Susan Smith, and describes               Lucerne Media, (2001?)
Smith's trial and her sentencing to life in                  Questions raised about terrorism by a
prison.                                               panel of high school students are answered
       1 Video Cassette (47 min.)                     by a clinical psychologist, an Islamic cleric,
       HV6517 .S88 1997                               and a terrorism expert. Includes historical
                                                      background for the events leading up to and
(The) Talking Skull.                                  including the September 11, 2001 attack on
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences               the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
(1999)                                                       1 Video Cassette (20 min.)
       A forensic anthropologist identifies a                HV6432 .T4485 2001
victim by using facial reconstruction on a
skull discovered at a Boy Scout camp in
       Video Cassette (26 min.)
       GN69.8 .T34 1999

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 48

Theme: Murder.                                        Through the Wire.
    New Day Films (1998)                                  Daedalus Prod. Inc. (1990)
       The filmmaker was nine years old                      In 1986, a controversial high security
when her father, the Boston art dealer                unit was opened in the basement of the
Hyman Swetzoff, was beaten and left to die            federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky. Its
in his home. Martha's search to make sense            occupants, three female prisoners, were
of her father's unsolved murder uncovers              held in isolation in basement cells for 2
the price of homophobia and also reveals              years, kept under 24 hour surveillance, and
many of the subtle attitudes that accompany           strip searched daily. The women
murder. Includes interviews of family,                deteriorated psychologically and physically.
friends, local artists, police investigations,        Provides a look at the personal stories of the
and others with an assortment of family               women prisoners and uncovers a trend of
photos, newspaper clippings of the murder             abuse in the American penal system.
and fragments from Hyman's poetry,                           Video Cassette (1 hr. 17 min.)
journals, and letters.                                       HV 8738 T47
       1 Video Cassette (54 min.)
       HV6534.B6 T44                                  Throw Away People.
                                                          PBS (1990)
They Hit Me.                                                  An investigation of the economic,
Films for the Humanities & Sciences                   social and political forces that have
       Discusses the work of a Los Angeles            produced the Black American underclass in
County emergency social worker as she                 Shaw, a crime-ridden neighborhood of
attempts to establish whether children have           Washington, D.C. observes that, following
been abused. Also presents the case of a              the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s and
two-year-old, allegedly beaten to death by            the riots of 1968, the stable Black middle
his father's girlfriend.                              class moved out of the area. Explores the
       Video Cassette (43 min.)                       following themes: economic decline,
       HV715 .T44 2000                                addiction to crack and other drugs,
                                                      lawlessness, teen-age pregnancy, and the
They Never Call it Rape.                              long and desperate search for employment
    MTI Film & Video (1990)                           on the part of those without specialized
      Explores campus rape, with particular           skills.
focus on gang rape. Provides an analysis of                   Video Cassette (1 hr.)
the behaviors that lead to gang rape. One                     HV 5833 W3 T57
incident is described by the victim of a gang
rape at a fraternity house.                           'Til Death Do Us Part.
      Video Cassette (21 min.)                            CBS News (1991)
      HV 6561 T44                                            Investigates the growing number of
                                                      abused women who kill their husbands or
(The) Thin Blue Line.                                 boyfriends. Many of these women are
    HBO Video (1988)                                  defending themselves in court with pleas of
        A chilling investigation and                  self defense, claiming they are victims of
reconstruction of a brutal, cold-blooded              Battered Woman Syndrome.
murder. Dallas policeman Robert Wood's                       Video Cassette (1 hr.)
routine inspection of a night driver became                  HV 6626. 2 T56
his last as the man behind the wheel shot
him. A sixteen year old boy was arrested for          Titicut Follies.
the killing, but swore that a hitchhiker                  Zipporah Films (1967)
committed the crime. The hitchhiker was                       Filmed at the Massachusetts
sentenced to death. Was he a murderer or              Correctional Institute, shows harsh scenes
a scapegoat?                                          of life and treatment of the criminally insane
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 41 min.)                inmates.
        HV 6542 T45                                           Video Cassette (1 hr. 24 min.)
                                                              HV 8742 U62 T57

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 49

To a Different Beat.                                  Tracings in Blood.
     Filmwest Asso. (1997)                                A&E Television Networks 2008
         Investigates community policing                      Girly Chew Hossencroft, a well-liked
initiatives in News Orleans, London and               Albuquerque resident, vanished without a
Edmonton. Speaks with officers, citizens,             trace in 1999. Almost immediately, her
and community groups about the                        estranged husband and his new girlfriend
resurgence of this approach to policing.              emerged as the chief suspects in the case,
         Video Cassette (28 min.)                     but the only evidence investigators had to
         HV 7336 C83 T62                              work with was blood from the scene, cat
                                                      hairs and strangely colored sand. Despite
To Defend a Killer. Ethics in America.                the lack of a body and paucity of material
    Annenberg/CPB Collection (1989)                   evidence, Hossencroft's killers were
        Should lawyers defend people whom             ultimately convicted, and Tracings in blood
they know to be guilty? Does society have a           shows how with the help of forensic experts,
right to punish?                                      investigators who worked on the case and
        Video Cassette (1 hr.)                        others who were intimately involved. We'll
        KF 306 T62                                    also see how similar techniques were used
To Kill or to Cure.                                   to solve another New Mexico case, where
    Galafilm Productions, 2002                        five workers at a Hollywood Video Store
        Looks at examples of punishment for           were murdered in 1996. There, one piece of
crime in different countries and discusses            plastic proved to be the vital link that led to
how we should deal with crime.                        the killers.
        1 videocassette (79 min., 30 sec.)                    1 videodisc (50 min.)
        K5103 .T6 2002                                        HV8073 .D425 2003

Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the                  (The) Trials of Darryl Hunt.
Crisis in Masculinity.                                    Break Thru Films (2007)
   MEF (1999)                                                 Documents a 1984 rape/murder
      Examines the relationship between               case in which a 19-year-old African-
images of popular culture and the social              American, Darryl Hunt, was wrongfully
construction of masculine identities in the           accused and imprisoned. Utilizing archival
U.S.                                                  footage and interviews, the filmmakers
      Video Cassette (1 hr. 20 min.)                  capture the judicial and emotional responses
      BF 692.5 T68                                    of those involved with the case, and the
                                                      questions and issues raised by this
                                                      miscarriage of justice which caused Hunt to
                                                      spend almost 20 years behind bars.
                                                              1 videodisc (ca. 107 min.)
                                                              KF9756 .T74 2007

                                                      Triple Cross: Bin Laden's Spy in
                                                          NGHT, Inc. c2006
                                                              A documentary that plays like a thriller
                                                      as it takes you through twists and turns
                                                      about Ali A. Mohamed-a radical ex-Egyptian
                                                      Army sergeant who convinced the CIA to
                                                      hire him, was an FBI informant, and a mole
                                                      for Al-Qaida.
                                                              1 videodisc (91 min.)
                                                              HV6432 .T758 2006

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 50

Truth on Trial. Ethics in America.                    Two Spirits
   Annenberg/CPB Collection (1989)                        IndependentLens, 2010, c2009
       What is the purpose of a trial, the                   Examines the role of two-spirit people
pursuit of truth or the pursuit of justice?           in the Navajo culture in the context of the
       Video Cassette (1 hr.)                         story of a gay youth named Fred Martinez.
       KF 8910 T78                                    Martinez was a nádleehí or a male-bodied
                                                      person with a feminine essence, who was
Tupamaros.                                            murdered in a hate crime at the age of
    First Run/Icarus Films, [200-?]                   sixteen. Discusses the traditional Native
        Pepe Mujica, now a member of the              American perspective on gender and
Uruguayan parliament, and others of the               sexuality and the need for a balanced
Tupamaros recount the history of this urban           interrelationship between the feminine and
guerrilla group: their use of armed                   masculine.
intervention and illegal acts--even                          1 videodisc (54 mins.)
kidnapping and murder, their imprisonment                    E99.N3 T96 2010
and escapes, and their transition to a legal
political party.                                      Two Towns of Jasper.
        1 videodisc (93 min.)                             PBS Home Video (2003)
        F2728 .T86 2000z                                     In 1998 in Jasper, Texas, James
                                                      Byrd, Jr., a black man, was chained to a
Turned Out: Sexual Assault Behind Bars.               pickup truck and dragged to his death by
   Interlock Media, [2006?]                           three white men. The town was forever
       This video is a shocking but insightful        altered, and the nation woke up to the horror
expose of the taboo subject of homosexual             of a modern-day lynching. The filmmakers
rape and homosexual relations in prison.              set out to document the aftermath of the
       1 videodisc (56 min.)                          murder by following the trials of the local
       HV8836 .T87 2006                               men charged with the crime. The result is an
                                                      explicit and troubling portrait of race in
(The) Two Escobars.                                   America, one that asks how and why a
    ESPN Home Entertainment 2010                      crime like this could have occurred.
        While rival drug cartels warred in the               1 Video Cassette (ca. 83 min.)
streets, the Columbian national soccer team                  HV6534.J363 T86 2002
took a rapid rise to glory, with Andres
Escobar its inspirational captain. Meanwhile          Ultimate Survivors.
the infamous drug baron, Pablo Escobar,                   Calibre Press (1991)
pioneered "Narco-soccer". After a mistake                    Dramatic true stories about cops who
by Andres led to a loss at the 1994 World             survived incredible traumas and who made
Cup, less than ten days later he was gunned           discoveries about survival that can help
down outside a bar, a tragedy documented              others win the toughest challenges of their
in this thriller about the intersection of crime      lives.
and sport.                                                   Video Cassette (1 hr. 25 min.)
        1 videodisc (104 min.)                               HV 7936 P75 U472
        HV5805.E82 T86 2010

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 51

Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil                Unfinished Business: The Japanese
Liberties.                                            American internment cases.
    Public Interest Pictures (2004)                      Mouchette Films (1984)
         Discusses how the USA PATRIOT                       Tells the stories of three Japanese-
Act has taken away checks on law                      Americans, Fred Korematsu, Gordon
enforcement and continues to endanger the             Hirabayashi, and Minoru Yasui, who resisted
civil liberties of all Americans under the            the military orders to intern the Japanese-
guise of being part of the war on terrorism,          Americans and remove them from the West
and how paranoia, fear and racial profiling           Coast after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
have led to gross infringements on freedom            Focuses on the three men's lives and the
and democracy without strengthening                   reasons behind their decisions to take their
national security.                                    cases to the Supreme Court.
         1 videocassette (60 min.)                           Video Cassette (60 min)
         JC599.U5 U53 2004                                   D 769.8 A6 U54

Understanding Violence.                               (The) Union: The Business Behind
   Cambridge Educational (2002)                       Getting High.
       Defines the types of violence affecting            Phase 4 Films, c2009
teenagers. Teens from a variety of cultural                   "British Columbia's illegal marijuana
and ethnic backgrounds tell how violence              trade industry has evolved into an
has impacted and reshaped their lives.                unstoppable business giant, dubbed by
Includes commentary from experts who                  those involved as "The Union." Follow
explain the roots of violent behavior and tell        filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he demystifies
how to detect warning signs. Topics include           the underground market and brings to light
bullying, gangs, sexual assault, and hate             how an industry can function while
crimes.                                               remaining illegal. Through interviews with
       1 videodisc (29 min.) + 1 guide (1             growers, police officers, criminologists,
       sheet)                                         economists, doctors, politicians and pop
       HQ799.2.V56 U53 2002                           culture icons, Scorgie examines the cause
                                                      and effect nature of the business behind
(An) Unauthorized history of the NFL                  getting high. Nobody's innocent in this
[with Jessica Savitch.                                exploration of an industry that may be
   WGBH Educational Foundation (1983)                 profiting more by being illegal"—Container.
       Discusses illegal betting on football,                 1 videodisc (104 min.)
the role of the mob in football betting, and                  HD9019.M382 U55 2009
connections between football players,
coaches, and owners and organized crime.              VDay: Until the Violence Stops.
Includes information on Alan Glick, owner of              Docurama (2005)
several Las Vegas casinos.                                Chronicles how Eve Ensler's hit
       Video Cassette (1 hr)                          Broadway solo show 'The Vagina
       HV 6715 U5                                     Monologues' grew into V-Day, an
                                                      international grassroots movement
Under Interrogation.                                  dedicated to stopping violence against
    Films for the Humanities (1993)                   women and girls.
       The producers of this program were                    1 videodisc (ca. 73 min.)
allowed to tape unhindered as suspected                      HV6250.4.W65 V43 2005
criminals were interrogated by British police.
The proceedings pose questions regarding              Vegas and the Mob.
safeguarding the rights of the accused and               A&E (1996)
preventing police misconduct while enabling                 Traces the Mob's involvement with
officers to carry out their mandate.                  Las Vegas over the past 50 years and
       Video Cassette (52 min.)                       examines the combination of greed, luck,
       HV 6715 U5                                     and wiretaps that helped the government
                                                      smash mobster control of casinos.
                                                            Video Cassette (2 hr.)
                                                            HV 6452 N3 V43

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 52

Verdict on Auschwitz: The Frankfurt                   Violence Against Women.
Auschwitz Trial, 1963-1965.                              Films for the Humanities (1997)
   DEFA Film Library (2006)                                 Contains information on how to leave
       Two documentary films about the                an abusive partner, speaking out, the legal
Frankfurt Auschwitz trial, originally held from       aspects, getting help for abusers, and
1963-1965.                                            protecting children who live in violent
       disc 1 (long version ; 180 min.).              homes.
Strafsache 4 Ks 2/63 : Auschwitz vor dem                    Video Cassette (46 min.)
Frankfurter Schwurgericht / dokumentation                   HV 6626.2 V54
von Rolf Bickel und Dietrich Wagner ;
produktionsleitung, Fred Steinbach ;                  Violence by and Against Latinos.
Hessischer Rundfunk.                                      Films for the Humanities (1993)
       disc 2 (short version ; 60                            Looks at a drive-by shooting and the
min.). Frankfurter Auschwitz-Prozess / ein            subsequent efforts to help young school-age
Film von Rolf Bickel und Dietrich Wagner ;            victims of crime learn to understand their
produktion, Gerhard Hehrlein ; eine                   fear in unpredictable surroundings; traces
koproduktion von Hessicher Rundfunk und               the effects of the LA riots on immigrant
hr media.                                             groups; looks at violence against Latina
       2 videodiscs (240 min.) + 1 booklet            women in their homes.
       KK73.5.A98 V47 2006                                   Video Cassette (28 min.)
                                                             HN 90 V5 V536
Very Young Girls.
    Girls Educational & Mentoring Services,           Violence in the Family.
2008?]                                                   Human Relations Media (1978)
        "Very young girls is an expose of                    A four part program designed to
human trafficking that follows thirteen and           increase viewer's awareness of and
fourteen year old American girls as they are          sensitivity to family violence.
seduced, abused, and sold on New York's                  Pt. 1 The Dynamics of Family Violence
streets by pimps, and treated as adult                   Pt. 2 Child Abuse and Neglect
criminals by police. The film follows the                Pt. 3 Battered Wives
barely-adolescent girls in real time, using              Pt. 4 Adolescent Abuse
verity and intimate interviews. The film                     Video Cassette (44 min.)
identifies hope for these girls in the                       Guide (66 p.)
organization GEMS (Girls Education and                       HQ 809.3 U6 V56
Mentoring Services), a recovery center
founded and run by Rachel Lloyd, herself a            Violence in the Home: Living in Fear.
survivor of                                               AIMS Media
sexual exploitation"—Producer                                Emphasizes that the cycle of violence
        1 videodisc (84 min.)                         can only be broken with outside intervention.
        HV6570.3.N7 V47 2008                          Arrest is often the best first step. More than
                                                      50% of reported cases of spousal abuse
Victimization - Roles & Recovery.                     also involve child abuse. Arrest forces
    Lifeworks Communications (1988)                   offenders to seek professional help.
        Terry Kellogg discusses the victim,           Therapy is an essential part of the recovery
offender and collusive roles that occur in            process.
dysfunctional families.                                      Video Cassette (30 min.)
        Video Cassette (59 min.)                             HQ 809.3 V57
        RC 569.5 C63 K452 no.3
                                                      (The) Violent Mind.
                                                         PBS (1988)
                                                             Explores the brain's role in violent
                                                      behavior and the relationship between
                                                      brain science and the law.
                                                             Video Cassette (1 hr.)
                                                             RC 569.5 V55 V57

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 53

Voices from Inside.                                   Warrior: the Life of Leonard Peltier .
    New Day Films (1996)                                 Cinnamon Productions (1991)
        Follows theater artist Karina Epperlein             The story of Leonard Peltier, an
into a federal women's prison where she               American Indian imprisoned at Leavenworth
teaches weekly classes. The classes "break            Penitentiary for allegedly murdering two FBI
the walls" that these women live behind.              agents in 1975 at the Pine Ridge
        Video Cassette (1 hr. 15 min.)                Reservation. Looks back at the violent
        HV 8738 V65                                   confrontations at Wounded Knee and Pine
                                                      Ridge in the 70's, and at today's Indian
Voices in Exile.                                      reservations, as well as Peltier's odyssey
   New Day Films (1998)                               through the American justice system.
       Examines the question of to what                     1 videocassette (85 min.)
extent aliens are protected by First                        E93 .W37 1991
Amendments rights. Follows the immigration
case of seven Palestinian immigrants and              Wasted Youth.
one Kenyan in Los Angeles who were                       Security on Campus, c2000
arrested for distributing PLO literature and                  Interviews with parents who have lost
have faced deportation for over 10 years.             a child, and young adults whose lives have
The case involved the FBI, the INS, and the           been irrevocably damaged, as a result of
ACLU.                                                 binge drinking. A rape crisis counselor and a
       Video Cassette (30 min.)                       physician are also featured. Includes
       KF4772.Z9 V63 1998                             statistics demonstrating the pervasive
                                                      problem of alcohol abuse among American
Waco: The Rules of Engagement.                        youth on college and university campuses.
   Distributed by Somford Entertainment                       1 videodisc (17 min.)
(2003)                                                        HV5135 .W37 2000
       A documentary film about the tragic
series of events that occurred outside Waco,          We Have Ways of Making You Talk.
Texas in April 1993 in which four federal                 Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
agents were killed along with eighty-six men,         c2005
women and children of the Branch Davidian                    The program examines "the use of
compound.                                             torture over the past half-century. It
       1 videodisc (136 min.)                         describes its horrific application in military
       BP605.B72 W34 2003                             and political settings and explores its
                                                      profound human cost. Featuring interviews
Walking the Line.                                     with confessed practitioners of the
    Filmakers Library, c2005                          gruesome craft, the program exposes
        Explores the chaos of the border              interrogation methods developed and
crisis along the Southern Arizona region as           carried out by French army officers against
experienced by Mexican migrants, private              Algerian independence fighters, by British
citizens, vigilantes, and humanitarians.              police against the IRA, by American troops
        1 videodisc (58 min.)                         against the Viet Cong, and other shocking
        E184.M5 W35 2005                              occurrences in South America and South
                                                      Africa. The employment of physical and
(The) Warren Court: Fair or Foul?                     psychological abuse as a weapon against
   Direct Cinema Limited (1990)                       guerilla and opposition groups parallels
      Summary in Political Science section.           current dilemmas in Iraq and at
      Video Cassette (28 min.)                        Guantanamo Bay"—Container.
      KF 8748 W28                                            1 videodisc (53 min.)
                                                             HV8593 .W4 2005

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                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE 54

(The) Weather Underground: A                         When Cops Go Bad.
Documentary                                             WGBH Boston (1990)
    Docurama, (2004)                                        Shows how the war on drugs is
       In the early '70s, the radically              corrupting America's cops and gives the
enraged, bomb-planting fringe group call             story behind the largest current police
Weathermen had the distinction of being as           corruption scandal in the country.
alienated from the anti-war counterculture as               Video Cassette (58 min.)
the counterculture movement was from the                    HV 7936 C85 W44
rest of America. The group planned to blow
up an empty building, but on March 6, 1970,          When the Bough Breaks.
an explosive accidentally went off in the                New York : Filmakers Library (1988)
New York Greenwich Village area, killing                     Explores the bond between parents
three of its own members and turning the             and children and the profound implications
rest of its members into outlaws on the run.         for children's behavior later in life if that
       1 videodisc (90 min.)                         attachment is hampered. Surveillance
       HN90.R3 W43 2004 1997                         cameras film mother-infant interactions in
                                                     the home with "problem infants" as well as
Well-Founded Fear: A Film.                           therapy sessions that take place at the
     Epidavros Project, (2000)                       Hincks Institute in Toronto. The first part of
        Discusses the American political             the film contains excerpts from the 1994
asylum system--who deserves it, who gets             production entitled, "The trouble with Evan.".
it, and who decides. Shows political asylum                  1 Video Cassette (57 min.)
proceedings.                                                 BF720.M68 W43
        1 videocassette (119 min) + 1 guide
        (11 p.)                                      When Women Kill.
        KF4836 .W44 2000                                  MPI Home Video (1983)
                                                            A close-up of seven psychologically
What Can We Do About Violence?                       trampled women who have been forced to
    Films for the Humanities (1995)                  kill. The women share their stories and
       Pt. 1: Juveniles Locked Up.                   confessions.
Juvenile inmates discuss how drugs,                         Video Cassette (55 min.)
alcohol, and lack of family support                         HV 6626.2 W53
influenced their lives. Also looks at adult
time for adult crime and the Last Chance             Where did You Sleep Last Night?
Ranch. HV 9104 W43                                       NIMCO (2001)
       Pt. 2: Domestic/Street Violence.                     Illustrates how sex trade recruiters
Shows how intense police investigation of            lure teens away from friends and family,
domestic abuse has led to the imprisonment           gain their trust, then force them into an often
of repeat offenders in Nashville. Former             violent life on the streets -- sometimes in
teenage patients speak to younger kids               only 24 devastating hours.
about weapons and violence.                                 1 videodisc (22 min., 16 sec.)
HV 7436 W47                                                 HQ118 .W44 2001
       Pt. 3: Crisis in Our Inner Cities.
Successful community efforts show how
local businesses, religious organizations,
and individuals can help at-risk youths.
HQ 9069 W43
       Pt. 4: Solutions for Children.
Discusses how troubled children and
families can be helped.
       HQ 784 V55 W43
       4 Video Cassettes (56 min.)

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                                                                                CRIMINAL JUSTICE 55

Who Gets to Know?                                     Workplace Violence: Addressing
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences,              Workplace Violence in the Lodging
    (2003)                                            Industry.
       "When it comes to genetic testing,                Educational Institute of the American
how much should a patient be told? If the             Hotel & Motel Association (2000)
news is bad, who else should the patient                      Discusses effective measures to take
inform? And should such privileged                    when confronted by problem employees
information be made available to employers,           and/or other unbalanced persons
insurance companies, and others? This Fred            threatening the safety of hotel guests and/or
Friendly Seminar moderated by Harvard                 staff. Also discusses how to identify
Law School's Arthur Miller offers a                   potentially violent personalities, prevent
compelling discourse on the far-reaching              robberies through environmental controls,
ethical, social, legal, and economic                  and reduce internal conflicts.
implications of genetic testing"—Container.                   Video Cassette (22 min.)
       1 videodisc (57 min.)                                  HF5549.5.E43 W66 2000
       RB155.65 .W46 2003
                                                      Women Doing Time.
Who Killed Vincent Chin?                                  Ambrose Video
   New York : Filmakers Library (1988)                        48 Hours goes inside New York's
       Documentary on racism in working-              maximum security Bedford Hills Correctional
class America focuses on the murder of                Facility, one of the oldest prisons for women,
Vincent Chin, a Chinese-American, by Ron              to see what it means for a woman to do
Ebens, a Chrysler motors foreman, in a                time.
Detroit bar. Interweaves the story of the                     Video Cassette (48 min.)
murder with social concerns and questions                     HV 6046 W643
about justice.
       1 Video Cassette (83 min.)                     Women in Prison.
       E184.A1 W453 1988                                  A&E Home Video 2008
                                                             The documentary takes a look at
Who's Getting Rich and Why Aren't You?                women in prison, exploring some of the
  CBS News (1996)                                     reasons why they were incarcerated.
     Video Cassette (47 min.)                         Interviews with inmates, prison officials and
     HD 60.5 U6 W46                                   psychologists highlight the many
                                                      shortcomings of the current system and
Why Riots Happen.                                     point to the changes that must be made as
    Films for the Humanities & Sciences               more and more women are sentenced to jail
    (2002)                                            time. Many of the women interviewed are
        Discusses the psychology and causes           from the Central California Womens' Facility,
of riots and offers insights into the mindset         Madera, CA.
of violent crowds. Focuses on the Rodney                     1 videodisc (ca. 47 min.)
King riots in Los Angeles in 1992 but also                   HV6046 .W6545 2008
discusses riots around the world.
        1 videodisc (51 min.)
        HV6084 .W48 2002

(The) Witches of Salem: The Horror and
the Hope.
   Learning Corp. of America (1972)
      A portrayal of the witchcraft trials of
Salem, Mass., in 1692. Attempts to give an
understanding of the political, psychological,
and religious background of the trials and of
the consequences of this episode on
American history.
      Video Cassette (34 min)
      KFM 2478 W57

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                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE 56

Women's Prisons: Old Problems and                    Zoot Suit Riots.
New Solutions.                                           PBS Home Video (2002)
   Films for the Humanities & Sciences                       Racial tensions between the Anglo
   (2002)                                            and Mexican American communities in Los
       "This program goes inside three               Angeles, California erupted into violence
women's prisons in the U.S. and Canada,              after the conviction of Henry "Hank" Leyvas
contrasting old and new correctional                 and seventeen other Mexican American
philosophies. Key differences between the            youths for the murder of José Díaz in what
countries' systems are noted, such as the            was perceived as an unfair trial in 1943.
level of tolerance for sexual relationships                  Video Cassette (1 hr.)
between inmates. Interviews with the                         F869.L89 M58 2002
women poignantly highlight their struggles
with drugs, suicide, motherhood, physical
and sexual abuse.
       1 videocassette (47 min.)
       HV9471 .W64 2002

World's Most Dangerous Gang.
   National Geographic 2006
       "Reveals how [international gang]
MS-13 works from those who know it best --
detailing its extreme culture and rituals
through revealing interviews with active
members, those struggling to break free and
investigators dedicated to stemming the
increasing tide of violence that now spills
beyond our borders"—Container.
       1 videodisc (53 min.)
       HV6437 .W67 2006

    Paramount, c2008
        Robert Graysmith is a socially
awkward newspaper cartoonist. He
becomes obsessed with the Zodiac, a serial
killer whom was murdering people in the
San Francisco area. The publicity-hungry
Zodiac starts writing cryptic letters to the
papers regarding the unsolved murders. He
latches onto columnist Paul Avery who has
the crime beat and gets overly involved with
the investigation. Lead investigator, David
Toschi and his partner, William Armstrong,
have their hands full with the investigation
and the intense interest that the story is
generating. Based on actual events that
occurred in the 1960s and 1970s.
        2 videodiscs (162 min.)
        HV6534.S3 Z63 2008

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