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									Paw Prints                                                       September 2008
                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1

            Mrs. Campbell’s Honors Language Arts Class

    America Remembers
    By Logan Weghorst

    The tragedy of 9/11 still lives with the   When the museum is done, it will be
    many people who lost a loved one. That three stories high. Each of the stories
    is why Joe Daniels thought to make a will be dedicated to a different part of
                                               9/11. Because of this museum, many
    museum right where the dreadful event emotional wounds can finally be healed
    happened: ground zero. A few years and the victims of 9/11 will be honored
    ago, Craig Dykers was hired by the and remembered for many years to
    government        to    construct      an come.
    asymmetrical building which would later
    become a memorial to those who died
    on 9/11. He is now the head architect
                                              To Write Love On Her Arms
    and is working very hard to get the job By Calli Woodruff
    done. At the pace they are going, the
    museum will be open to the public by              One Hundred and twenty one million
    9/11’s 10th anniversary in 2011. The people across the world are suffering from
    museum will give the families of victims depression. Eighteen million of these
    something to remember them by.             people live in the United States. Depression
     There will also be a section that only    does not by any means depend on your
    relatives of the victims are allowed to age, race, gender, or class. People
    visit. It will be an entire wing of the suffering from depression may become
    museum that is made out of the addicted to drugs or substances, injure
    remnants of the twin towers and the themselves, or they may even commit
    pentagon. Another part of the museum suicide.
    is going to be outside. There will be two         The good news is that TWLOHA can
    pools of water that are the exact same     help these people. What is TWLOHA? It’s a
    shape as the base of the towers. Around non-profit        movement      dedicated     to
    these pools will be the walls with the     presenting hope and finding help for those
    names engraved on them.So far, the who struggle with depression. They have
    museum has obtained around 1,000 answered over two million calls since
    names of victims and is planning to nineteen ninety-eight. They believe that
    engrave them in a wall just 30 yards each individual was created to love and to
    from the museum itself. Eventually, the
    walls will completely surround both of Continued on page 2
    the pools with names of the people that
    may have died at that very spot.
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       be loved. They know that pain is real, but so are hope, freedom, and recovery. Several famous
       musicians, including Hayley Williams of Paramore, have contributed to TWLOHA.
         These people are wonderful examples of what our society should be doing for these people.
       We shouldn’t just let it happen- we should do something about the people who are hurting
           TWLOHA has a vision of a better future with fewer suicides and cases of depression. Their
       vision is hope, and hope is real. You can help their vision by donating money or buying a shirt
       at You could also encourage a depressed friend to call the hopeline. Join the

   Ohio Immigration Crackdown                                  regardless of citizenship status, leaving
   By Andrew McSurley                                          taxpayers paying the bill. However, even
                                                               though this law cannot be changed, there is a
       Immigration has been full of problems for decades.      bill pending in the Ohio legislature to ban the
   Currently, 18 million Hispanic residents live in the        use of tax dollars to pay for free medical care
   United States. Nine million are illegal immigrants.         for anyone 14 and over living illegally in the
   Each day, people try to cross the border between the        state. The Ohio House also has other bills to
   United States and Mexico without proper                     address the immigration problems in our
   documentation. Federal policies have had little effect      state. Key proposals include: requiring public
   on the growing problem. This has led to Ohio's state        agencies and sub-contractors to verify their
   government to take action themselves.                       employees' social security numbers, banning
          As many as 145,000 Latinos live, work, and go        public assistance to illegals over the age of
   to school in Ohio. Those without citizenship have no        13, allowing police departments to check
   valid social security number, which identifies              citizen status for felony or drunk driving
   everyone in the country. Many borrow, buy, steal, or        charges, and preventing colleges from
   invent these numbers to use for employment or to            providing     scholarship     or    educational
   obtain credit cards. They also do not take the              assistance to illegal immigrants. While there
   responsibility of paying their full share of taxes like a   are no guarantees that these measures will
   real U.S. Citizen. Illegal immigrants also contribute to    be enacted, at least Ohio is trying to sort out
   high health care rates; the treatment of patients in an     this mess.
   emergency room, by federal law, is required

                                                    gets its name from the hadrons inside it. Hadrons
Recreating the Big Bang                             are two beams of subatomic particles, usually
By Jessie Fix                                       protons. These protons are the smallest particles
        Many scientists all over the world are      known by scientists and are the building blocks of
 gathering at the border of Switzerland and France. all things.
 That must mean the study is pretty big, right?             The whole plan is to recreate the beginning
 Well it is; try 17 miles long and 100 meters       of time and the Big Bang Theory. This time many
 underground. Because it is one of the largest      scientists and cameras will be watching to see
 machines ever built, it took many years to         what really happens. For this recreation to occur,
 complete. It was done by the European              the two particles must be sent in acceleration
 Organization for Nuclear Research. This machine while going opposite directions. The particles will
 is called the Large Hadron Collider or LHC. This   gain energy and speed with every lap inside the
                                                    accelerator, LHC. Eventually the particles will be
 circular tube
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 Recreating the Big Bang
 zooming at the speed of light. At that rate, the
 particles will collide into each other, just like the
 Big Bang Theory suggests.
         The big issue is that scientists just don’t
 know what the outcomes will be. One theory is
 that LHC might create a black hole, sucking up the
 world. Other theories say that it could make a
 domino effect of uncontrollable events. The end of
 the domino line is the end of the world for all life.
 Scientists deny all these concerns though,
 believing that no such things could happen. Only
 controlled or small things could happen, nothing
 major, scientists say.
         On September 11, 2008, the accelerator
 was fired to life. It will still be many months before
 we, the people of Earth, can find out what the
 results will be. Hopefully the study and testing of
 the Large Hadron Collider will bring new
 knowledge to the lives of many and not the end of
 a thriving planet.

  This Month In History…
  By Michael Ciccone IV
   On September 5, 1906, Bradbury
                                                          fell incomplete. The second attempt,
Robinson of the St. Louis Blue and White
made American football history. On this                   though, resulted in a 20-yard
                                                          touchdown completion from Bradbury
day in history, he threw the first legal
                                                          to his speedy teammate receiver, Jack
forward pass to teammate Jack Schneider.
                                                          Schneider. St. Louis University went
To make the game safer, the
                                                          on to win the game 22-0.
Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the
                                                                 Later, Robinson gave credit to
United States (IAAUS) officially legalized
                                                          his coach, Eddie Cochems, for
the forward pass the previous spring. The
                                                          creating the passing offense. The
IAAUS became the NCAA in 1910.
                                                          1906 St. Louis University Blue and
       The Blue and White team, under
                                                          White eventually finished the season
Coach Eddie Cochems, formed its
                                                          with an 11-0 record, and they
offensive strategy to fit the new rules.
                                                          outscored their opponents 402-11.
Cochems called the pass play in a game
against Carroll College because he was
frustrated that his team could not move ball
on the ground. The first attempt failed and
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                                                 speeches that day, those including Mike
                                                 Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani.
Republican National                              They talked about how they agreed with
Convention                                       Palin and McCain, and shared thoughts
                                                 about Obama’s lack of experience.
By Alex Koenig                                         On the final day of the convention,
       The Republican National Convention        on Thursday, September 4, 2008, Senator
 started on the first of September, and ended    John McCain gave his acceptance speech,
 three days later on the fourth. During this     which was broadcasted live from St Paul,
 convention, Senator John McCain said he         Minnesota. In this 55 minute long speech,
 would run for president as the Republicans      he accepted the duty and responsibility of
 presidential candidate, and asked Governor      being the republican nominee for
 Sarah Palin to run as his vice president.       president, and addressed the way he feels
       On the first day, Monday Sept. 1, 2008,   on many political matters.         In the
 current president George W. Bush was            beginning of the speech a slide show
 supposed to give a speech, but it was           played, describing his experience and his
 canceled due to Hurricane Gustav.               time as a four-year long POW. Later he
       The very next day, George Bush gave       discussed the things he would hope to
 his delayed acceptance speech via satellite,    accomplish as president. -“I don’t work for
 in which he honored John McCain, credited       special interests. I don’t work for myself.   I
 him for being a maverick and said, ”He was      work for you.” –John McCain 09/04/08
 ready to lead”. Laura Bush gave a speech as
 well, commenting on her and her husband’s
 achievements and addressing McCain’s
 experience in political matters.
       Governor Sarah Palin gave her
 acceptance speech on the 3 of September.
 On this day, she shared her beliefs on many
 subjects of importance, such as stem cells
 and taxes, and talked about her family. As
 she put it “I’m just an average hockey mom”
 and, commenting on her recent negative
 publicity, “I’m not going to Washington to
 seek their good opinion.         I’m going to
 Washington to serve the people of this great
 country.” Palin also talked about how she
 was fighting for change.
       Many other Republicans also gave
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    Tom Brady is Out for the Season
    By Adam Honaker

            Tom Brady, a three-time            school. With Brady out for the
    Super Bowl champion, needs season          season, many New England fans
    ending surgery on his knee. Tom            doubt that the Patriots will repeat
    Brady of the New England Patriots          their undefeated season that they
    was predicted to lead the National         had last year.
    Football League (NFL) in passing
    yards and passing touchdowns, until        The Drowning Browns
    he was tackled hard in the first
                                               By Jordan Grubb
    quarter of the first game of the year.
                                                      The Cleveland Browns were
    It was supposed to be a simple
                                               huge underdogs against the Dallas
    passing route to New England
                                               Cowboys in their season opener, and
    receiver Randy Moss, until Brady
                                               it definitely showed. THe Browns
    heard a SNAP!, and fell to the
                                               lost 28-10! The Browns have not
    ground. It was Bernard Pollard of the
                                               won a game (preseason or regular
    Kansas City Chiefs who had a clean
                                               season) with Donte Stallworth,
    tackle at Tom Brady, and then he
                                               Joshua Cribbs, Brodney Pool, and
    heard a noise and immediately
                                               Ryan Tucker out with injuries. The
    apologized, as he knew he had
                                               Dallas Cowboys were led by Tony
    finished Brady’s season. “It’s most
                                               Romo with 320 passing yards,
    likely a torn ACL injury.” Brady said
                                               Merriam Barber who rushed 16 times
    at a press conference.
                                               for 80 yards, and Terrell Owens with
            Last year the Patriots had an
                                               5 catches for 87 yards. Cleveland
    undefeated season, going 16-0 in the
                                               had a tough time scoring with only a
    regular season. The New York
                                               field goal by Phil Dawson, and a
    Giants were the only team to beat
                                               touchdown pass by Derek Anderson.
    them, defeating them in the Super
                                               The Browns defense had a tough
    Bowl. Many Patriots’ fans are upset,
    saying that Bernard Pollard’s tackle       time getting any pressure on
    was a cheap shot at Tom Brady.             Tony Romo with only one sack the
    Brady replied by saying that Pollard’s     whole game. Cleveland’s secondary
    hit was not a dirty hit at all, and that   gave up 4 passing touchdowns. One
    Pollard was not trying to end Brady’s      of them to star wide receiver Terrell
    season.                                    Owens. The Brown’s head couch,
            As Brady is hurt, quarterback      Romeo Carnell, could do nothing but
    Matt Cassel will play week two vs.         stare in disappointment.
    the New York Jets. Cassel hasn’t
    started a football game since high               Continued on next page
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                                           need to do for us to dominate.”
  The Drowning Browns continued            Lancaster Ewing and Lancaster
                                           Sherman are added games for
          The next game was against
  the Steelers on Sunday Night             Volley for a Cure. The games are
  Football. The Browns’ defense was        double headers at Pickerington
  phenomenal. The Browns only gave         North High School on October 2.
  up one passing touchdown from Ben        “Volley for the Cure is so exciting
  Rothlisberger who connected with         because it feels like we are doing
  Hines Ward. Although their offense
                                           something good,” says Sara Sams.
  did not do so well. At those high
  speed winds, Derek Anderson had          Playing at Central, the Lady
  thrown two interceptions. Their only     Panthers     defeated    Ridgeveiw
  points came from two field goals         Junior High School. It was three
  from Phil Dawson. The Browns did         games because the Lady Panthers
  not play as bad, but still lost to a     won the first, lost the second,
  score of 10-6 to a very talented
                                           then won in the third. More games
  Steeler team.
          The Browns’ schedule does        on the horizon is          Watkins
  get any easier with the Baltimore        Memorial in an home game on 10/1,
  Ravens as their next game. Then          Lancaster Ewing and Sherman on
  after that, they have their AFC rival,   10/2, Reynoldsburg Waggoner in a
  the Cincinnati Bengals.                  home game on 10/6, and a Gahanna
                                           tournament on 10/11. Come and
  Lady Panther Volleyball                  show your support at the next
                                           volleyball game.
  is 11-0
  By Sara Sams
         The Lady Panther volleyball
                                           Lakeview Cross-
  team is undefeated so far. They          Country
  have defeated Newark Heritage,           By Nick Newman
  Upper Arlington, Teays Valley,                 On September 6,           the
  Gahanna East, Norton Middle              Lakeview boys cross-country team
  School,    Ridgeview    Jr.   High,      traveled over 120 miles to Tiffin,
  Groveport, and Reynoldsburg. In an       Ohio, for the second largest cross-
  exciting three games the Lady            country meet in the nation. There
  Panthers defeated Teays Valley           was a total of 6,585 athletes from
  and Gahanna East. Katie Hunt, a          553 teams, earning the event the
  player on the team, says,”Third          name The Tiffin Cross-Country
  games are so stressful because I         Carnival.
  really need to think about what I
Paw Prints

 Lakeview Cross Country continued
        In the varsity    about     coming     in    place,   Pickerington
 race,     the      boys  second at Tiffin,          Ridgeview, by 50
 finished second out      John Huff said, “It        points. Also, Kristen
 of 46 teams, only        was pretty great!”         Eisenhauer broke the
 two     points    from   The     boy’s   team,      school record, with a
 first.     The five      after    the     race,     time of 12:17. The
 runners that scored      improved to a record       rest of the top five
 for Lakeview were        of 91 wins and 1 loss.     for Lakeview were
 Nick Newman, 11:13             Tuesday,             Fayth Gregor, 13:44
 (6th), Sean Saffle,      September 9, the           (2nd),          Megan
 11:29           (16th),  Lakeview girls cross-      Stickney,       13:57
 Nathaniel      Griffin,  country team won           (3rd), Regan Hanood,
 11:40 (25th), Brent      the Lakeview Invite,       14:04    (5th),   and
 Pritchard,        11:46  beating 4 teams and        Cheyenne
 (28th), John Huff,       improving        their     Knamdanamehr, 14:10
 11:46 (29th). When       record to 54-4. The        (6th).
 asked how he felt        girls beat second

         Weather and Related Events

 Going Green                             causes the river levels to rise,
                                         making their roaring sound
 By Allison Lowery
                                         louder than ever. When the
      Climate change is a large
                                         glaciers are gone, there will
 issue right now. All around
                                         be no runoff for the rivers.
 the world, people are seeing
                                         Without runoff, the rivers
 its effects. In India, it is
                                         will eventually dry up.       In
 even said that you can here
                                         Beijing, China, smog, soot, and
 the climate change. In the
                                         other particles are adding to
 India Himalayas, glaciers are
                                         global warming.     Scientists
 melting quickly. The glaciers
                                         say that temperatures may
 there are disappearing faster
                                         See Going Green next page
 than anywhere else.       This
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  Going Green continued                  hunt on ice for seals, it
                                   puts them at risk for
  even increase 3 degrees in       extinction. The melting of
  the next 50 years.               the ocean also threatens the
        Here in the United         warming of the northern
  States    the    warming    of   hemisphere. Some experts do
  western mountains will bring     not think this is happening;
  more floods in winter and less   they think the ice is moving
  water during the summer.         further north. “One of the
  With increased temps, forest     major debates in Arctic
  fires are a possibility too.     research at the moment is
  Peter Stott of the UK Met        whether the total volume of
  Office said, “There is a whole   sea ice in the Arctic has
  body of evidence for climate     actually reduced as much as
  change, but now we have          the submarine results say
  found it locally.” No one is     they do,” said Martin Doble,
  positive yet of the actual       Scottish    Association    for
  cause. Some people say it is     Marine Science. No matter
  the natural way of the earth,    what the cause, the world is
  but others argue that it has     still suffering.    For some
  to do with humanity. It could    simple tips to do your part in
  be volcanic action and solar     preventing global warming go
  activity, or it could be the     tohttp://www.stopglobalwarmi
  greenhouse gases, ozone, and
  sulphate aerosols.     In the
  Arctic the ocean ice is
  getting thinner during the
  summers. Since polar bears
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             ~Arts and Entertainment~
    Hawk Nelson             great starter. It is    are a great band
                            fun, exciting, and a    with some great
    is My friend            great      song    to   music that you
    By Rex Frost            pump you up. The        can’t miss. If you
           Hawk Nelson      second           song   want to see them
    just released their     “friend like that”      in concert, they
    new album “Hawk         quickly follows the     have shows on
    Nelson      is    my    same style and will     Septem-ber 19 and
    Friend” on april        get you hooked on       20 in Dallas, TX,
    first 2008, and         the album fast.         but it is for ladies
    might I say that it     The third song          only because it is
    was a great CD. It      “turn it on” was        the revolve tour.
    was probably one        probably one of my      I’m sure they will
    of their heaviest al-   person-al favorite      play some of their
    bums and one of         song of the album.      new songs at the
    their best. “Going      it has a catchy         concert so you
    into this album, we     rhythm and a great      may want to go
    sat    down      and    tune that got me        before you buy the
    thought about how       sing-ing the song       CD.
    we always had this      all day.                      This CD is
    mentality of not so            If you have      one of the best
    much winning fans       not listened to any     CD’s I’ve listened
    as making friends,”     Hawk nelson and         to in a long time
    says front man          you are look-ing to     and I think these
    Jason Dunn. The         buy one of their        guys have hit their
    the opener “You         CD’s,       then    I   big seller. It is a
    have what I need”       suggest buying this     hard album with
    is one of the           one.      It is well    some great music.
    harder        rocking   worth the money
    songs      on     the   and you will get
    album and it is a       hooked fast. They
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                          Eclipse, New Moon,              statement.
  Meyer, author           and Breaking Dawn.      “Twilight really
  of the year?            Twilight made its       caught my attention
  By Layne Collier        debut in October of     and held it. I’m
          Are you         2005, while Breaking    really excited to see
  looking for a good      Dawn recently came      the book adapted to
  book or series? Well    out in August of this   film.” Those of you
  one series of books     year. Intimidation,     planning on reading
  by Stephanie Meyer      due to size, is         it better get started!
  is sweeping the         overcome as             If you need a good
  nation. “The hottest    fascinated readers      pastime or want to
  series to hit the       are unable to put the   try a different type
  selves since “Harry     page tuners down        of book, I highly
  Potter,” says           before each end. All    recommend this “The           four books have         series.
  Twilight Series” are    been number one on
  about a vampire and     the New York Times
                          Best Seller List. The
  a high school girl                              8/TRAVEL/getaways/09
  who find themselves     movie “Twilight”,
  falling in love. At     starring Kristen        ndex.html?section=cnn_
  first, these books      Stewart and Robert      latest
  sounded very bizarre    Pattinson, is due to
  and I was very          come out later this
  hesitant at trying      year. “Twilight is
  them. After the first   the first series of
  couple chapters         books that I’ve ever
  however, readers are    read. I didn’t get
  hooked. The series      into Harry Potter
  consists of four        series, even though I
  books; Twilight,        love the movies.”
                          Paramore’s Hayley
                          Williams said in a
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                                        friendly atmosphere here in
    Principal’s                         Pickerington than the other
                                        schools that I have taught at.”

                                               Have you ever heard of
                                        Twenty-First Century Grant?
                                        Probably not, because it’s a new
    By Heather Byers
                                        program that Mr. Clark would
           During an interview with
                                        like to start here at Lakeview
    Mr. Clark, our new school
                                        Junior High.         Twenty-first
    principal, I discovered some
                                        Century Grant is a program that
    very interesting things. First of
                                        will help build up student’s study
    all, he grew up in a small town
                                        habits, in a fun way!!!!! I know
    called Mt. Gilead, which is North
                                        that just about everyone of the
    of Pickerington. Mr. Clark went
                                        students here have been caught
    to Thomas Moore College in
                                        or will get caught soon for
    Northern Kentucky. He did his
                                        chewing gum. I asked Mr. Clark
    graduate work at O.S.U. and he
                                        about this no gum chewing gum
    got his Ph.D. there also. He
                                        rule and he said, that if he sees
    taught eighth grade math and
                                        you, or hears you chewing gum
    science at Grove City for 10
                                        then he will certainly point you
    years.    At Mt. Vernon High
                                        out, and have you spit it out.
    School, he was the assistant
                                        There is no gum chewing here at
    principal director of activities
                                        Lakeview. I also questioned him
    for four years. Then he went to
                                        about the dress code. Mr. Clark
    Grove City High School as the
                                        has done some research about
    assistant principal and was
                                        dress codes here and compared
    there for the past seven years.
                                        them to other places.
    He is now, as you should know,
    the principal here at Lakeview
    Junior High where he will
    hopefully remain for many years
    to come. The main difference
    between Lakeview and the other
    schools that he’s taught at
    would     have    to    be    the
                                        Continued on next page
    atmosphere. “There is a more
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 Mr. Clark continued

                                          approximately 4lbs., and Sophie,
                                          an English Mastiff who weighs a
                                          whopping 195lbs!!!
                                             The most important person
                                          to him as child would have to
 He wants his students to dress           have been his father.
 for success, without showing too            One important fact that
 much skin.                               most people might not realize
       If you were at the fall            about him is that he is an avid
 sport meeting, then you would            outdoors man. Mr. Clark enjoys
 know that Mr. Clark has two              fishing, hunting, and reading
 kids: Riley, a six year old boy,         personal stuff, besides school
 and Jamie, a three-and-a-half            stuff.
 year old girl. Tilly, a Runt Rat
 Terrier who weighs

 Principal’s Corner…
 Part II:Interview with Mrs. Hunt
 By Courtney Kelly

 What do you think about the discipline at Lakeview ?
 The discipline at Lakeview Junior High is pretty good; there are a few issues
 that need to be fixed and improved.

 What do you think the biggest problem for administrators at
 Lakeview is ?
 Kids being late for class! It’s very important to be on time.

 Pick three words that would best describe who you are?
 Fair, consistent, approachable
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  What is the most unusual thing people will remember about you?
  Not very much. Maybe that I play golf.

  Tell us what changes you might make to Lakeview?
  It is too early to tell. I am going to just go though this year and maybe make
  some changes next year.

  What can students do to make Lakeview a better place to go to school?
  Be respectful to one another and always arrive on time.

  What made you want to become an administrator?
  I always loved working with kids.

  What is your least favorite part of your job?
  Seeing kids not learn from their mistakes.

  What is your favorite part of being assistant principal at Lakeview?
  Being in a relaxed environment.

  Do you think the dress code is too strict?
  Not at all . The dress code is for a reason and kids need to understand they
  can’t wear what they would usually wear on a weekend or around the house.

  Where did you work before coming to Lakeview and what would the
  students there say about you?
  I worked in Appletown, Wisconsin, and I hope they would say that I cared
  about everyone of them.

  Were you a teacher before becoming an assistant principal? If so what
  subject did you teach?
  Yes, I was a biology teacher for six years and have been a assistant principal
  for four years.

  Who has been the most influential person in your life so far?
  It would have to be my high school basketball coach.

  What sports did you play in high school?
  Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
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                          Staff Spotlights
  Mrs. Sanders
                                           ~ “Well, I am still getting to know
                                           them, so I can’t say much but they
                                           seem eager to learn and excited to
  By Abb y Shalawylo                       be in Jr. High.”

  What grade, team, and subject do you     Where did you go to college?
  teach at Lakeview?                       ~ “I went to Bowling Green and got
  ~ “I teach 7th grade Language Arts       my undergrad. I got my masters at
  on team Trailblazer.”                    Capital and at Ashland University.’’

  What is your favorite subject and why?   Where do you like to shop?
  ~ “Reading. I LOVE TO READ!”             ~ “Easton. I love being outside!”

  As you know, there has been lots of      What do you like to do in your free time?
                                           ~ “In my free time I go to sporting
  controversy about the dress code. How
                                           events with my boys, mainly soccer
  do you feel about the dress code?
                                           and baseball. I also love to read!”
  ~ “I am for the dress code. I think
  that we need something consistent,
                                           What is you favorite book?
  so that kids don’t worry about how
                                           ~ “There’s too many to choose from!
  much money people spend on their
                                           But, I love historical fiction.”
                                           What is your favorite football team?
  Where did you grow up?
                                           ~ “Ohio State University! I am a big
  ~ “I grew up in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.”
                                           buckeye fan!”
  Do you have any siblings?
                                           What other teams do you like?
  ~ “I have one sister named Mindy,
                                           ~ “I love the Crew, and I am also a
  who is a teacher in Reynoldsburg.”
                                           Bluejackets fan.”
  Do you have any kids?
                                           How long have you been teaching in
  ~ “I have 2 boys. Chase is 9 years
  old in the 4th grade, and                Pickerington?
  A.J. is 6 years old in kindergarten.”    ~ “I have been teaching in
                                           Pickerington for 15 years

  How do this year’s 7th graders compare
  to last years?
Paw Prints                                                                        Page 15

                        ADVICE COLUMN

 Dear Denise,
       My best friend is talking about me behind my back to our other
 friends and they are all turning against me. I feel like now I don’t have any
 friends and I don’t know what to do.
                                                      Hope you can help,
                                                      Feeling Friendless

 Dear Feeling Friendless,
        You should talk to your best friend and your other friends about how
 they are making you feel. Tell them that you feel like they are all betraying
 you and leaving you out. Also tell them this makes you feel sad that you
 don’t have any friends. If they seem like they do not care after you tell
 them how you feel, then they are not true friends, and you will find way
 better ones out there soon enough. Always remember the wise words of a
 famous Greek poet, Euripides; “Friends show their love in times of trouble”.

 Dear Denise,

        My best friend is really mean to other people, but really nice to me.
 It is kind of making me look bad to be hanging around him all the time since
 he is so mean. Do I stop being friends with him?
                                                     Thanks for your time,
                                                     Bully’s Buddy

 Dear Bully’s Buddy,
        You shouldn’t stop being friends with him if he is nice to you, but you
 should talk to him about his unkind actions to others. He might not even
 realize he is doing these things. If he doesn’t listen to you when you talk to
 him, maybe then you could say, “Either you treat people better, or we can’t
 be friends anymore”. Hopefully this will straighten him up and if not, then
 he doesn’t care enough about your friendship to be a part of it and you
 arbetter off without him.
Paw Prints                                                                     Page 16

 Dear Denise
 Dear Denise,
       I think my boyfriend is cheating on me with my best friend. He’s
 sensitive so if I ask him directly, he’ll be offended. What should I do?

 Dear Suspicious,
       Instead of confronting your boyfriend, ask your friend about the
 situation. If she’s truly your best friend, she wouldn’t lie to you. If she
 says that it’s true, break up with your boyfriend. You’re too good for
 him and he doesn’t deserve to have you. On the other hand, ask her
 why she did it. If she’s a true friend, she’d apologize and you two can
 work out your issues.

 Dear Denise,
       Going to school is giving me too much stress! It exhausts me, and
 I don’t think I can hang on any longer. What can I do to relieve my
  -Stressed out

 Dear Stressed,
       I definitely know what you’re going through, because I get
 stressed out too. What I usually do to relieve my stress is take a walk.
 You can also try taking some time out of your day to do something you
 enjoy. Join a school activity that you think might help with your stress.
 On the weekends, try going to the movies or out to eat. If these tips
 don’t help, try talking to a counselor and work your problems out with
 her. Good luck!!
Paw Prints                                                                       Page 17


  Cafeteria Food
         Schools all around the United States serve cafeteria food, but some
  schools waste food, serve the same thing everyday, or they have food that
  has gone bad. In fact at our school, every Tuesday we have chicken and
  the chicken the serve is usually very dry and you have to dip in Ketchup or
  Ranch. Also every Wednesday we have horrible pizzas. The kids that buy
  this pizza usually drowned it in Ranch, which is far less then healthy.
  MSNBC did an article about cafeteria food and said, “In New Jersey, at
  least seven kids and a teacher fell ill with salmonella. And in St. Louis
  officials haven’t figured out how forty-five kids and one teacher fell ill after
  eating the cafeteria food.” At our school they also waste food. One person
  said, “A lunch lady made me get a bag of carrots and told me I didn’t have
  to eat them.” So this wastes food, and so many kids around the world are
  starving for lack of food. In America we are blessed to have few people
  starved each day but in the rest of the less lucky countries approximately
  six-million kids each year are killed because of lack of food. So in
  conclusion I think schools should have a variety of things, watch their
  expiration dates, and not waste food, so people in other countries can eat
                                                Kathryn Wilson

  Sleep Deprivation
         “The feeling of sleepiness when you are not in bed, and can’t get
  there, is the meanest feeling in the world.” –E.W. Howe-author and
         In America, 74% of Americans are severely sleep deprived. Most of
  these people are students. With school starting at 7:20 a.m. at Lakeview Jr.
Paw Prints                                                                           Page 18

 High, many students must drag themselves out of bed and get ready for
 school at as early as 5:00 a.m. To make matters worse, many kids have
 sports after school, sometimes getting home at as late as 8:00 p.m. After
 they get home, they have to study and do homework for school the next day,
 resulting in sleep deprivation. To be able to function and think well, the
 average child should have at least eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep
 deprivation causes weak immune systems (which causes absences due to
 sickness), depression, heart disease, irritability, and less brain activity. With
 19 out of 26 students getting less than 8 hours of sleep, students are not
 performing as well as they truly can. Basically, the students are being set up
 to fail. To solve this, school for junior high and high school students should
 start at least one hour later. After all, there is no point in going to school to
 learn when the students are not learning. With enough sleep, students can
 perform better in school and lead healthier lives. It is easy to see that
 nothing good comes from sleep deprivation. If so, why are schools still
 forcing students to go to school so early when students are showing only half
 their abilities?
                                                   Melody Liu
   Panther Paws                                                     Page 19

      Weather and Related Events
Going Green        locally.” No one is positive yet of
                   the actual cause. Some people
By Allison Lowery                         say it is the natural way of the
       Climate change is a large          earth, but others argue that it has
issue right now. All around the           to do with humanity. It could be
world, people are seeing its              volcanic action and solar activity,
effects. In India, it is even said that   or it could be the greenhouse
you can here the climate change.          gases, ozone, and sulphate
In the India Himalayas, glaciers are      aerosols. In the Arctic the ocean
melting quickly. The glaciers there       ice is getting thinner during the
are disappearing faster than              summers. Since polar bears hunt
anywhere else. This causes the            on ice for seals, it puts them at risk
river levels to rise, making their        for extinction. The melting of the
roaring sound louder than ever.           ocean also threatens the warming
When the glaciers are gone, there         of the northern hemisphere. Some
will be no runoff for the rivers.         experts do not think this is
Without runoff, the rivers will           happening; they think the ice is
eventually dry up. In Beijing, China,     moving further north. “One of the
smog, soot, and other particles are       major debates in Arctic research at
adding to global warming.                 the moment is whether the total
Scientists say that temperatures          volume of sea ice in the Arctic has
may even increase 3 degrees in            actually reduced as much as the
the next 50 years. Here in the            submarine results say they do,”
United States the warming of              said Martin Doble, Scottish
western mountains will bring more         Association for Marine Science.
floods in winter and less water           No matter what the cause, the
during the summer. With                   world is still suffering. For some
increased temps, forest fires are a       simple tips to do your part in
possibility too. Peter Stott of the       preventing global warming go to
UK Met Office said, “There is a
whole body of evidence for climate
change, but now we have found it          ctionitems.asp
   Panther Paws                                              Page 20

Can fashion really make a good   clothes can create a new image of
first impression?                yourself to other people. Do not
By Erika Brockhoff               confuse      people      by     wearing
                                 something that reflects the exact
       Have you ever noticed whenopposite of who you are.
                                 Remember to always stay true to
you look at someone you can pretty
much sum up who they are on the  yourself and be unique! Each
inside? While first impressions  person has their own unique style
                                 so don't be afraid to show it off!
aren't always fair or true, they can
                                 Also, if you find comfort in it, wear it.
usually tell you who a person really
is on the inside. Are they happy,Same goes for the opposite, don't
                                 wear something uncomfortable just
funny, smart, sad, athletic or even
angry? All of this can be summed to fit in. Although your own style
up in one quick glimpse. And whatmight not be the trend, it is
influences this first judgment isimportant to have your own look.
                                 Don't be afraid to take risks with
people's clothing. While this is not
                                 fashion. The trend might work on
completely just or fair that we judge
people based on clothes, we can'teveryone else, yet not work on you.
                                 While fashion
help it. It's the first clue absorbed by              changes, your
                                 personality will always stay the
the eye before the brain judges first
                                 same; so let it shine through every
impression. When a person looks at
you, they make judgments about   item of clothing you wear!!
who you are. They may use your          Why does fashion change? Is
personal appearance to judge yourit because people change or we just
character. Appearance can be a   get tired of things? Is it because the
powerful and useful tool in      seasons change or for practical
                                 reasons? Actually, fashion changes
controlling the kind of message you
                                 because of all this and more.
send to others. Clothes can tell us
where we stand in society, our   Fashion evolves and styles come
                                 and go and we go in and out of
talents, wants, needs, personalities,
                                 trends. So how do we keep up with
dispositions, and destinations. It is a
silent,       yet      very      these styles? Here's a good tip:
communicator.                    Don't!! Why attempt to keep up with
       Why not make a good first
impression when you can control it? See next page Can           fashion
Changing your hair, grooming, and really...impression
   Panther Paws                                                Page 21

these trends when our own are          trends. Don't get me wrong, fashion
better, more practical, and less       is important. But staying true to
expensive? The answer is, we want      yourself is 100% more. So go out
to look like everyone else. We want    and wear something crazy that you
to be like the next big celebrity or   wouldn't normally wear if it
huge star when our own trends are      represents you. You never know…
good enough. So don't get dragged      you may be the one setting the new
into the whole big topic about         trend that everyone else wants to

                                       are currently “in”. At Lakeview Jr.
Fashion’s What You
                                       High a big thing is Converse.
Make It                                They come in about
By Allison Craig
      Some people try to always        every color imaginable. I’ve seen
have the trendiest clothes and         so many people wearing them.
wear what’s in style. Then there       Katie Hunt of team Roosevelt
are some people who are all for        says, “I think that they are so
being unique and having their          comfortable!!! I like a change
own personal style. What you           once in awhile, so they are a
wear reflects your personality         trendy way to wear tennis shoes
and even how you’re feeling.           instead of flip flops.”
Clothes tell a lot about a person             Another new trend I’ve
even though they don’t say a           noticed lately is skinny jeans, on
word. People who wear sweats           guys and girls. I know I love my
and hoodies maybe are not              skinny jeans. Colin James of team
feeling good that day and just         Lincoln says, “Skinny jeans are
want to be comfortable at              amazing.” Kristen Eisenhauer of
school, when others dress up           team Roosevelt says, “They rule!
and really care about how they         Ha. Just kidding. I really like
look when they’re in a good            how the skinny jeans fit you and
mood. Neither one is bad.              a lot of companies sell them so
Fashion truly is what you make         you can get a wide variety of
it.                                    them. They are also super
       Now there are things that       comfy.”
      So far we’ve gone over
   Panther Paws                                                Page 22

things that have come back “in“        American Eagle, Ruehl and many
from past eras. What era was           sports team jerseys. Adam
that again? Oh yeah, the exotic        Honaker of team Roosevelt says,
‘80’s!!! I am seeing a lot of bright   “I usually put on whatever I pick
colors, chunky jewelry, and crazy      up off the floor in the mornings
outfits just like the ‘80’s. None      before school.”
of us were alive during that era              In all honesty, I can’t just
of course, but we seem to be           say what is “in”, what is “out” and
bringin’ ‘80’s back. WetSeal at        what you should and shouldn’t
Easton Shopping Center is an all       wear. It’s your own personal
‘80’s shop and I know a lot of         style and what you think you
girls shop there for their             should wear. Everyone is unique
clothes. Some other shops girls        and how you dress is a big way
are going to are Hollister,            to show it. Though you should
Abercrombie&Fitch, DELiA*s,            dress appropriate no matter
American Eagle, Forever21, and         what your style is. So don’t
Kohl’s. Guys usually wear t-           worry about having the latest
shirts they pick up off the floor      fashion trends in you’re closet or
to school but others wear              not. Just be you, be real, and
Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch,          express yourself through how
                                       you dress.
   Panther Paws                                                  Page 23

Oatmeal Cookie Fruit                  Add the egg white and combine. Mix
                                      in applesauce and vanilla.
Pizza By Kerstyn Auman
                                      Sift the flour, salt, baking soda, and
                                      cinnamon together. Add to sugar
C ookie crust :
                                      mixture, stirring just until combined.
2 Tbsp. butter
                                      Then, gently stir in oats, just until
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1 egg white
                                      Spread the batter on a 12-inch,
1/3 cup applesauce
                                      nonstick pizza pan or line a baking
2 tsp. vanilla extract
                                      sheet with parchment paper into a
1 cup all-purpose flour
                                      12-inch circle. Bake until lightly
1/2 tsp. salt
                                      browned, 30 to 35 minutes. Let cool
1 tsp. baking soda
                                      in the pan for 5 minutes, then
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
                                      carefully transfer to a wire rack and
1 1/2 cups old-fashion oats
                                      let cool completely.
Topping :
                                      To make topping: In a mixing bowl,
8 ounces low-fat cream cheese,
                                      whip the cream cheese with the apple
                                      juice concentrate and lemon zest
1/4 cup frozen apple juice
                                      until light and creamy.
concentrate, thawed
2 Tbsp. grated lemon zest
                                      Spread the cream cheese mixture
4 kiwis, peeled and sliced
                                      over the cookie, leaving a 1/2-inch
2 peaches, sliced
                                      border around the edge. Arrange the
10 medium strawberries, sliced
                                      fruit over the top. Slice into wedges
1 medium bananas, cut into 1/4 inch
                                      with a pizza cutter.
                                      This recipe is of a low-fat dessert. It
                                      has 325 calories and 10g of fat per
Preheat oven to 350°F.
                                      serving. One serving is one slice when
To make the cookie crust: cream the
                                      cut into 8 slices.
butter, honey, and brown sugar
together in a medium mixing bowl.
                                      More FOOD recipes on next page
   Panther Paws                                                  Page 24

                                        mixture and then in the bread
Italian Cuisine                         crumbs. Heat olive oil in a large
By Brittany Ferguson                    skillet over medium- high heat.
                                        Brown the chicken in the hot oil on
       Italian cuisine roots can be     both sides until golden, brown,
traced clear back to the 4th century    about 3-4 minutes on each side. Set
BC, even though Italy wasn’t            chicken in a baking dish.
founded until the 19th century.
       Each region has its own style    Slice 8 pieces of mozzarella
and cooking techniques. For             cheese and put two on each
example, just about everyone you        chicken breasts. Pour 1 jar of your
ask will have a different way of        favorite spaghetti sauce over all.
making spaghetti sauce. A traditional   Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and
meal in Italy is usually no less than   a little more mozzarella, and bake at
two to three courses, because this      350 degrees for about 25-30
time is seen as a time to spend with    minutes, or until bubbly. Serve with
family, not just to eat. The normal     spaghetti, garlic bread, and a nice
courses are primo, first, secondo,      green salad.
second, contorno, side dish, dolce,
dessert, and caffe, coffee. There are
many ways to make italian dishes.
       Even some that sound and
appear fancy can be easy to make.
Below is a recipe that is easy to
make, and can be fancy if served
the right way.

Chicken Parmesan
1) 4 boneless chicken breasts
      pounded to 1/2 inch thickness
2) 1 egg
3) 1/2 cup of milk
4) seasoned bread crumbs
5) 2-3 tablespoons olive oil
6) 8 slices of mozzarella cheese,
      or more
7) 1 jar(16 ounces) spaghetti sauce
8) parmesan cheese

Whisk together the egg and milk.
Dip the chicken breasts in milk aegg
    Panther Paws                                                     Page 25

   ~STUDENT                              click and plopped himself onto his
                                         bed, not bothering to change out of his
WRITING SECTION~                         clothes.
                                                The brakes of the freezing
   Short Story Short Story slammed on and brought it to a bus
                By John Huff             complete stop. This wasn't quite the
        The boredom had overcome his same for his head flying forward and
body now and he found himself            smacking into the back of the seat in
nodding and quickly jerking his neck     front of him. This happened often
back straight. Joe knew that if he fell during his morning bus ride, but Joe
asleep now he would leave all of his     was usually too dozed out to care.
work for tomorrow. He stared down at His 45th day as an eighth grader was
his paper, blank, and thought, Could it about to begin, and he slumped off the
really be THIS hard to write one short bus with an unhappy thud.
story?                                             Today was much like the rest
          In the past he had always      of the days he would spend here. Joe
written the best short stories. In 6th   had thought he figured out a way to
grade he wrote one of his best ever      make time go faster by slipping into
entitled "Tan and Green". This had       complete unconsciousness. It
awed his teachers and his parents.       seemed to help and his first three
One teacher suggested that he should classes went by at a very fast rate.
have it published but Joe disliked the   4th period language arts. The pit in
thought. Now he wished that he could his stomach sunk at the thought of it.
just think of an idea for story. Writing Mrs. Bellcamp would surely talk about
it was the easy part.                    how important it was that they have it
          The side of his head was       done, Joe just sitting acting like he
resting snuggly on the palm of his       was fine. Before class began he
hand propped up by his elbow. Joe        decided to ask Laurie what he should
fell into a sort of half dream-realm     write about.
state, thinking about his life. When               "You should write a story
finally all his thoughts stopped and he about what happens to rainbows after
was in complete relaxation his hand      they disappear." Joe though she was
slipped and his head flew down and       joking at first.
smacked into his blank sheet of                    "Seriously?" Joe said,
paper.                                   thinking she might actually give him a
          At this point he gave up, it   good idea. This was hopeless.
would be pointless for him to keep                "You should write it about a
brainstorming if he was just going to    kid that never gets his work done."
end up hurting himself. He turned the With that, the bell rang.
awkwardly standing lamp off with a              continued on next page
                                            skate, but he was determined to get this
    Panther Paws                                                         Page 26
                                            story done.

The rest of the school day wasn't very              When he went back inside he
eventful except for spilling milk on his    found his brother using the computer.
jeans. The whole time he kept               "Jeff, what should I write my short story
wondering just what he should write his     about?"
story about.                                        "
         Joe dropped his book bag
immediately after stepping through the      Well, I always write about how I save our
door, happy to be home. He dropped          dogs every time I'm asked to write a
onto the couch in his living room sinking   story." Jeff said. Joe liked this idea but
into it releasing all the pressure of       wasn't really sure he could work with it.
uncomfortable school chairs. He                     "Thanks."
allowed himself to drift off.                        Joe decided he was still too tired
                  *********                 to work and fell back to sleep. He woke
                                            up again to the sound of the dog's nails
                                            clanking against the tiled floor. His
                                            mom had just walked through the door.
                                            After she sorted through her mail Joe got
                                            up and asked her what she thought he
        DING DONG. Joe awoke with a         should write. "You should make it like a
jerk finding his face had been sitting in a action theme, where a double agent had
small pool of drool. He wiped most of it stolen secrets from the government and
off onto his sleeve as he got up t get the was being chased by another agent."
door. He pushed past the wildly barking Joe thought this idea was completely
dogs to get through the door. "SHUT UP" corny and didn't feel much like writing
he said forcefully which didn't help        about it.
much. He closed the door behind him to               Joe shrugged and decided it was
find Kenny standing lanky with his          best that he think of it himself. He
skateboard in one hand. "Let's go shoot grabbed his book bag and slowly
some footy." This jogged Joe's memory. walked upstairs. He dropped his book
"Dang it. No, I can't, I have to write this bag when he got to his room and
stupid story and I can't even think about   dragged it to his desk. The story he was
what to write." Joe wiped the sleepiness writing was still on his desk. It was
from his eyes.                              blank except for the pen marks he made
         "Just write about finding…         just to make sure it still worked. Once
something… like an old book that gives      again he was back to his world of
you powers." Joe liked this idea but        boredom. Everyone had given him
wasn't sure if he had time to write about ideas, but he didn't feel the passion to
it.                                         write about any of them.
        "I'll think of something. Maybe I           HE HAD IT! Finally after two days
can skate tomorrow." Joe said gloomily.     of stress he had it! He began to write,
        "Whatever." Kenny put his           “The boredom had overcome his body
skateboard down and rode down Joe's         now and he found himself nodding and
driveway. Joe really wished he could        quickly jerking his neck back straight.”
    Panther Paws                                                              Page 27

Famous Poem of the Month                                 Student Writing
                                                   ”It’s A Gummy Bear’s Life”
To My Beard                                        By Megan Stickney-grade 8

What can I say but I am sorry,                 "Ding!" cried the little bell hanging at
I apologize for what I do to you,            the top of the door. Everyone knew
my daily ruthlessness and cruelty.           what that meant! Well, almost
What can I do but ask for your               everyone. Suddenly, the candy shop
forgiveness                                  burst to life.
and your patience. For someday,
I promise you, someday I swear
on the beards of the prophets
and on the beard of the poet Whitman         Jolly Ranchers swung on the scale
and                                          next to the cash register. Tangy Taffy
on the beard of the president Lincoln,       did gymnastics across the counter.
I will not stop you any longer,              Malt balls raced around our daytime
I will let you go free, I will take down     homes, clear boxes each containing a
the fence around you made of sharp           different kind of candy, and gummies
blades.                                      bolted up the gumball machine, which
For someday, I promise you, I will let       they were using as a ball pit and the
you run wild through the valleys             most awesome slide you’ve ever seen!
of my face like a stallion, I will let you       "What's going on?" I asked Jessie,
wander over the desert of my face            an older gummy bear who was
like a holy man in his vision of heaven      showing me around.
and hell, I will let you grow, blossom           I was a newbie, just put in the box
and flourish, and I will stroke you          today.
and comb you and keep you orderly                "The bell rings every time the door
and free of knots and tangles,               opens. That one meant that the
and you in turn will make me look            owner just left. In other words, it's
distinguished, a wise old man as I           party time!" exclaimed Jessie. We
stroke                                       hopped out of the box and headed
you looking serious, looking as though       toward the shiny red gumball
I were thinking deep thoughts about          machine, passing a small group of
life and death. But I will be thinking       Laffy Taffies telling jokes on our way.
only about you, my beard, my second              "It sure is big," I breathed.
face,                                            "Yep," chirped Jessie. "Fun, too."
and this will be our secret.                     I stared at the glittering thrill ride. I
                                             wasn't afraid of the ball pit, but that
                                             slide was a monster! The machine
J.R. Solonche
    Panther Paws                                                        Page 28

was made up of a large glass sphere          my eyes. I knew this was a bad
filled with gumballs, sitting on top of     idea! Three, two, one, whoosh!
a tall clear tube, with the slide               I was out, but where was the
wrapped around its inner walls. At the      owner? I looked around. There! I saw
bottom, there was a small metal door        him! He must have turned around
that swung open when things slid into       while I had my eyes closed. What a
it.                                         relief! But he would be coming back
    "Nervous?" asked Jessie.                this way soon, and I was in the middle
     I gulped.                              of the floor! I knew
     "Don't worry, I was too. I'll go
first." She sounded about twenty                   I wouldn't be able to make it to
times as confident as I felt. Two           the box, but where? I had to hide!
minutes later, we were in the ball pit.     Then I noticed Jessie flailing wildly
We played for a few minutes, then           and pointing to the door.
Jessie decided she wanted to go                "Of course!" I hissed. There where
down the slide. I watched her as she        pictures of gummy bears all the way
jumped down through the opening,            around it! I sprinted to the door and
and shortly after, I saw her shoot out      plopped down underneath the bottom
the door. I took a deep breath, and         picture just as the owner turned to
jumped!                                     leave. I made it! Boy, Jessie sure
     "Geronimoaaaaaaaahhh! Jeez,            saved my tail!
this is fast!" It had only been a few
seconds, and I was already one fourth               Finally, wheezing and gasping
of the way down!                            for air, I climbed back up the machine,
     Suddenly I heard a very faint click,   this time with Jessie following me.
then the soft chime of the bell, muffled    When we reached the top, I sat down
by the plastic walls surrounding me. I      on a gumball next to Jesie. Then, as
saw Jessie leap into the box. She           an enormous grin crept across my
was watching me, and she looked             face, I whispered, "Let's do that
panicked. A moment later, I could           again!"
see why. It was the owner! I knew
that as long as I was in the tube, he
wouldn't notice me, but the second I
shot out.... I had to do something. If I
didn't, we would be
exposed! Beads of sweat trickled
down my forehead. I couldn't jump off;
I was being pressed against the wall
spiralling. Oh no! I was going to
shoot out right in front of him! I closed
   Panther Paws                         Page 29

I Found a Four-
Leaf Clover

I found a four-leaf clover
and was happy with my find,
but with time to think it over,
I’ve entirely changed my mind.
I concealed it in my pocket,
safe inside a paper pad,
soon, much swifter than a rocket,
my good fortune turned to bad.

 I smashed my fingers in a door,
 I dropped a dozen eggs,
 I slipped and tumbled to the floor,
 a dog nipped both my legs,
 my ring slid down the bathtub drain,
 my pen leaked on my shirt,
 I barked my shin, I missed my train,
 I sat on my dessert.

I broke my brand-new glasses,
and I couldn’t find my keys,
I stepped in spilled molasses,
and was stung by angry bees.
When the kitten ripped the curtain,
and the toast burst into flame,
I was absolutely certain
that the clover was to blame.

 I buried it discreetly
 in the middle of a field,
 now my luck has changed completely,
 and my wounds have almost healed.
 If I ever find another,
 I will simply let it be,
 or I’ll give it to my brother—
 he deserves it more than me.

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