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					Part 1

Colonial Super
Retirement Fund
2010/2011 Report to Members

Colonial Mutual Superannuation Pty Ltd
ABN 56 006 831 983 AFSL 235025
Abbreviations                                                                                           Contents

                                                                                                        Abbreviations                              Inside front cover
 Abbreviation                     Description
Account                          Your account in the Fund                                               Introduction                               2
APRA                             Australian Prudential Regulation Authority                             Information about the Fund                 8
ATO                              Australian Taxation Office
                                                                                                        Information about the Fund’s investments   12
CMLA, the Insurer, the           The Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society
Administrator                    Limited ABN 12 004 021 809 AFSL 235035                                 Contribution information                   16
Colonial First State             Colonial First State Investments Limited                               Taxation information                       20
                                 ABN 98 002 348 352 AFSL 232468
Colonial First State Property    Colonial First State Property Limited                                  Access to your benefits                    22
                                 ABN 20 085 313 926                                                     Lost members and unclaimed monies          25
Corporations Act                 Corporations Act 2001 and Regulations
                                                                                                        Eligible rollover fund                     26
Member, you                      A Member with an investment in the Fund
RSEL                             Registrable Superannuation Entity Licence                              Your personal information                  27
SIS                              Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 and Regulations         Enquiries and complaints                   30
SuperTrace                       SuperTrace Eligible Rollover Fund
                                 ABN 73 703 878 235                                                     Directory                                  32
the Fund                         Colonial Super Retirement Fund
                                 ABN 40 328 908 469
the Group                        Commonwealth Bank of Australia
                                 ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL 234945
                                 and its subsidiaries
this Report                      Colonial Super Retirement Fund 2010/2011 Report to Members
TFN                              Tax File Number
Trustee, we, us, our             Colonial Mutual Superannuation Pty Ltd
                                 ABN 56 006 831 983 AFSL 235025

This Report is issued by Colonial Mutual Superannuation Pty Ltd, trustee of the Colonial Super
Retirement Fund.
The Trustee and CMLA are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
The Group, except to the extent expressly stated otherwise in this 2010/2011 Report to Members,
does not guarantee, or in any way stand behind, the performance of the Fund or the repayment of
the capital or interest from the Fund. Investments in the Fund are not deposits or liabilities of the
Group (other than CMLA or the Trustee), and investment-type products are subject to investment risk
including possible delays in payment of benefits and loss of principal invested.
It is important to remember that your rights and benefits will be determined in accordance with the
Fund Trust Deed and Rules and the respective life insurance policies where applicable, between the
Trustee and the Insurer.


    Products within the Colonial Super Retirement Fund                                                             The Trustee is pleased to present its        This Report provides you with an update
                                                                                                                                                                on issues concerning your investment
                                                                                                                   2010/2011 Report to Members (this
                                                                                                                   Report) for the Fund.                        in the Fund and general information and
                                                                                                                                                                details of the management of the Fund.
     Refer below for a listing of the Customer Service Representatives’ phone number applicable to your product    If your product has a savings benefit the
                                                                                                                                                                This Report also outlines how you can obtain
     Customer Service              Customer Service          Customer Service          Customer Service            Report will be provided in two parts:
     Representatives               Representatives           Representatives           Representatives                                                          additional information about the Fund.
     1800 624 100                  1800 631 600              13 17 78                  1800 552 660                  Part 1 – Colonial Super Retirement Fund
                                                                                                                                                                Your Annual Statement and this Report
     Colonial Living Money         Managed Investment        Superannuation Bond       Colonial Flexible Income      2010/2011 Report to Members and
                                   SuperPlan (Personal)      “Capital Guaranteed”      Retirement Plan
                                                                                                                                                                gives details of your benefits in the Fund.
     CPI Pension1
                                                                                                                     Part 2 – Investment performance
     Life Umbrella                 Managed                   Lifebuilder               Colonial Personal                                                        If you have any questions about your
                                   Personal SuperPlan                                  Superannuation Portfolio      and other important information.
     Superannuation                                          Multi-Bond                                                                                         superannuation benefits, please contact
     Personal Super                Personal SuperCare        Pru Bond                  Colonial Select Allocated   Part 2 – Investment performance and          your financial adviser or one of our
     Investment Growth Bond        Personal SuperCare Bond   Pru-Plan MK I                                         other important information contains         Customer Service Representatives
                                                                                       Colonial Select Personal
     Personal Super                Retirement Saver          Pru-Plan MK II                                        details of investment objectives and         using the contact details listed on
     Umbrella Financial Plan                                                           Superannuation
                                   Retirement Saver Plus     Pru-Plan Plus                                         strategies, investment performance           page 2 of this Report.
     Personal Super Umbrella                                                           CPSL Master Fund
                                   Retirement Saver          Pru-Plan Superannuation   Superannuation              and asset allocations relevant to your
     Investment Plan               Series 2                                                                                                                     The information in this Report has been
                                                             “PruLink”                                             investment. If your product has a savings
     Retirement                    Super GuaranteeCARE
                                                                                       Customer Service                                                         prepared without taking into account your
                                                             Pru-Plan Superannuation   Representatives             benefit and you have not received Part 1
     Accumulation Plan                                                                                                                                          objectives, financial situation or needs.
                                   Super Units               “Unit Linked”             13 10 56                    and Part 2 please call one of our Customer
     Retirement                                                                                                                                                 You should, before acting on this information
     Investment Plan               Superlink                 Superannuation Bond 90    Endowment                   Service Representatives using the contact
                                                                                                                                                                consider its appropriateness to your
     Rollover Investment           Superlink Plus Series 2   Superannuation Bond 91    Pure Endowment              details listed on page 2 of this Report.
                                                                                                                                                                circumstances. You should speak to your
     Growth Bond                   Superlink Plus Series 3   Superannuation Bond 92    Whole of Life
                                                                                                                   However, if you have a Term Life Insurance   tax adviser in relation to taxation issues and
     SGIC No Fee                   Superwise Series 4        Superannuation Bond 93    Term Life Insurance1
                                                                                                                   product or a CPI Pension product, these      consider talking to a financial adviser before
     Rollover Bond                 Superwise Series 5        Superannuation Bond 91
                                                                                                                   products do not have a savings benefit.      making any investment decision.
     SGIC Personal                                           S Series
     Super Bond                                                                                                    Accordingly, your Report will be provided
                                                             Superannuation Bond 92                                in only one part, being Part 1 – Colonial
     SGIC Retirement
     Plus Account                                            S Series                                              Super Retirement Fund 2010/2011 Report
     SGIC Rollover                                           SuperFlex                                             to Members.
     Deposit Plan                                            SuperPlan
     SGIC Super Money Plan                                   Wealth Portfolio
     Super Investment
     Growth Bond
     Low Cost Life
     SGIC Term Plan
     Umbrella Term Plan
     Total Care Plan Super

    1 These policies do not have a savings benefit.

2                                                                                                                                                                                                                3
    Important superannuation information

    Proposed Federal Budget                        Where your employer is already making            Income threshold for                         Contribution Caps – higher caps
                                                   contributions above the current SG               co-contributions unchanged                   for the over 50s
    changes impacting                              minimum you will need to check with
                                                                                                    The Government has proposed to continue      From 1 July 2012, eligible individuals aged
    superannuation                                 them what changes, if any, they may
                                                                                                    the freeze for an additional year up to      over 50 with total superannuation balances
                                                   introduce as a consequence of the
    The Commonwealth Government                    Government’s proposal.                           2012/13 the income threshold above           of less than $500,000 will be able to
    (‘the Government’) announced as                                                                 which the maximum superannuation             contribute an additional $25,000 above
    part of its May 2010 and 2011 Federal          Government superannuation                        co-contribution begins to phase down.        the general concessional cap.
    Budgets a number of changes affecting          contributions tax rebate for                     Under the superannuation co-contribution     The general concessional cap is set at
    superannuation. Please note that these         low income earners                               scheme, the Government provides a            $25,000 and is subject to indexation.
    changes are currently in the proposal stage
                                                   The Government has proposed to provide           matching contribution for contributions
    and may change prior to becoming law.                                                                                                        Refund of excess concessional
                                                   a superannuation contributions tax rebate        made into superannuation out of after-
    Increasing the superannuation                  of up to $500 annually for low income            tax income. The matching contribution        contributions
    guarantee (SG) rate to 12%                     earners with effect from the 2012/2013           is up to $1,000 for people with incomes      The Government will provide eligible
                                                   financial year.                                  of up to $31,920 in 2010/2011 (with the      individuals with the option to have excess
    The Government has proposed to introduce                                                        amount available phasing down to $0 for
                                                   This measure will effectively rebate                                                          concessional contributions taken out of
    a phased increase in the SG rate from 9%                                                        people with incomes of $61,920 or more).
                                                   most of the tax payable on concessional                                                       their superannuation fund and assessed
    to 12%, with the initial increase from 9% to                                                    This proposal will look at continuing the
                                                   superannuation contributions made by                                                          as income at their marginal rate of tax,
    9.25% proposed to commence from 1 July                                                          freeze of these thresholds at $31,920
                                                   or for low-income earners. The amount                                                         rather than incurring excess contributions
    2013. The table below shows the proposed                                                        and $61,920 respectively until 2012/2013
                                                   payable under this measure will be                                                            tax. The measure will apply where an
    increases in the SG rate for each financial                                                     financial year.
                                                   calculated by applying a 15% rebate of                                                        individual has made excess concessional
    year commencing from 1 July 2013.
                                                   tax to the concessional contributions            Raising the SG age limit                     contributions of up to $10,000 (not
                                                                                                                                                 indexed) in a particular year and is only
        Financial year         SG rate (%)         made by or for individuals on adjusted           from 70 to 75
                                                   taxable incomes of up to $37  ,000 (not                                                       available for breaches in respect of
          2013/2014                9.25            indexed), with an annual maximum                 The Government has proposed to raise         2011/2012 or later years, and only for the
                                                   amount payable of $500 (not indexed).            the SG age limit from 70 to 75 with effect   first year, commencing from 2011/2012,
          2014/2015                9.5
                                                   The proposed rebate will be paid to the          from 1 July 2013. Currently under the SG     in which a breach occurs.
          2015/2016                10.0            individual’s superannuation fund to directly     legislation your employer only needs to
                                                   boost their retirement savings.                  pay your SG contribution up to age 70.
          2016/2017                10.5
                                                   Concessional superannuation contributions
          2017/2018                11.0
                                                   made in the 2012/2013 financial year and
          2018/2019                11.5            later financial years will be eligible for the
                                                   first superannuation contributions tax
          2019/2020                12.0            rebate paid in the 2013/2014 financial year.

4                                                                                                                                                                                              5
    Important superannuation information

    Additional disclosure                           payments paid to a person under 60          Levy to recoup financial                         efficient consolidation of multiple
    on pay-slips regarding                          however may be subject to the flood levy.                                                    member accounts, with effect from
                                                                                                assistance                                       1 January 2012, if not proclaimed earlier.
    superannuation                                  The table below outlines the amount
                                                    payable according to your taxable income.   In April 2011, the Government announced          Reduction in the minimum
    With effect from 1 July 2012, the                                                           it will provide approximately $55 million in
                                                    Taxable income is assessable income less                                                     payment amounts for
    Government will ensure that employees                                                       financial assistance to affected members
                                                    allowable deductions.
    receive information on their payslips about                                                 of four superannuation funds formerly under      account-based pensions
    the amount of superannuation actually paid      Taxable Income      Flood Levy              the trusteeship of Trio Capital Limited.
    into their Account, and employees and                                                                                                        The Government will phase out the pension
    employers will receive quarterly notification   $0 to $50,000       Nil                     In accordance with the Superannuation            drawdown relief that has been provided
    from their superannuation fund if regular       $50,001 to          0.5% for each $1        (Financial Assistance Funding) Levy              over the last three years. Minimum payment
    payments cease. This measure will help          $100,000            over $50,000            Act 1993, the Government will recover            amounts for account-based and allocated
    employees to keep track of their employer’s                                                 the cost of the financial assistance by          pensions will be reduced by 25% for 2011-12
                                                    Over $100,000       $250 plus 1% for each
    contributions and take action where there                                                   imposing a levy on certain superannuation        and will return to normal in 2012-13. The
                                                                        $1 over $100,000
    is a shortfall.                                                                             funds and approved deposit funds. Your           below table illustrates the minimum
                                                    If you were affected by certain natural     superannuation fund is subject to the levy.      payment amounts applicable per year.
    Legislated changes                              disasters you may be able to apply for an
                                                    exemption to the flood levy by completing
                                                                                                The levy is calculated as 0.01347% of the
                                                                                                                                                  Age        2010-2011   2011-2012   Normal
                                                                                                fund’s total assets as at 30 June 2010. It is
    impacting superannuation                        and submitting the ATO approved form        proposed that this will be deducted from
                                                                                                                                                              pension     pension    pension
                                                                                                                                                                % of        % of       % of
    These changes are legislated and                “Flood Levy Exemption Declaration”          the assets of the fund where practical.                       account     account    account
    depending on your individual circumstance       (NAT 73797) to your income provider.
                                                                                                                                                              balance     balance    balance
    may have an impact on you.                                                                  Greater use of tax file numbers
                                                    For more information go to:                                                                   Under 65      2%          3%         4%
                                                              The Government will allow superannuation
    Flood Levy                                                                                  fund trustees and Retirement Savings
                                                                                                                                                  65 -74       2.5%       3.75%        5%

    The Temporary Flood and Cyclone                                                             Account (RSA) providers to make greater           75 - 79       3%         4.5%        6%
    Reconstruction Levy (flood levy) is to apply                                                use of TFNs to locate member accounts             80 - 84      3.5%       5.25%        7%
    during the 2011/2012 income year only.                                                      and to facilitate the consolidation of
                                                                                                                                                  85 - 89      4.5%       6.75%        9%
                                                                                                multiple member accounts. This measure
    The flood levy will apply to the taxable                                                                                                      90 - 94      5.5%       8.25%        11%
                                                                                                will improve superannuation industry
    income of individuals (unless an exemption
                                                                                                administration by removing the existing           95 or         7%        10.5%        14%
    applies). This means that superannuation
                                                                                                requirement for fund trustees and RSA             more
    benefit payments (i.e. lump sum and
                                                                                                providers to use other methods of
    income stream) paid to a person over
                                                                                                identification to locate accounts before
    60 will not be subject to the flood levy
                                                                                                TFNs can be used, with effect from
    as these amounts are non-assessable
                                                                                                1 July 2011. It will also assist fund trustees
    non-exempt. Superannuation benefit
                                                                                                and RSA providers to carry out more

6                                                                                                                                                                                              7
    Information about the Fund

    About the Trustee?                              All benefits due to the Trustee under the       The Trust Deed and Risk                        to ensure that the Fund continues as a
                                                    respective Investment and Life Policies are                                                    complying superannuation fund.
    Colonial Mutual Superannuation Pty Ltd          paid from, or from a combination of, the        Management Strategy & Plan
    is the trustee of the Fund. The Trustee holds   CMLA No. 1, 2L, 3 and 4 Statutory Funds         The Fund Trust Deed outlines the rights and    Nomination of dependant
    an RSEL under SIS and is an ultimately
    wholly owned subsidiary of Commonwealth
                                                    (depending upon the nature of the benefit
                                                    being paid).
                                                                                                    obligations of the Trustee and Members.        beneficiary(ies)
                                                                                                    The Trust Deed can be changed at any time,
    Bank of Australia. The Fund is a regulated                                                                                                     Non-binding nomination
                                                    Benefits applicable to each member are          although any change that may adversely
    and registrable superannuation entity in
                                                    wholly determined by reference to the           affect your benefits can generally only be     You can nominate one or more dependants
    accordance with SIS.
                                                    respective life insurance policy/policies.      made if:                                       and/or your legal personal representative
    The Trustee’s role is to make sure that                                                                                                        (i.e. the representative of the estate) in
                                                                                                    • it is expressly permitted by SIS or
    the Fund is administered in accordance          Who manages                                                                                    any proportions to receive your benefits on
    with the Trust Deed, SIS and other                                                              • all affected Members agree to the
    superannuation law, and in the best
                                                    your investment?                                  change or
                                                                                                                                                   your death. The Trustee will consider your
                                                                                                                                                   nomination but is not bound by it and has
    interest of members of the Fund.                CMLA manages all investments of the                                                            sole discretion to determine to whom the
                                                                                                    • APRA agrees.
                                                    Statutory Funds. CMLA has appointed                                                            benefit is paid.
    No penalties have been imposed on the
                                                    Colonial First State and Colonial First State   We will let you know if a change is made to
    Trustee under superannuation law.                                                                                                              A dependant means:
                                                    Property as investment managers. Colonial       the Trust Deed that affects you as required
                                                                                                    by law. If you would like a copy of the
    Indemnity insurance                             First State may outsource investment
                                                    management to external fund managers.           Fund’s Trust Deed and/or Risk Management
                                                                                                                                                   • your spouse (legal or de facto, including
                                                                                                                                                     same sex) and a person with whom you
    The Trustee as a member of the Group                                                            Strategy & Plan for the Fund, they are           are in a relationship that is registered
    is covered under the Group’s ‘Directors         Access to further                               available on request by calling one of our       under State and Territory law, including
    & Officers’ indemnity and professional                                                          Customer Service Representatives (see
    indemnity insurance policies.
                                                    information about the Fund                      page 2 of this Report for contact details).
                                                                                                                                                     same-sex relationships

                                                    When requested in writing, we will make                                                        • a child (includes an adopted child, step-
    Financial information                           copies of the following information available   Trust Deed changes                               child or an ex-nuptial child, a child of
                                                    to you free of charge once each year:                                                            your spouse and your child within the
    During the reporting period, all assets of                                                      There were no changes made to the                meaning of the Family Law Act 1975)
    the Fund were invested in life insurance        • a copy of the recent audited accounts of      Trust Deed for the period 1 July 2010            of any age
    policies (Investment Policies) issued by          the Fund; and                                 to 30 June 2011.
    CMLA. Insurance benefits (if applicable) are                                                                                                   • any person with whom you have an
    provided to the respective products in the
                                                    • a copy of the auditor’s report.
                                                                                                    Complying status of the Fund                     interdependency relationship or
    Fund through life insurance policies (Life      You can also request certain other                                                             • any person financially dependent on
                                                                                                    The Fund is a complying superannuation
    Policies) issued to us by CMLA.                 information relevant to the Fund or your                                                         you on the date of your death.
                                                                                                    fund and is eligible for concessional tax
                                                    entitlements. In some cases, however, a
                                                                                                    treatment. The complying status of the
                                                    fee may be charged.
                                                                                                    Fund can only be revoked in exceptional
                                                                                                    circumstances. It is the Trustee’s intention

8                                                                                                                                                                                                9
     Information about the Fund

     SIS outlines a number of circumstances          Your binding nomination will remain valid for   • Payment flag may be placed on your           For full details regarding the Family Law
     the trustee should take into account when       three years from the date you signed it, or       superannuation account through an            processes which can occur on your
     identifying whether an ‘interdependency         later if you renew or update it, unless you       agreement by you and your spouse or          Account, please contact your financial
     relationship’ exits, and provides some          cancel it. Making a new binding nomination        through a court order. The presence of       adviser or simply call 1300 730 324
     examples of interdependency relationships.      revokes a previous one.                           this flag requires the Trustee to prevent    between 9am and 5pm (Sydney time),
                                                                                                       certain types of withdrawals from being      Monday to Friday.
     To make or change your nomination,
     please contact one of our Customer
                                                     Family law                                        made from your Account.
     Service Representatives (see page 2             Family law legislation allows the               • Splitting instructions specify how your
     of this Report for contact details) to          superannuation of married and de facto            superannuation account is to be divided.
     obtain the necessary documentation.             (including same-sex), who have separated          This may be expressed as a dollar
                                                     or divorced, as the case may be, to be            amount or as a percentage. These
     Please note, if your circumstances have
                                                     divided. Provisions of this legislation           splitting instructions may be made
     changed, e.g. you have married or divorced,
                                                     do not extend to Western Australia in             in the form of a superannuation
     you should review any nomination(s) you
                                                     respect of terminating de facto or                agreement between you and your
     have previously made. We suggest that
                                                     same sex relationships.                           spouse, or by a court order. In both
     you consult with your financial adviser as
                                                                                                       cases the instruction will be binding
     this area is complex and involves different     The legislation allows the following key
                                                                                                       on the Trustee.
     taxation implications.                          Family Law process to occur in relation
                                                     to your Account:                                If your spouse does not provide instructions
     Binding nomination                                                                              within a specified timeframe, their
                                                     • Information request is a written request
     This facility is only available to members of                                                   entitlement may be established as a
                                                       for information about your account and
     Total Care Plan Super. Where you have made                                                      separate account within Colonial Select
                                                       is used to determine the value of the
     a binding nomination under Total Care Plan                                                      Personal Superannuation, or withdrawn
                                                       superannuation asset.
     Super, and that nomination was accepted                                                         from your Account and transferred to
     by the Trustee, the nomination is binding on    This request may be made by you, your           SuperTrace (see page 24 of this Report).
     the Trustee if the nominated beneficiary is a   spouse (including a de facto spouse) or a
                                                                                                     The provisions of the family law legislation
     dependant as defined in superannuation law      person intending to enter a superannuation
                                                                                                     allow for the charging of reasonable fees
     at the time of your death.                      agreement with you (such as a pre-nuptial
                                                                                                     for the administration of family law
                                                     agreement). The response to an information
     If you were eligible to do so and had                                                           transactions. We have decided not to
                                                     request will only be issued to the requestor.
     nominated a binding nomination for                                                              charge family law fees at this time.
                                                     If a request is received from your spouse or
     Total Care Plan Super, you may change                                                           You will be notified if a decision is
                                                     intending spouse, the legislation states that
     your nomination at any time.                                                                    made to introduce fees for family law
                                                     you must not be informed of the request.
                                                                                                     transactions in the future.

10                                                                                                                                                                                              11
     Information about the
     Fund’s investments

     Fund investment objectives                       To ensure the objective of a managed            investment process. Responsible investing      The holding of units is subject to investment
                                                      investment option is achieved, the              is only concerned with the financial impact    and other risks. The investment managers
     and strategies                                   managers of the underlying investments          of ESG factors on investment decisions.        do not endorse or otherwise recommend
     The Trustee has determined investment            may also use tactical asset allocation                                                         the Fund or guarantee or warrant the
                                                                                                      CMLA believes that the consideration of
     objectives and strategies for the Fund.          methods which include investment                                                               performance of the Fund. The Trustee
                                                                                                      ESG factors into investment decisions
     Part 2 – Investment performance and              in derivatives.                                                                                is responsible for all applications,
                                                                                                      enhances a portfolio’s long term
     other important information which is mailed                                                                                                     withdrawals, reports and enquiries
                                                                                                      performance. Therefore, CMLA encourages
     to you as part of your Annual Statement          Labour standards,                               managers to take ESG factors into
                                                                                                                                                     relating to investment in the Fund.
     and is also available online at commbank.        environmental, social and                       consideration in their investment processes
                                                                                                                                                     Where is your money personal/super-retirement
     contains details of the Trustee’s investment
                                                      ethical considerations                          and collaborates with fund managers, and
                                                                                                      other industry participants, to advance the    invested?
     objectives and strategies for the Fund as        The Trustee, CMLA, Colonial First State         UN PRI and responsible investing.
     it relates to those products that have a                                                                                                        For unit-linked products, your investment is
                                                      Property and Colonial First State do not have
                                                                                                                                                     pooled with money from other investors in
     savings benefit in the Fund.                     a predetermined approach for considering        Valuation of unlisted assets                   one or more of CMLA’s Statutory Funds 1,
                                                      labour standards or environmental, social
     An investment market commentary is                                                               The Fund may hold a variety of unlisted        2L, 3 and 4. The aim is to improve returns
                                                      or ethical considerations when making
     available online at                                                                              assets. CMLA has an Asset and Liability        to all investors through the use of a range
                                                      investment decisions for the Fund. However,
                                                                                                      Valuation policy in place to ensure the        of investments usually unavailable to                        should sustainability of earnings of those
                                                                                                      valuation of investment assets and             individual small investors. For unit-linked
     investments/unit-prices-and-                     companies we invest in be adversely
                                                                                                      associated liabilities is appropriate. This    products, contributions are used to
     performance.aspx                                 affected due to poor labour standards
                                                                                                      includes the valuation of real property and    purchase units in your selected investment
                                                      or activities considered environmentally,
     This commentary is updated on a                                                                  other investments (including infrastructure)   option/s. Changes in the value of these
                                                      socially or ethically unacceptable, we may
     quarterly basis.                                                                                 which are not valued on a daily basis.         units constitute the investment returns.
                                                      divest ourselves of the investment. Hence,
                                                      these factors may sometimes be considered
     Trustee policy towards use                       when investment decisions are made.
                                                                                                      Other investment                               In general terms, for participating and
                                                                                                                                                     non-participating traditional and investment
     of derivatives                                                                                   information                                    account business, your contributions
     The Trustee does not use derivatives
                                                      Responsible investing                           In consideration of brokerage paid to
                                                                                                                                                     are used to increase the equity in the
     directly. Investments in derivatives, such                                                                                                      underlying insurance policy at a rate
                                                      CMLA aims to be a responsible investor.         stockbrokers for purchases and sales
     as futures and options, may be used by the                                                                                                      determined by CMLA.
                                                      To help achieve this CMLA has become a          of assets held in the Fund, certain
     underlying investment manager to protect         signatory to the United Nations Principles      brokers directly or indirectly provide
     the values of portfolios against major falls     for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).            research and/or data on financial
                                                                                                                                                     Important information about
     in market prices, or to change the portfolio’s   The UN PRI provides a framework for             markets to the investment managers.            your unit-linked investment
     exposure to markets more rapidly and             responsible investing, including the
                                                                                                      All fees charged to the Fund in relation       The Trustee ensures that CMLA has Unit
     efficiently than could be done by                consideration of environmental, social and
                                                                                                      to the investments of the Fund are             Pricing Policies and procedures in place
     purchasing or selling the assets directly.       corporate governance (ESG) factors into the
                                                                                                      commercial fees.                               outlining how CMLA manages the unit
                                                                                                                                                     pricing of your investment.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                   13
     Information about the Fund’s investments

     These Unit Pricing Policies have been            The calculation of unit prices and               CMLA might also need to make                   investors to a financial position that is
     adopted to ensure that your investment           transaction processing will resume               adjustments to unit prices to ensure they      materially the same as if the error had not
     is appropriately valued in all circumstances     when the risk to investor interests as           reflect the ‘best estimate’ of the net value   occurred. If the error is material, you may
     and that investors are treated consistently      a whole has abated or been mitigated             of the investment option and its units.        be entitled to compensation. CMLA will
     and equitably.                                   to a level acceptable to CMLA based              CMLA may adjust the calculation of its unit    generally use a variance of 0.30% (0.05%
                                                      on the consideration of the interests            prices, rather than suspend unit pricing, in   for cash based investment options) in the
     Original policy documents did not necessarily
                                                      of our investors.                                circumstances where:                           unit price in determining whether individual
     cover all types of events that can affect
                                                                                                                                                      compensation is payable.
     modern investment markets and computer           During such events, information and              • errors are known to have occurred in
     systems. We set out below how CMLA might         updates will be available to you by                the calculation of a unit price before       If a unit pricing error is greater than or
     act under certain circumstances.                 contacting one of our Customer Service             it is released, or there are reasonable      equal to these variances, we may pay you
                                                      Representatives (see page 2 of this Report         grounds to suspect an error has              compensation:
     Suspension policy                                for contact details).                              occurred, and these could not have been
                                                                                                                                                      • by crediting your Account with the
     Under extraordinary circumstances, such                                                             corrected immediately or would have
                                                      Backdating and other events                                                                       amount due
     as during periods of market disruption or                                                           taken time to investigate further
     other significant events, CMLA may need          Backdating occurs when a transaction                                                            • where your Account is closed, if the
                                                                                                       • CMLA believes that the available asset
     to temporarily stop calculating unit prices or   needs to be processed with an old unit                                                            amount of the adjustment is greater
                                                                                                         valuations do not reflect the true or
     the processing of transactions.                  price rather than the current unit price.                                                         than a payment threshold of between
                                                                                                         fair value of those assets or there are
                                                      For example, to meet the obligations                                                              $5 and $20 (depending on the
     The types of events that may result in the                                                          inconsistencies between the value of
                                                      under a policy, a unit price at the date                                                          circumstances), by sending you a
     suspension of unit price calculations or                                                            assets and liabilities.
                                                      the instruction is received may be used                                                           payment by cheque or electronic funds
     processing of transactions include (but are                                                                                                        transfer. Note: for your superannuation
     not limited to):
                                                      rather than the unit price at the date the       Unit pricing adjustment and                      investment if you have not met a
                                                      instruction is processed.
     • where there is a significant disruption to                                                      error compensation                               condition of release, compensation will
                                                      In relation to backdating, CMLA will:                                                             be paid to a new account in SuperTrace
       the data, systems or other applications                                                         Unit prices are calculated on a daily basis
       necessary to establish a reliable              • backdate transactions where necessary                                                           (see page 24 of this Report) or another
                                                                                                       by CMLA. The calculation process for these
       estimate of the value of assets, liabilities     to ensure that transacting investors                                                            superannuation or RSA product.
                                                                                                       unit prices takes into account a number
       or unit prices                                   receive the appropriate unit prices            of inputs and assumptions. Sometimes,          The tolerance levels we use are in line with
                                                        required by the relevant policy obligations.   it is discovered that an error has been        industry standards and regulatory practice
     • where unforeseen events mean that the
       valuation of assets cannot in good faith       • make appropriate adjustments to the            made in the calculation process, resulting     guidelines. In some cases we may provide
       be estimated                                     unit price of affected investment options      in an incorrect unit price. In that case       compensation where the unit pricing error
                                                        to mitigate the impacts of the backdating      an adjustment in the unit price may be         is less than the tolerance levels.
     • where there is a significant market                                                             required. Also, if you have transacted at
                                                        and ensure that investors are not unduly                                                      For investment account policies,
       movement and/or cash inflows/outflows                                                           the incorrect unit price, the value of your
                                                        affected by backdated transactions.                                                           we have adopted a similar error
       which are large relative to the value of                                                        Account could be incorrect.
       the investment option.                                                                                                                         compensation approach.
                                                                                                       CMLA has established a compensation
                                                                                                       policy to deal with these events and return

14                                                                                                                                                                                                   15
     Contribution information

     Contribution types                              You can provide your TFN by contacting one
                                                     of our Customer Service Representatives
                                                                                                           31.5% (including Medicare levy of 1.5%)      Non-concessional
                                                                                                           on any excess concessional contributions.
     The rules around how and when                   (see page 2 of this Report for contact details).                                                   contributions caps
     contributions can be made to your super                                                            • If you are aged 50 and over, there is a
                                                                                                          period until the 2011/12 financial year,      There is a cap of six times the concessional
     and the way that they are taxed depend          Concessional and                                     in which concessional contributions of        contributions cap on non-concessional
     upon the type of contribution.
                                                     non-concessional                                     up to $50,000 p.a. can be made on a           contributions (currently $150,000 p.a).
     Contributions can be broadly classified into                                                                                                       No tax will apply to contributions up
     two categories:
                                                     contributions                                        concessionally taxed basis. The table
                                                                                                          below sets out the limits (and transitional   to this cap.
                                                     A concessional contribution will be subject          arrangements) that apply:
     • whether the contribution is an employer                                                                                                          If you are aged under 65, you will be able
                                                     to tax. These contributions generally include
       or member contribution and                                                                                                                       to contribute up to $450,000 averaged
                                                     employer contributions and personal                 Age of         Financial year   Concessional
                                                                                                         Member                          contribution
                                                                                                                                                        over 3 years without incurring tax. Your
     • whether the contribution is a concessional    contributions for which you (if eligible)
                                                                                                                                         caps           3 year averaging period starts in the year
       or non-concessional contribution.             claim a tax deduction.
                                                                                                                                                        in which your contributions first exceed
                                                                                                         Under 50       2009/2010        $25,000
                                                     Non-concessional contributions include                                                             $150,000. If you are aged 65-74, you will
     Employer and member                             contributions made from after-tax
                                                                                                                        onwards          (indexed)
                                                                                                                                                        not be able to average your contributions
     contributions                                   income for which you have not                       50 and over    2009/2010 to     $50,000        over 3 years and will only be able to make
                                                     claimed a tax deduction.                                           2011/2012                       non-concessional contributions up to
     An employer contribution is a
                                                                                                                        2012/2013        $25,000*       $150,000 p.a. subject to satisfying the
     contribution that an employer makes
     to your super. These generally include
                                                     Concessional                                                       onwards          (indexed)      work test (i.e. being gainfully employed for
                                                                                                                                                        at least 40 hours in a consecutive period
     employer superannuation guarantee               contributions caps                                 * Refer to page 5 of this Report for more
                                                                                                          information on proposed changes to the        not exceeding 30 days in the financial year
     (SG) contributions and salary sacrifice                                                              concessional cap from 1 July 2012 for those
                                                     Concessional contributions that are made                                                           in which the contributions are being made).
     contributions. If the Trustee does not have                                                          aged 50 and over.
                                                     to your Account from 1 July 2009 will be                                                           Any contributions received above these
     a valid TFN for you or you do not quote it to
                                                     subject to the following rules:                                                                    limits will be assessed by the ATO.
     us, then all of your employer contributions
     will be taxed at an additional 31.5% (in        • There is a cap of $25,000 p.a. for
     addition to the 15% contribution tax),            concessionally taxed contributions.
     regardless of the contribution amount.            This threshold is indexed to Average
                                                       Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings (AWOTE).
     A member contribution is a contribution
                                                       The $25,000 threshold will only increase
     that is not an employer contribution and
                                                       once the indexed amount is greater than
     includes a personal contribution. If we do
                                                       $5,000. Concessional contributions over
     not have your valid TFN or you do not
                                                       $25,000 p.a. continue to be taxed at
     quote it to us within 30 days of making
                                                       15% in the Fund and debited to your
     a member contribution, then the
                                                       account. However, the ATO will also
     contribution will be refunded.
                                                       assess you personally at the rate of

16                                                                                                                                                                                                     17
     Contribution information

     Acceptance of contributions                                                                                Contribution                                   Government
     The following table provides general information only. Please contact one of our customer                  acceptance limits                              Co-contribution
     service representatives (see page 2 of this Report for contact details) for details of the
                                                                                                                If you are under 65 on 1 July of a financial   Under the Government Co-contribution
     specific contribution types that are applicable to your product.
                                                                                                                year, then each member contribution            scheme, the Government will provide a
      Age               Employer contributions (including              Member contributions (your TFN           you make is limited to three times the         superannuation contribution in the form
                        salary sacrifice)                              must be provided)                        non-concessional contributions cap             of a Government Co-contribution for a
                                                                                                                (currently $450,000).                          qualifying low to medium income member
      Under 65          Your employer may contribute to your           You and others can contribute subject
                                                                                                                                                               who makes non-concessional contributions
                        Account subject to product limitations.        to product limitations.                  Relevantly, if you are over 65 on 1 July
                                                                                                                                                               during a financial year. The entitlement
      65–69             Your employer may contribute to your           You and others may contribute            of the financial year, then each member
                                                                                                                                                               to the Government Co-contribution is
                        Account (subject to product limitations) if:   (subject to product limitations) on      contribution you make is limited to the
                                                                                                                                                               dependent on, (amongst other things) your
                        • the contribution is a mandated employer      your behalf if you have been gainfully   non-concessional cap (currently $150,000).
                                                                                                                                                               income and the amount of non-concessional
                          contribution*; or                            employed at least 40 hours in a
                                                                       period of 30 consecutive days during
                                                                                                                To the extent that a single contribution       contributions made during a financial year.
                        • you have been gainfully employed                                                      exceeds the above limits, then the excess
                                                                       the same financial year in which the                                                    The ATO will assess your entitlement
                          at least 40 hours in a period of 30                                                   must be refunded within 30 days.
                                                                       contributions are made.                                                                 to a co-contribution from the information
                          consecutive days during the same
                          financial year in which the contributions                                                                                            in your tax return as well as contribution
                          are made.                                                                                                                            information supplied to the ATO by us.
      70–74             Your employer may contribute to your           You may contribute (subject to                                                          Any contribution received from the
                        Account (subject to product limitations) if:   product limitations) if you have been                                                   Government Co-contribution scheme
                                                                       gainfully employed at least 40 hours                                                    will be credited to your Account.
                        • the contribution is a mandated employer
                          contribution*; or                            in a period of 30 consecutive days
                                                                                                                                                               We recommend you contact your financial
                                                                       during the same financial year in
                        • you have been gainfully employed
                                                                       which the contributions are made,
                                                                                                                                                               adviser to determine if you are eligible for
                          at least 40 hours in a period of 30                                                                                                  a Government Co-contribution.
                                                                       provided that contributions made by
                          consecutive days during the same
                                                                       you are received no later than 28 days
                          financial year in which the contributions
                                                                       after the end of the month in which
                          are made, provided that contributions
                                                                       you turn 75.
                          (other than mandated employer
                          contributions) are received no later than
                          28 days after the end of the month in
                          which you turn 75.
      Age 75 and over   Your employer may (subject to product       You cannot contribute.
                        limitations) contribute only if the
                        contributions are mandated employer
     * Mandated employer contributions means concessional contributions that the employer has to
       make under Superannuation Guarantee legislation or arrangements such as awards. Superannuation
       Guarantee contributions are not payable for a member after they turn 70.

18                                                                                                                                                                                                            19
     Taxation information

     How is your super taxed?                         If you cash     Your benefits will be taxed         A dependant for tax purposes is as at the          A dependant includes a child of the deceased,
                                                      your super      as follows                          date of your death:                                but note that the balance must be paid as a
     We have only provided general statements         when you                                            • your spouse (legal, de facto or former,          tax-free lump sum when the child turns 25
                                                                      Taxable          Tax-free
     on taxation. You should seek professional        are:                                                                                                   (unless the child is disabled in accordance
                                                                      component        component            including same sex) and a person
     advice regarding your own specific                               (taxed                                with whom you were in a relationship             with the Disability Services Act 1986).
     circumstances.                                                   element)
                                                                                                            registered under State or Territory law,                          ,
                                                                                                                                                             From 1 July 2007 non-dependants cannot
                                                      Age 60          Tax-free         Tax-free             including same sex                               receive a death benefit as a pension.
     Tax components                                   or over                                                                                                Payments to non-dependants must
                                                                                                          • your child aged under 18 (including an
     of your benefit                                  Age 55 -        Tax-free up      Tax-free             adopted child, step-child or ex-nuptial child,   be made as a lump sum.
                                                      preservation    to the low
     Your lump sum benefit in the Fund is made        age             rate cap of                           a child of your spouse or your child within      Death benefits may be able to be paid as
     up of ‘tax-free’ and/or’ taxable’ components.                    $165,000*;                            the meaning of the Family Law Act 1975)          a pension to a dependant if the member
                                                                      16.5%                               • a person with whom you were in an                dies before the pension has commenced.
     Tax-free component                                               thereafter
                                                                                                            interdependency relationship, or                 This is taxed in the same manner as a
                                                      Under           21.5%            Tax-free                                                              reversionary pension.
     The tax-free component largely reflects the                                                          • a person financially dependent on you.
     accumulation of your contributions to the        age                                                 For payments to non-dependants                     Superannuation
     Fund for which you have not claimed a tax
     deduction. This component of your lump
                                                     * For the 2011/2012 financial year indexed in line   (irrespective of their age) the taxable
                                                                                                          component (taxed element) will attract
                                                                                                                                                             contributions surcharge
                                                       with Average Weekly Ordinary Times Earnings
     sum benefit will be exempt from income            (AWOTE) in increments of $5,000. The low           16.5% tax (inclusive of medicare levy              The superannuation contributions surcharge
     tax in your hands.                                rate cap amount is reduced by any amount           of 1.5%), while the taxable component              ceased to have effect 1 July 2005. Please
                                                       previously applied to the low rate threshold.
                                                                                                          (untaxed element) will be taxed at 31.5%           note the ATO will continue to issue surcharge
     The tax-free component of your lump sum                                                                                                                 assessments after 1 July 2005 for prior
                                                     Please note different tax rates may apply            (inclusive of medicare levy of 1.5%).
     benefit will be exempt from tax.                                                                                                                        financial years.
                                                     when you have not provided your TFN or
                                                                                                          Please note that higher tax rates may apply
     Taxable component                               if you were a temporary resident who has
                                                                                                          where a non-dependant beneficiary does not         The ATO will contact you directly about any
                                                     departed from Australia and your benefit                                                                surcharge obligations. Any surcharge payable
     The remaining portion of your                                                                        provide their TFN.
                                                     is a Departing Australia Superannuation                                                                 will be debited from your Account solely on
     superannuation benefits is the taxable          Payment (DASP).                                      Death benefits paid as a pension                   instructions to us from the ATO.
     component. The taxable component of your
                                                                                                          A death benefit paid as a reversionary
     lump sum benefit is taxed depending on          To withdraw your benefit you must satisfy a
                                                                                                          pension will generally be tax-free if either the   Superannuation contribution
     your age at the tax arrangements that apply     condition of release. For further information
     to each type of component element taxed         on accessing your benefits please refer to           primary or reversionary beneficiary is aged        surcharge objections
                                                     pages 22 to 24 of this Report.                       60 or over. If both are under age 60 at the        If you are dissatisfied with your surcharge
     or untaxed in the Fund.
                                                                                                          time of death, then the pension, less any          assessment you can lodge an objection with
     A summary of these arrangements referable       Tax treatment of death benefits                      tax-free portion will continue to be taxed at      the ATO in your capital city of residence. In the
     to ‘tax-free’ and ‘taxable’ components is                                                            the reversionary beneficiary’s marginal tax        course of lodging an objection, you will need
                                                     Lump sum death benefit payments are                  rate (less 15% pension tax offset) until the
     provided in the next column. Note all tax                                                                                                               to include specific grounds for your objection.
                                                     tax-free if paid to a dependant (as defined          reversionary beneficiary turns age 60 (at
     rates include the medicare levy of 1.5%:
                                                     by tax legislation).                                 which time it will become tax exempt).             We recommend that you contact your
                                                                                                                                                             taxation adviser or accountant to discuss
                                                                                                                                                             your personal tax position.

20                                                                                                                                                                                                               21
     Access to your benefits

     Preservation rules                               • Restricted non-preserved benefits
                                                        are benefits which are not preserved
                                                                                                     Your ‘preservation age’ is determined          • your employer has contributed as a
                                                                                                     according to your date of birth as follows:      standard employer sponsor to the Fund
     For policies with a savings benefit,               but cannot be cashed until you satisfy                                                        and an arrangement under which you are
     contributions to your Account, together            a condition of release. Termination           Date of birth                 Preservation      gainfully employed with that employer
     with transfers and any rollovers you add,                                                                                      age
                                                        of service with an employer who                                                               has come to an end and your preserved
     are invested in the Fund and start building a      contributes to your Account is an             Before 1 July 1960            55                benefit in the Fund is less than $200
     retirement benefit for you. Superannuation         example of a condition of release             1 July 1960 to 30 June 1961   56              • you have previously been classified as
     is generally a long-term investment.               changing the classification of restricted
                                                                                                      1 July 1961 to 30 June1962    57                a ‘lost member’ under superannuation
     For all superannuation benefits (including         non-preserved to unrestricted
                                                                                                                                                      legislation and are now found and your
     insurance only benefits) the government            non-preserved benefits.                       1 July 1962 to 30 June 1963   58
                                                                                                                                                      total benefit in the Fund is less than $200
     has placed restrictions on when you can          • Unrestricted non-preserved benefits           1 July 1963 to 30 June 1964   59
     get access to your benefits.                                                                                                                   • the Trustee or you receives a ‘release
                                                        are benefits that do not need to be           After 30 June 1964            60
                                                                                                                                                      authority’ from the ATO relating to the
     These restrictions relate to the type of           preserved, usually because a condition
                                                                                                     • you have reached age 65                        withdrawal of money to meet a liability
     benefit(s) you have had and whether you            of release has been met. Accordingly,
                                                                                                                                                      for excess contributions tax or
     need to satisfy a condition of release.            such benefits are payable at any time on     • you have reached age 60 and an
                                                        request.                                       arrangement under which you were             • you suffer a terminal medical condition.
     Your Account may include ‘preserved                                                                                                              This condition of release allows
                                                      From 30 June 1999 all earnings on                gainfully employed has come to an end
     benefits’, ‘restricted non-preserved benefits’                                                                                                   terminally ill members to apply for
     and ‘unrestricted non-preserved benefits’.       ‘restricted’ or ‘unrestricted non-preserved’   • you have reached age 55 and have               release of their benefits regardless
                                                      benefits are preserved.                          elected to purchase a transition to
     • Preserved benefits are benefits that                                                                                                           of age or employment status.
                                                                                                       retirement or non-commutable income
       must be retained in the superannuation         Restrictions on when you                         stream                                       Conditions of release for
       system, until you satisfy a condition of
       release (refer below for ‘conditions of
                                                      can get access to your                         • you have become permanently                  temporary residents
       release’). Generally, all superannuation       benefits                                         incapacitated
                                                                                                                                                    If you are or were a temporary resident,
       contributions and earnings on your
                                                      From 1 April 2009, the conditions of release   • you die                                      from 1 April 2009 the conditions of release
       superannuation benefits are required to
                                                      that apply to you depend on whether you                                                       that apply to you are:
       be fully preserved and from 1 July 2004,                                                      • we believe that you satisfy the severe
                                                      are or were a temporary resident.
       include all employer eligible termination                                                       financial hardship criteria (after meeting   • you were a temporary resident who
       payments rolled over into the Fund after       The conditions of release that apply if you      a number of regulatory requirements)           has departed from Australia and your
       that date.                                     are not or were never a temporary resident                                                      visa has expired
                                                                                                     • APRA approves payment on specified
                                                      include where:
                                                                                                       compassionate grounds                        • you die
                                                      • you have permanently retired after
                                                                                                     • other circumstances occur which are          • you have become permanently
                                                        reaching your ‘preservation age’.
                                                                                                       approved by APRA                               incapacitated

22                                                                                                                                                                                                  23
     Access to your benefits                     Lost members and
                                                 unclaimed monies

     • you suffer a terminal medical condition   Lost members                                      • as a result, the non-member spouse (or
                                                                                                       their legal personal representative if they
     • we have to pay your benefit to the        Generally, you will be treated as ‘lost’ if you
                                                                                                       have died) is entitled to be paid an amount
       ATO as unclaimed money or                 are uncontactable, meaning:
                                                 • that we have no current address for you or
     • the Trustee or you receives a ‘release                                                      • after making reasonable efforts and after
       authority’ from the ATO relating to the   • two written communications to your last             a reasonable period has passed, we have
       withdrawal of money to meet a liability       known address have been returned as               been unable to determine that the non-
       for excess contributions tax.                 unclaimed.                                        member spouse or their legal personal
                                                 If you are lost at any time, we will report           representative received the amount
     Portability                                 this to the ATO. The ATO maintains a Lost         or, in the case of a deceased Member where:
                                                 Member Register. We will also need to tell
     Under superannuation portability rules,                                                       • we determine that, under the governing
                                                 the ATO if you are subsequently ‘found’, or if
     superannuation balances may be moved                                                              rules of the Fund or by the operation of the
                                                 you are subsequently transferred to another
     from one fund and consolidated into                                                               law, a benefit is immediately payable in
                                                 superannuation provider.
     another fund upon your request. These                                                             respect of you (other than a pension) and
     rules complement the Choice of Fund         Unclaimed monies                                  • we have not received an amount in
     legislation and generally require the       In some circumstances your benefits in the            respect of you for at least two years and
     trustee of a regulated superannuation       Fund may become subject to unclaimed              • after making reasonable efforts and after
     fund to rollover or transfer benefits       superannuation benefit laws.                          a reasonable period has passed, we have
     within 30 days of your request. The         Your superannuation benefits may become               been unable to determine that the benefit
     30 day period will commence after           unclaimed where:                                      is being received by the person who is
     you have provided the transferring          • you have reached age 65 and                         entitled to receive the benefit
     fund all the required information.                                                            or, the ATO gives us notice that it is satisfied
                                                 • we have not received a contribution or an
     Portability may also be subject to other        amount in respect of you for at least two     that a former temporary resident the member
     important restrictions which may prevent        years and                                     has ceased to hold a temporary visa and left
     you from transferring some or all of        • after the end of a period of five years since   Australia and the ATO requires payment of
     your benefits.                                  we last had contact with you, we have         the Member’s benefit.
                                                     been unable to contact you again after        The Trustee will transfer unclaimed benefits
                                                     making reasonable efforts                     to the ATO. Where the Trustee has transferred
                                                 or, in the case of a lost Member where:           such benefits, any request for payment
                                                                                                   should be directed to:
                                                 • your Account balance is less than $200,
                                                     termed ‘small accounts’ and                   Unclaimed Super Money
                                                                                                   Australian Taxation Office
                                                 • you have been inactive for a period of
                                                                                                   PO Box 3578
                                                     five years and for which we have
                                                                                                   Albury NSW 2640
                                                     insufficient records to identify you,
                                                     termed ‘insoluble accounts’                   You can also contact the ATO on 13 10 20
                                                                                                   or +61 2 6216 1111 if calling from outside
                                                 or, in the case of a non-member spouse where:
                                                                                                   Australia. Alternatively, you can do an online
                                                 • a payment split applies to a splittable
                                                                                                   search using SuperSeeker, available at
                                                     payment in respect of a Member’s interest
                                                     in the Fund and
24                                                                                                                                                    25
     Eligible rollover fund                                                                   Eligible rollover fund
                                                                                              Your personal information

     The Trustee has selected SuperTrace as        You should also note that:                 Collection and verification                      If you are an individual, the type of
                                                                                                                                               information we may collect and verify
     the fund where your benefits may be
     transferred if:
                                                   • SuperTrace will apply a different        of customer information                          includes your full name, date of birth and
                                                     fee structure. You should refer to the
                                                                                              ‘Customer information’ is information about      residential address. If you are commonly
     • two pieces of written communications          Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
                                                                                              a customer. It includes personal information     known by two or more different names, you
       to you are returned unclaimed (i.e. you       for SuperTrace for more details
                                                                                              such as name, age, gender, contact details as    must give us full details of your other name
       become a ‘lost member’ under SIS) or
                                                   • SuperTrace has a different investment    well as your health and financial information.   or names.
     • we are unable to allocate a contribution      approach. You will need to consider
                                                                                              The law requires us to identify our              If you are a company, we may collect and
       or rollover to your Account and the           whether this is appropriate for your
                                                                                              customers. We do this by collecting and          verify information, including company
       transferor will not accept a refund of        circumstances at the time of transfer
                                                                                              verifying information about you. We may also     incorporation and registration details, as
       the monies or                                 to SuperTrace
                                                                                              collect and verify information about persons     well as details of the company’s officers
     • you exercise cooling-off rights and the     • SuperTrace does not currently offer      who act on your behalf. The collection and       and its major shareholders.
       nominated fund will not accept the            insured benefits in the event of death   verification of information helps to protect     If you are acting as a trustee, we may ask
       transfer or                                   and disablement.                         against identity theft, money-laundering and     you for, amongst other things, information
     • you are a member of Colonial Select         To obtain a copy of the current            other illegal activities.                        on the beneficiaries of the trust and
       Personal Superannuation, do not have        SuperTrace Product Disclosure              We use your customer information to              evidence of the existence of the trust.
       insurance cover, no contributions or        Statement, please contact:                 manage our relationship with you, provide        If you are a partnership, we may require
       rollovers have been credited to your                                                   you with the products and services you
                                                   The Administrator                                                                           information including evidence of the fact
       Account for a period of at least                                                       request and also tell you about the products
                                                   SuperTrace Eligible Rollover Fund                                                           that the partnership exists, as well as the
       12 months, and your Account balance                                                    and services offered by the Group, affiliated
                                                   Locked Bag 5429                                                                             full name of the partnership, the names of
       is less than $1,000 or                                                                 providers and external providers for whom
                                                   Parramatta NSW 2124                                                                         the partners and any business name owned
     • to meet family law requirements                                                        we act as agent. If you have given us your       by the partnership.
                                                   Telephone 1300 788 750 or visit their      electronic contact details, we may provide
       (refer to pages 9 and 10 of this Report).
                                                   website              marketing information to you electronically.     For other organisations, the kind of
     The trustee of SuperTrace is                                                                                                              information we collect and verify will
     Colonial Mutual Superannuation Pty Ltd                                                   The collection and verification of customer      depend on the type of organisation you are.
     ABN 56 006 831 983. SuperTrace is part                                                   information may be carried out in different
                                                                                              ways and we will advise you of the most          In addition, during your relationship with
     of the Group’s range of products and is
                                                                                              acceptable methods of doing this. We             us, we may also seek, and collect further
     administered by CMLA.
                                                                                              may disclose your customer information in        information about you and about your
     On transfer, you cease to be a member                                                    carrying out verification, e.g. we may refer     dealings with us.
     of the Fund and become a member of                                                       to public records to verify information and      You must provide us with accurate and
     SuperTrace and your insurance cover                                                      documentation, or we may verify with an          complete information. If you do not, you may
     (if applicable) will cease in accordance                                                 employer that the information you have           be in breach of the law and also we may not
     with the conditions contained in the                                                     given us is accurate.                            be able to provide you with products and
     relevant insurance policy document.
                                                                                                                                               services that best suit your needs.

26                                                                                                                                                                                            27
 Your personal information

     Protecting customer                                 insurance reference agencies (where          Access to your personal                          Anti-Money Laundering
                                                         we are considering whether to accept
     information                                         a proposal of insurance from you and,        information                                      and Counter-Terrorism
     We comply with the National Privacy                 if so, on what terms)                        The law allows you (subject to permitted         Financing laws
     Principles as incorporated into the               • external product providers into which you    exceptions) to access your personal
                                                                                                                                                       These laws establish a regulatory regime
     Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).                             might direct some of your investment,        information. You can do this by contacting
                                                                                                                                                       to combat money laundering and the
                                                         other product providers to which your        us as follows:
     We disclose customer information to                                                                                                               financing of terrorism. They impose
     other members of the Group (including               investment might be transferred and          • emailing                                       significant obligations upon the Trustee.
     overseas members), so that the Group may          • organisations to whom we may                            We are required to comply with these
     have an integrated view of its customers            outsource certain functions.                                                                  laws, including the need to establish your
                                                                                                      • calling 1800 805 605* between
     and to facilitate the integrated treatment                                                                                                        identity (and, if relevant, the identity of a
                                                       In all circumstances where our contractors,      8.30am and 5pm (Sydney time),
     of its customers. It also enables other                                                                                                           beneficiary and other persons associated
                                                       agents and outsourced service providers          Monday to Friday
     members of the Group to provide you with                                                                                                          with your Account).
     information on their products and services.       become aware of customer information,          • write to:
                                                       confidentiality arrangements apply.                                                             Additionally, from time to time, we may
                                                                                                        Customer Relations
                                                                                                                                                       require additional information to assist
     Other disclosures                                 Customer information may only be used            Commonwealth Bank
                                                                                                                                                       with this process. You will be notified if
                                                       by our agents, contractors and outsourced        Reply Paid 41
     So that we can manage our relationships,          service providers for our purposes.                                                             we need to establish your identity or if
                                                                                                        Sydney NSW 2001
     customer information may be disclosed to:                                                                                                         we require further information.
                                                       We may be required to disclose customer        We may charge you for providing access
     • your employer (if any, to the extent            information by law, e.g. under Court Orders                                                     We may be required to report information
                                                                                                      to your personal information.
       required to assist your employer to             or Statutory Notices pursuant to taxation or                                                    about you to the relevant authorities.
       meet their obligations)                         social security laws or under laws relating    * A free call unless made from a mobile phone,   We may not be able to tell you when this
                                                                                                        which will be charged at the applicable        occurs. We may not be able to transact
     • brokers and agents who refer your               to sanctions, anti-money laundering or           mobile rate.
                                                       counter terrorism financing.                                                                    with you or other persons. This may include
       business to us
                                                                                                                                                       delaying, blocking, freezing or refusing to
     • any person acting on your behalf, including     We may send customer information               Further information                              process a transaction. This may impact on
       your financial adviser, solicitor, settlement   overseas if:                                   For further information on our privacy and       your investment and could result in a loss
       agent, accountant, executor, administrator,     • that is necessary to complete a              information handling practices, please           of income and principal invested.
       trustee, guardian or attorney                     transaction or                               refer to the Group’s Privacy Policy, which
                                                                                                      is available at, upon
     • if you have insurance, medical                  • we outsource certain functions               request from us or at any Commonwealth
       practitioners (to verify or clarify, if           overseas.                                    Bank branch.
       necessary, any health information you
       may provide), claims investigators              We may also be permitted, as distinct from
       and reinsurers (so that any claim you           required, to disclose information in other
       make can be assessed and managed)               circumstances.

28                                                                                                                                                                                                     29
     Enquiries and complaint resolution                                                            Consents

     The Trustee is obliged to provide you with     Superannuation Complaints                      No third party (other than CMLA) has
                                                                                                   caused the issue of this Report and is not
     any information you reasonably require to
     understand your benefit entitlements.          Tribunal (SCT)                                 responsible for any statement within it.
     If you require further information about the   Before the SCT has jurisdiction to deal with
     Fund, require assistance in understanding      the matter it must be satisfied that the
     your benefit entitlements, have any other      complaint was referred to an appropriate
     enquiries or have a complaint, please          person under our internal enquiries and
     contact one of our Customer Service            complaints arrangements. The Tribunal
     Representatives (see page 2 of this            cannot deal with your complaint until
     Report for contact details).                   you have made reasonable efforts to
                                                    have the complaint resolved by the Fund.
     If you wish to lodge a complaint,
     you should write to:                           If, after you have made a complaint to
                                                    the Fund, you are not satisfied with the
     The Complaints Manager                         response, or do not receive a response,
     Customer Relations                             within 90 days, you can then lodge a
     Commonwealth Bank Group                        complaint with the Tribunal.
     Reply Paid 41
     Sydney NSW 2001                                The Tribunal cannot deal with certain
                                                    matters for example, decisions that relate
     Please mark your letter ‘Notice of             to the management of the Fund as a whole,
     Complaint’. Upon receipt of your complaint,    such as investment performance, the level
     the complaints manager will investigate the    of fees and charges or employer decisions.
     cause of your concern and respond to you
     as quickly as possible. If the matter cannot   If the SCT accepts the complaint, it will
     be resolved quickly, you will be kept          attempt to resolve the matter through
     informed of progress.                          conciliation. If a complaint cannot be
                                                    resolved by conciliation and has not been
     If you are not satisfied with our handling     withdrawn by the Tribunal, it proceeds
     of your complaint or our decision, you may     to Review. This means the Tribunal will
     have the right to lodge a complaint with       consider submissions and make a decision
     the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.        to determine the outcome of the complaint.
                                                    To contact the SCT, you can telephone
                                                    1300 884 114 between 9am and 5pm
                                                    (Sydney time), Monday to Friday from
                                                    anywhere in Australia. Alternatively,
                                                    visit their website at

30                                                                                                                                              31
     Directory                                Notes

     The Trustee
     Colonial Mutual Superannuation Pty Ltd
     Ground floor, Tower 1
     201 Sussex Street
     Sydney NSW 2000

     Administration Manager and Insurer
     The Colonial Mutual life Assurance
     Society Limited
     Locked Bag 5429
     Parramatta NSW 2124

     Principal Office of Administration
     Level 1,
     11 Harbour Street
     Sydney NSW 2000

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CIL895 300611

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