Illumination Festival 2005
                                                                              Neighborhood News January/February 2006

                                                                                                                   January/February 2006

                                                         NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS
                                                                       A Publication Of The Office Of Neighborhood Coordination
Photo by Jerry Goffe, Glen Hohnstreiter and Lee Morgan

                                                                     “T’was The Night Before Christmas . . .”

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                                                         New Neighborhood Information ........ 2                       EPC Cases ................................ 9
                                                         Across The City: Metro Court; National                        EPC Cases/Reference Map ............. 10
                                                         Hispanic Cultural Center ................ 3                   Cultural Services ....................... 11
                                                         Across The Fence: “An Illuminating                            APD Crime Prevention .................. 11
                                                         Experience” .............................. 4                  ABCWUA: Pipeline Updates ........... 12
                                                         From The Manager’s Desk: ............. 5                      ABCWUA con’t; ABQ Ride - Transit . 13
                                                         Neighborhood Workshop Corner ......... 5                      Water Utility; APD - “Slow Down
                                                         Message From The Mayor: “Let’s Clear                          Albuquerque” campaign ................. 14
                                                         The Air” .................................. 6                 Planning, ONC Division ................. 15
                                                         City Council: New Councilors and                              Keep Albuquerque Beautiful Funding
                                                         Committees ............................... 7                  Opportunity, “Talkin’ Trash” ........... 15
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CONTENTS             Neighborhood News January/February 2006 Edition Volume 22, No. 2, Published Monthly
                                        “Dedicated to Providing Information About City Government and
                                       Increasing Communication Between Neighborhood Associations.”
                                        NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS/NEW OFFICERS
        The Office of Neighborhood Coordination “welcomes” new presidents of neighborhood associations and says a “special
         thank you” to outgoing presidents. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to the improvement of the life-
                                                    style of your neighborhood.

  Neighborhood                               “Welcome” to                               “Thanks” to
  Association                                Incoming President                          Outgoing President
  Parkland Hills                              Gary Edwards                               Theresa Brooks
  Parkway                                     Bonita Powe-Morgan                         (No Outgoing Pres.)
  Quigley Park                                Vicki Kaplanides                           Chris Bettman
  Raynolds Addition                           Alf Reeb                                   Barbara Grothus
  South Guadalupe Trail                       Alice Cushing                              Trevor Hatchell
  Summit Park                                 Keith Rasmussen                            Ken Romig
  Tanoan Comm. Assoc. of Res.                 Jay Vinson                                 Betty Jones
  Uptown Progress Team                        Paul Silverman                             Evelyn Carter

  •Summit Park Neighborhood Association regained their “Recognized” status on January 9, 2006.

  •Parkland Hills Neighborhood Association regained their “Recognized” status on January 12, 2006.

  •Quigley Park Neighborhood Association regained their “Recognized” status on January 13, 2006.

                                   NEW NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION(S)
  The Sunstar Neighborhood Association is located in County Commission District 2. The contacts for this
  association are David Vargas and Jack Mortley. Welcome Aboard!!

  Just a Reminder: We will need the original Annual Report AND a copy of the announcement of your Annual
  Meeting submitted to our office before your Annual Report will be approved for the year. Please call Dalaina
  at 924-3906 for further information. Please make sure that you have the correct addresses listed for your officers
  on your Annual Report. Annual Reports for the following months are due:

  November Annual Reports are due:             February 1, 2006
  December Annual Reports are due:             March 1, 2006
  January Annual Reports are due:              April 1, 2006

  ATTENTION: When submitting your yearly Annual Report please mail to our physical street address below:
                              Planning Department/Office of Neighborhood Coordination
                              Attention: Dalaina Carmona
                              600 Second Street NW, Rm. 120 (Basement Level)
                              Albuquerque, NM 87102

                               Neighborhood News January/February 2006
                      Across The City
                          Metro Court
                       Submitted by Janet Blair
                                                                                            Anna In The Tropics
                                                                         The National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) and Teatro
                                                                         Nuevo México (TNM) present Nilo Cruz’ Pulitzer Prize-win-
      Metro Court Pumps More Than $1 Million                             ning play Anna in the Tropics, February 9 through February
           Back Into The State Economy                                   12, 2006 in the NHCC’s state-of-the-art Roy E. Disney Cen-
            Through Community Service                                    ter for Performing Arts. This beautifully crafted work is set
                                                                         in 1929 in a Cuban-American cigar factory in the town of
Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court judges have ordered
                                                                         Ybor City, near Tampa, Florida. Here, cigars are still rolled
defendants to perform more than a million dollars worth of
                                                                         by hand, and lectores are employed to educate and entertain
community service this calendar year. The total is
                                                                         the workers. The arrival of a new lector from Havana is a
$1,046,049.90 or more than 203,000 hours at the federal mini-
                                                                         cause for celebration, but when he begins to read aloud from
mum wage of $5.15/hour.
                                                                         Anna Karenina, he unwittingly ignites a flame of discord in
“This is a great benefit to the City of Albuquerque, the Albu-           the lives of his avid listeners, for whom Tolstoy, the tropics,
querque Public Schools and the numerous non-profit agencies              and the American dream prove a volatile combination. Cruz
that partner with us on our community service programs,”                 transports audiences with the power of his language, lead-
said Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Chief Judge Judith             ing us to the depths of the characters’ passions.
                                                                         Anna in the Tropics is directed by Albuquerque native
“Most of them are assigned to City of Albuquerque Weed and               Michael D. Blum. Blum says, “I am extremely honored to
Litter squads, but a sizeable number also clean up APS prop-                                          bring this seminal piece of
erty. This is a substantial savings for taxpayers. This year’s                                        Latino literature to life here in
numbers represent an increase of almost 10 percent over 2004                                          Albuquerque, and doubly to
in the number of hours ordered for weed and litter patrols,”                                          produce it here at the National
said the judge.                                                                                       Hispanic Cultural Center. Lit-
Other defendants are assigned to perform various duties at                                            erature in itself is a powerful
more than 170 nonprofit organizations that work with the Court                                        medium, whether on the
all over the state of New Mexico, the judge added. This allows                                        printed page or in perfor-
a Roswell defendant, for example, charged with speeding in                                            mance. The themes woven into
Albuquerque to do community service in his or her own town.                                           this work are truly universal;
                                                                                                      from the wintry steppes of
Community service has been an important alternative sentenc-                                          1870s Russia in Tolstoy’s Anna
ing tool available to Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court                                            Karenina, to the sultry heat of
judges. It has been used extensively since the court was estab-          Ybor City in Florida on the 1920s in Cruz’ play, all the way
lished 25 years ago. Judges can impose community service as              to our own Albuquerque, it is how people live and love that
a sentence, and defendants may sometimes convert fines and               defines our humanity.
fees into community service if they can not pay.
                                                                         Nilo Cruz is a Cuban-born American playwright who won
          Get to Know Your Metro Court Judges                            the 2003 Pulitzer Prize in drama for Anna in the Tropics. He
Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court has an active Speakers’             was the first Latino playwright to receive a Pulitzer Prize,
Bureau that can provide judges as speakers for your neighbor-            and Anna in the Tropics was only the second play to receive
hood or community association meetings. Our judges can                   this award without having been seen in New York. Cruz’
address criminal and civil issues including DWI and domes-               other plays include Hortensia and the Museum of Dreams,
tic violence, DWI/Drug Courts and other timely topics of im-             Dancing on Her Knees, A Bicycle Country, Night Train to
portance to our community. Please call Janet Blair, Commu-               Bolina, A Park in Our House, Two Sisters and a Piano, Beauty
nications, Information and Public Outreach Director at 841-              of the Father, and Lorca in a Green Dress. He has also
9897 to make arrangements.                                               translated two plays by Federico García Lorca, Doña Rosita
                    Visit Your Courthouse                                and The House of Bernarda Alba. Cruz resides in New York
The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Courthouse is one of the              City, and is a New Dramatists alumnus. This production is
most high tech courthouses in the country. Learn how tech-               the Southwest premiere of Anna in the Tropics.
nology works in the busiest courthouse in the state. Watch a             For additional information please call the NHCC at 505-
DWI trial, Traffic Court or a civil case. Guided tours for school/       246-2261 or visit <>, or call Teatro Nuevo
community groups are available and students are especially               México at 505-265-5200 or visit <>.
welcomed. Call Janet Blair for details at 841-9897.                      The NHCC is a division of the State of New Mexico’s De-
                                                   Judge Allred
                                                                         partment of Cultural Affairs.

                               Neighborhood News                     January/February 2006

                                       ACROSS THE FENCE
             An Illuminating Experience                              to participate. I’d say we had about 12,000 luminarias in the
Submitted by Herb Howell, Elaine Fiber and Jessica Infantino         immediate vicinity. As I walked around my neighborhood,
                                                                     after dark, the place looked spectacular.”
The Festival of Illumination Contest created a chance for
Albuquerque’s neighborhoods to shine (sic) on a big scale. When asked how the tradition began in Martineztown, Jesse
With the promise of a Guinness                                      Martinez, President of the Citizen’s Information Committee
Book World Record and over             Photo by Jerry Goffe, Glen Hohnstreiter and Lee Morgan
                                                                                                  of Martineztown, had this to say,
$3250 in prize money at stake,                                                                    “When I was a kid I thought we
all was in readiness for the                                                                      did it because it was fun – light-
Christmas Eve spectacle. The                                                                      ing the candles and drinking hot
evening weather could not have                                                                    chocolate. I’ve since learned that
been better.                                                                                      in 1972, some of our residents
                                                                                                  were very thankful for a favorable
In her role of Chair of the
                                                                                                  court ruling in a land dispute case
Tricentennial Illumination
                                                                                                  – they wanted to show their grate-
Month, Elaine Fiber did a great
                                                                                                  fulness with a huge display of
job organizing and publicizing
                                                                                                  light – and that’s how it started.”
the event. She organized a group
                                                                                                  It truly is a neighborhood event
of judges who toured the city, by
                                                                                                  in Martineztown – the seniors do
minibus, to see for themselves
what neighborhoods really did to                  The Crisp, Quiet Light                          all the bag folding, everyone gath-
                                                                                                  ers around Roma and Edith
show their stuff.
                                                                    around 9:30 a.m. Everyone has hot chocolate and they begin
The selection criteria were: 1) Confirm that those groups reg- filling the bags with sand donated by PNM about 10 a.m. They
istered were “Recognized Neighborhood Associations” with load up the trucks and start putting the luminaries in place.
the Office of Neighborhood Coordination. 2) Those associa- They drop the candles in around 2 p.m. and start lighting
tions that had less than a thousand lights were eliminated – about 3 – 3:30 p.m. They finish up around 5 – 6 p.m., drink
there were three associations who pledged about 500,000 lights. more hot chocolate, walk around the neighborhood and won-
3) Presentation – it was clear that some associations had any- der at the fruits of their labor.
where from 85 – 100% of their residents participating. The
                                                                    According to Festival of Illumination Chairperson, Elaine Fi-
evening was a beautiful display of the pride Albuquerque resi-
                                                                    ber, some of the highlights of the festival were:
dents have in their community. All were true winners in the
community wide event.                                               •As of December 25, 2005, the final light count was 7,684,170
The Christmas Eve judging bus tour lasted for almost five points of illumination! •Almost 3,000 residential pledges sub-
hours. Judges covered all quadrants of the City and viewed mitted, ranging from one light to 40,000 lights •One of the
fourteen of the registered associations. After each neighbor- largest business pledges was submitted by Wells Fargo’s main
hood was visited, the voting group discussed the displays and branch – 80,000 lights •Pledges ranged from “1200 lights, 48
recorded their score on a large score sheet. At the end of the luminarias, 2 reindeer, and a Christmas wreath” to “I pledge
evening, the scores were tallied, results posted on the Tri-Cen-
                                                                    2 dozen luminaria, if I am not in the hospital” •One last minute
tennial website and the winners were notified.
                                                                    pledge was from Max, an elementary school student who
•First Prize – $1500 – Los Altos Civic Association                  pledged “45 blue lights in the shape of a Star of David” •400
•Second Prize – $1000 – Citizen’s Information Committee             tons of luminaria sand was donated by Steve Hooper, Presi-
                            of Martineztown                         dent of Buildology and Materials, Inc., and was made avail-
•Third Prize – $500 – Thomas Village
                                                                    able to residents for free •24,000 luminarias were given to
                          Neighborhood Association
                                                                    Albuquerque school children so that they could also pledge
•Fourth Prize – $250 – La Sala Grande
                           Neighborhood Association                 •The Albuquerque Youth Symphony made 156,000 luminarias,
                                                                    the most pledged by a youth group. The Albuquerque Youth
Steven Hamp, President of Thomas Village Neighborhood Symphony celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2005.
Association said, “We have had Christmas Eve luminaries in
our neighborhood for many years. Most residents do their                  Congratulations to all! Thanks for your efforts!
own properties – this year we really encouraged all residents

                                Neighborhood News                    January/February 2006
                                  NEIGHBORHOOD SCOOP continued
                   From The                  Marth Becktell, RSLP Director for Plan-       (Please note date change
                 Manager’s Desk
                                             ning and Community Engagement is                    for the following
                                             spearheading the setting up of these com-              workshop)
                     by Herb Howell          munity/University conversations, in con-
                          and                junction with the City’s Planning Depart-
                     Marth Becktell          ment, Office of Neighborhood Coordi-                  Land Use and Zoning
                                             nation and the Main Public Library. The                   Workshop
                                             title of the initial project is Central
                                             Thrives.                                        Saturday, February 25, 2006
  UNM And The Neighborhoods
                                             This new UNM Program, under the over-                      9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
A new initiative at the University of New
Mexico, the Research Service Learning        all directorship of Dan Young, along               Plaza Del Sol Hearing Room
Program (UNM-RSLP), is seeking to            with our Education Task Force has re-
                                             cently completed a study with Albuquer-       This workshop is designed to increase
build a sustainable and mutually benefi-                                                   your knowledge and understanding of
cial bridge between the University and       que Public Schools, is a part of the de-
                                             veloping link between the City, educa-        all the aspects of the Zoning and Hous-
the community by co-developing sensi-                                                      ing Codes, land use Matters, Facilita-
tive, carefully planned partnerships.        tional institutions, and the community.
                                             We see tremendous potential for sustain-      tion Issues at the various hearing boards
Most specifically, UNM-RSLP seeks the                                                      as they relate to neighborhood areas. We
involvement of the neighborhood asso-        able collaboration in all areas of our city
                                             with this combination of strengths, de-       utilize the Planning Department division
ciations, schools, non-profit agencies and                                                 managers, senior staff members and
businesses along the Central Corridor in     cision-making, and dreams.
                                                                                           other Department staff to provide this
helping to develop a long-term process       For more information on RSLP, call            informative training on how the Office
for planning, implementation and evalu-      Marth Becktell at 277-8287 or Dan             of Neighborhood Coordination (ONC)
ation of mutual work that incrementally      Young at 277-3355.                            works with each hearing board and
addresses the complex social and eco-                                                      neighborhood associations on various
nomic issues of our City. The UNM-                            Neighborhood                 projects.
RSLP will seek to complement,                                Workshop Corner
strengthen, coordinate, and enrich exist-                                                       Neighborhood Association
ing UNM-Community initiatives, and it
                                                                                                       Patrol Training
will co-facilitate collaboration among                  Effective Meetings
neighborhoods, the City, APS, the non-                                                          Saturday, March 11, 2006
profit sector and business to help launch                  Workshop
                                                                                                        9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
new work of mutual benefit.
                                               Tuesday, February 21, 2006                          APD Training Academy
To date the UNM-RSLP has held a se-
ries of meetings throughout the Univer-              6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.                Community Policing is a philosophy,
sity with interested faculty, students and                                                 which recognizes the mutual depen-
staff; with various City and APS offices;        Plaza Del Sol Hearing Room                dence and shared responsibility of the
and with some non-profit agencies and        Conducting effective meetings begins          police and community in making Albu-
businesses. The next step in furthering      well before the meeting date. Prior to        querque safer and more livable. Neigh-
the initial work of identifying collabora-   the meeting the leader sets the agenda,       borhood Association Patrols are not in
tive structures and strategies between       establishes goals for the meeting, re-        and of themselves community policing,
UNM-RSLP and its partners will be a          views past minutes...At the meeting the       but one tool that may be selected by
series of “Community Conversations”.         leader runs the meeting by sticking to        neighborhoods to maintain or improve
Target dates for community meetings are      the set agenda...After the meeting the        safety in the Neighborhood.
Saturday, February 11, 2006 at the           evaluation takes place, did we follow
Lecture Hall at the Special Collections                                                    Registration for all workshops closes at 12
                                             the agenda…This is but a brief outline        noon the day before the training. You may
Library at Central and Edith, in the         of what will be covered at this work-         register for workshops by calling ONC at 924-
Huning Highland area, and on Saturday,       shop—come prepared to discuss and             3914, by fax at 924-3913 or on-line at
March 25, 2006 at the Downtown Li-           share what makes your meetings suc-           <
brary, Main Branch. These conversations      cessful.                                      workshop.html.>. Please pre-register.
will engage community members and
                                                                                           To accomodate all workshop participants, you
faculty with graduate and undergradu-
                                                                                           must be pre-registered to attend these
ate students in complex real-life situa-                                                   workshops. Registration includes your name,
tions that emerge from the confluence of                                                   address, telephone number and association. We
the University and community mutual                                                        appreciate your consideration and cooperation.
needs and concerns.
                              Neighborhood News                    January/February 2006
                                 NEIGHBORHOOD SCOOP continued
                                           the manufacturer’s recommendations,           For more information, contact Lucinda
              A Message From               and have your chimney cleaned. Stay           Lucero Sachs at 505-768-3557 or
                The Mayor                  warm and safe this winter!                    <>.
                                           Bundle up. It’s easier and cheaper to         February’s Tricentennial theme is
             Mayor Martin J. Chávez        heat people than it is to heat space. And     Author’s Month. The following
                                           a warm jacket doesn’t create air pollu-       writer’s workshops are being offered.
                                           tion.                                         Each class costs $35.00. If you are in-
        Let’s Clear The Air                How about park and ride? Taking the           terested in attending, please contact
                                           bus to the mall will save fuel, cut down      Lucinda Lucero Sachs by phone at 768-
Wintertime poses some special chal-                                                      3557 or email at <>.
lenges to maintaining good air quality     on pollution and traffic, and allow you
for our community. Cold temperatures       to avoid those stressful parking lots. It’s   Saturday, February 11, 2006
coupled with stagnant air, common          a great time to carpool, too. You’ll save     South Broadway Cultural Center
wintertime conditions, serve to trap air   fuel and minimize traffic in the process.     10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
pollution.                                 These are only a few suggestions about        Memoir Writing – Julie Mars author
                                           things that you can do to save money          of A Month of Sundays: Searching for
Cold temperatures also change our be-                                                    the Spirit and My Sister and numerous
havior in ways that can create more air    and help keep your community’s air
                                           clean this winter. With a little thought,     other works will conduct this class.
pollution. With high fuel prices ex-                                                     Young Adult Fiction – Carolyn Meyer
pected to encourage more woodburning       you’ll think of even more ways to con-
                                           serve. And that’s the secret. Keeping         author of Rio Grande Stories, Maria
than ever this year, it’s important that                                                 Dancing, Doomed Queen Anne: A
we all take a moment and consider          the air clean is not the job for one per-
                                           son, or one program, or one agency. It’s      Young Royals Book and numerous other
ways that we, as individuals, can help                                                   works will conduct this class.
keep air pollution to a minimum. For       everyone’s responsibility to do a little
                                           to help. Air Pollution can be controlled.     Nonfiction Writing – V.B. Price the
instance...                                                                              well known journalist, novelist and
                                           Help clear the air. If we all do a little,
Carefully plan your shopping excur-        it will mean a lot.                           poet will conduct this class.
sions so that several errands can be                                                     Saturday, February 18, 2006 -
done in one trip. Traffic congestion                                                     South Broadway Cultural Center
around the malls and shopping centers                                                    10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
creates a lot of air pollution and a lot                                                 Writing for Children – Edith
of stress. Go shopping with a friend or    Tricentennial Update                          Tarbescu the award winning writer of
make it a family shopping adventure.       Please join us for these FREE special         The Boy Who Stuck Out His Tongue: A
                                           Tricentennial events - seating is limited.    Yiddish Folk Tale and numerous other
Avoid long vehicle ‘warm-ups’ in your
                                                                                         works will conduct this class.
driveway. They waste fuel, create pol-            Platicas At The                        Fantasy/Science Fiction Writing –
lution, and tempt car thieves. Your car    South Broadway Cultural Center                Walter John Williams known
will warm up faster if it’s moving and          Thursday, February 9, 2006               nationally and internationally as a
you’ll save money at the pump by                          7 - 9 p.m.                     Fantasy/Science Fiction writer of over
avoiding the wasteful idling.              Notable authors Judith Van Gieson,            25 books many of which have made the
Have you checked your tires lately?        Paula Gunn Allen, Evelina Lucero,             top ten New York Times Fiction list will
Soft tires waste fuel. Tires lose pres-    Jimmy Santiago Baca and Denise                conduct this class.
sure in cold temperatures. It only takes   Chavez, all accomplished raconteurs,          Mystery Writing Workshop – Tony
a few minutes to bring your tires to the   will sit on stage with a moderator and        Hillerman nationally and internation-
proper pressure and that will pay off at   regale the audience with their repartee,      ally acclaimed mystery writer and au-
the pump as well.                          wit and wisdom.                               thor of Navajo Detectives, Leaphorn
Remember, it’s the Winter Advisory          Platicas At The KiMo Theatre                 and Chee and numerous other works
Season and there are restrictions to            Thursday, February 23, 2006              will conduct this class.
woodburning in place in Bernalillo                         7 - 9 p.m.
County. Call 768-BURN (2876), point        Notable authors Rudolpho Anaya, Ana
your browser to <             Baca, Max Evans, E.A. Mares, N. Scott
airquality>, or simply dial 311, the       Momaday, Maritza Petez and Sharon
City’s new Citizen Contact Center, to      Oard Warner, all accomplished
find out if it’s OK to burn. And if you    raconteurs, will sit on stage with a
burn, burn smart. Burn seasoned fire-      moderator and regale the audience with
wood, operate your stove according to      their repartee, wit and wisdom.

                                   Neighborhood News                      January/February 2006

                                                              City Council
 Council staff may be reached at 768-3100. The agenda for an upcoming council meeting may be checked by calling 768-3100 after 1 p.m. on
 the Friday immediately prior to the council meeting. The City Council’s fax number is 768-3227. Agendas, Action Items and Summaries are
 available on the Council’s webpage at <>.

       A Message From Your                       the provision of water and wastewater          emphasis on the Hispanic and small
          City Council                           services to the developed areas of             business community in Albuquerque and
                                                 Bernalillo County, the City of Albuquerque     New Mexico.”
 New Councilors and Committees                   and other municipalities within. The           Albuquerque Convention and Visitors
                                                 authority brings a partnership to the          Bureau (ACVB) Board of Directors
The work of Albuquerque’s Seventeenth
                                                 operation of water systems within the area     (Councilors Winter, Mayer and Loy) –
City Council commenced on December 5,
                                                 and also to the setting of rates for water     This board manages the business of the
2005, with the election of City Councilor
                                                 and wastewater utilities.                      ACVB, including controlling and directing
Martin Heinrich to serve as the Council’s
President for the following year and City        Alvarado Transportation Center Project         its affairs, determining its policies, actively
Councilor Don Harris to serve as the             Task Force (Councilors O’Malley and            pursuing its objectives and directing the
Council’s Vice-President. City Councilor         Benton) – This task force was created to       disbursement of funds. The mission of the
Ken Sanchez was elected as Chair of the          oversee the revitalization of the downtown     ACVB is to stimulate economic growth in
Council’s Committee of the Whole. It is          region including the Alvarado                  Albuquerque by marketing the city as a
the responsibility of the City Council           Transportation Center. In 2001 the City of     convention and visitor destination.
President to appoint Council members to          Albuquerque entered into a Master              New Mexico Municipal League Board of
the Council’s remaining committees,              Development Agreement with the Historic        Directors (Councilor O’Malley) – The
which exist for a variety of City Council        District Improvement Company to advance        NM Municipal League’s Board of
functions. Below is a partial list of some       the area’s housing development and             Directors are responsible for general
of the committees currently in operation.        commercial revitalization.                     supervision of the organization which
In addition, various other committees                                                           serves to provide research to help local
                                                 Intergovernmental/Legislative Relations
around the City and County require                                                              officials from throughout New Mexico to
                                                 Committee (Councilors Sanchez, Winter
participation by appointees from the City                                                       make decisions in the performance of their
                                                 and Heinrich) – This committee’s work
Council. Some of these committees are as                                                        governance. It also provides legal opinions,
                                                 promotes the cooperation and coordination
follows: The list is ever changing, however,                                                    a monthly newsletter publication and
                                                 of efforts between the City and other
as the Council attempts to accomplish its                                                       weekly legislative bulletins when the New
                                                 governmental entities, including the State
work most strategically, effectively and                                                        Mexico State Legislature is in session.
                                                 of New Mexico, the County of Bernalillo,
with the participation of the citizens that it
                                                 Albuquerque Public Schools, the                Regional Transit Board of Directors
                                                 Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood          (Councilors O’Malley, Benton, Winter
Committee of the Whole (All Councilors)          Control Authority and the Mid Region           and Cadigan) – This group works to
– This committee reviews the Mayor’s             Council of Governments.                        establish a regional transit system that is
budget and proposed capital improvements                                                        compatible with established state and local
                                                 Mid Region Council of Governments
program through public meetings and                                                             transportation plans, including related
                                                 Board of Directors (Councilors
through working with the Mayor and his                                                          policies, procedures, and financial
                                                 O’Malley, Winter, Cadigan, Heinrich and
administration to make recommendations                                                          planning that provides for the capital,
                                                 Sanchez) – Also known as MRCOG, this
as to policies and the priority of programs                                                     operation and maintenance of a regional
                                                 board provides services that support the
within the City budget.                                                                         transit system.
                                                 fundamentals of community and regional
Albuquerque Bernalillo County                    development, including working regionally      Metropolitan        Criminal      Justice
Government Commission (Councilors                to address employment growth,                  Coordinating Council (Councilor Loy) –
O’Malley, Heinrich, Mayer and Sanchez)           infrastructure planning and development,       This Council includes members of the City
– This commission was established for the        quality of life, planning for the future and   and County public safety administrations
purpose of moving toward a unified               regional resource management. In addition,     and also the local Judicial system in order
government between the City and County.          MRCOG offers a variety of planning             to achieve a regional approach to dealing
Discussion topics include common                 services and support to the region and its     with criminal justice, prevention and
interests, long-term goals, community            communities.                                   intervention efforts.
needs and other items as requested by the
                                                 Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of                 As mentioned, the composition of the
respective bodies, followed by
                                                 Commerce (AHCC) Board of Directors             committee structure and the make-up of
recommendations made to each
                                                 (Councilors Sanchez and Benton) – This         each committee often changes with each
                                                 board oversees the property, affairs, budget   new City Council, in an effort to best
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water              and business of the Hispano Chamber of         accomplish each committee’s objectives.
Utility Authority (Councilors Benton,            Commerce, which is organized “to promote       For more information about these
Cadigan and Heinrich) – This authority           economic development, to enhance               committees or for more information about
was legislated by the New Mexico State           economic opportunities and to provide          the Albuquerque City Council, contact the
Legislature in 2003, this Authority guide        business and workforce education with an       City Council Services office.

                                Neighborhood News                      January/February 2006

          21 - 31                              1-8                               9 - 16                         17 - 28
      Tuesday,                     Wednesday, February 1       Thursday,                Tuesday,
     January 24                    •AAB – 9 a.m.              February 9              February 21
•BOA – 9 a.m.                      •DRB – 9 a.m.         •GWPAB – 8:30 a.m.      •GARTC – 4:30 p.m.
    Wednesday,                     •District 7 Coalition •EPC – Study Session          Wednesday,
     January 25                    – 7 p.m.              – 4 p.m.                     February 22
•DRB – 9 a.m.                      •Westside Coalition   •POC – 4 p.m.           •DRB – 9 a.m.
•LEPC – 9 a.m.                     – 7 p.m.              •TAB – 9 a.m.           •LEPC – 9 a.m.
•EPC Pre-Hearing                    Thursday, February 2 •SVCNA – 6:30 p.m.      •City Council – 5 p.m.
– 1:30 p.m.                        •North Valley Coalition Monday, February 13 •EPC Pre-Hearing
•SEPC – 9 a.m.                     – 7 p.m.                •GBAC – 4:30 p.m.      – 1:30 p.m.
     Thursday,                       Monday, February 6 •SWAN – 6:30 p.m. •SEPC – 9 a.m.
     January 26                    •City Council – 5 p.m. Tuesday, February 14          Monday,
•District 8 Coalition                                      •ZHE – 9 a.m.              February 27
– 7 p.m.                                                        Wednesday,       •City Council
                                          February 8
                                   •SEPC – 9 a.m.               February 15      – 5 p.m. (Tentative)
                                   •AQCB – 5:15 p.m.       •DRB – 9 a.m.                Tuesday,
                                   •DRB – 9 a.m.           •ADC – 3 p.m.              February 28
                                   •LUCC – 3 p.m.          •District 4 Coalition •BOA – 9 a.m.
                                   •District 6 Coalition   – 7 p.m.
                                   – 7 p.m.                      Thursday,
                                                                February 16
                                                           •EPC Hearing
                                                           – 8:30 a.m.
                                                       2006 CALENDAR LEGEND
AAB - Airport Advisory Board, Aviation Department Executive Conference Room, 244-7700
ACTMI - Advisory Committee on Transit for the Mobility Impaired - Sun Van Conference Room, 601 Yale SE, 764-8932
ADC - Albuquerque Development Commission - Hearing Room, Basement Level, Plaza del Sol, 600 Second Street NW
AQCB - Air Quality Control Board, Council Commission Chambers, Basement Level, City Hall
BOA - Board of Appeals, Plaza del Sol Hearing Room, Basement Level, 600 Second St. NW
City Council - Council/Commission Chambers, Basement Level, City Hall
District 4 Coalition - Cherry Hills Library, 6901 Barstow NE
District 6 Coalition - Cesar Chavez Community Center, 7505 Kathryn SE
District 7 Coalition - Sandia High School, Teacher’s Lounge, 7801 Candelaria NE
District 8 Coalition - James Joseph Dwyer Memorial Substation, 12700 Montgomery NE
DRB -Development Review Board, Plaza del Sol Hearing Room, 600 Second Street NW, Basement Level
EPC - Environmental Planning Commission, Plaza del Sol Hearing Room, 600 Second St. NW, Basement Level
EPC Pre-Hearing - Environmental Planning Commission, Plaza del Sol, 600 Second St. NW, Third Fl. Conf. Room
EPC Study Session - Environmental Planning Commission, Plaza del Sol, 600 Second Street NW, Third Fl. Conf. Room
GABAC - Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee, City Hall, Room 302, 768-2680
GARTC - Greater Albuquerque Recreational Trails Committee - Locations vary, call 768-5308 for information
GWPAB - Ground Water Protection Advisory Board - Room 302 City/County Building, 400 Marquette NW
LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee - 11510 Sunset Gardens SW, 833-7300 or <> for more information
LUCC - Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission, Plaza del Sol Hearing Room, 600 Second St. NW, Basement Level
North Valley Coalition - Los Griegos Multi-Service Center, 1231 Candelaria NW
POC - Police Oversight Commission,City/County Building, Lower Level, 1 Civic Plaza, 5th and Marquette
SEPC - Special Event Permitting Committee - 6th floor, Cultural Services Department Confernce Room, City Hall, 5th and Marquette
SVCNA - South Valley Coalition of Neighborhoods Associations - South Valley BSCO Sheriff’s Substation, 2039 Isleta SW.
SWAN - South West Alliance of Neighborhoods, Alamosa Multi-Service Center, 6900 Gonzales SW
TAB - Transit Advisory Board - Sun Van Conference Room, 601 Yale SE, 764-6121
Westside Coalition - Taylor Ranch Community Center, 4900 Kachina NW
ZHE - Zoning Hearing Examiner, Plaza del Sol Hearing Room, Basement Level, 600 Second St. NW

                                   Neighborhood News                        January/February 2006
                                                            EPC Hearing Notice
 Publication of EPC hearing notices in the Albuquerque Journal will now occur on the Wednesday - 22 days prior to the public hearing on
 the 3rd Thursday of the month. The hearing notice includes the time, place and date of the hearing along with a brief description of each
 application on the agenda. Previously, hearing notices were published 15 days before the public hearing. The reason for this change is to meet
 the advertising requirements for EPC study sessions which occur on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Rather than advertising the hearing and
 study session separately, a single notice will be prepared to advertise both. Contact the Planning Department at 924-3860 if you have
 Neighborhood Alert – Be aware that public comments at EPC Meetings have a time limitation due to the length of the EPC Hearings. The 48-
 Hour Rule of the EPC: All written materials and other documents shall be submitted to the Planning Dept. no later than 9 a.m. on the Tuesday
 of the Public Hearing week. For an Appeal Hearing – no communication with EPC is allowed within five days of the Public Hearing.
                                    In order to make maximum use of the following information please note:
      Scan the entire list to see if your neighborhood association has a case this month.
      The name and phone number of the developer/agent is listed so that you can easily contact them should you have any questions.
      The assigned staff planner is identified with each agenda item should you need additional information (i.e., check on the actual placement
      of your case on the agenda). All staff may be reached at 924-3860.
      On the day of the Hearing, call Planning at 924-3860 and the receptionist will give you the status of the Hearing.
      Staff reports are available at the Planning Office beginning at 3 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the EPC Hearing.
 On the 2nd Thursday of each month, the EPC has a Study Session to review the applications scheduled for the all-day public hearing
 which occurs on the 3rd Thursday of each month. As with the Public Hearing, the public is invited to attend the Study Sessions;
 however, Study Sessions do not provide an open forum. Discussion is limited to staff and the EPC. Study Sessions regularly begin at 4 p.m.
 in the Plaza del Sol Hearing Room. Please call the Planning Department at 924-3860 to confirm the Study Session schedule as adjustments
 are made occasionally.
           Please note that the Pre-Hearing Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. in the Planning
        Conference Room, Third Floor. The EPC Public Hearing will be held on Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 8:30 a.m. in the
                                      Plaza del Sol (basement) Hearing Room for the following cases:

South San Pedro (neighborhood association); 06EPC-00004, Project #1004615 (case #’s); Approximately one fourth
(1/4) acre(s) located on the west side of Cagua Drive SE between Zuni Road SE and Bell Avenue SE (location of request);
L-18 (zone atlas page #); Desiderio Gutierrez at 362-1125 (applicant or agency and phone #); Requests approval of an
Zone Map Amendment from C-1 to R-3 (action requested); David Stallworth at 924-3940 (city staff planner).
Stronghurst Improvement; 06EPC-00012, Project #1000195; Approximately three (3) acre(s) located on the west side of
Broadway Boulevard NE between Claremont Avenue NE and Broadway Boulevard NE; H-15; Claudio Vigil Architects at
842-1113, agent for Associated Builders and Contractors; Request approval of an EPC Site Development Plan for Building
Permit for a proposed one single-story building containing office and vocational facilities for Associated Builders and
Contractors; Stephanie Shumsky at 924-3933
Barelas, Citizen’s Information Committee of Martineztown, Downtown, Huning Highland Historic District, Raynolds
Addition, Santa Barbara-Martineztown, South Broadway, Broadway Central Corridors Partnership, Downtown Action
Team; 06EPC-00014, Project #1000184; Approximately two (2) acre(s) located on the east side of Broadway Boulevard NE
between Tijeras Avenue NE and Martin Luther King Boulevard NE; K-14; Design Group at 242-6880, agent for BelVedere,
LLC; Requests approval of an EPC Site Development Plan for Building Permit for a proposed fifty-four (54) home urban
courtyard housing project on the vacant City block north of the historic Gym Lofts at Albuquerque High; David Stallworth at
Countrywood Area, Heritage Hills, Nor Este, North Wyoming, Vineyard Estates; 06EPC-00018, 00020 and 00021,
Project #1004622; Approximately one (1) acre(s) located on the south side Paseo Del Norte NE between Barstow Street NE
and Wyoming Boulevard NE; D-19; George Rainhart Architect and Associates at 884-9110, agent for New Mexico Educators
Federal Credit Union; Requests approval of a Zone Map Amendment from SU-2/O-1 to SU-2/C-1, EPC Sector Development
Plan and EPC Site Development Plan for Building Permit for a proposed New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union;
Catalina Lehner at 924-3935.
Alvarado Park, Classic Uptown, Inez, Jerry Cline Park, Mark Twain, Quigley Park, Snow Heights, Uptown Progress
Team, Winrock South, Zuni; 06EPC-00023, Project #1004624; Approximately seven (7) acre(s) located on the north side
Indian School Road NE between Arvada Avenue NE and Indian School Road NE; H-19; Denish + Kline Associates at 842-
6461, agent for Hunt Uptown III, LLC; Requests approval of an EPC Site Development Plan for Building Permit for thirty
      Don Newton
(30) dwelling units consisting of one hundred ninety-six (196) apartments for the “Uptown Village Apartments”; Carmen
Marrone at 924-3814.

                           Neighborhood News              January/February 2006
Stinson Tower, Westgate Heights, Westside Merchants; 06EPC-00016 and 00017, Project #1003190; Approximately
ten (10) acre(s) located on the east side Unser Boulevard SW between Tower Road SW and San Ygnacio Road SW; L-10;
Rio Grande Engineering at 321-9099, agent for MDK Developers, LLC; Requests approval of a Zone Map Amendment
from R-1 to C-1 and a Sector Plan Map Amendment; Stephanie Shumsky at 924-3933.
Wells Park; 06EPC-00019 and 00022, Project #1004623; Approximately one (1) acre(s) located on the west side of
Fifth Street NW between Summer Avenue NW and McKinley Avenue NW; J-14; Shannon Lopez at 768-1134, agent for
Raul A. Lopez; Requests approval of a Zone Map Amendment from Sawmill Residential to SU-1 for Law Office for a
proposed small law office; Catalina Lehner at 924-3935.

                             (Map Not To Scale For Reference Purposes Only)

                                Neighborhood News                    January/February 2006

                                           CITY SCOOP
                                       News From City Departments
Cultural Services                                                        APD Crime Prevention
Submitted by AJ Carian                                                   505-924-3600
                                                                         Submitted by Steve Sink
Tricklock Company brings to Albuquerque its sixth annual
Revolutions International Theatre Festival, A Tricentennial
Celebration of World Theatre, three weeks of “the planet’s
most revolutionary theatre!” Kicking off Tuesday, January 10               My Neighbor’s Home Security Alarm Went Off –
with an opening gala party and running through Sunday, Janu-                            What Should I Do?
ary 29, the 2006 Festival will present cutting-edge theatrical           Before a situation occurs that might require you to take ac-
work created by national and international performers from               tion, we suggest that all citizens who have alarms, discuss
Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Spain, Israel, South Africa and                with trusted neighbors some important information that could
the United States, including Albuquerque’s own Tricklock                 be helpful before, during and after an alarm sounds. Trusted
Company. With performances and workshops in more than                    neighbors should know general schedules, what kind of ve-
13 different venues around Albuquerque and (for the second               hicles driven, who belongs in the home as well as planned
year) Santa Fe, Revolutions International Theatre Festival 2006          extended trips. Share with these neighbors when and why
promises to inspire and amaze.                                           you might have visitors or work being done on your property.
Festival sponsors are Mayor Martin Chavez and The City of                It’s advisable that neighbors exchange phone numbers in case
Albuquerque, The Albuquerque City Council, Governor Bill                 of an emergency. Advising each other of these basic pieces of
Richardson, State Representative Mimi Stewart and The New                information can help determine if there is a false alarm. Each
Mexico State Department of Cultural Affairs. Co-sponsors                 homeowner with an alarm should also register with the Al-
include UNM Department of Theatre and Dance and The                      buquerque Police Departments False Alarm Reduction Unit
National Hispanic Cultural Center.                                       (768-2059). The City of Albuquerque has enacted an Alarm
                                                                         System Ordinance that requires all residential and commer-
The Festival’s mission is to seek out and produce the planet’s           cial alarms be registered. Registering your alarm could pre-
most revolutionary theatre and performance art because                   vent you from being fined for false alarms.
Tricklock Company firmly believes that exposure to the broad
spectrum of world theatre helps remind each of us in the com-            Once the previous steps have been taken and an alarm sounds,
munity of our unlimited potential as active, vital participants          we recommend all neighbors inspect the area from a safe and
in our local society and the global society at large.                    secure location within your home to detect possible suspi-
                                                                         cious activity or behavior. Making yourself aware of the sur-
“This is the city’s most far-reaching festival to date!” says Joe        roundings can begin the process of detection and reporting.
Perrachio, the Festival’s artistic director. “We’re celebrating          It’s important that all neighbors who have line-of-sight pro-
the collaborations that helped to found the festival as well as          vide surveillance from a variety of directions. Look for unfa-
the host of new supporters and sponsors in this 2006 Festival            miliar vehicles or persons, damaged windows/doors or any
- A Tricentennial Celebration of World Theatre. The Revolu-              thing that does not appear to be normal. After an initial in-
tions International Theatre Festival helps disseminate new               spection that does not detect activity - attempt to contact your
forms and ideas on theatrical training and creation to young             neighbor by phone. If the alarm continues to sound and there
artists in our area, and provides the community with a forum             is no apparent activity, vehicles or persons - call the non-
for cultural and artistic exchange and dialogue that might not           emergency number at 242-COPS (2677). If you detect suspi-
otherwise reach New Mexico.”                                             cious persons entering, leaving or hanging out, call 911 im-
                                                                         mediately. If you must call the police, do so from a safe place
                                                                         and provide as much information as possible. Provide a good
                                                                         description of the person, including physical characteristics,
                                                                         clothing and direction of travel. If the person leaves in a
                                                                         vehicle, provide similar information that would include type
                                                                         of vehicle, color, body damage, if any, license plate and di-
                                                                         rection of travel.
                                                                         Working together can establish a safe and secure environ-
                                                                         ment for you and your neighbors. If you have an alarm, take
                                                                         some basic precautions. If you hear an alarm, be a good neigh-
                                                                         bor and look out for each other by observing and being pre-
                                                                         pared to call the police.

                               Neighborhood News                   January/February 2006
            Albuquerque Bernalillo County                          struction and are making some landscaping improvements.
               Water Utility Authority                             The eastbound lane of Sequoia Road NW is closed from
                  Submitted by John Stomp                          Alamogordo Drive NW to the Walgreen’s driveway just east
                                                                   of Coors Boulevard NW, with one lane of traffic open in each
           San Juan Drinking Water Project                         direction in the westbound lanes. No on-street parking is al-
       To Begin Construction On New Pipeline                       lowed in the construction zone. On Ladera Drive NW, there
        In Northeast Albuquerque This Month                        is a total closure of the northbound lanes between Sequoia
                                                                   Road NW and Redlands Road NW, with one lane of traffic
                 San Pedro Drive NE between                        open in the southbound lanes through early January. After
          Candelaria Road NE and Osuna Road NE                     this work is completed, there will be a total closure of the
The San Juan-Chama Drinking Water project will begin con-          southbound lanes between Sequoia Road NW and Redlands
struction this month on the Leyendecker Pipeline, which            Road NW, with one lane of traffic open in each direction in
extends from San Pedro Drive NE and Arvilla Avenue NE              the northbound lanes.
north on San Pedro Drive NE to Osuna Road NE. In mid to
late January, crews will begin work in                                Northwest Albuquerque – Edith Boulevard NE from
various areas of the project to relocate                                                      Griegos Road NE to Montgomery
water valves before beginning heavy                                                                      Boulevard NE
construction. In early February, pipe-                                                               (East Valley Pipeline)
line construction will start approxi-                                                        Crews are continuing to lay pipeline
mately in the middle of the pipeline                                                         on Edith Boulevard NE between
route, at San Pedro Drive NE and the                                                         Griegos/Comanche Road NE and
Hahn Arroyo (located south of                                                                Montano Road NE. They are work-
Comanche Road NE). The crew will                                                             ing on the east side of the street, with
lay pipeline on the east side of San                                                         one lane of traffic open in each direc-
Pedro Drive NE, with traffic shifted to                                                      tion on the west side of the street. Mo-
the west lane and one southbound lane                                                        torists and area businesses and resi-
of traffic open. Access to all homes and                                                     dents should expect occasional delays
businesses on San Pedro Drive NE will be maintained through-                                 for turning and mobilization of heavy
out the project.                                                   equipment. Crews are also laying pipeline along the Alameda
                                                                   Lateral from Rutherford Lane NE to Montano Road NE this
                 Work on Eastside Pipeline                         month. No lane closures are planned for this work and access
                    Shifts to East of I-25                         to all local residences and businesses will be maintained.
This month, crews working on the Eastside Pipeline shift
from west of I-25 to east of I-25. Crews will lay pipeline                     Northwest Valley – Rio Grande River
along with south side of Osuna Road NE from the northbound                  from Alameda NW to Paseo del Norte NW
I-25 Frontage Road to San Mateo Boulevard NE. The east-                               (Raw Water Pipeline #1)
bound lane of Osuna Road NE will be closed. Traffic will be        Crews continue work on the east side of the Albuquerque Drain
shifted to the westbound lane, with one lane of traffic open in    along the Rio Grande River this month, as well in an area just
each direction. Since lanes have been narrowed, large trucks       north of Paseo del Norte NW between Rio Grande Boulevard
can seek an alternate route by taking McLeod Road NE to the        NW and the River. They will be operating dewatering wells
south, or staying on the I-25 Frontage Road and taking the         to drop the water table near the river and will also be laying
San Mateo Boulevard exit. Also this month, crews will begin        pipeline. As construction is completed along the river, they
an underground tunnel at Osuna Road NE and San Mateo               will begin installing revetment (open-faced block) and filter
Boulevard NE to minimize disruptions to traffic traveling          fabric to prevent erosion. Once construction is completed along
through this intersection. Osuna Road NE from San Mateo            the River (estimated by March 1, 2006), they will plant native
Boulevard NE to Seagull Lane NE will have the eastbound            grasses along the east bank. Also this month, crews will be
lane closed, with one lane of traffic open in each direction in    working on an underground tunnel at Fourth Street NW and
the westbound lane. Access to all local residences and busi-       Paseo del Norte NW so they can minimize impacts to traffic
nesses will be maintained.                                         in this intersection.
                                                                       Northwest Valley – 12th NW Street at Alameda Drain
          Other Pipelines Under Construction
                                                                                      (West Valley Pipeline)
     West Albuquerque – Sequoia Road NW from                       Crews are continuing to lay pipeline along the Alameda Drain
  Coors Boulevard NW to Alamogordo Drive NW and                    west of 12th Street NW and are also working on an under-
   Ladera Drive NW between Sequoia Road NW and                     ground pipeline tunnel along the east bank of Griegos Drain
       Redlands Road NW (Westside Pipeline)                        north of Matthew Avenue NW. Lane restrictions should be
On Sequoia Road NW from Coors Boulevard NW east to                 minimal, if they occur at all, on 12th Street NW.
Alamogordo Drive NW, crews are completing pipeline con-

                               Neighborhood News                   January/February 2006
             Albuquerque Bernalillo County                             Transit
             Water Utility Authority, con’t.                              Luminaria Tour a Great Success
          Other Projects Under Construction                            The 2005 Luminaria Tour was a great suc-
                                                                       cess. More than 3,000 people gathered at
Diversion Dam and Fish Passage – south of the Alameda
                                                                       the UNM South Parking Lot on Christmas
Bridge in the Rio Grande River (no traffic impacts). River
                                                                       Eve to board ABQ RIDE buses to see some
Crossing Pipeline – near the Rio Grande River just off Se-
                                                                       of the most amazing holiday lights and
quoia Road NW and Sequoia Place NW (minimal traffic im-
                                                                       luminaria displays in the country.
pacts). Water Treatment Plant – A state-of-the-art water treat-
ment plant is currently under construction in the Renais-              Tickets went on sale through Ticketmaster outlets during the
sance Center near Montano Road NE and Chappell Roads                   last weekend of November. By late in the day on Wednesday,
NE (no traffic impacts).                                               December 21, all of the tickets had been sold.
            Projects Scheduled to Begin Soon                           According to ABQ RIDE Director Greg Payne, tickets for the
Raw Water Transmission Line – Paseo del Norte/North Di-                Luminaria Tour have sold out in previous years, but this is the
version Channel to Water Treatment Plant (Raw Water Pipe-              earliest that all 3,350 tickets have gone. “We are thrilled with
line #2) – This project is expected to bid January 10, 2006,           the response from the community,” said Payne. “We plan to
with construction scheduled to begin later this spring. The            expand and enhance the tour even more in the years to come
pipeline begins at Paseo del Norte/North Diversion Channel             based on how quickly the tickets sold this year.”
(north end) and extends to the Water Treatment Plant being
built near Montano Road NE and Chappell Road NE (south
end). More details about this project will be reported next
                      Coronado Pipeline
This pipeline will go out to bid this month or next month,
with construction scheduled to begin later this spring. The
pipeline begins on Academy Road NE, proceed east on Acad-
                                                                          Luis Jiménez Aranda
emy Road NE to McKinney Drive NE, then turn north on                         Lady at the
McKinney Drive NE to Forest Hills Drive NE, then west on                  Paris Exposition
Forest Hills to just east of the I-25 Frontage Road, then north                 1889
to Del Rey Avenue NE, then east on Del Rey Avenue NE to
San Pedro Drive NE, then north on San Pedro Drive NE to
Palomas Avenue NE, then east on Palomas Avenue NE to the
                                                                                        Keep Our Air Clean -
Coronado Reservoir.
                                                                                    Accept The Clean Air Challenge
                What is the San Juan-Chama
               Drinking Water Project About?                           By accepting the Clean Air Challenge and completing a pledge
This project will eventually supply up to 70% of the                   card to bus, bike, walk or carpool as often as possible through
Albuquerque Metropolitan Area’s drinking water, providing              the end of February you will automatically be registered to
a reliable, long-term supply of drinking water actually higher         win great prizes. Log onto the ABQ RIDE website at
in quality than our current groundwater. It will also give our         <> to get your pledge card today or call
aquifer, which has been the sole source of our drinking water          243-RIDE.
in the past, the chance to “recharge,” or recover from being           Several Clean Air Challenge information tables are planned
drawn down. Finally, The San Juan-Chama Drinking Water                 for January. Plan to attend “A Woman’s Affair” at Expo New
Project will protect our groundwater and help establish a              Mexico on January 14 - 15, 2006. Clean Air Challenge pledge
reserve for use in drought periods.                                    cards completed that weekend will be entered into a drawing
    For more information or to Schedule a Presentation                 for a DVD player and a stereo. Or plan to attend the Eyewit-
If you would like to schedule a presentation on the San Juan-          ness News 4 Health Fair at Expo New Mexico on January 27
Chama Drinking Water Project for your neighborhood or                  - 29, 2006. On this weekend, completed pledge cards will be
homeowners association, please call Patti Watson or Shan-              entered into a drawing for two mountain bikes donated by KOB-
non Jackson at 293-2000. For more information about the                TV. In addition to these drawings, all completed cards will be
project, visit our website at <>.              entered into the grand prize drawing in February for train tick-
 If you would like to be added to our drinking water project           ets to Los Angeles, ice cream for a year, milk for a year, hot air
information list, call 242-ROAD (242-7623) or e-mail                   balloon rides, bicycles, digital cameras and much more.

                                Neighborhood News                     January/February 2006
Water Utility Department, Wastewater Utility Div.                     APD
Submitted by Brynda Gutierrez                                         Submitted by Raymond Schultz, Chief of Police

                                                                                        In December 2005, the Albuquerque Police
                                                                                        Department, kicked off a new traffic aware-
                                                                                        ness campaign. “Slow Down Albuquerque”.
                                                                                        It is a positive traffic awareness campaign
In our convenience ready world we often do not think about
                                                                      to help Albuquerque’s citizens be aware of their own driving
our choices - they are taking a toll on our environment. We
                                                                      habits, while reminding others to slow down on our City
have unintentionally polluted our waterways by discarding
                                                                      streets. While citizens often complain to the APD about cars
all kinds of plastic materials.
                                                                      speeding through their neighborhoods, many citizens would
                                      Turtles are unfortunately       have to admit that they too have driven fast down city streets.
                                      our biggest victims. Many
                                                                      To kick off this campaign, APD initially printed 500 “Slow
                                      turtles have been found
                                                                      Down Albuquerque” yard signs. The signs have been so popu-
                                      with plastic bags in their
                                                                      lar that the Department ran out of them within a few days.
                                      stomachs. Turtles may
                                                                      More have been ordered and are available at the following
                                      mistake the bags for jelly
                                                                      Albuquerque Police Department locations:
                                      fish and eat them.
                                                                      Valley Area Command Headquarters: 5408 2nd Street NW;
                                      We depend on plastic
                                      bags for everyday tasks -
                                                                      Southeast Area Command Headquarters: 800 Louisiana
like disposing of garbage. U.S. and Western Europe factories
                                                                      Boulevard SE; 256-2050
produced four to five trillion plastic bags in 2002 - from large
                                                                      Foothills Area Command Headquarters: 12800 Lomas
trash bags to thick shopping totes and flimsy grocery sacks.
                                                                      Boulevard NE; 332-5240
Why not use paper? Producing plastic bags uses less energy/           Northeast Area Command Headquarters: 8201 Osuna
water and generates less air pollution/solid waste. Plastic bags      Road NE; 823-4455
take up less space in the landfill. However, recycling rates          Westside Area Command Headquarters: 6404 Los Volcanes
for plastic bags are extremely low. Only 1 to 3% of plastic           Road NW; 831-4705
bags are being recycled. Many of our plastic bags are shipped         APD Traffic Substation: 7520 Corona Avenue NE;
to developing countries where they are incinerated instead of         857-8421
                                                                      By taking one of these yard signs we are asking citizens to
After being discarded, many plastic bags become airborne -            post the sign in their yard and to make a personal commit-
get caught in trees, fences, or in the stomachs of birds and          ment to not speed on Albuquerque streets.
other animals. They clog gutters, sewers and waterways.
                                                                      And, if you do speed, remember that the Albuquerque Police
What We Can Do:                                                       Department does aggressively enforce our speeding laws, so
• Buy products that use less plastic packaging • Take your            it is best to “Slow Down Albuquerque”.
plastic bags to the grocery store for recycling • Think twice
about taking a plastic bag if your purchase is small and easy
to carry • Keep reusable cloth bags in your home, office, and
car - always have them available • Encourage your local poli-
ticians to introduce legislation taxing on plastic bags • Prac-
tice and promote proper disposal of plastics every where
•Always remember that litter generates litter • If there are no
receptacles, take your litter home • Pick up plastic litter you
see • Never throw plastic or other litter out of your car, drop it
on the pavement or in the gutter • Never dispose of plastics
in the sewage system.
Learn More By Visiting:                                                   The City of Albuquerque does not discriminate on the basis of race,
                                                                          color, religion, national origin or ancestry, disability, age, gender, Viet-
   <                                 nam Era or disabled veteran status, sexual orientation or medical con-
                                                                          dition in employment or in the provision of services.
                                                                          If you have a disability and will need special assistance to benefit from
   <                                   any of the meetings, hearings or workshops, etc., appearing in this news-
The_Bag_Beast.htm>                                                        letter, contact the office sponsoring the event two weeks prior to the
                                                                          date of the meeting you plan to attend. When ever possible, TTY phone
  <>                            numbers will be listed. TTY users may call any phone number listed in
                                                                          this publication via Relay New Mexico at 1-800-659-8331.

                                      Neighborhood News                         January/February 2006
Office of Neighborhood Coordination
                                                                                                      Talkin’ Trash
                                                                                                   Submitted by Tina Trekker
               Check Your Mailbox Regularly
picked up and didn’t claim your mail?? With the rising cost of mail             The City of Albuquerque has about 1,200 centerline miles of
(The standard cost to send certified mail varies from $4.95 on up -             streets. This converts to about 4,500 lane miles of street. Be-
depending on the size of the envelope) and the time limit that the U.S.         sides handling traffic and transportation requirements of the
Post Office will only hold certified mail for pick-up once a notice has         City, these right-of-ways also handle many other needs of the
been left at your residence or post office box (only for a three (3) week       public. Most of the utilities such as PNM gas, PNM power,
period and they return it back to the sender), your neighborhood asso-          water, sanitary sewer and storm sewers are under these corri-
ciation has missed an opportunity to participate in city government by          dors. During large storms these roads are also designed to con-
not going to the Post Office to pick up your certified mail from the
                                                                                vey floodwaters into underground storm sewers. The storm
applicants of projects that will affect your neighborhood and various
city departments who are required to send “recognized” neighborhood             sewers all eventually drain to the Rio Grande. The storm sew-
association information on their application.                                   ers in the northeast drain to the North Diversion Channel,
                                                                                which was built in the 1960’s by the Corps of Engineers and is
Direct quote from the O-92 Ordinance: “Applicants for approval of
                                                                                currently managed by the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area
amendments of the zone map, zoning site development plans (except
houses and accessory buildings), major subdivisions, vacations of               Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA). The south valley drains
public right-of-way, mapping historic districts, land marking sites, and        to a smaller system called the South Diversion Channel, which
issuance or transfer of liquor licenses shall, prior to filing the applica-     was also built by the Corps of Engineers and is managed by
tion, make a reasonable attempt to give written notification of their           AMAFCA. The valley area, however, drains to lift stations
proposal to any recognized neighborhood association which covers,               which the City manages. There are 14 lift stations in the City
abuts, or is across public right of way from the site of their plans.           that pump the storm waters to the Rio Grande.
Certified letters, return receipt requested, mailed to the two designated
neighborhood association representatives on file at the City Office of                              …Now let’s talk trash!
Neighborhood Coordination constitutes a reasonable attempt to no-               Leaves, litter, debris and silt end up in the street. During heavy
tify an association.                                                            rains, if the debris hasn’t been picked up, it is transported by
We strongly encourage any neighborhood association to have two con-             the water, into the storm sewer, dams and detention basins.
tacts that will be able to accept certified mail for their association or be    City crews clean up approximately 300 tons per month from
able to pick up the certified mail within a timely manner so that your          the channel and storm sewer system per month. This is ac-
association is notified of any future development that will affect your         complished in order to minimize plugged facilities, which can
area.                                                                           result in flooding during storm events.
                                                                                Still, on the average, City crews respond to about 10 plugged
                                   Interested in beautifying
                                                                                inlets per storm event. The City expends about $100,000 per
                                   your neighborhood? The
                                                                                year (contract maintenance) to clean out the storm sewers -
                                   Clean City Division of the
                                                                                there are two Vactor trucks to clean out lines and inlets.
                                   Solid Waste Management
                                   Department and the Office                    Street maintenance has 16 street sweepers that clean the resi-
                                   of Neighborhood Coordi-                      dential streets and arterial streets and intercept about 8,000
                                   nation of the Planning De-                   tons of silt and debris before it reaches the storm sewer. All too
partment, have annual $200 stipends available to non-profit                     often, landscape contractors and citizens will blow all the de-
groups, such as neighborhood associations, Girls/Boys Scouts                    bris into the streets and actually sweep them into the storm
and individual APS campuses who wish to “Adopt An Area”                         sewer. This not only results in additional cost to the City to
within their vicinity. Call Clean Cities at 857-8060 for more                   clean out the storm sewers, but could also result in plugging
information.                                                                    the system and flooding out a neighborhood.
                                                                                Disposal of debris needs to be done properly through the Solid
Solid Waste Department                                                          Waste Department – 761-8100. Solid Waste schedules green
                                                                                yard waste pick-ups twice a year, usually in the spring and late
                 Keep Albuquerque Beautiful                                     fall. The waste is taken to the Soil Amendment Facility and
                       Funding Opportunity                                      mixed with sewer sludge, composted and sold as fertilizer both
              Neighborhood Streetscape Grant                                    to the private sector businesses and to the golf courses and
            Application Deadline - March 3, 2006                                parks - one person’s trash becomes another’s treasure.

This grant provides funding to neighborhood associations,                       Let’s work together, City and Citizens, and recycle our yard
clubs or civic groups that are interested in improving an eye-                  waste properly.
sore area with a beautification project. This grant aims to
encourage community pride and responsibility. For an appli-
cation or further information, please call KAB at 761-8334.

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