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					               Publication of Western Christian High School

     Western Witness                                  August 2011

In this issue:
                             Theme Verse for 2011-2012
Thanks & Memorials

Fun’d Day                  “Therefore encourage one
NICSTO                  another and build each other up,
New Faculty              just as in fact you are doing.”
Website of the                    I Thessalonians 5:11

Prayer & Praise

Counselor’s Corner

Homecoming 2011

Just My Thoughts

Stewardship Day

Girls Soccer

Sports Pass Costs

Softball & Baseball


Foundation Banquet

                        Principal’s Perspective:
As I have begun my duties as Principal at Western Christian High School, I have been humbled by the
mission of the school and so very appreciative of the staff and supporters of the institution. The
responsibility of providing Christ-centered education to young men and women is weighty, and requires
the efforts and good intentions of a great deal of people. Centered in the midst of this enterprise is the
necessity of the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of the entire constituency. To put it simply, we only achieve
our mission of impacting students towards a lifetime commitment to serve Christ if the Holy Spirit works
in all of our hearts, prompting us to work together and get the oars of this ship called Western Christian
moving in the same direction. So more than anything, I ask for your prayers. I ask that you would pray
for our school and the students, faculty, staff, parents, board members, parents, alumni, and all who
have a stake in the mission of this school. I pray that we will work together, without rancor, to fulfill our
mission and make this a place where we are all committed to encouraging and teaching students to learn
to serve the King.

We are thankful for all parents who have again made the significant commitment to send their children
to our school, and we pray that their experience will be a good one. We ask that you as parents would
communicate with us early if there are bumps along the road of high school so that we can make efforts
to smooth out the rough edges.

It is an interesting experience to be able to help guide a school with such a long and proud history as
Western Christian’s. However, we must continue to press forward to remain relevant in an increasingly
complex world so that we can produce graduates prepared to work in God’s kingdom and able to thrive
in a technological society. A goal of this year will be to provide our staff and students with tools to help
us meet the needs of diverse learners in the 21st century. As we move closer to the first full century of
Western Christian’s existence, we invite you to join us as we press forward and covet your prayers for
wisdom as we make plans for the future.

Mr. Dan Barkel

   We are Most Grateful for Memorial Gifts Received in Honor and Memory of:

Harold Hoekstra – from Doon. Harold graduated from Western in 1949 and also served on Western’s
Board of Directors. Harold and Bertha’s four children are all graduates of Western Christian.

Clarence Verhoef – from Sanborn. Clarence and Thelma’s children all graduated from Western. Clarence’s
brother, Jerry, is Western’s head custodian. A Verhoef Scholarship has existed since 1986 and the memori-
als in honor of Clarence have significantly enhanced this scholarship.

                               Statement of Non-Discrimination
Western Christian High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic
origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission, policies, scholarships and loan
programs, if any exist, and athletic or other school administered programs.
                                Northwest Iowa Christian School Tuition Organization
A NICSTO donation means that Christian education is more accessible to many more families. Through donations to
NICSTO, many families who have children in Christian schools will receive some tuition help. To receive a tax credit in
2011, please complete the form below and return it with your check. Available tax credits are limited by Iowa law. (Checks
received after N I C S T O reaches its limit will be returned.) If you have questions, please call Western (439-1013).

                                              N I C ST O
                           Northwest Iowa Christian School Tuition Organization
                                        CONTRIBUTION MEMO
This completed memo must accompany your contribution. A formal Iowa Tax Credit Certificate will be sent
to you in late December or early January. Please make checks payable to NICSTO.

__________________________________             _______________________________
Taxpayer Name                                  Date of Contribution

_______________________________________________                   ___________________________________________
Address                                                           Amount of Contribution

_______________________________________________                   ___________________________________________
City                                                              State                          Zip Code

Taxpayer I.D. No. (Social Security No.)

Name of the institution/school you wish to be the beneficiary of this donation______________________________

Your contribution may be mailed or delivered to one of the following addresses:

Northwest Iowa Christian Schools Tuition Organization                  OR        Western Christian High School
              204 Kentucky Ave NW                                                         925 – 5th Street
             Orange City, Iowa 51041                                                      Hull, Iowa 51239

                    Fun’d Day - Friday, November 18
 Save the Date! Western Christian’s annual Fun’d Day will be held on November 18. Keep checking our school’s
 website for more information as we get closer to the actual date of the event. In addition to the auction that night,
 there will also be online bidding available. Check Western’s website ( for updates and
 auction items as we get closer to November 18. We thank you for your participation of this event in the past, and look
    forward to another successful day this year. See you then!

        The Western Christian High School Finance Committee already has in place a program to assist students and families
in paying tuition. This program, Adopt-a-Student, can help families meet their financial obligations.
        Adopt-a-Student contributors remain anonymous, if they desire, and the monies are paid directly to the tuition
account of the student in need. This is a wonderful way for contributors, who are financially able, to assist families who
struggle with meeting their tuition payments for Christian education.
        We would ask that you prayerfully consider this project if you are financially able. If you would like more detailed
information, please call Western Christian High School (712-439-1013) and ask for Loren Bouma or Dan Barkel.
                                  Western Welcomes New Faculty
Western’s Spanish Department is changing! We are excited to welcome two new teachers to take over those
classes. Mr. Reuben Faber will be teaching Spanish and coaching at Western full time. Mrs. Joanna Luna will
be teaching Spanish 3 and 4 for two class periods each day.

                    Mr. Faber joins the Western family as a recent college graduate. He grew up in Escondido,
                    CA, attended Calvin Christian School, and then came to Dordt College to earn a degree in
                    Secondary Education: Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language. Mr. Faber is
                    very excited to begin his teaching career at Western and states, “My desire is that the stu-
                    dents will gain an appreciation for the Spanish language and also the people who speak it.
                    I wish for the students to realize the importance of being able to com-
                    municate freely in Spanish and how that expands their ability to share
                    their passion for Christ and His word.”

Mrs. Luna grew up in Barrhead, Alberta, and graduated from Dordt College in 2008. She
holds a bachelor of arts degree in Secondary Spanish. She has experience teaching in Torre-
on, Mexico; Thornburg, IA; Central Alberta, Canada. Mrs. Luna’s goal is for her students to
develop in their knowledge of Spanish and their ability to communicate, but also that they
develop a deeper understanding of culture differences and how they can assist the cultural
transitions of those around them. Joanna and her husband, Luis, live in Sioux Center. West-
ern welcomes these two new teachers!

Two other staffing changes involve individuals who were already part of the Western family, but they will be
taking on new roles with different responsibilities. Mr. Dan Barkel will serve as Western’s principal. After work-
ing in both the music and counseling departments at Western, Mr. Barkel is eager to offer leadership to Western
in a new way. Mrs. Liz De Groot will serve as Western’s guidance counselor, after working for seven years in
Western’s Spanish Department. You can read more about their goals in these new roles in this issue’s Principal’s
Perspective and Counselor’s Corner. We continue to thank God for providing qualified, committed faculty and
staff to the Western family!

                                  Web site of the Month
                                             A Soul Surfer
          After being attacked by a shark while out on a surfing run in her native state of Hawaii
 and losing her entire left arm, Bethany Hamilton displayed amazing Christian character. Her
 resilience, optimism and persistence are traits that we all would like to think we would display if
 we experienced those circumstances. Most amazing of all is her faith that this is part of God’s plan
 for her life and a method by which she can reach out to others.
          After the April release of the movie, Soul Surfer, about her experience, and the book
 chronicling her life this far, Bethany is using additional avenues in her quest to reach others. Two
 sites, and, provide a glimpse into her life.Her witness there is through
 video clips, photos, viewer comments and more.
          These sites accentuate her Christian life focus,more material is available on Facebook, Wikipedia and

                                         Asbestos Information
In compliance with regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); parents, teachers, and all employees
are hereby notified that Western Christian High School has a management plan for asbestos available in the school
office, should anyone desire to see it. Areas that contain asbestos are given required periodic surveillance by Mr.
Jerry Verhoef, the designated person.
                           Prayer and Praise
Please lift your prayers to God for . . .
       -the new staff members, Mr. Faber and Mrs. Luna.
       -Mr. Barkel and Mrs. De Groot as they take on new roles at Western.
       -students who struggle with health issues themselves or have family members with serious health
       -the seniors as they make decisions about their future and offer leadership to Western.
       -the freshmen as they adjust to life as high school students.
       -the entire Western Family as we strive to live out this year’s theme: “Therefore encourage one
        another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” I Thessalonians 5:11
Please lift your praise to God for . . .
       -the energy and enthusiasm of a new school year.
       -a wonderful, clean, well-equipped campus to accommodate our students as they learn.
       -providing leadership for Western through Mr. Barkel and the Board of Directors.
       -the new and returning students that bring life and energy to Western’s hallways.

                                       Counselor’s Corner
       I am very excited about my new calling and adventure as Western Christian’s school counselor. For
those of you who don’t know who I am, I have been teaching Spanish 1 and 3 at Western for the last seven
years. I am originally from Grandville, Michigan. I attended Unity Christian in Hudsonville, Michigan,
and Dordt College. I majored in Spanish and Secondary Education, but as a freshman in college, I knew I
wanted to go on and get my masters in School Counseling. I can’t wait to see how God will use me in my
new position at Western!

       As the school counselor at Western, it is my hope and goal to provide Western students with the
knowledge and means to gain success in a world God has created which is full of opportunities. I can’t wait
to hear what students hope for and want to do in the future! It is my hope that I can be an effective liaison
for teachers, students, and parents!

         Some of my duties include providing programs to increase academic success such as the ITEDs,
ASVAB, PLAN test, ACT, and college and career fairs. I will provide counseling for students in need,
from relationship issues, to academic and career counseling. I will provide students with scholarship
opportunities, write recommendation letters, and organize classes through NCC. I also want to make sure
that every student has the appropriate classes and credits for graduation. Please do not hesitate to call or
email me with questions!
                                               Liz De Groot
  Homecoming 2011 – September 9 – Save the Date!
Homecoming is a special week each fall for the current student body and all alumni of Western Christian. Sep-
tember 9 has been selected for the 2011 Homecoming Football Game! The Student Council is already working to
make this a fun and memorable week for everyone. The entire week will include many extra-curricular activities,
special dress-up days, a theme-based Homecoming Chapel, the traditional Pep Rally, and then finally culminate
with the Friday night football game. Alumni are invited as special guests to this football game, with the opportunity
for Western graduates to meet and greet one another at half-time of that game, or at other activities during the week.
We invite Western supporters to come and enjoy many of the activities of our Homecoming week!

                                   Just My Thoughts
                                   A Mother’s Words: The Father’s Plan
A comment made to me by my mother many years ago has never made more sense to me than it does today. I think
the reason that I have remembered it for all these years is because, at that time, it seemed rather odd and strange
to me. As I was about to begin my own freshman year of high school, my mom said, “I sure wish I could open up
your brain and pour in four years of experience.” I am pretty sure that I probably rolled my eyes, gave her one of
“those” looks, or even shook my head in disbelief at the confusing things she sometimes said. Today, her comment
resonates with me because of the sincere truth it held.

My own daughter, my oldest child, is ready to begin her freshman year at Western. Her enthusiasm is evident and
her smile reveals her readiness. The teacher-side of me knows she’s ready. As most freshmen, she’s nervous about
her classes, her schedule, her locker combination, her daily bus ride to and from school, but I tell myself the same
thing I tell all new parents: she’ll be fine. In fact, it’s amazing how within 2-3 days, our freshmen are adjusted and
quite comfortable in their new school setting.

The mom-side of me is a little less confident. My own mother’s words are my heart’s sentiment exactly; if only I
could hand her four years worth of life experiences, so she doesn’t have to find her own way along that sometimes
bumpy road. How wonderful it would be if her 14-year-old mind carried in it that valuable life experience. How
many aches and hurts could she avoid if only she had that precious experience with her as she walked down
freshman hall that very first day of school?

But the faith-side of me recognizes the truth. I can’t just hand that valuable knowledge to her. I can’t package life
experiences and present them to her as a back-to-school gift. She has to learn those as she lives life, along the way.
The aches and hurts that I want her to avoid and prevent will be just as much a part of her rich knowledge and
experiences as the joys and highlights. I can lead, guide, pray, and encourage, but the reality is, this is her time to
go and to grow. The next four years will be a time of rich life experiences that continue to shape the young woman
she is becoming, and once again, I am so thankful for Christian education. I’m so thankful for Christian teachers
who will stand before her and beside her, not only with book knowledge and facts but also with life lessons in faith.
They will pray with her and for her. She will be viewed not only as a student but also as a child of God. She will
be challenged to develop an appreciation of what that means and a life-view that strives to carry that out in the
world around her.

I may not be able to “pour in” four years of experience, but hopefully, prayerfully, she will gain that life knowledge,
and as she does, she will also discover and become exactly who her perfect heavenly Father designed her to be.

                                               Just My Thoughts,
                              Stewardship Day Planned
        Western is once again planning an opportunity for our students to work in our communities and for people
who need help with projects that they cannot do for themselves. The Christian Stewardship date for working in our
communities is set for October 14, a Friday, with a rain date of October 21, also a Friday.
        This Christian Stewardship work day has allowed our small chapel groups to work together and to get to
know each other. It also has enabled the small group leaders to get to know their students and develop a bond that
will help them to effectively lead the group for the year.
        It is important that all Western Christian High School students are involved working together on a day like
this. There have been extremely positive results from students working together and from those whom they have
helped. Students are expected to participate in these work projects; this is a regular school day. This Christian
Stewardship Day of working in our communities is a great opportunity for Christian young people to witness to our
        If you have work or need help with a special project, please give us a call at WCHS (439-1013) or email
( and we will pass this information along to our faculty leaders.
        We have had a tremendous response to our students working in our communities. We hope and pray that
this Christian Stewardship Day will continue to be a blessing to our students as well as to our communities.

                    Western Girls Soccer 2011
                       - Growing in Grace
The soccer girls started this spring dealing with
loss; not only did they have to reorganize after los-
ing 8 seniors to graduation, but they had to deal
with a loss that no 17-year-old should ever have
to go through, saying goodbye to their classmate,
teammate and best friend, Trisha Wood. It’s been
an emotional journey with no answers, only God’s
grace to provide the energy to go on.

The season progressed with the girls figuring out
positions and how to work off each other as a unit.
The season highlights included excellent play at
the Storm Lake game with well-played goals being
scored. Another good game was holding Spencer
to 2 goals late in the season. Hannah Van Maanen
had the job of being goal keeper with her strength
being able to shut down upper 90 shots. Katie Pollema ended the season with 13 goals. Defensively, Maria Korver
and Jamie Driesen did well to hold shape and reduce shots being taken.

The team says goodbye to 6 seniors: Kendra Keizer, Maria Korver, Brooke Kats, Katie Pollema, Ashley Blom and
Hannah Van Maanen who will be missed for their quirky sense of humor and their ability to laugh. May God richly
bless you as you begin your college careers.

First team all conference included: Katie Pollema, Hannah Van Maanen and Jami Driesen. Honorable mention
included: Brooke Kats and Maria Korver.

We look forward to a young and energetic team returning next spring.

                                               Coach Jeanie Elgersma
                             2011 Softball Review
The Lady Wolfpack softball team had another great season! Our final record was 14-9 and we took 4th place with
a 7-7 record in the competitive Lakes Conference. The team showed much improvement throughout the season in
every area. Many girls stepped up into new positions after graduating 4 seniors and many empty spots on the roster.
This was encouraging to see as it shows their love for softball and dedication to the TEAM!

We had several girls who received awards
and recognition this season:

1st Team Lakes Conference:
       •      Abby Horstman - Sr
       •      Kayla Gesink- Sr
       •      Jasmine VanderZwaag - So

2nd Team Lakes Conference:
       •     Mariah Lammers - Sr

We had 4 seniors who we are sad to see
graduate; Abby Horstman, Kayla Gesink,
Vanessa Jansen, and Mariah Lammers. These
girls put in much time, hard work, extra
swings/fielding, and showed tremendous
leadership. They were vital to the continued
improvement of the WC softball program.
Thanks, girls!

On behalf of the girls and coaching staff, we would like to thank the parents and fans for all their support, miles
traveled, and words of encouragement throughout the season. God has blessed WC with so many outstanding
                                                Coach Bleeker

         2010-2011 Western Christian Sports Pass
          You will be able to purchase passes at athletic events and at the school main office.
     Season Sports Passes will be good for all HOME athletic events for the 2010-2011 school year
               (including summer sports). This includes over 50 home athletic events.

• All Western students will receive a pass to all home athletic events and activities as part of their
  activities fee.
• All 8th graders in our local Christian Schools (that will be attending Western) will receive a complimentary
  season pass.

                                           Single Adult Pass: $65
                            Family Pass: $160 (includes single college students)
                               Baseball 2011 Summary
                                                                  Western’s     Varsity   baseball    team
                                                                  concluded an exciting season in mid-
                                                                  July. Western entered post-season play
                                                                  and defeated #6 ranked West Lyon
                                                                  3-1. The next game versus Sioux Center
                                                                  ended in an exciting 8-6 victory,
                                                                  which included 3 runs scored in the
                                                                  bottom of the 6th inning. The excitement
                                                                  continued in a District Championship
                                                                  game against Sheldon. With 2 outs in
                                                                  the top of the 7th, the Wolfpack scored
                                                                  4 runs to defeat the Orabs 7-4. The
                                                                  season ended in a loss to Alta-Aurelia,
                                                                  who advanced to the State Tournament.
                                                                  The team’s season record was 12-17.
                                                                  Two other memorable events for the team
                                                                  included an incredible 3-homerun game
                                                                  for Marcus DeJager and a walk-off grand
                                                                  slam for Tyler DeVries.
The seniors who played during their entire high school careers were Josh Dolieslager, Tyler De Vries, Kody
VandeKamp, and Adam Vander Stoep. Senior Dash DeGroot joined the team this year and provided some valu-
able speed! These seniors will be missed!

                                                  Coach Altena

This season also marked the end of a 21-year coaching career for Coach Aldie Altena. Mr. A. stated that coach-
ing baseball at Western for all those years was truly enjoyable! Western would like to thank Mr. A for his years of
dedicated coaching to our baseball program!



(      ) Accept our membership--attached is $25.00.
(      ) Provide us with more information or have a Foundation representative contact us.
(      ) Have a representative from the Barnabas Foundation contact us regarding estate planning

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________________________

                                      Return this information to Western
                                                  Thank You!
                                                Foundation Banquet
 The annual banquet will be held on Thursday, Sept. 8, at 6:30 p.m We are changing our program to music inspiration
 with no speaker. Our musicians will be Scott Visser from Sioux Center, Bethany Bosma and Rachel Vande Griend
 from Hull 1st CRC, and Voices of Faith from Inwood. Western’s Chamber Singers will again open the program.
   Please call the school at 439-1013 for reservations by Friday, September 2, so our caterer can plan the number
     of meals.

                          2011 Foundation Members
Gene & Betty             Addink     John & Betty          Bolkema    Dennis & Jean    Calkhoven      Jarvis & Shari       De Wild
Larry & Sharidee         Addink     Leon & Deb            Bolkema    Jim & Jan        Calkhoven      Bernie & Kathy         De Wit
Marv & Sherri            Addink     Lyle & Brenda         Bolkema    John             Cammenga       Cory                   De Wit
Willis & Joanne         Alberda     Marv & Nina           Bolkema    Jo                  Caswell     Dan & Kathy            De Wit
Dan & Matilda             Alons     Ryan & Rachel         Bolkema    Mike & Karen      Christians    Don & Lou              De Wit
Merl & Rose               Alons     Gary & Jan          Bomgaars     Ben & Jill       Christoffels   Harold & Thressa       De Wit
Aldie & Bev               Altena    Dave & Diane        Bonestroo    Roger & Esther   Cleveringa     Jay & Donna            De Wit
Derrick & Jennie          Altena    Bartel                Boogerd    Marlo & Viv           Covey     Larry & Ellen          De Wit
Gail                  Andringa      Jim & Sheryl          Boogerd    Mike & Jackie         Covey     Verlyn & Judene        De Wit
Tillie                   Anema      Linda                 Boogerd    Julius              Damstra     Albert & Minnie      De Yager
John & Karen             Anema      Marie                 Boogerd    Floyd & Joyce      Davelaar     Peter & Betsy        De Yager
Marv & Carol             Anema      Robert & Lori         Boogerd    Gerrit & Helma     Davelaar     James               De Young
Paul & Trudy             Anema      Elmer                    Boon    Brent & Sharla      De Boef     Martin              Dekkenga
Art & Phyllis            Attema     Joel                     Boon    Alan & Vi           De Boer     Wilmina               Dekkers
Mike & Tammy          Baartman      Cork & Carol          Bootsma    Esther              De Boer     Rod & Lisa        Den Hartog
Sean & Stephanie        Baccam      Doug & Carol          Bootsma    Orwyn & Susan       De Boer     Greg & Shar           Dengler
Syla & Tanya            Baccam      Garrold & Evelyn      Bootsma    Peter & Joy         De Boer     Anthony & Doris      Diekema
Jerry & Sharla              Back    Harlan & Barb         Bootsma    Nelva               De Boer     Gerdena               Dirksen
Bill & Kathy            Bajema      Ted & Nellie          Bootsma    Dan & Mary         De Groot     Ed                     Dokter
Duane & Jan             Bajema      Wilma                 Bootsma    Don                De Groot     Gary & Donna      Doppenberg
Virg & Esther              Baker    Abe & Helen                Bos   Jason & Abby       De Groot     George               Dorhout
Dale & Joyce             Bakker     Curt & Amber            Bosma    Jon                De Groot     Harlan & Mary        Dorhout
Dwight & Jan             Bakker     Esther                  Bosma    Larry              De Groot     Ivan & Nancy         Dorhout
Nathan &Chanda           Bakker     Larry & Karen           Bosma    Rog & Mary         De Groot     Bob & Marcia          Douma
Lavonne                      Balt   Henry                  Bouma     Sally              De Groot     Caroline              Douma
Richard                      Balt   Loren & Gaylene        Bouma     Gary & Nadine     De Hoogh      Ken & Arbelle         Draayer
Dan & Ann                 Barkel    Lynnae                 Bouma     Minnie            De Hoogh      Bernie & Margaret     Driesen
Todd & Juliann         Bartman      Bernie & Gwen        Bousema     Brent & Amy         De Jager    Brad & Nancy          Driesen
Joe & Mary              Bechler     Joel & Amy           Bousema     Darwin & Carla      De Jager    Dorothy               Driesen
Bill & Esther           Beimers     Mark & Elsie         Bousema     Dennis & Pam        De Jager    Etta                  Driesen
Mark & Michelle      Bekkering      Nathan & Kari        Bousema     Don & Helen         De Jager    Gene & Nella          Driesen
Lloyd and Diane          Bierma     Bill & Veda          Bousema     Gary & Carla        De Jager    Scott & Peggy         Driesen
Loren & Jayne            Bittner    George & Harriet       Bradley   Harvey              De Jager    Gerald & Kathy          Droog
Ed & Carol         Blankespoor      Lewis & JoAnne         Brasser   Fred & Jean         De Jong     Don and Jackie        Dykstra
Ed & Mary          Blankespoor      Herm & Adelene     Brenneman     Jean                De Jong     John & Alice          Dykstra
Edith              Blankespoor      Henry                   Brinks   Lester              De Jong     John & Karen          Dykstra
Henry & Gail       Blankespoor      Berdie                   Broek   Norm & Wilma        De Jong     Julia                 Dykstra
Sandy              Blankespoor      Mike & Angie             Broek   Steve & Deanne      De Jong     Rog & Arlene          Dykstra
Jim & Deb               Bleeker     Randall & Sandi       Brouwer    Betty              De Jongh     Wes & Diana           Dykstra
Katie                   Bleeker     Andrew               Brummel     Pete                De Kam      David & Melinda        Eekhoff
Audrey                     Blom     Arch & Val           Brummel     Dan & Arline       De Roon      Jim & Sylvia           Eekhoff
Gord & Gert                Blom     Edwin & Natalie      Brummel     John & Sylvia     De Ruyter     Daniel & Rita           Eisma
Walt & Evelyn              Blom     Dennis & Linda       Brunsting   Cecelia           De Stigter    Dean & Nancy            Eisma
Don & Lyla                  Boer    Les & Kim            Burggraaf   Jerome            De Stigter    Gene & Betty Jean       Eisma
Jeff & Elaine               Boer    Eric                   Buteyn    Leonard & Ella    De Stigter    Dale & Julie         Elgersma
Peter & Nancy               Boer    Jerry & Carol          Buteyn    Phil & Bonnie     De Stigter    Ray & Phyllis        Elgersma
Phil                      Boeve     Ged                      Byker   Shawn & Leah      De Stigter    Thelma               Elgersma
Alan & Janna           Bolkema      John & Carol               Byl   Harlan & Donna      De Vries    John & Violet         Engbers
Ervin & Gladys         Bolkema      Randy & Pat                Byl   Steve & Lorna       De Vries    Kevin & Linda         Engbers
Harlan & Yvonne        Bolkema      Berdena                Bylsma    Eldon & Luann       De Wild     Wilma                Eylander
Jim & Melinda              Faber    Bertha                 Hoekstra     Pete & Nella                 Kooi   Andy & Joan         Miedema
Dell & Joy                 Faber    Larry & Marcia         Hoekstra     John and Sherry          Kooiker    Todd & Shelly       Miedema
Laverne & Sherri           Faber    Ted                    Hoekstra     Art                      Kooima     Esther & Danny         Miller
August & Anne              Faber    Dave & Julie            Hofland     Brad & Kathy             Kooima     Alice               Moerman
Brian & Deb               Feekes    James & Joanne          Hofland     Bruce & Linda            Kooima     Paul & Darlene      Moerman
Margaret                  Feekes    Arlan & Mary            Hofman      Carol                    Kooima     Pres & Diane        Moerman
Rog & Linda               Feekes    Brad & Marlys           Hofman      Doug & Wilma             Kooima     Marilyn & William     Moore
Stan & Judy               Feekes    Jean                    Hofstee     Elsie                    Kooima     Paul & Kathy           Moos
Lee & Eleanor           Feenstra    Hilda                   Holtrop     Ken & Ruth               Kooima     Iola M                  Moss
Randy & Lynette         Feenstra    Arvin & Betty    Hoogendoorn        Ken & Eileen             Kooima     Andy                  Mouw
Ann                     Feikema     Miltlon & Kari   Hoogendoorn        Lee & Karen              Kooima     Harlan & Kathy        Mouw
Mark & Darlene           Fenchel    Dick & Joann          Hoogland      Terry & Lyla             Kooima     Kari                  Mouw
Jody                     Folkens    Leonard               Hoogland      Vern & Lori              Kooima     Duane & Helen         Mulder
Roy & Lois               Folkerts   Gary & Florence       Horstman      Erwin & Alma            Kooistra    Ivan & Ruth           Mulder
Todd & Dawn              Folkerts   Jim & Joan            Horstman      James & Mary            Kooistra    Jason & Emily         Mulder
Wes & Ladona              Fopma     Pete & Caron          Horstman      Stacy & Anna            Kooistra    Marv & Dee            Mulder
Kelly                   Franken     Gene & Nancy            Hospers     Joel               Kraayenbrink     Mildred               Mulder
Ellen                      Geels    Mark                     Hubers     Joel & Kari        Kraayenbrink     Ray & Nancy           Mulder
Lorraine                   Geels    Rick                    Huisken     Gerald                   Kramer     Rodney & Lucarol      Mulder
Randy & Norma              Geels    Trudy                   Huisken     Marsha                   Kreykes    Tom & Bernice         Mulder
Dave                      Gesink    John & Louise               Hulst   Edwin & Sandy            Kreykes    Calvin                 Nagel
Junior and Elinor         Gesink    Glenn & Marge           Hulstein    John & Betty             Kreykes    Sally                  Narmi
Kevin & Shelly            Gesink    Hermina                 Hulstein    Leroy & Linda            Kreykes    Justin & Heather      Negen
Melvin & Carolyn          Gesink    Mike & Jill           Jacobsma      Eldon & Doris              Krikke   Les & Bonnie           Netjes
Cliff & Esther              Gort    Peter & Grace         Jacobsma      Eric & Crissa              Krikke   Chad               Nibbelink
Darin & Lori            Granstra    Vicki & Ron           Jacobsma      Merlin & Linda            Kroese    Arthur              Nienhuis
David & Nellie             Gregg    Jim and Rachel            Jansen    Florence                  Kroese    Norma & Nelson        Nikkel
John & Wilma        Grevengoed      Kurt & Kim               Jansma     Andrew & Samantha         Kroese    Leona              Noteboom
Mike & Connie       Grevengoed      Norma                    Jansma     Charles and Darlene       Kroese    Bill & Nelva        Nyenhuis
Lyle & Muriel            Gritters   Terry & Dee              Jansma     Dave & Kay                Kroese    Myna                   Nyhof
Blake & Stephanie Groeneweg         Della                 Jelgerhuis    Hilmore & Lavonne         Kroese    Maurice & Edith     Nymeyer
Walt & Alta         Groeneweg       Willie & Gert             Jonker    Jay & Lydia               Kroese    Duane & Arlis        Obbink
Marley & Ruth        Grotenhuis     Bonnie                 Jonkman      Sandy                     Kroese    Donna                Obbink
Orlan & Evie              Gulker    Terri                      Kaiser   Stan & Marcella           Kroese    Mel & Darlene        Obbink
Enno                       Haan     Brad & Cindy            Kamstra     Dan & Linda               Kroeze    Robert & Linda    Oldenkamp
Andrew & Arlene        Haarsma      Tim                     Kamstra     Bernard & Luella Krommendyk         Jim & Alethea      Oostenink
Mark & Amy                Haken     Bill & Marie            Kamstra     Brad & Deb         Krommendyk       Henrietta             Oostra
Howard & Vicki              Hall    Ed & Elaine                  Kats   Don & Mary         Krommendyk       Ron & Carol           Oostra
Bill & Shawna          Harmsen      Gail                         Kats   Brad & Marcia             Kuiper    Herb & Tres            Peters
Corwin & Donna        Harthoorn     Larry                        Kats   Caroline                  Kuiper    Joel & Jean            Peters
Grace                 Harthoorn     Paul & Patricia              Kats   Hazel                     Kuiper    Ken & Chris            Peters
Grace                     Hartog    Anna                   Kempers      Louis & Kathy             Kuiper    Chad & Lora             Petitt
Curt & Darlene            Hartog    Lila                   Kempers      Ron & Marlene             Kuyper    Helen                  Peuse
Ed & Noella            Haveman      Bill & Nancy            Kingma      Jeanne                Landegent     Lee & Audrey          Plaiser
Eric & Alysia          Haveman      Ron & Marty            Kixmiller    Dan & Laura             Landstra    William & Muriel     Plooster
Jake                   Haveman      Jean                      Klaver    Gene & Phyllis          Laninga     Dave & Laura           Pluim
Joel                   Haveman      Harry & Freda                Klay   Marvin & Martha             Leese   Faye                   Pluim
John & Pat             Haveman      Myron & Marilyn Kleinwolterink      Ron & Darletta           LeLoux     Bryan & Barb         Pollema
Steve & Kim            Haveman      Nellie           Kleinwolterink     Clyde & Carol               Lems    Dale & Mary          Pollema
Mike & Tammy          Haverhals     Geraldine                 Klomp     Garrett & Jeanette          Lems    Doug & Sandy         Pollema
Verna                 Haverhals     Marv & Helen              Klomp     Harry & Gladys               Link   Keith & Carol        Pollema
Arta         Haverhals-Bonnema      Carl & Ellen          Klompien      Alvin & Marilyn          Lobbes     Nicholas             Pollema
Brent                Haverkamp      Dorothy                Klynsma      John & Claretta          Lobbes     Pete & Nelva         Pollema
Andrew & Judith            Heim     Arnie & Carol         Koekkoek      Ken                      Lobbes     Travis & Leah        Pollema
Joel & Julie         Hengeveld      Cliff and Marlys           Koele    Ross & Donna           Loomans      Vern & Betty         Pollema
Ken & Kim            Hengeveld      Duane & Rose               Koele    Kenneth & Jo            Ludema      Wilmar & Betty       Pollema
Ted & Rachel         Hengeveld      Rich & Stacia              Koele    Bernie & Elly               Maas    Bob & Mavis         Poppema
Arlo & Connie           Heynen      Rog & Diane                Koele    Wilbur & Joyce              Maas    Rog & Donna         Poppema
Bruce & Kim             Heynen      Gregg             Koldenhoven       Marilyn                Maassen      Jean                     Post
Phil & Lisa             Heynen      Helen             Koldenhoven       Gene                    McCarty     Elmer & Phyllis       Raman
Gertrude                  Hibma     Henry             Koldenhoven       Gertrude            Meendering      Bette                Reitsma
Gary & Alvina          Hiemstra     Jim & Sally       Koldenhoven       Harry & Dee         Meendering      Kelly & Jan          Reitsma
Alvin                  Hoekstra     Ben & Gloria               Kollis   John & Margaret     Meendering      Ken & Leilla         Reitsma
Cliff & Linda          Hoekstra     Derek & Shelli             Kollis   Peter & Francine        Meenen      Lee & Starla         Reitsma
Dave & Donna           Hoekstra     Shirley                    Kollis   Arlene                 Meerdink     Dave & Gloria           Rens
Eldon & Joan           Hoekstra     Elmer & Karen               Kooi    Brian & Barb           Mellema      Laverne                 Rens
Everett & Cathy        Hoekstra     Fred                        Kooi    Jeff & Linda               Meyer    Scott & Karen           Rens
Ted                      Ribbens      Irene              Timmerman      Cory & Arla            Van Sloten   Tim & Debbie          Van’t Hul
Marv & Helene            Rietema      Glen & Audrey            Torrey   Marion & Jan          Van Soelen    Clarence & Joyce     Velgersdyk
Jim & Jan                 Roelofs     Ted & Rhonda       Triezenberg    Bill & Marge        Van Surksum     Bernard & Thressa     Ver Steeg
Gary & Susan            Roetman       Roger & Sharla        Tubergen    Dave                      Van Tol   Thelma                  Verhoef
Katie & Harlan              Rouse     Chuck & Kathryn     Vaandrager    Joe & Judy                Van Tol   Jerry & Deb             Verhoef
Beth                 Rozeboom         David & Brenda      Vaandrager    Leroy & Susie             Van Tol   Austin                     Vink
Glenn & Betty        Rozeboom         Ken & Thelma        Vaandrager    Todd & Julie              Van Tol   Marv & Wilma               Vink
Herm & Cheryl        Rozeboom         Vernon              Vaandrager    Edgar & Betty      Van Tubergen     Gerrit & Kaye                Vis
Rich & Lynnette      Rozeboom         Henrietta             Van Beek    Stan                    Van Vliet   Henry & Evelyn               Vis
Arthur & Carole             Ruiter    Jerry & Laura         Van Beek    Harold & Nel           Van Voorst   Rog & Carol                  Vis
Alvin & Mary                Runia     Lance & Arlene        Van Beek    Jamie & Gwen           Van Voorst   Brian & Sheryl            Visser
Corwin & Amy                Runia     Lois                  Van Beek    Wayne                  Van Voorst   Dennis & Karen            Visser
Joan                        Runia     Vern & Ellen          Van Beek    Cornie & Wilma        Van Zanten    Edwin & Gertrude          Visser
Richard & Sonja            Sander     Myrna                 Van Beek    Gerald                Van Zanten    Garret & Betty            Visser
Glenn & Brenda            Schaap      Ted & Eunice      Van Bruggen     John & Mary           Van Zanten    Gerrit & Katherine        Visser
Ron & Diane               Schaap      Grant & Bonnie Van De Brake       Bill & Margene        Van Zanten    Glenn & Donna             Visser
Jay & Alicia          Schemper        Ken & Wanda     Van De Griend     Jamie & Shera            Van Zee    Hermina                   Visser
Lee & Judy            Schemper        Magdelene        Van Den Berg     Betty               Vande Brake     John & Louise             Visser
Todd & Denise         Schemper        Tom & Carol     Van Den Bosch     Wilfred & Ella Mae Vande Burgt      Gertrude                  Visser
Tom & Diane           Schemper        Don & Cindy       Van Den Top     Betty              Vande Griend     Mike & Judy               Visser
Orville                 Schipper      Mark & Darsha     Van Den Top     Joyce              Vande Griend     Pete & Muriel             Visser
Dale & Deb               Schmidt      Marv & LaDonna Van Den Top        Ken & Wanda        Vande Griend     Rog & Nancy               Visser
Dean                     Schmidt      Gertrude         Van Der Werff    Mick & Koty        Vande Griend     Scott                     Visser
Ed                      Scholten      Ben & Grace     Van Der Zwaag     Randy & Cinda Vande Griend          Stan & Sharon             Visser
Glen & Tami             Scholten      Herman & Nellie     Van Donge     Grant & Lisa        Vande Kamp      Tressa                    Visser
John & Agnes            Scholten      Abe & Everdean        Van Dyke    Hilbert & Loraine Vande Kamp        Frank & Lois              Vogel
Norm & Joellen          Scholten      Louis & Tina          Van Dyke    Marv & Harriet      Vande Kamp      Eleanor                   Vonk
Jim & Missy                 Schut     Michael               Van Dyke    Galen & Julie        Vande Vegte    Warren & Sandra           Vonk
Leanna                    Sharon      Darlene              Van Engen    Geraldine            Vande Vegte    Joyce                Vugteveen
David & Pam             Sheffield     Jerry & Marcia       Van Engen    Glenn & Julie        Vande Vegte    John                  Waanders
Cora Mae                    Sinke     John                 Van Engen    Sharon       Vande Vegte-Nelson     William               Waanders
Corwin & Pam               Slagter    Lyle & Joyce         Van Engen    Carl & La Vonne Vande Weerd         Darwin & Christine Wallenburg
Carol                       Smidt     Dave & Jill          Van Essen    Jessie              Vanden Berg     Dave & Sandi        Wallenburg
Anthony & Ellen               Smit    Matt & Ang           Van Essen    Stan & Beth         Vanden Berg     Gerald & Marian     Wallenburg
Vivian                      Smith     Quentin & Edie       Van Essen    Alvin & Rose      Vanden Bosch      Marlin & Charlotte Wallenburg
Dave & Lee                Snieder     Scott & Abbie        Van Essen    Dan               Vanden Bosch      Dennis & Donna          Walstra
Craig & Tammy             Solsma      Howard & Avonne Van Ginkel        Don & Jan         Vanden Bosch      Allen & Carol        Wassenaar
Bob & Sharon           Soodsma        Marlowe & Pam       Van Ginkel    Evan & Wanda      Vanden Bosch      Bob & Cheryl         Weerheim
Pete & Helen           Soodsma        Paul & Andrea       Van Ginkel    Greg & Teresa     Vanden Bosch      Barbara                 Wenger
Rosalie                Soodsma        Lee & Donna        Van Grouw      Leonard           Vanden Bosch      Jay & Kaye           Wesseling
Delmar & Jolene           Spronk      Darlene           Van Holland     Marv              Vanden Bosch      Gary & Jeralyn           Westra
Lois                         Stark    Tom & Marlene     Van Holland     Mike & Nancy      Vanden Bosch      Gary                     Westra
Ed & Kim            Starkenburg       Arnie & Retta          Van Kley   Nolan                 Vander Ark    Paul                     Westra
Gene & Karen             Statema      Bill & Sandy           Van Kley   Lawrence & Marge Vander Esch        Johanna                  Westra
Craig & Kristi         Stiemsma       Kathryn                Van Kley   Harlan & Diane Vander Griend        Barbara                 Whalen
Maxine                 Stiemsma       Leon & Kathy           Van Kley   Howard & MarilynVander Griend       Kevin & Tonya         Wiekamp
Catherine               Sybesma       Alan & Deb        Van Maanen      Marie             Vander Griend     Rodney & Lois         Wielenga
Jon & Pat               Sybesma       Brad              Van Maanen      John C. & Ruth      Vander Haag     Carol                    Wilson
Shirley                 Sybesma       Dennis & Audrey Van Maanen        John M. & Amy       Vander Haag     Sherm & Goldene         Wissink
Bill & Jane             Sybesma       Everret & Hedy    Van Maanen      Hattie             Vander Heide     Robert & Marlys     Wolfswinkel
Lee & Wanda                Talsma     Galen & Marlene Van Maanen        Loretta           Vander Linden     Kevin & Bonnie      Wolterstorff
Rod & Connie            Te Krony      Joan              Van Maanen      Esther               Vander Lugt    Don & Arnola             Wynia
Dave & Vanessa            Te Slaa     Anita             Van Maanen      Bob & Darla        Vander Plaats    Marlene               Wynkoop
Floyd & Robin             Te Slaa     Adam & Krista    Van Meeteren     Warren & Pat          Vander Pol    Arta               Zevenbergen
John                      Te Slaa     Arlys              Van Nyhuis     Charles & Christine Vander Sloot    Glen & LouAnn      Zevenbergen
Leroy & Vi                Te Slaa     Ken & Nat             Van Oort    Arnold & Jackie    Vander Spoel     Glenn & Stephanie Zevenbergen
Orlin                     Te Slaa     Vern & Sharon         Van Oort    Ron & Sheri         Vander Veen     Kent & Tami        Zevenbergen
Dave & Marlene            Tebben      Art & Margaret    Van Otterloo    Joyce                Vander Well    Garald & Karen     Zomermaand
Aaron                     Teerink     Dave & Lisa       Van Otterloo    Eileen              Vander Werff    Gretchen           Zomermaand
Darrell & Darlene       Teernink      Loren & Shelly    Van Otterloo    Bill & Gezena       Vander Werff    Robert & Esther      Zonnefeld
Henrietta          Ten Harmsel        Mel               Van Otterloo    Delmar & Lois         Vander Zee    Ryan & Val           Zonnefeld
Don & Sherri          Ten Napel       Merlin & Cindy    Van Otterloo    Darrren & Darla         Van’t Hul   Elaine               Zonnefeld
Don & Irene            Ter Haar       Mike & Marideth Van Otterloo      Harlan & Mary           Van’t Hul   Todd & Leah           Zuidema
Anita                    Termaat      Mary                Van Raalte    Jerry & Linda           Van’t Hul   Gerald & Jane             Zwart
William & Florence       Termaat      Lyle & Mary    Van Ravenswaay     Loy & Jan               Van’t Hul   Carl & Gloria            Zylstra
Scott & Kristi        Tiedeman        Jerry & Pam         Van Roekel    Mark & Deb              Van’t Hul   Rick & Sue               Zylstra
Merle & Donna               Tilstra   Bob & Geri            Van Ruler   Orv & Arlene            Van’t Hul

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