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Jazz by cuiliqing


									Hi! My name is “Jazz” aka.. “Jazzercise”…. aka, “DJ Jazzy”…. Aka,”jughead”…..OK, OK, you get the idea I
have many, many nicknames at my foster home and I’m such an agreeable guy I wiggle my butt to all of
them. I’ve been in my foster home for about a month now and I am doing very well. I’m getting into a
routine and getting to know my way around the house. Did I mention I have two foster Moms and 3
foster sisters that are dogs. Oh yeah, there’s also 5 cats that I live with but I’m not 100% sure that they
like me, you see, I’ve never been around a cat before and I think they look like a squeaky toy so I’ve
been trying to grab one so I can figure them out, but for some reason my foster Moms won’t let me and
the other day one of the cats scratched my nose when I got too close….I never had a squeaky toy do that
before so I need to study the situation a little more and I’ll report back on my progress.

I’m a typical boy when I go outside to play. My best buddy is a Basset Hound named Penelope, she and I
run around the yard and play all the time. I can get a little rough sometimes because I like to instigate
her so I may bite her ear or neck to get her to chase me, sometimes I get so excited I pinch her too hard
and she lets me have it!! I am learning my manners when it comes to playing and she doesn’t have to
“remind” me so much….My other sister Annie will tolerate me for a little bit but she’s kinda grumpy and
she doesn’t like me in her face so I’m careful to not bump into her. Kasey is my oldest foster sister and I
really like to lick her face and show my submission to her, she growls-- I lick…we do this all the time.

One thing that all of us dogs like to do is chase the “laser light” at night in the yard, My foster mom takes
us out and we chase this darn red light all over the place but none of us can seem to catch it. Boy do I
get a good workout chasing that thing around the yard!! I also am a very good boy on a walk, I like to
sniff a lot and take things nice and easy. I’m learning that garbage cans don’t bite and that Holiday
decorations are not out to “get” me. I walk very nice on a leash but I pull a little so if you use a harness
on me I am a really good walker.

My coat is really, really short so I get really cold when I’m outside. I wear a sweater or a jacket when I’m
out and I gotta say that I look pretty sharp in my getup!! So if you adopt me I would need to keep on
wearing clothes in the cold weather so I don’t get frostbite!!

I am crate trained and I have a huge crate with a nice soft dog bed and a fleece blanket that I love to
snuggle in at night. I sleep in my crate at night and when my Mom’s have to go somewhere. It’s not bad
either I get these little orange things called baby carrots that I like to munch on when I go into my crate.

I love, love, love to have my head scratched, I’ll put my head on my Mom’s knee and she will scratch my
head and rub my ears and I just close my eyes and let out a big sigh—it feels so good. I also love to have
my butt scratched and I will wiggle against your hand or foot so you HAVE to scratch me!!

My foster Mom said I am also very smart. I come when I am called and I will sit and lay down when I’m
told to. She said I am an athletic boy and she thinks I could do something called agility—that sounds like
fun, she also said that if someone needs a jogging partner then I would be a great guy for that as well! I
have a lot of potential. The only thing that I don’t have is a home. Won’t you consider me? When you
meet me you can’t help but fall in love—I guarantee it!!! I am an exemplary Pit Bull and would make
anyone a great buddy!!

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