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									        The Military Librarian

                                     The Military Librarian
                                              The newsletter of the Military Librarians Division
                                                    of the Special Libraries Association

Volume 46, 3                                                                                                              Summer 2001

    Inside this issue:
                                     “E-Learning: Telling War Stories”
                                        Military Librarian’s Division Program at SLA
Exec Board/Committees            2
                                     “A      nytime-Anywhere” was the
                                             theme that Rebecca Slin-
                                     gerland, U.S. Navy Fleet Support
Greetings from the New           3   Command used when she spoke at
Chair                                the “E-learning” program on Mo n-
                                     day, June 11 in San Antonio.
Notes from the Past              3
Chair                                 However, her theme could have
                                     applied to both other panelists, Amy From l to r: Amy Loughran, Rebecca Slingerland, BJ Fox and
                                     Loughran, U.S. Army Community            Carol Emery.
Sea Stories—Delivering           4   and Family Support Center and Carol
E-learning to the Fleet
                                     Emery, U.S. Force Air Combat Center, as ments of the program, The “session on e-
                                     the three librarians discussed their roles in learning was the most interesting session I
E-learning Downrange             4   supporting distance education for the U.S. attended at SLA… The extent to which
                                     military personnel stationed ashore and        information services and e-learning op-
                                     afloat around the world. BJ Fox                portunities are available to military per-
Membership Report                5   moderated the panel.                           sonnel was just amazing to me.”

                                      Jan Sykes, from Ameritech, summed up The presentations from Rebecca Slinger-
Every Day Leadership             8
                                     the feelings of many of the program atten- land and Amy Loughran are on page 4.
                                     dees when she emailed, BJ Fox her com-

Explosive International          8   Military Librarians Division Events at SLA 2001
Special Librarians’ Day              By Sharon Lenius, MLD Chair, National Guard Bureau

Partnerships                     9
                                      T     he Military Librarians Division
                                            "Events of Interest, SLA San An- On Monday, many SLA folks gathered to
                                      tonio, 2001" directed Members and                hear Armed Forces Library personnel
                                      Guests to a Reception                                                  speak about library
                                      at the Marriott River-                                                 support for soldiers,
                                      center sponsored by                                                    airmen and sailors in
                                      Sirsi Corporation.                                                     Distance Education
                                      The Reception pr o-                                                    situations. "E-
                                      vided an opportunity                                                   Learning: Telling
                                      for Members and for-                                                   War Stories" fea-
                                      mer military librari-                                                  tured Carol Emery,
                                      ans to meet and remi-                                                   (See MLD Events on page 6)
                                      nisce.                  Military Librairans Division Business Luncheon
PAGE 2                                         THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                 VOLUME 46, 3

            Executive Board Members of the Military Librarians Division
OFFICE                    NAME                   EMAIL                                 TERM            VOTE

MLD Chair                 Sharon A. Lenius    2001-2002       Yes

Chair-Elect               Suzanne Ryder         2001-2002       Yes

Secretary                 Vacant                                                       2000-2002       Yes

Treasurer                 Claudia C. Tavares         2000-2002       Yes

Director                  Ann M. Cashin                        Yes

Director                  Tanny Franco                                       Yes

Immediate Past Chair      Tracy A. Landfried                 2001-2002       Yes

Air Force MLW Rep         Carol A. Emery            2000-2003       Yes

Army MLW Rep              Lorna Dodt                     2000-2001       Yes

Navy/Marine MLW Rep       Ruth E. Corn                        1999-2002       Yes

DoD MLW Rep               Candace S. Parker                      2000-2003       Yes

                       Committees of the Military Librarians Division

Archivist Committee Co-Chairs          Membership Committee                   Publications Committee
Patricia Fogler & Jim Fogler           Connie Wiley                           Lynne Tobin, Editor        cwiley             
                                       Faye Couture, Air Force Rep            Pat Alderman Webmaster (MLD)
Bylaws Committee Chair             
Irene Cordova (2000-2001)
  icordova@bellhelicopter.             Kathleen Heincer, Army Rep             James C. Dorsey, Webmaster (MLW)                         

Discussion List Moderator              Janice Pepper, Navy/Marine             Pat Alderman, Layout
Tanny Franco                           Corps Rep                               (Current Issue)                 
MLW 2001 Host                          Vacant, DoD Rep                        Teri Newsome, Layout
Edward Scott                                                                      Vacant , Other
MLW 2002 Host                          Nominating Committee Chair             Wendy Sayles Hill
Carol Ramkey                           Tracy Landfried                       
MLW 2003 Host                                                                 Strategic Planning Committee Chair
 Sarah Mikel                                                                  Tracy Landfried                                                      
PAGE 3                                             THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                              VOLUME 46, 3

Greetings                          MLW Host Services and more in- signed as Secretary. Her position
                                   volvement by key service represen- will be filled by an appointment by
from the                           tatives. Board
New Chair                          growth of this        “Enlarging the Board provides for in-
                                   kind is going        put from the various MLW Host Ser-
                                   against current
Sharon A. Lenius,                  trends for fewer vices and more involvement by key ser-
National Guard Bureau              members on           vice representatives.”
                                   boards within

                                   the other units of                 the Chair from the ranks of the mem-
      he Military Librarians Divi- the Special Libraries Association
      sion (MLD) has recently ex- (SLA).                              bers. Thank you to both of these peo-
panded the Board of Elected Offi-                                     ple who have worked so successfully
cers to include a representative                                       for MLD.
                                   Members leaving the
from the various Services who has Board in 2001 include
previously served on the Military                                      Three vital Committee Chair posi-
                                   Barbara J. "BJ" Fox                 tions have new leaders. Membership
Librarians Workshop (MLW)          who had served as Im-
Board. This has been a transition mediate Past Chair of                is now chaired by Connie Wiley of
year. The MLD members who at- MLD. BJ has been                         the Defense Technical Information
tended the Business Meeting on                                         Center (DTIC). Jane Butler, who
                                   very helpful with her              served for three years as Membership
June 12, 2001 saw Treasurer Cla u- knowledge of the inner workings of
dia Tavares cast one vote for the                                     Chair and also as an MLD Director,
                                   SLA, MLD and organizations in gen- has taken up the duties of the
uncontested slate of officers pre- eral. She definitely has the
sented. Enlarging the Board pro- "consultant gene." Another Board
vides for input from the various                                                          (See New Chair on page 6)
                                   Member, Vakare Valaitis has re-

Notes                                   sion. Everything you see and
                                        receive from the division is the
from the                                work of numerous volunteers
Past Chair                              from all branches of service
                                        and types of libraries, related
                                        defense industries, non-profit
Tracy Landfried                         organizations, universities, and
US Army Research Lab                    the vendors who provide our
                                        libraries with necessary access,

                                        automation, books, equipment,
    enjoyed being Chair, now as         serials, and other products.      Tracy Landfried presents special Award of Merit to Bar-
    Past Chair, I may have time to                                        bara Wrinkle, Director of Air Force Library and Informa-
                                        Division programs at annual       tion Systems who served MLD as the Military Librarians
reflect on the year and the division.   conferences and Military          Workshop Chair for three years.
It was a good year professionally.      Librarian Workshops (MLW)
The SLA annual conference in San        are the work of the division leader-
Antonio is over. It was a good con-     ship and the MLW host/hostess (and committee. Talk to the Chair - she is
ference and I now have a small          their staffs and committees and spon- looking for board and committee po-
idea of the WORK that makes the         sors). It will not happen without us. sitions (present and future) to fill.
conference a success. Congratula-       If you want it to continue, vote with There are always opportunities for a
tions to Jim Mears, SLA HQ staff,       your time and talents and help the Di- little help with small jobs - if you are
Conference planners and fellow Di-      vision grow. If you don't know what not overburdened with spare time.
vision chairs!                          is needed, volunteer your talent.           Can you make a few phone calls?
                                        Write an article for the newsletter.        Forward email to a distribution list?
Sharon has work for me (and anyone
else who cares to volunteer.) Re-       Review a conference, a book, a web- Send a pertinent article on military
                                                                                                           (See Past Chair on page 7)
member volunteers "run" the div i-      site for newsletter or website. Join a
PAGE 4                                               THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                      VOLUME 46, 3

Sea Stories : Tales about Delivering                               E-Learning Downrange— There’s
E-Learning to the Fleet                                            More than Books in the Balkans
By Rebecca Slingerland,           U.S. Navy Fleet                  By Amy Loughran, Acquisitions Librarian,
Support                                                            U.S Army Community and Family Support

T     here are 295 ships and
      submarines in today's
Navy. These ships are posi-
                                                                   I  t was an honor to be able to
                                                                      speak to librarians who at-
                                                                   tended SLA’s 92nd annual confer-
tioned all over the world. They
                                                                   ence. I was invited to speak on
are homeported at Groton, Nor-
                                                                   behalf of Sherrie Floyd, who was
folk, Mayport, Pascagoula, In-
                                                                   unable to be present, and to focus
gleside, San Diego, Seattle,
                                                                   on e-learning with respect to sol-
Pearl Harbor, and overseas in
                                                                   diers in deployed areas. In De-
Japan, Bahrain, and Italy. Although attached to a
                                                                   cember 2000, Carla Pomager and I joined Sherrie
homeport, these ships and submarines deploy on six
                                                                   Floyd in Bosnia to help establish 3 libraries at Camp
month cruises every two years with shorter deploy-
                                                                   Eagle Base, Camp Comanche and Camp Dobol.
ments in between. A typical scenario is in port for
                                                                   This experience proved to be a rare opportunity for
two weeks, out for a week, then in port for a month
                                                                   me. Life for a soldier deployed to Bosnia is a series
and out for two months.
                                                                   of 12-hour days; work weeks are 7 days in length,
                                                                   and any available free time is restricted to activities
The constant movement of ships and subs makes pro-
                                                                   sponsored by the camp. Travel is very limited not to
viding educational and training opportunities to today's
                                                                   mention the cultural and language differences a sol-
Sailors a real challenge. The Chief of Naval Education
                                                                   dier would encounter outside the barbed wire fences.
(CNET) and the Naval Education and Training Profes-
sional Development and Technology Center
                                                                   It became apparent to the camp commanders that the
(NETPDTC) commands are responsible for developing,
                                                                   library materials initially available were not sufficient.
coordinating and providing this education and training.
                                                                   In 1999, Sherrie established the first library at Camp
How it is done and the impact on Sailors’ lives make for
                                                                   McGovern. She was requested to return to help with the
great “war stories.”
                                                                   second library at Camp Eagle Base. Ultimately, we set
                                                                   up 4 libraries with an opening day collection of over 350
Using the theme of ANYTIME - ANYWHERE, I told
                                                                   titles. In addition to the libraries, the cyber cafes have
the stories of our Sailors deployed all over the world and
                                                                   Internet access and at these places, as well as the educa-
how, while fighting for our country, they receive the
                                                                   tion centers, a soldier can tap into any of the five data-
very best education that can be offered.
                                                                   bases that were purchased. This gives the soldier the
                                                                   ability to retrieve full text magazine articles, do basic
FC3 Anthony McCloskey, attached to the USS TICON-
                                                                   research for a project or practice the GMAT or LSAT.
DEROGA (CV 47), home ported in Pascagoula MS, is
                                                                   This availability of information resources anytime, any-
presently taking History 1302 (1865-Present) through
                                                                   where is the mantra of the digital libraries.
the Navy's Program for Afloat College Education
(PACE). The course resides on the ship's server and
                                                                   Four points for future planning when developing library
FC3 McCloskey goes to the ship's Library Multimedia
                                                                   services for deployed areas come to mind. First, ebooks
Resource Center (LMRC) to access the courseware. He
                                                                   are a real viable alternative to sending hard cover books,
likes to get away from the ship's routine and relax in the
                                                                   especially fiction, to remote areas. They have the
LMRC even though he is studying and working on his
                                                                   capacity to change font size and are backlit to aid
course. This is the 5th course he has taken through the
                                                                   soldiers reading in dim lights or in less than optimal
PACE program. It's a 12-week self-paced course that is
                                                                   situations. Second, the online databases need continued
interesting and meaningful. To quote Anthony, "I loved
                                                                   funding and instruction, teaching the soldiers how to ef-
studying the Panama Canal Treaty as the ship was actu-
                                                                   fectively use this information resource. Third, there is a
ally going through the Canal - WOW."                                                                    (See Soldiers, on page 11)
                                       (See Sailors, on page 10)
PAGE 5                                         THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                     VOLUME 46, 3

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE Connie Wiley, Membership Committee Chair
The Military Librarians division brings together members from all the U.S. military services, the Canadian Combined
Armed Forces, other international military services, other DoD agencies, contractors and vendors, academic
institutions and anyone with an interest in military librarianship.

We welcome the following 10 new members who were not listed before or who have joined since the Spring 2001

Adams, Wendi                                                                   Janice Pepper, NAVY/MARINE
Luthern Church-Missouri Synod         Polten, Kristen B.                       CORPS -
St. Louis, MO                         United Defense LP                             York, PA
                                             Kathleen Heincer, ARMY -
Clawson, Catherine                                                   
Valley Force Military Academy         Shiau, Mary
  College                             Northrop Grumman Corp                    Vacant—DoD
Wayne, PA                             Melbourne, FL               Remember that as a Member you:

Horn, Chris E.                        Wallich, Julia                           Get the inside track on employment
Jane’s Information Group              NJVC-LLC                                 opportunities at military installations
Alexandria, VA                        Vienna, VA                               and DoD organizations around the                                world

Mueller, Randall L.                   Zebrowski, Cheryl                        Network with colleagues from all ser-
Troy State Univerrsity                The CAN Corporation                      vices; a small community which
Columbus, GA                          Alexandria, VA                           spans the globe, through our discus-                               sion list and at meetings

Pachter, David M.                     If you have questions about member-      Keep current with technology and
Library of Congress                   ship in the Military Librarians Div i-   trends
Washington, DC                        sion, or you know of someone inter-                          ested in joining the division, you may   Develop leadership skills by partici-
                                      contact me at the above address, or      pating on committees and planning
Parker, Candace S.                    the other members of the committee:      programs, moderating panels, or
Defense Technical Information                                                  delivering presentations.
  Center                              Faye Couture, AIR FORCE - faye.
Ft. Belvoir, VA                                   Receive a discount rate to attend the                                                               annual Military Librarians Workshop.


 The Military Librarians Website:—

 The Military Librarians Workshop Website:—
PAGE 6                                                THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                              VOLUME 46, 3

                               MLD Events (continued)                                        (New Chair, continued from page 3)
                                                                                             Membership Chair of the Solo Li-
(MLD Events, Continued from page 1)
                                                                                             brarians Division, one of the larg-
                                             listened as Chair, Tracy Landfried
Air Force Librarian, Amy Loughran                                                            est of SLA Divisions. Patricia
                                             listed the year's accomplishments.
                                                                                             Alderman of the National Defense
                                             New Awards Chair, Addie Ross,
                                                                                             University, has undertaken the im-
                                             arranged a special Award of Merit for
                                                                                             portant communications position
                                             Barbara Wrinkle, Director of Air Force
                                                                                             of Web Master. She follows the
                                             Library and Information Systems who
                                                                                             MLD's first Web person, Dolores
                                             served MLD as the Military Librarians
                                                                                             Knight of DTIC. Dolores made a
                                             Workshop Chair for three years.
                                                                                             clean Web Page that was very well
                                             Tracy Landfried presented MLD Coins
                                                                                             received among the members.
                                             and Pins to the 2000-2001 Board and
                                                                                             Addie Ross made her first appear-
                                             Committee Members present.
                                                                                             ance as Awards Chair at the San
The Military Librarians Division Open
                                             Additional SLA sessions co-sponsored
                                                                                             Antonio meeting and even had an
House provided members, sponsors, and        by MLD included "Electronic Publish-
                                                                                             award to present to Barbara Wrin-
guests a chance to catch up with old         ing and the Economics of Informa-
friends and make new ones.
                                                                                             kle of the Air Force. Thank you
                                             tion," and one of the SLA series
                                                                                             outgoing chair people!
                                             "Measuring Return on Investment: As-
from Army and Rebecca Slingerland,           sessing the Impact of Information Se r-
                                                                                             Let's get to work new Board Me m-
Navy Fleet Librarian. Carol talked           vices on the Bottom Line."
                                                                                             bers! Several Committee Chairs
about the Air Force projects to sup-
                                                                                             will be recruiting for members at
port education through electronic
                                                                                             MLW. If you are interested,
means in a variety of situations.
Amy's experience was more "hands                                                             please contact Sharon Lenius,
                                                                                             MLD Chair, and let her know your
on" as she worked to provide access
                                                                                             background, interests and talents.
to databases and internet sites that
                                                                                             MLD needs members to step for-
supported education goals for the
                                                                                             ward for future leadership. Serv-
Army and Allied Forces/United Na-
                                                                                             ing on the Board or working on a
tions Troops in Bosnia and Kosovo.
                                                                                             Committee is great preparation for
Rebecca showed that the Fleet takes
                                                                                             more responsibility both within the
care of the student-sailor by provid-
                                           Claudia Tavares (l) and Sharon Lenius (r) exer-   Division and in your job setting.
ing electronic resources for ship-
                                           cise their First and Twenty-First Amendment       Leadership is a highly valued skill.
board study. Moderator for this pro-
                                           rights at the Open House.                         Cultivate it working with MLD
gram sponsored by DIALOG and
EBSCO was MLD Immediate Past
                                                                                             Sharon Lenius
Chair, Barbara J. Fox.                       Presentations from the" E-Learning:
                                                                                             National Guard Bureau
                                             Telling War Stories" session
                                                                                             1411 Jefferson Davis Hwy
                    Two Networking           will be available on the MLD Website.
                                                                                             Arlington, VA 22202-3231
                    Breakfasts allowed
                                                                                             703 601-2710 DSN: 329
                    members to begin         "Can I hear 'that Frog Song' one more
                                                                                             FAX 703 601-2715
                    their "Conference        time?" "Ride 'em, Cowboy!"
                    Day" with healthy        Wednesday morning --- laugh 'til your
                    continental fare.        ribs ache! You tell them Dave!
                    Hosts for the break-       All these statements were signs of
                    fasts were PTFS          the way SLA Conference goers re-                            DONT FORGET TO
Marie O’Mara enjoys a and Carroll            laxed before and after long days of in-                      REGISTER FOR
quiet moment at the      Publishing.         tense sessions and hours spent at the
Open House.                                  high-energy exhibits and demonstra-                Military Librarians Workshop
                    At the Annual            tions. San Antonio, we'll be back!                  Oct 30-Nov 1, 2001
Business and Award Luncheon spon-            Adios!                                              Colorado Springs, CO
sored by ISI, 55 members voted on                                                              Http://
new Bylaws, elected new officers, and
PAGE 7                                              THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                    VOLUME 46, 3

(Past Chair, continued from page 3)        cent mountains and
                                                                               GOOD BYE, TRACY.
librarians (paper/electronic of a cita-    vistas are invisible
tion/abstract/full-text) to SLA's public   and most tourist
                                                                               Thank you very much for all of your
relations department and your divi-        attractions (except
                                                                               hard work as Chair of the Military Li-
sion chair. Help set up a business         the malls) close at -
                                                                               brarians Division this past year.
meeting at one of the planning ses-        or before - dusk.
sions? If you are there, ask the Chair
                                                                  We could not have accomplished so much without
if you can help.                            SLA Los Angeles
                                           2002 program pla n-
 The MLW 2001 website should be            ning is already un-
                                                                                  The Military Librarians Division
up soon. There will be a link from the     derway. SLA is
division website (      offering very early
division/dmil). The workshop in            registration ($195
Colorado Springs (at the Antlers Ad-       through 1 Oct 2001 for the 2002 sum- today's danger zones. We heard
ams Mark Hotel) will be hosted by          mer conference.)                        some interesting "war" stories and
Dr. Edward Scott, Director, U.S. Air                                               saw the diverse ways that our
Force Academy Library, and will be          If you want to be in-                  colleagues are using traditional librar-
held 30 October - 1 November 2001.         volved in this or fu-                   ian skills and new technology to
Army, Navy, and Air Force service          ture conference pla n-                  support U.S. soldiers, sailors, ma-
meetings will precede and follow the       ning, take note of fu-                  rines, and airmen around the world.
conference. Army, Navy, and Air            ture planning meetings. These meet-
Force Library meetings will be held        ings will take place in Colorado        Our business meeting was standing
on 29 October 2001. Air Force              Springs (MLW - Oct 2001); Chicago room only. It was so crowded that it
librarians will continue meeting on 2      (SLA - Jan 2002); Los Angeles           was difficult to move around the
November 2001. A tour of Cheyenne          (SLA - Jun 2002); Richmond (MLW - room. My apologies to the individ u-
Mountain on Monday afternoon, 29           Dec 2002 hosted by the Marine Corps als who were turned
October 2001 will be offered to the        University); New Orleans (SLA - Jan away from this ticketed
first 40 full-conference registrants.      2003); New York (SLA - Jun 2003)        event.
(So register early.) Note: We regret       and Washington DC (MLW - TBA
this tour is not handicapped accessi-      2003 hosted by the National Defense Thank you to our spon-
ble.                                       University). Choose any one, two, or sors at conference
                                           more and join us.                       events: SIRSI for the
The following advice is from local                                                 networking reception; PFTS for Mon-
librarians (and their spouses) to help     The Division Bylaws were approved day's networking breakfast; ISI for
prepare you for Colorado Springs.          at the annual business meeting.         the business luncheon; and Carroll
Come a day early. A little time may        Thank you, Irene Cordova, Division Publishing for Tuesday's networking
also help acclimate you                    Bylaws Chair, for all your work on      breakfast. We could not do it without
to the 6200 foot above-                    the numerous revisions of the bylaws. you!
sea-level altitude. The                    [Irene received SLA's Diversity
weather is unpredict-                      Award in San Antonio.]                  Tracy Landfried
able. Bring plenty of                                                              US Army Research Laboratory
body lotion--the alti-                     Our primary program at San Antonio, AMSRL-CI-OK-TP
tude dries your skin. Drink plenty of      "E-learning: Telling War Stories"       Bldg 4600
water--the altitude dehydrates you.        was wonderful. BJ Fox introduced Technical Library
Drink a glass of water before taking       Amy Loughran, U.S. Army Commu- Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
aspirin if you get a headache; the         nity and Family Support Center; Re- 21005-5067
headache may be caused by dehydra-         becca Slingerland, U.S. Navy Fleet
tion. Do NOT try your usual exercise       Support Command; and Carol Em-          (410) 306-0626
routine - the altitude prohibits it. Do    ery, U.S. Air Force Air Combat Cen- FAX: (410) 306-0630
not expect a steaming hot cup of any-      ter, who discussed their roles support- DSN: 458-0626
thing - the physics of altitude prohib-    ing distance learning for U.S. troops DSN FAX: 458-0630
its it. Do not expect to do much           overseas, especially in some of
sightseeing after dark - the magnifi-
PAGE 8                                           THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                    VOLUME 46, 3

            Everyday Leadership: The Tools of Influence
Military Librarians Workshop, Colorado Springs, Oct 29-Nov 1, 2001
                           By Sharon A. Lenius, Chair, National Guard, Bureau

 P    lans are firm for the Military
      Librarians Workshop
(MLW) 2001 scheduled for the Ant-
                                      reach issues. Pat has over 30 years'
                                      experience in the private and non-
                                                                             programs a year.

                                      profit sectors. Before joining Pattern In partnership with the MLW Plan-
lers Hotel in Colorado Springs, Oct   Research in 1978, she worked in        ning Committee, the Military Librari-
29 through Nov 1, 2001. Host for      graphic arts and publishing. Pat has   ans Division Board looked for a pro-
this 44 th Annual MLW is the United   written for a variety of regional and  gram that would offer the attendees
States Air Force Academy Librar-      national publica-                                    something solid they
ies under the leadership of Dr. Ed-   tions and has a       This year’s MLW —“...a could try "back home."
ward A. Scott. Lead Program           liberal arts degree program that would of- Conference goers will
Planner and MLD member, Cha r-        in theatre and        fer the attendees some- create a sample research
magne (Char) Moss did much of the     written communi- thing solid they could              and response project
early planning work. It is through    cation. Because       try back home.”                during the Workshop
her recommendation that Patricia      Pattern Research                                     that could be accom-
Wagner of Pattern Research will be    continually re-                                      plished during the first
speaking with us. Many interesting    searches and designs new programs      month back at work. Pat Wagner
and unique experiences await the      to improve productivity and promote promises to be available on e-mail to
Conference attendee in the magnifi-   better working relationships, these    critique your efforts and act as your
cent Colorado Springs setting .       themes are incorporated into the       support group.
                                      MLW presentation. Pat presents the
 Our prime facilitator, Patricia Wag- results of research in the areas of    MLW offers the various DOD library
ner of Pattern Research in Denver,    leadership, customer service, commu- groups an opportunity to meet as a
CO is an experienced and fascinating nications, productivity, planning, and                         (See MLW on page 11)
presenter of management and out-      marketing. She conducts about 100

Explosive International Special Librarian’s Day
   By Ann Cashin, Director, Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technical Library

T     he Naval Explosive Ordnance
      Disposal (EOD) Technical Li-
brary staff took full advantage of
                                        searched each ordnance item, retrie v-
                                        ing relevant unclassified documents
                                        to complement the ordnance item.
                                                                                 in identifying foods to serve. Culi-
                                                                                 nary highlights included Chinese
                                                                                 “Firecrackers” and Swedish
International Special Librarian’s       In many cases, photos and x-rays         “Chocolate Bombs.”
Day (ISLD) this past Spring to pro-     were on display. Other library mate-
mote their collection. The library      rials relevant to the country, such as  Visitors enjoyed the snacks and the
exists to support EOD research, so      foreign language dictionaries and       displays, as members of the library
the collection consists of a variety    documents, were also out for the        staff took apart portions of their ord-
of documents on explosive ordnance      public to peruse.                       nance items, shared what they had
around the world.                                                               learned, and described sample
                                       SLA recommends serving food as a         searches used to locate the docu-
Library staff turned the ISLD theme, way to celebrate ISLD, and we              ments. In short, a
A World of Information Within Your believe in following the guidance of- fine time was had
Reach, to their advantage by setting   fered by SLA! Each member of the         by all. We can’t
up seven tables, each representing a   library staff researched recipes for her wait to see if next
different country. Country flags and or his chosen country: Austria, China, year’s theme lends
maps were included in the signage,     Iran, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Yugo- itself to explosive
and each exhibit included an ordnance slavia. We had decided in advance         ordnance disposal!
item from that country (explosives     that we would only serve finger food,
removed, naturally). Library staff re- which presented a bit of a challenge
PAGE 9                                             THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                    VOLUME 46, 3

Partnerships - A Way of Sharing
By Sharon Lenius, Chair, National Guard Bureau

T     he U.S. Armed Forces has had
      close ties with civilian organi-
zations that support the goals and
                                           I would like to see the
                                          Military Librarians Divi-
                                                                         “I would like to see the Mili-
objectives of the military. I would       sion work to get the spon- tary Librarians Division
like to see a closer relationship, a      sorship of one of the ma- work to get the sponsorship
partnership if you would, with such       jor service or veterans as-
institutions and libraries of all         sociations for all kinds of of one of the major service or
kinds. I do not purport to know all       libraries. Some libraries veterans associations for all
the non-governmental organiza-            are easier to "love," such
tions and veterans group, however         as the post, base or shore
                                                                         kinds of libraries.”
a few prominent ones spring to            libraries that have chil-
mind: The Association of the              drens' programs. That
United States Army (AUSA), The            could be a starting point for many li- Number one is probably to publicize
Navy League, The Surface Navy             braries. Another possible starting      the association’s cooperative partner-
Association, the Air Force Associa-       point could be the alumni of the vari- ship projects. Write something for
tion and the Marine Corps Associa-        ous service academies and senior ser- the organizations newsletter. Pass on
tion. There are many more local           vice schools. Many "classes of...."     Internet links of particular interest to
and specific associations organized       have given specific books, art work     the group. Make it on-going without
around a certain piece of equip-          and collections to the service acad-    being burdensome. Remember this
ment, i.e., airplanes, tanks. Then        emy libraries in the past. Our pur-     kind of linking works both ways.
there are the geographic organiza-        pose here is to provide on-going part-
tions, not to mention the many and        nerships that                           Partnering can also mean working
varied Veterans organizations. A          could bring                             with other local libraries or libraries
plethora come to mind!                    yearly support                          having mutual interests. We are
                                          to military                             probably doing that now. SLA is go-
There are many you can work with to       libraries.                              ing the route of other library and in-
help military libraries. And that's                                               dustry associations in their partnering
the point of this communication.          We need to get the idea of library sup- efforts. This idea of going to the ser-
Some of you may know of situations        port ingrained into the service organi- vices and veterans organizations is
where a particular library is already     zation or veterans groups. Recently, just a step beyond that program.
working with outside associations or      AUSA came out with a new Book           Think about what you can do to fur-
groups. We would like to learn how        Program. Perhaps this would a place ther your library and another organi-
that support is working. Success          where Army libraries could step in;     zation. A sort of synergy can develop
stories about library partnerships are    ask the local AUSA Chapter to buy       that is very beneficial to both institu-
good for all groups and make great        and then donate the books to the local tions.
public relations. Long term support is    post library. The library would need
harder to garner. It is easier to get a   to give credit to AUSA, and let pa-     Pat Wagner will
                      group to do a       trons know about the Book Program. be talking about
                      one-time thing      This is a little "down in the weeds,"   some of these
                      once a year than    but even this example could be a be- same ideas at the
                      to get on-going     ginning. The thought here is to insti- Military Librari-
                      support. Those      tutionalize the idea of partnering with ans Workshop
                      of us who have      libraries.                              2001. Use your "Tools of Influence"
                      worked with                                                 to gain a partner for the library.
                      volunteers know     WIIFM or “what's in it for me” for
                      about this aspect   the organizations? What can libraries
of active support.                        do for the supportive organizations?
PAGE 10                                          THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                         VOLUME 46, 3

(Sailors Continued from page 4)                               ors is phenomenal. During Desert Storm, ninety in-
                                                              structors were deployed in the war zone. They were
SN Jackson, stationed aboard the USS BONHOMME                 all given the opportunity to withdraw from their con-
RICHARD (LHD 6), home ported in San Diego CA,                 tract and return to the US. Only three of the ninety
was one of two Sailors scoring at the 2nd Grade level on      withdrew and went home and two of these were be-
his Math and Science Assessment. He was pulled for            cause they had clauses in their life insurance policies
special tutoring by a PACE instructor. Now SN Jackson         forbidding being in a war zone.
is testing out at the 8th grade level and says a whole new
world has opened up for him.                                  LT Sandra Blade, USS GEORGE
                                                              WASHINGTON (CVN 73) and
                      Suzanne Reynolds, was a PACE            LT Betty Bostick, USS KEAR-
                      Instructor on the USS COLE (DDG         SARGE (LHD 3) are on ships in
                      67) in 2000. On Thursday, 5 Octo-       or near the Mediterranean Sea. It
                      ber, Suzanne finished teaching her      is 6 PM Sunday on the USS
                      English course and caught a flight      GEORGE WASHINGTON and a
                      back to the United States. One          few hours difference on USS KEARSARGE. Both
week later, the USS COLE was bombed and a number              officers are taking one of the courses in the MBA
of Suzanne's students were killed. She said some of           Program from ODU in the VTT Classroom of their
those killed had expressed a fear of a possible terrorist     respective ship. For the next four hours, 35 students
act in the port of Yemen. It is very common for English       on each of the ships will interact with each other and
instructors to use their PACE classes on ships as ave-        their instructor who is in a VTT Classroom at ODU
nues of therapy. Students may often write about their         Norfolk. This happens every Sunday evening. LT
feelings of loneliness, fear, isolation and unhappiness.      Blade, a pilot, just returned from flight ops and, after
                                                              dropping her gear, ran into the classroom. LT Bo s-
RPCS Hicks, aboard the USS JOHN F KENNEDY (CV                 tick said she had to go back to sea to complete her
67), home ported in Mayport FL, took his first PACE           Masters Degree. Both officers maintain a 3.5 GPA.
college course as a Seaman 2nd Class. He took as many         One of the highlights of LT Bostick's deployment
courses as he could get and earned his Master's Degree        was when her family "watched" her get promoted via
in Biology. He is now a doctoral student at Old Domin-        the ship's VTT capabilities. This service is often
ion University (ODU) Norfolk VA, where he is cur-             provided so that deployed family members can con-
rently stationed. While aboard the JFK, he took an in-        nect with their families back in the states.
structor- based course that met in the classroom near the
LMRC.                                                         The Executive Officer of the USS NEWPORT
                                                              NEWS (SSN 750), home ported in Norfolk VA,
His instructor was one of five                                graduated from the Navy's Nuclear Power School
instructors from a worldwide pool                             and received 12 hours of college credit for his work.
of 500 instructors who live aboard                            While deployed under the sea, he is taking 42 hours
ship while teaching college                                   of courses available on 6 CD-ROMs. When he fin-
courses. RPCS Hicks' instructor                               ishes he will have a Master's Degree in Engineering
taught a variety of subjects because                          Management with a Nuclear Power Emphasis from
he had two masters degrees and a                              ODU. He is one of 13 submariners enrolled in this
doctorate. This instructor was flown out to the ship and      outstanding program.
lived on board with the crew for the duration of the
course. Courses were taught "around the clock" to ac-         How do libraries fit into these war
commodate varying schedules and to allow all an oppor-        stories? Well, all ships and subma-
tunity to participate. Two graduation ceremonies were         rines have state of the art libraries
held each year aboard the ship with over 200 graduates        with computers, audiovisual equip-
at each ceremony.                                             ment and materials to support and
                                                              complement any of the above edu-
These highly qualified instructors or Professors were         cational programs. Libraries are
and are integral to the success of the PACE program.          there for Sailors as they earn their
                                                                                             (Sailors, continued on page 12)
Their dedication to providing quality education to Sail-
PAGE 11                                           THE MILITARY LIBRARIA N                                        VOLUME 46, 3

(Soldiers, Continued from page 4)
need to utilize a commercial ISP. The dot mil domain is
too slow and too restrictive. Fourth, we must be able to
provide reference assistance 24/7.

Of course, the speech was not complete without some of
our war stories. Two of my favorites are the incredible
ride we had in an armored HUMVEE on a fog plagued
night. And the moniker we received by one of the MWR
warehouse workers - “Book Babes”.
                                                                      Amy “Book Babe” Loughran and Tracy Landfried

(MLW, Continued from page 8)               unique experiences are a Gala Ban-       $125; Wednesday, $150; Thursday
                                           quet on Wednesday evening featuring      $100.
Service Group. The Army Library            Mr. Thomas Jefferson, Humanitarian
Steering Group under the leadership Scholar and special friend of books             To check out the Antlers Hotel see:
of the Army Librarian, Ann Parham, and libraries. There will be time      
plans to meet on Monday, Oct 29 th.        after the presentation to make inquir-   html. For some interesting photos of
Also on Monday, the Navy Library           ies of the speaker. Another event        the historic Antlers Hotel see the
leadership plans a Joint CNL/              planned by the Academy hosts is a        American Memory Project site at:
CONSATL meeting, The Air Force tour of the Air Force Academy              
Steering Group will gather on Mo n- Library. Time permitting, other areas           award97/codhtml/hawpSubjects09.
day and Friday for special programs of the Academy may be visited. The              html.
and discussions.                           buses will depart the Antlers Hotel on   There has been a bit of remodeling
                                           Thursday, Nov 1, 2001 at 1:30 pm. A      since 1910!
              A special feature of this drive through the famed Garden of the
              MLW is an opportunity Gods will be included. Return time               Photo Nook — The Faces
              to tour "inside the tunnel" to the hotel is 5 pm for those who             behind the Names
              at the Cheyenne Moun- may travel that evening.
tain Facility – NORAD. The first 40
fully paid registrants who would like Hotel Reservation: Make your hotel
to tour this facility will be able to join arrangements by calling the Antlers
a bus tour to the Cheyenne Mountain Adam's Mark Hotel directly at 1-719-
Facilities on Monday, October 29,          473-5600. Be sure to mention the
2001. If you are planning to partici- Military Librarians Workshop to get
pate in the tour, be sure you time your the lowest rate which is currently $59,
arrival in Colorado Springs to fit the the government per diem. This may
departure time. Attendees will be          increase slightly in the new Fiscal
able to see the Space Command Cen- Year. All registrants are entitled to             Do you think that Connie
ter and SMWD. The bus for this tour this lower rate as long as the reserved          Wiley enjoyed 3 Dog Night
will leave the Antlers Hotel promptly rooms are available. An extra person           during the SLA Conference?
at 12:30 pm. and return at approxi-        sharing a room is $15 per person. All
mately 5 p.m. Regrettably, this tour must pay the applicable taxes. Re-
is not handicapped accessible. There serve early! The next price for rooms
are several flights of stairs to climb     is $91 per night.
and much walking - all at 6500 feet
above sea level! Please consider           Fees for the full workshop are $275
these possible limitations when mak- for MLD Members who register by
                                                                                    Stopping by the Ebsco Booth.
ing your reservation for this event.       Oct 19, 2001. Non Members registra-      Can you identify these individuals? (Hint:
There is no charge for this tour. We tion fee is $325 per person. Late reg-         Elizabeth Bircher, Ebsco and Phyllis
are the guests of Space Command.           istration for MLD Members is $325        Cassler, Ft. Belvoir are on the right.)
                                           and for non members, $375. Single
Two additional opportunities for           Day Registration Fees are: Tuesday
                                                                                Fax: 1 -301 -277 -5059
                                                                                Phone: 1 -301-227-3313

                                                                            Bethesda, MD 20816
                                                                            4600 Sangamore Rd MS -D91
                                                                            c/o NIMA Bethesda

                                                             DIVISION SLA         MILITARYLIBRARIANS

(Sailors, continued from page 10)
degrees, hone their personal skills, or just relax and get
away from a hectic work schedule. Libraries on ships
are no different than those in local communities with
one exception: the Sailors on ships are more apprecia-
tive of library services provided to them during long de-
ployments away from families and friends. Libraries
are Quality of Life programs that have made a differ-
ence and they will continue to support Navy distance
learning initiatives in the future.

                                                                See You in LA,
                                                                next summer.

                                                                Don’t forget your
                                                                shades, suntan lo-
                                                                tion, and a light

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