Certificate of Acceptance by Anarbor


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                                       Certificate                   of Acceptance

Certificate     No:                   PA05/01840                                           Issue: I        Date: 15/09/2003
Effective date:                       15/09/2003                                                           Page I of 3

 Signature:                              f\.

 David Ventry        B.Eng(Hons), CEng, FICE
  Professional Head of Track Engineering

Network Rail Infrastructure   Ltd Registered Office 40 Melton Street London NW I 2EE Registered in England and Wales No. 2904587
                                         Network          Rail

Certificate   No:             PA05/01840                          Issue:     Date: 15/09/2003
Effective date:               15/09/2003                                        2
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     I.   This acceptance applies to switches forged and welded at the Corus Cogifer KIHN
          SA factory in Luxembourg, and machined at the Corus Cogifer plant in
    2. To conform to the KIHN drawings shown in 'assessed documentation'                  in respect
          of forging and welding and Network        Rail drawing RE/PW/807 in respect of
       machining and drilling.
    3. O&M manuals to be supplied to Network Rail, installers and maintainers.
    4. To be manufactured from material grade 260 (otherwise known as grade A).


This certificate is the first issue.

                    Issuedby HSQE Systems,Network Rail.40 Melton Street. London NWI 2EE
                                                      Network              Rail

Certificate No:                        PA05/01840                                   Issue:       Date: 15/09/2003
Effective date:                        15/09/2003                                                Page3 of 3

David Walters                                   Document Controller                      Mark Coley
Corus Cogifer Switches and                      Network Rail Scotland Zone               Serco RaildataLtd
CrossingsLtd.                                   Bay 371, BuchananHouse                   Derwent House
Hebden Road,                                    58 Port Dundas Road                      Rtc Business Park
Scunthorpe.                                     Glasgow G4 OLQ                           London Road
North Lincolnshire. DN 15 axx                   wi lIiam.2ibson@networkrail.co.uk        Derby DE24 SUP

DocumentController                              Document Controller                      PADS Input Agent
Network Rail North West Zone                    Network Rail Eastern Region              National   Railway Supplies Ltd
Room 202, Rail House                            1st Floor, D Block,                      Gresty Road
Store Street                                    Hudson House,                            Crewe
Manchester M60 7RT                              Toft Green,                              CW2     6EH
m ich elie. brown fro n etwo rkrai I. co. u k   York,YOl6HP                                           atra iI.demon. co. uk
                                                                                         s .adams (a>;n
                                                helen .redshaw@networkrail.co.uk

DocumentController                              Document Controller
Desk 397                                        Network Rail EastAnglia Region
Network      Rail Midlands Zone                 Floor I Desk 2, East Anglia House,
100 Wharfs ide Street.                          12-34 Great Eastern St
The Mailbox                                     London EC2A 3EH
Birmingham      BI I RT                         pauI.f.amner@networkrail.co.uk

DocumentController                              Document Controller
Network      Rail Great Western        Zone     Network Rail Southern Region
Floor 1,125 House                               Suite 2, Floor 2
I Gloucester      Street                        Waterloo Station
Swindon     SN I I GW                           London SEI SSW
suzanne.wilkins       networkrail.co.uk              ctl@networkrail. uk
                                                a&sdoc              co.

Steven Denniss                                  Acceptance Manager
Thameslink     2000                             WCRM Acceptance Services
Floor 2                                         Floor I 0, I Eversholt Street
Friars Bridge Court                             london
41-45 Blackfriars     Road                      NWI    ION   (INTERNAL)
London SE I 8NZ                                               d
                                                steven.re n n01 s@networkrail.co.uk
stephen. den n iss(fi)tl2 k. co. u k

(*) For Track items only
Quentin Phillips (*)                            John Payne (*)
                  networkrail.co.uk             iohn.payne@networkrail.co.uk

Katie White. NLU York (*)
katie.wh ite@networkrail.co.uk

                       Issued by HSQE Systems, Network           Rail, 40 Melton Street. London NW I 2EE
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To:          Document Controller                                                                From:            Kevin Denton
                                                                                                Dept:            HSQE Systems
                                                                                                                 40 Melton Street
                                                                                                                 London.          NW I 2EE

                                                                                                Tel:             085 78362

                                                                                                Date:             15/09/2003

Product Acceptance:      Advice to Regions
This advice note provides appropriate background information                                              and any specific action that may be required.

Re2ional action
None specific


Product Acceptance Manager

         Network   Rail Infrastructure   Ltd Registered Office   40 Melcon Street. London NWI 2EE   Registered in England and Wales No. 2904587   www.necworkrail.co.uk

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