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					          LASA NEWSLETTER                                   National Classes and planning which classes are to be
                                                            included in major National regattas. The number of paid
             August 2009                                    up members is one of the key deciding factors so
                                                            please help us achieve number one spot as the most
                                                            popular and strongest class in the country. Of course it
              NATIONAL NEWS                                 is easy to cheat and not be a Laser Class member, but
                                                            who really wants to do that?
This year’s Nationals are just around the corner and
Pam Millar and her team tell me that the organization is                           NEWS
going well and everything is lined up for a great event.
                                                            Youth Selections
September provides some of the best sailing on the
                                                            Two of our top sailors have just returned from the
Vaal dam and the Northvaal hospitality is legendary.
                                                            ISAF Youth World Championships in Brazil. By all
Notice of Race and entry forms enclosed.
                                                            accounts it was a great event and a great learning
                                                            experience for our sailors. Congratulations to Clair
For those that don’t feel like trailing boats to the
                                                            Walker and Mathew Shaw.
venue there is the possibility of charter boats being
available, depending on demand. If you are interested
                                                            One of the points brought out by the coach after the
contact Colin Schwegman at +27828017934 or e-mail at
                                                            event was the criticality of sailors being at the ideal The rates are very reasonable – about
                                                            weight to compete at world class level. Both our sailors
half of what is charged overseas for charter boats.
                                                            were well below the norm for the Radial class which is
                                                            in the region of 75 -80 kg.
For more info go to           The selection system for next year’s event has already
                                                            been published by SAS who are responsible for
Or to our National website
                                                            choosing the team. These details are also published on
                                                            our website . For all
And follow the links
                                                            those up and coming youngsters who are thinking of
                                                            competing, please take a look right away as there is a
Please note that the AGM will be held at the Nationals
                                                            lot of information to absorb.
and the agenda is detailed below.

                                                                      NATIONAL RANKINGS
                                                            Our hard working Chairman, Steve Martin, had no
Everyone is looking for a bargain these days, so now is
                                                            sooner finished with helping to organise and run the
the time to get your money’s worth out of your class
                                                            Optimist African Championships at Richards Bay than I
membership subscriptions. Membership subscriptions
                                                            was onto him to update the rankings which he promptly
became due on the 1st July so if you pay now you will get
                                                            did. With over 100 sailors results from five different
the benefits of membership for the whole year. You
                                                            regattas to assemble it is a mammoth task. Thanks
need to be a paid up member to be allowed to sail in
                                                            Steve. If we published it all in this newsletter it would
ANY Laser event (Class rule) and membership is usually
                                                            fill up the entire envelop so just the top few of each
checked at all Provincial, National and World events.
                                                            category are included here. Full results are on the
SAS is presently going through a phase of thinning out

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If you spot any mistakes please let us know at
                                                                       UPCOMING EVENTS
Laser 4.7 Fleet
                                                                          LASER NATIONALS
      Sailed:3, Discards:0, To count:3, Entries:46,
                                        EC WC KZN
Rank HelmName CategoryGender Club                   Nett    Dates – 24 to 27 September 2009
                                        08 09 09
                                                            Venue – LDYC, Vaaldam.
1st                Youth Male ABYC 1          1 DNC 15
    THOMPSON                                                                 EC PROVINCIAL
2nd                Youth Male PYC 6           2 DNC 21
3rd FINN Rosey Youth Female KYC 5             6 DNC 24      Unfortunately this clashes with our Nationals but
    McNIELL                                                 there are only so many long weekends in the year!
4th                Youth Male PYC DNCDNC 1 27
    Michael                                                 Dates – 25 to 27 September 2009
    STEPHENS                                                Venue - Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club
5th                Youth Male PYC 7           7 DNC 27

                                                            Contact Rob at for further
Laser Radial Fleet                                          details.
    Sailed:4, Discards:1, To count:3, Entries:53,
                   Gen        NAT EC WC KZN                             NORTHVAAL MASTERS
Rank Name Cat           Club                     Nett
                    der        08 08 09 09
    SHAW                                                    Dates – 22, 23rd August 2009
1st              Y M ZVYC 4         2    1 DNC 7
    Matthew                                                 Venue – Benoni SC.
2nd              Y F HMYC 14 5           9    1 20
3rd              Y M ZVYC 2 DNCDNCDNC 36
4th              Y M HMYC 6 DNCDNCDNC 40
5th              Y M ZVYC 8 DNCDNCDNC 42

Laser Std Fleet
     Sailed:5, Discards:2, To count:3, Entries:101
Rank HelmName Cat Gen Club                         Nett
                                  08 08 08 09 09
1st KEEN Alan       GM M ZVYC 6 1 D 7 D 14
2nd                  O M ZVYC 2 D D 1 D 24
3rd McNIELL Rudy Yth M PYC 4 D D D 1 26
4th                  M M PYC 10 D D D 4 35
5th SHAW Pete        M       PYC D 2 D 3 D 41

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   South African Laser Class Association

The Annual General Meeting of the Laser
Class will be held in the LDYC Clubhouse
during the SA Laser Class National
Championships at a suitable time between 24th
and 27th September 2009.


      Notice confirming the meeting and
       Attendance Register.
      Minutes of the last AGM held at
       Richards Bay, June 2008.
      Financial Statements for the year
       ended 31st December 2008.
      Chairman’s Report
      General
          o Worlds Selection Trials
              (Standard, Radial, 4.7)
          o Time and Venue of next National
          o National rankings
      Election of Committee
          o Wes Cape Rep
          o Northvaal Rep
          o Kwa Zulu Natal Rep
          o Eastern Cape Rep
          o Central Rep
          o Youth Rep
          o Ladies Rep
          o Secretary
          o Treasurer
          o Chairman
      Any other business
      Close

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             FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AT 31st December 2008

 EXPENDITURE                           2008              2007        INCOME                           2008              2007

 International Subscriptions              0              9273        Subs rec'd                      22809             14025
 Newsletters,post & print              1656               900        Interest rec'd                   3560                 0
 SA Sailing Admin fees                 2330                 0        Regattas                         -528                90
 RSA Team vests                           0              1000        4.7 Worlds Hermanus             10000
 Website                                200                 0

 Surplus/(Loss)                       31655             2942
                                R 35 841.00      R 14 115.00                                   R 35 841.00     R 14 115.00

                                Funds with SA Sailing                              R 19 403

                                Surplus                                               31655

                                  Funds with SA Sailing 31st Dec 2008              R 51 058

                                   Post Year End Transactions
                                   Funds with SA Sailing 31st Dec 2008             R 51 058
                                Subs rec,d                                             2850
                                International subs pd                                -11474
                                Newsletter costs                                       -378
                                   Funds with SA Sailing 30th June 2009            R 42 056

The Association is in good financial condition, and although the surplus of R31655 may seem excessive, there
are special reasons for this, namely the receipt of R10000 from the 4.7 World Championships held at Hermanus,
and also the late receipt of the International Subscription invoice and hence its payment fell outside the financial
reporting period. With these items taken into account the surplus would have been R10181, which would have
also been very satisfactory.

I do not propose the increase of any subscription by you the members.
If elected I would be happy to stay on as Treasurer

Ron Keytel
18th July 2009

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