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									                                    LEASE AGREEMENT

This Lease Agreement is made effective as of _________________________ 2012.
___________________________(“Landlord’).The parties agree as follows.

PREMISES: Landlord, in consideration of the lease payments provided in this lease, leases to
_____________________________ (the premises) located at ____________________

TERMS: The lease term will begin on ______________2012, and will be terminate on a 30
day written notice from the Tenant if decided to relocate, or terminated by Landlord on any
default of this lease agreement, or continue late payments.
LEASE PAYMENTS: Tenant shall pay to Landlord $850.00 dollars per month. By either
cash, check, or money order. Payments shall be made to Landlord at ___________________

SECURITY DEPOSIT: At the time of signing this lease. Tenant shall pay to the Landlord, in
trust, a security deposit of $800.00 dollars to be held and disbursed for Tenant damages to the
Premises, or other defaults under this agreement as provided by law.
Possession: Tenant shall be entitled to move in on the first day of the lease term, and shall yield
possession to Landlord on the last day of the term of this lease, unless otherwise agree by both
parties in writing at the expiration of the term. Tenant shall remove all of its goods and effects
and peacefully yield up the Premises back to the Landlord in good conditions as when first
moved in, with the exceptions of wear and tear.

PROPERTY INSURANCE: Tenant shall be responsibility to maintain appropriate rental
insurance for their respective interest in the Premises and their personal property located on the
MAINTENANCE: Landlord has the responsibility to maintain and keep the property in good
up keeping at all times and perform any necessary repairs.
UTILITIES: Tenant is responsible for a particle part of the water bill, but all other utilities
are paid by the Tenant.

LATE FEE: For any payment that is not paid within 5 days after the due date. Tenant shall
pay a late fee of $10 dollars per day.
HABITABILITY: Tenant has inspected the Premises and fixtures, or had the premises
inspected on their behalf and acknowledges that the premise is in livable and great conditions
for their intended use and the agreed lease payment are fair and reasonable.

                                 INSPECTION CHECKLIST
               Satisfactory                              Comments
____Bathroom                             ______________________
____Ceilings                             ______________________

____Closets                             _______________________

____Doors                               _______________________
____Lights                              _______________________
____Locks                               _______________________
____Refrigerator                         _______________________

____Stove                               _______________________

____Walls                               _______________________

____Windows                              _______________________

Signed: ________________________________                   Dated: ______________

Acknowledge by Landlord: _______________________________ Dated: ___________
                               RENTAL APPLICATION

Move In Information
Type of Home: Living Room, Two Bedrooms, One Bath, Kitchen, Wash Area and small

Deposit: $800.00      Rent: $850.00 Contract Move in Date: ________________.

                             APPLICATE INFORMATION

First Name____________________                 Last Name_______________________

S.S.N.     ____________________               Date of Birth _____________________

Phone     (___) ____-______                    Cellular     _______________________
License# _____________________                 Police Report

                                Others Living In the Home

Name______________________             Relationship_______________       Age_______
Name______________________             Relationship_______________       Age_______

                              PERSONAL REFERENCE

Name______________________            Relationship__________ Phone#___________

Name______________________            Relationship__________ Phone#_____
                               EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Company Name____________________________________

Address: _________________________________________
City_________________          State___________ Zip______
Phone Number ____________________________________

Supervisor Name____________________________________

I Agree To The Following Statements:
____ I represent that the information provided in this application is true, complete and
accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misrepresentation information or
omission may be grounds for evictions.
____ Personal references and employment information provided. I authorize the Landlord to
verify all the information given in this application, including past rental information

Print Name_________________________ Signature________________________

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