IMPORT BUSINESS 2 by PrinceYemiCasca


									       By Prince Adeyemi Casca

This wonderful package is a proven guide on
how you can start the business of importation of
over 180 different products with less than
N70’000 without visa. This is somehow
unbelievable, yet it is true. Information is power
indeed because an overwhelming majority will
simply believe it, even strongly, that importation
business is strictly there for the millionaires. Just
follow me behind and see how you can use that
little money for importation and watch it grow
into billions.

If you are looking for how to invest your money
profitably, with high returns on investment of
over 100 percent, at minimal risk, and enjoy
huge market patronage for your business,
import business offers you all that and more. In
this informative guide to product importation
business, I will guide you on the potentials to
tap into varieties of products and lots of other
new ones that you can import and sell
profitably; procedures to follow in importing
products; how to import products cheaper; save
over N300, 000 you would have spent for flight
ticket, hotel expenses and visa each time, to
start product importation with as low as
N70,000; challenges of product importation and
how you can overcome them; secrets of fighting
competitors who may want to import the same
products as you, and most importantly, how to
make sure you import only fast-selling products
And before I forget, import business is so
profitable that you can import product for as low
as N100 to N300 and still sell them for as much
as N2,000. Imagine the profit margin per
product. I will be showing you all that in this
informative guide.

Before I continue, I want to let you know that if
you are going to import products profitably, you
will need your own laptop or desktop. And you
will also need Internet connection. Internet
connection cost as low as N5, 000 – N15,000
per month. The Internet service can be on GSM
phone. One of GLO or MTN should have GPRS in
your area; so get your modem and get
connected immediately.
You will need a bank account for dollars
transaction. UBA, FCMB, OCEANIC, WEMA and
GT Bank can open the account for you as low as
$100 dollar, but you must now be operating an
account with them. Your current banker, if it’s
not among the few I mentioned can be of help
to you. It’s advisable you open your dollar
account with the bank you are currently banking
with. Bank charges for foreign transactions like
these are very low. My bank charges $26 per
transfer and another 1 percent of the amount
transferred. If you transfer $500 for example,
you will be charged $26 and 1 percent of $500,
which is $5, meaning you are only paying bank
charges of $31 for your $500 transaction. All
you do is just get the supplier’s account no
through phone, fax, or e-mail and ask your bank
to transfer a given amount.

Import business is very simple and it is very cost
effective. If you are much cost conscious, your
products will be cheaper than those of your
competitors. Instead of spending over N300,
000 on each trip for air ticket, Visa and hotel
accommodation, you can pay the internet
service providers N7,000 monthly for internet
access. You can source for products through
china product suppliers, contact them by E-mail
and get pictures of the products and prices via
E-mail. You can negotiate your order and pay
through bank wire or through e-Gold transfer.
You must not pay until you are so sure that the
prices are good enough or they are the best
standard prices among all the suppliers that
have such products. That means you will contact
more than one supplier for the same product
before deciding on which company to buy from.
Remember, cheaper price is not only what you
should consider because some so-called cheap
prices can come from fraudulent people.

Don’t forget you also need to arrange for how
the products will be delivered to you. So, you
need a delivery company. DHL or fedex is good.
With DHL or Fedex, your products are delivered
right to your office and there, you pay customer
charges and tax. But EMS won’t deliver to your
address, even when you come to pick your
product; you have to confront custom officials
who also have offices right there.
The charges are higher too- about 5 per cent of
the cost of the product. You may be tempted to
falsify your price in order to pay less. But it is
better you don’t get into this kind of temptation
at all. The custom officials may even demand
that you pay unofficial rates, which go into their
pockets and they will waive the fees for you.
Don’t agree with them. You may not know the
problem you are accumulating for your business
until when you may have succeeded in growing
your business as big as Dangote. Those
mistakes may come up to count against you in
future. Your suppliers will be asking you to pay
the cost of the product plus courier delivery
charges, which are charged per kg. DHL cost is
around $14 per KG weight. However, you can
also register an account with DHL here, so that
you don’t have to pay your supplier for delivery-
with your DHL account number, DHL picks up
your products from anywhere in the world and
deliver to your address, while you pay after
delivery. It’s also cheaper because you enjoy
some discount and benefits that cannot be
accruable to an ordinary shipper.

Now you know fully well how to import products
from anywhere in the world and get it delivered
to you. Congratulation, Having known import
process, it is about time you try importing your
first product. You don’t even know which
products to import; of course, I know I haven’t
shown you how to source for suppliers or search
for products to import; you may have heard
about Yes it’s the most common
web portal on the web where you can search for
products and suppliers to import from. Even
through seems like the best, I have
not actually imported from any supplier on that
portal. It doesn’t mean you cannot source your
suppliers from there; but watch out for
fraudsters. They are many on that web portal. If
you must use any web portal to source for
suppliers, do your due diligence properly.
Back to sourcing products from Chinese
supplier; first I want you to always do a due
diligence study on any supplier before you buy
any products from them. In as much as there
are hundreds of thousands of reliable suppliers,
you really don’t get to know them well by what
you are told online unless you have actually
dealt with them before. One way to make sure
you at least contact reliable suppliers is to use
your freight forwarders. You can pay them the
cost of your products and that of the cost of
bringing them over to your office.


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