Michigan jones by lanyuehua


									                 written and illustrated by beau Lerner

              Chapter 1
As I walked up the stairs I could feel my head shake with every creak of
the steps. Wait, were not there yet, here this is what happened. You
see, I watched all the Indiana Jones movies, so I wanted to be an
adventurer. So I took a plane around the world to look for a crystal
skull.i thought it would be hidden in, either a temple, or my friends
bathroom. No luck. Well, that was a waste of $9000. I did it first
because it usually costs $9001. But I did get to see the Grand Canyon. it
was huge. And the statue of liberty, the small one from los Vegas. I
would have seen the real one, but that would of cost me instead of
$9000, it would cost $9001. And didn’t want to spend more money.
Soon I got to an Irish pub and I waited for either a kid named
shortround or a guy named mutt Williams ( they are characters from
the movie). No luck. I was ready to give up when somebody mentioned
a haunted house on there is no haunted house on this road and we are
not lying it’s just an old wooden house road. Soon I arrived on the road.
I was very tired from walking.

     “Some haunted house” I muttered.

              Chapter 2

As I walked up the steps, I could fell my head shake with every creak of
                               the steps…
I fell through the (now broken) wooden steps. I ended up in the
emergency room.

     “So how will I be doc.?” I asked.

      “Well, you broke a toe, your armpit, your foot, your nose, your
leg, your other armpit, your rear, your hair,” I gasped when he said my

“Another toe, a finger, that house you were in, your spatisiam implant,
your neck, another toe, a kids guitar,” I could hear a kid crying and

     “My guitar!”

     “Your cheek and this office.” I looked around. The office looked

“And Microsoft word”

 Please stay tuned, computer nerds will soon have Microsoft word and
this book finished in 3 months. In the meantime, this book is brought to
              you by jerierm, lower standards, higher prices

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