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									                  Ohio River Valley Airedale Terrier Club
                                          March 2011

Greetings fellow Airedale lovers! Here’s the latest news in ORVATC land. We held the election of
officers at our recent annual meeting and the results are as follows: President, John Bell; Vice
President, Carol Wallace; Treasurer, Tom McPeek; Secretary, Pat Bell. Those at the meeting also
voted to accept the revised Constitution and By-Laws as written, with several items identified for
consideration in the next revision. We hope to have election results and new By-Laws posted on our
ORVATC web site soon. Leith Merkle will be filling the Board vacancy caused by Carol Wallace
moving to Vice President. Several other items were also discussed.

It is time to pay your 2011 ORVATC dues ($15 per individual or $25 per family). Please send them

Tom McPeek
97 Mountainview Drive
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

Please advise us of any changes in address, phone, email or dogs in a note with your dues so
we can keep our records up to date.


Fun Day will be held June 11 at ARF in Gahanna (formerly Wild Weavers). There will be a Fun Day
planning meeting on May 14 at Carol Wallace’s home. Carol will provide sandwiches. Everyone
attending the planning meeting should bring a side dish. Watch for more information from Carol or
Pat Bell.

Fun Day 2010
                                     Newsletter - March 2011

                                       EVENTS (Continued)

The Canfield Show dates are August 4-7. A planning meeting will be held at Kim Zaborniak’s home
July 10 for ORVATC support at Canfield. Kim will provide the food. Watch for more information
from Kim Z or Pat Bell.

A Fun in the Field day is scheduled for ORVATC and friends on October 22 at Rush Creek. Planning
meeting TBD.

Breaking news! It appears HWA is still alive although doing some re-organizing. An HWA event in
September seems likely.


An Old Brag (but a brag just the same)
Our new pup Kaos (Nevinaire's Mystic Kaos) accompanied her brother Cisco (Nevinaire's Cisco Kid)
to an agility trial in Zanesville on March 6th (2010). Cisco did not qualify in either run but we
haven't trialed since Montgomery. None the less I was proud of him. Kaos had a grand time
enjoying all the compliments and attention she received. – Carol Wallace
(As observers at Zanesville, Cisco had the best time checking out all the people and other
happenings on his way around the ring - Pat and John Bell)

Congratulations to Kaos and Carol Wallace!
On October 8+9th (2010) we went to an AKC Rally Trial in Hamilton Ohio where she competed in her
very first rally trial ever! Much to our surprise she qualified both days, earning two legs out of
three needed to get her AKC rally novice title. – Carol Wallace

On October 31st (2010) Kaos earned her first title 2 days shy of her 1st birthday. The title she
earned was in APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Rally Novice. In order to earn this she had
to have 3 qualifying scores of 170 or above; under two different judges. This trial was held at Wild
Weavers in Gahanna. She is now Nevinaire's Mystic Kaos RL1. – Carol Wallace
Nevinaire's Mystic Kaos RL1
                                    Newsletter - March 2011

                                       BRAGS (Continued)

Way to go Sadie and Tom McPeek!
Seneca Sadie’s Lucky Day after qualifying for her first leg of the AKC Senior Hunter title.
Sadie’s run on the second day of the hunt test earned her the second leg for the AKC Senior
Hunter title. This test took place at the Mason Dixon English Cocker Spaniel Club. They were
wonderful host and made us feel very welcome.

Congratulations to Cache and Leith Merkle!
Cache went best of breed in York PA last week (week of March 13th). He's showing in NJ this
weekend (March 25th). – Leith Merkle

If anyone has any brags please send them to Pat Bell ( We’d love to put
them in our next Newsletter.

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