Heavy Metals by lanyuehua


									Heavy Metals; is it in you?

         Many of us remember experiments from high school chemistry class. Materials
often included beakers, some unlucky frog, and yes a thermometer filled with mercury.
And if some klutz broke that thermometer filled with the toxic metal it was cleaned up.
Carefully so one wouldn’t touch it or breath it in. We take that kind of precaution with
all heavy metals, right? Sadly many of us ingest it, breath it in and even roll it on to our
armpits with out a second thought. So for today lets talk about how a few heavy metals
weasel their way into your system and how to run them off.
         How does metal get into our bodies? Well some of us know most vaccinations
still contain mercury. And even more are aware that those shinny fillings in our mouth
are made up some metallic mixture. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. What about
some of the more hidden sources? Aluminum is in baking powder, antiperspirants, and
processed cheese. We have taken lead out of paint for a long time now but it’s still in
make-up and some hair coloring. Nickel can be found in hydrogenated oils, chocolate,
and is often in drinking water. Our industrialized nation has put metals in our medicine
cabinet and in the refrigerator.
         Why is metal in so many of our products? We would never have the time to
explain all of the reasons, plus some of their alibis would just make you sick. So let’s
just cover why aluminum is in antiperspirants. Aluminum is a charged ion. When you
put antiperspirant on, the metal gets sucked up into the cells in your armpit. Water,
which is already in your system, soon fallows aluminum causing the cells to swell up. In
no time the cells in your pits are so swollen no water can get in or out. Eventually the
body disperses the intruder and another application is needed. And this is how
antiperspirants work.
         So what’s the big deal here? What’s the problem with having a little extra
chrome in our ride? Well not all of the effects are known yet. But some studies point to
a link to such diseases such as autism or Alzheimer’s. What we do know is some of the
symptoms of excessive exposure to these toxins. Mercury can cause headaches, skin
rashes, and poor mental concentration. Nickel can cause allergies. Symptoms of metal in
your system can be anything from muscle weakness to constant wheezing. No amount of
toxic heavy metals is good for you. Yet it’s one of the last things we’d point a finger to.
         Now, there are ways to turn things around. First we need to try to avoid adding
new metal to our bodies. You could stop using antiperspirants. No need to go ‘all
natural’ just buy deodorant without the sweat stopper. You’re never going to avoid all
toxic metals but making some conscious choices is a start. The other part is getting those
medalling metals that you do have out. There are some good oral chelation supplements
at most health food stores. You could also try a good ion footbath detoxification to get
those heavy metals out. It is important to work with your chiropractor or other
experienced healthcare provider when detoxing metals because steps need to be taken not
to go too fast. Also taking the right supplements is important to get the metal out and not
just stirred up in your system.
         Sometimes the quest to good health may seem like a complicated journey. One in
which outside guidance is needed. Applying a toxic metal to your bare skin everyday
probably doesn’t sit well with your gut instincts. Trust that, and let it be your guide.

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