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									Helping Lenders
     with their Notes &

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                Helping Lenders With Their REO
               Real Estate Solutions of America L.L.C.
                is connected with hundreds of private
                investors in Ohio and across the country.
                A member of the Real Estate Investors
                Association in Cleveland and Akron.
                Serving a two year term as President
                and keeping in touch with the latest
                events that shape this industry enables
                us to make wise and informed decisions
                regarding purchasing and selling homes
                and Notes in this market.
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      Benefits of our Approach
                We have a network of investors
                 from various geographies that are
                 interested in closing deals quickly
                Most investors consummate
                 transactions in cash
                Properties typically close in 10-30
                 days from initial offering to closing
                We frequently buy the property
                 when an investor cannot be found

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      Properties of Interest
                 Foreclosed properties that the
                  lender has not yet assigned to a
                 Properties that expired on the MLS
                 Hard to sell properties
                 Out of state properties

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               Liability is the name of the game
               The longer a lender holds on to a
                property the quicker the home
               It becomes known as “the house” on the
                block, and no one want’s it after an
                extended period of time sitting vacant
               By selling these properties quickly, you
                reduce your risk of property damage and
               By selling the properties or notes quickly,
                you are eliminating bad debt and
                keeping your share holders happy with
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 Why we are easy to work with
               Some Realtors may not be interested in
                low-end properties because their
                commissions are lower
               We often find investors quickly
               We do property cleanouts, winterization
                and securing of premises
               We offer property management and
                asset management for multi-family and
                single family properties
               Should you decide to list, we can do that
                too. REO’s are our specialty
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            Why Lenders like us
                    Reduced expense in holding and
                     disposition of properties
                    Quick turnaround reduces harsh effects
                     of winter conditions and vandalism
                    Investors typically pay all closing costs
                    Investors typically have a letter of credit,
                     versus having to wait for the a buyer to
                     secure funding
                    Ask us about securing and winterizing
                     properties being held by the banks
                    Bottom Line, Simple, Quick, Easy,
                    Profitable
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            Simple Quick & Easy
               The paper flow is quick and easy.
               Show us a house, we give you a
               Time is of the essence.

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            Websters definition of EASY

             Not difficult, obtained without difficulty,
             free from hardship anxiety or worry,
             gentle and comfortable, smooth, not
             demanding or oppressive.

             Let us do it the easy way.
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                We provide high quality service and maintenance to our valued customers. We take pride in all our services; we will
                 work diligently with all our customers in order to complete their tasks in the Field Services and Property
                Our Goal is to successfully protect our customer’s investment with quality service
                that is fast, economical and reliable.
Services        We offer the following Property Management and Maintenance Services
we               * Perform Property Condition Inspection and Report per Client's Request
                 * Perform Complete Securing of the Property. This Includes Board-Up and Lock-
                Out Services to all Specifications. All work done FHA/VA and Conventional Specifications
offer            * Perform Complete Clean-Out, Trash-Out/Debris Removal Services to all
                Specifications.
                 * Winterization of Property to all Specifications.
                 * Perform and Conduct Initial and Long Term, Lawn and Landscaping
                Maintenance Services.
                 * Perform and Conduct Security Check Inspections Weekly or Bi-Weekly
                 * Provide Complete Detailed, Itemized Reports and Photos of Changes in
                Property Conditions.
                 * Managing Properties of Your Acquisition/Inventory
                 * Evictions & Moving Services / Eviction Assistance
                 * Lock-Changes, Lock-Outs, Padlocking
                 * Re-Keying to all Key Codes
                 * Lock Boxes Installed and Coded to your Specs
                 * Tree Removal Services/Trees Services
                 * Flooded Basements Pumped Out
                 * Demolishing/Removal of Hazardous Houses, Homes, Garages and Sheds
                 * Stolen and Abandoned Cars Removed
                 * Roofs Repaired or Replaced
                 * Complete Repairs/Renovations and Re-Hab Services to the Real Estate
                Industry for all Home Owners, Buyers, Sellers and Investors
                 * Repair Services from Violations
                For more information about these or any other services, please contact us:

                Phone: 330-865-5500
                Fax: 330-266-7366

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                 Notes to sell ?
   We welcome the opportunity to purchase
    Non-performing notes from lenders or investors.

   We have a network of investors nationally who
    have the ability to take down large portfolio’s of
    non-performing notes in bulk or carve up a tape to
    meet your needs.

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      Real Estate Solutions of America L.L.C.
            Call Now, make your life easier

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