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					You know how lame we can get when Guess What tries to be seasonal. Well, it’s lame
time again. We waited all year just to spring this one on you – our captive readers and
absorbers of visual abuse. If we don’t deserve the “Pathetic Cleverness” award, how
about one for sheer patience and fortitude.

Looking like a chrome-plated rib cage or carcass, this hinged enclosure serves a very
definite purpose. Talk about redundant. Originating in Ft. Wayne, Ind., this handy little
device won “Insignificant-of-the-Year” honors at the Tomb of the Unknown Gadget.
When was the last time you saw so much fuss made over so much apparent nothingness?

Nancy Platnick, demon internet researcher, came up with this tantalizing challenge.
You’re invited to participate.
It comes in three sizes – this is the middle one: 9-1/2 inches long. Do we have a 1)
Stringholder 2) Poultry internal stuffing cage 3) Christmas tree ornament
4) Flour sifter for baked chicken or fish 5) Closet potpourri container and industrial
armpit diffuser 6) Gambling casino honest-guard dice cage 7) Caterer’s mashed potato
baking form 8) Itinerant carpenter’s lightweight plumb bob 9) Hanging citronella
mosquito lantern 10) Egyptian tomb time-capsule burial amulet. One of the above is the
answer. Did you spot it? See you next month. Til then!*

*Thanx to Nancy Platnick,
Bay Shore, N.Y.

Answer to October’s Guess What
Last month’s Guess What was ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of one’s hand –
one size fits all. The one who appreciated it most was the leather worker – and since this
particular implement was English, it’d be safe to say it prevented many a “bloody”
bloody palm. The dimpled design pre-vented needle slippage.*

*Thanx to Tom Madden of Carlsbad, Calif.

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