Fact About Cataracts And Its Consequences

					Fact About Cataracts And Its Consequences

Many people think that cataracts only occur in older people. There are in
fact many people who are suffering from cataracts in their 50s, 40s, and
even in their 30s, so one should identify its symptoms as early on as
possible and take the appropriate remedial action as quickly as possible. In
case you are suffering from such a problem most Doctors will recommend
that the only option is to go through cataracts surgery in order to save your
vision. As you will read below, there is now a viable and cost-effective
alternative to surgery using a simple course of eye drops that can be
administer in the comfort of your own home.

Cataracts surgery is the most successful operation ever invented; with a
99% success rate. But even this unfortunately still means that for 1 in every
100 people it can go wrong, leaving them blinded in one eye. It is for this
reason that surgeons will only ever operate on one eye at a time and, for
those people who are left blinded in one eye then eye drops are the only
possible option left available to them to avoid complete blindness as the
surgeons will not operate on the remaining good eye in fear of the same
thing happening again. That said, the majority of people undergoing
cataract surgery do find that it is a great success. With the very latest
technology available nowadays, surgery can be completed in less than an
hour and the healing time after the operation takes just a few days.

To date, there are still a lot of people suffering from cataracts who don’t
even know how they appear and What Are Cataracts treatments?

If anyone is suffering from cataract, their eye’s lens becomes cloudy and
vision becomes blurry and unclear. Difficulty with glare sensitivity, blurred
vision, seeing halos around lights and other visual changes and difficulty
driving at night are some of the most common symptoms of cataracts. As
we age, our vision starts to deteriorate. The lens of the eye is made up of
water and protein and a healthy lens is clear and transparent so that light
easily passes through it so we can see clearly. After our 40s or 50s, the
lens can become clouded due to a cross-linking of proteins which make up
the crystalline structure of the lens. This situation is known as a cataract
and, if it is left untreated, it will eventually lead to complete blindness.

In their early stages an eye specialist will often try treating cataracts with
stronger glasses to help try and compensate for the visual impairment. But
as the cataracts worsen, and vision deteriorates even further, then they will
recommend cataract surgery. Eye surgeons are well experienced at
removing mature or ripe cataracts so they are using their best technique
available to them to give you back your vision and thus improve the quality
of your life again. After going through surgery, you can very quickly and
easily perform activities like driving and reading again. It is totally
dependent upon you whether or not you want to go for cataracts surgery, or
if you’d prefer to use the non-invasive method involving a simple course of
eye drops.

During cataracts surgery, the patient’s eye lens is removed and it is then
replaced with a man-made artificial plastic lens implant which can have the
same properties as the patients old eye glasses built into it to correct their
vision so, after both eyes have been operated upon, they will then no
longer need to wear glasses at all which is the big advantage to having
cataracts surgery. As previously mentioned, this surgery can only be
carried out on one eye at a time. Apart from this, it can be done on an
outpatient basis, so you don’t have to stay in hospital. Before surgery, the
doctors use a local anesthesia to numb the area. Although, cataract
surgery is a relatively safe one, it can come with a risk of bleeding and
infection. The all-natural alternative to cataract surgery is a simple six week
course of N-Acetyl-Carnosine (or NAC for short) eye drops which is very
effective at treating cataracts. These special eye drops should be applied
hourly throughout the day for the very best results.

Ethos Bright Eyes drops for cataracts were originally developed for
humans, but they work equally as well on pets and all other animals. So not
only people can now benefit from this type of treatment but also dogs which
are suffering from cataracts now can as well. Dog’s Cataracts are difficult
to cure as conventional surgery is so expensive which unfortunately puts it
out of the reaches of most people, but thankfully Bright Eyes Drops for pets
is available as the much more cost-effective method for treating cataracts
in dogs.

You can find out much more about cataracts, plus many other eye diseases
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The treatment comprises of a simple six-week course of eye drops that you
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Ageless eyes; Ethos Bright Eyes Drops are also an excellent prophylactic
and, by simply applying just one or two drops a day into each eye as a
maintenance dose, they will help stop you from ever developing any eye
diseases or disorders in the future and will keep your eyes looking healthy,
bright and sparking… so order yours today.

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Description: Many people think that cataracts only occur in older people. There are in fact many people who are suffering from cataracts in their 50s, 40s, and even in their 30s, so one should identify its symptoms as early on as possible and take the appropriate remedial action as quickly as possible.