; secret for good health
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secret for good health


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									                          Secret for Good Health

Have you seen any wild animals getting old till they pass away? They look
the same through out their life. They don’t even get diseases like cancer,
diabetes, heart diseases etc. The reason they don’t get these kinds of diseases
is that they just eat raw food.
Man is the only creature on the planet that cooks his food and the only
creature that gets cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis,
leukemia, etc. The only animals that get those diseases are ones fed by man.
When you heat food above 115 degrees F, it kills the enzymes and enzymes
are what make every bodily function work. Enzymes are necessary for life.
Notice how tired you get after eating cooked food. When someone eats
cooked food, their white blood cell count goes up because cooking alters the
chemical structure of the food and the body doesn't recognize it, so it sends
in the immune defenses to fight it. That's right- our body is fighting the very
food we are eating! That's why we get so tired... plus the fact that digesting
food takes a LOT of energy (almost 2/3 of our energy goes to digesting
food). The longest living people on the planet don't eat very much. The body
doesn't really need a lot of food. Most people that have disease eat way too
much and they eat crap. We have strayed so far from nature it's sad. Have
you seen wild animals looking old or can you identify their age? No you
don’t because they don’t cook their food. Their bodies don’t fight with their
food. To sum up; they follow natural laws of living, eating and being. They
eat things the way they are found in nature. They don’t process their food
before eating. Think about it.
So, eat as much raw food as you can, include fresh veggies in your diet
along with fresh fruits, avoid man made products and stay health, young and
live longer.
For more info click this link à http://nature2health.blogspot.com

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