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									                                                       ECUA Mission Statement                               Security Deposits
                                               The people and resources of the Emerald          The security deposit protects the ECUA
                                               Coast Utilities Authority are committed to       against potential losses arising from
                                               providing the citizens of Escambia County        customer failure to pay for services.
                                               with service to the highest quality. We are      Deposits will be retained and applied
                                               dedicated to meeting the needs of our            against final bills. All deposits will earn
                                               customers in a courteous and responsive          interest at the rate determined by the
                                               manner.                                          ECUA.
         PENSACOLA BEACH                               Fire Hydrant Meter Deposit               Service Water &        Water      Sewer
                                               Fire hydrant meters are available to             Size     Sewer        Only         Only__
               ECUA                            provide temporary water service.           A     5/8”        $118.25    $ 32.25    $ 86.00
        9255 STURDEVANT ST                     deposit is required before the meter will be     3/4”        215.25       48.75     166.50
                                                                                                1”          268.50       53.75     214.75
            850-476-5110                       installed. A termination request must be         1 1/2”      724.50     161.00      563.50
                                               received prior to refunding the deposit.         2”         1449.00     322.00     1127.00
        CUSTOMER SERVICE                       Charges for water usage are based on the         3”         5366.00     858.50     4507.50
           850-476-0480                        minimum charge for a 3” meter, $225.94           4” & above 7888.00    1288.00     6600.00
                                               up to 50,000 gallons plus $3.41 per
                                               additional 1,000 gallons.                           Pensacola Beach Commercial Rates
                                                                                                These are the current monthly rates which
                                               Installation                      $   38.75      are subject to change based on ECUA
          AFTER HOURS OR                       Backflow Fee                          10.00      Board action. All fees are based on meter
            WEEKENDS                           Deposit                             1,080.50     size.
            850-476-5110                       Total                             $ 1,129.25
   History of the Emerald Coast Utilities                                                       Meter Size                       Rate
                  Authority                    Commercial customers will be required to         5/8” up to 10,000 gals           $ 45.21
The ECUA was originally created in 1981        increase their security deposit to 2 1/2         1”     up to 20,000 gals           90.37
by an Act of the Florida Legislature to own,   times their average bill if during any           1 1/2” up to 30,000 gals         135.56
manage, finance, promote, improve and          consecutive 12 month period they fail to         2”     up to 40,000 gals         180.75
expand the water and wastewater systems        pay three or more utility bills within 45 days   3”     up to 50,000 gals         225.94
of Escambia County and the City of             after the bill is mailed. All non-residential    4”     up to 60,000 gals         270.43
Pensacola. ECUA exists under the laws          customers may post a surety bond or              5”     up to 70,000 gals         316.22
of the State of Florida and is governed by a   Irrevocable Letter of Credit in lieu of cash     6”     up to 80,000 gals          361.49
five-member board. Each member is              deposits for a 2 inch or larger meter.
elected within one of the five County                                                           If over minimum gallons used, price is
districts.                                                                                      $3.41 per additional 1,000 gallons.

                                                                                                                                 Revised 5/2011
                  Sewer                      Delinquent Processing Fee
Meter Size                      Rate         When service has been disconnected due                           Water
5/8”   up to 10,000 gals        $ 82.76      to non-payment, the processing fee is         Meter Size                       Impact Fee
1”     up to 20,000 gals        165.47       $32.25 prior to 11:00 p.m. After 11:00 p.m.   5/8”                              $ 998.00
1 1/2” up to 30,000 gals        248.23       weekdays or anytime during holidays or        1”                                $2,626.00
2” +   up to 40,000 gals        330.93       weekends, the fee is $70.00.                                     Sewer
                                                                                           Meter Size                       Impact Fee
If over minimum gallons used, price is       Returned Check Charge                         5/8”                              $1,835.00
$5.75 per additional 1,000 gallons.          Payments that are returned for any reason     1”                                $4,832.00
                                             are subject to a $16.25 service fee.
                                                                                           For meters greater than 1” in size, a large
              Motels/Hotels                  Same Day Service Fee                          meter contract is required and impact fees
                                             When a customer requests same day             are based on a gallon per day usage rate.
               Water Rates                   service, a fee of $26.75 will be charged      Currently, the minimum water impact fee
Up to 4,000 gallons per unit    $15.08       when requested after 11:00 a.m. This fee      for non-residential meters 1 1/2” or larger is
                                             is in addition to the $10.75 service fee.     $3,630.00. Water impact fees per 100
Over 4,000 gallons per unit       3.22                                                     gallons of average daily flow is $363.00.
  per 1,000 gallons                                                                        The minimum sewer impact fee for non-
                                                                                           residential meters 1 1/2” or larger is
              Sewer Rates                                 Meter Test Fees                  $6,670.00. Sewer impact fees per 100
Up to 3,000 gallons per unit    $20.81       Meter test fees are based on meter size       gallons of average daily flow is $667.00.
                                             and are done at the request of the            These are the current impact fees and are
Over 3,000 gallons per unit       3.46       customer:                                     subject to change from time to time based
  per 1,000 gallons                                                                        on ECUA Board action.
                                             Less than 1 1/2”                $ 43.00
                                             1 1/2” to 2”                      80.75                    Connection Fees
                  Fees                       Larger than 2”                  214.75
All fees are subject to change based on                                                    In addition to the water and sewer impact
ECUA Board action.                           No fee will be charged if result of test is   fees listed above, there is a separate
                                             more than 5% in error.                        connection fee for water and sewer. The
Service Fee                                                                                owner or developer is responsible for
When customers request a meter be              Commercial Impact and Connection            installing water and sewer services at the
turned on or off, there will be a $10.75          Fees For New Construction                owner’s expense. Please contact our
service charge. This fee does not apply to                                                 Customer Service Call Center at 476-0480
a customer terminating services and          Each applicant for new water and sewer        for a price quote on both of these services.
receiving a final bill.                      service will be required to pay impact and    All fees must be paid prior to the initiation
                                             connection fees. Fees are site specific and   of services.
                                             are not refundable.

                                                                                                                             Revised 5/2011
        Cross Connection Control                     Sewer Improvement Fee                      Need to make a payment?
ECUA requires all new commercial water          Other than single family residential     Payments can be made by phone by
customers to install and maintain a                                                      calling 1-866-269-2898 or online at
backflow prevention assembly on the water     In addition to all applicable wastewater A convenience fee of
service. This is also a requirement of the    system service charges, customers          $1.95 applies.
Escambia County Building Code. Prior to       shall also be charged a sewer
receiving a Certificate of Occupancy, a       improvement fee.
                                                                                          You may also mail your bill payment to:
backflow prevention assembly must be                                                                    ECUA
installed on the customer’s water supply                                                             PO Box 15311
line between the water meter and the          Average Gallons               Monthly
                                                                                               Pensacola FL 32523-8870
building to be served.       The backflow     Used Per Month                Charge_
assembly must also be installed on all fire   Up to 3,000                   $ 7.00
                                                                                         Payments are also accepted at any
protection systems connected to the ECUA      3,001-15,000                   10.00
                                                                                         Wachovia Bank location, provided you
water supply. The installation of backflow    15,001-30,000                  25.00
                                                                                         are paying the current bill by check and
prevention assemblies must be inspected       30,001-50,000                  50.00
                                                                                         you have your payment stub.
by the ECUA. All backflow prevention          50,001-100,000                100.00
assemblies must be tested annually.           100,001-200,000               200.00
Testing must be conducted by a certified      200,001-500,000               300.00
backflow prevention assembly tester and       500,001 and up                500.00
the results of the testing must be reported
to ECUA.

        Food Service Establishments
ECUA requires all new commercial Food
Service Establishments which discharges
into the wastewater system. A fee of
$25.00 per month shall be charged. Food
Service Establishments are required to
install      and      maintain      grease
interceptors/traps of the design and
capacity specified by the Florida Plumbing
Code.        Each new Food Service
Establishment must register with the ECUA
as producers of Fats, Oils and Grease.
Each establishment must be pumped in
accordance with the ECUA ordinance.

                                                                                                                       Revised 5/2011

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