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By: John Tony
        Self Portrait Poem
My hair is like wind that flows in the air,
My eyes are as blue as an ocean,
My fingers are like trees, Maple trees
My nails are like apples on a tree,
My heart holds much love that is given,
I live in a house, I eat food.
             Color Poem
It is cold, white and tasty
Ice cream is the taste of Bananas
It smells like fruit and chocolate
It makes me feel glad
It is the sound of melting and dripping
Ice cream is good, awesome, and tasty
It is life
It is good
It hides in a bowl.
     Personification Poem
In the forest, along the grass,
Lays a very green kind of grass,
It’s not as dirty as the rest,
It just sits there, just like a test,
The very green grass.
            Limerick B
I once met a girl from France.
Every day she would poop in her pants.
But when ever she saw.
The big gigantic ball.
That strange girl from France.
                Limerick A
– There once was a wait from a state.
  All the while he hoped he could skate.
  So he had to wait.
  And he couldn’t skate.
  That wait from a state.
I’m in the show,
We can do a duet,
Or we can play in the snow,
  In the cold Tundra,
  pounces in water,
  go, Polar bear, go!
   If I were incharge of the world
If I were in charge of the world I’d cancel, homework, school, rules,
     bullies, and also injuries, nerds, and chores. If I were in charge of
     the world, there’d be more videogames, TV, friends, candy, money
     and rock and roll, and more fun stuff. If I were in charge of the world,
     you wouldn’t have wars, poverty, injuries, and school. You wouldn’t
     have rules, death, drugs, and cigarettes. If I were in charge of the
     world, I would make everything go right! And a person who
     sometimes doesn't get dressed and sometimes isn’t the best, would
     still be in charge of the world.
                         Sunrise in Missouri

The sun rises and the moon falls,
Day is appearing and night is gone,
The birds start to chirp and the owls hoot,
The sent of Pine needles float in the air,
The leafs look green, as green as grass,
The soil I feel, feels like mush,
The sun starts to dim as the moon glows,
The day starts to end with the moons
brilliant glow,
Everyone plays in the bright colored snow,
So believe it or not, the day is gone,
The day we are so found of.
              Metaphor Poem
The poster is a beautiful peace of paper
The trash is an ugly bag of trash
The dog is a tired old Yellow Lab adore
The man is a mean, very mean mad man
The trumpet is a loud instrument
The Calk board is a quiet black board
The globe is a fragrant of god
The armpit is an odorous body part
The pillow is a soft bed part
The rock is a hard mineral
The ice is a cold thing.

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