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									Eye Disease That Lead To Long Lasting Loss of Vision – Glaucoma

There are some factors that cause poor drainage of the aqueous fluids
from within the eye and, as a result of this, optic nerves within the eyes
become damaged. When optic nerve damage occurs visual acuity is
impaired, starting first with peripheral vision and eventually leading to
complete blindness if left untreated. This type of eye disease is known as
Glaucoma and it is very important to get it treated otherwise it will cause a
permanent loss of eyesight. There are different types of glaucoma such as
chronic glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, normal tension glaucoma and
acute glaucoma. If, at any time, you are feeling excess pressure within your
eye it is imperative that you immediately contact an eye-care doctor or eye
specialist like an ophthalmologist to diagnose and detect if you have this
eyes disease. Even if you have healthy eyes and normal eye pressure you
may still suffer from glaucoma so only an eye expert can determine
whether you are suffering from glaucoma or not. Various symptoms can be
detected in patients who are suffering from Glaucoma.

Someone who is suffering from this condition usually notices a reduction in
eyesight around their peripheral areas of their vision first. This type of
situation affects both sides of the eyes. After some time the condition will
worsen and your field of vision will deteriorate further. Someone who is
suffering from the acute angle-closure form of this condition will experience
symptoms like blurred vision, vomiting and nausea, pain in the eye, halos
seen around lights, a red and inflamed eye, etc. If you find yourself
suffering from the symptoms listed above then it is imperative that you seek
out immediate medical attention. Going for regular eye examinations is a
great way to detect eye diseases as early on as possible which makes
treatment much easier and even more effective. It also helps to avoid long-
term risks that will cause a loss of vision. It is also advisable to discuss with
your doctor about glaucoma if you suspect that you have any of the
symptoms mentioned above.

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