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									         COURSE CATALOGUE
           fall & advent terms
Mark your calendar!
All classes run from 6:30-7:30pm   Ever wish you could go to
                                   seminary? Now you can!
FALL TERM:                         Join us on Wednesday Nights
Weds, Sept 5-26                    for Hillsboro Theological
                                   Seminary. Throughout the
Weds, Nov 28-Dec 12                year, we’ll offer terms with
                                   different course options so
LENT TERM:                         you can continue your
Weds, Feb 20-March 13              theological education without
                                   the student loans!
Weds, May 1-22
Course Options
All courses are held at Hillsboro Presbyterian Church
from 6:30-7:30pm. See back cover for our dinner plan!

Wednesdays, Sept 5 - 26                Keep
• Jerusalem through the Ages (CH)   reading to
     Dr. Jack Sasson              find bios and
• A Glimpse at Family (SF)
     Jim & Livvy Schliercher       descriptions
                                  for all of our
ADVENT TERM 2012                      current
Wednesdays, Nov 28 - Dec 12
• The Teachings and Practices of     options!
     Buddhism (WR)
       Dr. Marty Bell

•    A Picture Worth a Thousand
     Words: An Advent Study of
     Theology & Film (TH)
       Rev. Chris Adams
    Key to Course Types:
    New Testament (NT)
    Old Testament (OT)
    Church History (CH)
    Spiritual Formation (SF)
    Theology (TH)
    World Religions (WR)
                              FALL TERM
Jack M. Sasson                Jerusalem through
                              the Ages
                              (Church History)
                              The topic of this lecture series
                              is Jerusalem, a site that holds
                              special significance for Jews,
Jack M. Sasson is the Mary
                              Christians, and Muslims.
Jane Werthan Professor of
                              These multimedia lectures will
Judaic and Biblical Studies
                              explore many facets of the city,
at Vanderbilt University.
He has edited and             from before its founding as the
published on the Hebrew       City of David up to
Bible and on diverse          contemporary Israeli society.
aspects of the Ancient Near   Join Dr. Sasson for this course
East. Among his               that will trace “Jerusalem
monographs are                through the Ages.”
commentaries on Ruth,
Jonah, and (forthcoming in
the Anchor Yale Bible)
Judges. He has edited the
award winning multi-
volume reference set (over
3000 pages), Civilizations
of the Ancient Near East.
He has been President of
the American Oriental
Society and of the
International Association
for Assyriology.
Jim Schleicher &
                              FALL TERM
 Livvy McGehee                A Glimpse at Family
                              (Spiritual Formation)
                              Two experienced therapists,
                              Livvy and Jim, will head us
                              into a new year of school
                              and Fall activities by taking
                              a look at marriage and
Jim Schleicher is a           parenting during our Fall
Licensed Marital and          Term. The first two
Family Therapist and          Wednesdays will focus on
Licensed Professional         marital issues to be
Counselor, who has been       addressed and never
in practice with families     ignored. The next two
for over 40 years. He also
                              Wednesdays will
has consulted with
numerous schools and          incorporate these issues and
organizations. Olivia         parenting in an age of
(Livvy) McGehee is a          entitlement, anxiety, social
Licensed Clinical Social      media, and over-scheduling.
Worker, who also is in        The class will blend
practice, working primarily   thoughtful ideas and
with adults in individual     concrete suggestions, so
and couples/relational        even the ideas that may ring
therapy. She also has         familiar are sure to prepare
consulted with couples in     you for this new season of
transitioning into            family life.
                                 ADVENT TERM
     Marty Bell
                                 The Teachings and
                                 Practices of
                                 (World Religions)
                                 Beginning with the story of
                                 Buddha, this class will
Marty Bell is a professor,
preacher, and singer/            introduce you to the
songwriter. He has taught at     teachings and practices of
Belmont for 25 years,            Buddhism. Even those who
teaching courses in the          already have some
School of Religion, and in       familiarity with Buddhism
the Adult Studies Program.       will find there is still much to
He has expertise in the          learn. The class will explore
history of Christianity and in   a variety of concepts,
World Religions.                 including the Four Noble
Additionally, he is a trained    Truths and the Noble
Spiritual Director with deep     Eightfold Path. Dr. Bell will
interests in contemplative
                                 also introduce practical
spiritual practices. He has
                                 exercises for Christians from
been deeply involved in
interfaith dialogue for a        the Buddhist tradition.
number of years. He also is a
United Methodist pastor,
having served the same three
congregations in rural
Williamson County for nine
years. He also plays music
and sings in an Americana
and roots music band called
Rachel's Review.
                               ADVENT TERM
 Chris Adams                   A Picture Worth a
                               Thousand Words: An
                               Advent Study of
                               Theology & Film
                               In many ways, movies have
                               become the way we tell stories
Chris Adams is Pastor of
                               in the modern age. Have you
Hillsboro Presbyterian
Church in Nashville, TN.       ever noticed that the story of
Chris grew up in               salvation is playing out in the
Delaware, graduated from       background of many films?
The Citadel, Lutheran          Sometimes it is intentional, but
Theological Southern           sometimes perhaps not. We
Seminary and Union             will examine three films with
Presbyterian Seminary, and     our expectant, advent eyes
was ordained in the            open, looking for themes of
PCUSA. He has served           incarnation, community and
churches in Florida, South     salvation. Movies will be
Carolina, and Virginia.        announced for your review,
Currently, Chris is enrolled
                               and also clips will be part of
at Fuller Theological
Seminary, completing a
                               the class in case you miss the
doctoral degree in the         chance to watch the movie in
Missional Church.              advance. Join us for the
                               continuing story of faith and
                               culture at the movies.
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