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									                             Temporary Health Insurance Plans

For people in transition, a short term health plan is the way to go. This is designed for healthy
individuals and families who are transitioning from a life event to another without a basic health
plan. The benefits can be wide-ranging with some policies providing up to $5 million in
individual coverage.

                                             And just as the name implies this type of insurance
                                             policy is a temporary solution to a short term
                                             insurance gap. Temporary health insurance plans do
                                             not cover pre-existing conditions.

                                             So if you had pre-existing health expenses before in a
                                             36 month period a short term health insurance plan
                                             will not cover it.

                                             However, there is a “look back” period which allows
the insurance company to review certain charges that you may have had in the past and they can
allow payment to go towards it but that is in certain states.

Check in your state to see what laws apply. For the process to run smoothly you have to be sure
to fill out the application truthfully. If you do not then you are subjecting yourself to not having
pre-existing conditions to be taken care of and other
future conditions to not be covered as well.

All temporary health insurance plans have specific
limitations and exclusions so be sure to read the
policies carefully. The application process takes no
time at all and you can be approved as soon as
possible; even the next day.

Majority of temporary health insurance plans take
credit and payment plans, either or the company
should be able to work well with you.

Understand that during your short term plan you will have an end date and be able to look
somewhere else or renew the plan whenever you find it necessary. Review your plan and be sure
to fill out the application truthfully and be covered as soon as possible.

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