A-Exam Review Semester 1 by lanyuehua


									Exam Review

  1st Semester
Chapters 1,3,4, & 5
                    Exam Review
1.   Define Anatomy.
2.   Define Physiology
3.   List the six levels of organization.
4.   Name the regional term for the following:
     1.   Wrist-           6. Thigh-
     2.   Navel-           7. Breastbone-
     3.   Armpit-          8. Neck-
     4.   Anterior knee-   9. Groin-
     5.   Calf-            10. Shoulder-
             Exam Review
5. List the 3 structures of a generalized cell:
6. What is the “control center” of the cell?
7. Define a cell.
8. What structure produces cellular energy?
9. Define Chromosomes.
10. What event always precedes cell
  division? Pg. 79
            Exam Review
11. Name and match the DNA & RNA
12. What is a codon? Give an example.
13. Define Mitosis, and Cytokinesis.
14. Briefly describe what happens in each
  phase of mitosis.
15. Define mRNA & tRNA.
            Exam Review
16. Define Translation and Transcription.
17. What is an anticodon. Where is it found?
18. Define avascular.
19. Define the following:
     simple- stratified-      pseudo-
20. The prefix “Osseo-” means what?
           Exam Review
21. Give examples of Dense Connective
22. Draw and identify the four phases of
23. Define edema.
24. What are voluntary muscles? Examples.
25. What is smooth muscle? Examples.
             Exam Review
26. Define the following:
      Pericardium-         Pleura-
27. Define: Epidermis- Dermis-
28. Define Melanin.
29. Define: Jaundice-      Cyanosis-
30. Identify the three types of skin cancer,
  name the most deadly.
            Exam Review
31. Name the five functions of our bones.
32. How many bones total?
33. Name the two types of boney tissue.
34. Name and describe the two divisions of
  our skeleton.
35. Name and give the number of, the three
  different types of vertebrae.
            Exam Review
36. Give the names of the following bones of
  the skull:
  forehead-              jawbone-
  top/side of the head- upper lip-
  above the ear-         nose-
  back of the head-
37. Name and locate the three bones that
  make up the arm.

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