Calendar Autumn Term 2011 by cuiliqing


									        F     25 School Council Meeting—1.25pm
        Sa 26 Rugby Training, Years 4—8, 10.00am                               FUTURE DATES
                  Netball Training, Years 3—4, 10.00am
Week 12 W 30 Rugby v Belmont and Windlesham 1st XII ,U9
                  (H) Colts A (A) Windlesham, Colts B (A)
                  Belmont                                                            SPRING TERM 2012
                                                                         Monday 9th January to Friday 23rd March
                  Netball v Windlesham U9 U8 (A)
                                                                      All pupils return at 8.15am on Monday 9th January
December                                                         Half Term: Friday 10th February to Monday 20th February
        Th 1      Leadership Training, Year 7—7.45am                 Exeat: Friday 27th January – Monday 30th January
                  House Meetings—8.45am                                    Friday 9th March ~ Monday 12th March
                  Senior Play—6.30pm
        F     2   Senior Play—6.30pm                                               SUMMER TERM 2012
        Sa 3      Rugby Training, Years 4,7,8, 10.00am
                                                                        Monday 23rd April to Saturday 14th July
                  Netball Training, Year 3-4, 10.00am
                                                                     All pupils return at 8.15am on Monday 23rd April
Week 13 M 5       Christmas Victorian Craft Day, Years 1—4           Half Term: Friday 1st June to Monday 11th June
                  Christingle Service Bury Church, Years 1—4          Exeat: Friday 11th May—Monday 14th May
                  4.30pm                                                   Friday 29th June—Monday 2nd July
        T 6       Early Years Department, Nativity—11.00am
                                                                                   AUTUMN TERM 2012
                  Rugby v Cottesmore U9 A (A)
                  Netball v Cottesmore U9 A, B (A)
                                                                       Monday 10th September to 14th December
        W 7       Rugby v Seaford 1stXll (A)                       All pupils return at 8.15am on Monday 10th September
                  Christmas Concert—7.30pm
                  Bury Parish Church
                                                                 Half Term: Friday 19th October to Monday 29th October
                                                                  Exeat: Friday 28th September—Monday 1st October
                                                                                                                           Dorset House School
        Th 8      Christmas Lunch                                  Friday 16th November —Monday 19th November                     Bury
                  Carol rehearsal for Readers and Choir
        F     9   End of Term Prizegiving - 10.30am
                  Form Teachers’ period—2.00pm
                  Early Years Department meets Father
                  Christmas—2.30pm                                         THE MANOR · CHURCH LANE
                  School Carol Service, Parish Church of St                   BURY · PULBOROUGH
                                                                             WEST SUSSEX · RH20 1PB
                  Nicholas, Arundel—5.00pm
                  (All pupils to be in their places by 4.45pm)                 T: Bury + 44 (0) 1798 831456
                                                                               F: Bury + 44 (0) 1798 831141
                            Term Ends
                                                                         MESSAGE LINE: Bury + 44 (0) 1798 830124
                                                                                 (HM Secretary & Registrar)
                                                                             (Bursar & Clerk to the Governors)
            (All matches start at 2.30pm unless stated)                   E:
                                                                                                                             Autumn Term 2011
       T 30 Pre Season Training 10.30am—12.30pm                             AUTUMN TERM 2011                                           W 19 Football v Prebendal 1stXl (H) Colts B, C (A)
                (Football and Netball)                                         Preacher: Phillip Stapleton, Deputy Head,               Th 20 Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am
       W 31 Pre Season Training 10.30am—12.30pm                                Ardingly                                                F   21 Half Term begins—Reception - Year 8
                INSET Day—New Staff                                            Exeat: Years 5-8, on completion of Church                       leave 3.30pm
September                                                                      Service                                                 ________________________________________
       Th 1     INSET Day—First Aid Training                  Week 4 T 27 Authors Morning at Lancing College—Year 6            Week 8 M 31 Year 5 Parents Evening—6.30pm
       F    2   INSET Day—All Staff Members                                    Netball v Prebendal U9 (A)                      November
Week 1 Su 4     Boarders return —7.00pm                                 W 28 Open Morning 9.30am                                       T 1     Football v St Aubyns U9 A, B, C (A)
       M 5      All pupils return—8.15am                                       Football v Highfield 1stXl Tournament (A)                       Netball v Sompting Abbots U9 A (A)
       T 6      Football v Westbourne, U9 A, B, C (A)                          Football v Sompting Abbots Colts A, B (A)               W 2     Divali Assembly by Years 1 and 3
                Netball v Westbourne U9 A, B A)                         Th 29 Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am                               (parents welcome)
       W 7      Parents’ Association AGM—8.30am                                Year 6 Windlesham House School Maths                            Football v St Aubyns 1stXl (A) Colts A, B (H)
       Th 8     Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am                             Challenge 2.00pm                                        Th 3    Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am
                House Meetings—8.45am                                   F   30 Inter House Debating 2nd Round—1.30pm                           House Meetings—8.45am
       Sa 10 Football v Westbourne 1stXl (H) Colts A,B (A)    October                                                                          Reception Parents Meeting
       Su 11 Charterhouse 6 a side Tournament 2.00pm                    Sa 1   Years 3 and 4, Leadership Day 9.30am                    F   4   Year 3, trip to the Haslemere Museum
Week 2 M 12 OPRO (mouth guards)                                                Football v Sunningdale 1stXl ,Colts A (H)10am                   Parents’ Association Bonfire Night 4.30pm
                Year 8 Parents Meeting—6.30pm                 Week 5 M 3       Informal Concert, Year 3—3.30pm in The Barn     Week 9 T 8      Football v Broadwater Manor U9 A, B (H)
       T 13 Netball v Conifers U9 A (A)                                        Year 1 visit Little Woodham                                     Netball v Broadwater Manor U9 A, B (H)
                Reception Class Reading Meeting 3.30pm                  T 4    Football v Brambletye U9 A, B (A)                               Informal Concert, Year 7—7.30pm in The Barn
       W 14 Football v Seaford 1stXl (A) Colts A, B (H)                        Netball v Brambletye U9 U8 (A)                          W 9     World War II Remembrance Assembly, Year 4
       Th 15 Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am                         W 5    Football v Brambletye 1stXl, Colts B, C (H)                     Football v Broadwater Manor 1stXl (H)
       F    16 School Council Meeting—1.25pm                                   Colts (A)                                                       Colts A, B (A)
                Parents’ Association Drinks Party for new               Th 6   Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am                      Th 10 Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am
                parents, present parents and staff—7.30pm                      Year 5 Chemistry Spectacular at Wellington              Sa 12 Remembrance Day Service—9.30am
       Sa 17 Years 5 and 6, Leadership weekend at                              College—12noon                                  Week 10 M 14 School Examinations
             Ashdown Forest                                                                                                            T 15 Football v Haslemere U9A, B, C (A)
                                                                        Sa 8   Football v Hurst 1stXl, U9 A, B (A) 10.00am
                Football v Ashdown House 1stXl (A) U9 A (H)                                                                                    Netball v The Towers U10 (H)
                                                                               Colts A, B, C (H) 10.00am
Week 3 M 19 Junior Department Parents, Maths and                                                                                       W 16 Football v Haslemere 1stXl, Colts B (H)
                                                              Week 6 M 10 Informal Concert, Year 4—3.30pm in The Barn
            English Workshop—6.30pm                                                                                                            Colts A, C (A)
                                                                        T 11 Inter House Debating Final—1.30pm
       T 20 Inter House Debating 1st Round—1.30pm                                                                                      Th 17 Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am
                                                                               Football v Prebendal U9 A, B (A)
       W 21Football v Windlesham and Great Ballard                                                                                             Year 7, Science Lecture at King Edward's
                                                                        W 12 Football v Pennthorpe 1stXl, Colts B (A)
                1stXl , Colts C (A) Windlesham, Colts A (H)                                                                                    School
                                                                               Colts A, C (H)
                Colts C (A) Great Ballard, U9 B C                                                                                      F   18 Exeat: Reception—Year 8 leave 3.30pm
                                                                        Th 13 Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am
                Westbourne Football Tournament U9 A                                                                            Week 11 T 22 Football v Conifers U9 A, B (H)
                                                                        F   14 Rainbow Theatre, Year 3—6
                Netball v Great Ballard U8/U9 (H)                                                                                              Netball v Conifers U9 A (H)
                                                                               Church Service—5.00pm
       Th 22 Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am                                                                                                Informal Concert, Year 8—7.30pm in The Barn
                                                                        Su 16 F24 Kitcar, National Final at Goodwood
       F    23 Exeat: Reception, Years 1 – 4 leave 3.30pm                                                                              W 23 Rugby v Great Walstead 1stXll, Colts A (A)
                                                              Week 7 T 18 Football v Pennthorpe U9 A, B (A)
                Church Service: - 5.00pm                                                                                                       Colts B (H)
                                                                               Netball v Pennthorpe U9 A (H)
                                                                               Informal Concert, Year 5—5.00pm in The Barn             Th 24 Leadership Training, Year 8—7.45am

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