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									           International Conference on Historical Aspects of SHS
                           in Different Countries

October 22, 2007
Evening session

15:00 – 15:40 I.P. Borovinskaya et al. (Russia) Development of SHS in Russia: From a scientific
discovery to large-tonnage production (40 min).

15:40 – 16:05 A.P. Aldushin et al. (Russia) Theoretical SHS studies in Russia (40 min).

16:05 – 16:30 А.А. Mantashyan et al. (Armenia) Armenian school of thought in SHS (30 min)

16:30 – 16:55 P.A. Vityaz et al. (Belorussia) Belorussian accent in development of SHS (20

16:55 – 17:20 G.I. Ksandopulo, Z.А. Mansurov (Kazakhstan) SHS in Kazakhstan (20 min)

17:20 – 17:45 G.G. Gnesin, et al (Ukraine) Materials science of SHS products in Ukraine (20

17:45 – 18:10 G.F. Tavadze, G.Sh. Oniashvili (Georgia) Implementations of SHS in Georgia (20


October 23, 2007
Morning session

09:30 – 10:00 J.Puszynski, et al. (USA) Dynamics of American interest in SHS and key results
(30 min).

10:00 – 10:30 E.A.Levashov (Russia) About research activity in SHS field in Japan (30 min).

10:30 – 11:00 C.-C. Ge, et al. (China) How Chinese SHS came to the world arena and provided
the highest rates of development. (30 min).

11:00 – 11:30 K.С. Patil, S.T. Aruna (India) SHS in India and Indian scientific and technical
program (30 min)

11:30 – 12:00 E. Gutmanas, et al. (Israel) A way of Israel to the SHS community worldwide (30

12:00 – 12:30 G. Cao, et al. (Italy) SHS research in Italy (30 min).

Open session of SHS-AS and editorial board of SHS journal.
October 23, 2007
Evening session

14:30 – 15:00 R. Pampuch, et al. (Poland) Advanced synthesis method-SHS - in ancient
Krakow (30 min).

15:00 – 15:30 M. Gutierrez, M. Rodriguez (Spain) Spanish approach to SHS studies (30 min).

15:30 – 16:00 J.-C. Niepce, et al. (France) Program of SHS research in France (30 min).

16:00 – 16:30 I. Parkin et al. (UK) Some touches to SHS research in Great Britain (30 min).

16:30 – 17:00 G. G. Xanthopoulou, et al. (Greece) Kazakhstan–Greece cooperation in the field
of SHS (30 min).

17:00 - 17:30 A.S. Mukasyan, et al. Hot spots on the SHS map (30 min).

Award ceremony dedicated to the scientists who made outstanding contribution in the field
of SHS


October 24, 2007
Morning session

Scientific information about some new results.

14:00 – 15:00 LUNCH


Memo for invited lecturers

Typically, your presentation is expected to follow the scheme given below.

(1) When did arise interest in SHS in your country? Who initiated the research work? Who did
organize the work? Which were the primary task objectives?

(2) Which research teams were involved? And how did they develop? Are there any new
research teams that have sprung up recently?

(3) Key achievements of SHS research in your country

   in basic research
   in R & D
   in development work
(4) Which are the perspectives of SHS in your country? Which are the newest, most promising

The presentation must be well-illustrated.

Deadline for publication: October, 2007

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