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					                        HOME BASED JOBS
Given the style of the world of the online, a world where e-business has progressed and evolved
in the decades since the WWW went live; a home based job has become a reality. Businesses
operated from home are indistinguishable from those that operate from offices with extensive
overheads. Overhead for you is your favorite lampshade and at your online fingertips is the
means to paint your walls the shade you want. Life has not become easy but running your home
based job does make things a damn sight easier.

This is not the first time in human history that a home based job is possible, micro industries
based in the homes of workers have existed for centuries. They still exist to this day. What the
online world does now allow however is for the world to be at your fingertips, you can do
business in China and be living in a home in a beach house on The Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast,
that is the reality of a home based job in this new decade, and it can be your chosen reality.
Living the dream of, earning the going rate of prosperous economies while living in a country
which has such a low GDP per capita that you can be relatively rich.

The first task to master in configuring your home based job is in the selection of the business,
this we cannot help you with here. Assuming you know what it is you want to do, then the going
about getting it up and running is your next step. Work and sales do not ever just fall into your
lap, you must build your online presence, whether you are basing your product on your own
expertise or basing it on a product then you need to get your product out there, there is a formula.

The formula is passion and hard work. The formula for a home based job is consistency in
providing your clients with quality and a renewed vigor with the passing of each day for the art
of the sell. The mosaic of bringing the dream of a home based job is a tapestry that is weaved
through the love of what you do. Selling yourself must be your passion; every product sale is not
just the product but a placing in the mind of your intended purchaser that you are the person they
want to buy from.

Dedication in the giving your home based job the time that your home business deserves is your
next undertaking. There is no joy in providing a substandard product, in reality there is little joy
in even providing a standard product, you must in everything you do, and in every online effort
be the personification of professionalism, consistently and constantly outdoing the expectations
of your buyer, outdoing you at your best.

Give it your all and live the dreams that are attached to the business from home model. Recoup
just reward for your efforts, a home based job gives you freedom, give effort freely and your
efforts will not go in vain.

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