How to Make a Kid Safe Homemade Ant Killer

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					                   How to Make a Kid Safe Homemade Ant Killer

A few weeks ago we visited my family in Texas. Yes, I'm a Texas girl. Born and
bred there till about age 12. Go Spurs! Anyway, while we were out and about in
my hometown ants were having a house party back at my house.

After spending over 15 hours driving home... Yes, we drove. Crazy I know with
two kids in the backseat. After unsardining ourselves from the Kia (it was our
best choice for gas) the last thing we wanted to deal with was ants. They were
everywhere. In drawers, on the counter tops, strolling across the floor. It was
disgusting! It's not like I left the house dirty either. I hate to coming home to a
mess. Just seeing them I started to get hypochondriac itches. Eww!

We had some ants before we left but nothing like this. They must have noticed we
were gone and thought "Hey, Parrrtaaaayyyy!!". Before we left I had been
experimenting with different homemade ant spray concoctions. I wanted to make
something that would kill ants and yet wouldn't freak me out if my kids touched
it. Lord, knows they touch everything. I still have to tell my six year old not to
pick up random things he sees in parking lots. And my youngest still randomly
puts things in his mouth so spraying any harsh chemicals inside of my house was
out of the question.

        Image by Kumaravel Thangaraj on Flickr

I tried mixing different essential oils (like tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender oils),
vinegar, and soap. The mixture that worked best for me was water, vinegar, and
squirt of soap. It stops them dead in their tracks and I have no fears about my
children being around it.

To make this homemade ant killer:

1.       Get an 8 ounce bottle. You can find these at the Dollar Store or at places
     like Wal-Mart (look in the travel sized section in the beauty area or near the
     irons). Also, you could re-purpose an old spray bottle that you've recently
2.     Fill this bottle with about 3/4 water and 1/4 vinegar. Ants get around by
   following scent trails and vinegar disturbs this.
3.     Squirt in a nice amount of dish soap and gently swish.

This spray has been working nicely killing the ants I see. Not to mention this
recipe is a lot cheaper to make than to buy those harsh ant killers. Now I just have
to work on a nice safe ant bait that some of them will take back to wherever they
are coming from. What's your best ant tip? Just writing about this is making me
itch. Ahh!
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