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									      SERD FACULTY

                                                 Agri-Business Management: ABM
                                            Agricultural Systems and Engineering: ASE
                Prof. Ganesh P. Shivakoti                                       Dr. Peeyush Soni
              Professor and Coordinator of ASE                                  Senior Instructor and Coordinator of ABM
                    PhD. in Resource Development,                               D.Eng. AIT, Thailand
                   Michigan State University, U.S.A                             soni@ait.asia
                                                                                Research interests:
                                Research interests:
                                                                                Controlled Environment Agriculture; Agricultural
      Agricultural Development and Policy Analysis;
                                                                                Systems Analysis; Instrumentation and
         Resource Development; Farming Systems;
                                                                                Measurement Techniques; Aquacultural
                    Natural Resources Management
                                                                                Engineering; Terramechanics

             Dr. S.L Ranamukhaarachchi                                          Dr. Prabhat Kumar
                     Visiting Associate Professor                               Affiliated Faculty
               PhD. in Agronomy-Cropping Systems,                               PhD. in Horticulture Entomology, Universität
                Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A                            Hannover
                               ranamuka@ait.ac.th                               pkipm@ait.ac.th

                                 Research interests:                            Research interests:
         Cropping Systems; Crop Ecophysiology and                               Biotic Stress Management, Tri-Trophic Interaction,
                                          Modeling;                             Integrated Pest and Produciton Managemnet, Agro-
   Stress Physiology-Plant Water Stress; Agronomic                              Ecology And Climate Change Adaptation, Farmers’
Research- Weed Science; Soil Fertility Management;                              Participatory Research, Participatory Research-
                      Integrated Pest Management;                               Exension And Agricultural Development, Tropical
        Ecological Agriculture and Organic Farming;                             Horticultural Production And Vaule-Chain
        Watershed Development and Management                                    Mangement

                             Dr. Abha Mishra
 Senior Research Specialist & Affiliated Faculty
         PhD in Agricultural Systems , AIT, Thailand
     abhamishra@ait.ac.th, abha_rau@yahoo.co.in

                                Research interests:
  Abiotic Stress Management, Rice Physiology, Root
Architecture, Root Morphology And Physiology, Soil
Science, Soil Microbiology And Ecology, Epigenetics,
Conservation Agriculture, Agro-Ecology And Climate
          Change Adaptation, Farmers’ Participatory
   Research, Philosophy Of Science And Technology

                                   Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management: AARM
                 Dr. Wenresti G. Gallardo                                       Dr. Amararatne Yakupitiyage
           Associate Professor and Coordinator                                  Associate Professor and Associate Dean for
 PhD. in Marine Science, Nagasaki University, Japan                             Undergraduate Program
                                 gallardo@ait.asia                              PhD. in Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland
                               Research interests:
Aquatic Seed Production; Aquaculture Systems and                                Research interests:
          Ecology; Coastal Resource Management;                                 Animal Feed Resources Development; Feed/ Fish
      Marine Protected Areas; Stock Enhancement                                 Processing Technology; Fish Nutrition and
                                                                                Energetics; Data-Base Development and Curriculum
                                                                                Development; Research into Education Technology
                        Prof. Peter Edwards                                       Dr. Ram C. Bhujel
                                Emeritus Professor                                Affiliated Faculty
                     PhD., University of Texas, U.S.A                             PhD., AIT, Thailand
                               pedwards@ait.ac.th                                 bhujel@ait.ac.th

                                Research interests:                               Research interests:
   General Aquaculture with emphasis on Recycling                                 Biostatistics and Research Design; Curriculum
Organic Wastes; Small-scale Aquaculture; Integrated                               Development; Women in Aquaculture; Broodstock
       Farming; Aquaculture for Poverty Alleviation;                              Nutrition/ Management and Fry Production;
   Systems Approaches to Education; Research and                                  Technology Transfer/ Extension
 Curriculum Development and Project Formulation;
                       Management and Evaluation

                              Lionel Dabbadie
                       Visiting Assistant Professor
 PhD. , University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Jussieu)

                              Research interests:
Aquaculture; Limnology; Research for Development
 (R4D); Complex Systems; Innovation; Quality; Food

                                                  Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology
                Prof. Athapol Noomhorm                                            Prof. Sudip K. Rakshit
                       Professor and Coordinator                                  Professor and Vice President Research
    PhD. in Engineering Science,Lousiana University,                               PhD. , Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology,
                                               USA                                 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India
                                  athapol@ait.asia                                 rakshit@ait.ac.th

                                Research interests:                               Research interests:
   Postharvest of Cereals; Postharvest of Fruits and                              Second Generation Biofuels; Production of Useful
        Vegetable; Food Process Engineering; Food                                 Chemicals by Bioroutes using by –products; Food
     Bioprocess Technology; Agro-Industry System                                  Safety including Rapid Detection of Pathogens
                                      Development                                 using; Molecular Biology Methods; Pre- and
                                                                                  Probiotics, Antioxidants and Antimicrobials, Enzyme
                                                                                  Production and Applications
                         Dr. Anil Kumar Anal
                      Assistant Professor and
   Associate Dean for Research and Outreach
          PhD. in Food Engineering and Bioprocess
                        Technology, AIT, Thailand

                                Research interests:
              Agriculture and Food Biotechnology;
  Nanotechnology and its Applications in Food and
 Neutraceuticals; Functional Properties of Proteins
                              and Polysachharides;
                   Food Colloids and Biopolymers;
     Controlled Released and Targeted Delivery of
                 Prof. Sivanappan Kumar                          Dr. Weerakorn Ongsakul
                                          Professor              Associate Professor and Dean
    PhD., Institut National Polytechnique, Toulouse,             PhD., Texas A&M University, U.S.A.
                                             France              ongsakul@ait.asia
                                                                 Research interests:
                                Research interests:              Artificial Intelligence Applications to Power Systems;
Solar Energy (Radiation, Thermal and Photovoltaic);              Parallel Processing Applications; Power System
   Energy and Climate Change; Cleaner Production;                Operation and Control; Power System Restructuring
              Energy and Sustainable Development

                          Dr. P.Abdul Salam                      Dr. Jai Govind Singh
           Assistant Professor and Coordinator                   Assistant Professor
         D.Eng. in Energy Technology, AIT, Thailand              PhD, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur,
                                   salam@ait.asia                India.
                             Research interests:
                   Bioenergy; Renewable Energy;                  Research interests:
       Energy Conservation and Efficiency; Energy                Economic operation and control of power system;
     Environment and Climate Change Issues; Heat                  Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controllers;
                                      Exchangers;                Power sector deregulation and power system
                         Heat Recovery Systems                   planning; Demand side management; Power system
                                                                 security and stability; Renewable energy resources

                   Prof. Ram M. Shrestha                         Dr. Charles O.P Marpaung
                              Emeritus Professor                 Visiting faculty
 D. Eng in Industrial Engineering and Management,                PhD. in Energy Economics and Planning, AIT, Thailand
                                       AIT, Thailand             cmarpaung@ait.asia
                                                                 Research interests:
                              Research interests:                Generation Expansion Planning; Energy; Economic
      Energy, Environmental and Climate Policies;                and Environmental Modeling; Energy Sector
  Energy Economic Modeling; Economics of Energy                  Development and Environmental Mitigation
    and Climate Change; Energy Access and Energy
                  Clean Development Mechanism

                              Dr. B. Mohanty
                                   Visiting faculty
             Ph. D., Institut National Polytechnique,
                                    Toulouse, France

                                Research interests:
                Energy Conservation and Efficiency;
 Rational Use of Energy; Sustainable Consumption;
  Production of Energy and Resources with Specific
          Focus on Cities and the Hospitality Sector
                                                  Environmental Engineering Management: EEM
               Dr. Thammarat Koottatep                                            Dr. Preeda Parkpian
           Associate Professor and coordinator                                    Associate Professor
     D.Eng. in Water and Wastewater Engineering,                                  PhD., Texas A&M University, USA
                                   AIT, Thailand                                  preeda@ait.asia
                                                                                  Research interests:
                              Research interests:                                 Soil Pollution; Diagnosis and Prediction of Heavy
       Strategic Environmental Sanitation; Natural                                Metal Contamination in Soils and Food Crops;
  Treatment Systems; Ecological Systems for Waste                                 Agricultural Reuse and Recycling of Sewage Sludge
   Management, Decentralized Waste/Wastewater                                     and Composting Materials and Agrochemical Fate
             Management, and Resource Recovery                                    in Soil-Water-Plant Ecosystem

                           Dr. Oleg V. Shipin                                     Prof. C. Visvanathan
                              Associate Professor                                 Professor
          PhD. in Geobiochemistry, the Institute of                               Ph. D. (1988) in Chemical / Environmental
   Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms,                                 Engineering, Institut National Polytechnique,
       Centre for Biological Research in Pouschino,                               Toulouse, France
                             Moscow region, Russia                                visu@ait.asia
                                                                                  Research interests:
                              Research interests:                                 Solid-liquid Separation Technologies for Water
          Natural Systems (ponds and wetlands) as                                 and Wastewater Treatment; Membrane
Wastewater Treatment Systems; Microbial Aspects                                   Technology; Industrial Waste Auditing and
     of Environmental Engineering; Environmental                                  Cleaner Production and Solid Waste Management
Impact Assessment in the Developing Countries and
                           Molecular Microbiology

              Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh                                           Prof. Ajit P. Annachhatre
                                          Professor                               Professor
                        D.Eng. (1994), AIT, Thailand                              PhD. in Environmental Engineering from IIT,
                                 kimoanh@ait.asia                                 Bombay, India
                                 Research interests:
Air Pollution Science and Engineering; VOC and POP                                Research interests:
   Control Technologies, and Exposure Assessment;                                 Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation;
           Climate and Air Quality Co-benefits of BC;                             Energy and Biomass from Waste; Waste Treatment
                      Tropospheric Ozone Reduction                                and Reuse; Mathematical Modeling and Water
                                                                                  Quality Management

                                                        Pulp and Paper Technology: PPT
                      Dr. Mousa M. Nazhad                                          Prof. Jiri Basta
            Associate Professor and Coordinator                                   Visiting Professor
   PhD .in Fiber and Paper Science, The University of                             Ph.D. in Engineering Chemistry, and a Decent
                British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada                               Degree in Forest Products and Chemical
                             mousanazhad@ait.asia                                 Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology,
                                                                                  Gothenburg, Sweden
                                  Research interests:                             jirijakubb@ait.asia
Packaging, Recycling; Application of Nanotechnology
   on Fiber or Paper Surface Modification; Wet-end                                Research interests:
         System Control and Coating; Conversion of                                Cooking, ECF and TCF bleaching, effluent
               Lignocellulosic Materials into Ethanol                             characterization with different aspects of partial
                                                                                  closure of the bleaching effluents and pulp and
                                                                                  fiber characterization
                                                         Gender and Development Studies: GDS
         Dr. Bernadette P. Resurreccion                                              Dr. Kyoko Kusakabe
           Associate Professor and Coordinator                                       Associate Professor
                        PhD. in Development Studies,                                 PhD. in Gender and Development Studies, AIT,
          Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The                                Thailand
                                          Netherlands                                kyokok@ait.asia
                                                                                     Research interests:
                                                                                     Impact of Economic Globalization on Gender
                              Research interests:
                                                                                     Relations: Woman’s Work Road Infrastructure
         Gender; Environment; Natural Resource
                                                                                     Development and Women’s Mobility and Livelihood,
  Management and Climate Change; Livelihood and
                                                                                     Gender Issues
                                                                                     in Aquaculture and Fisheries/ Women’s Access to
      Gender and Political Ecology; Globalization;
                                                                                     Technology, Informal Economy and Social Security,
          Migration and Social Identities; Gender
                                                                                     Border, Market and State: Ways Women in the
                 Mainstreaming and Institutions
                                                                                     Borderlands Negotiate with Markets and States,
                                                                                     Gender Analysis of Organizations and Gender
                         Dr. Philippe Doneys
                               Assistant Professor
PhD. in International Relations, The Institut d’Etudes
       Politiques de Paris (SciencesPo), Paris, France

                                  Research interests:
 Gender and Development Issues in Southeast Asia;
The Role of Civil Society including Women’s Groups;
Development and Human Rights Organization; HIV/
   AIDS; Transnational Issues such as Migration and
      Trafficking; Global Activism and Globalization

                                                         Natural Resources Management: NRM
                 Dr. Rajendra P. Shrestha                                            Dr. Clemens Grunbuhel
          Associate Professor and Coordinator                                        Assistant Professor
                                 PhD., AIT, Thailand                                 PhD., University of Vienna, Austria
                                  rajendra@ait.asia                                  clemens@ait.asia

                              Research interests:                                    Research interests:
         Land Use/Cover Change-Climate-Human                                         Local resource use analysis; Community/rural
      Dimensions; Natural Resources Degradation                                      development; Local sustainability indicators;
     Monitoring and Conservation; Geoinformatics                                     Participatory research

                Prof. Ganesh P. Shivakoti                                            Dr. Sylvain Perret
                                         Professor                                   Visiting Associate Professor
             PhD., Michigan State University, U.S.A                                  PhD., Universite des Sciences et Techniques du
                                  ganesh@ait.asia                                    Languedoc - Ecole Nationale Superieure
                                                                                     d’Agronomie de
                             Research interests:                                     Montpellier, Habilitation, Institut National
 Natural Resources Economics; Common Property                                        Polytechnique de Lorraine, Nancy
      Resources; NRM Policy Analysis; Watershed                                      sylvain@ait.ac.th
                                                                                     Research interests:
                                                                                     Water Economics; Water Governance;
                                                                                     Rural Development; Dynamic Modeling;
                        Dr. Damien Jourdain
                      Visiting Associate Professor
                   PhD in in Agricultural Economics,
                     Montpellier University, France

                                  Research interests:
       The potential of Payments for Environmental
Services (PES) as incentive mechanisms for adopting
           farming practices less problematic for the
   environment (terraces, crops under mulch cover,
                    etc.) in the mountainous areas of
                     the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

                                               Regional and Rural Development Planning: RRDP
                          Prof. Gopal B. Thapa                                   Dr. Mokbul Morshed Ahmad
                         Professor and Coordinator                               Associate Professor and
                                    PhD., AIT, Thailand                          Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
                                       gopal@ait.asia                            PhD. in Development Geography,
                                                                                 University of Durham, Durham, U.K
                                  Research interests:                            morshed@ait.asia
                            Watershed Management;
                     Natural Resources Management ;                              Research interests:
                               Sustainable Agriculture                           Economic Geography; Regional and Rural
                                                                                 Development Planning; Community Development;
                                                                                 Civil Society and Globalization
                       Dr. Soparth Pongquan                                      Prof. Jayant K. Routray
                                Associate Professor                              Professor
               PhD. in Agricultural and Environmental                            PhD. in Science (Geography), Utkal University, India
         Science, Waganingen Agricultural University,                            routray@ait.asia
                                      the Netherlands
                                     soparth@ait.asia                            Research interests:
                                                                                 Rural Regional Development Planning Methodology
                                  Research interests:                            and Techniques; Decentralized Planning; Evaluation
           Decentralization; Capacity and Institutional                          and Impact Study of Rural Development Programs;
           Building; Local Governance and Community                              Rural Urban Relations; Geographic Information
                                        Participation;                           Systems; Environmental Planning and Social Impact
                                 Local-Level Planning.                           Assessment;
                                                                                 Market Centers and Rural Development and Rural
                                                                                 Transport; Development and Community Forestry
                                                         Urban Environmental Management: UEM
                  Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon                                           Dr. L.A.S. Ranjith Perera
           Assistant Professor and Coordinator                                       Associate Professor
              PhD. in Civil Engineering and Systems                                  PhD. in Urban Environmental Management, AIT,
                                      Management,                                    Thailand
                the University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A                                  ranjithp@ait.asia
                                                                                     Research interests:
                               Research interests:                                   Eco-sensitive Planning and Architecture;
Management of Urban Infrastructure and Services;                                     Community-based Urban Environmental
 Capacity Building of Environmental Management;                                      Management; Urban Housing; Home- based
   Environmental Systems Analysis and Modeling;                                      Enterprises;
       Water Supply and Sanitation Management;                                       Management and Conservation of Urban Built-
                        Solid Waste Management;                                      environment; Urban Environmental Design, Strategic
Economic Analysis and Environmental Assessment;                                      Planning and Environmental Management.
   Urban Management under Climate Change and
                                    Disaster Risks
                             Dr. Edsel E. Sajor
                               Associate Professor
                        PhD. in Development Studies,
         Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, the

                              Research interests:
           Local Governance, Urban Management;
      Land Management; Urban Water; Peri-urban
         Environment; STS Issues in Biotechnology;
            Environmental Conflict and Resolution;
 Urban Poverty; Urban Environmental Management

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