Wedding Ideas -- Make Your Wedding Fit Your Style with These Wedding Ideas

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					Wedding Ideas -- Make Your Wedding Fit
Your Style with These Wedding Ideas
By: Laura Taylor

                           Are you engaged and have you made it your second occupation to pour
                           through wedding magazines on a daily basis looking for your perfect
                           wedding? If so, you're in the right place because you won't find the perfect
                           wedding idea for you in any magazine. Your perfect wedding idea is the one
                           that you create because it should be all about you and your significant other.
                           However, planning the perfect wedding can be hard, even when it is your
                           dream wedding that you are trying to plan. After all, there are a number of
                           practical issues to consider, such as the cost of the wedding, the location,
                           and family desires. The following ideas will show you some of the different
                           options you have for your wedding so that you can choose the right style for

                           The Classic Wedding

                            You've probably seen a number of variations on the classic wedding in the
bridal magazines you've been reading, and perhaps you're the kind of person who loves tradition.
However, just because you want to have a classic wedding does not mean that you can't make it your
own. Plan a classic wedding, but do it with a twist that echoes your and your significant others'
personalities. Here are a few twists that you can choose:

- Walk down the aisle to something personal instead of traditional classical music. Choose your and your
significant other's favorite song or the song that was playing the day you met. Or, send a tribute to your
parents by walking down the aisle to "their song."

- Instead of flowers, have bridesmaids hold items that symbolize something in your relationship with
your significant other. For example, if you met during a rainstorm, your bridesmaids could hold

- Write your own vows. Use excerpts from the texts that most influence you, such as the Bible or
another religious text, classic literature, or the lines of the love songs you adore.

- Incorporate others into your ceremony. Have other people read from these texts. In addition to
bridesmaids, have friends or family members walk down the aisle as celebrated or honored guests. Have
friends sing at your wedding, or display their artwork at the ceremony or reception location.

There are a number of variations on the classic theme that you can do to make your wedding ceremony
yours. Don't think that just because you like classic weddings that you have to do everything the way
your parents did. This is a celebration of you and your significant other, so tweak that classic wedding
with your own wedding ideas that can make your special day even more special.

The Theme Wedding

Most people either love or hate theme weddings. There are some who find the whole idea charming,
while others can't stand the thought of incorporating a theme into a wedding. The reason so many
people dislike theme weddings is because they think of theme weddings as ceremonies in which
everyone is dressed up like a sci-fi character or something out of a Jane Austen novel. However, there
are some wedding ideas that blur the lines between theme and traditional weddings.

A theme wedding may be for you if both you and your significant other are passionate about something
and want to bring it into your wedding celebration. For example, if both you and your significant other
are passionate about chess and perhaps even met at a chess competition, a wedding with a chess theme
would be perfect for you. There are ways to choose theme weddings that are still classy. Here are just a
few of those wedding ideas.

- Choose a wedding theme that can be executed in a classy way. For example, in the scenario above, it
would be easy to do a classy chess wedding. The cake and decorations could have a chess theme, and
you could even create a chess-board dance floor.

- Go "theme light." Just because it is a theme wedding does not mean everything has to be about the
theme. Instead, everything should be about you and your significant other on your special day. It is
possible to have a theme, but not to have everything in the wedding reflect that theme. For example, if
you are doing a renaissance theme, you might wear a renaissance-inspired gown, but you don't have to
make your reception look like Medieval Times.

- Have two ceremonies or two of anything you can't agree upon. Today's couples are more and more
diverse. Perhaps you and your significant other have very different tastes and you want to honor both of
them at your wedding. If this is the case, then you shouldn't be ashamed to have two. Some people have
two ceremonies, especially if one member of the couple is from a different religion or cultural group
than the other -- this is a perfectly acceptable wedding idea, and you can have both ceremonies on one
day if you choose. If one person has always dreamed of a sea theme wedding, while the other is in love
with floral designs, have a wedding that takes place under the sea and the reception in a flower garden,
or vice versa. Have two cakes, two couples dances, whatever you like -- don't worry so much about
pleasing your guests, and worry about pleasing yourself. It's a big day -- and it's all yours!
The Budget Wedding

If you need to have a wedding on a budget, you can rest assured that there are a number of wedding
ideas that will help you still get married in style. Budget wedding doesn't have to mean cheap wedding.
If you plan well, you can still have a classy wedding.

- Have a small wedding. The more guests, the more your cost. Have a wedding with only family and close
friends. When you choose a small guest list, you can have more of what you want.

- Choose a reasonable venue. There are many inexpensive, beautiful venues, including churches,
gardens, and perhaps even your own back yard.

- Search the sales. Wedding items go on sale all the time. As soon as you know you are engaged, start
shopping the sales to get everything from your dress to your decor on sale.

The perfect wedding ideas are those that are all about you and your significant other. Take these ideas
and make them your own to design the perfect wedding.