The Etiquette of Wedding Invitation Websites-- 5 Tips to Consider

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					The Etiquette of Wedding Invitation
Websites--5 Tips to Consider
By: Laura Taylor

                                                       An increasing number of couples are using
                                                       wedding invitation websites recently. While
                                                       these sites make responding to invitations both
                                                       convenient and fast for guests, couples should
                                                       not overlook the etiquette traditionally involved
                                                       in designing and distributing wedding invitations.
                                                       It may be tempting to make the wedding
                                                       planning process easier by distributing invitations
                                                       online through simple platforms such as social
                                                       networks or email, but using these methods
                                                       alone often results in smaller numbers of on-
                                                       time replies and disappointing turnouts at these
                                                       ceremonies. The following tips are helpful for
                                                       couples who wish to use online invitations to
plan successful weddings:

Think about your guests first. Couples should make sure that potential guests will be able to find their
pages, and the level of computer literacy and internet usage of each guest are two important factors to
consider. While you may wish to be friendly toward the environment by not requiring invitations to be
returned in the mail, you still may wish to include self-addressed stamped envelopes for those guests
who are not as comfortable using the internet as you are. Whatever you end up doing, you should let
your guests know that you are flexible to their needs.

Use a short web address. If couples do decide to accept replies only through their websites, they should
take care that the web addresses they are using are short and simple. Establishing a concise URL for your
personal wedding website may cost extra since most platforms do not offer shortened URLs for their
non-paying users, but the increased turnout at your wedding will be worth the extra expense. If you are
planning a low-budget wedding and cannot spare this expense, you may consider accepting mailed
replies as a specified alternative to online ones in case guests cannot reach your website.
Cut down on your carbon footprint. As long as guests are comfortable with responding online, couples
may wish to distribute part or all of their invitation materials over the internet in order to reduce their
impact on the environment. If you decide to send invitations electronically, it is a good idea to send
them through more than one medium, sending invitations to guests’ email and social networking
accounts at the same time. Even if you do decide to mail invitations, you can still give guests the option
of replying online and cut down on waste by using smaller envelopes and recycled paper for your

Use your website to send reminders. Considering that electronically-delivered wedding invitations are
more likely not to reach guests than mailed ones, couples may consider sending reminders, especially if
the wedding date is more than two months away. Many wedding website platforms include applications
such as a wedding planning checklist, which may offer a feature that allows couples to set reminders
that automatically go out to any guests who have not responded to invitations by certain dates. While
this application can be quite handy, you should be careful that you do not set the reminder dates too
close together--guests will become annoyed if they receive reminders every other day in their email or
social networking accounts!

Personalize your website and invitations. Couples who use prearranged templates on free wedding
websites should take extra care to add lots of personal content and photos so guests can feel more
involved in their big day. Wedding preparations may keep you very busy, but you should still be able to
find the time to post a few sentences or photos every now and then to keep your guests as excited
about the event as you are. Wedding websites are also great places to include information about gift
registries and any suggestions about dress code or color schemes, and couples can also list detailed
directions and addresses for the facilities in which their weddings and receptions are taking place.

The benefits of using wedding invitation websites can easily outweigh the expenses involved after
considering all of these factors, and more and more couples are discovering these new tools for planning
one of the most important days of their lives. Clearly, no matter how big or extravagant the weddings,
couples will continue to find unique and memorable ways to do anything from inviting guests to reciting
their vows; however, etiquette will always be an important factor in making these decisions. By using
the proper etiquette and being considerate of your guests' needs, you can make your wedding a huge
success whether you intend to use online wedding invitations, mailed ones or a mixture of the two.