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									Free Wedding Websites: 5 Ways That
They Can Help You
By: Laura Taylor

                                                 If you are in the process of planning a wedding, you
                                                 have probably heard of free wedding websites and are
                                                 unsure of how they could be of assistance to you.
                                                 Although free wedding websites are not a necessity for
                                                 someone who is planning a wedding, there are several
                                                 ways that they can help you to plan a successful
                                                 wedding without having to worry about problems
                                                 along the way.

Share Your Free Wedding Website with Others

One of the best parts of creating the perfect free wedding website is your ability to easily share your
wedding planning with your friends and family. Oftentimes, friends and family want to help you with the
planning of your wedding, but distance or commitments can make this difficult. With a free wedding
website, those who are close to you can log onto your site at any time that is convenient for them, and
they can become a part of helping you to plan your wedding; they will also be able to learn about any
wedding-related news.

Use a Handy Wedding Checklist

From the invitations to the caterer and from the dress to the flowers, there are tons of things to
remember when planning a wedding. It can be difficult to remember everything on your own, and
creating your own list isn't always fool-proof; chances are, you might forget a small detail on your own
checklist. Free wedding websites help you to remember every single detail of your wedding planning by
providing you with a personalized checklist.

Get Help With Your Wedding Invitations

Free wedding websites are excellent for helping brides-to-be to organize their save-the-date cards and
invitations. Many free wedding websites offer e-mail save-the-date cards, which can make your life a lot
easier and will also cut down on costs dramatically. Free wedding websites also allow you to keep track
of everyone you need to send an invitation to, and many even offer a free RSVP tracker that allows you
to keep track of who is and who isn't attending your wedding.

Take Advantage of Wedding Planning Tools

Wedding planning tools can be a lifesaver for a busy bride-to-be, and there are plenty of them on free
wedding websites. You can keep track of your budget and how much you have spent with a budget
tracker, you can keep track of your gift registries and you can even keep track of the vendors who will be
servicing your wedding. This is only a short list of items that are available on many free wedding
websites, and each of these tools can help you to stay organized and sane during the wedding planning

Find Helpful Wedding Tips

Planning a smooth, successful and beautiful wedding is a lot of stress for one person, particularly if you
have never planned a wedding before. There are some tips that people simply don't know until they
have experienced them, and you certainly don't have to learn things the hard way on your wedding day!
By participating in a free wedding website, you will have plenty of tips and tricks from experienced
wedding planners and other professionals. From small organizational tips to major tricks for your main
day, these wedding tips can often help you to make your wedding more memorable and more
successful during the planning stage and when the big day comes.

It is almost a wonder how so many people planned weddings in the past without free wedding websites,
as these websites can truly help inexperienced brides-to-be to plan the perfect big day for themselves,
their soon-to-be spouse and all of their guests. If you have no yet joined a free wedding website, you
should consider doing so soon -- you might be surprised by just how much simpler wedding planning will
seem with all of this help.

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