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					10 Ways to Create an Amazing Theme
By: Laura Taylor

                                                         It used to be that all weddings were very similar
                                                         to each other. Ceremonies and receptions were
                                                         very traditional, and there was the typical
                                                         wedding decor that all people used. Today,
                                                         however, weddings are a unique celebration that
                                                         is personal to the couple, and one way that many
                                                         couples are making their weddings special is by
                                                         having a theme wedding. There are all sorts of
                                                         themes and you can choose almost anything you
                                                         think of. Perhaps it's based on your interests, such
as a sports themed wedding or a movie themed wedding. Or maybe you want to base your wedding
around a favorite book or movie. There are also more generic themes that are very popular, such as
fairy tales, luaus, or beach. Nothing is off limits anymore, so if you're planning a theme wedding here are
10 ways that you can incorporate your theme and really make it stand out:


For most guests, your wedding announcement, save the date, or wedding invitation will be the first
thing that they see in regards to your event. Tie in your theme right off the bat by choosing stationery
that goes along with the theme. Many websites specialize in themed invites, or there are plenty of
artists that can custom make an invitation, which is good if you've picked a really unique theme.


This may involve choosing clothing for you and your bridal party that matches your theme, whether it's
in style or color. For instance, light and flowy dresses work well for a beach theme. On the other hand, if
you're having a Christmas theme color is more important - have your bridesmaids wear red and green
with any style of dress that you choose.

Many people just do an arrangement of flowers for their centerpieces at the reception. However, the
centerpiece is one of the most important pieces of decor, so you should have that match your theme as
well. You might choose flowers that go with your theme, but there's no rule that says centerpieces have
to be floral. Step outside the box. Some creative weddings have used stacks of books for a library
themed wedding, small model castles for a fairy tale wedding, and pumpkins for a Halloween wedding.


Whatever favors you choose will decide what guests take with them and remember about your
wedding. There is a lot of freedom in picking favors and plenty of variety, so it's the perfect opportunity
to make it relate to your theme wedding. Boxes of candy and candles are some traditional favors, and
you can definitely customize these to your theme - but why not get even more creative? With a garden
themed wedding, give your guests a small pot and some seeds to take home. A small jar of a locally
made jam would be a great favor for a rustic wedding. Think creatively, and the possibilities are endless.


It used to be that the tables are a wedding were just assigned using numbers. Now brides are getting
creative by giving the tables names instead of numbers, and these names go with their theme. For a
Disney wedding, consider naming each table after a different movie. A couple with a literary theme
might choose to name the tables after famous couples in books, such as the "Romeo and Juliet" table.
Your favorite sports teams are a good option for a sport wedding. Table names can literally be anything,
so you should be able to come up with something that matches your theme wedding.


If you have some control over what will be served at your wedding, the food is a great place to
incorporate theme. In some cases this is easier than others - a southern wedding is the perfect place for
fried chicken, and turkey is very appropriate at a wedding around Thanksgiving. Even if you don't choose
your food based on your theme, you can still name the dishes something fun. The same goes for drinks.
Many couples have a specialty drink available at the bar. If you have a color theme you can choose a
cocktail that matches or decor, or just give it a fun name, like "Lightsaber Punch" for a Star Wars


For both the ceremony and the reception, you can choose music to go with your theme. If your wedding
is based around a movie, show, or even a music genre or artist, music for your wedding to match the
theme will be fairly easy to find. You may have to be a bit more creative for other themes. Consider
titles or lyrics that reflect your theme, or just listen to the pieces and choose based on the overall feeling
you get from them.


This is an easy place to incorporate your theme and make sure your guests are aware of what the feel
will be for your wedding! You might be able to find a wedding template that matches or theme, or
design one yourself. Add some pictures or graphics that match your theme as well.


You have a few options when it comes to bouquets. You could simply choose your flowers based on the
colors that match your theme. Some themes have more obvious flower choices as well, such as using
tropical flowers for a Hawaiian wedding or Poinsettias at Christmastime. Of course, you don't have to
use flowers at all. There have been brooch bouquets for vintage weddings or origami bouquets for
Japanese themed weddings. Another advantage of going this route is that if you're crafty you might be
able to do it yourself, which will save money on expensive fresh flowers.


Don't forget about the guys! Instead of traditional flowers, there are now companies that make various
boutonnieres. You can have a sports team logo, a small sailboat, a musical note - really, anything that
you can imagine can probably be made into a boutonniere for your theme wedding!