The Success Story of Santana a Born to be the King of Rock by ultimatesantana


									Carlos Augusto Alves Santana is a Mexican-American rock guitarist born 1947. He was more
renowned in the 1960s and 70s with his own band Santana. The band was famous for its
unique blend of jazz, rock and Latin music to lend an unusual melody to his guitar. Another
unusual feature was the accompanying percussion instruments like congas and timbales
that reminded one of African grasslands, flowing rivers and rich forests.

How the band “Santana” was formed

In the early days Santana formed a band of his own called Santana Blues Band. David
Brown the bassist and Gregg Rolie the keyboard player were street musicians just like him.
They had set a trend with the pleasant mix of three different styles in music. The band
initially gained prominence in the local San Francisco clubs. Then he sighed with CBS
Records to cut his first album, titled “Santana”. It was a big hit and reached up to number
for in the U.S. charts. And the track "Evil Ways" with its catchy tune reached number nine
among the U.S. top 100 tracks.

This prominence was the reason why he got the opportunity to create the soundtrack of
Woodstock film which was an 11-minute long instrumental titled "Soul Sacrifice". Santana
later performed at the Woodstock festival, thus bringing the band into the limelight with
international audiences as well. The critics also hailed the band as a rising star and a force
to reckon with in the world of music. These were prophetic words as they later proved. Then
he slowly started developing an interest in spirituality. His music was a reflection of his
altruistic thoughts bringing forth an ethereal melody.

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