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									Need of the reader romantic suspense novel

What makes a romance novel a must read, is it the entire fairytale of happy ever after or
does a twist in the tale of romantic suspense bring the mystery to the pulse and core. Since
the run of the mill boy meets girl concept is pretty done, adding the romantic suspense
theme brings a pretty nifty action paced and racy undertone to the reader.

The genre of the romance suspense novel builds up the story with the two protagonists
along with a villain of the entire piece. The romance is first introduced and woven
intricately into the novel. After a while an inkling of the bad character gets generated into
the storyline. A complete progression of the literature is developed so that the reader pours
her rapt attention into the essence of the story.

Building a scenario that is surreal as well as normal encourages the mystery reader delve
deep into the characters of the romantic suspense novel. The objective here is not to create
too much of gore and blood but attach a perfect balance between the couple who falls in
love and weave it into the subplot. The well renowned romantic suspense author makes a
mark in the book because she knows the mind and need of the reader. Her idea is to create
a meeting of minds and throw open the element of suspense while building up the entire
storm so that at the end when the book is completed all loopholes are covered.

However, a romantic suspense author may even take up the issue of keeping the door open
for a serialized version of the novel. This in itself, based on the performance of the
romantic suspense book, makes for good reading and wanting to get into the book. Who
doesn’t enjoy a good happy go lucky feel with suspense tracks thrown into the picture and
creating a crime scene romantic interlude and undertone! No brainer her because this is
more or less a concept that everybody would like to bite into with the romantic suspense

When one talks about women’s fiction mushy and cozy undercurrents are a supposed given
fact. While this genre of till death do us part makes for a gooey and happy feel, the
yearning to read something rather different has brought forward the new chick lit the
magic. Building up a plot which is not over the top but woven tightly should be followed.
Because when the author loses the plot the reader gets bored. While creating mystery and
suspense in the women’s fiction literature one must not forget that romance is also the key
here. The essence of a romantic thriller or chick lit is to create edginess to the plot. The key
is to make sure that the reader roots for the couple and triumphs over all the bad and evil
forces that come their way. Conflicts are introduced in the story between the couple which
also makes the content more believable and doesn’t come out dripping saccharine sweet.

Jane Rosenthal is an Award winning poet, romantic suspense author of Romantic suspense
book, romantic suspense novel, chick lit, romantic suspense, romantic suspense fiction and
women’s fiction in Mexico City. She is also a radio journalist and an educator. For more
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