Time in a Capsule Scrapbooks and Craft by aprildavidkurniawan


									Time in a Capsule Scrapbooks and Craft
How to create a time capsule

Scrapbooks are fun and tell a story about the characters preserved in its
content. Scrapbooks can include photos, journals, letters, report cards,
certificates, stories, books, handprints, footprints, college papers and

Each detail that goes in your scrapbook will leave you a lasting memory.
When you create the time capsule scrapbooks, you invent seals, history,
and preserve time as a whole. Time capsules can include photographs,
clothes, hand/feet prints, CDs, names, weight, height, and more. For
instance, you can make up a scrapbook that records your baby’s first step
and up until this very moment. You can add a journal, photos, prints, etc
to set off your design.

How to start your time capsule:
You will need a container to seal your items. You will pictures and
members of your family and friends along with the items they want to add
to your scrapbook. Make a lit that includes your items, photos, family
names, etc. Once you collect your details, close your container, label
it, and add the date you started. Include the date you intend to begin
your scrapbook.

If you have newspaper clippings including recorded events, add them to
your scrapbook. You can trace your children’s feet, hands, etc, and add
them to your scrapbook as well. You may want to craft a favorite page so
that everyone knows your children’s, yours, spouse, or friends’
particular items of interest.

If you have parts of clothing that brings up memories, add them to your
scrapbook. CDs make up great memories in scrapbooks as well, especially
if the dates are marked. Photos will tell a story about you, your family,
friends, etc. Try to organize the photos so that the storybook comes

If you have goals set, you may want to add them to your scrapbook as
well. The memos will serve as a reminder.

Graduation articles will make a good time capsule for your scrapbook. You
can add photos, graduation gown articles and more. Don’t forget to add
dates, names, locations, etc so that you have something to remember for a
long time to come.

If you wrote a short story, you may want to add it to your time capsule.
I had started writing short stories when I was thirteen and would give
anything if I would have preserved the copies in my own time capsule. The
success we achieve is something to remember for a lifetime, therefore
adding stories is giving you a moment to remember.

Some people add locks of hair to their scrapbook. The hair is a reminder
of the person they love. In addition, the hair represents a special
moment in history.
If you received a special rose from a loved one, or friend you may want
to add the flower to your scrapbook. You will need a dried, pressed
flower and glue to your page. Add the flower to bring your theme come
together. That is if you create a garden page; add the flower in this
section. Better yet, if you created a page of your loved one, friend,
especially the one that gave you the flower, add it to this section.

If someone in your home is an artist, perhaps you can make a special page
for this person. Use the arts drawn and mount them to a page in your
scrapbook. Your friends and family will appreciate this special moment,
since art says a thousand words.

In all you can add nearly anything you choose to your scrapbook and go
back in time in your capsule as you choose. The main idea is using common
sense when crafting your scrapbook so that you do not invent bulky pages.

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