How to Craft Bridal Collections by aprildavidkurniawan


									How to Craft Bridal Collections

Perhaps someone in your family is planning a wedding. In this event, you
are probably struggling to decide what type of gift the groom and bride
would appreciate. Well, rest your mind and purchase a bit of finishing
materials, such as small and large pillows, crochet thread, white fabric,
matching thread, and some stuffing to craft a bridal present.

You can add some plants with three-lobe leaves (Trefoil), roses and so on
to create a magnificent bridal gift.

What to buy:
Buy one 20-inch square pillow without the ruffles. Buy another 20-inch
time’s 10-inch pillow without the ruffles also. You will need, thread
(10) and 250 yards of white balls, as well as (10) crochet hook made of
steel, and 45 inches wide of snow-colored fabrics. (Nine Yards) Add some
snow-colored thread and purchase your filling. You are about to make 9
inch squares on a gauge to create six rose (or choice flower) motifs.

How to start:
Create eight chain stitches at the start and work them into a slipstitch.
You will form a small band, which you will continue to create a chain
stitch and around 24 single crochets forming at the bands and moving to
the beginning single crochet. Create four chains, skip three singles, and
create six times working to the following single crochet, creating a
slipstitch that begins at the baseline of your starting chain. Create a
single crochet, double, and three triples, along with another double, and
single working it into your four chain loops and around your slipstitch
created at the initial single. Hold your rose petals at the front,
continue to chain five stitches into a single, and work back into the
following single in between your petals. Repeat your steps around the
slipstitch and continue to the first single and onto the six petals.

Create a single, double, and three triples as well as a single crochet
into the five-chained loops created and about the slipstitch started at
the first single. Stitch another seven chains, work it into a slipstitch
in the middle of your stitches, and continue to the following petal.
Chain seven stitches to the slipstitch following and move to the
beginning two rose petals. Repeat your steps and work around your
slipstitch, working to the beginning baseline of your chain.

Slipstitch again and work toward the middle of the stitches, working
another seven chain loops into another seven and slipstitch it into the
middle stitches, continue to the following seven chain loops and repeat
the steps working around your slipstitch at the beginning base chain.
Work up to seven single crochets into the seven chains loops and work
around your slipstitch, working to the single you started.

Chain stitch and work into a single crochet, working it into the seven
singles and the three chains, and into the slipstitch in your third chain
away from your hook. You have created a decorative loop, which you will
create twice by finishing the instructions. Single crochet until you
reach the following fourteen singles and repeat working around the
slipstitch you created at the first single.
Chain twenty stitches skip through seven singles and two decorative
loops, six singles, and the slipstitch that works into your following
single, skipping up to six times and slipstitch working to the initial
single. Single crochet, working into the following stitches of your
decorative loops and do this four times before you reach the single
crochet in the following five stitches. Repeat the steps and work about
the slipstitch, working to the first single. Tighten and then start your
large leaf.

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